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Dominica Update


Published: Fri, Feb 16 2018 11:20 EST
>By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>>

Hi everyone!!  Long time no hear??  Jaco Ladd and I apologize!

We are still very much in Dominica.  Dominica is becoming green again although, the trees are standing up now like soldiers ripped of their branches. Standing their ground sprouting bits of leaves on their trunks, it is strange to the eye.  The beautiful cover of the trees is to a certain extent gone but nature is wonderful and we are not called the nature island for nothing! 

We are having very odd weather though!  for the last 6 weeks the weather pattern has been very high winds with heavy showers.  This weather has been happening every night and most days it is as if the weather has been programmed!  Usually at this time of the year it is the dry season.  This continual rain and heavy showers at night is extremely upsetting especially for the many people who do not have a roof and have tarpaulins.  Many houses have still to be repaired from hurricane Marie.  There has been a lack of materials on the island because of so many other islands being damaged by Irma and Maria.  The 2017 hurricane season was very unkind.  It is daunting to think that 2018 is predicted to be worse, we here in Dominica sincerely hope not..........................

Dominica has just had Carnival last weekend and it did moral a lot of good.  People were able to party and take their minds off the every day struggle of living with no electricity.  The island has many places without electricity power and our telephone system is very lacking, both Flow and Digicel are having communication problems throughout the island.  Our internet where we live for data on our phone is worse now than just after the hurricane.  This is one of the reasons you have not heard from us.  We are in Roseau today on proper internet.

We feel for other folk in the other islands, we are all trying to rebuild and look after each other.

3 more months and we are back on watch mode for the hurricane season will be upon us...............................

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