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- The Calm After The Storm
  • By R Petrillo M Puceta <MikeNRenee at live.com>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 23:19:38 +0000

There's still some activity to our east, but hopefully this system is done with us. The humidity is coming back post haste, but we've got a nice temperature for our evening pleasure.

Renee P.

- Ah, cooler temps
  • By R Petrillo M Puceta <MikeNRenee at live.com>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 15:27:27 +0000
It definitely got rainier and windier as the morning went on. The cooler temps, finally, are fantastic. There's lots of mud offshore.

We now have a break. It'll probably be sloppy for a while, but hopefully that second half, which has already dissipated quite a bit, goes by quietly.

I'm hoping it stays cloudy so we can enjoy the cool temps as long as possible. The rain, I'm done with. I haven't heard of any major flooding or problems, so hopefully we came through this unscathed but with full cisterns. 

Renee P.

- Weather from Invest 99L
  • By R Petrillo M Puceta <MikeNRenee at live.com>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 10:11:57 +0000
The rain started at exactly 1am. It's been slow and steady, nothing torrential - at least in Frigate Bay. While we had some thunder and lightning overnight, it wasn't window-shaking. The storm most definitely has not brought with it any wind - it's as stifling as ever.

The system did tighten up, and Guadeloupe & Montserrat have been in its direct path for hours. 

As the storm keeps moving WNW, we'll likely start seeing heavier downpours over the next few hours. Watch yourselves out there - there's likely to be flooding, mud or rock slides, and fast-moving water in ghauts, so be careful driving out there.

Renee P.

- Fizzling?
  • By R Petrillo M Puceta <MikeNRenee at live.com>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 18:56:49 +0000

So Fiona fizzled out, at least for now, and Gaston still looks like its staying out to sea. That leaves Invest 99L, which is looking as disorganized as ever. A huge chunk of this disturbance is already north of us.

After the Hurricane Hunter checked things out earlier today, the report came back with a top wind speed of 19 knots. 

Until the whole thing passes, the atmosphere will become unstable, so the Antigua & Barbuda Meteorological Services has put out a Flash Flood Watch for the Leewards overnight. 

The current (2:50pm) radar is showing some rain off to our southeast, and some patchy showers nearby.

Only time will tell. We need some rain, so let's hope we get a little.

Renee P.

St. Kitts Happens

- Rain Coming
  • By R Petrillo M Puceta <mikenrenee at live.com>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 17:15:56 +0000
We've had some minor showers early this morning, but the radar shows the situation is about to change.


The west side of the island must be wetter as rocks are down on Old Bay Road (according to St. Kitts-Nevis Times), so drivers should be alert.


Renee P.
St. Kitts Happens

- Easing Us In
  • By R Petrillo M Puceta <mikenrenee at live.com>
  • Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2016 19:12:45 +0000
Over the past 2 days, the worst of our downpours have occurred mid-morning, and they were pretty intense. A run down the Southeast Peninsula was quite breezy, but the seas weren't as "angry" as I thought they'd be. We're still getting a few cells passing over, but nothing major (at least not in Frigate Bay). 



Although the radar this morning showed Martinique getting the brunt of the system, it looks like Dominica had enough to cause some damage: 

Natalia Defoe
"Fond ST Jean and surrounding communities are once again cut off from the country. ..Temporary bypass is gone and original bridge is not yet up and running....smh. This is the Geneva bridge that persons use to get to Bagatelle and Fond St. Jean and surrounding areas."

The NHC has upgraded the yellow x now west of us to red, so anyone on the other side should be tracking it. The other invest that was headed our way seems to have fizzled out, but if it's bringing rain, we should see it mid-week next week.

Renee P.

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