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- 1st June Dominica
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2018 14:55:33 -0400
We are here again!  We wish all the islands well, on the upcoming whatevers!

Dominica is not ready at all and I am sure the other islands that were hit by Maria aren't either.  None of us need any hurricane braziness to come to our shores in 2018.

It's obvious that many of the other islands are facing the same problems we are.  A great deal of homes not fixed, many roofs still under tarpaulins!  So very upsetting.

The main thing that is the worry here is that the official H shelters are also not fixed, not stocked up and no new ones ready.  This is our main concern.  The government, we are sure will be moving fast to adjust this situation and fix it.  Thank you.

Our hearts go out to everyone.

Just can't get over having electricity after 8 months.  A freezer with ice cream and my home made breads to die for!
Thank you Dave for your support and kindness.  One Love as they say.


- Hurricane Season
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 15:15:34 -0400
Hi we have not written for a while!  Our good news is that we have been connected to electricity yesterday after 8 months since hurricane Maria.

Here in Dominica we are all very apprehensive about the hurricane season!  Many homes are still damaged and in need of repair.  There has been a great deal of difficulty getting materials.  A great deal of shortages.  We presume it is because so many islands got damaged in 2017!!

The main problem as we see it also is that the roads are in a dreadful condition.  There seems no light at the end of the tunnel on this one.

We shall watch and keep you all up to date.  We wish all the islands in the Caribbean good luck for the up and coming season.

- Easter Greetings!...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2018 05:06:34 +0000 (UTC)
A very Happy Easter to the Entire Stormcarib family... Thankfully, the recovery process continues to come along rather steadily in the Nature Isle, and the weather has been mostly dry with only a few showers here & there keeping the environment nice & cool. 
Let's pray that as we continue to Celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus that we may be truly Blessed with fruitfulness in the spirit of climate resilience and the fullest restoration of our island states. 

May God Richly Bless us All!

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