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Honduras Update

Roatan Renegade Rescue Update V

Published: Tue, Apr 27 21:19 EDT
By "Penelopes" <penelopesislandemporium at yahoo.com>

Roatan Renegade Rescue's first Fundraiser on Sunday was a huge success. We made $276.00 with book, drink, wristband sales and cash donations.Our only advertising was on the Roatan yahoo groups and signs in the store windows. It was a great opportunity to meet many animal lovers and hear lots of heartwarming stories. Quetip, Rescue Bunny was a huge hit & enjoyed having his photo taken. Q was found in a Michigan Farmer's Market being sold for meat. Once I saw his photo, one thing led to another and he soon was driven by a volunteer from Michigan to Georgia and then flew first class to Roatan. He is a free roaming house bunny with perfect litter box habits and is a real character. This was his first Public Appearance.
Tamara, who recently lost her cockatiel, donated her birdcage and play station and bought a wristband.

Princessa and husband, soon to build on Roatan, are animal activists and want to be very involved in RRR. They bought books and lots of wristbands to give away.

East End Divers, Larry & Karen Coon from Oakridge bought a boatload of books and solved our biggest stumbling block to date. They live in a house that has built in kennels with concrete slab and bathing area and are willing to do temporary foster care for us. Finding a safe, quiet environment for After Care and Recovery has been the most difficult challenge. What a generous gift.

John & Lin Coyle, Parrot Tree, donated Lps 500 in memory of Sonoma Kintner as well as a box of towels and toys.

Kent Burnes & Lizette, Blue Bahia, Sandy Bay donated $60.00

Serena Evans, AKR dolphin trainer donated and has been added to our list of volunteers.

Rick Mayeux has pledged to bring supplies down in September

Gene Demarco & Leslie, West Bay donated $10.00 on Day One. Come get your wristbands!!

Ron La Barre & Patricia, West Bay Road donated dog medications

Beau Hicks & his wife have returned temporarily to Canada and sent their large dog carrier back on the ferry for us to use the next 5 months.

Joseph & Laura Edge, new residents, Lighthouse, bought wristbands,donated cash & two animal carriers.

James Wilson, Infinity Bay donated a bunch of high quality dog treats.

Joanne Clement, Canada, has wired funds to help with Franky's ongoing cancer treatment in La Ceiba.

RH & Patty Franklin, Keyhole Bay have made another generous contribution, plus have given us several excellent sources and contact groups to whom they also donate. Their 17 lb. rescue kitty, BC, even came to our RRR Fundraiser.

Another anonymous donor (I will refer to all of these kind people as A.D. henceforth) came up with a great idea of crocheting fabric into doggie mats for a soft spot to rest those scrawny bones. She is bringing back two monster crochet hooks from Canada. My partner Waldina & I are saving scrap fabric at That Fabric Place for the beds. Anybody out there have scrap fabric to cut into strips? Anybody like to crochet in front of the TV??

One recent morning, I came to work to find a garbage bag full of large empty ice cream containers hanging on the door. We now can custom make Elizabethan collars. Thanx to Ralph Shotwell, Punta Blanca and the mysterious deliveryman (Mitch?)

Long time animal rescuer and good friend, Francine Dupree has agreed to help us handle our Paypal donations from the states (More details below.)

Veteran Roatan rescuer, Olivia Munteanu , West Bay, a passionate cat lover,has offered us the use of her feral cat traps, most appreciated. We hope to be able to help Olivia with her personal rescues as well. Olivia has shared many contacts and resouces with us....lots of good outreach information out there. Another huge contribution is that an animal lover attorney friend of hers, will help us set up a non-profit charity ONG Foundation for a very reasonable fee. Even though the lion's share of our modest funds will continue to go directly to rescuing our animals, this is something well worth striving towards as we become more established.

Genny Barons, Sandy Bay, has been plugging RRR on her Roatan Vortex Radio Show & has invited us to do a show with her, with call in participation. Should be fun.

Benjamin Roberts, Bay Island Voice Magazine came by and interviewed me for an upcoming article he is writing on the problem of stray animals on Roatan. Should be an interesting piece.

John Morris of Roatan Radio has invited me to host a Roatan Renegade Rescue Show once a week, sharing animal stories worldwide. At this point, time wise, I could only host the midnight to 3 am slot, but would love to do this, once RRR is fully operational.

We have opened an HSBC bank account for RRR with a double signature for withdrawals.

An Excel Database has been established showing all donations, by name where possible and all expenses detailed. Our accounting is open to all who have donated. We want you to know what we are doing with your contributions. Every 50 cent book sale does add up.

Our email address is: Roatan_Renegade_Rescue at yahoo.com

I am having a terrible time trying to set up the website donation page. I finally talked to a "human" at Paypal who told me they will not send funds to Honduras as it is a "blacklisted country." Paypal will accept donations and deposit them in a US bank account. I then have to pay anywhere from $50 to $90 for each wire transfer and they usually turn into a nighmare and frequently are lost at the intermediary bank. We want to make it as easy as possible for our supporters to send in donations, but with the added fees we will soon be in the red! When Joanne wired funds from Canada to cover Franky's chemo, she had to pay an additional $32 in transfer fees and we got hit for $15.00 on our end in the US.

A design client, turned good friend suggested we use www.xoom.com. They will directly send money from the US to Honduras, right into our HSBC account for reasonable fees. The only catch with that is you must only check the box that says it is a "gift" for family or friends. If you check "Goods or Services" it will be denied. We are setting up the website both ways, so everyone feels comfortable. We will offer Francine's Paypal account (mentioned above) & then she will xoom it off to our Honduran bank account. Snail mail takes 2 weeks and then a US check or traveler's check takes 22 business days to clear. We obviously need funds immediately available for all our emergency rescues.So many people have asked what our Paypal account is to send donations, I wanted to make it clear why we are having these difficulties.

We are continuing to sell books at Penelope's Island Emporium, so please stop by anytime to pick up a book and buy a $5.00 wristband.

This Saturday, we will be at the Taste of Roatan, Maypole Event being held at the Bay Islands Beach Resort. Please stop by & purchase a wristband and meet Cassidy, our rare Leonberger Rescue.
I think that is it for now.
Thank you everyone,
Penny, Friends and the Animals

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