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- First victim of 92L
  • By Francisco Echegaray <fechegaray at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2016 20:58:31 -0400

As 99L approached PR over a week ago we had plenty of warnings and even the government, schools and universities cut their day short to let everyone go home early to prepare for the passing of what seemed, at the momen, to be a very dangerous tropical wave.  Results:  A huge trafic jam and then No rain at all!  The wave Split and just fizzled up.   
Today it was the opposite situation.  Though local meteorologist did say a wave was coming there wasn't any serious warnings of what could be expected.   Local press did not talk much if at all about this wave.  I guess many people thought it was going to pass too far to our south and that we would not get more than a few showers.
Unfortunately there was a tragedy today in the southeast PuertoRican city of Guayama where just after noon, a 31 year old man was doing yard work  and was surprised by strong gusts of wind which broke a tree limb and unfurtunately hit him.   The man died inmediately.
Acording to a local newspaper (El nuevo dia), gusty winds have been hitting the southern áreas of Puerto Rico since this morning.   Gusts of up to 40 mph. 
Here in San Juan, in the north, we had a partially cloudy morning and just after 1:00 pm we had some strong showers.   Later at about 5 pm we had more rain accompanied by gusty winds, I can not measure but my guess is that some were at least 30 mph. I was very much surprised by the strong winds we experienced.  Fortunately this weather lasted for not more than 30 minutes.   We are getting light rains on and off. 
The local doppler radar does not look good.  I see a spining cloud mass that is comming closer and closer to Puerto Rico from the south east, so we may be up to at least more rain tonight.  We will see...
This story just says that you have to be always alert to these systems and play it safe because you never now if we can get a lot more than rain.  
My thoughs are with the family of this man today.     Everyone around the virgin islands and Puerto Rico please take care.  Be safe.  92L is not over yet for us.

- Rainy day in Puerto Rico
  • By Francisco Echegaray <fechegaray at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 20:37:18 -0400
Greetings from San Juan, Puerto Rico
Here the situation is in calm right now.   We got some rain sporadically since Tuesday night.  Today in the morning, again we had rain on and off extending until the night.  Rain has been light all the time.  According to a local report we got about 1"" of rain in San Juan today, so you can see that this has been just another rainy day but nothing out of the ordinary.  We have had No unusual winds neither.
Earlier this afternoon the satellite picture showed some ominous cloud areas towards the southeast of P.R. and the V. I.  and many here though that heavy downpours and flooding was imminent for the whole island.   Indeed the governor of P.R. allowed for public employees to leave early from gov. offices this afternoon (except for those in emergency agencies), and classes got cancelled at the University of Puerto Rico by 2:30 PM.  But these rains have not  materialized so far.  When I now look at the satellite picture it looks as if 99L has been splitting up with the heaviest rain areas going well to the north or to the south of Puerto Rico.   We still can't say we are safe from this strong wave but I certainly hope that everything stays like that for the rest of the night...  

- Has the wet season begun ?
  • By "Richard Boyd" <boyd at mylink.net>
  • Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 13:32:27 -0400
Yesterday at the San Juan Airport we had close to two inches of rain, a new record for May 30th. The heavy rain continues today, May 31st. We have had significant rainfalls for the past several weeks. Has the wet season begun early ?

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