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The rainfall from Tropical Storm Erika caused devastation on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. Some websites with news I have found: Office of the Prime Minister [they are also on Facebook] , Dominica News Online (DNO), TheDominican.net, Dominican Vibes, CAKAFETE News Portal. If you know of other good ones, let me know. Gert gert@gobeach.com.
If you want to donate: Government Recovery and Reconstruction Fund, GoFundMe - CDOA, YouCaring - Ashley Richards for Red Cross. I have also found: Indiegogo, GoFundMe - DARDA, YouCaring - Dominica Marine Association. I think all these are legit. If you know of more, let me know.

- - - 2015 Hurricane Season - - -

- 1st June
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 29 May 2016 15:40:46 -0400
Hurricane season approaches fast;  Dominica had rain yesterday that was really intense, many rivers flooded and some roads became impassable.  We sincerely hope this is not a sign of things to come.  Dominica still has a lot of damage from hurricane Erika which was in August last year.  August seems to be the month throughout history that Dominica gets hit.  Hurricane David hit Dominica in August 1979.  Dominica is fragile and cannot afford to be hit this coming hurricane season.  So we hope and pray that the coming season will be kind to the Caribbean.

- Bonnie etc.
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 23:11:12 +0000 (UTC)
Greetings & Blessings to All!

We now have Tropical storm Bonnie, it turns out Dave was a little too pre-mature on Friday, nevertheess he was prophetic...
This is now the second storm to form ahead of the official start of the 2016 Hurricane season. Hopefully we trust that its not a grave & bad omen for the upcoming months.

We in the Nature Island of the Caribbean are certainly praying for a quiet & uneventful hurricane seaon.
We've had some showers today with some heavier bouts in the Southern part of the island in particular, however its pretty much ended with some drizzle being felt islandwide. I trust & pray that everone has remained safe & sound.
A Happy & Blessed Lord's Day tomorrow on Sunday to everyone.

May God continue to Richly Bless us All!

- Bonnie etc...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 23:08:43 +0000 (UTC)
Greetings & Blessings to All!

We now have Tropical storm Bonnie, it turns out Dave was a little too pre-mature on Friday, nevertheess he was prophetic.
This is now the second storm to form ahead of the official start of the 2016 Hurricane season. Hopefully we trust that its not a grave & bad omen for the upcoming months.

We in the Nature Island of the Caribbean are certainly praying for a quiet & uneventful hurricane seaon.
We've had some showers today with some heavier bouts in the Southern part of the island in particular, however its pretty much ended with some drizzle being felt islandwide. I trust & pray that everone has remained safe & sound.
A Happy & Blessed Lord's Day tomorrow on Sunday to everyone.

May God continue to Richly Bless us All!

- Grey days
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 08:09:51 -0400
The last two days we have experienced high cloud cover, very little sunshine and no rain!  It appears that we in Dominica have been very lucky for the last few months especially here in the valley. There has been a lot of rain so no drought here!  Now everyone in the north are having rain we appear not to, however, it is very grey today and we can feel moisture in the air so maybe we will get some later.  We have a lot of vegetable plants to be planted in the garden today!  I can hear a little bit of patter on the wind and on the trees so just maybe we'll get a gentle soaking!


- Very Chilly
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 09:36:20 -0400
April is around the corner and June will be approaching very fast!  Time goes so quickly and hurricane season will soon be upon us.

Here in our valley we have had a great deal of rain for the month of March -  in fact we were told we were going to have a drought, strange?.... but not here!  We had a good day yesterday, however, it rained a lot in the night.  The temperature in the mornings and evenings are really chilly for this time of year.  Dominica is very interesting because it is always hotter by the coast and much dryer too, especially on the west side.  In the middle of the island where mountains abound it is much wetter and it is said that it rains somewhere in Dominica every day!  Hence no doubt having so many rivers and so much water we certainly are very lucky.

- Easter Glories...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2016 21:17:11 +0000 (UTC)
Greetings and Blessings from the islands Every One- I trust that Everyone had a Glorious Easter Sunday and are continuing to bask in the Splendour of this Blessed Easter Season! 
Jesus Christ is Risen! ALLELUIA!!!

Currently, we are enjoying copious bouts of sunshine mixed with some brief Easter showers here in the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Sweet Dominica. We couldn't have hoped for a better combination this time of year -especially since we were predicted to have been in a much drier than usual spell for this year's dry season. However, thus far -no complaints- so far so good... To God be the Glory!
Let's all continue to keep safe and pray and work for the best of situations in all things in advance of the hurricane season this year!

May God continue to Richly Bless Us All!

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 13:52:09 -0400
The rain came yesterday and the night before like it would never ever stop!!  We were so surprised.   At our home we seem to be blessed with a great deal of rain.  We cannot report any lack of rain at all for the last two months, however, by the coast and in Roseau very little rain.  It rains most days somewhere in Dominica!!  Is this because of our dormant volcanoes which are mountains!  Whatever, we report thank goodness absolutely no drought!  We hope everyone who needs rain gets it!!

- Team Wadadli
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 08:42:24 -0400
 Team Wadadli are from Antigua and Barbuda are taking part in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. The four members of the crew, Dr. Nicholas Fuller, Peter Smith, Archie Bailey and John D. Hall, are raising funds for the St. John Hospice on Antigua.

They are able to give twitter updates via satellite connection as user at TeamWadadli

See: https://www.taliskerwhiskyatlanticchallenge.com/the-teams/team-wadadli/

A short video via YouTube about the St. John Hospice.


A 'Tweet' at 6.02 p.m. from crew member J D Hall:

"In reach message from JD Hall dlor.me Kinda. It was worse earlier in the race But waves are coming over the bow into the rowing area. http://dlor.me/RS2ELKR-JDHall. 6.02 p.m. waves are now breaking over the bow and coming into the rowing area so they are all locked down in the cabins".

Looking at stormcarib today it there is a report on the weather in the Atlantic which is unusual.  We so pray and hope that Team Wadadli and the other participants in the race stay safe.  Here is the weather report. 

A non-tropical low pressure system located over the central Atlantic
Ocean about 900 miles southwest of the Azores is producing a large
area of gale-force winds with maximum winds near 60 mph.  Shower
activity is currently limited near the center, but this low could
gradually acquire some subtropical or tropical characteristics
during the next couple of days while it moves southeastward and then
eastward into the eastern subtropical Atlantic.  Regardless of
subtropical or tropical cyclone formation, this system is expected
to produce hazardous marine conditions over portions of the central
and eastern Atlantic for the next few days.  For additional
information, see High Seas Forecasts issued by the National Weather
Service. The next Special Tropical Weather Outlook on this system
will be issued by 2 PM EST Tuesday.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...medium...40 percent
* Formation chance through 5 days...medium...40 percent


- Happy Christmas
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2015 08:07:12 -0400
Hope everyone had a very Happy Christmas!  We certainly can report on the Christmas winds; the gusts have been really heavy so decided to keep the   awnings on the deck well and truly wound up.  We have also been having a great deal of rain and last night was no exception, with an expectation of much more today. So, we are going to have a chill out  and hope the weather brightens considerably.

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 08:28:45 -0400
Yesterday was such a pleasure, we had hardly any rain at all!  Dominica seems to have come through the last few days without any major damage which is really good news.  It looks like we are going to have a lovely sunny day today!  The bad weather now appears to be underneath us fingers crossed. 

  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 14:31:16 +0000 (UTC)





- Thunder and Lightning
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 08:52:02 -0400
Sunday was weird weather wise!!  We had showers off and on all day then at 5.0 p.m. there was the most horrendous thunder and lightning and a great deal of rain.  This weather went on for a long period of time.  It rained heavily on and off all night.  This morning is overcast but bright!  We have had no reports of any flooding or damage on the island.  It is actually very strange!  I can here the river roaring down the valley.  Vehicles have been going passed us so this means that the Layou Valley to Hillsborough bridge road is clear which is great.  Maybe Erika did all the damage to the unstable land and the land that slid is now stable.  Would that make sense!?

- Thunder and Lightning through the night
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 08:50:01 -0400
12.45 a.m.. the thunder and lightning started with a passion.  Out we rushed and got the dogs in!  The storm went on until 2.45ish a.m. we had a great deal of rain in the night and the ground is saturated!  It looks like we will have more rain today!! Recently I drove to see a friend who was sick and as I went through the large landslide made from Erika I noticed how the road was like a river with running water tearing down it!  Again. looking at the satellite forecast, it looks like we are going to have more rain today so yet another stay at home day!!  I did notice yesterday that the rivers are really full again so not sure we need this rainy weather at all!  Stay safe everyone, have a happy safe, blessed Sunday!

- Some Blue Sky
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2015 08:10:50 -0400
We have woken up to some light rain but we can see blue sky in between the clouds.  It appears that we are very lucky compared to Martinique and St. Lucia!  Looking at the satellite photographs the depression seems to be not quite so threatening.  The temperature is 72 degrees this morning reminding us of winter weather wearing a  track suit as I write this report! Yesterday we spent some good down time watching movies and chilling out.  As I said no news is good news so fingers crossed for the new day today  We have had traffic on the road which is great.  We are thinking of the other islands which have experienced bad conditions and flooding from this depression!!  It is amazing to us that a system with no name can do so much damage, showing again how the weather patterns are changing.  It does seem like global warming is a reality!

- Still raining
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2015 20:28:07 -0400

We have not heard any news but it has not stopped raining all day.  It is 8.30 p.m.  just shutting up.  We hope everyone stays safe.  There is bound to be some flooding and landslides.  No news is good news so they say!

- Regional wide (Lesser Antilles) Messy weather...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2015 22:45:29 +0000 (UTC)
Tonight much of the Eastern Caribbean region has been impacted by this latest round of heavy rainfall associated with the passage of a mid to low level through system over the Lesser Antilles as far east as Barbados.

From Reports coming out of the islands -the impacts have been rather severe in some cases... In Grenada Floods and land slide occurrences proved tragic over the last 24 hrs with a road related incident, and today both Martinique -See Link: (http://www.martinique.franceantilles.fr/actualite/faitsdivers/les-photos-des-inondations-331451.php?pos=1#pubs_top) and St. Lucia (http://stluciatimes.com/2015/11/06/flooding-videos-and-pictures) have reported significant flooding especially in the Southern and Northern parts of these islands respectively. Power cuts were also reported in the North of St. Lucia.
It is a reminder that as the hurricane season wanes that Troughs, & Tropospheric systems remain a real and dangerous weather threat to all of the islands as evidenced last month in Trinidad and more so Tobago & of course the notorious December Christmas Trough of 2013 which claimed several lives in St. Lucia & St. Vincent.

Here in the Nature Isle, Dominica, my personal gauge has recorded over 65mm for the day and still counting- as light rainfall persists at the moment. On the plus side temperatures have delightfully dipped, and for the 1st time in a long time some sweater like attire must be sought out. 
However, So far impact wise we have definitely gotten off lightly, Thanks and Praise be to God!, hopefully whatever other bouts of precipitation that arrive will be in the light to moderate range as this system wears on... We extend deepest empathy to our fellow brothers and sisters in Martinique during this time of flooding and disaster...nevertheless, we take comfort in the fact that despite the material losses that there have been no reports so far of any loss of life there. Materials things can always be replaced entirely, or to some extent, but human life cannot ever be replaced.

Keep safe and dry everyone...& May God's Blessings be with us All Especially in these times of disaster!

- Worse than Erika
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2015 14:32:31 -0400
We are very, very concerned here in Dominica.  Jaco Ladd and I feel this weather is going to be worse than Tropical storm Erika.  We just hope everyone in vulnerable areas stays safe.  There will be a lot more damage now.  This is so very sad!  We hope the other islands are OK big time too.  It looks like other islands are getting flooded too.  We are altogether in spirit.

- Very heavy rainfall in Dominica
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2015 11:46:52 -0400

Dominica is at the moment experiencing very heavy rainfall all over the island.  There are flood warnings out.  We made a good decision to stay home today.  Our dogs are curled up keeping warm.  The temperature is 69 degrees at present.

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- Dull, Cold, Grey Rainy weather
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2015 07:53:04 -0400
We have woken up to a very chilly rainy, wet day, it seems to have been raining all night.  It is very difficult to calculate whether or not other folks on the island have been affected by the wet weather, vehicles are still travelling on our road!  We have to make the decision whether or not to travel into Roseau!!  The weather looks very much like it is here for a few more days!  This reminds us of cold grey winter weather on the mainland not Caribbean weather at all!

- Chilly
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 19:57:49 -0400

No rain for a while it just looks like cloud no real rain.  We think the weather has dissipated!  So a good night!  Sleep tight Dominica.  Just a bit chilly so snuggling up tight with Jaco Ladd tonight. X

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 14:33:05 -0400
I totally apologize for missing this weather system!!  It is November and we do not expect weather like this now!  Dominica is experiencing a lot of rain.  The temperature is in the 70's.  As I write this it is 2.30 p.m. and it is dark cold the wind is kicking up and it drizzling!  It looks like this weather is in for the night.  The news  here in Dominica reports that there is flooding in certain parts of the island and more flooding is expected, also landslides could occur.  If anyone is reading this report and has a relative or friend who lives near a river or an area prone to landslides please move to a safer place!  Please everyone stay safe.

- Where did this weather come from?
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 08:24:59 -0400

We are experiencing very heavy rain, thunder and lightning.  This could be another mini Erika but with no warning.  We hope people stay safe!  We seriously do not need this.  From the satelite image it looks like it could be here all day.  We sincerely hope not.

- Glorious Independence Day...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 16:54:33 -0800
Despite a few sprinkles this morning- it truly turned out to be an absolutely wonderful Independence Holiday here in the Nature Island of the Caribbean...
Dominica Thanks God for His endless Tender Mercies! 37 Years to be exact & now Less than 11weeks or so after Erika's destruction -Dominicans have showed their National Pride & Fervour as we rapidly get back on our feet islandwide.

Ofcourse, amid the many Independence celebrations- moments of silence are occasionally being held for those who are no longer with us Since Tropical Storm Erika. May they Rest in Peace!

Attached above is our annual National Independence Logo- which bears this year our very apt theme for the Post Erika 2015 celebrations- Rebuilding Dominica together! The other pic Captures one of the smartly dressed contingents of the Uniformed groups (Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force Platoon) at the Windsor Park Stadium earlier today. The National Cultural Gala and Concert of Creole bands continues from this afternoon into the cool of the night. Absolutely Delightfully Dominican!

Today is definitely one of those days during which Rich Dominica pride soars in every bone & nerve endings in one's body. 
Thank God for Preserving the best of the Nature Island still; and To God be the Glory for even Greater things to come in Dominica. AD MULTOS ANNOS TO THE COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA! A Very Happy 37th Independence Anniversary to All!!!

God Bless!

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- God Help Mexico
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 21:19:02 -0400

Hurricane Patricia.  This hurricane is a monster.  We pray for all of the residents and tourists in Puerto Vallarta.  We were there a few years ago.  An idyllic tourist destination.  The worrying thing to us is that we just watched a interview with a reporter there and noticed that the people are not boarding up or taking the right precautions. This could be carastrophic.  Praying for everyone in Patricia's path.

- Moderate weather
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 08:36:31 -0300
Dominica has been blessed so far, we have had very, very little rain!  Yesterday was a good day, I kept my eye on the stormcarib website and  managed to miss the weather!  Last night the dogs woke up with a bark at 2.45 a.m. and the first flash of lightning, I got up switched the power off and got the dogs in. Luckily, the lightning was flash not fork so really spectacular.  There was hardly any thunder just a rumbling now and then in the distance!  There was some rain in the night but luckily not too much at all.  As I write this sitting on our deck I can see patches of blue sky.  Looking at the website www.stormcarib.com this morning, it looks like the tropical depression is leaving us and going on it's way!  I can only speak about the weather in the valley this morning but it looks like we are going to have a good day.

- Cooler weather
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2015 11:57:02 -0300
The weather over the last few days has been really dry and so hot, frazzling up in the 90's.  These conditions have been drying us out here which is good, however, if we have rain again this will then undermine all the landslide sites and we could have some big problems again on our roads.  To be honest it is heart breaking seeing the state of the roads around the island.  We had a new road built between Roseau and Portsmouth, a lot of the paving has been undermined and some gone completely because of Erika!  I drove to Belle's yesterday and was totally horrified to see the damage created by the river in places to the Nicholas Liverpool highway which was the most recently built road  between Canefield and Marigot.   It truly is heartbreaking we were so proud of the roads!  One Tropical Storm Erika not even a hurricane, so very sad.  The tropical wave out in the Atlantic looks as if it will miss us in Dominica, we might get some rain but hopefully we will not suffer that much -  fingers crossed.

- Thunder and flash lightning
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2015 20:00:10 -0300

Here in Dominica from 6.00 pm and still now are experiencing an amazing thunder lightning storm!  Where did this come from.  We are exceptionally hot here for this time of year!  We have had some heavy rain.  The storm is going away.  Amazing!

- Bahamas
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2015 15:33:21 -0300

Here in Dominica we are sad for what all of you have gone through and will continue to go through for the foreseeable future!  Your islands are flat and sea level so the water from hurricane Joaquin will have caused terrible damage.  The wind also.  So very, very sad for everyone.  We are not getting that much news but we imagine just like us you lost your phones and internet!  Praying for you all.

- Hurricane Joaquin,
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015 11:10:01 -0300
Our thoughts go out to the Bahamas who are beginning to feel the force of hurricane Joaquin!  We here in Dominica are sending you all our thoughts, we so hope everyone stays safe.  This hurricane just seems to have materialized so quickly and from where did she come?  It has been seriously hot and dry in Dominica for the last week.  We will be monitoring this hurricane and praying for the people in Joaquin's path. 

- Deep Empathy...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015 12:22:18 +0000 (UTC)
Our thoughts and Prayers are definitely with the People of the Islands of the Bahamas that are being most affected at this moment! With a strengthening category three hurricane Joaquin practically sitting over them -its a potentially disastrous to Catastrophic situation in the making.
I pray and trust that all preparations were made to the best of everyone's ability...

May God continue to Richly Bless us All!

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 11:20:52 -0300
The last few days have been really hot in Dominica, today is no exception.  Driving around Dominica it has become a lot more clear of the extensive damage done by Erika!  The cleaning up process is underway and will be for a long time me thinks!

The Humane society has been to Petite Savanne feeding all the animals which were left behind after the devastation of the village.  It is heartrending to see the animals who were loved pets and the fact that some of them need to find new forever homes.  If anyone out there wants to help the Dominica Humane Society save the animals left behind by Tropical Storm Erika the telephone number is 1767 440 4080.  Thank you.

- Blood Moon
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 12:24:57 -0300
We were so lucky the weather was great and we got to see the whole eclipse up here in the valley, just beautiful. 

- No Eclipse tonight
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 14:56:26 -0300

This is very sad.  We have a weather front moving into Dominica and Guadeloupe.  We will miss the blood moon and the eclipse!  Sod's law.  Take care everyone in Dominica.

- Sunday
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 11:50:15 -0300
Well it looks like we might get some rain today although we started with clear blue skies!  We really hope that the weather tonight is clear because we want to see the super moon.  Last night was so clear and the moon so bright very perfect.  I managed to navigate the road down to Hillsborough bridge running parallel to the Layou river.  the road is passable but still very rough in places and you definitely need to drive it with a 4 wheel drive!  There is one place where the road is extremely narrow and if you meet another vehicle there would be a lot of backing by one vehicle!

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- Super Moon
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 08:23:19 -0300
Ida has gone me thinks!  The skies are beautifully clear and we have had the most gorgeous drying up weather!!  Also we have a bonus the road has been repaired a detour has been made on the Layou valley road so that one can pass from Hillsborough bridge right up to Ponte Casse.  The road was in use yesterday and we are going to travel on it today.  For us it is the shortest and best way to the west coast road.  We might actually venture out and go and see a little bit more of the island.  Delices and Boetica are still cut off by road.  The folks who live there have to traverse a huge gorge that appeared with the event of ERIKA!  We think it will be quite difficult to fix this particular problem; we feel very sad for the people who live in those villages it must be extremely frustrating.  Erika really has impacted Dominica in many ways, however, having said this Roseau is clean and ready for the up and coming tourist season.  The many locations that the tourists visit luckily have not been affected by Erika so hopefully our tourist season will be able to go ahead without a problem!!  This weekend we should be able to see the spectacular super moon this could be amazing.

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2015 12:11:02 -0300
The weather over the last few days has been extremely hot, it is as if Ida is sucking up our heat!!  Looking at Ida what on earth is she up too??  Ida is hanging about in the Atlantic, with what looks like a tail pointing towards the Caribbean, in fact today she is looking like a elephant.  We are still keeping an eye on you Ida!

- Heavy rain
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 19:07:29 -0300

OK 3.00 p.m.  we are experiencing heavy rain in the valley!  Where oh where is it coming from.  Enough stop it!  There is nothing on the satellite photo.  Man this is heavy.  No more rain please.

- Saturday
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 09:49:05 -0300
We have woken up to a beautiful sunny day not a cloud in the sky!  The garden is looking fantastic.  We are having some very good drying out weather.  Yesterday when we went to Roseau we noticed a very good clean up of landslides on the Ponte Casse to Canefield road!   Things are gradually getting sorted out but it is still going to take a very long time indeed!  Ida looks like she is tracking north, we will keep a eye on her. 

- Eyes on Ida...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 07:52:53 +0000 (UTC)
Greetings to all! 
Tropical storm Ida has formed and will need to be monitored... The forecast track is not 100% at this moment, also TD 9 is also hanging around near the north of the islands. Meanwhile life continues to get back to normal in the Nature Isle, scattered showers have helped to keep the environment as cool possible during day-time heating etc.

Let us all continue to keep safe and Blessed!

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 11:51:29 -0300
Wonderful, wonderful sunshine.  What a beautiful day so far. Dominica certainly needs the sun to dry us out!  We hope that we have a few days of this.  We know there is more weather out there but hopefully it will decided to go north or totally disperse.    Today will be a good one for everyone cleaning up the island.  Life is starting to take on some kind of normality which is very necessary.

- Clear Skies
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 08:53:21 -0300
The skies today are looking much clearer, it is quite misty in the valley though and there is a lot of moisture in the air which is expected!  Luckily for us our road has not been blocked so we can get out of the valley today, go to Roseau and get some supplies.  I am actually going to take two of my friend's to Roseau today as they are unable to drive their vehicles as they are both stuck by their homes.  One is hemmed in by a large landslide and my other friend a bridge has gone.  It is time to help anyone who needs it! 

Hopefully all business's will be open today it is important for everything to return to normal as soon as possible.  I think it helps everyone get back to some normality!

Dominica will re-build and get back to herself given time!

Sorry Gert not to have realized Michael used your information!! Senior moment me thinks!!!  LOL

  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 21:46:58 +0000 (UTC)
The Flood watch was discontinued earlier this afternoon & The rains have finally ceased though of course given the rich topography of our island some stray/ scattered showers may still linger in the interior parts of the Nature Isle. Nevertheless, it is a Welcomed relief and reprieve from the continuous onslaught of rain showers today. The sun has even peeked out a bit now that dusk is quickly approaching. To God be the Glory!!! Most Importantly All lives have been spared with this latest inclement episode...Praise the Lord!

Lisette you are most welcome for all of the information regarding appropriate links, & sites for making the donations etc. towards relief for the Commonwealth of Dominica. However, Fullest credit goes to Gert who diligently put that entire list together which is located at the very Top of the Dominica page. 
Kudos and high Commendations to You Sir. For those interested; the area code for the Commonwealth of Dominica is 1 (767)...
The brief break in the weather towards the end of the day has providentially provided a significant enough window to commence clean-up and clearance operations where necessary on the island. Hopefully all will be as good as can be expected for the early morning commute tomorrow along the Nations main roadways.
Re:- Continued situation update- the temporary River crossing at Elmshall is no longer accessible. The actual bridge structure was badly damaged by T.S. Erika (A.K.A 'Evil Erika), and has since been condemned for Vehicular traffic. Work on a new crossing will begin once the Queen's (Roseau) River levels subside to a state that will be safe for heavy equipment operations along the River's bank/ flood plain area.

Forward Ever! The Cleanup continues...We will Get through this by the Mighty Help of our God. This Too Shall pass -Dominica -Be Not afraid! Let us All Continue to be Vigilant come what May, and Keep safe in Jesus' Name!

Blessings to All!

- Raining..................................................
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 15:18:02 -0300
We are still experiencing heavy rain showers it is 2.00 p.m.  We are listening to the radio as luckily we do still have electricity, telephone and internet so we have to thank our providers, Domlec, LIME and DIGICEL for making our lives safe and safer.  This tropical wave has really hit us hard!!  I have been looking at the damage done to Scotts Head which is now cut off as the road is severely damaged. Pointe Michel has been flooded! Elmshall bridge has been destroyed, Fond St Jean has suffered a lot of damage, Geneva has been cut off.  There is a lot of damage that I cannot tell you all about yet!  We feel that most folks have stayed safe because the Government of Dominica have been making sure that they are warning the people of Dominica to stay safe, stay home, do not go to work.  It does look like the weather may be passing us by now!  I am so sad for us all here in Dominica, there is going to be so much to do to put right what the storms have devastated!

I have had people writing to me to ask about where they can send help, money and supplies.  Michael today has posted all these contacts:-

The rainfall from Tropical Storm Erika caused devastation on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. Some websites with news I have found: Office of the Prime Minister [they are also on Facebook] , Dominica News Online (DNO)TheDominican.net,Dominican VibesCAKAFETE News Portal. If you know of other good ones, let me know. Gert gert at gobeach.com.
If you want to donate: Government Recovery and Reconstruction FundGoFundMe - CDOAYouCaring - Ashley Richards for Red Cross. I have also found: IndiegogoGoFundMe - DARDAYouCaring - Dominica Marine Association

Additionally, please feel free to consult the Office of Disaster Management/ National Emergency planning organisation for efficient assistance with the efforts of your friends at Three Rivers who would need as much help as possible with the erection of at least a couple of Bridges, or Major culverts as the case may be to facilitate their easy and comfortable passage over their neighbouring rivers.
Their numbers are as follows- General office- 448-7777/ Warehouse- 449-1881.
Emergency Operations Centre:- 448-4164/ 448-8831

We do need all the help that we can get from everyone outside Dominica.

We will keep needing your help and prayers, thank you.

Thank you Michael for the above information.

- Good News...Resources
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 17:34:21 +0000 (UTC)
-Just as a timely response to Lisette's request for some operational Dominican donor sites and charities Re:- Post Erika storm impact. The following organizations/ agencies listed below are taken from the top of the Dominica Page on the Storm Carib Site...

The rainfall from Tropical Storm Erika caused devastation on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. Some websites with news I have found: Office of the Prime Minister [they are also on Facebook] , Dominica News Online (DNO)TheDominican.net,Dominican VibesCAKAFETE News Portal. If you know of other good ones, let me know. Gert gert at gobeach.com.
If you want to donate: Government Recovery and Reconstruction FundGoFundMe - CDOAYouCaring - Ashley Richards for Red Cross. I have also found: IndiegogoGoFundMe - DARDAYouCaring - Dominica Marine Association

Additionally, please feel free to consult the Office of Disaster Management/ National Emergency planning organisation for efficient assistance with the efforts of your friends at Three Rivers who would need as much help as possible with the erection of at least a couple of Bridges, or Major culverts as the case may be to facilitate their easy and comfortable passage over their neighbouring rivers.
Their numbers are as follows- General office- 448-7777/ Warehouse- 449-1881.
Emergency Operations Centre:- 448-4164/ 448-8831

*Also by the way of erratum/ Correction -so to speak... I noticed that The cite on the BVI page -of the Centre of Roseau, capital of Dominica, Roseau River overflowing its banks- dated and posted from:
11am NOAA/NCH Update
  • By R Petrillo M Puceta <mikenrenee at live.com>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 15:29:54 +0000
 -its actually a pic of the Mahaut River along side the Market facility leading to the Fisheries unit. 
All other pics were in-fact from the Vicinity of the Capital City.

God's Richest Blessings to All!

- River Volumes and River Dynamics...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 16:32:23 +0000 (UTC)
Indeed, T.S. ERIKA- ALSO Very Early DUBBED AS ‘EVIL ERIKA’ by our local media here has complicated things greatly in terms of our ecosystem and especially for some of our river/ water courses and their respective rainfall threshold values and amounts. 
Given the current super-saturated as well as compounded hard top soil layers- much of the usually manageable rainfall amounts (for example from the remnants of Grace and the additional tropical waves' precipitations) that are falling now are in-fact almost immediately contributing to Overland flow and excessive run-off into rivers whose bed are now elevated and silted resulting in almost instantaneous flood events- flash floods, land slips, inundation of flood plains and the like.

In the event of additional or sudden heavy rainfall the greatest caution and extra vigilance must be exercised & maintained by all using our Rivers and water courses or whose dwellings are located near River banks or in river plains/ flood prone regions.

May God Richly Bless us All!

- Rainy Spells...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 15:38:57 +0000 (UTC)

Unfortunately, Flood watches have been continued as inclement weather continues across the Nature Isle this morning... Thankfully, the rains are currently subsiding. However, given how precarious various locations and routes have been- the Government had taken an early and quite proactive decision to suspend all work and school related activities especially for our Public servants in the interest of safety and protection to life and property.
Private sector individuals have for the most part done the same, & so in the collective interest of personal and co-oporate safety as well as due- diligence most business places will remain closed today particularly in the south of the island and the Capital...

On a brighter note -The slide at Wotten Waven is apparently being cleared as quickly as possible at this time, & also the Douglas Charles Airport remains open inspite of all the bad weather. Let's pray that all persons adhere to all advisories And impassioned warnings to stay off the roads or near flooded zones. 
A break in the weather seems very imminent at this point and by midday the Flood watch may be lifted for the island which would allow full scale clearance and clean up works to resume on the Nations roadways and highways.
So far I have recorded roughly 53mm of rain from this latest round of precipitation...

Blessings to All!

- And it is still raining.
  • By Jackie Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 09:48:13 -0400
Good morning one and all.  Well it's rained all night with some thunder and lightening thrown in
for good measure.  And it's still raining. We have had several land slides again in Scotts Head,
Point Michelle and Soufriere, and are cut off again. No loss of life that I have heard of.  A large slide
and a very big rock has come down at Wotten Wavine blocking part of the road. Please go with
care in this area.  Schools have been closed again and business's have been asked to close.
The river levels are going up again, and we are watching the mud come down the Roseau river.
It is spreading for miles.  Small rocks are falling at the Canefield Cliff area.  Canefield airport is
closed. Believe that the main airport Douglas /Charles  ( Melville ) is OK. 
    Will try to keep you all updated to the best of my abilities while we still have power.
               You all stay safe and well.

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 09:37:29 -0300
We have had a very wet night some heavy rain all night and some thunder and lightning!  The radio is telling everyone to stay home.  Offices and all business's will be closed here in Dominica today.  Luckily, everyone has been warned so hopefully there will not have been any lives lost.  Apparently there have been more landslides and flooding but we are not sure exactly where.  This weather is a tragedy indeed for Dominica.  As I write this it is pouring with rain and it is really dark and really chilly.  I hope we keep our internet and phones this time around. 

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 17:16:40 -0300
I am just reporting that it has been raining intermittently all day and it is now absolutely pouring at 4.15 p.m.  Please anyone near the river or in a dangerous position from landslides move to safety this is a warning.  How much more rain can we take in Dominica.  This is very sad indeed.

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 10:02:08 -0300
We had a great deal of rain in the night and it is grey this morning.  Looking at the satellite photograph it looks like we have a blob of weather passing over us.  Hopefully, tomorrow the weather will be fine, we need to dry out!  There does seem that more rain will be with us this week.  Everyone needs to be vigilant and still make preparations to move to safer places if necessary! 

We have been hearing from our friends who live at Three Rivers near Rosealie Bay.  They live in a beautiful place up in the country three rivers gets it's name because it is surrounded by three rivers.  My friends have to pass over the three rivers to get to their home.  The first river one crosses through the river the next two have bridges!!  Both of the bridges have broken and it will cost a lot of money to replace them which I am not sure the other people who live there can afford.  I am not sure how many people live there altogether but not enough to cover such a cost.  The very sad thing is that all their transport is outside their homes and therefore in the present situation totally useless.  My friend has told me that in order to get across the first river she has to actually wade through it!!  That the rocks from the storm are slippery and dangerous and it is a terrible ordeal.  The second bridge they have managed to put a lot of planks across so they do not have to go through that river.  They then have to walk to the road and cross the third river that is shallow.  Once they have managed to get a lift to town with friends to do their shopping they then have to bring the shopping back using a wheelbarrow.  I would think her home is at least a mile and a half from the road.  I cannot imagine the hard ship, heart break what a real stressful situation.  They also have know internet or main phone line as the poles are down!!  In other words the only thing that connects my friend to the outside world is her cell phone.  This is truly tragic!  This is not the only story I have heard. Boetica and Delices is completely blocked off and I am not sure whether this will ever be resolved.  I really cannot imagine how everyone in these places are suffering.  It must be hitting home to people living in these areas just what their position and situation is right now!!

We moved from Antigua to Dominica in 2007; we purchased our land in 2005.  Jaco Ladd and I have been discussing how extremely fortunate we are where we live!  At the time we bought the land we never really thought about landslides and the river.  We just happen to choose land which at the time was covered by forest that is flat, there are mountains and cliffs nearby but nothing slideable.  We live in a very safe area.  Yes we have been trapped by landslides but they are quite a way away from us!!  We are able to leave now with our jeep as the one road has been partially cleared, it still needs a lot of work, so every time we cross it we cross ourselves and say a prayer.  The difficult situation for us is that if as we were on Friday we are in town with no knowledge of the weather here in the valley we never know whether the landslide will have closed in again and whether we will be able to get home!!  The reason I am writing our story is that so many people have moved to Dominica, chosen where they want to live in this beautiful island but nobody would have considered exactly what has happened with Erika.  Some finding that it might be impossible to live in those homes any more!!  This will be sinking in now big time.  The economy will be compromised for a while, we have the tourist season approaching us fast.  A lot of the beauty spots that tourists like to visit are still totally fine which is a great plus.  We need tourists so please do not stop coming to Dominica there are still plenty of places to stay and be really comfortable. Emerald Pool is up, Calibishie is fine and other areas like the Papilotte Hotel by Trafalgar falls. + Many other places.

We have had people writing to us asking about donations should they send money or goods.  We have been told that money is needed to help people recover as a lot of goods which have been sent are being repeated and are not necessarily needed.  I will find more about how to donate as Dominica really needs your help.

- Sunny Day
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 18:22:39 -0300
Thank you Michael for your wishing us well getting safely home on Friday!!  Today has been a very pleasant sunny day with a great breeze good for drying our clothes on the line and the land.  I drove out of the valley this morning 4 times through the huge landslide at Sultan.  The road is dangerous as there is water pouring down it and the earth on either side is wanting to join together so another load of rain will effectively cut us off again!  It looks like there is a load of rain coming along in the next couple of days!!  We sincerely hope that it does dissipates we are watching this carefully and can rely on on Gert to warn us of rain. What a strange season so far!  Thanks to all the folks around the world for the help that you are giving to Dominica, you are so kind and so valued.

- No Rain This Morning.
  • By Jackie Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 10:17:29 -0400
Good morning to one and all.  Yesterday was a on off day of rain and slight breeze. The ground is saturated and really
cannot take any more.  Have not heard of any major landslips or flooding in my part of the island.  For which we are
extremely grateful. 
   This morning there are a few dark clouds to the north and east of us and it is quite breezy.  The sun is making an
attempt to break through.  
    I would like to thank all the islands and other countries that have sent us aid in any form.  Everyone has worked so
hard to help put our tiny island back together again.  Hopefully by Tuesday of next week we will have the airport in
operation again. 
    You all stay safe and well. 

- Glorious Weather...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 11:20:38 +0000 (UTC)

This is the Day that the Lord has made -Let us Rejoice and be glad in it! We have been Blessed with an absolutely blissful and freshly minted Sunday thus far, Praise God...
A Glorious Day Indeed, the Day of the Lord (Rev 1:10) here in the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica, Also, of course its our 'Name-sake day'- being the Day of the Resurrection and Ascension & Pentecost when Columbus sited the island of Dominica (1493) hence, Dominica is often termed the 'Land of the Lord' -a Sunday Christian People, & its also termed the Cinderella of the Caribbean- for tall is her body (Waitukubuli) and Beautiful indeed. As a devoted people let us continue to preserve and protect the resources God has so abundantly Blessed this fertile & Wonderful land with...May God Richly Bless our Nature Isle.

Blessings to All!

- Glorious Evening Conditions...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 04:45:20 +0000 (UTC)
Thank God, finally clear evening skies have returned pretty much island wide tonight! Its a bit breezy though, however, no one is complaining- as long as we are given a breather from more precipitation for some time... With the current awareness of saturated to super-saturated soils and environs let's All exercise the highest precaution, safety, alertness and careful & prudential judgment.

Special welcome back to Lisette on the 'blog'. I'm so grateful to the good Lord that You and your husband made it back home safe & sound on Friday afternoon. Several other Dominicans had close calls; but fortunately all misfortune and potential tragedy were kept at bay. To God be the glory!

May God continue to Bless us All!

- Tenuous Moments...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 11:11:22 -0700

Greetings to All!

Thankfully overflow Waters are rapidly subsiding in most parts of the island although rain showers are still falling -expectedly in the interior.
My rainfall totals indicated that roughly 56mm had fallen. Previous significant accumulations amounted to about 35mm from Wednesday night's passage of the Tropical Wave.

The following is still noteworthy- thankfully some areas are reported to be quickly abaiting in flood water levels from last night & should be safe for commute from this morning...Again the highest precaution, alertness and careful & prudential judgment in any areas of compromised infrastructure is strongly advised at this time & beyond.

Undoubtely some Dominicans probably spent the night at the homes of friends or perhaps just parked up in their vehicles & waited the river crest periods out...
At least up to this point there have been no reports of any additional fatalities or accidents. Praise the Good Lord!
It appears that drivers heeded all calls to remain off all potentially flooded or blocked roadways as far as possible. This is to be higly commended!
Reports earlier indicated that the following were of concern- most of which should have been already cleared...

-Blenheim access route on the northerly entrance point was reported as partially blocked.
Also the Sari Sari River bridge was breached overnight by the river...
-Jimmit is accesible but Flooded...& extra caution is urged by road users.
-The EO Leblanc Highway is more constricted and compromised near Dublanc- extreme caution is advised.
& the Dublanc bypass is only accessible to 4WD Vehicles. That situation should be improving over the course of today.

Macoucherie bypass was also inundated...Not recommended for non 4wd vehicular traffic at this time until River levels subside a bit more...
A landslide was reported at the Terre Ferme- road access & The Rosalie river is in still in semi flood stage after Major flood stage last night...all Motorists should stay clear from the River Banks...and its surrounding flood plain areas today... 
Otherwise- thanfully the constant stream of duty free entry of relief supplies and heavy duty equipment- in aid of the recovery process continues in full swing. Appeals for honesty, transparency, equity/ equality and accountability by the PM administration & other officials are rightly unceasing.
Interestingly over the last Couple of weeks (now at day 16 -Post Erika from the 27)- Dominica has truly been transformed into a regionally supported & integrated state with a feel of a sort of United Nations composition... Additional regional & International relief & recovery personnel now on the Ground include the Dutch (Military & disaster operations personnel), Antiguans, BVI emergency crew, & technical crew assistance from our fellow Windward islanders including A specialised team from the BVI & a Jamaican Delegation.

Also, many thanks to our numerous regionsl counterparts -Fellow Caricom & OECS member states who have willingly offered to accomodate Dominican students still stranded on nearby foreign shores. Notably, the governments and Administrations of Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla & the BVI readily come to mind. The island Nation of Dominica is truly indebted to You & your hospitable populace during this moment of Crisis for the Commonwealth of Dominica.
Truly, I earnestly pray that the lessons learnt through Tropical Storm Erika will serve us for the betterment and overall enhancement of many generations to come.

May God continue to Bless us All!

- Great Strides amidst the eerie...
  • By Conan Shillingford <nichs at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 14:03:11 -0400

Greetings & Richest Blessings to All!

The impacts of Grace & her remnants have unfortunately been utterly Dis- Graceful thus far...
Nonetheless, Dominica & Dominicans continue to Count their Blessings this morning after a frightening smaller scale repeat episode of heavy rains and associated impacts overnight & even into this morning.

These Eerily similar Traumatic experiences have come in one way providentially during wee or late hours of the day/night time, however, for many that also brings with it heightened anxieties & fears in the dark & damp conditions. 
This year seems to keep giving us significant issues with Female named storms- & as rains continue in short intervals this morning everyone is ultimately hoping for the best...yet- are as prepared as best as is possible for any likely eventualities.
These are Indeed, Trying times- but as a faith filled People we Humbly Ask The Lord for his Abundant Strength & the Heavenly grace to be watchful & strong in these challenging moments...

On the bright side power is still on...almost entirely islandwide inspite of earlier thunderstorms and lightning activity last night.As I type Stella utility crews continue feeverishly working with unmistakeable Dominican Pride & Joy- inspite of the ongoing adverse conditions in various parts of the island to restore all services to those most affected since yesterday evening & night.

-For those still facing blocked routes at this point or debris covered highways- extra patience and understanding is being implored as road crews have been picking up pace all over in the most affected areas. As rains continue to fall particularly in the interior & parts of the south which just had a midday down pour- those in touch with such persons who may potentially still be cut off as was the case last night- are strongly encouraged to stay at available resource centers/ local shelters, guest houses/ hotels or as needs be -in the comfort/ safety of one's own vehicle given that your location is not flood prone etc.

Now our soils are really saturated... Extreme caution & vigilance must be exercised by All. As was earlier reported -Access routes in the Castle Bruce area and Petite Soufriere areas were been blocked at certain spots which are being cleared... Drivers are asked to remain off the roads as far as possible unless in cases of emergency.

Yet amidst all the Challenges there are Overwhelming Ecouraging signs...

The island on a whole continues making recovery/ intervention and restoration strides- in leaps and bounds.
Firstly, we were tremendouly Blessed with a very gracious breather- a respite from very rainy weather as we are now having for about a two week period. Much critical assessment and mitigatory works associated with the aftermath of this storm- were successfully completed. 
Thankfully there is much to celebrate as 
Dominicans from all walks of Life & persuasions including foreigners on island who have continued to take the entire disaster saga in commendable stride. Today Domimicans 
continue unphased to pick up the pieces in an inspirational fashion.

Impressive roads clean ups are underway in most parts of the island & crews are ensuring safe passage ways once again this morning in areas affected yesterday.

The Imperial Interior road (N. Liverpool Highway) which incredibly was cleared & re-opened shortly after the storm's passage is receiving additional physical & technical attention where its most needed.

-Re-routing of all the Overflow channels from the Melvillehall river site near the runway- appear to have been successfully completed although aspects of the embankment works are to continue...With full Commercial flights scheduled in earnest by Tuesday of next week- the Melville Hall airport area (Douglas-Charles) is returning to greater levels of normalcy

Utility wise much of the Nature Island of the Caribbean is up and running today, thankfully. Again The Good Lord has spared us in so many ways.
With almost round the clock restoration work islandwide -most major utilities are surpassing the 80% mark...an astouding feat given the scale of impact from unprecedented flooding & slides in several locations. God has indeed been so good, some missing persons on the West coast have since been located alive -To God be the Glory! Also, there are a number if NDE'S -Or Near death Experiences accounts which have been surfacing all across the island. Countless, Dominicans cheated & held death hostage on that Fateful day of the 27th...Truly, So many Miracles that were made possible by our Faithful God. Of course, to the most affected and understandably traumatised -healthy coping skills and appropriate defense mechanisms continue to be offered- thorough Therapeuric counselling services which are available to evacuees & those still in the most affected zones.

-Local media have appropriately in hind sight dubbed the storm- Evil Erika...
-Nonetheless, on a sort of minor upside- expanded shore lines- have resulted in many areas -by as much as 100 yards or more in most cases near some River/ ravine mouths and costal riverine sand bars/sand spits have cropped up.

In the days following the storm I took advantage of the almost uninterrupted spell of dry weather to get a first hand view of the storm impacts to a few of our natural attractions & the river channels.
In most of the river courses there appeared to be a record flood crest height of at least 25 -35 feet above normal river crest volume & in some cases it seemed to be even a bit higher. In the most exceptional of flood crests...incredible approximate 40 foot peaks were noted such in the Layou valley catchment area.

Tropical storm Erika like the tragedy now unfolding in the city of Joso, Japan in terms of rainfall accumulation signify near almost 150-250 year flood events...
At present prior to what the recent showers may have contributed overnight-at day 16- post Erika -Nevertheless, All major rivers were running near Crystal Clear (on Thursday- day 14) with the exception of those which are currently being dredged etc...That is a very encouraging sign for the general resilience of the ecosystem of the Nature island.

-My deepest Condolences and sympathies once again to all of the family & friends of the Victims of Tropical Storm Erika. May God Continue to richly Bless us All in this process of rebuilding!

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

- Really Unexpected
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 09:05:52 -0300
We have woken up to a very miserable grey still day the river is roaring below us!  We do have our internet and main line phone which is a very big plus!  Yesterday Dominica and Dominicans were taken by surprise .  Jaco Ladd and I went to Roseau to buy much needed supplies; the sun was shining, it was a glorious day!  Where we live is 600' above sea level near the Morne Trois Pitons which is  very high above us and Ponte Casse which is the main cross roads for the island at approximately 1,800'.  We always have much cooler weather than folks down on the coast and as you go down to Roseau you can feel the heat, yesterday was no exception.  We shopped did all the jobs that needed to be done.  We headed for home at 3.15 p.m.  We were worried about getting through the part in road where the landslide has been tempo-rarely cleared there are mud banks on the side and the middle is coming in!  Also the road is full of fast running water so it has become a little river!!  When we started coming up the Canefield road it was apparent that it was pouring with rain and when I say pouring I mean it!  We had to drive with our headlights on.  We were very, very taken aback as it had been sunny when we left Roseau.  We were immediately worried as there were slides which had been half cleared on the Canefield/Ponte Casse road!!   Muddy water was pouring down the road to meet us!  We just kept going and of course were now really worried about getting home.  We were particularly worried for folks working in Roseau that were also unaware of the rain in the mountains!!  As we came into the road coming from Ponte Casse to the Layou Valley it was pouring with rain.  We neared the landslide with trepidation.  Logic who lives close by stopped us and told us he felt it was still passable so, into four wheel drive and off we went, luckily for us the water was running swiftly down the middle of the road and it was passable!  We were so really happy and felt extremely lucky.  We got home in the pouring rain.  As we reached home the thunder and lightning started!  Our dogs were very happy to see us.  We have been extremely worried about our fellow Dominicans and know that there will be a lot  more damage done to the island which she truly cannot afford and does not deserve!!  Thank you to all our other Caribbean islands for your help so far and it looks like we will need it extended.  It has started to rain again.  It really needs to stop.  We are home for the weekend and wish our fellow Dominicans well.

- Move now
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 20:16:51 -0300


- Inclemency...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 22:24:21 +0000 (UTC)
At present moderate to heavy rains are affecting the island...expectedly but unfortunately repeat flood events have taken place...I'll give a more detailed update shortly.
Hopefully, this time NO ONE will be in harm's way, or try to unnecessarily cross any water courses. Every precaution should be taken at this point. Precaution/ prevention is better than cure...& Better safe than being even in the least bit sorry.

If ANY One is on the road this is NOT the time to try to be heroic...Everyone is urged to stay on safe ground at this time. Homes/ shelters are open to those who may be cut off on the roadways/ highways which is the recommended option to all drivers tonight. Tomorrow God Willing will provide a chance for adequate local assessments...- hopefully situations will not be any worse overall island-wide.

To all Dominicans let us remain prudent, cautious and safe. We will get through this by the ALL Powerful help of God!
With God All things are possible! & We CAN DO ALL Things through Jesus Christ who is our Strength. (Phil4:13).
May God Continue to grant us all the Courage, Wisdom, Peace and Joy to overcome all and any possible challenges!

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 18:04:13 -0300

We went to Roseau this morning in sunshine.  We have got home thankfully safely.  At the moment it is 4.50 pm. It is dark.  We have thunder and lightning.  Too much water!  We got through the landslide which is like a river now.  We truly did not expect this.  Please everyone who can move to a safe location away from the rivers and where the land can slide.  Stay safe this weather is seriously not good and the system looks large.

- Dull Conditions...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 20:01:35 +0000 (UTC)
It seems like apparently gracious and gentle Ex Grace (remnants) may not be so grace-filled after-all. Rains continue intermittently here in the North East with the occasional thunderstorm. As a consequence of the ongoing inclement weather- a flash flood warning has been issued till six today...

Judging from the radar more showers are in order for the Nature Island of the Caribbean Dominica, but also for the most of the Lesser Antilles chain of islands. Its a wet Archipelago this evening...
Speaking of the radar- Prolonged study of the available satellite & especially radar loops from Erika's impact appear to confirm a more southerly Low level center of circulation at the time of impact especially for ours -the island of the Commonwealth of Dominica, which amassed extremely intense convection and thunderstorms clusters that subsequently gave rise to the astronomical rainfall totals- triggering unprecedented flooding and flash flood damage in Dominica. Again eerily similar to Etau's impact (20 inches) on Joso City in North east Japan- an accumulation of about 18.5 inches was recorded at my site here in the Nature Island, Dominica. Its definitely a more sobering and crucial indication of the deadly risks and threats associated with tropical storms; namely potentially deadly precipitation. Case in point -Tropical storm Allison in Houston, Tx- 2001, that had its name being officially retired.
Erika's has unofficially been retired already in Dominica...

On the upside of things- extreme levels of hyper vigilance to the threat and associated impacts of Tropical systems have been generated across the island of Dominica- unfortunately in a reactive rather than pro-active manner due in no small way to the deadly passage and aftermath of Tropical storm Erika. 
Of course, while I maintain that the original failure to issue a warning or at least a watch for the island nation of Dominica- during the approach of Erika was inexcusable, and down right unprofessional & unacceptable- particularly since the ordinary/ casual weather observer/ blogger could have easily perceived the inevitable; likely deadly impacts -Nevertheless, its good to see that this time around pre-cautionary but extremely prudently decided & advised Flash flood warnings have been issued island wide today. 
It remains to be seen whether or how soon storm/ hurricane amnesia will resettle once again among even the so called meteorological experts and forecasters on the island & by extension the Windward and Leeward islands

Keep safe &
May God continue to Richly Bless us All!

- Beautiful sunshine
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 08:22:13 -0300

What a relief, yesterday it really looked like Grace was going to visit us.  We had a huge thunder and lightning storm early in the evening which looked ominous!  It had been hot and sticky all day giving us the feeling that something was coming!  This time I shut some shutters and prayed that we would not get too much rain here in Dominica.  Gert had indicated that Grace would go North earlier in the day and he was totally correct. Grace avoided us and has given Antigua the rain she dearly needed.  I am glad that Dominicans took notice of Grace and went to safe places. it is always better to be safe than sorry.

- Grace Northward bound
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 20:59:20 -0300

Looking at the weather now Grace looks like she is going to miss Dominica!  I agree with Gert Grace is travelling North!  Great news for Dominica.  As they say here Praise the Lord.  Thank you Amen.

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 15:40:23 -0300
We have just got our internet back!  I have been using a smart phone for the internet.  We are now looking at GRACE.  It looks pretty certain that Dominica is still on track to be hit by GRACE, rainfall, which Dominica cannot afford right now.  It has been really difficult not being on the internet properly.  I am extremely glad that the Dominican Government has been so seriously watching the weather conditions, GRACE, and have warned the Dominican people to be safe and stay safe with friends out of harms way of the river or landslides.  Let us hope that GRACE is a lot kinder to us than ERIKA.

- Anticipation & Vigilance...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 09:38:42 -0700
Greetings & Blessings to All!

                      We are still anxiously and admittedly rather nervously awaiting the remnants, or what's the now seemingly regenerated tropical system that was 'Grace'...

After the major disaster that was wrought by Erika- as one of the few up-sides to this tragedy- Dominicans have been made rather hyper vigilant about the serious to extreme threats posed particularly by organised tropical systems- especially tropical storms due to there potential for unleashing Torrential rains as is sadly the case now in Joso city, Japan where about 20inches of rain was recorded in a 24hr period -which is eerily similar to the totals I recorded on our North East coast for Erika-which totalled to about 18.5 inches.

Undoubtedly, given that Intensity & magnitude of rainfall- namely three Critical factors- of rain drop size, intensity of rainfall rate and sheer volume/ total of recorded rains - as was the case in Dominica & Now in North East Japan- will inevitably result in unprecedented damage as was sadly the case in both countries.

By today most Dominicans are well to Extremely well prepared; of course - only as one can be- given the current circumstances and general predicaments during the aftermath of Erika. 
Nevertheless, Kudos are in order for our ODM and the National Disaster Management teams- this time around -who have gone All out to sensitize the entire public as to the threats/ likely impacts and best mitigatory practices in the likelihood of any eventualities due to the impending inclement weather.

As of now it has been partly cloudy to cloudy at times. Overnight conditions were different with a significant bout of heavy to moderate rain squalls and brief thunderstorms late last night.
Also, as a rare occurence, but quite timely; pro-active & prudent - the ministry of Education has cancelled the re-opening of Schools who were just resuming or intending to begin today or tomorrow to Monday in light of any expected effects. Indeed, Any one who knows our Nature Isle is aware that in Dominica we are no strangers to rainfall, however after the astronomical totals which were received due to Erika, every means of pre-caution must be employed...
Judging from the Meteo France Site radar some more showers may be at our shores soon. Additionally, there appears to be a bit of spin with the system passing near St. Vincent... Hopefully, not too much impact will be caused there. We are definitely at the Climatological peak of the season so preparedness by all sectors is critical. We Hope for the Best but we must also strive to Prepare for the worst by the Heavenly Grace of God!

Keep safe &
God's Richest Blessings to All!

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2015 18:15:49 -0400

Dominica has breathing space.  Grace is just drifting south of us.  We just watchful for future storms.

- Showery day
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2015 08:10:47 -0400

We are keeping a very watchful eye on Grace as she is not far away from us.  It would appear that Dominica will get wet again!  All we can say is please let the rain not be torrential!  As many folks would say it is in the hands of God and may he be mercifull to Dominica!

- Grace
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2015 15:44:06 -0400

Looking at Grace now she seems very low!  It looks more like at the moment she is more on track for Grenada, Barbados St Lucia????  Hopefully she will by pass Dominica and be Saving Grace.  Wherever Grace decides to go may she be gentle.

- Grace
  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2015 10:42:44 -0400

We have to thank Gert for his concern and awareness of our plight here in Dominica.  Yesterday Jaco Ladd and I ventured out of our valley.  We had to get supplies!!  So we had to walk over a very large landslide to get out!  It was not a pleasant experience as a excavator was working on clearing the slide!  We had to attract his attention to stop the machine so we could pass!  This was a bit hairy to say the least!  We spent the day in Roseau driven by very kind friends.  Dominica really has been very, very badly damaged.  We have friends who are still totally cut off because the road has gone.  It is really a wake up call.  People are helping each other which is really lovely to see.  It looks like we are again going to be visited by Grace.  We are just praying she is not full of rain we seriously cannot take it.  We are all watching Grace.

Attachment: 20150907_090853.jpg
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  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2015 11:19:03 -0400

We have woken up to rain, looks like there is a blob of weather over is.  It has been a very interesting 11 days.  No technology or telephone for 7 days here in our valley!  What to do!  Firstly after the storm we walked our road with our nearest neighbours!  We could not walk more than a quarter mile either way.  Landslides!  Luckily, we had lot's of supplies as we always make sure in hurricane season that we do.  As we stated in yesterdays post we had two amazing friends who walked far to keep us in gas for the generator.  We also realised that this was a devastating storm for Dominica and that there would be loss of life, homes, vehicles and other things!  We saw a lot of walking traffic and got news of the devastation of the island from them.  Dominicans are very fit and hardy and are used to walking many miles.  It is interesting in this day and age to be totally cut off!  We have spent our time.  Cleaning out all our cupboards, fridge/freezer.  Played many games of scrabble pretty even scoring with this game.  Read books, I have been painting of course!  We are watching old movies, listening to a lot of CD's.  Walking, picking avocados, tangerines, limes, oranges, grapefruit and veggies.  We are so very lucky.  We have our own water supply including our own spring water.  We are extremely lucky and blessed.  We are pretty self suffiient.  Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered terrible tragic loss of their homes, vehicles and deaths of their loved ones.  We are watching Grace closely and feel that she could be heading our way and we are not sure Dominica can take another hit.  We shall be watching this system closely.

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2015 14:23:49 -0400

Reporting back on track.  This is the 9th day after Erika hit Dominica.  I am so sorry but my gut feelings told me Erika was heading straight for Dominica.  I think anyone can check my last posts!  I did warn the folks I could.  Please could you tell us who the experts are???  So far they have been totally wrong!  This is really bad.  Grace appears to be coming.  Now I have internet I will track her path dilligently and follow my own instincts!  We got our internet back on my phone 2 days ago but intermittently!  We thank so many people for thinking about us!  Luckily where we live it is flat and we have no steep land anywhere near.  We are locked in due to landslides above and below us.  We cannot thank our Dominican friends enough who have walked to visit us.  Carried five gallon containers of gas miles to fill them up so we could run our generator.  Looked after us so well we were totally overwhelmed by the kindness given to us thank you so much.  We have had electricity for two days which is great of DOMLEC!  Dominicans have died, homes lost, families devastated.  Dominica is a beautiful island full of amazing people who come together in hard times.  This is not a financially rich island.  We thank everyone for all their support now and the future the people of Dominica need your help and support.  We hope to leave our valley soon.  The folks in Layou Park took up pick axes, shovels and have physically cleared a large landslide above us!  That is gutsy, hard work and motivation.  We have not seen the devastation on the island because of our situation.  We will report back when we do.  Thank you Jackie for your kind words!  I am left wondering though who are the EXPERTS, please if you call yourself an expert get it right your job is saving lives!  I posted my fears on FB as well.  Someone address this situation.  Thank you.

- //WL2K petit Savanne Evac
  • By J69DS at Winlink.org
  • Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2015 10:48:00 -0000
The Lugaye has safely arrived Roseau with the 21 Evacs from Petit Savanne last 
evening approximately 8 pm.

On site in Petit Savanne are still J73RJ Raymond, J73GM and Constable Guiste.

Comms was shut down at aproximately 9:30 pm
With just station monitoring in case of emergency.

Today 2 09 2015 Officer Raymond will do a 'census' of who is still in Petit 
Savanne and will be remaining there. Possible end of evac today depending on 
instruction by EOC Roseau

Will be on air today still for assistance. Had contact from 5:30 with the 
Dominica operators.

Frans van Santbrink, 
IM: j69ds at hotmail.com
Amateur Radio Operator: J69DS - J62DX- J62YOTA - J64SLI - PJ7PK

Radio: 145.780 (-0.6) Mhz  //  7.188 Mhz lsb  // 3.815 Mhz Lsb // 14.325 Mhz Usb

This email was sent via Ham Radio

- Fwd: Dominica Needs HELP! Erika recovery...
  • By Gert van Dijken <gert at vandijken.com>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2015 10:42:43 -0700
Received from Chris Kennan. How the marine and yachting commuties can help and anotther place to donate money..
Gert van Dijken
Caribbean Hurricane Network

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chris - ALL AT SEA <chris at allatsea.net>
Date: Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 1:43 PM
Subject: Dominica Needs HELP! Erika recovery...

I wanted to share an urgent plea for help from Hubert Winston, President of the Dominica Marine Association... You can contact Hubert directly at info at dominicamarinecenter.com

On August 27th, 2015, the Commonwealth of Dominica, a small island of only 289 square miles in the Caribbean, was hit by Tropical Storm Erika, resulting in widespread catastrophic damage and death.

Twenty people are confirmed dead and others are still missing. Damage to homes and local businesses has left hundreds homeless and many without a means of income. Many major bridges were destroyed and the roadways have been rendered impassible. Access to essential services including communications, electricity and clean water has been severely disrupted.

To compound matters, the main airport on the island was severely damaged, keeping much needed relief supplies from getting to those who so desperately need relief.

Dominica Marine Association is appealing to the international marine and yachting communities to assist us in any way possible.  For yachts interested in bringing in supplies such as diapers, baby formula, baby bottles, bottled water, nonperishable food, dry food, school supplies, battery operated lamps, batteries, personal hygiene goods, and more, please notify the Dominica Marine Association before entering port (Roseau or Portsmouth) so all Custom duties would be waived once you arrive. 

Those of you that rather send in monetary donations, could do so from the Crowdfund link below:

All proceeds from this fund-raiser will go directly to the Dominica Red Cross, the Dominica Marine Association water taxi efforts, and to the office of Disaster Management.

We would be grateful if you can find it in your heart to assist us in this great time of need.


Yours respectfully,

Hubert Winston
Dominica Marine Association



My best, 
Chris Kennan 
Kennan Holdings LLC 
Publisher of: 
All At Sea - www.allatsea.net 
First Mate - www.firstmateonline.com
382 NE 191st St #32381
Miami, Florida 33179-3899
Office: (410) 92-YACHT / (410-929-2248)
Fax: (815) 377-3831 
Skype: allatseamagazine

- Update.
  • By Jackie Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2015 10:06:29 -0400
Good morning to one and all.  Lisette by all accounts is safe and well.  She appears to be cut off from the 
communications network, water, electricity, and the road out. Relief efforts are being made to get through
the Roseau Valley and the Laudat area. Seems they have somewhere around 40 land slippages. No loss
of life that I am aware of. The army and volunteer's are walking in much needed supplies. So a big thanks
to you guy's.  The friends over on the East coast are safe and well, with no damage to their property. Very
lucky seeing that their property is bordered by 2 rivers.  One of our top hotels Jungle Bay has been destroyed.
All guests and staff are safe and well.  The Barbados coast guard are doing a great job. They are doing
alternative runs with three boats to bring in supplies and help.
   Nature Island Adventure Tours are helping to transport supplies, and people, along the West coast this week.
For more info you can ring  614 3443 /295 0911 /617 8078.   If anyone is trying to send money to family or
friends through Western Union, they have cancelled transfer fees from the 2nd. to the 8th. of Sept., I believe.
   A huge thanks to our garbage guys.  I could not quite believe what I was seeing yesterday, when the truck
came round the corner and there they were.  We honestly thought that there was more pressing things to
worry about than peoples garbage and it would be sometime before household garbage would be collected.
So a very well done to you all. 
    This morning is still a little grey and humid. No breeze, all very calm. 
        You all stay safe.


- More Positive Developments...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2015 06:48:15 +0000 (UTC)
I am happy to report that by late afternoon (Tuesday) the first of a series of expected Army (Alba) Venezuelan Cargo planes (Venezuela’s C130 military plane) arrived at the more commonly known Melville Hall or (Douglas-Charles) airport. It is the first aircraft to land at the recently renamed Douglas-Charles Airport since the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Erika on that fateful Thursday, August 27th, 2015.
The craft was greeted by state and defense personnel & subsequently as well as scores of expectant citizens and several on-lookers. Currently, some of the SSU (Special service Unit) members have been deployed at the airport site. This will no doubt guarantee a more secure entry zone for future relief and recovery supplies intended for the island.
God's Blessings to All! 

- Exacerbating Magnitude...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 11:53:41 -0700
I truly hope and pray that Lisette and her family as well as so many others recorded as missing are safe and sound. Jackie my tremendous thanks for having provided some more insight as to the ongoing developments with the relief and recovery works on the Nature Isle...as well as an update on our beloved island people.

I Am trusting for a breakthrough and miracles in regards to your friends that have not been heard from and for those who are apparently trapped near Middleham falls. Despite the high humidity today -on the positive side of things - it has been much drier and hotter overall so far since this morning on the East coast in comparison to yesterday - so I expect that it should at least provide some more favourable conditions for those needing to make a trek out of muddy or swampy regions which were cut off by land slips and slides.
Sadly, a couple more bodies were discovered in ravines ( dry ghuts/ streams) on the West Coast- at Newtown & Tarrou/ Tarreau respectively this morning. Eternal Rest- grant unto them Oh Lord, and Let Perpetual Light Shine upon them- May they rest in Peace, & May the Souls of All the Other Faithful departed during this unimaginable tragedy -Rest in Peace.

It is Everyone's Prayer & Heart's cry that those who are still missing and unaccounted for will yet be found alive & Well in the Land of the Living.
Although this disaster is in so many ways quite incalculable-yet like so many others preceeding it- it Shall Not prove Insurmountable! There is strong God given Will in our people and unshakeable resolve to overcome this disaster.
For We Move by Faith- Not by sight in Jesus' name! This TOO SHALL PASS - & WITH Our GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

- Update.
  • By Jackie Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 08:48:51 -0400
Good morning to one and all.  Really would like to thank everyone for their support and kindness.
Help is coming in thick and fast from other islands, the UK, & US. St Vincent is even sending
Bailey bridges.  These are excellent bridges. We need more.   Anyone putting together care
packages to send, please add some crepe bandages and band aid's. They are needed.
I think Michael, J69DS and Conan have pretty much covered everything else.   A lot of work to
be done and it's going to cost a lot of money.
  I am still waiting to hear from friends over on the east coast.  I know they are safe and well, so they
are still waiting on the communication network and bridges.  Lisette the other correspondent on this site
lives in a valley, and one of the roads leading out is in poor condition anyway.  So it's more than likely
they have had a landslide and she is trapped in the middle with no network.  Some other people we know
live up by Middleham Falls are trapped, but seem to have communications. They did make the attempt
to walk out, but they found that they were being sucked into mud up to their knees.
  Us on the other hand have faired a good deal better in our area.  Banana and plantain trees down.
We had the rooms downstairs flooded, due to the sheer volume of water that came down on us. That was
soon dealt with and only one old sofa was damaged.  So we are extremely thankful.
  Yesterday evening we had thunder and lightening and some more rain.  This morning is a little grey
but the sun is trying to break through. It is very calm and humidity feels quite high.
   You all stay safe and well.


- More Critical Info...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 04:59:56 -0700
The United States Embassy in Barbados yesterday said USAID is in the process of providing humanitarian assistance totaling USD$50,000 for the immediate supply of storm-related disaster relief supplies. Working through the Dominica Red Cross, USAID will provide essential relief items to citizens in nine hard-hit areas identified by the government of Dominica.

USAID/OFDA has deployed a four-member assessment team to provide initial damage assessments and needs analysis.

The team is expected to be joined by Regional Advisor John Kimbrough, and Disaster Response and Management Specialist, Audrey Mullings, who will provide on-island coordination of the United States Government’s disaster response efforts, including helicopter reconnaissance

Additionally the UK Department of International Aid said a British ship is sailing to Dominica with relief supplies.

The Department said the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Lyme Bay has been rerouted to assist humanitarian relief efforts here.

The British ship is carrying a range of disaster relief stores including bedding, shelter, torches and stretchers, as well as a Lynx Mk 8 helicopter and considerable supplies of fresh water.

RFA Lyme Bay is stationed in the Caribbean and as part of its primary task, acts as a first responder in the event of a disaster in the region.

British Member of Parliament Justine Greening said, “It is clear that Dominica has borne the brunt of this storm, with a number of deaths already confirmed and hundreds of people made homeless. Roads, bridges and health clinics have been affected and large parts of the island are without water and electricity. Part of RFA Lyme Bay’s tasking is to respond to just this sort of emergency and the ship is already en route to assist with relief efforts. As well as essential supplies and helicopter support, the ship can also provide vital expertise to help clean-up operations and recovery efforts.”

Victoria Dean, British High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, said: “We’ve been very saddened in the UK to see the devastation that this tropical storm has had on Dominica. The UK Government is working hard to offer the very best support we can. Our Department for International Development (DFID) has already committed £300,000 in immediate humanitarian aid and I’m very pleased that a British Government ship, RFA Lyme Bay, is on its way now to Dominica with further emergency supplies and expertise. Our thoughts and prayers are with all Dominicans."

-With additional material and further Spiritual help likewise our Nature Isle Dominica & Dominicans should be well on their way in due time to once again being Blessed and highly favoured as is oft quoted from the Arch Angel Gabriel to Mary- mother of our God Jesus. May All the Angels & Saints continue to interceede to Almighty God for us (Rev 5:8-9) -We Need All the prayers we can get! God Bless!

Sent from My Samsung phone...

- Further Updates...Slow but SURE
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 04:44:03 -0700
In addition to what has already been posted the following information is also noteworthy:-

 THE FIRST OF WHAT is expected to be a number of sailing missions from Barbados landed in storm-ravaged Dominica yesterday.

The Barbados Coast Guard vessel, the HMBS Trident successfully reached the island yesterday morning, bringing with it life-saving supplies, electrical equipment and even personnel who will assist in helping the country restore its electrical and telecommunications capacity.
The Trident, captained by Lieutenant David Harewood and staffed by his 18-person crew, did quick time to reach Dominica early yesterday morning, averaging 15.5 knots through the Caribbean sea on its first mission since Dominica was torn apart by Tropical Storm Erika last Thursday.

The storm has killed more than 20 people and left search parties looking for another half dozen who have gone missing, presumed washed away by raging flood waters.
The 47-footer left Barbados just before 6:30 p.m. Sunday. It passed three miles off St Lucia’s southeastern coast just after 11 p.m., before taking a sharp northerly turn up the island’s west coast to the French island of Martinique, en route to Dominica.
From tomorrow, the Tridents’ sister ships, the HMBS Leonard C. Banfield and the HMBS Rudyard Lewis will be making alternating trips to and from Dominica with supplies.
Also on the ship which arrived in Dominica today was a search and rescue team from the Barbados Fire Service, officials from the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and the International Telecomm

& Also as already mentioned but worth citing again- residents of Petite Savanne gathered to be evacuated on Sunday-
One hundred and nine residents of Petite Savanne were evacuated from the community by Sunday evening.

Petite Savanne was declared a Special Disaster Area by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika. Because of that and on the advice of the Disaster Management Coordinator, the government has decided to evacuate residents of Petite Savanne.
P.M. Skerrit said on Sunday night that the community is cut off from the rest of the country and residents have been cooperating in the evacuation. He said the exercise will continue on Monday morning, although the evacuation is not mandatory.

“The intention is to evacuate everyone who wants to be evacuated,” he noted.

He said that 109 people had been taken by boat to Roseau.

Disaster Coordinator, Don Corriette added that most of the 25 males, 38 females and 46 children who were brought out of Petite Savanne, have been taken in by relatives and the remainder are being housed at the Dominica Grammar School.

So far there has been no official indication of the death toll in Petite Savanne where, according to reports, massive landslides took several lives.

A search and rescue specialist team from Venezuela has been engaged to conduct the search in Petite Savanne using advanced technology.

The French have also been providing helicopters to assist in the exercise and so has Trinidad and Tobago.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister gave an update on the following major roadways:

-Roseau to Soufriere to Scotts Head is motorable and Gallion is accessible.
-Roseau to Loubiere to Bellevue is motorable, while Pichelin is accesible but is muddy and slippery.
-Roseau to Portsmouth in the north along the west coast is accessible with four-wheel drive vehicles. There are bypasses in Layou, Machousherie and Batallie. The Batallie bypass is difficult. There are diversions in Coulibistrie and Point Round.
-Roseau to Marigot via Pont Casse and the Kalinago Territory is motorable
-Portsmouth to Capuchin is accessible
-Portsmouth to Penville is accessible
-Castle Bruce to San Sauveur will be accessible by Sunday night
-Roseau to Trafalgar is motorable but the Carlton Philip Hill is very muddy and slippery and efforts are being made to get rid of the mud
-Pont Casse to La Plaine is clear and motorable
-Attempts are being made to have a temporary crossing at the Belles Bridge which was badly damaged
-Attempts are being made to get to Laudat via Shawford since the original main Road to Laudat is blocked by innumerable Land slides.
-La Plaine to White River is inaccessible. &
-Grand Bay to Petite Savanne Remains inaccessible at present.

May God Continue to Abundantly Bless us All!

- //WL2K Petit Savanne, Dominica
  • By J69DS at Winlink.org
  • Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2015 09:59:00 -0000
Yesterday was quite a day. 
I got on our Caribbean HF net on 3.815, heard a few of the Dominican ham 
operators move to a different frequency, I followed and am ever so happy that I 
did. They had emcomm problems and I could act as relay since I could hear all 
involved parties.
The Dominican Government was set to evacuate the village of Petite Savanne. 
The Coast Guards of Dominica Barbados and Saint Lucia were involved, also 
Helicopters from Dominica and the Venezuelan Army assisted. With a lot of 
coordination and no easy landing spot for either Helicopter or boat the greater 
part of the village was evacuated. The Amateur operators J73RJ Raymond, J73CI 
Clem and J73WA Wayne were key to all communication in and out of the evac area. 
J73RJ and J73GM were in Petit Savanne and they did a super job of providing 
emcomm and coordination with all agencies involved. For the better part of the 
day we passed messages from J73RJ to me via HF radio, I would then go on the 
UHF repeater in Dominica and relay the message to J73CI who then would relay on 
to J73DP (EOC police Dept)
In the end some 400 people were evacuated and the Venezuelan team with J73RJ 
and J73GM and some residents remained overnight.

What a job these guys did, evacuate a village with no good landing site, the 
coast line is a rugged atlantic coast and is not like a nice sandy beach but a 
rough and rocky small strip where you have to keep a dinghy at bay and load 
people on board and then go out to the ships waiting to carry them back to 
Just take a look on google earth you will get an idea.

Portmouth has since gotten mobile phone access and internet is working again. 

Also a man walked down the coast from the Point Carib and Bagatelle, the only 
access to that area is sea or walk! He walked down to Petit Savanne and came 
with a list of needs for that area and info about the conditions there, also 
relayed in to EOC.

This morning I believe they will continue I believe. We are already on radio 
contact with the operators in Dominica.

Frans van Santbrink, 
IM: j69ds at hotmail.com
Amateur Radio Operator: J69DS - J62DX- J62YOTA - J64SLI - PJ7PK

Radio: 145.780 (-0.6) Mhz  //  7.188 Mhz lsb  // 3.815 Mhz Lsb // 14.325 Mhz Usb

This email was sent via Ham Radio

- Situation update...
  • By Conan Shillingford <nichs at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 06:10:30 -0400
Greetings & Blessings to All!

Currently at day four/ five after the onslaught of Tropical storm Erika -yet Several major rivers in the North East of the island are still running at semi flood stage... Its really astounding in comparison to previous flood disasters & storms; namely Hurricane Dean in 2007, Tropical storm/Hurricane Ophelia in 2011 & the December/ Christmas Floods of 2013. All of which by day two after those disasters most rivers were already back to their usual discharge and volumes already. This incident really gives a more precise picture of the immensity of the deluge which befell our island...

 Reports indicate countless citizens are struggling to come to grips with the reality of things! Even Parliamentary officials have apparently been reduced to tears following visits to hard hit communities like Colihaut, Bioche & the like along the West Coast.  Accounts emerging from parts of the community of Coulibistri, indicate that villagers were faced with unimaginable destruction to homes & property. It is said that 'every wooden structure in the village was totally destroyed', & It is considered a given that countless cars, along with other forms of transportation, were swept away, and/or extensively damaged by the raging river there.  Quiet and unassuming streams/ dry ghuts & ravines became swollen torrents completely sweeping away homes which were nearest water courses in several parts of the island. 
However, Solidarity & unity is one of the many positive developments, where various forms of property & homes were not just merely flooded, but immersed in layers of mud & sludge. Tragically, no one has been spared this ordeal- & unfortunately none more so than the elderly...

Indeed, destruction & damage was not restricted to residential dwellings.  Health centres and Clinics have also been terribly affected. And the critical lack of supplies of medicine, in the absence of direct & unhindered access to the city for a re-supply has added to the acute frustration & stress of this epic disaster.  For example, its noted that in some communities still without power, medication like Insulin which requires refrigeration has become of no use, & without electricity supply, several other medical stock piles have become unusable. In addition, untold stocks of hypertension medication and the like has been lost; not to mention the severe loss of medical supplies for the other chronic non-communicable diseases. Additionally, It has been reliably relayed that the Coast Guard services have been doing their utmost to ferry persons to & from various coastal communities for acute medical attention including essential medical operations & services such as dialysis etc.. Many other nationals with no such means however, are still left wondering how & when they will make it to the main hospital in Roseau...

Almost Island wide it is rather evident that countless solid structures even those Homes built on bricks and concrete were no less vulnerable – and endured levels of destruction. The Most dire of Relief sutuations on the island at present frighteningly reveals that in some locales that People are earnestly calling/ begging for basic necessities -food stuff, Clean drinking water & the like...Tragically and regrettably in the most extreme of cases children are said to already be going hungry...  I am told that the The Food Distribution Committee has been expanded though.  Helicopters from Trinidad (now in service) and the French, along with recently arrived Vessels, boats & ferries are doing their level best to assist in all areas as far as possible & to alleviate those in urgent need. Nonetheless at this stage after more than 96hrs after initial storm impact- for some the relief efforts at this point appear too little- too late....A silver lining in the dark clouds thus far is tge ongoing evacuation of the Petite Savanne community which had the most deadly impact from the storm.
 I urgently appeal to All especially those in the wider Caricom community and beyond to rapidly expedite all possible avenues and means of assistance at this time in critical Aid of those most in need & who are already severely vulnerable & marginalised.

May God be with us All! PLEASE NOTE BELOW...

Government have declared the following Special Disaster Areas -

Dubique        Pichelin    Campbell    Coulibistri    Petit Savane    Petit Soufriere    Good Hope    San Sauveur    Paradise Valley (Bath Estate)

A number of persons remain missing in Petit Savane.  The Parl Rep, a Medical Doctor, has been in the community for the past several days “operating as a doctor” we are told.  He obviously has close relations among the many victims.  A blind man and two kids were washed away at Good Hope, two brothers swept away at Bath Estate, there is a man missing at Delices, at Castle Bruce a man managed to save himself, while his lady friend perished.  As I understand it, there must be a procedure before those missing can be presumed dead.  A number of shelters are in occupation, any number of distressed are staying with relations and friends.

According to PM Skerrit, every piece of heavy equipment is employed in the clearing up process.  France and Venezuela promised to send over bulldozers, excavators to assist.  Bobcats on order from Auto Trade, to be delivered as soon as that company has completed clearing up of their own damage.  Their million dollar football development field, maybe a month old, is ruined.  The runway at Douglas Charles Airport is cleared, so aircraft can land, but they would have to remain on the runway until the tarmac, the parking area, can be cleared.  The car park was flooded, a number of vehicles damaged.  Citizens stuck in nearby islands will be facilitated by the French ferries, as I understand it from Antigua, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Lucia.  Likely inland travel to Melville Hall in time will be through the Kalinago Territory (once the Carib Territory,or merely Salybia).  “Hundreds are engaged” in the clean up effort around Melville Hall.  There are plans to construct a By Pass where bridges were washed away.  It is certainly a whole lot worst than at first believed.
Government has reached out and established contact with regional and international donors.  The PM spoke of a “donors” meeting in Barbados yesterday.  “Friends and partners” are pledging support.  The World Bank will send over an Engineering team on Monday.  Accounts have opened up at the East Caribbean Central Bank, “in Canada and New York...

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

- So GOOD To be Alive & Blessed!
  • By Conan Shillingford <nichs at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 16:41:39 -0400

Counting My BLESSINGS!...


-From my own unofficial precipitation records my private rain guage equipment recorded roughly 18.5 inches of rainfall (within no more than a 9 hour period - & the bulk of the rain having fallen between 3a.m Thursday to 11am)...a total which is clearly consistent with the level and sheer scale of flood destruction which was witnessed on the Nature Isle...Of course, no doubt higher accumulations were received in higher elevations particularly in the interior of the island.

To say this type of Storm impact and subsequent devastation has been significant would be a gross understatement, this entire ordeal has been nothing short of a catastrophe -unprecedented/ historic even in comparison to Hurricane David based solely on the deadly & severe hydological effects caused. 1979 Hurricane David was more intense only in regards to its ferocious wind speeds and associated structural damage caused. I truly hope that the Name Erika -though only adjudged a tropical storm upon impact in Dominica gets retired by the WMO -quite similar to what obtained in Houston, Texas with Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 which was retired.

Additionally as has been previously cited but -In no way can be overstated, overemphasised or over-acknowledged... a Massive word of thanks & continued appreciation must be given to All of the utility crews who have worked so hard in very trying and almost impossible situations to get Telecoms connections/ bandwith access, power, water in certain cases, and general communications/ optic networks back up and running in the soonest possible time frames. The entire island is indebted to you guys...Absolutely HERCULEAN EFFORTS OVERALL- GIVEN THE EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES INVOLVED!

-Landline service and limited internet usage is now resuming- it appears that full internet services may be restored in some areas as early as tomorrow. LAND LINE usage (long awaited-given the stresses of cellular restoration) -Yes it still pays off to have one -came back at our Parish office here in Wesley early in the Morning...To God be the Glory!

More Importantly in many parts of the island Dominicans await critically needed supplies which have been made inaccessible due to the breakdown in islandwide road networks & infrastructure etc..
Credible sources around the island indicate that sadly in some communities a Humanitarian Crisis is slowly unfolding...
I gather that not much has been arriving as yet around much of the island in the way of relief supplies apart from the port in the Capital -Roseau. Most helicopters in use on the island- namely the French & Venezeulan *(there seemed to have been some technical/ mechanical issues with those supplied by Trinidad which ought to have been resolved today)- Were engaged mostly in Emergency trips for the sick and Aerial surveillance of the most affected communities. I will shed some more light on this aspect (a status update of sorts) in keeping with the information to date that I have received in the post which immediately follows this one...

May God continue to Bless us All with His Fully Sufficient Grace & Courage to do All that is needed on the Path to Full Recovery in Jesus' Name!

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

- Update
  • By Edward Coipel <edward_coipel at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 19:21:09 +0000
thanks for touching base with me, well as you have herd and see the island is at its lowest and a massive help relief is needed at this time. my home and family has not directly affected but the reality of the disaster definitely affect us sooner or later.

Edward Coipel
Managing Director
Unlimited Services Plus
Tel/fax: 767 4406658
Mobile: (767) 2951386/6151530


- Erika.
  • By Jackie Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 10:06:08 -0400
Good morning to one and all.  Well the island got well and truly smacked.  We would like to send our condolences
to all the family and friends who have lost someone through Erika.  On the DNO site there is reported 20 confirmed
deaths. I think this may go up. 
  There are still many areas cut off due to massive land slides and rock falls. Bridges have been washed away. Very
large holes in many of the roads, making them unsafe to drive on. I know people are desperate to get to their families,
but please go with great caution. 
   Houses have been washed down by the rivers. Cars have been washed away.  Area's still without power, water and
communication.  Trees down all over the island blocking roads. The main airport is out of commission. No flights in or out.
The island is a mess, but Dominican's are a resilient people.  And I'm sure that in the coming weeks, we will all work
together to get this beautiful island of Dominica back up and running.
   Would like to say a big thank you to all the services that have worked so very hard in difficult situations to get power,
water, and communication networks back up and running in has many area's as possible. 
   I'm not 100pc sure, but I have read on my site that Winair are doing a daily flight from St Maarten to Dominica. If you are
trying to get back on island I think you may need to contact Whitchurch Agency.  Have also been informed that there is also
a helicopter service running from the Canefield airport.  Number is 449 1060 for more info. 
For more information on area's and family you can also try Dominica Overseas National Association. Think this maybe for
the UK only though.  448 8280.  DBS radio service have done a really good job in locating and passing along information
to family and friends. Also a big thank you to the countries that stepped straight in and sent help as quickly as possible.
  I will try to keep you updated to the best of my abilities over the coming weeks. 


- //WL2K Castle Bruce
  • By J69DS at Winlink.org
  • Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 12:02:00 -0000
Dominica is working hard to recover from Erika

We have this morning heard from j73jf in Castle Bruce, he is ok. Power is 
restored however no phone or mobile service yet.

Also Porthmouth is still fully isolated, no phone lines or mobile service 
there. There is a dire need for bottled water, and all basic supplies . J73WA 
Wayne is the main communications point there via Amateur Radio.

Clem J73CI is also on, he is on the southern end of the island and has phone 
and internet access. Clem is the relay point for all traffic from Portsmouth to 
the various agencies.

J6 Portable Group is meeting today to organize sending assistance to Dominica.

Frans van Santbrink, 
IM: j69ds at hotmail.com
Amateur Radio Operator: J69DS - J62DX- J62YOTA - J64SLI - PJ7PK

Radio: 145.780 (-0.6) Mhz  //  7.188 Mhz lsb  // 3.815 Mhz Lsb // 14.325 Mhz Usb

This email was sent via Ham Radio

- express des iles
  • By Frans <j69ds at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 10:52:27 -0400



Heard the comment on the Dominican radio station regarding the lack of knowledge whether Express Des Iles would travel.

I called their office in Martinique and they indicated for 2015 08 29:

Leaving Martinique to Dominica tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM

Leaving Dominica at 15:30 for Martinique.




Frans van Santbrink,

IM: j69ds at hotmail.com

Amateur Radio Operator: J69DS – J62DX– J62YOTA – J64SLI – PJ7PK


Radio: 145.780 (-0.6) Mhz  //  7.188 Mhz lsb  // 3.815 Mhz Lsb // 14.325 Mhz Usb


Member of:

American Radio Relay League (ARRL), J6 Portable Group, Saint Lucia Buddipole Dxpeditions,

FM Ham Radio Club (FMHAMRA), Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club, Youngsters On The Air (YOTA)

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When all else fail Amateur Radio is there!

No trees or animals were hurt in the making of this email, however many electrons were inconvenienced.

Rehab is not an option: RF all the way (J6 Portable)



- 3 confirmed dead.
  • By Frans <j69ds at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 09:29:31 -0400

Listening to radio station


3 confirmed dead

Many missing, no exact figure

Many roads impassable.


Prime Minister will address nation today sometime




Frans van Santbrink,

IM: j69ds at hotmail.com

Amateur Radio Operator: J69DS – J62DX– J62YOTA – J64SLI – PJ7PK


Radio: 145.780 (-0.6) Mhz  //  7.188 Mhz lsb  // 3.815 Mhz Lsb // 14.325 Mhz Usb


Member of:

American Radio Relay League (ARRL), J6 Portable Group, Saint Lucia Buddipole Dxpeditions,

FM Ham Radio Club (FMHAMRA), Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club, Youngsters On The Air (YOTA)

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When all else fail Amateur Radio is there!

No trees or animals were hurt in the making of this email, however many electrons were inconvenienced.

Rehab is not an option: RF all the way (J6 Portable)



- some info from Dominica
  • By Frans <j69ds at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 09:06:37 -0400

Dominica got hit super hard.

Yes I have heard from a few of the hams there.


Dominica is in bad shape from what we can gather. We have had both HF and UHF contact with hams from Dominica:


J73wa Wayne:

Portmouth is cut off, the bridge at point Round is out.

But no loss of life in that area, no water no phone services and no internet.


J73CI Clem,

Reported 5 people dead and a few missing. Could not confirm officially the 5 dead nor how many dead.

Likewise Roseau was flooded. Most rivers overflowed their banks.


The above is but the tip of the iceberg.

Phone service has/is out nearly island wide. Some areas still are connected but unable to confirm which areas.

Not sure how many but a few bridges are out. A lot of structural damages, landlsides etc.


Barbados assessment team is on it’s way to Dominica this morning, ought to be there already (9am)


Dominica Radio Station on air and is reachable via magic jack: 305 432 9744 many calling so you would have to dial a number of times to get through.

Same station can be heard online at http://listen.dbcradio.net/


Emergency net for emcomm was on 7.188 last evening and will resume this morning on either 3.815 Mhz or 7.188 Mhz


This is the info I have currently. Have been up since 4 am have not heard any station on yet






Frans van Santbrink,

IM: j69ds at hotmail.com

Amateur Radio Operator: J69DS – J62DX– J62YOTA – J64SLI – PJ7PK


Radio: 145.780 (-0.6) Mhz  //  7.188 Mhz lsb  // 3.815 Mhz Lsb // 14.325 Mhz Usb


Member of:

American Radio Relay League (ARRL), J6 Portable Group, Saint Lucia Buddipole Dxpeditions,

FM Ham Radio Club (FMHAMRA), Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club, Youngsters On The Air (YOTA)

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When all else fail Amateur Radio is there!

No trees or animals were hurt in the making of this email, however many electrons were inconvenienced.

Rehab is not an option: RF all the way (J6 Portable)



- Advisories?...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:45:20 +0000 (UTC)
Its regrettable- there should have definitely been a warning or at least a Tropical storm watch issued for Dominica along with Guadeloupe. An unfortunate failure on the part of the authorities and respective Meteorological services and powers that be.
 If any folks got caught off-guard I hope the effects will not be too bad altogether when Erika finally moves out of our area.
Adverse weather condition persist at the moment...however the power still holds which is fantastic.

- Sustained impacts...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:06:15 +0000 (UTC)
I had to stop earlier from additional posting due to the intensity and frequency of the sheet lightning which is continuing, however, amazingly thus far the power has held (with a few flickers...Kudos to the company)- so I'm taking a chance to post...
Winds have now picked up and are gusting to just about T. storm strength out of the ESE TO SSE it seems. 
Lightning activity keeps up -so for safety reasons I'm going to disconnect. Erika is definitely one mean storm thus far -so a word of caution to those still in her path.

Keep safe everyone and God Bless!

- Intense...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 07:44:27 +0000 (UTC)
*(Rain is really Pouring in sheets now)...
White out conditions for the most Part...

- Stormy...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 07:38:32 +0000 (UTC)
It has Begun in earnest... With Erika just east-North east of Guadeloupe from the 2a.m. NHC center of circulation fix- we in Dominica are entering into the southern ring of the storm's CDO- Central dense overcast. 
On the North East coast Bright flashes of Lightning are illuminating the skies every few seconds and the rain has begun to pour in sheets. Erika on radar appears to be forming an inner eye wall of some sorts. It will be interesting to see how Guadeloupe fares from this. 
Not too much wind as of yet though I suspect its picking up on the West coast which is normal for the easterly approaching system before the 'back' of the system hits with full force. Here in Dominica we hope that the customary slippages which may occur as a result of such weather conditions will not be too bad...the ocean continues to roar. Right now its a cacophony of sounds not to mention the thunder!
We'll see what late morning brings.

Blessings to All!

- Imminent...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 02:15:38 +0000 (UTC)
From the Meteo France Wesbsite (Radar), & thank God for our neigbouring French island's Meteorological services and capabilities!- which affords us the blessing to monitor and track the COC (Centre of Circulation) AND CDO'S (Central Dense Overcasts) of these systems more accurately; and from that vantage point tonight it seems like we are under the gun once again -so to speak. Dominica appears to definitely be in the line of fire somewhat, however we are hoping for the best.

So far there have been intermittent bands of showers coming through this evening accompanied by an unmistakable oppressive, heat & general stagnancy in the air- A tropical system is certainly close at hand. Also, I can now take the smell of the Ocean spray from my residence, in addition to its growing roar although I'm located at least about a quarter of a mile from the Ocean front- so the Atlantic Ocean swell must be building steadily. There was talk on the NHC'S Site of Trapped Fetch Waves...hopefully not but Time will tell.

May God continue to Bless us all!

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 18:50:55 -0300
OK folks.  It is getting dark it is 5.50 p.m. and it is pouring with rain.  We so hope Erika is a pussy cat not an elephant, stay safe everyone!

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 14:52:08 -0300
We just feel we are in for a great deal of rain from Erika.  Please all Dominicans if you are reading this post.  Do not go out if it is not necessary.  If you live near a ravine or a river maybe move to a friend's home further away from the water.  We must not forget what happened at Christmas in the Newtown Loubiere area where there was a lot of flooding from an un-named storm.  Erka looks rather large.  Please everyone stay safe and take precautions.

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 13:17:40 -0300
We have been having a really lazy day and are watching the chart as to where Erika is at the moment and where she is supposed to be going!  We are having showers on and off, plus sunshine.  It is very still there is no wind.  We are watching Erika and my gut feelings tells me that she just might make us a visit.  I think here in Dominica we should be prepared for rain, hopefully, not too much which would bring flooding.  the weather forecasting is very unpredictable.  We hope everyone stays safe.

- Vigilance...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 10:15:04 +0000 (UTC)

T.S. Erika appears to be trying to get her organizational & Structural act together...large flare ups of convection have occurred which ought to be a suitable response for the need for precipitation in many of the Leeward islands which are still enduring drought conditions.

Here in the Nature isle of the Caribbean occasional showers have been falling from overnight as the fringe bands and clouds from Erika get nearer to Dominica...Looking out there is a mass of clouds on the horizon to the East- More rain is in the forecast for sure.
There's A famous Classic local Calypso Chorus that goes - 'Erika -Woye' Oh Yoye- Erika Wai-A-yai...' Let's hope and pray that we do not get more than we have bargained for; and that Erika like the song remains but a pleasant memory. Time will tell...

May God Bless Us All!

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 09:34:49 -0300
I have just had a conversation with our friend at Three Rivers Rosalie and they have had no stormy weather at all, nothing.  In fact our friend was rather disappointed.  Where she lives is about 10 miles east from me and we had everything how strange is that??

  • By Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 08:35:38 -0300
Danny visited us in the middle of the night, we had a lot of thunder, lightning and plenty of rain.  Domlec probably turned our electricity off during the storm. We turned our house power off when lightning first struck then turned it back on on to nothing about an hour afterwards, then it returned 2 hours later.  This morning it is grey and misty there are clouds coming up from the Layou River this is quite a sight to see.  The tree frogs are having a fantastic time singing their little hearts out and the garden is looking very happy too.  We hope that Danny takes his rain to the other islands but does no damage at all just fills up all those cisterns and the reservoir.  We hope everyone has stayed safe.

- Disturbing...
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 03:17:59 +0000 (UTC)

Despite the following which seems to be putting Dominica in more or less the direct line of fire there have been no watches or warnings issued to date for the island:- 

23rd August 2015- T.S. Danny- SUMMARY OF 1100 PM AST...0300 UTC...INFORMATION

LOCATION...15.6N 59.8W

-At the current Latitude and based on Radar/ Current Satellite imagery the centre of Danny should be passing over or just north of Dominica- perhaps directly over the French dependency island of Marie Galante. Which is between Guadeloupe and Dominica. I do hope they have battened down the hatches on Marie Galante as well.

Here on the North East coast of Dominica shower activity has intensified as the bands from Danny continue to spiral in at our coast. Winds are picking up and the Ocean is definitely beginning to churn as I can hear it surging onshore from my residence which is not at all a usual occurrence.

May God continue to Bless us All!

- Storm Watch?
  • By Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2015 06:12:57 +0000 (UTC)
Given the more Westerly track that it appears that Danny is now taking -& not to mention its current Latitude- it would not be a bad idea for the authorities here to seriously consider posting at least a watch for our island...

Blessings to All!

- Saturday
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2015 11:39:57 -0300
It is a very hot, still day here in our valley in Dominica.  We are watching Danny's progress like many people and feel there's a genuine uncertainty as to where it will impact the most, therefore heightening the stress levels in Antigua and St Kitts. Seriously hope that Danny slows down more into a tropical wave rather than being a hurricane.  It appears from all the models that this should be the case  We have many friends in these islands and wish them well and hope that any damage is minimal and nobody gets hurt.

- Greater Accuracy...
  • From: Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 15:15:11 +0000 (UTC)
I quite agree with the previous blogger...it was clear that unfortunately the NHC'S intensity for the storm was off.
However, now that Danny has been put at Category two strength with 105mph sustained winds -it seems much more accurate for its current intensity. 
Well we in the islands will have to keep a close eye on this one...
Bright and sunny conditions have returned to the Nature Isle following some showery periods earlier this morning.

May God Bless us All!

  • From: Conan Shillingford <nichs at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 09:45:34 -0400

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

On Friday, August 21, 2015 




  • From: Micheal Colaire <nichs2002 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 13:32:38 +0000 (UTC)
Hurricane Danny is really ramping up its intensity this morning and is sporting a perfectly annular and pinhole eye. In fact it would not be surprising if the RECON Flight found a Cat 3 Hurricane... Lets hope and pray that it does not have too much of a close encounter with the Northern Islands.

God Bless us All!

- Danny
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 08:33:10 -0300
Danny has calmed down by the look of his eyeless shape and he will be passing us by and visiting higher up to the Leeward islands!  Hopefully, Danny will bring the drought stricken islands the water they so badly need without doing any damage anywhere!  I will still stand by my gut feelings that this is still going to be a gentle hurricane season as I do not think the ambient temperature is conducive for a big hurricane; tropical storms only, hopefully.  Here today in the valley we have wind and rain, which is fine. The frogs are singing away and it is 7.25 a.m. -  as I write this a great choir of frogs indeed.  Danny might even dissipate more before he actually hits land.

  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 18:36:22 -0300

Me thinks Danny will not hurt our islands.  Hopefully.  We think Danny will dissapaite over the next couple of days.  The ocean in Dominica is in my humble opinion not warm enough.  We hope I am right.  Have a great evening.

- Wednesday
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 12:53:08 -0300
Here in Dominica it's been truly  lovely weather.  We have had a fantastic wind in the valley, loads of sunshine and heavy rain at night!  The garden is looking amazing.  Also, it's been refreshing swimming in the river and yesterday in the sea at Mero.  It looks like someone is going to be swiped by Danny!  We hope it misses us in Dominica and that Danny does not grow too much in strength. Lots of our avocado's are ripening nicely and we seriously do not want to lose them.  Please Danny go north and leave the Caribbean islands alone!

- Weather front
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 18:20:32 -0300
We have not posted for a while from Dominica because all has been quiet on the western front so to speak.  Our weather here has been totally brilliant, not too hot but the temperature just right for river swims, going to the beach and chilling.  It looks though that we may get some bad weather tomorrow.  I still see this being a pussy cat season which is great.  Luckily the temperatures are good in the ocean not hot just cool.

Here is my latest painting. I used to be a horse woman in the UK love to paint horses.

Attachment: Horse & Rider.JPG
Description: JPEG image

- Chilling Out Weather
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2015 12:18:35 -0300
I've not posted for a while! 
A recent event: A beautiful abandoned starving dog came by and duly is now in good hands. This has been time consuming but worthwhile!  It is very sad how some people in the Caribbean treat their dogs.  I am so shocked that dogs get dropped out of vehicles left to starve, it is so sad and extremely cruel. 

Changing the subject to the weather..... for the last couple of weeks the weather has been really good, lots of wind, sun and showers.  The temperature for July so far is so good we really can't complain.  Everything seems to be quiet and hopefully on track for a gentle hurricane season.

The weekend is here and a visit to Riverstone tomorrow is in the offing; some good music  and maybe a tasty lunch there! 

- Cool and Windy
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2015 11:42:23 -0300
This week has been really pleasant, the temperatures cool even in Roseau which is usually very hot!  There has been quite a lot of rain throughout the week especially in our valley and the mountainous parts of the island.  The rivers around us are now swollen and flowing fast down to the ocean.  It is totally amazing how quickly everywhere - even on the dry west coast - starts turning green.  Nature is so amazing.  Today is very windy here but the birds are singing happily.  At night you become particularly aware of the tree frogs that must being singing themselves hoarse as their chorus comes over loud and clear.

  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 15:33:55 -0400
Since last night this part of the island has been experiencing and still is experiencing heavy showers, thunder and lightning.  We really needed this weather in Dominica.  There's been action in the forest, like a few massive crashes which we can only put down to trees falling down the hillsides yonder..  Our dogs have been utterly spoiled and spent the majority of the time indoors with us.  It was the very first time our puppy MissT heard thunder and saw lightning!  Miss T was not broken in lightly.  We had a very loud crash directly above our house followed by the brightest flash of lightning.  Miss T literally jumped a foot in the air and came running in the house diving under the nearest object with her tail between her legs!!  Obviously, just like Tippy now, run to the house for shelter.  It looks like it might be brightening up soon.  Tomorrow, we are sure everywhere will look fantastic.  Not heard of anything anywhere else on the island so hope everyone is safe.

- Very Windy Weather
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 08:21:26 -0300

The weather has been really windy since Saturday, we have considerable damage to our bamboo.  The bamboo is close to the house and when they snap and crack and break it causes our dogs to be extremely frightened and career into the house.  There are also a lot of branches down and bamboo on the road nearby.  We are aware that as we have had a very dry spell for at least 2 months.  We are now a bit worried when we do get the rain that we don't end up having quite a few fallen trees.  We do live on the edge of the forest so we often hear the crack and crash of the trees when they do fall!  On a lighter note the weather is being quite moderate and so far everything is quiet, we see that they are having some bad weather on the coast of Mexico.  We are just in the beginning of the hurricane season let us hope that it is a gentle season

- 1st June Hurricane season!!
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 14:49:28 -0300
Well, here it is, hurricane season starts today.  My thoughts are that there may not be any really bad hurricanes -  although it has been unusually dry and hot for the last two months!  The Sahara dust (SAL)  we think has and will be instrumental in the future developments .  Over the last 5 days there has been a cloudy front with some very heavy random rain showers.  The most important thing is, if the ocean heats up, hurricanes will create their own comfort zone to the discomfort of the ordinary mortal. The temperature has to be totally right!  We feel that it will be OK, keeping our thoughts positive.

Today in our valley is the most beautiful, sunny, cool windy refreshing day!  The garden is totally green.  The birds are singing,  pretty perfect.  I don't think it get's much better than this.

Good luck to all of the islands for the next 6 months and beyond.

- May ending!
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 12:09:33 -0300
Yesterday as we drove down our valley to go to the ocean, we remarked on how very dry everything in the valley looked; the leaves were starting to shrivel up on the trees, the earth is baked and brown.  I feel that we have not had any decent rain in two months.  We went on a boat trip on Saturday and surveying Dominica from the ocean we could see the brown patches in between greenery; the whole island looks dry even up to the top of our mountains.  Last night there were some very heavy showers and things are now looking perky in the garden.  I have to say I will be glad to see a bit of a tropical wave on our shores.  Reading other reports it is the same story - dry weather!  Hopefully, we will have a quiet hurricane season, fingers crossed.

- Wind and more wind!!
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 14:52:35 -0300
We are experiencing very, very strong winds here in Dominica and our valley!  Our bamboo is taking a beating and we have several bamboo on the ground, we have also had a bamboo damage our guttering!  I think though we might be luckier than other parts of the island as we are having some very pleasant showers.  Dominica especially on the west coast is very dry at the moment and we have had quite a lot of bush fires.  The weather is really peculiar we are not complaining as it is very cool the temperature is great.

  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 9 May 2015 16:36:03 -0300
We woke up in the night hearing drumming on the roof!!  Could this be the elusive rain!!!  Yes, it was and how very welcome it is.  We woke up about 3 times in the night hearing the pitter patter on the roof.  I actually got up and put my hand out of the window to make sure I was not imagining anything at all, yes, it was rain!  Through the day on and off we have had some very heavy showers.  The garden is sparkling, the birds are singing, the bamboo is sighing, the breeze is fantastic.  We hope other islands are enjoying the same weather too.

- Blowing a gale
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 6 May 2015 12:01:07 -0300
No rain, just a beautiful blue sky a bit blurred with Sahara dust, however, the wind is really, really gusty so much so I can't paint as the canvas is getting blown away! The wind is roaring around the valley making the noise of a high speed train!! In fact we are surprised that no trees have fallen!!  If you look at the overview on the world atlas you will see the extent of the Sahara dust right across the Atlantic.  The Caribbean needs rain badly.  Here we are on the Nature Island of the Caribbean with 365 rivers and our spring has dried up and our ravine is shrinking; pumping water from our ravine into our water tank once a week now which is very, very unusual!  Here in our valley, because we have the Layou river and our ravine, everything is green, our lawn, the trees in fact it is beautiful.  If we venture out of the valley down to the west coast there is a stark contrast.  Everything looks totally brown as if it has been burned, it feels baking hot and there is a real haze over the ocean because of the Sahara dust.  We are so very lucky to have the water supply in the valley and high enough above sea level that we are always cool!  I can't imagine what the other islands who do not have so much water are suffering.  The month of May is usually dry and at the moment we see no rain on the horizon!!   I have added a photo of my friend's spring water outlet which is our new source of drinking water.  Pure clean, beautiful, tastes fantastic.

Attachment: Joan Water.JPG
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- Sunday
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 3 May 2015 12:12:47 -0300
 Another gorgeous day in paradise!  The sun is shining, we have a fantastic breeze.  The garden is looking amazing, the birds singing in our trees. There is bamboo very close to our house and bamboo has it's own tubular symphony like a true orchestra it swishes, creaks, cracks and groans; bamboo is very much a lively part of our everyday. The strange thing is that the Jaco parrots seem to like sitting on these 30 foot bamboo shoots which we have never seen before, so they also join in with the cacophony of soundsI often sit on the deck and think how extremely lucky it is to live in such a beautiful place, we have no neighbours and live with the sound of nature alone. As I have mentioned recently, there is a need for some rain here soon as April 2015 was an unusually dry month; if May continues in the same fashion there will be a shortage of water, a fact not commonly associated with the Nature Island of Dominica.  

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