[IMG: Hurricane Georges making landfall on the Dominican Republic September 22, 1998; Credit: Dennis Chesters, Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, Craig Mayhew, and Hal Pierce, Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Georges - Dominica

Updates can also be found on the homepage of Virtual Dominica www.delphis.dm/home.htm, maintained by one of our hurricane correspondents Steve McCabe

[Mon, 21 Sep 1998 22:06EDT] - Judi and Greg Augustine reporting from Dominica:

     Just a report from here in Portsmouth.  Things are cool.  No lights or water,
     but otherwise, things are fine.  The sea churned and we had some wind.  But
     things could haved been much much worse.

     One love,

     Judi / Greg Augustine

[Mon, 21 Sep 1998 17:32EDT] - Abigail N. Cooles reporting from Dominica:

     Dominica today is breathing a big sigh of relief today, as we came
     through with barely a scratch!! Winds last night stayed fairly low with
     some intermittent heavy rains. The sea is still quite high, but is now
     subsiding. It appears that most coastal roads are still intact (I won't
     say all, as I'm not too sure about certain roads up on the other side of
     the island!) Even the banana trees still seem to be standing, which is
     truly a miracle, as normally one only has to breathe at a banana tree
     and down it will fall!!
     People today have been mainly getting their homes back to normal,
     unboarding windows and moving furniture back outside!! Many shops have
     been open, but with minimal custom, as would be expected!!
     Many people seem to be tired however today, what with all the
     bone-chilling suspense and the sleepless night, while we waited for
     something to happen!! Yet we are all so grateful and relieved that
     Dominica didn't sustain more damage.
     Concern for the other islands is very strong here, and we send our best
     wishes and prayers to both those islands that have been through Georges,
     and those that might yet "see him".
     That's all from me, until the next one!!!:)

[Mon, 21 Sep 1998 16:25EDT] - John Vassallo reporting from Dominica:

     big nothing

     Well it came (sort of) and went.  I know this is going to sound sort of
     sick, but what a let down!!!!  They really had us thinking that we were
     going to get hit with a cat 4 hurricane.  Even the locals were freakin.

     All we had was winds about 50 mph.  I mean at least the large grocery
     store sign across the street could have blown down with a crash!  But
     all and all it is a good thing.  Dominica is just getting back on it's
     feet from the 89 hurricane which destroyed it's banana crop.  "Bananas
     are to Dominica what autos are to Detroit" qoute from the Prime

     The School is still boraded up.  The bay is really rough, 4ft waves,
     which is REAL uncommon.  The sun just started peeking out.

     I went to the stroe across the street, Tina (owner) was singing gospel.
     He was very pleased that the strom had passed (and probably all the
     money she made).  She told me that I should be glad as well.  She told
     me that had it really hit , I would be "stuck" whatever that means.

     Well I have 5 cases of water, and 60 cans of tuna!!

     We did lose phone and power for awhile but that was it.  Pretty much a
     wasted weekend.  My room smells like stale beer and cigars.  I have to
     empty all the pots that I filled.

     I missed my hopital rotation, and have to make that up.  Tomorrow I head
     into town for my ob/gyn day.

     I want to thank you all for your letters.  I hope I didn't get TOO
     carried away with my updates.

[Mon, 21 Sep 1998 09:17EDT] - Steve McCabe reporting from Dominica:

     We've just our power back on. Here's a report:

     Roseau 9am Monday
     Worst of weather hit at 2:45am - high winds and heavy rain - but was
     brief. This morning is still overcast, gusty winds but dry. Water and
     power back on. Roseau opening for business slowly this morning,
     although school has been cancelled today.

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 23:48EDT] - John vassallo reporting from Dominica:

     We are getting the winds now.  Georges is now catIII.  Things are
     starting to blow around.  The tinfoil on the window is now consistantly
     rattling.  I don't know what to expect.  We could get a lot of damage or
     slight.  We'll see.
     No rain yet.  winds are about 40mph.

     Power may be out soon.  Lights are begining to flicker.  I am trying to
     get andy's computer online so that we can use his battery, mine is shot.
     My buddy tony in Detroit is walking us through repairs, even as I type.
     So i am doing three things  watching the weather updates,taking orders
     from tony, and writing you all.

     I have a very sophisticated wind estimation system.  It's my drooping
     clothes line outside my door.  I am checking the clothes pins and angle
     so often.  they were just hanging there a few hour ago, hold on lets see
     em.  they are almost parallel.
     11:49 Rain is now here.
     I am going to sent his out now so if power goes at least I will get this

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 17:08EDT] - Abigail N. Cooles reporting from Dominica:

     It seems that the bad weather we got earlier this afternoon was just a
     "runaway finger" from Georges, and nothing to do with Him as such.. The
     seas however on the Atlantic side of the island seem to be amazingly
     high, with people calling into the radio stations saying that they
     haven't never seen the sea so high since Hurricane David in 1979.!!
     I live on the Caribbean side (West Coast) and the sea here is still more
     or less like a pond. We however never see any high seas until the
     hurricane has come into the Caribbean sea.
     The sky round here had got quite dark a couple of hours ago, but it's
     brightened up now.
     Many people are saying that that bad weather we had about 3:00pm, was
     the hurricane and as a result are leaving the hurricane shelters and
     going sight-seeing.. National radio and the Dominican Met Office are
     telling everyone that it's not over yet!! Hopefully, they will have all
     gone back to the shelters by 8 - 9, when we are forecast to have the bad   
     weather coming in..
     Morale seems to be high, with lots of prayers coming from all over the
     The main occupation however is just waiting and waiting..
     News I just heard on the radio, a village up in the north (Good Hope)
     has lost their fishing complex, losing all their equipment.
     Some coastal roads on the other side of the island have also had roads
     damaged, and it seems that many trees have lost their leaves....
     that's it for now..

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 16:42EDT] - Roderick Rolle reporting from Dominica:

     Rough seas on eastern side of island (Atlantic Ocean). Occasionally little
     rain. Wind below 10 mph. Rsesdents have been taking precautions, securing
     homes, moving to hurricane shelters. Coastal road near Airport impassable.

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 13:19EDT] - Steve McCabe reporting from Dominica:

     4:00pm. Listening to the radio suggests that the conditions are
     similar around the island to those we are experiencing here in Roseau
     - very calm, some slight showers. Basically, deceptively calm.  The
     sea is rough in the north east, esp. near Melville Hall airport, where
     the sea is throwing debris across the coast road.

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 14:52EDT] - Abigail N. Cooles reporting from Dominica:

     The North of Dominica seems to be already affected by Georges. According
     to the radio they are already having high winds, causing trees to fall,
     heavy rains, and the seas (one caller said that there were 12 ft waves)
     are already damaging roads. However, down here in Roseau, the conditions
     are the same as they have been all day, overcast, very still, humid and
     Most of the shelters are now open, but there was some confusion in some
     villages and areas, as to where exactly the shelters were!!
     It seems that we will not be experiencing the eye of Georges, but
     Dominicans are preparing for hurricane force winds; and are taking all
     Hopefully, there will not be too much damage, and all villages have a
     disaster committee which will co'ordinate rescue efforts if the worst
     should come to the worst.
     This morning there was a sort of festive atmosphere around, as people
     were just waiting for something to happen; now however, as the storm
     gets closer, and is already affecting North-Easterly parts of Dominica,
     everyone is sort of battening down the hatches..
     Some schools have been cancelled for tomorrow, and it's expected that
     the rest will follow suit..
     I'm going to go and put some more nails in the shutters now in
     anticipation of the winds which should be affecting us within about an
     hour, give or take..
     Good luck to everyone wherever you are!!

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 12:37EDT] - Steve McCabe reporting from Dominica:

     Roseau, 12:30

     It remains dry, very still, quite bright, but looking at mountains to
     the east the clouds seem a lot lower and moving from north...

     The water company is currently shutting off water supplies around the

     Driving into Roseau I was pleased to see a couple of games of football
     going on, and the usual Sunday morning vendors were selling coconut

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 07:49EDT] - Steve McCabe reporting from Dominica:

     Roseau, Dominica, 8:40 AM Sunday.

     Heavy rains are now falling in the south of the island. Winds still very

[Sun, 20 Sep 1998 07:27EDT] - Steve McCabe reporting from Dominica:

     Roseau, Dominica, 8 AM Sunday.

     The blue skies of the last few days have been replaced by ominous black
     clouds, esp. looking north and east.  A few showers can be seen towards the
     north.  Winds still light.

     Driving through Roseau this morning, many shop windows are now boarded up
     and the city is quiet.

     The Caribbean sea is calm with very little swell.

[Sat, 19 Sep 1998 22:12EDT] - Abigail N. Cooles reporting from Dominica:

     Dominica tonight is really calm and really quiet.. The skies are so
     clear, it's April weather!! The quietness seems a big uncanny though.
     This afternoon, Roseau was much the same as normal, dominioes and b-bq's
     setting up on the sides of the streets. By evening however many houses
     were being boarded up and there was a general sense of purpose and
     necessity along with the noise of hammering and chain saws.The streets
     in the coastal areas round Roseau are all filled with the fishing boats,
     which were all brought in this afternoon. Many shops, especially the
     smaller ones stayed open very late, the larger ones were closed, due to
     the potential possibility of looting!!
     The Prime Minister, Edison James, addressed the nation at 6 this
     evening, and advised everyone to pray.. Many churches as a consequence
     appeared to be holding prayer services along with the normal Saturday
     night mass..
     There is alot of uncertainty about however, as to when the hurricane is
     coming and what sort of damage we'll be going to get.. Many people seem
     to be planning on staying at home instead of going to the shelters due
     to this apparent doubtfulness...
     The weather has been so beautiful, one would never realise that there's
     such a monster storm just out there!! We haven't had such a nice day
     here for a very long time..
     I wish everyone luck in the rest of the Caribbean, as I'm not too sure
     whether or not I'll be able to get online tomorrow..
     I hope everything goes ok, wherever Georges decides "to pay a visit", to
     use the words of DBS Radio here in Dominica..
     Keep safe and may God be with us all...

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