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- Peter and Rose are here!
  • By nada sonia <nadasonia825 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2021 17:44:23 -0400

Do any of you remember reading this?

Well then more tropical systems to watch plus the one soon to exit Africa 

Be safe everyone!

- Wet, wet, wet!!
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 17:46:59 -0400
Well, well, well - it has been a very wet several days here in St Lucia!! It's been glorious, for the most part. Some very very much needed extended rains to fill up rivers, tanks, reservoirs, etc.  We've had several tropical waves pass through, one on top of the next, since about Wednesday last week. Simply wonderful to cool things off and get supplies replenished! Likely disappointing to our visitors - but, what can you say - it's rainy season, in the tropics!  

Alas, as always though, too much of a good thang can also be problematic.  We had well over 100mm of rain in about 6 hours this early morning along our southwest coast areas - and that brought land slides, slippage and flooding.. no one hurt, thankfully! But definitely massive inconvenience with the west coast highway impassable in one spot and very difficult in a few others, plus the water damages in people's homes, etc. Rivers are full and overflowing, lots of debris, etc.  

We seen to be in the home stretch of this last tropical wave - irs definitely leaving in style with a ton of rain and wind, looks like for at least a few more hours.  Then comes the drying out period.. and the damages assessments and repairs.  We're all very hopeful these last hours don't cause even more slippage or damages..  

Definitely stay safe out there!! 

- Invest 94L
  • By Susan Beckwith <suebeckwith123 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2021 12:17:11 -0400
Well its 12.15pm on the 9th August, Invest 94 is just a few hundred miles east of us moving slowly and already its very gusty here in Marigot, we are hoping that this does not develop too quickly, however heeding warnings we are watching he/she closely.

I have bought in my plants, tied a few things down and generally done my pre-storm prep including finding the candles!

Hope nothing major happens but that we do get some much needed rain.

Take care

Sue Beckwith - Owner Roots Bars - Marigot Bay
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- And, time again..
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2021 11:44:21 -0400
Yup, it's that time again. After a ridiculously dry July post Elsa, we're up against several tropical waves/lows 
Invest 94 is looking very good for rapid development. And very likely right over Martinique, which means we'll definitely be seeing some rains and winds from it - whether it develops into a depression or even tropical storm or not. 
Very very much needed rains - although we could do without a ton of hard heavy rain that just runs off and doesn't soak in!  
It's been an incredibly dry summer so far, which does not bode well for water supplies during the "dry" season - we definitely need rain, and a lot of it - but would be better of it wasn't accompanied by heavy winds or floods!  
Anyways, hopefully all still have their hurricane preps in order, lash down your outdoor items, etc.  We're expecting a good dose of rain and wind overnight into tomorrow..
Stay safe out there... 

- Re: [HURR] - Elsa
  • By Louis Todor <ltodor at candw.lc>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2021 10:31:11 -0400

Greetings to you Gert,

It really has been a long time since our last contact.

Elsa wasn't that bad really, well at least as far as the south of St. Lucia was concerned.

Unfortunately, they took down the electric grid at around 9am on Friday, so there was no Internet either after that. Even though I have local power, it didn't help, because the whole cable system (Fiber optic) was down too. (Which is strange, because from my telecommunications background I know that these systems should have a battery backup, followed by a generator backup in case of power failure...)

The power came back at around midnight, but it went again about 2 hours later. Power was finally restored at around 1pm yesterday.

The storm came with a not particularly strong wind, but plenty of powerful gusts, and a lot of rain.

I heard that in the Soufriere area those gusts took a many of roofs with them.

As for myself, the only thing that got damaged slightly was my large soursop tree that got 'bent' to 35 degrees. Nearly all the green soursop (about 25 of them) and lot of green mangoes ended up on the ground. Luckily I have an 8 ton hydraulic excavator here for repair that I was able to use to straighten the tree with some chain and rope. It will stay like that until I can get a long rope and tie the tree to the bottom of a coconut palm not too far away...

Best regards,



- 2:30pm
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2021 23:28:35 -0400
My attempted 2:30 update - 
Still without power. Storm cleared out down here in the south around 5/5:30... Finally could open windows, do a walk around, etc 
Neighborhood held up well. Family and such safe. 
Lots of trees down, lots of roofing and galvanize went down around surrounding areas 
One secondary school up north had one building basically obliterated, but the rest of the school is okay... The south took the brunt - and we're all still awaiting power, etc. Cell service has been super sketchy - hopefully this goes through...

On 2 Jul 2021 2:30 pm, Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com> wrote:
It's 2:30pm here in St Lucia.
I'm in the south, I can usually see St Vincent from my patio, to give some reference for location...
It's been strong, strong winds, almost non-stop, since about 8:30/9am... And heavy squalls and downpours along with it. Basically, non-stop..
Power has been off since 7:45 or so this morning. Digicel has been in and out..
We had a short break in the winds and we were able to get outside, check on the dog (who seems perfectly happy under her favorite mango tree, go figure), pick up a screen that had blown off, clear some downed branches, etc. So far, so good, no damages or such. Normal water seepage inside, towel brigade is in full force. 
Lots of reports of downed trees, roofs blown off, some flooding, etc. 
Have checked in with family, so far all safe and sound.. 
From looking at the satellite photos we probably still have a while to go yet. 😶

Stay safe out there.... 

- Elsa aftermath
  • By Kristin Deason <kdeason at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 20:15:34 -0400
The storm has passed and the weather is calm finally.  Most of the country was without power for most of the day - Saint Lucia news online is reporting that 90% of LUCELEC customers lost power:  https://stluciatimes.com/elsa-some-90-percent-of-lucelec-customers-lose-power/

Power has started being restored, where I am in Rodney Bay it came back a couple of hours ago.   I don't see too much damage in my area, but have heard that many roofs have been lost and trees are down across the country.

We are still waiting for the all clear, so people have been advised not to go out until they complete the damage assessments and clear the roads.

- Trees down power out
  • By Susan Beckwith <suebeckwith123 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 14:49:04 -0400
Its bad here in marigot the roof on our little bar is gone. Very strong winds. 
Leaf debris everywhere and trees down.

Hope this passes soon.

- Power outages
  • By Matthew Watters <sentlici at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 16:55:48 +0000
Centre of Elsa passed through just north of St Vincent a while ago. St Lucia still getting lashed with gusty winds & rain. No power here in Monier, nor down south in Lamaze. Still under curfew.

Sent from my iPhone

- Hurricane Elsa, Cap Estate, Gros Islet, St. Lucia report
  • By Christopher Kessell <kessellc at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 12:53:37 -0400
Up in the north of St. Lucia the conditions have not been that bad. I don’t think we had more than 40 knots sustained for a short period with a few higher gusts. We have had according to my weather station 3 inches of rain. I’m surprised its that much.

Power has been off for a while, it went much earlier but came back after 45 minutes. I’m not running on my generator as it looks like this time the outage will be more long lasting.

Conditions down south are certainly much worse as the hurricane has passed just north of St. Vincent so the southern parts of St. Lucia will have seen higher wind speeds. Quite a few houses have lost parts of their roofs apparently.

When the all clear is given I will try to get out and take some photos and video. Until then here is a video I shot about an hour and a half ago at a look out not far from me that has an incredible view of the East Coast and north towards Martinique.

Attachment: Hurricane Elsa from Mount Hardy St Lucia.mp4
Description: video/mp4


Christopher Kessell
kessellc at gmail.com
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- Hurricane Elsa
  • By nada sonia <nadasonia825 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 10:41:33 -0400
She just had to let herself go!
Quick update. Really windy, strong gusts and driving rain in Soufriere, Saint Lucia which is on the west coast of the island.
A few buildings have lost sheets of galvanize. A couple reports of fallen trees.
I've seen debris flying around mainly leaves but wha! Its whistling. Oh no. A roof just blew off as I type.

- Hurricane Elsa
  • By Kristin Deason <kdeason at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 10:09:00 -0400
Good morning from Saint Lucia!  This morning we received the news that Elsa is now a hurricane.  In Saint Luca we've had a lot of wind all morning, some rain but not that much.  Wind seems to be coming from the west at the moment.  I've heard that some communities on the island (Cap Estate and Laborie) have lost power.   Ok, now some heavy rain just started as I typed this.

The country has been under a lockdown since 4 am this morning until the all clear is given.  It looks like the storm will pass south of us, but thinking of everyone in St Vincent which is still recovering from the volcano eruptions earlier this year.  

Stay safe everyone!

JPEG image

- 10am
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2021 10:01:50 -0400
Well, 10am. Hurricane Elsa is lashing away.
Power has been out since before 8am. Strong squalls, heavy rains, strong winds interspersed with some light periods thankfully, so we can do a quick checks outside.. 
So far so good around here - we have a new stream running down the street, the yard is soaked through - but trees are all still standing, roof is tightly on, doggie is doing ok, no rain inside yet! 
The stay at home/shutdown order seems to be being followed for the most part.
Delta cancelled their flight for today. AA still delayed till later - wouldn't be surprised if they cancelled also. BA took off from Gatwick on time, about 90 minutes ago - where they'll land is anyone's guess right now! That was a strange one. TUI has delayed till much later, so far. 
All in all, typical hurricane morning! So far...
Stay safe out there... 

- Marigot Bay St Lucia - strong winds and heavy rain
  • By Susan Beckwith <suebeckwith123 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 09:04:32 -0400
Its gradually getting worse here, heavy squally rain and strong gusts.

It is yet to hit us so we are praying that things wont be too bad although Elsa is now a Cat 1 Hurricane, praying my roof stays on.

ts elsa beginning.jpeg
Sue Beckwith - Owner Roots Bars - Marigot Bay and Shoreside Manager - Island WIndjammer - Beautiful Tall Ship cruises around the Caribbean.

- 7:30am...
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2021 07:28:18 -0400
Good morning!! 
It's approximately 7:30am here and so far - grey skies, light to moderate winds and very light sprinkles.. the storm is still to our east, barely. 
We're all expecting the show to really get going around 8-9am..
Predictions are still that it will pass quickly - but dump a ton of rain while it does! Those in flood prone areas, near rivers or streams, etc - be vigilant!! 
Passed an uneventful night, thankfully.. 
Hopeful for an uneventful night tonight too, and that we can have our regularly scheduled game night - and not a full fledged clean-up event!! 
Stay safe out there.... 

- Calm before the Storm
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2021 19:59:54 -0400
Well, we're very much in the calm before the storm.  
It's breezy, but humid and hot - and we all know she's out there to our east, bearing down! 
Current path puts her hitting southern St Vincent almost dead on - which puts us in her Northern quadrant, which seems to have the most potential for rainfall. Groovy.  
The country is in total shutdown from 4am until the all clear is given by PM or NEMO.. 
It was heartening to see so many taking it seriously today - banks, shops, grocery stores, etc all full but not packed, not panic buying, nothing crazy like that.. but, definitely preparing..
We're all basically just awaiting Elsa's arrival at this point. Everything is charged that can be charged, stored that can be stored, etc. Towels and buckets on standby, shows/movies downloaded to Netflix, etc. 
Let the waiting commence!! 
Stay safe out there... 

- PTC 5 aka almost TS Elsa
  • By Chris Reed <reedprincess at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 21:02:41 -0400
Good evening!
Well, we're officially under storm watch, 2021! Lol. 
St Lucia is under a TS storm watch, with the expectation of TS conditions in under 48 hours 
PTC 5, out to our east, is heading out way fast, and expected to close circulation and form overnight tonight (30th into 1st).
We've just had a major soaking island wide today from Invest 95, do there's not a while lot of anywhere for the upcoming rain to go, except into rivers, streams, ravines, and overflowing drains, etc.  Hopefully my fellow Lucians are heeding the warnings and battening down the hatches, so to speak. 
We have our towel brigade all ready, have started downloading some Netflix to the tablet, got chargers charging and so forth.  Will do a quick shop tomorrow, but the storm kit, etc is well stocked..
Hopefully, it's just a quick rain and wind event that blows through quickly - which is the current prediction...
Stay safe out there!! 

- PTC 5 soon to be TS Elsa
  • By nada sonia <nadasonia825 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 17:52:25 -0400
I've been tracking Invest 97L so this afternoon I went to the supermarket to buy whatever I'm missing.  I came back home to find it has was labelled PTC 5 at 5pm today and the islands from St. Vincent to Guadeloupe are now under a Tropical Storm watch.
Folks please take this seriously and get all your hurricane supplies ready.  I'll be filling up buckets and bags with water and packing them in the freezer tonight.
Valuable documents in a ziplock bag - check 
Emergency evacuation bag - not packed yet
Flashlights, batteries, candles - check
Food - check

- Start of the season
  • By Susan Beckwith <suebeckwith123 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 08:58:55 -0400
I was surprised yesterday morning on my normal jaunt into Castries, to see a cruise ship, yes that unknown beast that we used to see a lot of, but it became rare, some even thought extinct! But no, my eyes were not deceiving me, there was a huge cruise ship coming into the harbour. Hooray, an inkling of things getting better, one hopes.

Onto more serious things, there is talk among the general population that there is a storm coming, weather is hot and humid but now and again we are blasted with gusts of warm breeze, in fact its very pleasant. Looking at the National Hurricane Centre page we seem to have two waves out there that may, or may not , as the case maybe, form into something akin to a tropical depression or storm.
People are keeping an eye but are not too bothered, I am explaining these depressions are fairly low down on the island chain so they must be aware, however no one seems worried, I am sure when the storm/s draw closer it will be a last minute rush to prepare. Lets hope that they fizzle out.

Be safe 

cruise ship.jpeg

Sue Beckwith - Owner of Roots bars -  Marigot Bay and Shoreside Manager for Island Windjammers  - beautiful tall ship cruises around the Caribbean.

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