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- Coconut Harvesting
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 22 May 2015 08:51:52 -0400
Storm prep list should include cleaning up the coconut bombs. Let's be ready.
87 degrees on outer deck before 9 am,reading 88%humidity,another balmy day on 
Northwest side of St Thomas in the rain forest. jhigginswear at islands.vi

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  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Thu, 21 May 2015 16:14:44 -0400
> Here are tomatoes on a 12ft x 4ft area....all in troughs......had to move 
> them to
> the East cooler side of the house. Bacon ,lettuce and tomato sandwiches soon 
> come.
> Netting going up tomorrow to protect against threshy birds. From the 
> northwest side 
> Of St Thomas. jhigginswear at islands.vi.   HUMID IS THE WORD FOR TODAY

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  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sun, 17 May 2015 09:18:34 -0400
> The northwest side of St Thomas , in our Fortuna neighborhood hit the jackpot 
> Friday and Saturday receiving 7 1/2 inches of rain. Some other folks had
> very little. Some streets were flooded . Joyous singing from tree frogs,
> chattering from the parakeets and the hum of new skeeters is the
> evidence of the rain revival. We are grateful. The almost ripe tomatoes
> will be juicier and the lime trees will be able to hang onto their blooms.
> We are cooled off, dust free.  Greening back up now. Happy cisterns.
> jhigginswear at islands.vi

- Glorious Rain
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 14:05:28 -0400
Listening to the tapping of raindrops into the cistern. The thirsty  tomatoes 
are having 
their first natural shower. Glory Hallelujah....thank you Mother Nature. 

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- : Ring Around The Sun May 10
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sun, 10 May 2015 13:37:24 -0400
> From our deck on Northwest side of St Thomas ,1:30 pm.....slight 
> breeze,weather station reports
> 99 degrees. 

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- Orchids Like It Hot
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 09:24:23 -0400
At 9am it is 88 degrees on the outer deck in early May on the Northwest side of 
St Thomas.
What was the rain forest area is now the super dry crispy crunchy falling 
leaves side of
our little island. The Sahara dust map says it all, and the water mon is 
running up and down
the hills answering the cries of empty cisterns. We are not sure when Mother 
Nature will
step up. All waste and grey water now serves the gardens.

Our Zumba Troupe survived 93 degree heat during our dance down Mainstreet for 
Carnival  parade on Saturday. It was Hot,Hot, Hot.  

Our orchids obviously love this weather. Hopefully the tomatoes that are set on 
won't drop
off. The iguanas are coming in closer every day,and scorpions are looking for 
cool spots.

Stay cool and safe. 
Jane Higgins, jhigginswear at islands.vi 
St Thomas 


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- WAITING TO EXHALE Saharan Air Layer (SAL) - Split Window - MET-9 - Latest Available
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 07:50:08 -0400
Good Morning Carnival Revelers,
The bright orange cloud of Sahara dust adds to our Hot,Hot,Hot. final week of Carnival.
With Wednesday Food Fair, Thursday Jouvert,Friday Kids Parade....and yours truly going
down the road with Zumba Troupe in Saturday's parade finale.....we are waiting to exhale.

We are hot and dry, and doing the rain dance, we can only believe thru sheer dance energy we will wuk it up. Be safe, drink. Drink, drink the "wahter" Mon. Lucy, Lucy is on the way to St Thomas.
Jane Z. Zumba Dancer.  from the Northwest Atlantic Haziest side 
: Saharan Air Layer (SAL) - Split Window - MET-9 - Latest Available

- The Puerto Ricans are Coming Over for Easter
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2015 09:50:36 -0400
Crisp,clear,razor sharp horizon line, slight gusts make for a  grand day in St 
> Here is a view from our deck table today. The Puerto Ricans come over in 
> power boats for all of Easter week, tying their boats up together ,moored at 
> night near tiny islands while soca and salsa sounds and the aroma of roasting 
> pig captures all is us. They really know how to have fun. Yesterday was the 
> first day of a 3 day international sailing regatta with 62 boats entered.
I watched the first leg into the downtown harbor from a cafe deck ;front row 
seat. Loads of wind and chop may it wild and crazy.  Jane Higgins 
jhigginswear at islands.vi 

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- St. Barths | Texas Flying Legends Museum
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 08:20:52 -0400
My aviator husband sent me the link on the amazing fly -in that Joanie Howard 
of Anguilla posted. We are warm, clear, and glad for the solar power running 
our jungle hut. Wish we would have been in Anguilla to see these metal birds. 
We've only seen them at stateside airshows. 

We are a very cool 72 this morning. Amazing!  Jane Higgins from NWS side of St 


jhigginswear at islands.vi

- Chemicals and Pesticides Damage All of Us
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 07:47:40 -0400
I have an ongoing chronic illness due to exposure to petro chemicals decades ago. This event below is a red flag for all of us in the Caribbean. Please ask questions and be proactive with property managers on your islands. 
We are feeling spring at last, warmer, flat seas today, full sun. Glorious morning.  
Jane Higgins on the Northwest side of St Thomas jhiggginswear at islands.vi

Subject: Jane Higgins has forwarded a page to you from St. Thomas Source

Jane Higgins thought you would like to see this page from the St. Thomas Source web site.
Message from Sender:

Do you think about the chemicals used in your vacation hotel or villa ? You should ask the property manager before making reservations.

The EPA and DPNR are investigating what appears to be chemical poisoning by a pesticide that affected four members of a vacationing family from Delaware. The pesticide was identified as methyl bromide.

- Day 4 Solar Camping
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 09:25:32 -0500

We had more rain last night, and the streams are still running down the hill and thru

the dale.  We are on day 4 of solar camping; meaning, our power company had to cut

wires off our toppled over weather head from cement “monument” .  That was Saturday evening.

We are now literally off the grid. We installed 6 solar panels in Nov 09, enough to run the

pump, office, a fan, but not enough for fridge or hot water.  So we are solar camping til

all bids are in and we go 100% solar. Looking at solar fridge ,if you have one , send us a link

and let us know how it works for you.  Looking for sunshine today to build those batteries

back up.  Flashbacks to hurricane aftermaths.  This is not February weather. 


Take care and let us know how it goes on your island.  Jane Higgins

From the SOGGY Northwest side of St Thomas, Fortuna  meaning….  good fortune and rain forest!


jhigginswear at islands.vi

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- Flooding ,Fallen Weatherhead
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 07:23:44 -0400
Here is our driveway in Fortuna on the Northwest side of St Thomas .....our Weatherhead on cement pillar has fallen over in front of black car.  This Weatherhead was installed in 1964 . We have had copious rain since late afternoon Friday the 13th. And it continues. Radar is out. Can you tell us how long this will last ? Jane Higgins jhigginswear at islands.vi 

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Jay Lammering <JLammering at earthlink.net>
Date: February 14, 2015 at 7:10:21 AM AST
To: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>

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- Flooding
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 02:23:46 -0400
We have flood advisory from NWS in ST THOMAS AND ST JOHN til 4:30 am.  

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- Under water
  • From: Jane Higgins <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 02:09:42 -0400
Wide awake at 2am surrounded by crashing waterfalls.  Huge rain filling up 
courtyard .Radar is out. Is this happening all over the island ? Jane Higgins 
in Fortuna NW side of St Thomas jhigginswear at islands.vi 

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- All Sunny Now
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 10:13:38 -0400
Last week’s rains made the computer and server very unhappy so no news from rainy
Fortuna St Thomas until we were able to dry up a bit.  The mold and sogginess was
record breaking.  The wine (rain) bucket , and all other means of measuring moisture
were  literally over the top.  New rivers found their way thru the retaining walls and
down the ghut. We are happy to report the driveway is almost dried out and
the star fruit and passion fruits are the biggest yet.  There is a slight breeze, clear horizon
line today and puffy clouds for the 5 cruise ship day in St Thomas.  We were lucky
again. Sorry to hear my friends up North are facing an early winter.
  Jane Higgins jhigginswear at islands.vi   Northwest side of St Thomas
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  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 17:14:43 -0400
We are getting loads of rain. It was a very wet election day. We hope that
all are safe and dry.  We heard the surf coming up last night from our 650
elevation here in the jungle hut. It is 72 degrees. Almost freezing for us!
All windows are rolled down and every fan
is on.  We are seeing rivers now around us. 
I’m sorry, I should not have put those white clothes on the line.  Happens
every time!
Take care...be safe.  Let us know how it is going. 
Jane Higgins on the Northwest Side of St Thomas  , Fortuna 
facing the Atlantic

- A Storm Night : FedEx Plane Crashes Off St. Maarten Coast
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 12:15:14 -0400
The aviator sent this link about the crash in St Maarten this week. It's been rainy, stormy, off and on and super humid and the mold is really building up. Island hopping in weather that is here and gone is a tricky business. Our thoughts are with the pilots that face these issues everyday to bring us our mail, cargo and
friends and family.
: FedEx Plane Crashes Off St. Maarten Coast


Jane Higgins jhigginswear at islands.vi from the hazy, humid northwest coast of St Thomas

- USVI Power Company Sending Help to Anguilla
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 10:12:00 -0400
Good Morning,
We have a sharp horizon line and little breeze and sunshine. Yesterday
we had plenty of rain right after the white clothes went on the line.
We hear that Bermuda has restored a large portion of power to their
customers.  We remember being without power for 2 1/2 months
after Hurricane Marilyn in l995 on the Northside of St Thomas. Sounds
like Bermuda’s system has great infrastructure. 
We wish you fast clean up and sunny skies. Jane Higgins jhigginswear at islands.vi
Jane Higgins thought you would like to see this page from the St. Thomas Source web site.
Message from Sender:

USVI Power Company sending help to Anguilla

WAPA crews have responded to a request for help from the Anguilla Electric Company Ltd. to help restore electrical service in the wake of Hurricane Gonzalo.


- HOW CAN WE HELP?: Reuters.com - Hurricane Gonzalo scores bull's eye hit on Bermuda
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 11:10:13 -0400
Title: Reuters News Article
Again and again we say “how lucky were we?” in the Virgin Islands.  How can we help our neighbors
that have been damaged?  Please let us know how you are doing.  We all have memories of the aftermath
of storms over the last few decades and the exhaustion that comes with clean up. Pace yourself.

Jane Higgins (jhigginswear at islands.vi) has sent you this article.
Personal Message:
How lucky were we?
Hurricane Gonzalo scores bull's eye hit on Bermuda
Sat Oct 18 06:22:05 UTC 2014

By Sam Strangeways

HAMILTON Bermuda (Reuters) - Hurricane Gonzalo slammed into Bermuda on Friday, knocking out most of the electricity as it lashed the tiny Atlantic island chain with pounding surf, torrential rain and howling wind, but there were no immediate reports of injuries.

The strongest storm to sweep the subtropical British territory in a decade made full landfall at about 8:30 p.m. as the 35-mile-wide (56 km) eye of the storm crossed the south-central coast of Bermuda, the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami reported.

The Category 2 hurricane was packing sustained winds of up to 110 mph (175 kph), down from 140 mph (225 kph) earlier in the day, but it remained a dangerous storm, forecasters said. Hurricane-force winds extended up to 60 miles (95 km) from its center as it bore down on Bermuda.

Gonzalo roared ashore just five days after Bermuda, a low-lying archipelago occupying just 21 square miles (54 sq km) and home to 65,000 people, had been struck by a tropical storm, serving a one-two punch to the islands.

While damage was believed to widespread, authorities were unable to immediately get into the streets to assess the full extent, said Sergeant Russann Francis, a staff officer for the fire department in Hamilton, the capital.

"In terms of injuries, we haven't had any calls come in at this time," she added.

Passage of the hurricane's eye provided a lull of an hour or two during which the skies cleared, the rain and winds ceased and an utter stillness prevailed, broken only by the whistling of tree frogs.

The clammy night air, heavy with the scent of saltwater, grew steadily warmer and more humid before winds began to pick up again, signaling an end to the brief calm as the storm's center moved offshore and began to lash the island anew.

Seeing television pictures of curiosity seekers venturing outdoors during the interlude, police issued a notice urging residents to stay indoors avoid being caught when the storm's fury resumed.

Flooding was reported in some areas and many banana trees had been knocked over. The islands' only power company, Bermuda Electric Light Co. (BELCO), reported nearly 31,000 customers were without electricity, out of 36,000 metered connections.


"Where I am, we are hearing rain lashing at the walls and windows, which are starting to leak, and intense gusts of wind pounding the building, making the glass pulsate," said Susan McGrath-Smith, spokeswoman for BELCO, who rode out the storm at company headquarters with her two dogs.

"We have also heard transformers explode outside," she added.

Gonzalo peaked on Thursday as a Category 4 hurricane, the first in the Atlantic since 2011, with 145 mph winds (230 kph), and was expected to continue weakening into the weekend as it moved northward over cooler waters.

The Hurricane Center said the storm was expected to pass just to the southeast of Newfoundland on Sunday.

Bermuda, a tourist destination and affluent insurance industry hub about 640 miles (1,030 km) off the coast of North Carolina, was still recovering from Tropical Storm Fay, which swept over the islands early on Sunday with near hurricane-force winds of 70 mph (110 kph), and later turned into a hurricane.

As Gonzalo closed in on Friday, the governor of Bermuda, George Fergusson, advised residents to stay off the roads and heed emergency bulletins.

"I wish everyone all the best," he said in an emergency broadcast. "Good luck, and look after each other.”

A British Royal Navy warship, HMS Argyll, headed for Bermuda to help with post-Gonzalo relief efforts, the government said.

Jeff Masters, a hurricane expert with private forecaster Weather Underground, said Bermuda was among the best equipped places in the Atlantic for weathering such storms, in part because of strict building codes.

Hurricane Fabian, which pummeled the island in 2003 and caused $300 million in damage, was a Category 3 storm, he said.

The latest hurricane forced NASA to delay by at least three days its next cargo run to the International Space Station, which flies about 260 miles (418 km) above Earth because key tracking equipment is on Bermuda.

Gonzalo has already wrought destruction in the Caribbean, tearing off roofs in Antigua, killing an elderly sailor and damaging some three dozen vessels in St. Maarten.

(Additional reporting by Leanne McGrath in Hamilton, David Adams in Miami, Colleen Jenkins in North Carolina and Irene Klotz in Cape Canaveral; Writing by David Adams and Steve Gorman; Editing by Toni Reinhold, Ken Wills, Robert Birsel)

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- Bermuda
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 10:49:55 -0400
We are hoping for Bermuda that Gonzalo wobbles and weakens.  Susan Thomas,  the chickens will be fine inside...
we had some in Colorado go thru a blizzard in a  snow cave for 3 days and they  just stretched and yawned a little
after it was all over.  You might even harvest  a few fresh eggs.  Just throw a towel over their cage.
What is the bunny’s name?  WE ARE SENDING YOU OUR BEST VIBRATIONS.
Hot , humid, flat seas, clear horizon, a few puffs of wind here on the Northwest side of Thomas in Fortuna.
Any reports from Anguilla and  any other islands that hold captive dolphins on what was done to protect them during
the storm?  Send pictures  if you can.  Thanks

- Bermuda
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 10:58:58 -0400
The anxiety levels in Bermuda must be huge.  You can know that you did everything to
prepare, be in a stout building, and  that all of the Caribbean islanders have you
in our thoughts.  Again , a reminder to mainlanders, it you have an opportunity to
drive away from a storm , do it.  Those of us surrounded by water don’t have that
option.  We do build strong buildings and always hope that nature will take a bit
of a different course. 
Take care, we’ll all be here to help you if needed.  Please let us know how you
are doing .
Hot, humid, and a tiny breeze on a very flat sea today. 
On the Northwest side of St Thomas, Fortuna, Jane Higgins jhigginswear at islands.vi

- Grateful
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2014 11:04:20 -0400
Again, after reading news from St Maarten and Anguilla and others and thinking about
the anxiety level Bermuda must be going thru, all we can say is we are GRATEFUL.
We can try to prepare, and remember our worst storms in the past and still not
remember clearly enough the power of what we can’t control. 
Our aviators hear of 9 small aircraft rolled up in St Maarten, can anyone collaborate
that report? 
The damage from Fay still evident in Bermuda can make Gonzalo even more
dangerous. We do build stronger every time and we hope you find the stoutest
buildings to hunker down in.  Take care , be ready, stay safe.  Check on your
We have light winds, a clear horizon line and the sea has calmed down.  Lots of
clouds building up. 
From the Northwest side of St Thomas, in Fortuna, Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi

- Shutter sleep
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 10:56:33 -0400
We are so sorry to hear about damage in St Maarten, and hope to hear  from Anguilla and  Antigua please?  We hear boats were lost and
some damage was sustained.  We are hoping all are safe.  The US Virgin Islanders I’ve talked to this morning
are feeling  lucky and grateful.
Is it because you work extra hard to prepare and then shutter up that the storm sleep seems coma like?
We would rather over prepare any day (and get the decks cleaned again!) then not be ready. At
2am when there were enough gusts to wake us  from the shutter sleep we realized that we left the
hummingbird feeders up, oops. 
The sea is  spraying angry foam over the tiny islands in our view.  The outer edge
of weather is hanging as a dark cotton curtain due north on the Atlantic side. The lower clouds
are zooming fast toward the upper layer.  We’ll take gloomy over heavy winds any day.
This was the drill and now we re-organized for whatever comes. H season is not over til  end of
November, and historically you can find a named storm in months that are way past “season”.
Let’s pay attention and help our neighbors. 
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi   Fortuna, NW side of St Thomas , US Virgin Islands

- Gonzo gone bongo
  • From: Ronnie Lockhart <ronusvi at aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 05:08:50 -0400
Well, I shuttered, took down signs, stayed in. I guess it was a late season drill. Tells us how unpredicatble hurricanes are. Now he is heading north as a Cat 2 and I haven't seen much wind or rain here. Feel sorry for Bermuda as he is heading that way. Hopefully he changes his mind again!

Ronnie Lockhart

- Before Dark
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 17:42:03 -0400
We  waffled  back and forth about shuttering up if not necessary. It entails moving 2x4’s up a sloping yard
to the main house level and laying them out near the shutters that are attached to the house. We realize
this is our first real shutter drill this season.  So the verdict is “do the drill”, and shutters are closed on
backside of house and rear bedroom. If nothing else it keeps the moisture level down inside.
We have a tiny jungle hut and at times like this we are happy
for low square footage.  The issue is 2 huge decks that we really live on outside year round.  Now those
are cleared almost.  The orchids not tied to trees started some bloom action this last week so we
are compelled to bring them in as one gust could wipe out some pretty moments.
At 5:30 pm , pressure is 1009 and winds 3 to 18 , temps have dropped at least 10 degrees from 3 hours
ago and winds are coming and going.  We’ve already had several good car wash rains go thru this afternoon
and now it is just grey, gray, greyish, smokey grey and bleak. 
We hope it is just a drill.  Take care and let us know how it is going.  We may have some solar power left
in the batteries in case the pubic current goes out. 
Anguilla, let me know.  St John, Coral Bay, give us a shout.  Jost Van Dyke? anyone reporting? BE SAFE.
This is classic STORM CARIB and how it works.  Thanks again Gert. 
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi   Fortuna, NW side, St Thomas facing the Atlantic.

- Re: re report from Mandahl Bay
  • From: James Latham <latham52 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 17:23:44 -0400

Well first strong blow came through about 45 minutes ago, not bad but guessing this was a warm up.

We have taken down the wind turbine and stored it away also removed 5 kilowatts worth of solar panels from our roof for safe keeping, sure thankful for quick disconnects.  Now we wait and see if the days prep was worth it. Looking down at the salt pond I see about 5 new boats secured there, hope they fare as mines one of them.  I'm voting for lots of needed rain and mild winds.

- Gonzalo
  • From: Ronnie <ronusvi at aol.com>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:02:25 -0400
We are waiting to see what direction we need to go today. Is it close enough to 
warrant shutters? We'll see. 

Ronnie Lockhart

Sent from Ronnie's iPhone 


- October Surprise
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 09:55:17 -0400
Good Morning,
The aviators are tucking helicopters and planes into the roofed safety of the
very few hangars we have at CK King Airport.  Some airports are closing or
warning of closings by noon down island so we suspect some charters will
be cancelled soon. 
At home in Fortuna on the Northwest side of St Thomas
facing the Atlantic, the seas have started to chop up in the last hour.  We show
pressure of 29.92 and winds 7mph to 10 mph.  We are up the hill about
650 ft above the sea tucked into a hillside so we are not normally windy at
all. Temp is 90 degrees with  about the same 90 % humidity.  So do the math
and imagine the heat index!!
We had a rapid fire grouping of thunder last night and a short downpour in
circles, like the car wash effect.  We expect more of that kind of activity.
Glad we are always stocked up, and that the deck re-cleaning started Saturday.
The lingering pain in our joints from the 10 week ago bout of chikungunya
adds to it.  We are hoping for a boring outcome.  But will prepare.
Please stay in touch and let us know how it goes where you are. 

- Will it Form Over Us?
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 10:46:00 -0400
When the aviator in the house said “hum, it might form over us”....I took another look
at the charts and decided to clean the deck again.  Amazing how stuff piles up when
you become complacent.  Needs it anyway.  Old veggie plants out new starts coming in.
Pay attention.  A slight breeze starting now, some very low rolls in the sea.  Humid enough
for you?  Gert, I sent you a check...DONATE NOW PLEASE, LET’S KEEP GERT GOING.
Jane Higgins jhigginswear at islands.vi   Fortuna , Atlantic side , West End
St Thomas, Virgin Islands

- Sahara Sandwich
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2014 08:10:47 -0400
Looks like a Sahara dust sandwich out there and on the charts.  NO HORIZON today.  And the
dust in thick in the air.  Hoping that line of moisture will push thru it soon.  There is a slight
breeze and it is hot early this morning again. 
Jane Higgins from the hazy side of St Thomas   jhigginswear at islands.vi

- Edgy Horizon October is In the Air
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2014 11:10:16 -0400
Good Morning Islanders,
What an amazing horizon line we see today over the Atlantic from our deck .
We have a gentle breeze gusting to 5mph and around 85 degrees with 89% humidity.  We
are feeling some autumn in the air.  Re-starting the tomato garden is on the list, and the
starfruit is coming on.  Take care .  Keep the mosquito repellant handy. 
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi    Northwest side of St Thomas 

- FW: Send an Email by Sept 30 and Help STOP the Coral World Dolphin Enclosure
  • From: "Jane Higgins " <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2014 01:14:50 +1000
Title: WDC adopt a dolphin
Jane Higgins has forwarded you this email with the following message:

I just received this email and thought you might find it interesting.

Forward to a friend  |  Web version  |  Unsubscribe TwitterFaecbookYoutube

Dear Jane

Send an email by the end of the day tomorrow to STOP St. Thomas from opening a Dolphin enclosure

WDC has been working for decades to put an end to the captivity of whales and dolphins.

The documentary Blackfish and the ongoing research that shows the negative impact captivity has on the health and welfare of whales and dolphins has helped change public opinion about aquaria that hold whales and dolphins captive. SeaWorld is an excellent example of a business that is suffering losses because of this change in opinion.

Given this trend, why would the St. Thomas tourist attraction, Coral World, want to expand and add a dolphin enclosure?!

We don't know, and we are supporting efforts to prevent the necessary permits from being issued. Here's where we need your help -

Click here to sign an email asking to NOT grant a permit to build a dolphin aquarium.

Want to do even more?

Click the link below to find out how WDC is working to end captivity.

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- ChikVirus,Lucky Sept,Elkhorn and Gert
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 09:37:36 -0400
Good Morning Islanders,
Dinner with 5 others Saturday gave us a mini census of the chikungunya (sp) spreading thru the islands. Out of 6 ,4 of of us had had it and were still  
suffering foot and hand pain. Our waitress could hardly walk due to it.  Some get over it quickly and within 2 weeks pains pop up again.
My husband and I are on week 8 and still have painful hands.  Another at dinner said it settled in her hips.  We all know to rest, chill out and float
in the sea.  Cold beers Friday night with a scientist included a detailed discussion on what we DON’T know about viruses.  Evidence from Africa,
where this virus originated suggests that the  joint pain can go on for a very long time.  It effects everyone differently.
How lucky has this September been? We are grateful. Thanks to Gert again , for keeping us informed. We know storm season is not over yet. Stay
prepared and please send Gert a donation this week. 
We have until midnight Sept 30 to email or write Edgar Garcia at the Army Corps of Engineers about our opposition to the dolphin exhibit proposed for
Water Bay in St Thomas.  The picture attached is a picture taken within the last 2 weeks of Elkhorn coral in Water Bay within and near the footprint
of the proposed dolphin exhibit.  We cannot understand cutting coral to keep dolphins captive.  Write or email ; edgar.w.garcia at usace.army.mil  or
mail US Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, ATTN: Edgar Garcia, 400 Fernandez Juncos Ave , San Juan, P.R. 00901 / refer to  SAJ-1976-89037
thanks, so much.
We are clear, gorgeous and grateful for another glorious day in the Caribbean.  Jane Higgins, jhigginswear at islands.vi   Fortuna, St Thomas

Picture 2 is Acropora Palmate (Elkhorn)



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- TODAY IS OUR LAST CHANCE to Stop The Dolphin Exhibit in St Thomas VIRGIN ISLANDS
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 07:18:31 -0400
To Isabel in St Croix, I’m so sorry the virus got you.  Take care and please don’t run any marathons for awhile.  Let’s all send DONATIONS TO GERT this week.
We had loads of rain yesterday and now really have water  to pressure wash the mold, THANK YOU Mother Nature.   PLEASE HELP US
 attend the Army Corps of Engineers Meeting tonight 6pm, Turnbull Library St Thomas, for more details, click on this link...THANK YOU Jane Higgins St Thomas  jhigginswear at islands.vi

- We have our own water supply
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 22:44:44 -0400
to Dominica blogger I say, we have our own water supply, as in rainfall into our cistern, your
theory is silly.  This is mosquito born , read up on the facts please and protect yourself.
Jane Higgins

- Chicken Dengue or????
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 11:28:26 -0400
Good Morning Islanders,
It seems that most islands have been hit by the chikungunya mosquito  borne virus in the last few months.
This may be an understatement. Almost everyone I know in St Thomas knows of someone or has been
infected by this bad skeeter illness. Some of us call it  “chimichunga”, “skeeterdengue”, “chickendengue” or
my favorite  “chickenganga”! 
My husband and I both were probably bit around August 10. My symptoms flared big time on Aug 12 when
at 4:30 am the single sheet over my feet felt too heavy.  This comes on so suddenly and if you are not aware
of the symptoms a trip to the emergency room would be fruitless and still on your mind.  Trying to pull my torso up out of bed
to land my feet on the ground and walk to the bano was almost more than I could handle.  My feet felt like
achy breaky bricks.  My arms were so weak, the  Kindle reader was too much to hold. 
The fever lasted about 5  days, the pain is another issue.  Not having a clue at the time what this could be
I assumed that older middle age had caught up with me in the form of a sudden chronic major illness.
We’ve had dengue twice after Hurricane Marilyn and this was not the same. No headache was the clue.
Two days later my husband had the same symptoms and then the computer search was
on and soon we realized what we had.
We are now 6 weeks into this and have had some  good days.  There is an initial recovery period where
you feel like tap dancing compared to the sudden onset pain and fatigue of the first few days.  Then something
happens.  The first trip to the doctor should have been a clue.  He said  “pace yourself”  , “float in the sea”,
take care, slow down.  But we are very busy people and did not heed that advice.  Now we know better.
Everyday is a new day of ? Where will the pain be today?  We don’t feel sick, we don’t have a fever, but so many
weeks later we still have new aches and pains . Finally I heeded my doctor and am taking rest breaks
and gently doing the tadpole swim to loosen up these painful joints.  I am a zumba and boot camp regular.
I should have listened to the doc and not gone back to those regimes so quickly. Resetting means; slow down,
be kind to your joints and take a break.  We are having an epidemic in the Caribbean and we need to understand
that this could last a while longer. 
The good news is that this virus will burn itself out soon enough.  This virus is also self inoculating, so if you
have it you won’t get it again.  That is a fact we can embrace.  By November high season this will be gone with
along with any threats of bad weather.  The cure is swimming and we know we can do that 12 months a year.
Hang in there!  Yes, this is weather news, as mosquitos love to multiply and bite after a drought as we know.
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi    in the  Rain Forest of Fortuna......St Thomas, Virgin Islands

  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 09:28:22 -0400
Good Humid Morning Islanders, We are 87 degrees, 89% humidity and a breath of wind peaking at 4mph.  HUMID!!! Nice gentle rains last few mornings, thank you Mother Nature.  We are gearing up the for Army Corps of Engineers
public meeting next Thursday , Sept 25, 6pm , Turnbull Library to STOP THE DOLPHIN EXHIBIT IN WATER BAY. Please double click on this notice and you’ll see our details and face book link.  We need your support, we need you
to write or email  the Army Corps ;( the addresses are in the notice) by SEPT 30. HELP US EMBRACE OUR NATURE. SAVE THE CORAL, SAVE THE SEA GRASS, SAVE THE SEA BED.  SAVE WATER BAY IN ST THOMAS, thanks ,
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi    KEEP DOLPHINS FREE
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- : SEPT 25, 6 PM, TURNBULL LIBRARY : Last chance to protest the proposed dolphin pen at Coral World -WATER BAY ST THOMAS incl. form letter - Call To Action!
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 10:51:58 -0400
It's super hot and humid and we have a clearer horizon today. As our environmental activists organize our last chance to stop the dolphin exhibit in Water Bay St Thomas we ask you to PLEASE PASS THIS ON , THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO Stop the Dolphin Exhibit proposed for WATER BAY. Let's SAVE WATER BAY for our new Margaritaville Resort guests, residents , and the children and grandchildren of St Thomas. Let's save the coral, seagrass, seahorses, flora and fauna of WATER BAY. STAND UP, TAKE A STAND....write a Letter to the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, click on this link for details and THANK YOU FOR EMBRACING OUR NATURE. Jane Higgins and THE COMMITTEE TO SAVE WATER BAY ST THOMAS jhigginswear at islands.vi
This was  found on Cetacean News Network's Front Page


- Weather Station Hot Flash
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 14:38:27 -0400
Stats from our outer deck weather station seem crazy! 103 degrees outside .. 99% humidity, 86 degrees inside, wind 1 mph. Jane Higgins Fortuna, jhigginswear at islands.vi

  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 05:43:52 -0400
It’s 76 degrees this morning....cool for September.  Fingers crossed for getting thru it without any named storms.   Jane Higgins Fortuna, St Thomas

- September Flashbacks
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 10:18:56 -0400
Facing our 21st September in St Thomas our fingers are crossed a safe one. Flashbacks to other Septembers keep us checking in. Towering clouds building up north of us. From our weather station on the outer deck around 650 ft up the hill;
 87 degrees,81 % humidity, winds gusting to 8mph,29.97 pressure.  Jane Higgins                    on the Northwest side facing the Atlantic, Fortuna, St Thomas  jhigginswear at islands.vi

  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 09:31:31 -0400
We spoke and they heard us.     We  received an email notice this week from the US Army Corps of Engineers that they are scheduling an  "informal public hearing" on September 25 at 6pm to discuss Coral World's application for a permit to construct a dolphin exhibit enclosure in Water Bay.   The public hearing will be held at the Turnbull Library in Tutu St Thomas.   See the notice below - it's at the bottom of the first page in the link. 

The ACE does  not often respond to requests for public hearings so we must take advantage of this opportunity which is the last chance we have to stop the dolphin exhibit enclosure in Water Bay St Thomas.  
The public will be allowed to speak.    If you wish to testify we  suggest you get there early to sign up.    Many of you will remember that at the CZM public hearing in 2012 Coral World employees arrived early to sign up  and thus many members of the public who opposed the permit did not have the opportunity to voice their opinion.

If you don't wish to testify at the meeting, please still attend so we have a show of numbers.      Please remember the ACE permit mainly involves environmental /construction issues and to some extent community and economic concerns.    


You have until September 30 to submit written testimony.   If you wrote during their previous public comment period write again.
Please reference Coral World Dolphin Exhibit Enclosure
File:  SAJ-1976-89037 (SP-EWG) 
You can either email:  Edgar.W.Garcia at usace.army.mil      or   mail a letter to:    District Engineer, Antilles Permit Section 400 Fernandez Juncos Avenue San Juan, PR 009


On Monday, August 25, 2014 11:54 AM, "Palmer, John C SAJ" <John.Palmer at usace.army.mil> wrote:

A public notice for the permit application described below has been posted at http://www.saj.usace.army.mil/Missions/Regulatory/PublicNotices.aspx

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, Antilles Office will hold an informal public meeting to discuss the subject permit application for a nearshore dolphin exhibit enclosure project at Coral World Ocean Park, Coki Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. The meeting will be held on September 25, 2014 at 6 p.m., at Charles W. Turnbull Regional Library, 4607 Tutu Park Mall, St. Thomas, USVI.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE


- Happy Cisterns, Birds, Plants, Pool
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 10:18:01 -0400
Good Morning,
The pressure is showing 29.79, the wine rain gauge bucket is full;  let’s say we had at least 7”
of rain during this event since Friday night.  We are 88 degrees and plenty soggy with high humidity.
The pool is topped off to the point that we may have to download to the skimmer.  What 48 hours of
rain can do! 
We have layers of happy birds.  The sugar and humming birds have had several fill up at the sugar
water stations and they are always more active consumers during stormy days.  The genips have
exploded with ripe fruit and the parakeets have  chatter patrol on high volume.  The parakeets are
so excited about the greening and fruiting up of their territory. Now , the star fruit will go
wild. The passion fruit blossoms seem to have popped overnight.  A few old iguanas are hanging out
at the very tops of the genip trees trying to attract  any ray of sun they can .
Meanwhile, staking the heavily laden tomato and pepper plants is the first chore today. 
And now we have enough water to pressure wash the mold left behind by the deluge.
We are grateful this mystery storm is past us, and hope that he does not become a problem for other
islands. Let’s  get thru the next few weeks ready for anything. 
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi   in Fortuna, the soggy Northwest side of St Thomas 

- Plenty Rain Now
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 09:40:14 -0400
Yesterday the cistern and the pool were begging for a drink.  We had a few passing showers late
yesterday with wind  and  not much landed.  Based on forecasts we closed up the house tight last night
and left all the fans running to keep dried out.  Around 4 am it felt like we hadn’t had much rain.
Sunrise was a gorgeous indigo with crescent moon rising in the East.  Then the rains came.
The thunder and lightening brought out the thunder jacket for the scaredy dog Macy. 
Then the rains came some more.  Now we’re looking at 5” in the wine rain bucket.  The gardener moved
pepper  and tomato plants out of the forming ponds.  The water manager downloaded the back
cistern into the main cistern and  we’ll just leave that hose connected all day.  The tune called  “collecting
water” is a pop hit  around this jungle hut. 
The aviator’s drive out the swampy road and down the hill to the airport was uneventful.  Some fallen rocks and
typical areas of run off were accompanied by sighs of relief from our drought stricken flora.
Air tours are cancelled today and visibility is nil.  Why is it so hard to stay awake on a day like today?
We are sun worshippers for sure.  Stay safe and dry and keep downloading that liquid gold. 
Let us know how your island is faring.  I wonder if my friends in Welch’s Village Anguilla have a full
cistern now?  Did St Barth moisturize too? Let us know.
From the soggy Northwest side of St Thomas, in Fortuna.
Jane Higgins

- Rain
  • From: James Latham <latham52 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 21:18:04 -0400

A little light rain falling here in the  Mandahl St. Thomas area, should be interesting next 24 hrs.  Its amazing how fast things are turning green with the recent rains, still have plenty of room in my cistern  for more water.


- Thunder Jacket
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 21:08:49 -0400
Weather has arrived. Thunder Jacket is ready for the dog.  A few airplanes have been
tucked in .  Anything in the cistern would be greatly welcomed. 
Let us know how you are doing?
Jane Higgins
St Thomas, Virgin Islands

- Quake, Rain, Pain
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 11:59:57 -0400
The tops of the trees are swaying  the grateful dance for the 3/4” of rain we’ve had so far this morning.
We noted that the pool was really low again yesterday and the hopes that the orange glow on the weather
graphs would produce moisture is now fact.  THANK YOU rain Gods and Goddesses.
We had our big rumble of  a 4.6 quake around 11pm the other night and the whole neighborhood poured
out on decks with dogs and cats to make sure that was all of it.  Nothing fell, but some existing cracks may
have opened up.   Rather have a series of smaller quakes to release some tension anytime.
Some of us in this house have had crippling joint and muscle pain this week along with fevers.  With more
than a few strains of dengue and other viruses not worth trying to spell, we will get blood tests this week.
We have been hearing all summer about folks suffering from mosquito borne illness. The drought followed
by sudden rains seems to bring the worst out in the skeeters. 
Again, from super cloudy skies, obscured horizon over choppy steely seas, we can only hope more rain will
follow.  We may not be able to depend on solar energy today. 
From the Northwest Side of St Thomas in Fortuna , facing the Atlantic
Jane Higgins

- Gentle Bertha, Saved by Solar
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 09:52:20 -0400
Good Morning Islanders,
St Thomians will tell you that Bertha was gentle and good to us.  We cooled down and had measurable rain.
About 2” over Saturday into Sunday here in Fortuna.  Then another 1/2” of super soft gentle rain this morning.
We were never warmer than 77 degrees yesterday.  Really a relief in August.
I drove to the opposite end of the island on Sunday morning early and saw a  few trees that hang over the roads
cut down and stacked by the road. Some rocks and debris that where the  overflows. Seaweed
and trash that came up on the downtown harbor pathway.  LOTS OF GREENING.  The plants and trees are delighted.
Meanwhile, we thank ourselves again for investing in some solar panels years ago to run the basics; the water pump,
computer, a few fans, and the washing machine.  We also have solar power for the pool pump.  Yesterday began
the rotation of power island wide and on St John as our power company WAPA lost a generator over the weekend.
Yesterday we had 2 cycles of power outages lasting 3 hours.  Now that it has been announced in the media as on-going
we can better prepare for the “no power” cycles.  Most missed of course is a fan that we can plug into the solar side
of things if we have to.  The power has been off for about 1 1/2 hrs today so far. 
The Sahara dust is back and blurring the horizon, it is hazy and cloudy.  Hoping the rain can overcome the dust.
Jane Higgins  on the Northwest side of St Thomas in Fortuna

- Windy Cool Rainy Bertha
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 13:03:17 -0400
We are thrilled to have the cooler rainy weather.  Enough rain to top off the pool, glorify
the foliage and give the water mon a rest. It is windy in the rain forest here.  We can
call it a rain forest again today, THANK YOU.
The airport is gusty, and the aviator is glad they tied down the planes and put others into
Some inter island flights are cancelled, the ferry boats are cancelled and the major airlines
are still coming in. There has been a buoy marker gust up to 70 mph near St Thomas. We
are holding near the airport up to 27 mph winds. Our friends in Puerto Rico report that the
reservoirs are coming up. Our hotels are filled with stranded folks. 
Tomorrow promises to be a stellar day and greening up is in the works.  
on the Northwest side of St Thomas 
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi 

- Update from Est Nazareth/Secret Harbor 10:42am
  • From: PANTUSCO at aol.com
  • Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 11:31:05 -0400 (EDT)
Squally with a few thunderbooms...oh and a blown transformer. Sure like the sounds of that gen !
Be safe all ! Terrie

- Bertha
  • From: "James Latham" <latham52 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 08:37:40 -0400


                                  Rain has started to fall here in Mandahl at 8:30am with heavy waves every 10 mins. WAPA electric starting to flicker a bit, I will be changing over to solar and wind  backup.




- Hello Bertha
  • From: Ronnie <ronusvi at aol.com>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 07:57:43 -0400
Nice wind and some rain so far. Hope it stays like this. 

Ronnie Lockhart

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- Bertha
  • From: James Latham <latham52 at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 07:46:06 -0400
Not too bad wind wise here in the Mandahl part of St. Thomas. I'm looking at my wind turbine mounted on a guyed 40 foot pole, it's spinning like crazy (producing electric power). Mandahl salt pond is calm. Would like to see some rain as others mentioned it has been dry and our cistern could use it.



- Windy Dawn
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 05:55:41 -0400
The wind picked up around 5:20 am. We are tucked into a protected hillside at around 650 ft.
facing the Atlantic.  The sea is choppy. The horizon very blurred. Clouds are flying to gather on
our Northwest side.
The tops of the trees are swaying. The numbers look like this from weather station
on outer deck;  Pressure 29.78, 77 degrees outdoors, 78 degrees inside. Wind at 5-7 mph
with gusts to 14. 
St Croix, let us know how it is going for you.  Hoping for rain. 
Jane Higgins jhigginswear at islands.vi   Fortuna, St Thomas

- Do We Remember Bertha?
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2014 10:19:14 -0400
We remember another storm named Bertha, l996 I think, around July 8.  She surprised us!
We are hoping to get some rain out of this Bertha and give the water mon a rest.
Our pressure is holding at 29.8, and it is hot hot hot, 6 mph winds now.  The horizon
line is obscured again by Sahara dust. 
We are doing what we needed to do all summer, move some lightweight stuff from the outer
decks.  Tuck a few things in.  Finally pull up the deceased tomato plants.  Just can’t waste water
on them anymore.  Have a few strong heirloom plants left.  The peppers are loving the heat.
The aviator in the family is counting “tie downs” on the ramp at the airport. The port authority
is in the middle of re-cementing a  portion of the ramp where the private aircraft  park and
there are some interesting ledges and pits; lots of loose stones and fewer “tie downs” than normal.
It will be aviation musical chairs. Who has the power and control on where the planes will shelter? 
Even 35 mph winds can carry off an unsecured plane.
Our sailor friends are changing plans we hear and some are moving on for the rest of “H” season.
We need this  drill to remind us.  Tomorrow is our Primary Election day.  Waiting to hear if that will
be postponed.  Take care and let us know how you are doing. 
From the sweaty NorthWest side of St Thomas in Fortuna.
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi   

- Bertha
  • From: Ronnie Lockhart <ronusvi at aol.com>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2014 00:02:46 -0400 (EDT)
Now she's ready to come! Looks like she will pass south of us Saturday morning. Keeping a watchful eye on her.


- So interesting
  • From: Ronnie Lockhart <ronusvi at aol.com>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 19:44:28 -0400 (EDT)
The past couple of years people start getting the itch at the word Invest. Before that Tropical Wave. I personally prefer to wait until something out there becomes a Tropical Depression. Then I share my thoughts. The chatter about town is hilarious. We have to wait and see.

Ronnie Lockhart

- Water Truck Brings Rain
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2014 16:13:03 -0400
You can thank us for buying water to top off the pool this morning. IT IS RAINING!
Like being in a car wash, whirling around, wind peaks up to 10 mph. See the big
drops in the picture. We love to watch it run into the gutter down into the cistern.
Power went out and is now back.  Temp dropped to 83 outdoors and pressure
is dropping ; showing 29.91.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY . 
Jane Higgins jhigginswear at islands.vi  on the Northwest side of St Thomas
US Virgin Islands
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- Tomato Mourning, Clearing Coconut Bombs
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 13:56:22 -0400
We celebrate Independence Day in the US Virgin Islands today,
Happy 4th of July!  Weather station reports just now 99 degrees
outside, and 88 degrees inside with 60% humidity. Seems almost
dry when the humidity goes under 70%. The pressure is steady at
30.05 , wind at 4 mph and peaking at 11 mph.  The horizon line is
visible and there is some blue above. The Sahara dust map tells us
more.  The sea is choppy.
The super hot dry weather has forced the pulling of tomato plants;
we mourn for them.  A few survivors show some new blooms, and the
water mon is on the way tomorrow to top off the pool. We are dry , dry,
dry, teased  by multiple drops of rain several times in the last few days.
Wayne the coconut guy showed up today to clear the nut bombs.  We all
know what season we are in now for sure! Pictured here, first time ever
we’ve seen him use the safety belt. Good thing!
Jane Higgins on the dry northwest side of St Thomas, Fortuna way...
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- Iggy is Looking for Some Rain
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 16:46:55 -0400
My very patient younger shepherd Macy pointed out this young iguana in balance on
a palm frond below our deck.  We are looking for water just like he is.  Sometimes when
it is really hot and dry like this the iguanas end up swimming in the pool.  Crazy life we
live  here in the islands with our critter friends . 
Hot and crazy, the 4 pm weather station report from our outer deck reads like this;
Outdoor temperature is 101 degrees, OUCH, inside is 87, humidity is down to 67%,
pressure is 29.99 and with winds at 2 mph, peaking to 6 and this is still JUNE!
Dear Grenada,  send us some of your showers please.  The tomato plants will be the first
to be pulled if we don’t get some serious rain soon. We had a passing shower for about
2 minutes today.  Looking for more. 
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi   from HOT FORTUNA, Northwest St Thomas
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  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 09:58:32 -0400
Good Humid Morning Islanders,
Our weather station at 9:50 am shows 90 degrees outside, 88% humidity, what a combo!
82 degrees inside, pressure dropping 29.98, winds at 3 mph peaking to 6 mph.  This sunset
picture was taken Wednesday night after our first good rain shower in a while.  It is misting
is is so moist out there.  We are waiting for more  rain and are thrilled
to see the horizon line today among the clouds.
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi    Fortuna, Northwest side of St Thomas USVI
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- RAINING!!!!!!!
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 18:32:34 -0400

- Hazy, Dry, Parakeets On Patrol
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 10:04:01 -0400
Good Morning Islanders,
Here in the rain forest of St Thomas, Fortuna, on the Northwest side we are looking for
some rain.  The parakeets are after  juicy fruits and the trees are are curling and
begging for moisture.  The birds do fly by dips into the pool for a drink and
the bats are on duty at dusk lowering the mosquito population.
The 9:40 a.m. weather station report is:
Outdoors  92 degrees with 74% humidity (the  Sunday  3pm report was 103 !  in the
sun on the cement wall where station is mounted)
Indoors   82 degrees  (my perfect temp)
Pressure is 30.01
Winds at 2 mph peaking to 6 mph, although taller tree tops are swaying , so would
suggest the winds are a little higher
The horizon is non-existent, the skies so dusty; the aerial photographers will be taking a pass on us today.
Finally, after months of coaxing, this morning  the feral mom cat was put in the crate to have her
spay surgery.  What an exciting start to the day.  We hope her release goes as smoothly.
Jane Higgins  jhigginswear at islands.vi  
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- Water Mon Again!
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 10:26:53 -0400
The water truck delivered again this morning.  We need a good rain.  The garden’s
gluttonous water intake is the  price we pay for tomatoes, herbs, peppers and fruit.
Our weather station report , 10:15 am; 86  degrees outdoors ( a little cooler) 81 indoors,
78 % humidity (cloudy, just had a sprinkle of course as the water truck drove away)
wind 1 mph, peak at 5 mph, barely a breeze.  Pressure is at 30., cloudy, overcast,
is it dust? or moisture? 
The Sahara dust chart looks intensely red, more than usual coming  soon
to us with a blob of moisture enclosed . Considering that we just bought water assume
we’ll have a few showers this weekend, and you are welcome.
Meanwhile  Tim (Dunkin) Duncan and the SPURS are ON FIRE!  One more to go...
...and the sounds of World Cup Soccer in the background. 
With a clearer horizon from the Northwest side of Fortuna, St Thomas,
US Virgin Islands,
Jane Higgins

- Rain Dance?
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2014 09:59:36 -0400
Good Morning,
The weather station from our outer deck is placed around
650 feet high up the hill from Atlantic side.  We are not
on the windy side of the island, as you can see from our
wind speeds. 
Report this morning as of 9:50 a.m. is
outdoor temp 92
indoor temp 82 (glad for that!)
humidity 77%
winds at 2 mph peaking at 4 mph.
We are less hazy than yesterday and  not a good
day for taking pictures, that is for sure.
HOPING FOR RAIN, going to do a rain dance today
and see if it helps. 
Fortuna, Northwest side of St Thomas,
US Virgin Islands

- Very Hazy
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2014 10:32:45 -0400
Good Morning,
Weather station report 10:20 am
97 degrees outside 84 inside
72% humidity
Pressure 29.98
Wind at 2mph peaking at 7
Super hazy. Dust has settled again on windows.
Waiting for a rainy rinse.   Looks like
more dust is coming up the island chain.
Northwest side of Fortuna, St Thomas
US Virgin Islands

- rolling blackouts
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2014 08:32:47 -0400
Good Morning,
Good thing my office has solar energy as we are on rolling blackouts.
Weather station reports  8:25 am; 90 degrees outside, 80 inside,
80% humidity, pressure is 29.94, wind at 2mph peaking at 5 mph.
In other words HOT AND HUMID.  The horizon shows haze resting there.
Solar energy also ground the coffee beans this morning. Good to go
back into the garden. Found a tomato worm and looking for more.
on the Northwest side of Fortuna,
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

- Cooler, Windier ,Looking for Rain
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2014 11:05:49 -0400
Saturday morning report is a little later than
weekdays; weather station on outer deck reports at 11am
90 degrees outdoor, 83 indoors,
68 % humidity, pressure is 29.94
cooling clouds building up, wind is average 4mph, with
gusts up to 11 mph, hoping this will bring some
rain up the island chain to us.
Out to baby the lime and starfruit trees now.
Have a great weekend. 
Northwest side , Fortuna, St Thomas,
US Virgin Islands 

- Cooler
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 09:32:42 -0400
Good Morning,
The weather station on our outer deck 9:05 am report today is
Outdoor temp 85 degrees  COOLER than yesterday
Indoor temp  81 degrees
Humidity 77%, we could use a passing shower for the veggie plants
wind speeds 2-5 mph gusting 6-9 mph
Hazier horizon than yesterday, nice to be on the cooler side.
Go Tim, Go Spurs, Tim Duncan of St Croix is  the MAN in B-ball! 
Jane Higgins
from the Northwest Side ,
Fortuna, St Thomas US VIRGIN ISLANDS

- Horizon Line
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2014 09:17:31 -0400
The horizon is back.  Glorious skies. The 9:05 am weather station report from
our outer deck in direct sunlight ( in Fortuna, NWest side of St Thomas ) says 
95 degrees, with 73% humidity, winds holding at 3 mph and peaking at 9 mph. 
The pressure is 29.92 and the inside temperature is 82 degrees. 
Looks like the Sahara dust has fallen south.  Gratitude for our view may be based
on the clarity of the horizon.  So fickle!
The brown bag on the counter houses some ripening tomatoes.  The thresher birds
are vexed. 
Jane Higgins
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

- Super Haze
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 09:41:00 -0400
The Sahara dust has removed the horizon line. We have a slight breeze; about 4 mph,
and outer deck temperature is 90 degrees already!  Early morning gardening helped
work up a sweat.  This is my favorite bloomer in the courtyard today. The dust chart
looks serious.  And we just washed the windows of course.  Take care, stay cool.
Jane Higgins , Fortuna ,Northwest side of St Thomas facing North
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- Bertha
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2014 21:39:34 -0400
Bertha is a bad name, used up, we remember Bertha......
let’s get past her as fast as we can.
Jane Higgins

- June Jump Start
  • From: "Jane Higgins" <jhigginswear at islands.vi>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2014 15:16:12 -0400
Gardening today and thinking about all those plants in pots that would have to move
just “in case”.  Now is the time to start putting them in the ground! Hot , humid,
hazy. It must be summer. Second crop of tomatoes are turning red.
Let’s all remember our latitudes.  
Jane Higgins
Fortuna, Northwest side of St Thomas
US Virgin Islands

- A Little Late But......
  • From: Jimmy and Linda Magner <frenchtownfishing at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 21:46:29 -0400
Greetings, everyone! 

I honestly did try to get this email out four days ago but due to some confusion on my part with reference to email addresses, it never made it to this site.  Many thanks to Gert and Dave for straightening me out!  So here it is, a little late but hey... 

Hip Waders and Raincoats!​!


May 10 (4 days ago)
to gert
Greetings from wet, drenched, soaked, flooded, overwhelmed, swamped, inundated and towel brigade overworked St. Thomas!! 

It's been such a long time since our last post but feel that these last few days here are worthy of an honorable mention today.

We were warned that we would have days of rain but after this last dry spell, I don't think anyone really believed it would actually happen.  Well, it came in with a vengeance.  Apart from a few hours break, it has been pretty well non stop rain since Wednesday. 

Once it started, knowing what was being said, I put my trusty orange "Home Depot" bucket outside in the middle of the yard, determined to see how much we'd actually get.  Well, it's Saturday, 12:30 p.m. and I've just taken a measurement and am up to 9.5 inches, with no signs of let up yet.

Flooding has been an issue on the island also, including the infamous boulders rolling off the hills onto roads, washouts, stalled cars, boat bailing and ... I think you get my drift!

On the positive side, the island is turning green again and my cistern is full!!

It's been said that this is going to continue until this coming Wednesday.  I'm thinking if that's true, this island will be floating off on its own!  ;-)

Hope all is well with everyone!


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