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Culebra Update

Medical supplies flight for Vieques and Culebra

Published: Sat, Jan 16 08:20 EST
By MJ <caribemj at gmail.com>

This coming Sunday, I will accompany my friend and his co-pilot to Culebra and then to Vieques to collect MEDICAL SUPPLIES ONLY. From Vieques, we will depart to Haiti to deliver the supplies. The proposed schedule is as follows:
9:00 am - Departure from Isla Grande
9:20 am - Arrival at Culebra
10:05 am - Departure from Culebra
10:25 am - Arrival at Vieques
11:10 am - Departure from Vieques to Haiti
12:45 pm - Estimated Arrival at Haiti
We need your cooperation and coordination to make this schedule possible. You need to be at the airport ready to go at the stated time. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL. We will do our best to be on-schedule as well, but weather and other considerations may be controlling. We need you to be there, sharp and ready to load, since it will be a long day of flying and we need to arrive in Haiti at a given schedule mandated by the authorities. Also, we want to be back in Puerto Rico at the end of the day, and any delays will hurt this schedule.
Here is what is needed and wanted from you:
  • We can carry a maximum of 300 pounds of supplies. We need you to give us an estimated weight of what you have or collect as the time and day approaches. I am not putting a quota on either island, we just need the 300 pounds to make the flight count. You need to be accurate, BUT please do not wait until Sunday to weight the items and give me the information. Also, do not worry if you do not have the amount of items needed to complete this weight, since we may be able to gather some items from San Juan. Our priority is Culebra and Vieques, BUT WE NEED ADVANCE NOTICE.
  • The items need to be neatly packaged to have them properly fit in the plane. We are NOT flying a cargo plane, but rather a private plane meant for passengers which will makeshift as a cargo plane for medical supplies. Neat boxes, not bigger than the kind of boxes used for Xerox type paper, will do. Perhaps a print shop like Adonai in Vieques can donate some, or Morales after they unload their goods. Boxes in bad conditions, and also irregular boxes or packages would limit the use of the space and make it more difficult to handle (at the airport and once in Haiti). When you weight the items also weight the packages. I am being specific for sake of safety. Please bear with me.
  • The packages need to be adequeately labeled and the items within the package should be of the same kind/type. For example, bandaids, gauzes and the like in a box, with Tylenol, Panadol and others packed together in separate box. Just use common sense and you will be OK.
  • If medical supplies do not account for the 300 pounds, we may take bottled water, not the 1 gallon bottles, but rather the individual bottles.
A final note - I have never done this kind of project before. I did help in the Katrina and Asia relief efforts, but mostly by raising funds (Ricky Martin Foundation) and coordinating for volunteers to travel to Louisiana (Scientology Volunteer Ministers). I state this, because I plan as best as I can, but I am pretty sure that some improvisation will be required at one point or another. Hence, do not dispair if we change this schedule, or the plans, or if we need to cancel the trip at any point.
We are doing what we can, and my personal philosophy in life is to make things go right, period. I appreciate your understanding, your support, but most importantly, your love and willingness to help.
With Love,
Santiago F. Lampón

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