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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Stormcarib.com, the Caribbean's most relied upon hurricane and community website.

Every Hurricane season, beginning June 1st StormCarib comes back into full action mode. From our weather experts to our seasoned veterans within their respective communities, all eyes become fixed on weather patterns that could have an impact. We stand by our community's side until the end of November, through all the misses as well as unfortunately "the hits."

In 2009, we decided to offer advertising opportunities on the website for two very important reasons. First, the cost of maintaining and continuously improving such a popular website is significant. We try to be "cutting edge" but still fast loading since many people in the Caribbean don't have fast internet connections. Second, the number of users visiting this site is astronomical, which means we are able to offer an extremely receptive audience to companies that are in the business of storm protection, batteries, mobile devices, resorts, airlines and so much more.

Site Traffic:
Site traffic to StormCarib.com is extremely significant from June through November. In a typical season, we'll see in excess of 35 million page views. The rest of the year the site still gets traffic since many people read the adventures of the special hurricane correspondents in 'off-season'. If you do a basic Google search for "Caribbean Hurricane" Stormcarib.com is first and second as seen below. If you are interested in detailed traffic statistics for StormCarib.com, please contact us.

Advertising Programs:
We offer weekly, monthly, and yearlong campaigns depending on product as well as availability.

  • Cost Per Click Campaigns
  • Impression Based (Third Share of Voice)
  • Fixed Placement
  • Storm Alert E-newsletter: (Slated for Summer 2010)

Our reporting of impressions and click-throughs are accredited by the Media Rating Council and is in compliance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau standard for display ad impression measurement.

Ad Sizes:
We offer several different ad units from which to select:

  • Skyscraper Ad: The standard ad size and our most popular ad unit. It is located on the home page as well as the islands pages.
  • Large Rectangle: Located upper right on the islands pages
  • Small Rectangle: Located on the islands pages: https://stormcarib.com/reports/current/grenada.shtml. Size: 120 x 60
  • Leaderboard: Located only on the Pleas for Help Forum. http://help.stormcarib.com. Size: 728 X 90

Site traffic to StormCarib is extremely significant from June through November. In a typical season, we will see in excess of 35 million page views, which have greatly benefited our advertisers and their respective brands. Though our traffic statistics are significant, Stormcarib offers many different advertising programs which can accommodate most budgets.

Contact: Gert van Dijken gert@stormcarib.com

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