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Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 15:22:06 -0500
From: Shinobu Uehara (Shinobu_Uehara@umit.maine.edu)
Subject: Help me!

Dear Gert; 
Thank you for providing this opportunity.
        I really want to know about what is going on in Siguatepeque. I'm also
looking for Fredis J. Romeo whose address is Barrio San Miguel,
Ave.Francisco, Morazan, Siguatepeque; I have not talked to him since
November 1st. Can people use phone there? I'm still trying to call him
almost all day, though.
        At that day, he said his town was saved although people living close
to the river had to evacuate. He also told me he was using groundwater
because of a lack of water supply. Since many bridges were down or
damaged around his town, I'm just worried about that his town is also
receiving some relief without a land communication. 
        If I can reach him, I may be able to give some information about
Siguatepeque here.
You can help me at email: Shinobu_Uehara@umit.maine.edu, internet
Thank you.

Many people contacted us that Guanaja has 110V. Thanks, Gert -RELIEF UPDATE- (see earlier messages) Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 19:43:08 +0100 From: "Karsten Hönack" (nanhonack@online.de) Subject: help for Guanaja Today friday we received a lot of material from surrounding companies. 600m2 aluminum profile roof. Jig saws, Drills, and much more. Please tell me if on Guanaja thy also have 220V. If not a generator would be priority. We will try to send one anyway if budget allows it. Karsten from Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
-HELP- Date: Fri, 13 Nov 98 10:07:06 -0600 From: Homer Hickam (hhickam@hiwaay.net) Subject: For Gilbert Wood Gert, please post this to ask anyone reading it to let Gilbert Wood of Guanaja know to visit Half Moon Cay. I have sent something to him there. I still would like to hear any news on the Bordens of Bonocca (Johnny and Everil and family). Also, Ivey and Betty Garrett on Pond Cay. Are they OK? Did their house survive? Anything on Verne Hyde of Bonocca would be appreciated. Thanks, Homer Hickam
-HELP- Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 15:32:36 +0700 From: CW2 Jerry M. Philbrook (jphilbrook@san.osd.mil) My wife and I lived in Guanaja from 83-86 where we had many friends we are trying to find out about. Should anyone have information on the following families please e-mail me. Lorin Ebanks and family - Mangrove Bight Uncle Roy, Sharna and family - Mangrove Bight Melvin, Charlene Hyde and family - Mangrove Bight Allen Wood and family - Mangrove Bight Duncan, Linda Ebanks and family (if still there) between Michael's Rock and Mangrove Bight. Many thanks...J...
-HELP- Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 23:15:41 -0800 From: Marlynne Mahlik (mmahlik@earthlink.net) Subject: Looking for a friend in Teguz Gert: Thank you so much for your efforts in running this site. We would like to know how a dear friend fared in the devastation in Tegucigalpa. We have not heard from her and have not been able to get through. Name is: Aminda Galeano (or brother Sergio) Colonia San Miguel Avenida Melgar Castro Casa #5241 Tegucigalpa I know with the chaos that is probably great at this time this is a long shot, but if anyone down there can contact her it would be great. We are hoping for the best. Or at least some report of how Col. San Miguel fared would be appreciated. Thanks Marlynne Mahlik Chuck St. John The last number we had for Aminda Galeano was 011-504-21-30-89.
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 20:49:04 EST From: DanDHan1@aol.com Subject: Relatives Found Dear Gert, I am very happy to report that we have finally managed to contact my nephew Sean Hanemann, his wife and family, in Comayagua, Honduras. Thankfully,all are fine. I've spent the last hour typing out a list of "Thank You" e-mail letters to complete strangers who have gone out of their way to help. I save the biggest "Thank You" for you for establishing a page which provided the threads of hope that have kept us going through this crisis. I am amazed that, in a world we all assume is basically selfish and uncaring, so many good hearted people rush to help others they've never met. It's time to adjust my opinion of human nature. Now that our own travail has ended, our hopes and prayers go out to those who are still searching, and to those whose searches have ended less happily. God Bless and keep you all. Danny Hanemann.
Another update from Jeanne. -Gert -NEWS- Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 11:00:34 -0700 From: Jean Greatorex (jean@vena.com) Subject: New problem - Mosquitos Gert, I just received this information from Bayman Bay Club in Guanaja: . . . . . Hi Jean! Thanks for your note. Disbursal is pretty disorganized but I believe the Mayor is trying her best to handle the mess. We've found the logjam occurs when eveything tries to get logged in a register book. That can take days. So far tho tempers are holding. Tom and Don are trying to help the mayor with boat transfer to the smaller areas. Have a new need: Can you put the word out to Chemical companies for massive repellent spraying of the island. There's no way the govt of Honduras can help and the biggest hazard to health on Guanaja is not going to be impotable water but mosquitos. Let me know your thoughts. . . . . . . If this is a big problem on Guanaja, it must be a big or bigger problem on the mainland. Thank Jeanne
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 09:35:42 -0800 From: Larry Thomason (lthomason@tenforward.com) Subject: guanaja contact mindy (spanish speaker) called me from ny yesterday and said she would try to phone the number on guanaja for me . after trying all day yesterday she finally got thru to bancasa guanaja and talked to a lady the lady does know mina and said that she saw her "a few days ago". but that she didn't know if she was still on the island. any way some good words to hear. thats two call to guanaja for (me /us) also good news that the bank is fully working. i have not found any other number that answers on guanaja , att. ps: still waiting to hear her sweet voice, someday soon !!! larry sends ; god bless
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 10:06:59 -0500 From: Ariel (arielth@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us) Subject: Update on my family members I have good news to report that my mother, Adela Giron Range and her brother, Oswald Dixon are both okay. She will be returning to her home in Tampa, Fl. on Sunday, 11/15. Heard that there are two stores opened on the Caye of Bonaca but the supplies on the shelves are scarce. Once I speak with her when she returns, I'll try to update further information. Thanks for your support. Annette Archer (archera@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us)
-NEED HELP- -RELIEF- Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 07:38:21 +0100 From: Jutta Schick (frt@r-stahl-f.de) Subject: Help for Guanaja Hi friends! This message comes from Schwäbisch Hall, close to Stuttgart, Germany! On saturday 14.11.98 we are loading containers to go to Guanaja in our hometown. A big wave of help is coming together. We will send cloth, tools and medicine. Is somebody able to tell asap what else is needed? We still have huge problems because we are trying 40' Containers and Deep Reef is only able to transport 20' Containers to the island. Is somebody able to help us to get a freight forwarder with bigger capacity?? If somebody knows Hans and Sabine Weller, and knows how they are doing, please reply to nanhonack@online.de. Please also tell them that a big amount of help is coming in arround Christmas. People in Germany are very enthusiastic to get help down there. Companies are paying transport , but people want to help only direct way without organisations inbetween. Karsten, Traudl, Werner and all the region Hohenlohe are standing behind you!!! Karsten & friends (nanhonack@online.de) later write: It is me again. We are having a big wave of help rising up in Schwäbisch Hall. We are getting serious trouble to organize the goods coming in, but are still able to handle it. The city already offered a huge building for the collect. We have more trouble on get the containers to Guanaja from Tampa. We already changed from 40' to 20' containers, but the Caribbean Star seams to be booked until next year. Can somebody tell me how they store the containers in the harbour of Tampa? Is it safe? What about harbour Guanaja? Do they have a small crane? Does the custom departement make trouble with the import or do they offer special conditions for help? Is there a possibility to phone already? We need to contact our people in Guanaja asap so they can prepare.
-HELP- Date: Wed, 11 Nov 98 20:38:27 PST From: Ellen Cain (cain@hitter.net) Subject: Sensenti, Ocotobeque, Honduras Our son was in the Peace Corps during 1993-1995 and lived in Sensenti. We visited him there and met many wonderful Honduran people. They were truly some of the most giving people we have ever met even though they had so little themselves; now they have even less due to the devastation of Mitch. Every one who can should try to find some way to help. Sensenti was a small remote town so, of course, I've seen nothing in the news about their situation. If anyone knows anything about this town I would appreciate a message from you. Please send to cain@hitter.net. Thank you. Ellen Cain
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 20:06:49 -0600 From: Kandi (kandi@dialnet.net) Dear Gert, Very happy to report we have had a letter that came through from Half Moon Cay Survivors. Thank you to all that responded to the cry for information. We know how hard it is to sit and wait and feel very fortunate that we have our answers. Our hearts are with you as you also patiently wait for a phone call, fax or letter. The moral support of this web-site in incredible. Thank you, Kandi Langham
-RELIEF- Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:29:35 -0200 From: Wood Corporation S.A. (woodcorp@hondutel.hn) Subject: Bay Islands Relief Native Bay Islanders, Professionals, and Laborers Association (NABIPLA) Charter number 303-97 Greetings friends, We are writing on behalf of the Native Bay Islanders, Professionals, and Laborers Association of Roatan, Honduras. NABIPLA is a non-government organization that was former 5 years ago and is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the Bay Islands. As you may already know, the country of Honduras and the Bay Islands were ravaged by hurricane Mitch. The purpose of the letter is to bring to your attention the emergency situation in parts of the Bay Islands and alert you to the overwhelming damage caused by Mitch in the communities and villages on the islands of Roatan and Guanaja. These communities are comprised mainly of Garifunas, Caribbean Islanders, and mainland Ladinos. NABIPLA has ventured out into the various villages and communities on the islands and have recorded the damages caused to the homes of the residents. Thus far, the count is 282 homes destroyed or damaged on the island of Roatan and 500 in Guanaja. Each home houses from 4-12 people, therefore the population of islanders displaced by the hurricane is high. Many have lost everything and have emerged from the hurricane with only the clothes on their backs. The islanders are now attempting to attend to the damages caused by Mitch but are finding it difficult due to lack of financial resources and building materials. We are writing to request you assistance on behalf of the displaced islanders in order to help them reestablish themselves and their communities. What the islanders are in urgent need of are funds to finance the building of homes for the shelter less and latrines, food, clothing, and medical supplies. NABIPLA has set up an account in Tampa, Florida meant only for donations to NABIPLA for hurricane relief funds. The account is at NationsBank and the number is 0036 6058 3294 ABA routing 063100277. Funds can be sent there and will be used to purchase building supplies in the USA since building supplies are expected to become scarce in Honduras. A local contractor is being sought out, a basic floor plan is being selected, and a list of supplies is in the process of being compiled to begin to rebuilding process. There are also two forty foot shipping containers which are reserved only for hurricane relief donation items, courtesy of Jackson Shipping in Tampa. Jackson Shipping is a overseas shipping service owned and operated by Roatan natives and provides shipping services to the Bay Islands. Their address is 5353 W. Tyson, Building C, Tampa, Fla. 33611-3225. Other non-monetary donations such as food, clothing, and medical supplies can be sent there with the following written on the package: Hurricane Relief, c/o Unwin D. Ebanks, president of NABIPLA. Requested items are: pasta powdered milk cooking oil/lard first aid kits rice toilet paper yeast oats beans canned vegetables baking powder powdered drinks tomato paste/sauce crackers waterproof flashlights w/extra bulb and batteries sugar peanut butter candles clothing flour toothpaste/brushes lighters canned meats salt can openers mosquito netting chocolate powder tuna coffee cloth diapers prepared formula During our efforts to record the hurricane damages we have located people within the communities who are organized and aware of the families who are most in need. The supplies will go to these community organizers for dispersal so that those most in need will be assured of receiving aid to avoid looting which has been a problem. Your help during these difficult times in the Bay Islands will be greatly appreciated. We can be contacted by phone or fax at the NABIPLA office in Coxen Hole, Roatan Island (504) 445-0002. We will keep a record of donations and send reports of our progress upon request to those who have been so generous with us. Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, Unwin D. Ebanks president of NABIPLA
-HELP- Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:04:26 EST From: JMaldo4838@aol.com Hi, I am read your letter and I have a necesity of you . I am locking for to my father the name of him is Luis Alonzo Bonilla, he live in the block Num. 39and number home 1099, in colonia Planeta , La Lima Cortes .I thing that you can do it , my name is Yolanda Bonilla , they have a number phone 5553991,in St. pedro Sula Honduras and tanks for your service , we pray for your. you can answer to me for the computer, or you can say to him that can make a colling to my number phone is 453-9167.in St. Paul Mn.
-RELIEF UPDATE- (see earlier messages) Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 13:23:14 -0800 From: Judy Ann Blake (jblake@jblake.com) Subject: Vernon, CA relief aid awaits shipment Hundreds of tons of neatly packed goods, such as bottled water, medicine and food collected from Southern California donors, are sitting in a Vernon warehouse waiting to be flown to Central America, it was reported in the news Wednesday. The donations by individuals and families include everything from a few cans of food to boxes of supplies in short supply in Honduras and Nicaragua. Senator Richard Polanco (Democrat of Los Angeles who I know personally) said Tuesday that he has urged President Clinton to authorize the use of California National Guard planes to fly the supplies. But so far, Polanco said, there has been no response. Organizers said that a plane hired with money collected from local donations flew 40 tons of supplies for $lll,000 Saturday. Arrangements are being made to hire another cargo plane. In another news item, the wife of Vice President Al Gore's wife Tipper landed at Soto Cano on Air Force Two with medical supplies, 500 gallons of drinking water, sheets and blankets. She said that U.S. military engineers were rushing to Honduras to repair roads and bridges. She also promised an additional $10 million in U.S. aid.
-HELP- Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 23:22:56 -0600 From: Kresha Frankhauser (kfrankhauser@juno.com) Subject: Village of Manzanilla Dear Gert, It has been good to read updates about villages and people in Honduras as they rebuild their lives! Thanks for a place to write such updates. I am writing with a request. I am desperately seeking information about the small southern village of Manzanilla, north of Nacaome but just south of Tegucigalpa. I have both family and friends there and have been able to procure no information about the community's welfare. If anyone knows anything about this community or anything about the southern part in general (especially the region close to El Salvador), please write me directly at: kfrankhauser@juno.com Thanks so much. Sincerely, Kresha Frankhauser P.O. Box 1650 Mendocino, CA 95460
-HELP- (see his earlier message) Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 22:57:33 -0800 From: Larry Thomason (lthomason@tenforward.com) Subject: Re: victim condition request gert ! i was able to get an call thru to guanaja today to the bancahsa a lady answered , but she only spoke spanish and i only speak english, so i was unable to get any information. she seemed surprised to get a call from the USA. maybe they are getting the comms up and running. for me , still no news of my "mina" and "jeanie". i trying to be calm in the waitihg mode, i understand that it will take sometime before people will beable to call out. maybe someone who speaks spainish could try for some information. god be with them all.
-HELP- Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 20:42:39 EST From: DanDHan1@aol.com Subject: Sean Hanemann-Missing Gert, I am still trying to locate Sean and Carolina Hanemann of Comayagua, Honduras.They operate Restaurante Hanemann's in Comayagua, apparently popular with the US service people at the airbase there. If any of your readers know the name of the airbase in Comayagua, please contact me at dandhan1@aol.com., as I feel that airbase may be my key to locating my family.
-HELP- Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 12:39:59 -0800 From: Audrey Lindahl and Jerry Berkowitz (jberkowitz@jps.net) Subject: La Lima Vieja, Cortes and El Progreso, Yoro I am looking for information about our adopted children's birth families: Rosa Amalia Reyes Flores y Mario Francisco Reyes El Barrio Guadalupe por la Pulperia Suarez La Lima Vieja Cortes Elena Miranda Pinott Casimiro Miranda La Colonia Democracia El Progreso Yoro Also desire information about Sisters of Notre Dame, Convento El Progreso, especially Sister Teresita Gonzalez, and the area of Progreso and La Lima Thank you for any information you can give us.
-WANT TO HELP- Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 10:40:41 PST From: ad justment (commoncure@hotmail.com) Subject: mitch relief efforts gert, my partner and i are deeply affected by the awesome nature of the events in honduras after mitch. we want to help and have time and our expertice to offer (no money, starving students). we are chiropractic students in our final year of training and are both willing and able to offer any services that may be needed (chiropractic, rescue, relief, construction, clean up, etc.) during our school break - dec. 17 - jan. 4. we would need transportation from and to the san francisco bay area. do you have any leads that may allow us to help those in need in honduras? please respond. much thanks for the great works! aaron rosselle
-HELP- Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 10:36:11 -0800 From: fran (franc@volcano.net) Subject: American Survivors I am writing to you to find out if you have seen or met any American Latter Day Saints' missionaries in or around Teguciglapa. I have friends in the San Fransisco Bay Area who's son is missing. Please if you have any information or can direct us to anyone who would know how to obtain information about these young people, please let me know. What is doubly sad is he is due to come home around this Christmas. The young man's name is Rudy Kuhn and was last residing in the Capital City of Honduras. If you have any information I would appreciate an e-mail msge. You may contact me at : franc@volcano.net Let me thank you in advance. -Fran Caiafa
-HELP- Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 09:58:10 -0800 From: Chris Mendez (mendez@tularik.com) Subject: Information on Copan Ruinas Hi Gert, Your website is an excellent resource and has helped so many people tremendously. My wife and I and another couple are traveling to Honduras at Thanksgiving. We have been planning this vacation for 6 months. Our original plan was to fly into San Pedro Sula and drive to Copan Ruinas and stay for two days and then fly to Roatan for a week of diving. We have been in contact with people on the island and understand the west end of Roatan survived quite well and are continuing our plans on that leg of the trip. We have also been in contact with people in Copan and have been told that they have faired well in the wake of Mitch and are asking that travellers not change their plans as they need the tourist dollars. However, we have not been able to get consistent information on the road conditions between San Pedro Sula and Copan. Some have told us the road is closed, but is nearly repaired, while others have told us the road was virtually destroyed and will not be operational for several weeks or months. Can anyone help with road conditions between San Pedro Sula and Copan? We would love to be able to continue our plans of visiting the ruins and bringing our tourist dollars, but if we can't get to the area we need to make other arrangements. Replys can be sent to gatogordo@earthlink.com Thanks again for your help.
-HELP- Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 08:55:46 PST From: Laurel Simons (mommylady@hotmail.com) Hi, I lived in Honduras for 1 1/2 years as a missionary. I would really like to know if anyone has any information about the neighborhood of Pedgregal in Comayaguela, the town of El Progreso, and the neighborhood of Fesitrahn in San Pedro Sula. I would appreciate knowing anything that anyone knows about those areas in general. Thanks so much, Laurel Bauserman
-HELP- Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 18:20:19 -0500 From: Rebecca Squires (beckysquires@email.msn.com) Subject: guanaja info and help Dear Gert, We only recently found out about your website and it has made a world of difference to us. Almost two years ago, our sailboat, Blue Moose, hit a reef right outside Half Moon Cay and across from Posada del Sol. The people from Posada del Sol sent their dive boat out and picked us up, and the next morning the entire community -- it seemed -- from Savannah Bight came out to help, along with so many, many others from all over the island. We will never forget the outpouring of help and love we got from the people of Guanaja, and we're sending a donation to Bayman Bay, because that seems like it will get to the ones who need it the quickest. We've been so relieved to hear about some of our friends on Guanaja, but please, could someone please tell us how Jim and Cathy Springer are, and also Hanscito at Manatee and Hanspico at Fruit Harbor and Joe are doing? Please, everyone in the Bay Islands who reads this, know we are thinking of you and wanting to help in any way we can. Guanaja and Roatan were our home for more than a year and we miss it and our friends very much. Thanks. Becky Squires and Rick Hobson
-WANTS TO HELP- Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 17:01:57 -0600 From: baub (baub@cdoc.net) Subject: hondurus travel I am traveling to Tegucigalpa on Thursday from Missouri. My long time friend and college roommate is getting married. He says things are fine in Tegus and he leaves close to the airport. Question 1: Should we travel there? Question 2: If we do travel there is there anything I could bring to help, or anything I could do to help? Thanks in Advance Baub Eis
A very down to earth plea for help from Honduras. See earlier message -Gert -RELIEF- Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 14:58:27 -0800 From: Hotel Honduras Maya (guestser@hondurasmaya.hn) Dear Gert: We appreciate your mail. We asking you please to help us spread this message around. Thank you. The Honduras Maya Hotel and Convention Center, located in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras is making a urgent plea on behalf of the people of Honduras for immediate help. The damage inflicted upon Honduras was absolute and uncompromising, devastating the basic infrastructure of an entire country, killing over 7,000, 11.000 missing and rendering over 1,500.000 homeless just in Honduras. Entire villages have been wiped out off the map, 70% of the agriculture and country infrastructure is destroyed, general infections have started (especially eye), collera, denge, etc. Tegucigalpa is cut off of all basic supply routes and is only accesible by air. 95% of the city is without potable water, food supplies are very low and emergency relief food banks are depleted. We urge you to please help by sending donations, food,clothes, medicine to private relief efforts to non govermental organizations; DESTINED FOR HONDURAS RELIEF Dear friend: Thank you to all for your intentions of help. There is a lot you can do from home, by contacting all your friends and relatives and really cry for help, because things are desperate and will get worse. There is not an state of unrest yet here, but things will get complicated soon, since food and water are in short supply and the local people are just began to get a real conscience of what really had happened. We all here are well aware of the immense desire to help from people of all sorts all over the world; we also know there is a great concern to ensure money and supplies donations are propely distributed, therefore to organize help and collect donations, or if you are thinking of volunteering etc. Please contact only any of the reconized international nongovermental orgnizations such as: CARE HONDURAS Apartado Postal 729 Tegucigalpa, Honduras C.A. Tel/ (504) 232-8601,8852,239-4024-4204,4281,4283,4425 Fax/ (504) 2320913 Contact person: Rina Flores Acconts# 10020961, citybank,N:A: New York; NY 01-22-12-000030-8 Banco Atlantida, Tegucigalpa CARE USA 151 Ellis Street Atlanta GA 30303-2439 Tel/(404) 577-4515 Fax/(404) 577-6271 e-mail: lima@care. org Contact person: Mario Lima or Margaret Dsidourist CARE CANADA 6 Antares Drive,phase III Unit 300. Nepen. Ont. TEL/ (613) 226-5777 fAX/ (613) 228-5600 E-mail: miriam@care.ca Contact person: Miriam Castaņeda AMERICAN RED CROSS International Response Fund, P.O. Box 37243 Washinton, D.C. 20013 Tel/ (800) HELP NOW or (800) 257-7575 For spanish speakers BAPTIST WORLD AID 6733 Curran St McClean, Va. 22101-3804 Tel/ (703) 790-8980 CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES P.O.Box 17090, Baltimore, Md 21203-7090 Tel/ (800) 235-2772 SALVATION ARMY World Service Office 615 slaters lane, Alexandria, Va. 22313 Tel/ (703) 684-5528 SAVE THE CHILDREN P.O. Box 975-M, wesport, Conn., 06880 Tel/ (800) 243-5075 Also: website: www.friendships.org/hurricane.html
-HELP- Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 12:28:22 -0500 From: Arthur S. Martinson (mmartinson@csa-net.com) Subject: Loma Alta in Corquin Is there any news of the community Loma Alta the the Corquin district of Copan? I am the sponsor of a child there (through ChildReach in the U.S.). I know that it is not along the coast, but is inland and close to the border with Guatemala. Of course, I am sure that news of specific individuals/families will be a long time coming . . . mmartinson@csa-net.com or marti@marti.smart.net
-WANTS TO HELP- Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 10:13:31 -0700 From: Terry C. Johnson (terryj@imt.net) I am Terry Johnson, president of Land-tech Montana. We build trails in NW USA and are now snowed out. I would like to see if we could be of assistance in helping out the people in Central America. We have 4 mini excavators and a crew on 10 that are available during this winter. We are seasoned mountain men and have traveled in many countries. Could you help me find contacts that could help us help them? 406-586-3212 in Bozeman, MT. We would be most interested in working with National parks or Eco tour centers. Terry Johnson
-RELIEF- Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 11:09:41 -0600 From: Kendall C. Crawford (kcc37@hal-pc.org) Subject: Relief Update -- Houston Gert -- according to the Houston Chronicle on Sunday Nov 8, all Houston Fire Department fire stations will accept donations for Central America relief through 6:00 p.m. Tuesday Nov 10th. Particularly interested in canned food (and can openers), powdered milk, first aid supplies and bedding. Ken Crawford e-mail KCC37@HAL-PC.ORG See also Ken's earlier message about the Tidewater Relief Effort -Gert
-HELP- Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 21:09:11 -0800 From: Nichole A Whiteman (alejandrom@msn.com) Subject: from Nichole de california To whom it may concern, I am in dire need to find out about a very close friend of mine in San pedro Sula, Honduras. I retrieved your e-mail address off of an informational web page about Hurrican Mitch. I understand it is very difficult to locate anybody at this time, but I do have the specific residence address. it is Colonia Tara, bloque 15, casa #9 , San Pedro Sula. I have no telephone number or any way of getting a hold of him, and I am going crazy with worry. His name is Edoardo Umanzor. If you can locate him or give me any information about the current status of the city of San Pedro, I would be in great debt to you and very, very appreciative. Please, I am desperate for any clues as to his where abouts. Thank you very much for your time and efforts. Hopefully waiting your reply, Nichole A Whiteman You can reply to this e-mail add: alejandrom@msn.com
-HELP- Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 00:04:13 -0500 From: George McDavid (mcdavid@groupz.net) Subject: Island of Helene (Santa Elena) Great service, Gert. May God Bless you! We are looking for information about the whereabouts of missionary nurse Dorothy Compton (affectionately known to many as "Grandma Dorothy"). She was working with the people on Helene off the east end of Roatan when Mitch came through. Any word would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: George McDavid mcdavid@groupz.net
-HELP- Date: Sun, 8 Nov 98 18:59:13 -0600 From: Homer Hickam (hhickam@hiwaay.net) Looking for information on these people on Guanaja: Gilbert Wood and family Bo Bush and family The Bordens Verne Hyde Ivey and Betty Garrett Appreciate any information on their safety. Thanks! Homer Hickam
-HELP- Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 16:05:54 -0600 From: Don Wilken (dwilken@mediaone.net) Subject: family my family lives in El Jaral and we have heard nothing from them or the red cross. could someone please help us..there name is Belasquez..they are about 3 hrs. outside of Pena Blanca..any info would help..Prdgranny@aol.com
Another news/relief update from Jeanne. Anyone who wants to or can help her please do. She has been a great help informing all of us. -Gert -NEWS- (see her earlier messages) Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 13:38:41 -0700 From: Jean Greatorex (jean@vena.com) Subject: Guanaja Update Gert, My news from the west end of the island of Guanaja (via satcom phone that is slowly running out of battery power) is not good. First it seems as if the supplies getting into Guanaja are all taken by people who have the ability to get to the caye where the food is being passed out. (Remember all transportation on this island is by boat and if your boat is gone you have no way to get into the central location) What folks are forgetting is that there are many people on the island of Guanaja who cannot get to the caye and they are not getting ANY food. This report I know is true at the west end on Guanaja and I have heard reports that the same is true for folks trapped on the north east part of the island. After "maxing" out my credit card with WinnDixie's in Tampa to get over 100 cases of food on the Caribbean Star, my husband and 5 other people still have had NO food. I want to ship more supplies to Guanaja but I'm afraid my cynicism is emerging. How can I get at least a few items to the west end? And to the people in the north east part of the island? Also, mosquitos are now a huge problem, at least at the west end of Guanaja. Jeanne
-RELIEF- Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 12:20:43 -0800 From: surfup@pacbell.net Subject: Honduran Relief Deposit Center Any one living in the Los Angeles area, San Gabriel Valley and San Fernando Valley your help is needed, especially today. Volunteers are needed to help pack boxes to send to Honduras. Help is needed at the warehouse they have in Woodland Hills. I do not know the address at this moment but will send the information when I receive it. I believe American Airlines is helping to fly the cargo out. You can come to: Honduran Kitchen Restaurant 2409 Slauson Ave. Huntington Park, Ca. 90255 (Slauson Ave @ Santa Fe Contact person: Rafael Larios Phone number: (323)582-6275 Items that are needed desperately are: Health Supplies Water filters, chlorine, buckets, tanks @ portable toilets, gloves, soaps, toothpaste & brushes Bedding Tents, sleeping bags, blankets, lanterns with batteries and outdoor burners Construction Materials: Nails, hammers, saw, etc. Medicines Penicillin, tetanus shots, rash ointments, cold medicine, bug repellent for mosquitos Food Beans, rice, sugar, floor, can goods, baby food, baby milk, baby cereals, water Non perishables (PLEASE INCLUDE CAN OPENERS) We have receive numerous amounts of clothing. But what we most need at this point is Health supplies, Medicines, Construction Material and Food. Thanks to our Southern Californians residents for donations you have giving to the Honduran people.
-HELP- Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 12:10:10 -0700 From: Mike Wong (mwong@ix.netcom.com) Gert, Do you know whether Paya Bay survived? What's happened to Mervin and Lurlene McNabs? Also, what about Oakridge? Thanks for the info. Mike Wong
-HELP- Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 09:53:23 -0000 From: Tricia Dixon (tdixon@jbmedical.com) Subject: looking for friends Gert Your web page is fantastic - I lived on Bonacca about 10 years ago as an English Teacher and have been looking for news of the Bay Islands - in the UK the Bay Islands are never mentioned in any news reports. I'd love to hear news of Sharla, Ruth & Keith, Denver, - if anyone has any news please email me Am sending relief via the Bayman Bay fund and am thinking of you all All love to everyone Tricia
-NEWS- -RELIEF UPDATE- (see earlier messages) Date: Sat, 07 Nov 1998 21:54:55 -0800 From: loretta.miles (loretta.miles@mci2000.com) Hello, Gert. I'm back again, this time with SOME GOOD NEWS FROM ROATAN: According to Phil Stevens at Ocean Diver's/Sunset Inn Resort in West End (http://www.roatanet.com/nitrox), the community of West End has pulled together in resounding fashion, restoring both faith in human nature and their little piece of the island. Restaurants, hotels and dive shops are all up and running, fully operational, and ready for the usual influx of tourists for the holidays! Food, water, and fuel are in good supply with more shipments due in within the next few days. They are feeling very fortunate, all things considered. The airport is in good shape, only having been closed a few days due to weather, rather than damage, and Taca is flying their regular schedule. If you were considering Roatan as a vacation destination there is no need to change your plans. In fact, now is the time to help restore this beautiful paradise to it's former state of prosperity by supporting it with your tourist dollars. The entire island depends upon tourism for it's economy and there is no need to stay away. The reef is in especially good shape. Just like a major flood helps to restore rivers and streams in North America to health, Mitch swept the reef clear of debris, algae, and silt that were previously causing damage and instead has left it open to flourish and provide new open breeding grounds for many species of sea life. This is EXCELLENT news!!! And should be a huge relief to all concerned. The bad news is still on the other end of the island. Punta Gorda was particularly hard hit by Mitch, sustaining by far and away the most serious damage to Roatan. More than 100 homes were swept to sea, leaving nothing behind but desperate grief. These wonderful people who have so graciously opened their village to us and shared their unique and facinating culture need us now. I have established a donations account through US Bank for the sole purpose of helping to rebuild homes in Punta Gorda. Tax deductible donations made out to HURRICANE MITCH RELIEF should be mailed to P.O. Box 2273, Salem, OR 97308. All donations will go directly to these people, not passing through the pockets of any government officials or charitable organizations deducting their "management fees" off the top. I, myself, with the help of my husband, Alex, who was born and raised in Punta Gorda, will be allocating the funds on a "most in need" basis. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Together we can make a real difference here, providing homes for families left with not even a roof to protect themselves from the sun, the rain, or the night skies. Thanks again, Gert, for all you have done and for allowing me to continue to share information as it comes to me. Loretta Miles de Martinez wife of Captain Alex, The Adventure Girl
-RELIEF UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Sat, 07 Nov 1998 19:49:01 -0800 From: Judy Ann Blake (jblake@jblake.com) Subject: La Curaco I learned on the news tonight that the first shipments of several tons of food, clothing and supplies out of Los Angeles, California should be arriving in Honduras on Sunday, November 8.. These goods have been gathered at several different locations in Los Angeles where this is a very large Latino population. More food, clothing and supplies keeping coming in but the biggest problem is paying for the transportation to Honduras. Over $100,000 has been raised already but much more is needed. It is requested that those that would like to help pay to get these goods to Honduras as speedily as possible, send their checks to La Curaco, 1605 W. Olympic, sixth floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Judy Ann Blake
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 20:19:56 -0700 From: david prather (prather@amigo.net) Subject: S/V Betty Boop Dear Gert, Thank you so much for the help and the wonderful job your doing for us. I'm so relieved to inform you that my daughter, her crew and the BOAT, Betty Boop, are all fine and are now heading for the Island of Turneffe. Reports of the Island of Guyana are good with food, water and help. God bless and keep us. David Prather Southfork, Colorado
-HELP- Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 17:54:11 -0600 From: Phillips (phillips@mobilebay.com) I am looking for a friend who lives in San Pedros.  I have not been able to contact Abel G. Cruz for several weeks. His adress is:     Cerveceria Hondurena     Casa #110 San Pedros     Sula, Honduras Phone # 533-4224 If anyone knows of him or can contact him for me please let me know at      phillips@mobilebay.com   My name is Rachel Phillips. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 16:17:59 -0500 From: katie Hochstetler (khochstetler@usa.net) Subject: Re: family in Saba We have just gotten a call from my brother in law and they are in LaCeiba as of today.Cora is ill with high fever but is getting good health care. thanks Katie

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