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  • From: "Marion Dyer" <mdyer at myhome.bm>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 18:11:12 -0700
Hello All
Bermuda has been very quiet this season. Things are windy now..sporadic high gusts of wind. At the moment we are looking at an almost direct hit. 17 miles is closest point of approach at 3a.m when we are all sleeping. As Bermuda is only 21 miles long and winds extend 1110miles out .. I leave you to do the Math The Emergency Measures Organization has closed  schools for tomorrow. And winds are not expected to die down till the afternoon . Under cover of darkness it's hard to see whats going on. We have had a few  heavy showers.Just wind right now though. There have been some loud banging noises on my roof  which I believe are my avocado pears  which were larger than  grapefruits last week being turned into green bowling balls. I will collect them  tomorrow to give away. Will post a picture tomorrow of the spoils.
I will keep you posted ..


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