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- Bermuda Bliss
  • By Ann Phelan <bonairecaribbean at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 19 May 2024 07:24:03 -0300
I am on island for another period of time “Bermuda bliss”. My first trip was in Feb. 1990 and it was so chilly and rainy, we went to Davidson’s to buy foul weather gear. A few months later, we returned in April and had another week of rain. Since, I have visited dozens of times. This trip was thanks to a Black Friday sale on the newly launched  Bermuda Air. We were on the heels of a trip to Anguilla so found a very affordable flat rental in St. Georges. A week before our May 16th trip I scoured the weather reports as I often do and was quite dismayed to see heavy rain and wind was predicted for our trip.  The day of arrival included strong gusts but fortunately rain has been isolated. Our host shared the drought is bad and she needed to purchase water for the cistern. Today it is mostly cloudy and rather cool. As a cold plunger, year round, I still had a tough time getting into the chilly ocean. I’d guess the water is about 64-66. 

Have a beautiful Sunday, wherever you are. My next stop in somewhere in the Caribbean. 


Ann Phelan 
Cape Cod

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