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  • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 19:06:33 -0400
 Some of you have emailed asking WHAT WE DO WHEN WE ARE not following HURRICANES...and what our lives are like the rest of the year!  .. Life is pretty "normal"  like the rest of you all....but from  time to time there is a extraordinary event and this  one  is worth sharing!!....  hope you enjoy it...

AN AMAZING EVENING!!     experienced for the second time in my life!!! 



I’ve just returned to Antigua from New York where I attended the 97th Annual Dinner of the EXPLORERS CLUB   on Saturday, March 26th, 2001; a black tie event, which was sold out and was described as the hottest event in New York City this past weekend!   1200 “explorers” and guests were seated at tables of 8 in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldolf Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue!   The evening honored “GREAT EXPLORATIONS OF THE 20th CENTURY”.  This is something too exciting and wonderful to keep to myself so I want to share it with my buddies who could not experience this!  For those who want to enjoy the visual aspect some digital photos are attached.  (digitals attached – (1)  baby lion cub on show  (hugging his tender!! )   (2) Diners sharing this experience with me  (martha in center)  (3)  JIM FOWLER of THE WILD KINGDOM (see more below)



   The evening started with cocktails and  “exotic” hor douves which included wine marinated lightly roasted tarantulas (yes…spiders!), barbequed scorpion canapés on toastettes (hey, here in Antigua we have tarantulas – locally called horse spiders- and scorpions   so I have some new cocktail recepies); also on the menu, Mealworm sushi (yes; worms in the middle of the sushi roll) and roasted crickets on toast with a dollop of honey (thank goodness for the honey!).  Meats were Alligator a la Creole, rocky mountain oysters, beaver, kangaroo, caribou, bear chunks, wild boar sausage and turtle meat…  and other too numerous to name STRANGE THINGS  (and some too strange to eat!).   I really did eat the scorpion…but could not stomach the tarantula -- I know…sissy, my brothers would say).


 Diners  were then piped into  the dining room by the  New York Police Force Pipers… 

      The dinner menu was not as  “exotic”, thank goodness… but was a dining delight with Smoked trout & green apple salad appetizer, main course of sliced filet of beef with horseradish whipped potatoes and string beans or   sea bass   and a dessert of coconut mango gelato topped with chocolate palm trees… mixed with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon… gourmet dining experience…


During cocktails, a silent auction was held, which is the main fund raiser of the club, with equally strange things on offer such as a Zero gravity flight for two from the Yuri Gargarin Cosmonaut training Center in Russia on board a llyusin-76 jet outfitted for cosmonaut parabolic flight training (you had to have a medical letter stating you could withstand 3Gs force!!)…. And it was valued at a mere $11,000!  (Did not bid on this one…)    then there was a $27,000 trip to Peru (all first class) to explore the ancient Inca ruins (another I passed on)…  You could adopt a Siberian tiger for life thru the Wildlife Conservation Society.

  I had donated 5 nights in TREETOPS, our guest cottage, (a repeat from last year when a young engaged couple bid on and won and came to Antigua on their honeymoon; as I was tour guide, I had a super time on their honeymoon!!)  No sure who the winner is this year    but hope they are as much fun as the honeymoon couple!


I met some fascinating people during the course of the evening.  Girl Power was very evident among the  “explorers”.    One   very attractive young woman I chatted with is studying grizzle bears in the high altitudes of Yellowstone Park and  spends months camping in the region documenting them;   another, HARA, has written several books on African wild life.   A highlight was meeting JIM FOWLER of THE WILD KINGDOM who was part of the program  (see below).    I think everyone in attendance had done something strange and wonderful and the entire evening was filled with meeting people like this! 


The program was equally fascinating with an audio visual presentation on a large screen … one breathtaking sequel (which I saw as young girl, but had forgotten the impact it makes) was THE first Step of man ON the moon… AND THIS WAS FOLLOWED BY speaker NEIL ARMSTONG…THE MAN WHO was the first to land ON THE MOON.    CBS’s own Walter Cronkite who had covered this historic moment on national TV introduced him.


Some of the other speakers were Dr Caroline Alexander, a Rhodes scholar who has published five books including several on the SHACKLETON legendary Antarctic expedition (enhanced by a breathtaking audio visual on the artic adventure.)

CONRAD ANKER, a climber specializing in the most technically challenging terrains possible, shared his adventures, including Patagonia, Alps and massive Himalayas peaks.  During a climb in 1999 he actually DISCOVERED the body of George Mallory, the preeminent Everest explorer of the 1920s.  His disappearance had been one of mountaineering’s great mysteries and the find was significant.  

      Marine Biologist Dr. Sylvia Earle (horary president of the Club) shared some of

 Her exciting adventures.   She holds lots of diving records including deep ocean exploration.

       And SIR WALLY HERBERT, the greatest polar explorer of our time, spoke; he is known for an epic 3800-mile trek with 3 companions and forty dogs, making the first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean…now recorded as “the last great journey on earth”



Jim Fowler of WILD KINGDOM was there and brought along some of his  “furry and feathered friends  (as he does every year) including several Birds of prey (which took to flight among the audience) and an adorable 2 week old baby wolf pup (wanted to bring him back to the islands!)   There was a baby lion cub (see digital attached) and  a Celebes ape.  There were also 2 young camels (don’t know if the carpet of the Waldolf will be the same!!)


The entire evening was filled with excitement and unusual happenings and is one I won’t soon forget.    This was the second year I attended and I hope to make this an annual event in my life, as it is an evening not to be missed.     


   I do some wonderful and wild things in my adventures in the islands and around the world,  (which I sometimes question…) but  being part of such an evening reimburses the quote from Teddy Roosevlet…  “Far better it is to dare mighty things, even though chequered by failure, than to dwell in that perpetual twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”    So on  to more adventures!  


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    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 07:15:57 -0400
    a jpeg so would not load...am  resending... refer to text in previous msg..
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    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 06:33:13 -0400
     SORRY GUYS.....this was the COCKATOO PHOTO I MEANT TO SEND in my last
    message.. the other was TOO DARK!!!

    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 06:15:08 -0400
    OK...   FOR THE  BIRD LOVERS OUT THERE...   I know  those  of you who  enjoy
    our island reports think  we have forgotten you out of HURRICANE
    SEASON....... I  recently had an email from one of the supporters of the
    Hurricane reporting page asking What's happening  and what  WE DO IN "off
              so  am   just sending a word to all of you..... and a couple of
    photos along...    Life goes on here in  "paradise"   with no worry of
    HURRICANES  just now... (guess JUNE 1st - official START of Hurricane
    Season--  will be here  real soon!!)  and in  "birdland"  my feathered
    creatures continue to thrive...have about 8 baby lovebirds in the nest  now
    and lots of eggs!
        Antigua is VERY VERY DRY  just now... we need rain!  you can see in the
    attached YELLOW BIRD photo  the BROWN parched hillside  beyond...  But it is
    still beautiful to wake up to SUNSHINE and warm weather when so many of you
    are living in FREEZING conditions!!    sorry about that guys!
    The  YELLOW  BIRD  pic is of a GROWN up  baby love bird...   a baby shot of
    her was posted some time ago in my reports  if you refer back............and
    the  WILD COCKATOO pic  is my  beautiful free flying  Moluccan cockatoo
    (Maxcine).... who just came in for her  breakfast... she normally lives in
    the "bush" and has  actually SURVIVED  TWO HURRICANES  during the blows (you
    can read about her during the storms in the archive reports)   I do try  to
    catch her  if a hurricane is coming  but she HATES  to be caged...and that
    is why she is FREE FLYING........ My other cockatoo..  "E.C."  (for  Exotic
    Cockatoo)  is  looking on in the background......she was  raised from 14
    days old and  is not  "street smart"  so can't survive in the wild...she has
    been attacked once by a mongoose when I did give her  that freedom...
    therefore  can't chance  her being free...am sorry to say......
            So  there you have it...a bit of catch up  of life in
    paradise....thanks for  thinking of us down here... or over here...
    depending where you are!!!          until...........
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  • - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 22:07:59 -0500

    - 2000 season over (officially)
    • From: "Alan B. Scholl" <scholla AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 14:12:50 -0400 (AST)
    As this is the lasdt day of the "official" Hurricane season, I am just
    saying hello and good-bye until next June if all stays well. Antigua was
    fortunate this year and I hope it can stay like this for a few more years.
    Take care everyone.
    Alan B. Scholl

    - END OF HURRICANE SEASON 2000!!........
    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 00:25:11 -0400
     END OF HURRICANE SEASON.............. It is officially  DEC 1... but i will
    be off island.....in the big apple.....so think  we are close enough   to
    declare it over now.....!!  so much to be thankful for.......as  we did not
    get hit this year!!      my  wonderful free flying birds  especially
     and   to   keep some of you amused... couple of shots of them  in their
    elements......... thank goodness they did not have to face the  wicked wind
    this year!!
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  • Attachment: YELLOW BAB BIRD IN THE WILD.jpg

    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 11:51:11 -0400
    Well we  are  over  "THE 2000 SEASON".... and  to wrap it up I recently had
    a very  exciting,   special tour arranged  for me through the Hurricane
    Hunters,  of the  MIAMI NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER ....  this  is  mission
    control  and what goes into action when a hurricane is approaching.   In the
    attached slide VISIT TO NAT HURRICANE CENTER you will see the  "hot spot"
    room where  the big decisions happen  as to what will be next...      Note
    the bank of telephones  on the  left.......these are the phones  by  which
    our islands are contacted to   GET READY  if  the experts think  we are in
    the path!!         In the other attachment  HURRICANE CTR HURR HUNTER MISS
    CTR....   X AirForce,  (and former Hurricane Hunter)   John Pavone,
    pictured ,  is one  of  three   Hurricane Hunter aircraft Coordinators  who
    puts the guys into action when  the vital info the Hurricane Hunter
    Aircrafts provide is needed.    He shared insight into  how it all links
    together  and  I am now so well informed on   HURRICANES  I think I will
    change jobs  !!
             Anyway,   it is nice to know we have such good technical coverage ;
    guess we can relax for the next 6 months or so...    There won't be much to
    report on  weather wise...... for a while,  thank goodness.......... Thanks
    to those of you who have  been concerned and  followed us this season and
    am glad we did  not have to share  the story of a wild wind  coming our way
    this time around!!

    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 13:05:05 -0400
    This digital photograph was sent from MGI PhotoSuite II: The Complete PC
    Photography Experience. Visit http://www.mgisoft.com for more information.
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    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 07:47:37 -0400
    IT'S a BEAUTIFUL CARIBBEAN DAY... and   This time last year   (Actually on
    the 13th)... HURRICANE LENNY was about to form..  so... since we don't have
    hurricane adventures to tell you  (THANK GOODNESS)  will share a few
    explorations done this weekend...
          Antigua has some beautiful mangrove swamps  that  can be explored in
    small boats  and  i discovered one last weekend....  will share some of the
    photos of the adventure..... and also a  "sea cave" along the shoreline..
    still looking for Capt. Kidds treasure hidden someplace!
           Other   Photos attached.....   MANGROVE SWAMP IAN....shows us
    penetrating the interior as we paddled in..
                                                              MANGROVE INTERIOR
    shows the beautiful  root systems ....mangroves are
          filled with  bird life,  nests,  tiny fish  finding
    shelter.....and.... maybe the "swamp thing"  i kept looking for... ..as it
    was a bit irey deep inside with  little light penetrating......
                                                     last photo is   MANGROVE
    SWAMP AND  OTHER WOMAN.....mother ship awaiting our return from the
    exploration...... as  the only way to penetrate the  mangroves we were in
    was to leave the mother ship behind  and  paddle in on a windsurfing board
    (hoping it did not flip!)
               To wonderful island adventures!     better than hurricanes!
               hope you enjoy the  journey!
  • Attachment: SEA CAVE.jpg
  • Attachment: Mangrove Swamp ian.jpg
  • Attachment: Mangrove swamp & other woman.jpg

    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 08:01:22 -0400
    Three will soon be coming out of the nest!!     This is the same flock I
    sent a week ago!   Enjoy.....
    This digital photograph was sent from MGI PhotoSuite II: The Complete PC
    Photography Experience. Visit http://www.mgisoft.com for more information.
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    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 21:14:21 -0300
    OK.....for those  of you bored with my feathered friends and  softer
    things.....here's some excitement from our little corner of the world.......
    guess it cant get too quiet down here..... it seems to be  hurricanes,
    earthquakes or  volcanoes!!!
     i  thought this was one that might wake up the BOYS IN THE BACK room.....
    and would expect them to give you the run down... but  maybe they had a late
    night poker game!!
      At   2:57 p.m.  today  (18:57 UCT)  Antigua had  THREE
    EARTHQUAKES.....well....there was some time in between.......... but not
    much......  it was located  40 miles ese of Antigua at  17.41 N and  61.24 W
    at a depth of 41.9 km  (deeper than I will dive to!!).......  it scared some
    of us enough....and last time  we had a real tremor  my swimming pool sprung
    a leak...  but so far water has not gone down!!!        For  scientific
    details  ck out

    - 15 day old baby love birds
    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 08:42:02 -0300
    Still beautiful weather here in  paradise!  Maybe we will make it thru
    NOVEMBER  with no hurricane as  OCT nearly done......
            and just to keep those of you who like feathered friends up on the
    growth of my new borns....beautiful yellow feathers popping out daily on 3
    of the  5 !   wont be long until these will be flying around!
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  • - 14 baby love birds!
    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 12:56:40 -0300
    THIS IS UNIQUE PIC!!... from  5 different mothers!   they are all hand
    raised so allow easy handling of their babies and even allow me to  hand
    feed them to help out.  Note the oldest baby trying to feed another baby!!!
    Isn't nature wonderful!
  • Attachment: 14 baby love birds.JPG

  • - 5 baby love birds 9 days old!
    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 17:51:37 -0300
    FRIDAY OCTOBER 20th.....one year ago today around mid day  the EYE OF
    HURRICANE JOSE passed directly over Antigua!   so  today... when it is like
    a  summer day here in Antigua  we are thankful nothing is looming out there
    and we are enjoying beautiful tropical weather.......
    but... GOODNESS  where has  the rest of this week gone since I posted
    something on Tuesday... ...  and the past 9 days with baby birds growing up
    has flown by.. thought some of you may like to see their growth so am
    attaching a  9 day old pic!!!     Looks like October may  slip by with only
    good weather!  HURRAY!!
  • Attachment: MVC-028F.JPG

    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 07:11:48 -0300
    Our Antigua weather is FLAT CALM...  can see the nearby French island of
    Guadalupe .....55 miles airport to airport...probably about 36 miles from my
    cliff on south side to north coast of Guadalupe which I am looking
    at....(tried to photograph it but my digital not THAT GOOD!!!)..  the sea is
    like a mill pond!   was all around the island in my little boat yesterday
    and got some incredible photos  even on the normally rough  Atlantic side...
    was able to go right up  a "sea cave"  on the open Atlantic side.....and
    even snorkel into it!   (not suggesting any of you try this,  not that you
    would even find the cave!!!)   (see photo attached of  DRAMATIC SEA CAVE...)
    it was still swelly...after all it is the open Atlantic side ...but normally
    you cant get near the cliff!
    and in the second shot at the CORAL ARCH  there is normally rough sea on the
    windward side when you look through  it....and the waves were hardly
    breaking.    we only have a few days a year  with flat seas like
    this.......better  go diving today!         anyway,  tx goodness this is NOT
    a calm before the storm.......

    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 20:29:37 -0300
  • Attachment: CORAL ARCH Looking to Atlantic.JPG

    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 08:09:55 -0300
     GERT.....(who maintains STORM 2000  and provides all of us  with such a
    valuable service... )  gave his blessing for  my posting  BIRD STORIES
    instead of hurricane stories...but in fact,  my  love birds are HURRICANE
    RELATED... three tiny babes survived HURRICANE LUIS a few yrs. back in the
    open air...and  inspired me to face the big clean up when my house was blown
    to bits......The story was written up by Nick Mayley and if you are
    interested in  more ck out......
    > www.antiguatoday.com/news/updates/community/martha.html

    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 13:34:18 -0300
     HI AGAIN FROM  "PARADISE"....... had some neat responses from several  of
    you who enjoy  feathered friends.....so  decided to share  the  newest baby
    love bird  born this morning...same clutch as yesterdays photo....mama bird
    will sure be busy!!   This beats hurricanes any day  so hope none of you
    hurricane freaks are bored by other subjects!!
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  • - Four newly hatched love birds
    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 21:49:21 -0300
    SINCE THE LAST SHOT CAME OUT SO WELL AM SENDING another even more amazing
    one of  new life!....... newest part of my wild flock!
      Newly hatched baby love birds....     the tiny one with black eye hatched
     morning!!...    this is a much better thrill than a HURRICANE!!!!
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    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 21:41:47 -0300
     Well  since John  thinks  we are forgetting those who may want to ck out
    life at the hurricane page... will  send you something spectacular that is
    normal DAY TO DAY  WHEN THERE IS NOT A HURRICANE.....part of  my free flying
    love bird flock having their morning feed!!    Hope this comes thru as i
    have never tried sending you a pic!!!  Life in  PARADISE most of the time!
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  • - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 19:45:48 -0300
    the poor old hurricane page hasn't had a posting for days.how sad.we are all very fickle and forgetful when we're not threatened.the trouble is that, well, with all this heat and humidity the boys in the backroom are comatose; and with none of the usual excitement i.e. hurricanes,earthquakes,volcanos (large ones-because small ones are incosequential to the boys) or other sleep-disturbers everyone is waiting for the SEASON--or really resting for it.
    SO if you don't hear from us for a while we are all ok.

    - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 18:15:24 -0300
    so far so good
    all experts confounded

    - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 23:54:19 -0300
    spent the evening on a beach on an offshore island.saw 4 hawksbill turtles
    still calm here.beautiful night. 1 or 2 showers.
    i am sure the trinidadians have nothing to worry about.
    that storm is a maco.

    - Spared?
    • From: "Alan B. Scholl" <scholla AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 09:50:21 -0400 (AST)
    Very quiet and calm day. Many of my friends were disappointed that there
    would not have been a day off due to storm conditions!!! I just hope that
    the storm does not intensify rapidly as it seriously affect our brothers
    and sisters in the southern Windward Islands.
    Based on Intellicast's (http://www.intellicast.com/Tropical ) map, it
    seems as if storm warnings are in effect for the southern Caribbean
    including Trinidad. It seems as if we got a break this time although there
    was a hurricane in the 50's (based on the track history) that actually
    curved back through the Caribbean Sea and passed pretty close to Antigua.
    After Lenny's trek last year, who knows?
    Ciao for now.

    - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 06:34:09 -0300
    still flat calm.sea like glass.sunny.will be a scorcher.1 or 2 cbs around.
    looks like joyce will go south.barbados and maybe st.vincent.hopefully not
    too strong.
    big wave coming off africa.

    - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:31:36 -0300
    intensely hot today.still flat calm.sunny of course.sea and beaches
    dew on the grass now (1031pm)
    all's quiet.shhh----don't wake up the boys.

    - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 07:59:10 -0300
    flat calm.hot.sultry.sunny.
    on a day just like today--8 oct 1974 at 5:52am-we had  a 7.25
    earthquake.much more terrifying than an hurricane.
    joyce is 4 days away-if she is coming at all to our neighbourhood at all.

    - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 19:02:34 -0300
    flat calm.hot.humid.high clouds.
    joyce looks puny and so far "we don't fraid she"
    the windwards are seriously threatened and even a weak hurricane wreaks
    havoc in the windwards because of the fragility of the banana plant-the
    mainstay of the southern islands.bananas in the french islands are insured
    by the govt. but not so in the others.
    the boys say that joyce is wearing a flimsy dress and she is nothing but
    skin and bone.
    maybe she'll fatten up and take on somebody her own size.

    - HERE WE GO AGAIN????
    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 11:44:55 -0300
    hurricane  Joyce it is!!!!...........but  we  knew that was coming......  and  now  to closely watch the path ...we all know what we have to do  if we have to do it.... but still a drag!!!       

    - !!! Hurricane JOYCE !!!
    • From: "Alan B. Scholl" <scholla AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 10:57:10 -0400 (AST)
    ok she has attained hurricane status. The track from this graphic has it
    curving slightly northwest between 29-sep-1200Z and 30-sep-1200Z:
    This puts more on course with the northern leewards!
    Alan B. Scholl

    - Joyce approaches!
    • From: "Alan B. Scholl" <scholla AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 08:29:05 -0400 (AST)
    Everyone here is getting a bit nervous. Most people have the "here we go
    again" feeling and by now we know the drill. It is yet a few days off so
    there is no hammering yet but should this suddenly turn north, I think
    there will be a rush. Based on our near brush with DEBBIE earlier, I think
    supplies and preparation will be minimal if necessary.
    We wait and see.
    Alan B. Scholl

    - WEATHER!!!
    • From: "MARTHA WATKINS GILKES" <gilkesm AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 08:30:38 -0300
    GOODNESS......go  away for a few days and look what develops!  ....good to know the back room boys are  keeping an eye out  !     JOYCE  sure looks  like she will hit some of us.....just a question of  how far north  she may turn....and how long she tantalizes us dancing round out there.. and  there  is something behind her even!  SEPTEMBER REMEMBER    is  sure  correct  (as part of the island jingle on hurricanes.......  JUNE TOO SOON
                                 JULY STAND BY   
                                  AUGUST IT MUST
                                  SEPTEMBER REMEMBER
                                  OCTOBER ALL OVER......
    except last yr.  October all over was not true since we had  JOSE  in October and  LENNY in  NOVEMBER!!!        anyway.....Joyce sure has the attention  of all the Windward and Leewards  so the  next week will be a hurricane watching one... and those  of  u  who like to read the islanders little snippets of  info  here will have plenty to amuse you! 

    - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 23:20:45 -0300
    joyce it is.
    my stream of consciousness tells me to wake up the boys in the backroom and
    look for some three inch nails.

    - TD 14
    • From: "Alan B. Scholl" <scholla AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 21:41:14 -0400 (AST)
    Just when we were about to breathe a sigh of relief along comes TD#14 to
    change all that. With Isaac above it, it seems as if it is being squeezed
    westward. This of course could result in its track passing through the
    We wait and see.
    Alan B. Scholl

    - Update
    • From: "John Fuller" <fullerj AT candw.ag>
    • Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 20:57:20 -0300
    now comes t.d.14.  it's path is of concern to the boys.she seems to be
    refusing to take the right fork.
    nhc says she'll be joyce in 72 hours.
    will she go for the bananas down south
    or for the bamboo up here?
    working for the yankee dollar.

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