[IMG: Hurricane Mitch approaching Honduras on 1998 October 26, 13:15 UT.; Credit: Dennis Chesters, Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, Craig Mayhew, and Hal Pierce, Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Mitch - Honduras

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The following missing persons are all on Guanaja -Gert

Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 11:56:48 +0300

                         Regan Haylock.) Also MISHELY MENDEZ.
                 SYLVIA PARSONS, (Wife of Capt. Farrell Parsons)

Am still searching for the families of our Captains.  I am finding it
difficult due to the time difference between here and the States, so I
would like to leave my home number which can be contacted after my work day
is over:

Phone/Fax-  Doha, Qatar: (974) 680309
My boss; Dave Smith, can be contacted on his mobile: (974) 552310
The Office fax is: (974) 358116
Phone: (974) 357899

I can't reach any of the crisis numbers as they are freephone and cannot be
reached on international lines- any other numbers that can be called?

Thanks, Sarah,
Doha, Qatar.

-NEWS- Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 09:42:36 +0100 From: Holger Rueschenschulte (Holgi@rue.net) Subject: RELIEF I just got some information from Roatan, Reinhard and Maren Gnielka (West Bay Lodge) are all OK. No damages to report. Rudy Stockhausen (Geofriys(?) Hidaway, West End) and relatives are OK. Only little damage to report. Road condition West End - West Bay, poor, washed out. Best regards, Holgi
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 20:07:20 -0800 From: leslie eaton (LESBAXTER@prodigy.net) Subject: Baxter Institute I am looking for anyone from the Baxter Institute in Tegu. Honduras. Please tell them Leslie is looking. Signed Leslie Baxter at Lesbaxter@prodigy.net
-HELP- S/V Betty Boop is thought to be around Guanaja. -Gert Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 16:33:50 -0700 From: david prather (prather@amigo.net) Subject: sailing vessel Betty Boop Gert, We are looking for any updated information on our daughter Veronica Prather and her freind Ian Pearce and their sailboat "Betty Boop". We heard thru a ham-radio operator on Sunday the 2nd that they had survived the storm but we would like some more information concerning the condition of their boat and what their plans are. We are still in the process of trying to contact Ian's parents in England and would like someone to let him know we have put the word out to his freinds in Cayman and Tortola for help in contacting them. What do they need and what can we do? Thank you for your help. Jerilee & David Prather Southfork, Colorado 719-873-0268 prather@amigo.net
-RELIEF- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 22:14:19 EST From: CKerr115@aol.com Subject: TGCC Relief fund Texas Gulf Coast Council of Diving Clubs has set up a relief fund for divers in and around Houston TX www.islandream.com/relief.htm Charles Kerr TGCC President
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 18:15:49 -0000 From: CHANTAL PINEAU (molson1@uniserve.com) Subject: Re: please help!!! I'm looking for Kathy Picard 27 years old ,she whent there on holidays she's been there for a month and half learning how to scoubadive but haveant heard from here since the hurricane mitch ..I'm in B.C and she wase living in Jasper Alberta and i'm here best of friends i just hope that you can help me please tell me she's ok and let here no that here family will be contacted if she's ok please don't ignore this message i know that you have alot to do but ...I just whant answers please my name is Chantal Pineau.Thank you ! She's in Honduras (Tagouci Galpa) and on here passport it says that she's from Mont-Joli (Quebec)
-HELP- Kathryin is looking for a motor vessel named Sea Star. While it is in Guatamala in the Caribbean Sea somewhere I was hoping if maybe someone reading these pages has some info. Livingston Guatemala is on the Caribbean Sea, not far from the border of Honduras. Rio Dulce is a river which flows into the Caribbean, into the Bay of Honduras. Suzanna's Laguna is a few miles inland from Livingston. -Gert Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 21:49:56 +0000 From: kathryn stoddard (kstoddard@newmassmedia.com) Gert, Thank you for the important job your web site and message board have been doing over the past week. We too are deeply saddened about the terrible news from Honduras and Nicaragua. We have been seeking news about the area of the Rio Dulce in Guatemala. This location seemed to be in the path of Mitch but we have been unable to get any info. Specifically, we are looking for news of friends who were aboard the U.S. motor vessel Sea Star at Suzanna's Laguna,on the Rio Dulce, near Livingston, Guatemala. If you or any reader of the gobeach.com message board has news of this vessel or about conditions at this location, please post an answer or write to kstoddard@newmassmedia.com. Thank you.
-RELIEF- Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 19:41:14 -0600 From: Kamala E.R. Tribus (lilith@datasync.com) Subject: More Relief... Dear Gert, I hope this is of help and bless you for your wonderful web site. I'm retyping a small blurb that appeared in the Sun Herald, the paper for Gulfport MS. The port at Gulfport does a lot of business with the Dole Fresh Fruit Company. With regards to the following article, does anyone know if Chiquita is doing anything to help? From The Sun Herald, Gulfport MS, Nov. 3, 1998 Companies Helping Out Dole Fresh Fruit Co. employees at the state Port of Gulfport are coordinating relief efforts to aid the people of Honduras. A committee is being formed to coordinate shipments of relief items by air and sea. Dry goods, nonperishable food and medicine can be dropped off at Dole Fresh Fruit's warehouse at 45 E. Pier (Gulfport MS) at the port from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m Monday through Friday. Cash donations can be made to Hurricane Mitch Honduras Relief and mailed to Dole Fresh Fruit, P.O. Box 1689, Gulfport, MS 39502. Details: (228) 864-8282 Kammy Tribus lilith@datasync.com
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 20:26:46 -0500 From: "Anthony M. Sellitto, Jr." (asellitto@aslaw.com) Subject: Birdell E-Banks Charlie & Dwight Haylock safe on Guanaja & LeCeiba We've received word that Birdell E-Banks and other family members and neighbors are safe on Guanaja - they spent the last week in the lobster & Shrimp Warehouse owned by her sons Dwight & Charlie Haylock. The warehouse - "Marrisco Islenos" is a concrete building on Guanaja. We will try to get names of all persons known to be allright and will follow up tomorrow.
-HELP- Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 17:28:28 -0800 From: Peter Stokes (pstokes@hooked.net) Subject: looking for my brothers I am looking for my brothers. They live in Yojoa la Curva in Honduras. Their names are David Membreno & Jorge Membreno. I have tried to call a friend of theirs in San Pedrosula but I can't get through. Can you help me to find out if they are o.k. or need help. I am their sister Barbara Membreno, I live in Berkeley, California, USA. You can reach me by writing back to this email address or by calling collect to the USA at 510-527-3078. If anyone has any information on my brother's situation could you please let me know. I am very worried. Thank you very much. Barbara Membreno
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 15:15:57 PST From: jennifer joy (simplyjoy@hotmail.com) Subject: Good News From Bay Islands (Roatan) Honduras today My friend KARIE KNEEDLER is alive and well on the island of Roatan, Honduras!! I received an e-mail from someone on Roatan that let me know that my friend is alive and well and that there have been no deaths or serious injuries on Roatan! I sent a return e-mail to thank her and gave her this website address and the e-mail address for "gert@gobeach.com" so that she may be able to share more news. Thank you, Gert, for this great method of sharing information. God bless you all.
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 14:58:17 -0500 From: Elaine M Graziano (Elaine_M_Graziano@fleet.com) Subject: Tom McNamara, Isla de Roatan, Honduras Does anyone have any news to share about conditions on Roatan? I am most concerned about my brother Thomas McNamara who lives in the Sundancer community and his daughter, Deirdre (Dee) McNamara. I do not have an understanding concerning his location on the island but I did hear from him on October 28 am when he called to say they and friends had taken refuge on the other side of the island in a concrete building (house) belonging to a family member of Deirdre's fiancee, Jorge. There has been no news in our Connecticut newspapers or TV on the islands. The majority of news is noted on mainland Honduras. Please email me with any news. Thank you Elaine M Graziano@Fleet.Com
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 17:07:18 -0500 From: "Thompson, Dave" (davet@northway.org) Subject: Two persons Gert, I got your email address from a friend. I am looking for two people. One is a 14 year old boy. The other is a baby. They both live in Francisco, Morazan or San Miguelito y La Libertad ( I believe that is the village). The boys names is Nahun Sauceda Posadas, who is about 14 years old. The baby's name is Selvin Omar Perez Perez. We help to sponsor these kids, and I don't know the parent's names. If you can, please find out if they are alive and well. Thank you so much for your help in this painful time. We're praying for you all. Dave Thompson
-HELP- Date: 03 Nov 98 16:05:02 +0000 From: Scott Mckay (smckay@campbelllaw.com) A Honduran friend of mine asked me if I could help find their friends. I dont know what avenues to start with, though. I am looking for three people. Miguil Antonia Medina Antonio Medina Martha Gonzales They live in Colonia LaVega. When the storm hit they may have been between Colonia LaVega and Colonia Altos de San Jose. They were going to San Jose as it was supposed to be safer. This is all of the information I have. If you can help me get my search started, I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Scott Mckay
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 14:59:08 -0600 From: Michael Huey (mhuey@adclinic.com) Subject: Roatan, Honduras -- KARIE KNEEDLER LOOKING FOR: KARIE KNEEDLER I am trying to find out if a friend of mine from Roatan, Honduras is okay. She lives there and runs Java Jungle. I last heard from her on Monday, October 26th, by e-mail from the Online Cafe, West End, Roatan. Please notify me of any information you may have about Karie or Java Jungle or the island. e-mail: SkyJoy99@aol.com or mhuey@adclinic.com Thank you, Michael
-HELP- Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 15:38:30 -0500 From: Elizabeth Hanna (bbay@grouper.batelnet.bs) Subject: Maurice Boden on Roatan I am writing on behalf of a friend here in the Bahamas. His name is Van Boden, originally from Honduras, and he is concerned about his brother, Maurice Boden and his family, who live in Oak Ridge on Roatan. He has not heard from him, and has not been able to get through on the phone. If anyone knows him, and has information on his whereabouts, if he and his family are safe, etc., also things they might need, please respond to me at bbay@grouper.batelnet.bs and I will let Van know. Thank you very much.
-HELP- Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 12:01:54 -0800 From: Jan Haynes (haywie@silcom.com) Subject: Looking for Relative I am writing for a friend who has a sister in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She has not been able to reach her by telephone. My friend's name is Nelly Ribera. Her sister is Mirian Alexi Ribera and she lived on Montefresco Colonia in San Pedro Sula. We are wondering if she is all right and where she is. If anyone knows anything regarding this family, please respond to me. Thank you very much for this service. Jan Haynes (for Nelly Ribera)
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 11:33:35 -0800 From: Marc Feezor (MFeezor@Fadaleng.com) Hello I am sending this Mesg ( on behalf of the Ted Harmmer family ) in the hopes of getting any and all information about the Island of Guanaja on Dun Bar reef / Sandy bay. We have an island home off shore on the Dun Bar ( Casa Tahiti " Mr Ted's " ) and I am very interested and concerned in knowing if any of the Grayburn Jackson family was listed as injured / dead on Savanah bight. This Family looks after our house while we are away. We have, todate been unable to contact any of the family. I would also like to know if any body has been by and remembers the condition of 'Casa Tahiti" home of Mr. Ted. it is the home next to Norman K. We are trying to arrange flights down with supplies as soon as possible. We would be very grateful for any and all information. I can reached (e-mail) mfeezor@fadaleng.com, phone 360-766-6755 Pacific Standard Time ( Holly or Don ) Marc Feezor
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 11:55:29 -0800 From: John M Smith (jmsmith@adnc.com) Subject: NEWS OF SANTA ROSA DE COPAN I contacted CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN AND AGING in Kansas City, Kansas. They told me that they contacted Santa Rosa de Copan and that area escaped damage and there is food and water. My sponsored child and his family are fine. Thank God for that and for people like you! Thank you. John. (jmsmith@adnc.com)
-HELP- Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 11:01:31 -0700 From: Gallegos Gwen (gallegosg@m.ogden.k12.ut.us) Subject: Buena Vista Dear Gert, I was just wondering if you or anyone has any information about the town of Buena Vista. I haven't heard anything about how they were affected and my son is there. If anyone has any information about that area, please email me. Thanks for your help. My prayers are with all of you. Thanks, Gwen
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 09:46:26 -0800 From: "Griggs, Sheila" (sheilag@exchange.SanDiegoCA.NCR.com) Subject: Help Hello - I am looking for some information for my husband (Jose' Romero) His mother and brother live in La Lima, Honduras. We can not find any information about them, we tried the local Red Cross, here in San Diego, but they said that they could not get through to Honduras either (with the phone lines down and power out). We have read the news about the La Lima area being entirely under water due to heavy flooding. His mothers name is Priscila Romero she is about 67 years old, she just moved to Honduras, after retiring from a company in Chicago. His brothers name is Mario Zelaya, he is about 40 years old. They live on; Colonia Pineda, La Lima, Honduras (phone number: 011-504-668-5173). Any information would help. Thank you so very much, Sheila Griggs
-HELP- Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 11:40:01 -0600 From: Ken Leder (kleder@ti.com) Subject: Steven Jansen Our son, Steven Jansen, called form La Ceiba Thursday and said he was staying on the second floor of a hotel where he moved after the roof was blown off the first hotel.If anyone sees him we would sure like to know if he is still ok. JasJansen@aol.com
-NEWS- Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 12:36:01 -0500 From: Dr Daniel E. Jolly (jolly.4@osu.edu) Subject: People on Guanaja - info Heard this morning that Charles Gerke, wife Cindy and Judith Kelly (Wilmot Bay) are on Guanaja - weathered the storm. Houses damaged but standing in Wilmot Bay. Cindy is back in Houston (kids stayed in Houston for school). Judith just needs her medications. Hope to talk with Cindy later today. Dr. Dan Jolly (dentist who does clinic on Guanaja - from Ohio State Univ)
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 12:07:18 -0500 From: katie Hochstetler (khochstetler@usa.net) Subject: family in Saba I have a sister and husband who live in a small town of Tresluces,10 min away from Saba. There names are Natidad and Cora Delarca. They are missionaries and we have been trying to find out how they are.We have a ham operator that we have contacted near us and he is talking to different ones in Honduras but haven't been able to get any news yet. His name is Don Witaker and lives in Alliance Ohio. Any information about my family can be sent to my email at khochstetler@usa.net and phone 330 877 6006 thank you Katie Hochstetler Hartville Ohio
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 23:05:17 -0600 From: Glenda Cross (0840ael@informns.k12.mn.us) Subject: Jon Moore and family If possible, I would like to know about Jon Moore and his family who live at Tegucigalpa. Thank you. Glenda Cross St. James, MN
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 98 11:03:56 PST From: Deanne Vasen (vasen.d@portseattle.org) Subject: Help locate victims in La Ceiba & Roatan Trying to locate neighbors and a friend. I own a beachfront lot 2 miles west of La Ceiba; haven't seen any news about that area. It's a small community of American expats called "Little Honduras". Are any photos available of the La Ceiba coast line and does anyone have any info on: Harold Melloway Paul St. Laurent James Sexton Robert Hale Dwayne Knecht On Roatan, I need to locate an American lady from Texas, Miss Francis, who built and owns Casa Calico on the West End, near Half Moon Bay. And a Susan Williams from Oakridge. She was heavily involved in children's theater, etc. E-Mail me at vasen.d@portseattle.org Thank you all. And thanks to Gert for this wonderful, invaluable service!
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 12:20:05 -0500 From: Sue & Jack Burgess (burgee@chesapeake.net) Subject: Re: help Gert: As luck would have it, just after you posted our note we received seconhand but likely accurate information that Dick and JoAnna Sheridan are alive and well on Guanaja, and still staying with their friends. Thank you so much for helping us and all. Sue Burgess
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 15:55:45 -0000 From: "Smith, Roy" (RoyS@dumgal.gov.uk) Subject: Looking for Friends in Tegucigalpa Hi I Live in Dumfries, Scotland. I am sending this on behalf of friends who used to live in Tegucigalpa until 2 years ago. They still have a son out there. His name is Neil Renwick and has a wife called Mildred. He lives in the Reparto area in Tegucigalpa. Mildred has some family by the name of Amya who live in Balle de Angeles. Any information regarding the whereabouts of these people would be very welcome or at least some information on the situation in Reparto. I would also like to hear of any information the Manchen congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses in Tegucigalpa. Please e-mail me at smith.roy@usa.net Many thanks in advance Roy Smith
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 08:50:01 -0800 From: Sandra Pavon (guatex@gua.net) Subject: Re: Missing relatives in La lima, Colonia La Paz Hi Gert, We just received a call from a friend in SPS who indicated me that my relatives are in shelters with exception of one Brother who is still missing. Thanks again Sandra Pavon
Some more news about S/V Fantome... -Gert -HELP- From: Miguel Moreno (by SS) Email: Mijalis@aol.com **************************************************************************** Search continues for crew of S/V FANTOME S/V Fantome, a large four-mast sailing ship, 120 feet (37m) tall, 282 feet (86m) long, white hull with blue border. Crew of 31 on board. Last contact was Tuesday, 27 October at 16:30. She was heading on a course of 085 degrees (easterly) about 10 miles South of the island of Guanaja off the Honduran Coast (16.14N 86.04 W) when the onboard satellite telephone ceased functioning. Anyone with information is urged to contact Windjammer Cruises in Miami, Florida, USA. Please report any verifiable lead. Telephone USA 305-538-7772. Call collect, 24 hours, 7 days. **************************************************************************** Nov 2, 1998 (evening) Seventh District Public Affairs Office Coast Guard continues search: debris fields found Four U.S. Coast Guard C-130 fixed wing aircraft and the HMS Sheffield searching for the S/V Fantome with 31 people on board, located a debris field near Isla de Guanaja, Honduras and another debris field 30 miles North of Isla de Roatan, Honduras. In the vicinity of Guanaja two life rafts were located and a total of seven life jackets. The serial number of the first life raft has been confirmed as a Fantome life raft. Also, units are investigating the report of a wooden staircase. In the vicinity of the second debris field a U.S. Coast Guard C-130 reported wood, timber and a blue material. The Sheffield's helicopter is investigating the second debris sighting. The U.S. Coast Guard will continue its search with two Coast Guard C-130s from Clearwater, Fla., and the Sheffield is continuing its search throughout the evening. **************************************************************************** AP article of 11/2/98 22:38 quotes the Coast Guard as saying that among the 31 missing crew members, 11 are from Guyana (not Guanaja! -Gert), 2 from Honduras, and 1 from Nicaragua. ****************************************************************************
-HELP- Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 14:14:36 +0000 From: Hazel Johnstone (h.johnstone@lse.ac.uk) Subject: Looking for friends I would be really grateful if anyone knew the whereabouts of Fran and Steve Nicolaidis, who run the Bundu Cafe on Utila they could email me. Because the phones/fax etc are still down I'm not able to get through. I'm especially worried because Fran is about to have a baby. Hazel (Johnstone)
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 07:59:20 EST From: Roobex@aol.com Subject: St. Helene, Bay Islands Dear Gert Is there any news from St. Helene - the small island lying at the east end of Roatan? I was a teacher there in 1986-7 and have now lost touch with the people but still remember them very fondly and my time in the Bay Islands. I suspect that because Helene is so remote there has been little or no contact. any news would be much appreciated RUPERT STANDRING
-HELP- Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 08:46:00 +0100 From: Dieter Boersig (boersig@online.de) Subject: Fw: Bruder in Hondures Jo (Joachim) Wahl, Selina and Angie Guanaja, living on key at Arno Jo has hotel "Stressfrei" Selina´s parents, Arilson (Alson?) and Florentina Mac ??? with Lila live at Savannah Bay Has anybody seen somebody of them? Where are they? How are they? How can we help? Please answer to "wahl@ziehl.de" Thank you very much
-HELP- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 23:04:45 -0600 From: William E. Kuehn II (wkuehnii@eartlink.net) Subject: Searching for family in Tegucigulpa My wife and I have been trying for two days to reach her sisters family in the capital. They are Sylvia and Roger Lopez with daughters elisa, Karla, and Sylvia del Carmen. I realize that everyone will be busy providing assistance but if you happen to see them in a shelter please drop us an e-mail....wkuehnii@earthlink.net....it would be greatly appreciated!! Our prayers and support are with all who are assisting! Thanks and God Bless, Bill Kuehn
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 20:19:54 -0800 From: "Tod Gerhardt" (todg@earthlink.net) Subject: Re: Looking For Friend in Honduras Gert, Just wanted to let you know I found my friends. They're all ok. Thanks, Tod Gerhardt
-NEWS- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 22:28:01 -0500 From: Leo Williams (YARDIE94@worldnet.att.net) Subject: Fw: HONDURAS Hello Gert, I received this from a bulletin board Monday Nov 2. Some Boston area Honduran organizations are posted on our website at http://caribe.intellitech.net/ I hope you do not mind but I posted a link from the Honduran page to your page of your site. Regards, Leo -----Original Message----- From: Helen Ray (hfray@MIT.EDU) Date: Monday, November 02, 1998 4:53 PM Subject: HONDURAS >THIS IS A FIRST-HAND ACCOUNT OF WHAT'S HAPPENING IN HONDURAS. WE HAVE >HEARD ABOUT THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DYING, BUT NOT ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. >THIS IS A LONG PIECE, BUT I URGE YOU TO READ THROUGH TO THE END (IT IS NOT >A JOKE) OR PRINT FOR READING AT ANOTHER TIME. THIS ACCOUNT MADE ME CRY. > >HFR > >>[NOTE: This is breaking news... Ernesto and Sherree Banegas >>pastor The Lord's Gathering, a fast-growing church in El >>Progresso, Honduras. Miraculously they have been able to stay >>online to send out e-mails in the wake of Hurricane Mitch. >> Though everything around them is under water, the church is >>not, and many Hondurans are coming to them for food, clothing >>and shelter.] >> >>HONDURAS - SUNDAY MORNING, 11/1/98 - 1:05 AM >> >>It is not that we don't want to be personal but because of the >>time I am just going to write one letter. We received several >>letters and nobody really knows except for our church the >>reality of this situation in Honduras. >> >>It is a national disaster. I can't even begin to express the >>tragedy and only the hand of God and His divine plan through His >>chosen that we did not loose anyone or anything. We are thankful >>for His protection and His Mercy but that does not release us >>from the overwhelming condition of our country. The raging >>rivers broke down major bridges and unified to make just one big >>ocean that covers miles and miles. >> >>From our city to San Pedro Sula (20 miles) is all water. As far >>as the eye can see it is just water. The water came up to our >>door and stopped. (The hand of God). For us it gives us the >>ability to move freely as the needs are without end. When the >>river broke it came with such force, hundreds drowned and >>thousands are homeless. We have been rescuing people along with >>the firemen with Dump trucks and motor boats... not near enough. >>People on rooftops for two and three nights with no food, water >>or way out. We took babies and children out of trees and still, >>as I write this, they continue to look for people. There is no >>place to put all the people. All the places are packed wall to >>wall with people. >> >>It is so desperate that one cannot even imagine. The mosquitoes >>and the flies have begun to multiply and soon as the water goes >>down there are hundreds of bodies and thousands of dead animals >>that will contaminate. There is no major city that escaped this >>disaster. The whole city of La Lima is underwater. Whole >>developments were covered with water in seconds and so many had >>no chance to escape. 90% of Hondurans do not know how to swim. >>Some people refused to leave their homes and had no chance. On >>the river I watched houses falling one after another as the >>force of the river ate away the foundations below them. >> >>In Comeyagua two avalanches destroyed over 100 houses with no >>warning. Two days ago the men rescuing people found over 45 >>families on their roof tops but they were full and the firemen >>would not let them go back in...dark and dangerous. The men went >>back yesterday as soon as light came and the water went over >>their roofs and the rapid water took over 400 people. I can't go >>on because there is no end to the suffering and agony. >> >>The streets are full of dirty water, garbage and desperate >>people, and also people robbing. People haven't eaten for now >>four days and they are desperate. We are feeding over 400 >>consistently - our church people who lost everything, workers, >>and we are helping red cross and all the rescue team, but its >>not enough. Children are screaming because they can't find mom >>or dad. You try to hug them and comfort them but its to no avail >>as they are already in shock and they don't understand. Last >>night Alex went out taking a chance for his own life to save >>several moms and children, a 9 day old baby sitting on a roof >>for two whole days and nights. Among them was a Christian mom >>praying and singing songs to the children. Its a miracle... >> >>11:30 at night they came in all mud cold, hungry and our hearts >>just about broke. One little baby nearly dead, immediately we >>got a doctor and put the baby on a respirator. What a joy to see >>six little toddlers bathed, fed and snuggled up in clothes and >>just one half-hour later playing. Unfortunately we had to send >>them off because we are maxed out of space. Where they are sent >> is not at all in any human conditions. >> >>Today we went searching from one refuge to another looking for >>church members and its desperate everywhere, no water, no food, >>no anything...where do you begin? >> >>Every city is cut off by land to do anything for another. Even >>if they could they all have their own needs. We share this with >>you to let you know what really is going on, because as of now >>the communication is beginning to come and the U.S. has no idea >>of the casualty. I was watching the news here as a helicopter >>was dropping food into the Capital. People were fighting with >>each other. If this country does not receive help from other >>countries there is no physical way to recuperate. If you know >>the sources or the contacts please see what you can do. >>Medicines need to be dropped in by helicopter now! Already the >>refugee place has an epidemic of eye infections which is >>transferable so easily. >> >>We need prayer... Immediately! Ernesto and I, and all our staff >>and volunteers have not had much sleep Please pray for His >>strength and His wisdom to organize and administrate all the >>areas of need. Protection from the various diseases already >>present and the grace not to break. >> >>In the middle of all this we can feel His presence and we know >>that His Glory will be greater than the present challenge. The >>Holy Spirit had been preparing the Body for this in the spirit >>as we contemplate the messages that we have been preaching for >>the past month. Interesting. Every city that has major roots in >>idolatry, witchcraft, prostitution, drugs, etc was destroyed >>considerably. It's a wakeup call and we believe this is our time >>for major onset! As soon as we regroup ourselves and get thinks >>picked up and cleaned up I believe that we will see what our >>eyes have never seen before from Heaven. >> >>SUNDAY - 11/2/98 - 2:31 PM >> >>Good morning! It is so wonderful to see the sun out. We are >>thankful for we can feel your prayers and our hearts are >>strengthened to continue in what is before us. >> >>PRAISE REPORT: IN THE LAST RESCUE TRIP YESTERDAY CAME IN MOM AND >>DAD OF THE TWO CHILDREN WHO CAME EARLIER ALONE CRYING FOR THEIR >>PARENTS. Isn't that wonderful! >> >>Another family walked 30 hours from their flooded farm with >>three children. When they arrived last night the children were >>in physical shock but food, hugs, clothing they recuperated. >>Praise God. We pray that God will send to us our brothers and >>sisters who are desperate. Please join us in this prayer. The >>situation is so desperate I personally have to keep my thoughts >>On Him and trust that He will keep us through this. >> >>There is no water to drink and people are drinking whatever. We >>personally are using what we have in portions and of course >>there is absolutely no waste. There is no milk, and no more gas >>to cook with and nationally they have asked all the food stores >>to open up to the services so that all the refugees can get >>something to eat. People are assaulting with knives and guns. >>There is no way El Salvador or Nicuaraga can get food and water >>to us by road because literally all major transportation is out >>because of bridges. >> >>WHAT TO PRAY FOR: Helicopters are needed to travel into the >>cities. For example we are so cut off that even the news here >>has no idea what is going on. They have no idea there are >>thousands of refugees packed like sardines with no water or food >>in this city. >> >>We desperately need medicine for infections and funguses >>immediately. All the places are contaminated with eye >>infections, stomach infections, Head lice, feet fungus, the list >>goes on. >> >>We need a move of His Spirit over the hearts of men. That love >>will abound, a spirit of unity and sharing. As the lack of food >>and water is causing even our very own people to fight and be >>resentful towards one another and us because they want more. We >>are doing all we can, cooking and feeding as many as we >>physically can handle with our facilities. At the same time >>hundreds are at the gate begging because they know we are >>feeding and giving clothes. You can't turn them away, we try to >>give everyone a little something. >> >>Pray that righteousness will rise up as often much of what is >>given goes into someone's pocket instead of where it is >>designated. >> >>"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, >>and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then >>I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and HEAL >>THEIR LAND." >> >>Can you believe it! The past three weeks before the hurricane we >>were praying every day and night and that was our foundational >>scripture. That continues to be what we believe! >> >>Many of our members who have families in the states want to know >>how their families can send things to them. We need to know how >>we can establish that for them. What we need is someone >>preferably near an airport in which people can send their boxes >>and then they will be shipped cargo to us. The charge of the >>sending is something that we will communicate with each member >>so that their families collaborate with the sending. This is all >>new to me and I am not sure how to organize this. We need a >>central area and I would assume that Miami would be the most >>practical. If you are willing to take on this project please >>communicate with us by E-Mail with all instructions and >>arrangements that are required. >> >>I must go as the daylight is short for all that needs to be >>done. Today I am going to start cutting hair on all the children >>and checking for lice... sounds like fun huh! In such tragedy >>God has given Ernesto and I the ability to make the people laugh >>and this is medicine to our souls. When you give little and >>their thank you speaks a thousands times more that fills the >>heart. >> >>Thank so very much for praying for us, >> >>We love you, Ernesto and Sherree - reunion@hondutel.hn
-NEWS- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 21:26:50 -0600 From: Elias Rodas Alvarez (rodacom@itsnetworks.net) Thank you Gert for all the help you have given to so many people. For the past days it has been very, very terrible the situation we have gone through. After Mitch hit the islands, it went right into Honduras, passing through the northern valleys, where most economical activities are done. As you may know, Honduras has an agriculture based economy, with products like bananas, coffee plantations and citrics providing most of the income for our people. Later, Mitch went inland to Tegucigalpa, where it provoked that rivers flooded the city. As I told you in an earlier e-mail, I had to move my family to my parents' home, because the zone where we live was partially flooded. Part of the city's downtown was virtually destroyed (if you want to have an idea of how it was left, please watch WWII movies of the occupation of Berlin by soviets). Bridges were left useless, and drinkable water, ironically, is very scarce, as well as food and other supplies. And, as to give a final blow to us, the major of Tegucigalpa was killed while getting a closer look to the damages, in a helicopter crash. Why am I telling all this to you? Well, I have seen that most people think that only the bay islands have been affected, which is not true. You can help by posting this note, or an edited one, if you wish, on your Web page. Meanwhile I am trying to get some information of the kids that Mark and Ruth Bodiford. I will write to them directly when I find out anything about them. Eduardo Rodas
-RELIEF- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 17:17:25 EST From: HUBCME1@aol.com via Barbara Currie Dailey, Cayman Islands Subject: Disaster Relief Donation Request You may not have been to Roatan (in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras) but certainly you have heard us talk about it - and so you know how much we love Roatan - the special and inviting ambiance of the rustic Anthony's Key Resort (which Bruce and I first visited in 1976 and where we have since conducted over 20 of our medical courses), the warm and friendly people, not to mention diving with the incredible, perpetual adolescents of the sea, the dolphins! Hearing about the ravages wrought this island paradise by Hurricane Mitch last week gave us pause for great concern! Hearing about those fierce winds and the pounding 30+ft surges left me with an overwhelming sense of helplessness as I worried and fretted (and prayed) over the the well being of our friends in Roatan. The dust has settled - the wind has abated - the seas are not quite so rough - the rain is but a drizzle - and life goes on. Certainly, things are not as serious there as the horrible mudslides in Nicaragua - but they are more than serious enough! None of our friends, human or dolphin, were hurt, praise be to God! But the resort is now closed, with a re-opening scheduled in February. 15 rooms have to be completely rebuilt - they were totally washed away in the tumultuous seas. All other rooms have serious damage that needs repairing; most of the docks have to be replaced. Many people on Roatan were left homeless in the wake of the storm, which literally scattered homes and belongings to the four winds! Throughout the Bay Islands and along the Honduran coast, families will have to begin anew, having lost all their possessions. Imagine this happening to you and your family - and imagine what it would be like to have to start over, with none of the resources available to us here at home! No city-state-federal disaster aid, no temporary housing available except with friends-family who might not have been so unfortunate, no insurance coverage, no medical facilities equipped with necessary medications for infection-sickness! Imagine living in a country with a corrupt government whose financial resources are used to line the pockets of officials, not help those in need. And, imagine being a resort owner who had to rebuild a resort, and help neighbors rebuild homes - but your storage shed was demolished and all the tools lost in the sea - you don't even have a hammer and nail to get started! This hits particularly close to home here in San Antonio, having just experienced what is being termed a "100 year flood" - while we were only subjected to a roof leak in our breakfast room, and the inconvenience of roads being washed out where we wanted to go, thousands in our city and surrounding areas were not so lucky. BUT, disaster aid is literally pouring into our city! It boggles the mind!!! The owners of AKR have graciously agreed to underwrite the cost of shipping disaster relief donations to the island through their shipping company in Florida. If you have any items you could donate in this time of dire need, I know it would be greatly appreciated! I personally have known the Galindo family for over 20 years - they are a family of utmost character and integrity and I am confident there will be no abuse of any donations - you can be assured that whatever you donate will be helping truly needy folks put their lives back together. Should you send medical supplies, the physician at the resort chamber will be using these to treat locals who have no other medical treatment options available to them. Items of particular need are: household linens clothing for men, women, children & infants canned food goods dry, nonperishable food goods (flour, sugar, beans, pasta, etc) dry (powdered) milk medical supplies: aspirin, non-controlled drugs, anti- inflamatories, antibiotics, band aids, gauze, surgical tape, sterile items The next ship departure is Monday, November 16; deliveries MUST be at the Florida address not later than Friday, November 13. If you can't put anything together by then, there are Monday departures every two weeks (the next one will be November 30). Items to be shipped must be in Florida the Friday prior to sailing (November 27 for the second shipment). Thank you for looking in your pantry, your closet, your store room, and your medicine cabinet at home and the office - and for sending what you can. Please send your donations to: HYDE SHIPPING Hurricane Mitch Relief Contribution 10025 NW 116th Way #2 Medley FL 33178 attn Lourdes de Jesus - phone 305 913 4933 Be sure to mark each box clearly with RELIEF GOODS AND, if you haven't already thought about it, consider visiting Roatan and the "re-newed Anthony's Key Resort" next April with HUB! Thanks again for your consideration and for any help you can provide! Anita and Bruce Bassett PS visit the AKR web site for updates on the resort, hurricane damage reports, etc - just Click here: Anthony's Key Resort - Roatan, Bay Islands, H...
-NEWS- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 17:36:57 -0800 From: Jim Cross (jim_cross@bc.sympatico.ca) Subject: Inormation about Trujillo My parents had a phone call from my brother John in Trujillo this morning. He said that things are "not too bad " there. There are lots of houses without roofs, no power and not much food but as far as he knew no deaths. He said that the roads are washed out about 15 miles out. Phone service seems to be sporadic. I appreciate your fine work in keeping all of us concerned people informed. If I can be of any help relaying info in this area please contact me. Regards, Jim Cross Vancouver, B.C. Canada. phone: 604-986-6767 email: jim_cross@bc.sympatico.ca.
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 20:14:51 EST From: Shihtzu234@aol.com Subject: HELP Help, We are looking for Renai Edwards (AKA Renata) Edwards and her boyfriend Norberto Deanda. They were in Moroceli, El Paraiso. They were going on vacation to Guatemala. We are not sure if they made it there, or if they were evacuated before the hurricane. I believe that they were supposed to leave on Oct.26, 1998. We have not heard from them since the hurricane.Renata and Norberto also belong to the Peace Corps and have any info. on Renata Edwards and/or Norberto Deanda please contact shihtzu234@aol.com or (810) 296-3916 USA Thanks Cindy, mother Courtney, sister
-UPDATE- (see earlier message) Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 20:06:14 -0600 From: Sallie N. Peeler (speeler@iquest.net) Subject: Follow-up to Jack D. Heiden Message: NEWS Gert,   Once again, I need to tell you and all involved in the rescue efforts for the people of Honduras and other affected areas:  THANK-YOU for everything!  You and GOD above have helped so many.   Tonight at around 10 pm Indianapolis time Bill Thomsen and his daughter Tami Ebert will be reunited with their loved ones.  Somehow they are coming home, I do not know the details but someone out there helped.    Barb Thomsen and all concerned relatives and friends are very relieved, we are so looking forward to seeing their faces and giving them much deserved hugs.  It has been a nightmare for Barb Thomsen not knowing about her so loved husband and daughter.  Mrs. Thomsen's strength and that of other relatives(and friends) have been unbelievable. She remained steadfast without sleep and little to eat that all would be fine and gave others hope.   Again thank-you for being an outlet for the concerned and a light for hope!  Our prayers are with you all!  God does listen.   Sallie Peeler, Indiana 
-HELP- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 19:43:58 EST From: Shihtzu234@aol.com Subject: Help!! Help, We are looking for Renai Edwards (AKA Renata) Edwards and her boyfriend Norberto Akiyama. They were in Moroceli, El Paraiso. They were going on vacation to Guatemala. We are not sure if they made it there, or if they were evacuated before the hurricane. I believe that they were supposed to leave on Oct.26, 1998. We have not heard from them since the hurricane. Renata and Norberto also belong to the Peace Corps and have not heard any info. from them. We are very concerned for them. PLEASE if you have any info. on Renata Edwards and/or Norberto Akiyama please contact shihtzu234@aol.com or (810) 296-3916, USA Thanks, Cindy, mother Courtney, sister
-HELP- Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 19:42:58 -0500 From: Markus E. Gibson (ryang@scsupernet.com) Subject: HELP Dear Gert, We are looking for a Jenny Glancy, and a Steven Glancy. A married couple doing missionary work in Tegucigulpa. If you or anyone else have any information about there were about's, if they are doing well or not please let me know. There family is very worried about them, here in South Carolina. Thank You, Markus E. Gibson ryang@scsupernet.com
-RELIEF- Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 16:41:55 -0800 Andrea (ampebbles@integrityonline7.com) Subject: Hurricane Mitch Relief Update Dear Gert; We are truely saddened by the disaster that has recently struck Central America. Currently, our organization, Friend Ships, in conjunction with other relief agencies are working around the clock to gather food, water, medical and other needed supplies to send to Honduras. Our ship, Spirit of Grace, recently returned from Roatan, Honduras, after unloading many construction items and will again be going back with relief supplies. We are currently in the process of notifying our friends and agencies that work with us and will post relief updates on our website. The address for these notifications is http://www.friendships.org/hurricane.html. We hope this information encourages you. Please feel free to post this on your website if people are looking for ways to help. God Bless, Friend Ships

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