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- Rain!!
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2021 14:47:24 -0400
Finally, finally - some rain!! It's beautiful! 
However, with loads of rain after a long dry period - comes flooding, of course. And unfortunately, landslides.
Dennery and Castries were both flooded this morning, making any passage difficult and dangerous. It's since improved, thankfully.
And, the Barre d'Isle, the main artery from the south of the island into the north - had a major landslide, turning a portion of the two lane highway into one lane - and an unstable one at that.. so, drive carefully!! 
Radar shots and such show more rain due all day - yeah in many respects, not so great in others. But it is much needed rainfall - so overall a good thing, with some immediate not so good.

Also, and this part is not do good - St Vincent is getting hammered! They received over 4 inches in just a few shirt hours, which is devastating in normal times - and absolutely horrible in the wake of the damages from the volcano. Major lahar, mud slides, mud flows, flooding throughout the main still accessible villages and towns - it's heartbreaking.  And the trough has essentially stalled out - meaning way more rain than they can possibly handle.  

All in all - interesting times!  Stay safe out there.  

- SVG and after effects
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2021 16:33:15 -0400
Well, another day, another 🧨 eruption of La Soufriere Volcano! 

This morning, around 6:15 or so - boom! Huge plume measuring up to 8000m.. what was unusual today though, is that the entire plume, ash and gasses all went west and north! As you can see in the satellite photos, it shot up and then immediately went west, then a sharp turn north - bypassing all of us, basically (thankfully!). Thankfully it spared Barbados, who's struggling mightily to get out from under the ashes, and most all of St Vincent - who's obviously struggling the worst.  

We basically just has some grey hazy skies this morning, followed by blueish hazy hazy skies this afternoon. We're definitely fully engulfed in the Saharan Dust - and combined with the fallout from the volcano, is making for some ugly dusty ashy dry conditions - lots of asthma sufferers having attacks, lots of burning eyes, coughs, etc.  Let's just say, there's very very few anti-mask folks left, lol! 

It's been quite interesting to follow the eruptions and ash clouds in basically real-time via this site: https://zoom.earth/#view=13.12,-60.97,6.65z/date=2021-04-16,15:30,-4

You can advance and regress the time and date and "watch" the initial eruption on through all the subsequent ones, along with watching the ash clouds, fallout, and affects in the atmosphere over the entire region.. 

We could all really use some rain - it would help tremendously to clear off the ashes and dust, not to mention fill our cisterns, which are always running dry around this time of year!! 

Stay safe out there...

- Volcano
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2021 22:45:22 -0400
First and foremost, all our thoughts, prayers and donations to St Vincent! 
The volcanic eruption there has been devastating to them. It's unreal.  You can see photos and follow updates at the UWI Seismic Research Center FB page, NEMO St Vincent, etc. 
It's just heartbreaking.

Secondly, the rest of our thoughts, prayers and support to Barbados, who are getting hammered with the ash clouds. It's truly incredible how much they've been inundated.  

We here in St Lucia have had very minimal affects so far, thankfully - although, that comes at the expense of Barbados taking the brunt.  Double edged sword really.

We've had light thin ashfall since Friday, basically looks like a thin coating of dust. With the eruption has come rain - which is welcome here in St Lucia as it basically washers the air and the very thin layer of ash away.  Plus, being dry season, is very welcome. Of course - it also came with flooding in the capital, Castries! Lol.. The rainfall is mixed with the ash from the atmosphere - which for us, again is great as it's a fantastic fertilizer, as long as it's not too heavy of an ashfall.  
For Barbados, the rain is much less welcome as it's basically turning the ashfall to cement, and making it very difficult to clean up. And, of course - even worse in St Vincent, as they're ash layers ridiculously thick... Again, double edged sword.

We've had some flights cancelled Saturday, Sunday and today (Monday), and our airport was closed for 12 hours Saturday night due to a large ash cloud...

Otherwise, we're being very minimally affected, for now.   The volcano is continuing to erupt, and so, none of us are in the clear.   

Stay safe out there! 

- Rain and more rain...
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 03:43:17 +0000

Today has been glorious, by my standards!  Cooler, excellent breezes and winds, and rain - off and on rain all night and day long. It's been wonderful!

From radar picks and such, looks like we're gonna see more rain on the horizon, looks like at least another 24 hours to go. That's a lot of rain!!

The garden is soaked through, and has moved into puddle stage now.  The ground is thoroughly sodden, at this point the concern becomes for those in low lying areas for flooding and for those on hillsides - the ground can only soak up so much water before things start slipping.. 

On the positives, the ground has really needed a good solid soaking, rivers are filling up - which is good for our water supply, and everyone's tank should be filled to the brim!! Plus any crops are well watered.  And the temperature has been absolutely sublime!

As always, stay safe out there folks!

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- Rain!!
  • By Susan Beckwith <suebeckwith123 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 08:27:53 -0400
Good day everyone,

Well we have had a load of rain these past few days, the ground here is beginning to become saturated, which is good for the garden etc but for the low lying area and areas prone to landslides, its something to keep an eye on. LUckily so far this year, and it has been a busy year, we in St Lucia have dodged anything bad, and we are hoping that this trend continues.
Generally because of the pandemic things are generally quiet, people are struggling to make money to feed their families and get through this situation, but thie general feeling of malaise is often punctuated with acts of kindness and humour, so resilient as ever Lucians move on and hope is restored.

I have been planting seeds and taking cuttings, I have turned into a real " gangsta gardener" following him on line and finding talents that I never knew I had! So for now I am welcoming that rain!

Stay safe everyone!

Sue Beckwith - Roots Bars, Marigot Bay, St Lucia

- Rain Rain, Stay longer!!
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2020 20:44:43 +0000

Good afternoon!

We'll, it's been a solid week now, of grey and rainy days.. it's been fantastic!!

We had been basically solid dry, not a drop of rain, for the vast majority of September.  The tanks were running dry again, foliage was starting to brown back up and rivers were running quite low. And it was wicked, crest hot and still for weeks around here. Simply miserable.  
Quite unusual for this time of year - all those wild storms elsewhere in the Atlantic had essentially sucked up all the moisture and wind from the Caribbean..

But finally, a breakthrough.. we started getting some showers the last weekend of September and the winds and cool grey skies have continued throughout the week - mild tropical wave after tropical wave. It's been fantastic!! Not so wet that you can't do anything, but cool enough and enough showers to feed all the rivers properly, deeply water the grounds and foliage, and fill up those tanks. And most importantly - cool things off around here!!  We're still not anywhere near enough rainfall for the season - but it's better...

So, for now - several more tropical waves on the horizon - hooray! We had a gorgeous sunshine day yesterday, Sunday, and back to grey and showers today. And forecast for more showers overnight, and through tomorrow..  it's absolutely lovely!! 

I'm sure it's not quite what our visitors had in mind, but it's very comfortable, water temps are still very warm, so quite lovely to enjoy the pools and ocean..

In the meantime, I'm thorougly enjoying our cooler temps and showers and downpours - more good excuses to stay home and stay safe!
All the rest of you, stay dry and stay safe out there!!

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- Wet, wet, wet!!
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2020 18:19:27 +0000

Good afternoon all!  I sincerely hope you're all staying healthy and well, practicing your physical distancing, masks, washing hands, limiting exposure and so forth!  St Lucia has fared fantastically well so far, virus wise - we're all doing our best to keep the curve as flat as possible.. so far so good!

And it's a lot easier when it's as wet as it's been!! Seems every 5 days or so, we've been getting hammered with some serious wet days and nights - this weekend has been no different!

We've had so much rain already this season that our Water Emergency/Drought that was declared way back in January/Feb/March was rescinded this past week. Much earlier than anticipated..  hooray!

This weekend has been WET! The tropical waves passing us has dumped a lot of rain in a short time.  Last night (Saturday late afternoon/night) we had heavy heavy showers, downpours, some solid lightening and thunder but not a lot of wind, thankfully. The downpours and showers continued all night long - the yard is essentially all one largish puddle, water tank is overflowing, the drains along the streets are full up and we're still getting some passing drizzles abd short showers.  It's wonderful!  Lol.   Fortunately, with no wind, and some breaks along the way, we're not facing any real threat of damages, just a whole lot of water. 

The wave passing this weekend currently has some chance to develop further. NOAA for further details.  The two following behind it look like they'll be packing some more solid punches of rains too, will be interesting to see where they end up heading.

Stay safe out there all!!!

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- God FORBID GFS horror forecast
  • By nada sonia <nadasonia825 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2020 02:19:38 -0400
Towards the end of this forecast, the GFS model wants a Dorian repeat.
It's a good thing the forecast is 384 hrs out which means most probably will NOT happen.

Keep in mind and prayer those people whose lives will be severly impacted by Hurricane Laura.

Stay safe everyone. EVACUATE if you have been asked to 

GIF image

- Laura is that you?
  • By nada sonia <nadasonia825 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2020 00:55:49 -0400
We've been getting some good rain from Laura since afternoon. It's been off and on. It's on right now with some crackling thunder. 
Stay safe y'all.

PNG image

- TS Gonzalo
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 16:49:11 +0000

Well, TS Gonzalo has turned into a non-event for St Lucia... fortunately...

It stayed well south, and is currently affecting Trinidad, Grenada and points south.. we have sunny breezy weather and will likely only see some passing showers, if that. 

Now, to figure out what to do with this lovely Saturday, as the original plan was to batten down the hatches and hunker down - and now we have a lovely day instead!!

Stay safe out there!!

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- TS Gonzalo
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 15:49:29 +0000

TS Gonzalo is on its way. Still forecast to pass south of us, through the Grenadines.
And it's still a compact storm, with TS force winds extending out 25-35 miles from center, meaning if it stays on track, even mostly on the forecast path, we'll only get the outer wind bands, not full TS force winds, thankfully..

We are already experiencing the far outer bands of rain - this morning saw some solid heavy but shirt downpours and we expect more of the same off and on all day long. Gonzalo is expected to reach the islands by mid day/afternoon Saturday - but it's outer bands and winds have already started affecting us with far outliers..

Fortunately, hit up the shops yesterday, got the last odds and ends, etc that were needed. Got some movies downloaded from Netflix to pass the time should the power go out, and Kindle, etc all charged up! Lol And just a few more things to secure outdoors and we're all set.  Island-wide - those in low lying areas need to be fully prepared, as the biggest concerns are overflowing rivers and storm surge.  Landslides are another possibility, but not much you can do to prepare for those!!

Will keep you posted as things change in island. In the meantime, enjoying the rain and cooler temps that come with it!

Stay safe out there.  

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- All calm in Marigot
  • By Susan Beckwith <suebeckwith123 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 09:19:34 -0300
We are now well into prep mode, Marigot Bay is by no means full but we have seen some boats come in to shelter. Looking at the projections it seems that St Lucia is not on the direct track, it looks as if Gonzalo will go south of us, however we have been put on a Tropical Storm Warning this morning.
Today is calm and still, slightly overcast with calm seas.

Will keep you posted with what happens, it anything does.

Sue Beckwith - Roots Beach Bar and Roots 2, Marigot Bay

- Keeping and eye on Gonzalo
  • By Susan Beckwith <suebeckwith123 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 15:46:57 -0300
Well we have been informed that, as expected, Gonzalo has formed and is heading towards the Southern Windward Islands. We are already beginning to prepare and I have checked the Hurricane kit today.
Tomorrow ( Thursday) my husband and I will go down to the Marina and tie extra ropes on the boat we care for. I am not too worried as Marigot Bay is a natural hurricane hole and rarely has a ripple even in a major storm.

Then it will be a case of making sure everything is in plastic bags, and that we have enough candles and batteries for the radio.
Today it is hot and still as always for the few days before a storm.

Keep safe

Sue Beckwith - Roots Bars - Marigot Bay.

- Finally, some rain.
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 16:00:15 +0000

Finally, finally - we have our first substantial rain for the season!! Woo-hoo!

We've been in a severe drought here in St Lucia for the entirety of 2020.  Water rationing, some areas with no running water for days, rivers have been incredibly low, etc. 

We  finally have our first day day of substantial rain, essentially for the year! Last night into today has seen basically non-stop rains - at times heavy, at times very lite and occasional periods of no rain at all - but finally, we're getting solid, uninterrupted sustained rains!   The kind that will help replenish our rivers, reservoirs, and stores.  And help our brown, dried out, depressing hillsides and gardens green up!!

Plus - the beautiful gray rainy day is deeply relaxing!! Hooray!

Stay safe out there gang...

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- Hot than hot
  • By Susan Beckwith <suebeckwith123 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 6 May 2020 17:06:11 -0300
Here in Marigot Bay St Lucia it is so hot I think I am melting, well that is what my body seems to be telling me judging by the torrents of perspiration cascading down my face and chest.We have had hardly any rain for weeks so the countryside is as dry as a rum shop in St Lucia right now ( yes they have banned the sale of alcohol since mid March), the island is no longer green but a sad patchwork quilt of different shades of brown.

I can see why the scientists and weather people think that this will be a heavy hurricane season, as we know its all to do with the heat of the sea.

So as if we did not have enough to deal with, ie fighting to feed ourselves, struggling to pay the bills we have to try and prepare for the storms.

Wish us well and most of all stay safe so you can come back and see us again one day!

One Love

Sue - Roots and Roots 2 bar and restaurants - Marigot Bay, St Lucia.
Sue Beckwith

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