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Grenada Update

Hurricane Teddy - and no wind!!!

Published: Sat, Sep 19 2020 07:42 EDT
>By Chris Bolt <gommier at gmail.com>>

Good morning,

Hurricane Teddy, now 900 miles North of the Leeward islands, is still causing the lack of wind down here in Grenada with a large area of low pressure bulging towards it, as seen on the synoptic chart.

A couple of web sites seem to show a slight breeze from the SE later today?

Areas of concern -

 Teddy now way north of us and heading away, it is no threat. Behind it is Tropical Storm Wilfred, which appears to be following Teddy. It is still 1600 miles to our east, but is expected to turn towards a more northerly direction, and is not expected to increase in strength.

There is another area just leaving Africa, but that is expected to turn north and only has a 10% chance of developing in 5 days.

Tropical waves in the Atlantic -

No tropical waves just the TS Wilfred.

Radar & Satellite

The latest satellite animation shows some bubbling up of clouds from our SE to SW. Radar shows a few showers scattered around, but a larger area to our South and SE.

View from my vantage point

Very hazy sky, but visible through the haze are some large clouds to our SE and SW. It does look as if we can have some rain. A bigger indication that we will get some rain soon, is my wife has just painted something outside!

Have a great day.

Hogan of Grenada

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