[IMG: Hurricane Mitch approaching Honduras on 1998 October 26, 13:15 UT.; Credit: Dennis Chesters, Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, Craig Mayhew, and Hal Pierce, Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 18:23:17 -0500
From: Sue & Jack Burgess (burgee@chesapeake.net)
Subject: help

Gert, My family and I are anxiously seeking any available information
about the welfare of my brother and sister-in-law, Dick and JoAnna
Sheridan, who are building a home for themselves and guests on
Guanaja.  We have had no word from or about them since before Mitch.
Your communications are much appreciated.  Many thanks. Sue Burgess

Some additional info came in later: -Gert

Maybe more information will help.  Dick and Jo Sheridan's place which
they are developing on Guanaja is called Jodi's Seascape and is
located about 2 miles SW of Michael Rock, near Bahia Pine Ridge.  We
understand they may have taken refuge with Sandy and Julie Rensch.
Thanks again.  Sue Burgess

-HELP- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 23:21:01 +0100 From: Holger Rueschenschulte (info@rue.net) Subject: Requ. INFO - Roatan, West Bay Here in Europe (Germany) the only good information is only to get via Internet. Special thanks to you Gert for your engagement ! _If possible_ I would like to have some info abaout friends of mine in West Bay Roatan, Maren and Reinhard Gnielka (owners of West Bay Lodge). All the best wishes from the bottom of our hearts to the peaople tortured by Mitch !!
-HELP- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 14:17:09 -0000 From: Eternal (eternal@adsnet.com) Subject: Looking for Cecilia Houde Gert, My name is Todd Beckley.  I am looking for my mother Cecilia Houde.  She was last seen in Gracias Adios.  (my spelling may be incorrect. translated it means "praise be to god.")  I have talked with the Red Cross and the Peace Corps.  The Peace  Corps has responded that the village is under 4' of water. My mother has mentioned the Cities of Paplya and La Ceiba as places she has been to on a regular basis.  Any information you could give will be very appreciated!  You can contact me at eternal@adsnet.com    Thank you for your efforts. Sincerely,   Todd Beckley
-NEWS- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 15:38:04 EST From: AWACSEH@aol.com Subject: Guanaja contact -1200L 2 Nov 98 I spoke to my Dad on the HAM radio at 12hrs 2 Nov 98. He confirmed the following people are OK. ie he knew personnally that they were alive / had survived. JC Morgan -OK Mike and Angela from Sandy Bay - OK HALF MOON Cay - all fol. OK Sharon Dunnohew Diana and Terry Smith Jack and Darian Conlee Sue Casa's house sustained damage. But provided some shelter to locals. Est at 50% from long waya away eyeball. The North side is improving. They now have water running in Mangrove Bight and are being provided some medical help by a British Navy ship. BUT nothing is getting through from Bonnaca Cay. All the supplies seem to be scooped up by the persons there. There are airplanes going into the Guanaja airstrip. He is pretty sure theyll be OK food wise but suggests that people can help by sending stuff to help rebuild. ie building supplies, hand tools - saws, hammers, pliers, wire, nails,lumber,rope, tarps, TENTS, bedding, clothes, small boats, small outboards, piping, lanterns, lamps, candles, etc The Carribean Star should arrive 3 Nov PM. It will return immediately to Tampa. Any supplies sent to Deep Reef trading by Friday will be loaded -if room permits - for delivery to Guanaja. More tomorrow if we can make contact. Graham Solomon
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 15:01:05 -0600 From: Jack D Heiden (jdheiden@facstaff.wisc.edu) Subject: still searching Gert, We are searching for information about Bill Thomsen and his daughter Tami Ebert who were on the island of Guanaja until yesteday when they wrer evacuated to Rotan. This is all un- documeted information. If anyone on Rotan is in contact with the group that was evacuated please have Thomsen and Ebert e-mail us at jdheiden@ facstaff.wisc.edu. We are very anxious about their well being. NANCY HEIDEN Jack and Nancy Heiden jdheiden@facstaff.wisc.edu 3505 Blackhawk Dr. (608) 233-4506 Madison, WI 53705
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) From: glynch@innet.com Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 14:20:54 -0500 Subject: Cayos Lou, Following is a post to Honduras.com, another site that I have referred to regularly over the last few days: >12:09 p.m. - November 1, 1998 > >We received this message from Don Higby at Plantation Beach Resort on Cayos >Cochinos last night: >Just a quick note to let everyone know WE ARE STILL HERE! We had 25+ people >in the generator room and endured 130mph+ winds. The Wahoo survived as well. >The resort will be dug out in a matter of days and we will be ready >to go DIVING! We thank everyone for your concern and we'll be standing by >here. >Thank God, The Gang at PBR. Sounds like things are ok there in general. Wish the same could be said for the rest of the country. Gregg
-HELP- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 12:44:41 -0600 From: Lou Parris (lbparris@earthlink.net) Subject: Help What has anyone heard about conditions at Cayos Cochinos? I have seen nothing. Lou Parris lbparris@earthlink.net Houston, Texas
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 10:22:04 -0800 From: "White, Sue" (SWhite@Templeton.com) Subject: trying to locate Have not heard from relative since before the storm. Name is Robert (Bobby) White who lives in LaCieba with girlfriend and two small children. Any information would be appreciated. Sue White X47625 Groupware
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 12:16:57 EST From: ROYBIV@aol.com We are seeking info on a group of volunteers from Lafayette, LA who were in Honduras on a humanitarian mission when Mitch visited. Last heard that they were in a hotel in San Pedro Sula and had no means of leaving since they were scheduled to fly out last Saturday. I think that their contact is an Episcopal priest named Keith Milligan. Please e-mail info, if any, to KHenke515@aol.com or to KMH at ROYBIV@aol.com Thank you very much, Kenneth Henke
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 12:02:09 EST From: Shmccarty@aol.com Subject: searching for family in san inagcio/ info on san inagcio Need info on family. mother and father and brother . Americans with a house in village of San Inagcio, I believe they would be with the Flores family or with the Escabar family of this area. PLEASE if you know of them tell them to contact their family A.S.A.P. Last we heard from them was 3 weeks ago and we are very worried. Their names and descriptions follow. Caroline Tuten Dorman mid 40s brown hair and brown eyes dark complexion with scar on her forhead and scar on her throat from a tracheotomy she should be wearing a ring with the initials JnC on it James Edward Dorman mid 50s tall and big build, grey hair and blue eyes fair complexion may be wearing a cowboy hat and boots,wears wedding ring. Terry Lee Dorman 28 tall with big build dark blonde hair and brown eyes real quite has scarring on face from dog attack when he was small. Please if you know of any of these Americans please email to this address and let us know that they are okay, I have contacted the Red cross here and they are looking but they are not finding out fast enough. My mother and brother both need medication and I and my family NEED them home. They have 11 children and 20 grandchildren that need and miss them very much. If you think you may have had contact with these people please let me know.
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 11:56:36 -0500 From: Barbara McMunn (Barbara@markfour.com) I hope you can help me locate my mother-in-law who went with a small group of U.S. citizens to Honduras to deliver medical supplies/wheelchairs. Her name is Eleanor McMunn from Archbold, Ohio. We haven't heard from her since last Tuesday. Please help if you can or suggest any way that we can get help to her and her group. Last we heard was that they were surrounded by water with no way out. Her husband, Wayne and all of the family are very anxious for any news. Thank you for any help you can give us. Barbara McMunn The town Mrs. Eleanor McMunn is in is called Siguatepeque, Honduras. The phone number is 0115047730480. As of Thu, 5 Nov 1998 Barbara still has not heard anything... -Gert
-HELP- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 08:13:53 PST From: steve housewright (sh_10@hotmail.com) Subject: the safety Hello Gert, think you are doing a wonderful job of helping put friends and reletives together!! I am trying to find a dear friend from Olanchito, Karol Martinez, any news or info about her safety would be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Steve
-HELP- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 07:56:43 -0800 From: KC HOWARD (kchoward@cdsnet.net) Subject: looking for mother and father I am looking for any information on Oak Ridge Roatan. Capt.Desmand & Irma Gough, Barry Gough. Edna Gough. Please E-mail me if you know any thing about Oak Ridge ao these people. Kc Howard 541-474-3583
-RELIEF- -UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 08:42:19 -0800 From: John Terry (jonterry@ditell.com) Subject: ADRA Gert-I'm a partner of Doug and Mary Solomon of Guanaja.Please post this 7th Day Adventist number for U.S.donations.I've been told a ship will leave today headed for French Harbor then on to Guanaja.More deliveries ASAP.Most Guanajanians were 7th Day and ADRA seems to have one of the better organized delivery systems.You can specify where you'd like donations to go eg. Guanaja.Thank you very much for providing this service. JT 1-800-424-2372 ADRA Seventh Day Adventist Relief
-RELIEF- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 07:20:18 -0800 From: loretta.miles (loretta.miles@mci2000.com) Subject: Re: Hurricane Mitch Good morning, Gert. First of all, let me thank you for all you have done to help the victims of this horrible disaster and for the rest of us desperate for information about loved ones and conditions in Central America. I, for one, don't know how I could have withstood the confusion and anxiety that this monster, Mitch, created in our lives without the connection you were able to create. The support and shared grief of loss and relief when news was good has truly been a Godsend and you have become one of my heros. I personally have heard from over 100 people who saw my posts regarding Roatan and have taken the time to respond to every one of them, often being able to track down specific information for them in regard to their family or friends in Roatan. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. In response to your question regarding my relief fund, YES, it is active and growing daily. My feeling is that the most pressing and immediate needs (medical supplies, food, clothing, bedding, water, etc.) of these poor devistated people will be met by church groups and organizations such as the Red Cross, so I have decided that where I might be able to make the most difference is in helping to rebuild homes. The money that is donated to my fund will go directly to someone with a truly desperate need, bypassing any government agencies or pockets. I am primarily focussing on Punta Gorda, Roatan, as my husband (a Garifuna) and his family live there, and many of the people who lost everything (over 120 homes swept to sea) are people I have known for years - warm, wonderful people who have welcomed me into their community and have shared their beautiful culture and rich traditions with me and my family. However, if someone sends me money earmarked for someone other than a resident of Punta Gorda, but living on Roatan, I will do everything within my power to see to it that their money makes it to the person they want to help. Checks and money orders should be made out to HURRICANE MITCH RELIEF and ALL donations should be mailed to P.O. Box 2273, Salem, OR 97308. I am leaving for Roatan on November 19 and would like to take as much money as possible so I can get my project underway. As you know, it is the rainy season in Honduras and these people need homes now. Again, Gert, thank you for all you have done. It has meant so much to so many. Sincerely, Loretta Miles de Martinez wife of Alejandro Martinez Gonzale Loretta can be contacted by telephone at (503) 585-8849. -Gert
-RELIEF- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 09:35:09 -0500 From: J L SILVER (JSILVER5@compuserve.com) Subject: Honduras Bay Island Hurricane Relief Effort Mary and Martha Mancil, Donna Ladnier, with the aid of the Alabama State docks are starting a relief effort for the bay islands. Any thing you or a friend can do to help will be greatly apprieacated. You can call Mary or Donna at 1-334-661-5915. Thank you Martha
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 07:52:35 -0800 From: Fuentes (afn63785@afn.org) Subject: Searching for my son. I am trying to find out about my son who is an American citizen. He is 14 years old and has been living with his father and grandparents in San Pedro Sula since June. They live in the neighborhood of Bella Vista. His name is Juan David Fuentes, father is Juan Carlos Fuentes, grandparents are Roberto and Zulema Fuentes. If anyone has information it would be greatly appreciated. You can E-mail me at afn.63785.org. or via telephone at (352) 528-2416. Thank you, Laurie Friedman
-HELP- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 13:29:41 +0100 From: robert vanhoofstat (robert.vanhoofstat@bbl.be) Subject: miss Anouk Asscherickx (age 19) Anouk Asscherickx is as a guest-student staying in San Pedro Sula, Honduras with the family D. Caballero, Colonia Jardines Del Valle, Quarta Calle Casa 42 E phone 566.16.45. Her parents are looking for news from her. Many thanks. Robert
-HELP- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 07:24:04 -0500 From: Cliff Kushner (ckushner@erols.com) Subject: Help We would appreciate any info on the status of Terry Zapata and his family of Guanaja and how we can help. Thank You, The Kushner's in Maryland The Padilla's in Maryland Eleonora (Mari) Pavon in Tegucigalpa
-HELP- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 11:06:15 +0100 From: Monix (mantabay@hotmail.com) I am looking for news on TRUJILLO and, please, does anyone know if my dear friend KIM BAKER is ok? Monique Nerman mantabay@hotmail.com
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 12:06:44 +0300 From: SEABULK (SEABULK@QATAR.NET.QA) Subject: Relatives of crew, (for Seabulk Offshore- Doha.) I am the secretary at Seabulk Offshore Int'l. Based in Doha, Qatar. I am trying to find information on the relatives of some of our crewmembers who are very worried about their families. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated: Family of Capt. Regan Haylock: Oscar, Lydia and Kezia Haylock and Mishely Mendez. (Ph: 504 453 4246) Wife of Capt. Farrell Parson: Sylvia Parson. All on Guanaja Hond Isla De La Bahia. I am at a bit of a loss as to where I can find any information or get help. Are there any hotlines that I can contact? ( I heard that there was a number in Miami that I could call...) Thanks so much, Sarah Caldwell. Doha, Qatar.
-HELP- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 20:38:15 -0800 From: Larry Thomason (lthomason@tenforward.com) Subject: victim condition request request condition of : Victoria delmina juarez gomes age 27 , sabana bight. and daughter jeanie crystal juarez gomes. age 10 sabana bight. guanaja, isla de la bahia, honduras. are they alive ????? what can i do to help ?? lthomason@tenforward.com 1339 campbell ave. port angeles wa. 98362 phone USA 360 457 2930 collect calls will be accepted.
-HELP- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 23:12:47 EST From: MErwin3614@aol.com Subject: Looking for son Hi: Your address was given to me by another user, with reference to familles caught in hurricane Mitch. My son David Marshall, called from Puerto Cortes last Monday, to advise he had arrived in Honduras safe and sound. He and another friend from West Palm Beach, had sailed a trimaran from here to Honduras. As I said, he called to say they had arrived safely, the boat was taken out of the water and battened down, and they were staying with friends. My son's girlfriend is a young Honduran and they have an infant son. Other than that one phone call after their arrival, I have heard nothing, and am now getting extremely concerned. If you have any way of reaching anyone in that area of northwestern Honduras, I would be most appreciative of any information you can gather. I have been checking the Internet and the news reports constantly during the day, and as you can see from the time of this letter, well into the night, to see if there is any word on American survivors. Unfortunately, Dave had a problem with his laptop just before setting sail, and it was left behind here with us in Riviera Beach, so I can't even try to contact him that way. Many thanks for any help you can give. A very worried mother.
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Sun, 01 Nov 1998 19:27:35 PST From: loly veverica (vevericl@hotmail.com) Subject: good news dear Gert, I found out that my dad, capt Al Veverica is fine. Thank you very much and everyone who have helped me locate my dad. loly veverica
-HELP- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 22:11:34 EST From: Win7mag@aol.com Subject: Search for Family in Teguc My wife and I are very concerned about our relatives living in Tegucigalpa. We have heard nothing from them. If anyone has any contacts in Tegucigalpa that may be able to assist us we would be very grateful. The names of those family members we are searching for follow: Chavy Amador Kathya Gonzalez (niņa) Carlos Ramirez Manuel Ramirez Home Address: Colonial San Jose de La Vega Bloque #43, Peatonal #5, Casa #5306 Tegucigalpa Phone number: 2464606 If anyone can assist you can email me at mark@intlfriends.com or Win7mag@aol.com. We can also be contacted via telephone. Mark & Ruth Bodiford Home Phone: 334.980.1059 Office: 334.980-1013 Fax: 334.980.1014
I received some more (no) news re: S/V Fantome. There is a Geocities-site mentioned which should have (links to) the latest info. Also, the Windjammer Forum is a good source. I couldn't check out Dean's site, since it's down... -Gert -NEWS- >Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 19:15:03 -0500 >From: "Dean Dey" (dey@UDel.Edu) via Sara L. Sommers >Subject: No News as of 7pm ET > >Windjammer Friends: > >As of this hour there is no new information either At Windjammer, or on the >various sites I have been checking.. Please be patient and hoepful. The >devastation in the area is vast, and communication is difficult. As the >weather is improving, and assets throughout the region are increasing, some >information should be forthcoming soon. Let us hope all is well! > >I have included a note from WJ, and a news story from the Miami Herald, >which has consistently produced the coverage upon which all the other news >sources are basing their information.. > >Once again my Web Site is down due to the number of hits. Tomorrow I will >have all day to work on it, and I get paid for it:-) Meanwhile another Dean >has set up a web site, which is mentioned at the end of the article. In >addition, this list is going to about 130 people! > >Take Care and Have Faith!! > >Dean in Southern Delaware > > > > >__________________________________________________________________ >Subject: The Board and More News >Name: News >Time/Date: 12:55:59 11/01/98 >Message: > >Hi guys, >Am glad to work the board this morning from home. Am going to the office >shortly. > >US Coast Guard, British Navy, Honduran Navy and the Nicaraguan Navy are all >out in force searching today. Our friends in Holland, owners of the S/V >Rembrandt Van Rijn, have sent the Rembrandt to help too. As the weather >improves, so do the chances of finding Fantome. > >Six US Coast Guard planes and two chartered airplanes we have hired are all >busy looking. > >Hope springs eternal so let's prayer for some good news this afternoon. > >I will post again tonight. > >Shannon sends her regards. > >Roy Bower >Administration >WBC, Ltd. > > >________________________________________________ > > >No sign of missing schooner Fantome >ANALISA NAZARENO and SANDRA MARQUEZ GARCIA >Herald Staff Writers >The fate of 31 crew members who tried to outsail Hurricane Mitch in a >historic 260-foot schooner remained a mystery Saturday as the U.S. Coast >Guard searched for a third day without success. > >Two C-130 aircraft scoured the waters off Honduras and Belize for the >Fantome, a Windjammer Cruises sailing ship that was last heard from on >Tuesday. But after they scanned an area the size of West Virginia, there >were no clues. > >``So far, we have not found squat of this vessel,'' said Scott Carr, a >spokesman for the U.S. Coast Guard in Miami. ``We haven't found debris. We >haven't found life rafts. We haven't found bodies. Now that is a good >thing.'' > >Family members of the missing crew have made anxious phone calls to the >Coast Guard in recent days -- hoping for any news of their loved ones. > >But family members may have more information than most. Windjammer officials >would not provide the names or nationalities of the 31-member crew. They >said only that crew members were hired for their knowledge of the area. The >U.S. Coast Guard would not provide names, either. > > >Weather is better > >Coast Guard and Windjammer officials were counting on improved weather to >aid the search. But 10 miles of visibility and reduced wind speeds of 20 >miles per hour didn't provide the miracle they were hoping for. > >``Hopefully, they are on the boat,'' Carr said. ``Hopefully, the boat didn't >sink. If the boat sunk, what you need to stay alive is a life vest. Then get >into a life raft.'' > >The Fantome cut short a one-week island cruise on Monday, dropping off 100 >passengers in Belize City before attempting to make an eastward escape as >Mitch advanced toward Honduras with winds of 180 miles per hour. > >But the Fantome may have headed right into the worst of the storm. > >``I think they were trying to get out of the way of the storm and it didn't >happen that way,'' Carr said. > >Executives of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises were waiting by the telephones at >their Miami Beach office Saturday, hoping for leads. > >``We have received several responses, but we have not been able to >substantiate any of the information that has been supplied to us,'' said >James Canty, vice president of corporate development. > > >Decision to sail > > >Canty said the company and the ship's captain made the decision together >Tuesday to try to dodge Mitch. > >``This was a decision between the captain and the company, and everybody >felt that this was the correct decision, and everyone still does,'' Canty >said. > >``It's safer for a ship to be at sea during a hurricane and to avert the >hurricane,'' Canty said. > >The Coast Guard agreed. ``Ships fare better in a hurricane as long as they >leave long enough ahead so they can outrun it or avoid it,'' Carr said. > >One of Fantome's last passengers, Dr. Dean Traiger of Manhassett, N.Y., >became so consumed with the fate of the crew he had befriended that he >created an Internet Web page tracking news of the ship after he and other >passengers flew home. > >The Web page, with the address http://www.geocities.com/ >TheTropics/Island/6061/, was originally intended to chronicle the Latin >American adventures of Traiger and other passengers. > > > > >Dean Dey >http://www.rec.udel.edu Work Web >http://www.rec.udel.edu/wj.htm Windjammer Page
-HELP- Date: Sun, 01 Nov 1998 19:20:41 -0800 From: John M Smith (jmsmith@adnc.com) Subject: HELP! Please help me get information about my sponsered child, Rafael Edgardo Garcia Escobar(5)and his family in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras or news of that area. Father's name: Juan Angel Garcia Escobar. Mother: Candida Garcia Escobar. 11 children. Thanks! (jmsmith@adnc.com)
-HELP- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 19:47:58 -0800 From: Sandra Pavon (guatex@gua.net) Subject: lost contact with my Family I lost any contact since 5 days with my Brothers,Sisters and Mom who are living in the Colonia La Paz, La Lima,Dept.Cortez: Silvia Reyes, Carolina Reyes, Vilma Reyes, Dario Reyes, Dimas Reyes, Leticia de Castellon, Dalila de Ardon, Sagrario Reyes y mi Mom Rosa Monjes de Finca Tacamiche.Anybody who knows about those persons, please contact me in Guatemala at Phone 502 256 2622 or even by e-mail guatex@gua.net. I'm very appreciate for any available Information. Regards Sandra Pavon
-HELP- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 20:22:16 -0500 From: "Anthony M. Sellitto, Jr." (asellitto@aslaw.com) Subject: Looking for E-BANKS & HAYLOCK We are trying to find out information on BIRDELL E-BANKS and her sons CHARLIE & DWIGHT HAYLOCK - on GUANAJA  VELDA and LIZ ROMAN are inquiring.  They were owners of a seafood plant and TV station on Guanaja. Please e-mail any information to asellitto@aslaw.com or call in US 800 585-8797 or 732 244-9797 9-5 EST
-HELP- Date: Sun, 01 Nov 1998 15:46:21 PST From: loly veverica (vevericl@hotmail.com) Subject: help gert, my name is loly veverica, im asking for your help in finding out anything about my dad, his name is Capt. Al Veverica he lives at the airport in guanaja. i've heard reports that his house is gone if you or anyone has any information please contact me at vevericl@hotmail.com or joy at 1-504-361-3397. please help!!
-NEWS- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 15:28:55 EST From: AWACSEH@aol.com Subject: Re: Bay Islands Relief My Mom managed to get a hold of a HAm radio and passewd that a British navy ship is now standing off Guanaja. They are setting up a clinic of sorts and are apparently cooking HOT food on board and delivering it ashore. They still dont have transport as their boats are all up too high in the mangroves and they dont have any chainsaws to get at them. More food, water and all the attendant aid is still badly needed in Guanaja. Graham
-HELP- Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 05:06:36 -0400 From: Dessie Poo (dessie@cuteandcuddly.com) Subject: Help Everyone in my family is going completely insane because of all this tremendous disaster! I am trying to locate a couple of people, and if anyone can help me, then please do so! First, we're trying to find out any information about the location of my aunt, Esly Chavez. She has not been seen or heard from since Friday night, and her house is almost 6 feet under water. We are really worried about her because we cannot find her. Also, we're trying to find Carmen de Valladares and her children, Ailinnee Valladares, Carlos Valladares, Jose Alejandro Valladares, and Andrea Valladares. Their house might have been flooded although we do not know that for certain. They lived in Loarques, Tegucigalpa. Because the phone lines are down, we're not able to communicate with anyone, and we're extremely worried! If anyone can help us, we would greatly appreciate it.
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) From: Nodiggin38@aol.com Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 14:42:39 EST Subject: SUCCESS FINDING J.C MORGAN (UPDATE) We heard last night from a family member that J.C. Morgan is alive and well. He is with Capt Al and a brother of a Mr Powell. They are in contact with Mr. Powell's brother on one of the Caymen Islands. Thank you for your efforts.
-NEWS- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 14:06:44 -0600 From: Sallie N. Peeler (speeler@iquest.net) Subject: Rescue from Guanja: Follow-up News Gert:   This is a follow-up report from the U.S. State Department, to a family member of a survivor of the Hurricane Mitch at the Posada Del Sol Resort, regarding rescue efforts from Guanaja, as reported by me in an earlier report.  It seems that perhaps all guests at Posada Del Sol and maybe others have been transported to the Island of Roatan which is west of Guanaja.  They are at a place called LaSaba.  Further rescue efforts are continuing in all areas presently.  Hopefully flights out of Roatan will take place tomorrow, if all goes well.  Supplies such as food and medical relief are eminent if they have not arrived already.   Sallie Peeler Indiana,  USA
-HELP- Date: Sun, 01 Nov 1998 10:35:52 -0800 From: Mitch Farmer (mfarmer1@san.rr.com) Subject: Best source for donations? Hello, Where is the best source to donate funds and/or supplies for immediate relief for the areas affected? I'm in the San Diego area. Add my name to the long list of divers wishing to help because of our wonderful experiences in the Bay Islands and on the mainland of Honduras. I cannot imagine the difficulties now facing the region. Regards, Mitch Farmer San Diego, California
-HELP- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 07:47:29 -0600 From: Michael Bridges (camilla@stic.net) Subject: information on loved ones Please help!  We have loved ones who live on Guanaja.  They are Martha and Bo Bush and their children.  Does anyone know if they are still alive? Sincerely,  Herlinda Bridges and family.     email to camilla@stic.net   Phone: 512-331-8592
-HELP- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 12:40:50 -0500 From: Stephen Giustizia (sgiustizia@sprint.ca) Subject: HELP: Family Sagastume The Sagastume Family were our dear friends while they lived in Canada.  We try to write back and forth and are very worried about their current condition due to the storm.   Roberto Jr. lives in either LaCieba or S. Lorenso. He is 19 yrs old.  We do not have a current address.   Roberto Sr. and his wife Calixa and their 4 daughters live in Talanga. I believe their address to be: 2 cuadrass y media de parque municipal talanga, Dpto  Francisco Moracan Honduras CA   The Sisters of the Holy Rosary in Tegucigalpa have also been involved with the family.   Any information that anyone can provide us would be much appreciated.   Our email address is sgiustiz@sprint.ca
-HELP- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 12:16:07 -0500 From: Patty McNamara (honeymush1@email.msn.com) Subject: want to help Dear Gert, I am not of the capacity to offer financial help to the victims of "mitch", but want to possibly send clothing if it can help. I welcome any advice for doing so from any of your correspondents. I can be emailed: honeymush1@msn.com My thoughts and prayers are with all. Patricia McNamara Cleveland, Ohio
-NEWS- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 11:57:46 EST From: AWACSEH@aol.com Subject: Bay Islands Relief Sun 1 Nov 0900 Had a call from my Mom Mary Solomon from Mangrove Bight via a charter yacht that has stopped by ( and provided all the food / help they could). NO SUPPLIES have come through to Mangrove Bight area as of yet. She sounded very desparate as many people are in a very bad way, particularly the kids,etc. They had seen a helicopter go into the South side and had heard people on the south side were getting food and evacuated but no help for the North side. No roads on the island and very few boats are running so transport is very difficult. All the paths are littered with debris and it took them 3 hours to go 1 mile. Boats and saws are thus a high priority! Called Mr Powell at IMP in the Cayman Is. He delivered 12k lbs of supplies to Roatan this AM, along with a medical team. Their goal is to go to every community on Guanaja by tonight. Hopefully they will make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talked to the US Air Planning Cell at Soto Cano AB, Hondo and informed them of what I had heard. They will arrive in Roatan today with fixed wing aircraft and hope to get some helo's out to Guanaja today but it is a very difficult logistical problem due to lack of fuel sites. Lots of air assets are on the way. Thanks again for keeping the info flowing. I sincerely hope it will motivate those reading / watching this drama unfold into helping by donating to anywhere to help those in Honduras. Thanks Graham Solomon
-NEWS- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 11:28:58 EST From: SMPHARTSEL@aol.com Subject: Mitch Hello to all: My sister, Daine Wood Etches, in Roatan, reports the following: Mitch stayed around Guanaja for over 48 hours with 150 mph wind gusts! The airport is open. Several flights from Roatan landed there Saturday. Airplane from Cayman Island arrived Roatan Saturday am. HMS SHEFFIELD arrived Roatan @ 2pm Saturday. Helicopter immediately sent to Guanaja. These brave, wonderful, experienced sailors arrived in Montserrat before Hurricane Hugo left and are experienced in building roads, restoring electricity, setting up hospitals, etc. God save the Queen and her subjects! Poor Tegucigalpa. All 7 bridges down, houses from entire neighborhoods buried with people inside. Radio reports over 1000 dead. The mainlanders were very worried about the islanders but Mitch apparently saved the worst for mainland Honduras. MWH
-NEWS- Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 11:07:29 -0600 From: Sallie N. Peeler (speeler@iquest.net) Subject: Posada Del Sol Rescue Gert,   First I would like to thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to get information out to the people far away regarding conditions of the lands of Honduras and its damage from Mitch.  The concerned family members from afar are MOST GRATEFUL!   I have some information to share, which was reported to a family member of a guest at Posada Del Sol that some guests had been evacuated, and that only 5 guests remained at that resort.  This information seemed reliable as it came directly from the resort headquarters in Miami.  We have no information as to who was evacuated or their where they were transported, except that the airport on Guanaja was being used.  We hope to receive further information later today.   Our prayers continue for all peoples affected by this terrible storm Mitch. Concern and hope go before this message! Sallie Peeler, Indiana

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