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- Phewf!
  • By John Lawson <j.lawson3 at me.com>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2023 21:27:31 -0400
Yay!, Lee is turning to the north and is forecast to begin moving away from Provo very soon.
We’ll have little gusts of wind and some waves and hopefully even some rain, but nothing at all close to a hurricane.
We hope everyone is as lucky!

Best Regards,
John Lawson

- Near Miss (We hope!!)
  • By John Lawson <j.lawson3 at me.com>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2023 07:42:07 -0400
Good Morning,

Over the past few days, Lee’s track has been more and more northward, away from Provo and the TCI’s.  It now seems as if the predicted northern turn, will happen before Provo and the TCI.  This is great news and there is growing certainty that Lee will cruise on by us.

Lee will likely increase in strength over the next days and this means he will likely grow in size.  We might get a few squalls and a bit of rain, but not much else.  Well, except waves.  There is likely to be some disturbed seas on the north side next week.

It is still worth paying attention to this one.  Even if Lee drifts on by, it was still worth filling the gas cans and cutting down the coconuts as the season is not over.

Best Regards,
John Lawson

- Let’s Watch Lee
  • By John Lawson <j.lawson3 at me.com>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2023 06:07:05 -0400
Good Morning from Provo,

 When it comes to storms, I think calm, cool planning, careful prep and up to 
the minute weather news are the secrets to riding out bad weather.
So, having a look at Lee, some 7 days out, I suggest it is the right time to 
pull out the hurricane plans and dust them off.  Fill the cars with fuel.  Dig 
out the generator and the water pump and make sure they work.
Lee shows all the signs of becoming a big, intense storm.  He is forecast to 
intensify and grow in size, probably a lot.  Currently only 160miles wide, he 
will grow.  
On the forecast track (which at 7 days out could be way wrong!) the center will 
pass 265 miles north of us.  That gives us less than a 200 mile gap between us 
and the stormy weather.
That is a very, very slim margin.
I’ll watch closely over the next few days and see if he is trending further 
north, which would be great!
In the mean time, you might think about cutting down the coconuts and putting 
the boat on its trailer.

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Todays Motto is “Plan Ahead!”

Stay Dry!

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