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Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update

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Published: Tue, May 18 10:30 EDT
By DearMissMermaid at aol.com

Rains from Sunday & Monday seem to be decreasing and a bit.... a small bit of sunshine is seen on both sides of the BIG cloud that appears to be over Tortola.  Crossing the Narrows this AM we noted the current was flowing West at a good rate... probably near 2.5 knots with the wind possibly adding a half knot or more to that if you have enough wind surface.  Good thing the seas are not up yet or some pounding could occur if your course was into the present conditions.
83 now with winds near 16 knots and while the weather service says they will top out at near 18... I'm not so sure as I've seen several gust and wind fronts move down the channel that were at least 20 knots... problem is that they are not steady but hit randomly about every 7 to 15 minutes.  You really have to keep an eye on the wind pattern in the water ahead of you and that is difficult with 3 to 4 foot seas in the Channel some with white caps.  On the Atlantic Side the seas are 7 to 8 foot and seem to have a lot of North to them for this time of year.  Would suspect Cain Garden Bay may be a bit rolley!  One note:  If you see surfers riding waves into the beach at Cane Garden Bay.... do not take your dink to the dink dock or attempt to land it at the beach... just do that another day!!! when the swells are not present.
I'm hoping to run up to Penn's Landing for a bit.  Love the place and the people and at the East End, almost everything is near by, walking distance, dink distance or you can take the local bus for just $3.00 always into Road Town or any place in between.  Some roving taxi's will share a ride at $2.00 per person and you can not beat that and the ride can be very interesting.  You Never know who will be along for the ride with you.  I'm looking forward to the great showers at Penn's Landing and picking up some great fish at Sailors Catch right next to Penn's Landing.  You can also get LP tanks refilled by the adjacent Gas Station.  Right Breeze has move a half block down to a new building larger than the older store and has much better parking and a dock you can dinky up to!!  Now that is what cruisers look for... a food store on the water with dink space!
Well off to do laundry then figure I can make it to Penns today....
da Wayward Sailor

Warm and Sunny Regards,
Author of
Hurricanes and Hangovers(And Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies From The Coconut Telegraph)
Available in the USA, UK, France, Germany, India, PR and the BVI

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