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The stormCARIB-website consists of thousands of webpages with original content. At the center are the first-hand reports from the islands by the special hurricane correspondents (all volunteers and who were blogging before blog was a word). There is no other website like this where you can find out from people who actually live there and report what is really happening around them.

Then there is also the extensive climatology section, which I built from scratch, the one of a kind tracking tools, like the closest point of approach calculator and My Satellite plus other specially formatted, seen nowhere else, satellite images, all focused on the Caribbean Islands.

As many of you know running the Caribbean Hurricane Network is not my daytime job but it does cost me a lot of time and money to operate a big 'dynamic' website like this. The main costs are webhosting, bandwidth, and use of Google Cloud Maps API. The stormCARIB website has grown very large since I started it in 1996 and is now hosted on two dedicated servers. A lot of webpages are updated continuously with new reports, tracking info, hurricane advisories, satellite images, etc. And especially the 'how close can it get' and 'pleas for help' bulletin board take a lot of CPU power. During times of a hurricane threat or hit I do get millions of hits and can transfer over a couple hundred Gigabytes of data (!) in just one day. I have received some donations over the past, but they were never even enough to pay for just the annual dues for hosting the website...

When you visit other weather/news/hurricane websites, you'll note that they are usually full of flashy ads. I don't want to do that here, I'd like to keep it low-key, and un-obtrusive. Getting the information out in a timely manner is my main priority. I don't like to ask for money, but I like to keep stormCARIB running on 2 dedicated servers (so that it doesn't slow down or worse crash during peak-times). I recently (June 2008) started putting Google Ads on select pages, I really hated to do it since it's ugly, but the donations alone are not enough to cover the cost of the website and honestly, I was getting a bit tired of putting my own money in over the last 10+ years I have been running this website. So please, consider donating some money if this website has helped you out in some way or another. I have set up a donations page with PayPal (no PayPal account needed for most countries). Donate by clicking on the donate logo below or you can use Stripe (probably easiest) or Venmo. If you'd rather send a check, e-mail me for my address.

Thank you so much! -Gert

To donate with Credit Card or Paypal click on the Donate button below
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Or use Venmo (last 4 digits phone number: 4938)

Contact me for address if you want to send a check instead. Thank you!

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