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Viewing close-up satellite images of your island is easier then ever! Just select your island of interest and click on "Show my sat..." and you will see a high resolution satellite image centered on your island. Other options include the kind of product (Enhanced Infrared [E-IR], Visible or Water Vapor), the zoom factor (more detail, but a smaller area can be seen with a higher zoom factor) and type (an animated loop of the latest image plus 5 earlier images, or just the most recent image [recommended for slow connections]). In addition to the high resolution image of your area an E-IR overview image of the Caribbean (GOES-12) and the Atlantic (METEOSAT) will be shown, so you can easily see what is still ahead... The page you create will be automatically updated/refreshed every 15 minutes.

The visible-product will show more or less a simple 'black&white' picture of the earth from the satellite. You will be able to see clouds (white) and land (greyish). The ocean will appear dark. Of course, at night-time the whole image will be black. The enhanced-infrared image show also the temperature of the clouds. 'Colder' clouds have the potential for more rainfall. These images are color enhanced to better see the temperature differences. Red is coldest ('more severe weather'), yellow is less cold, followed by green, blue and greyish, resp. The water vapor images show the cloud temperature and water vapor at relatively high altitude. Dry air shows dark, humid air shows up lighter. With this kind of imagery you can see the steering currents of an approaching hurricane. You can best view the water vapor image at the lowest zoom level. More detailed info is available on the NASA/GHCC-website.

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Larger versions of the overview images (and animated loops) of the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean can be found on the Satellite Imagery-webpage. The images are generated using the Interactive Weather Satellite Viewer at NASA's Global Hydrology and Climate Center.

Other tools: How Close is it? (current distance calculator) - How close can it get? (closest point of approach calculator)

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