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- [HURR] - Ernesto
  • From: "Karen Vissage" <karen at creationsdelmar.com>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 12:33:01 -0500

Cozumel suffered little damage.  A few trees fell and the canopy over one of our sports centers was damaged.  The worst impact to the island was the loss of over 1500 turtle nests with over 15,000 eggs.  That about a 50% loss of the current nest.  We were having another record nesting season.

It was still quite gusty yesterday after the passage of Ernesto.   The port was closed to small craft and cruise ships cancelled their stops.  We were incommunicado with the mainland, until evening when cargo and passenger ferries resumed operations.

We had some showers this morning from the tail end of Ernesto.  Today is warm, sunny with hardly any breeze.

Now we begin monitoring the low pressure off the Cape Verde islands that has a 70% chance of development.



- Hurricane Ernesto had very little impact on Quintana Roo
  • From: Warren Brownstein <mexdomains at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 01:28:52 +0000
Hurricane Ernesto had very little impact on Quintana Roo
The Category One Hurricane Entered in the area of Majahual, Bacalar and Chetumal on the coast of Quintana Roo, just North of Belize with winds at a max. of 140 Kms. per hour and gusts of up to 170 Km per Hr. The time was 8:00 PM. By 10:30 PM the eye of the Hurrican had entered just 2 Kms South of Majahual. By 11:00 PM the worst had transpired, leaving hydro posts down, some windows broken and vegetation lost.
The Ports were closed to maritime traffic as waves reache betyween 8 and 12 metres high.
700 inhabitants of Majahualhad been relocated just in case.
Further South the Chetumal Airport was temporarily closed.
Tourists were asked not to go to the beaches when it hit. No casualties and very little damage.
Report From Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, Mexico

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- Re: [HURR] - Ernesto
  • From: mediakzar at aol.com
  • Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 21:42:12 -0400 (EDT)

For all practical purposes, Ernesto pretty much missed Cozumel.  There was some rain and wind gusts that approached tropical storm levels  but the sustained winds were less than tropical force.


- Cozumel
  • From: Gert van Dijken <gert at vandijken.com>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 14:43:34 -0700
Below an update by Christi from Blue XT-Sea Diving on Cozumel.
Gert van Dijken
Caribbean Hurricane Network

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Blue XT~Sea Diving <info at bluextseadiving.com>
Date: Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 2:34 PM


Ernesto was a non-event for Cozumel.  We got lucky!

We had intermittent rain and light wind starting about 9am yesterday
morning.  The worst of it came in around 4pm with a heavy downpour and some
gusty wind, but very short lived.  It was a very quiet night.  Windows were
open all night and I slept through anything that may have passed.  Some
friends report that there were some heavy winds around 4am - but I slept
through it - so it couldn't have been that strong - haha!

The ferries shut down at 3pm yesterday and remain closed due to conditions
on the mainland side.  Apparently water is still very rough there and
docking the boats safely is an issue.

Flights came in on schedule yesterday and today and we expect to be back in
the water diving tomorrow.

Absolutely no damage to the island, no flooding, and it was business as
usual on the island today.

Let's hope that 92L leaves us all alone!

Sincerest regards,

Christi Courtney
Blue XT~Sea Diving
Cozumel, Mexico

- update from Akumal Mexico.
  • From: Kay Walten <k.walten at locogringo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 16:28:41 -0500
This morning Akumal Mexico was experiencing wind and rain, and the affects of a 
tropical storm.  There was a slight storm surge, and little or no damage.
I hear from a twitter friend in Belize they were experiencing the back side of 
the storm today with a lot of rain still. 


Kay Walten

Fb:  http://facebook.com/kay.walten
Fb:  http://facebook.com/locogringomexico 

t: http://twitter.com/locogringocom

Linkedin: http://mx.linkedin.com/in/kaywalten

- Ernestito
  • From: Mariana Sonntag <mariana at islablanca.com>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 10:33:32 -0500

Ernesto came in here, 20K. north of Cancun, as a tropical storm.  Lots of wind 
and rain, but no lasting damage.  I guess we dodged another bullet.



- Tulum
  • From: Gert van Dijken <gert at vandijken.com>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 07:16:52 -0700
Forwarded for Mike Hopson from Tulum, who is without power...
Gert van Dijken
Caribbean Hurricane Network

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mike Hopson
Date: Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 6:53 AM


Ernesto packed some pretty good winds and for a long time, he came ashore 60 miles south of us at around 1:30 last night.

We lost power and are still without in our neighborhood , Tulum has power scattered in different areas, in the town we have very little damage, few trees, shop awnings, that's about it.

The beach road is closed and we understand there is a lot more damage and storm surge damage, can't verify but we have been told the road is washed out at the little moon bay.

We are also hearing that the next town south of us "Felipe" has quite a lot of damage, (the storm passed 30 miles south of Felipe) several convoys of military and electric utility trucks have passed through headed south, they were pre staged in the Playa Del Carmen area.

Luckily the heavy population centers of Q. Roo were spared!

Mike and Chrissy

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- Ernesto
  • From: Michael Hopson <mike at stthomasexcursions.com>
  • Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2012 19:55:54 -0500
Title: Ernesto
Mike and Chrissy reporting from Tulum Mexico!

Tulum is at the northern edge of the Mexican hurricane warning, we have a strip of land on the coast, and the pueblo of Tulum is about 5 km inland.

We expect possible TS winds at the most, as Ernesto is forecast to make land fall about 60 miles south of us around 1:30 am Wednesday.

Driving through town earlier we saw a steady stream of cars from the beach road into Tulum as they have a volunteer evacuation (south in Punta Allen it is mandatory). Most restaurants in town are open even thought they can not sell liquor during this time :(    ( I knew that and made plans :)  )

The Government headquarters are the only building we saw boarded up, and they were bringing in cots and mattress for the emergency crew.

We have experienced multiple bands with gusty winds and a lot of rain during the day, this is a wet storm!  At the moment we have a lot of breeze.

- Cozumel - Hurricane Ernesto
  • From: "Karen Vissage" <karen at creationsdelmar.com>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 18:57:04 -0500

Today started out rather gloomy and Ernesto was still a tropical storm.   By 10am a little cell of rain and gusty winds came dropping about 1/2” of rain.   Then overcast or partly cloudy for a few hours.   I checked the satellite images a 12pm and noticed Ernesto tilted to the north.   The new special advisory issued at 2pm EDT declared Ernesto a hurricane and the track shifted north a bit.  Both tropical storm and hurricane warnings were issued to include Cozumel.  Before that time the winds had begun to pick up with gusts around 30mph.   Around 5:30PM the heavy rains arrived and brought 1” of rain.   All is quiet again and we are awaiting the next hurricane hunter report. 




- Cozumel - Tropical storm Ernesto
  • From: "Karen Vissage" <karen at creationsdelmar.com>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2012 23:01:34 -0500

We had a little flurry of active on Saturday, when Cozumel was in the cone of uncertainty on the forecast track for Ernesto.  There were a few gasoline lines.  Then Ernesto became disorganized on Sunday, then reorganized Monday.
Ernesto is forecast to reach hurricane strengthen tomorrow and make landfall during the night at the Belize/Mexico border.   The Mexico government has issued hurricane warnings for Chetumal at the Belize border north to Tulum and tropical storm warnings from north of Tulum to Cancun.

Today, Monday, there is a peaceful calm in the Cozumel community.  I expect this calm to continue, unless Ernesto undergoes some dramatic changes overnight.  The water temperatures in the Yucatan basin may provide the energy for Ernesto to strengthen.

I expect we will be feeling some of the effects of Ernesto’s outflow tomorrow afternoon thru Wednesday.




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