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Aruba Update

Dushi Aruba

Published: Thu, Nov 18 20:17 EST
By Roy Poeteray <roy_poeteray at hotmail.com>



I think a lot of people were wondering why there was no message from Aruba during Thomas.

Well I was on vacation in the states when this all happened.

Of course I was watching the news on the weather channel and followed all about this storm.


Now that I am back on the island I think that today is the first day without heavy rain.

Just now I was looking at the satellite and saw a big area above and around Aruba.

It is still dry, but who knows.

I don’t know how much more rain this island can handle, because all the dams are more than full.

You see some trees hanging because the soil is so wet and loose that they are starting to fall down.

The roads are cracking up and a lot of dirt and sand on it.

There is one positive point and that is that the island is green all over.

The trucks for emptying the settling tanks are making overtime.

I called the company this morning and they can help me on Monday at the earliest.


So I think and know that every positive thing has a negative part too.

This is it for now and I’ll come back if there are any changes.



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