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  • By "Mrs. Hogg" <BahamasTutor at live.com>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2022 02:38:01 +0000
As soon as it was evident that Nicole would be affecting the Bahamas this week, many applied the lessons learned from Dorian. Hardware stores, grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies were the main targets for pre- storm shopping. The water depots also saw a sharp uptick in purchases. 

On Tuesday businesses in New providence closed early or did not open. Schools and government offices in the risk zones were all closed in advance and will reopen once the all clear is given. As winds pick up in different areas, folks have followed advice and stayed indoors. 

Here on my island of New Providence, there was intermittent heavy rain. The north western coastal zones experienced sea water flooding . West Bay Street flooding has rendered the road impassable from Go Slow Bend area. So far, I have heard no reports of major damage or loss with respect to inland areas.

News reports indicate that Bay Street in Marsh Harbour is flooded and strong waves continue to wash into the area.

This evening as the Abaco and Grand Bahama area face stronger winds and surges, we remain hopeful that there will continue to be no fatalities here due to Nicole.

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