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Before, during and the aftermath. The hurricane may have passed, but for a lot of people it will never be over... I will keep posting reports on the aftermath as they come in. Current updates, not related to Georges, can be found on the Caribbean Hurricane 'Home' Page
During Georges I quickly exceeded the daily allotment of files transfer set by my ISP. Jesse Ferrell from the Central Atlantic Storm Investigators then kindly offered me some space on their webserver. Thanks to them I could keep this site up... Please, visit their excellent website as well for tropical weather information! Also, my ISP Best Internet Communications generously more than doubled my daily quota! Thanks, Best!!
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No US coverage here. With this website I am trying to fill a gap in newsreporting on the current situation on the Caribbean Islands. Unfortunately I have no time to cover the effects of Georges on the USA. Therefore no eyewitness reports from people in the US will be posted on this website. Luckily, the general media will address the situation in the US in much detail, so there is no real need for it anyway, unlike for the Caribbean.

Lost and Found: I am trying to keep the informational posting separate from the pleas for help. If you have not been able to get in contact with your family or friends or would like specific information on Puerto Rico (incl. Culebra and Vieques), Dominican Republic or Haiti, please, post your plea for help on our Lost and Found Bulletin Boards. Do not e-mail me please (for me it is impossible to answer the over 1,200 messages I have received since Sunday...). Post to or view the The Puerto Rico Lost and Found Bulletin Board and/or the Hispaniola (Dominican Republic/Haiti) Lost and Found Bulletin Board. As of May 6, 1999 posting to the bulletin bards has been disabled.

Can you help? Have you been in contact with people on the Caribbean Islands, especially the ones where I haven't gotten an update from recently (Cuba...)? If yes, please forward the information you have to and I will post it on these pages. A lot of people are worried about relatives and friends on the islands. Let us all share the knowledge we have. No news is in this case unfortunately bad news. Report good things as well. Please be sure to include the name of the island you are reporting on. Also, if you have been fortunate enough have been in contact with Puerto Rico (incl. Vieques and Culebra), the Domincan Republic or Haiti, try to help the people who have not (see the Puerto Rico L&F Bulletin Board and the Hispaniola L&F Bulletin Board)

|         MIAMI, Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- During October American Airlines and
|     American Eagle are offering special low-cost relief fares to allow friends and
|     family to fly between the U.S. mainland and areas in Puerto Rico, the
|     Dominican Republic, Haiti and other islands hard-hit by Hurricane Georges.
|     click here for full story.

In order to save bandwidth, I have split the most recent eyewitness reports for the following islands over different pages. Click on the island of interest to view the updates. The following pages are updated continuously as reports come in:

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Current weatherdiscussions can be found on the Caribbean Hurricane Home Page. For the latest advisories and satellite images visit my Quick Hurricane Web Resource Locator. My Guide to Hurricane Tracking and Plotting is filled with tid-bits and other miscellaneous hurricane information.

Stormtrackers: detailed, huge laminated tracking charts can be ordered from Grid Track
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