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  • By ann phelan <ann at bonairecaribbean.com>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2018 12:31:45 +0000
Bon Dia

It’s been awhile so to catch up. March and now, we have an influx of Sargassum. This week’s plume is less than the mid March crop, for now, anyway. I spent days scouring the east coast looking to rescue trapped turtles. The impact on the marine life is staggering. 

We have had some rain so the landscape is dotted with yellow flowers from the Kibrahacha Tree. They are lovely. 

Some news on drones

Lastly, I have decided to move on to new pastures in life. To that end, my lovely home is for sale. If anyone fancies moving to the amazing Dutch Caribbean, do let me know. Our island has no traffic lights. You can drink the water. Animal welfare is very good. We are outside the hurricane belt and our entire island is designated a marine park so our waters are pristine. You can swim in the harbor, if you wish.  I love Bonaire but I have decided to relocate to the mountains and also spend most of my time on Cape Cod.  Lastly, if you have a house for rent, I am keen on visiting some of the Caribbean I have yet to see. On my list include Martinique, Tobago, Corn Islands (Nicaragua) and St. Lucia. If you’d like to “try out” Bonaire, let me know. I’d love you to be my guest. 

Ann Phelan

Skype: caribchakita
Twitter: bonairebliss

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