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- Tomas
  • By David Thyssen <sbhnow at live.com>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 08:13:18 -0400
We've had a little bit of rain every day in the last week, and a little rain during the night is always good. Visitors will find a beautiful island, lush and green, that has been cleaned up after the two hurricanes we've seen this season. The island really looks nice at the moment, save some road construction, which should be done by Christmas. Hopefully the tail of the hurricane season won't give us a nasty surprise, because it looks like it's not over yet. I haven't followed the weather in the past week, and was quite surprised to find two active and named storms this morning. I woke up with some rain and decided to check, and found that hurricane Tomas is not that far away. It's not a very big hurricane yet, but that doesn't mean it can't do damage. Here in St. Barths we probably won't see much of it, but apparently it's going to be a cloudy day today, and windy. It doesn't look like Tomas will take a spin straight north, but for the other islands this may be a bad one, so late in the season, when everyone is preparing for the tourist season and is no longer counting on hurricanes passing through. We're running out of names for storms so hopefully it will stop at Tomas, but let's stay vigilant...

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- Storm update, Oct 7, 5.30PM
  • By David Thyssen <sbhnow at live.com>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 17:32:02 -0400
This morning St. Barths saw its first sunshine in three days, but it didn't last very long.
By 10.30 it started to rain, and it kept raining for over 5 hours. At times the rain was dense and again accompanied by heavy winds.
The already soaked soil was not able to handle more water, and roads quickly filled with water. There is widespread flooding all over St. Barths.
Salines is flooded entirely, and water also rises in St. Jean and in Grand Cul de sac (shown in the pictures).
The airport, as well as the seaport of St. Barths remain closed.
Schools were only closed this afternoon, forcing parents like me to go out in the worst of the rain to collect the children. It would have been better and safer to keep schools closed the whole day, especially since there is only one gas station open at the moment with long lines in front of it every day, because the other is undergoing reconstruction.
It is no longer raining, but looking at the satellite pictures, I'm expecting more rain tonight, and maybe even tomorrow morning.

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- Update
  • By babath fwi <fanzy_431 at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 16:52:04 +0100
Hello everybody

After raining all night, St Barths wake up with the sun and a little blue sky, But since 10.30 it's raining and we had big winds in Flamands.
The port of Gustavia is close for the moment and all the flights from and to st barths were cancelled. It seems that it should begin to improve this afternoon but it's not sure at this time.
Wind is blowing from the south to south west, the swell is from the same direction. Many areas are under water like SALINES and others places.

Wait and see what is the situation later on

- Storm update oct 06
  • By David Thyssen <sbhnow at live.com>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 09:46:07 -0400
Since early this morning clean up crews are out clearing roads from mud and debris.
The hurricane force wind gusts we had last night didn't do any major damage, but some trees and plants that withstood Earl are now down.
The port of Gustavia had not been closed, and as a result some boats were lightly damaged by the high seas that entered the port.
Oddly enough, the ferry service (Voyager) between St. Barths and St. martin has not been canceled, and it even made its way through the storm last night.
I think Meteo France missed this storm completely, while for the last several days we have been under Yellow alert, this is not alarming enough for the population to take any kind of precautions.
We have seen Orange alert when there were blue skies and only the ocean was a little agitated.
But as far as I know, no one was injured, and there is only light damage around the island.
There has been flooding, and some roads are still flooded and covered with a thick layer of sand and or mud.
The question is, will there be more of this, like Windguru predicts, or did we get the worst of it last night?
At the moment I write this it's dry, but there are still gusty winds and it looks as if it will rain again soon.

In the pictures: Heavy seas flood the road entering Gustavia. The other two were taken at Grand cul de sac, where debris washed down the hills and onto the road.

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- Storm update Oct 5 8.55PM
  • By David Thyssen <sbhnow at live.com>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 20:50:40 -0400
Since yesterday we've been receiving plenty of rain here on St. Barths.
This morning, a heavy rainshower came with near hurricane force winds, but the rest of the day it was all relatively calm.
Tonight we're being lashed again with heavy rains from thunderstorms, accompanied by heavy wind gusts, some with hurricane strength.
About a half hour ago one particularly strong gust lasted some 30 seconds, filled with rain, it was as if a wall of water hit us.
From my home I can hear the torrents of water coming down the hills, and I expect major flooding in certain areas.
I also think the heavy winds must have done some damage, nobody was the least bit prepared for this.
In fact, Meteo France still maintains the Yellow vigilance level, while we should really be at least Orange or even Red.
Rains should continue through the night and tomorrow, so more flooding can be expected.
We will see tomorrow morning how bad things are, and I will post an update if necessary.

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  • By babath fwi <fanzy_431 at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 05:04:35 +0100
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- Earl aftermath
  • By David Thyssen <sbhnow at live.com>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 13:00:12 -0400
48 hours after hurricane Earl smashed our island, and while tropical storm passes out at sea, we now have to start thinking about Gaston. While still a tropical depression, this may be the next hurricane.
Earl seemed to go easy on us until around noon 2 days ago, but as the eye passed Anguilla, all of a sudden strong gusts accompanied by heavy rain, tore down trees and took down everything not securely fastened, like my satellite dish. Oops, I should have taken it off my roof, and I saw it fly by as I closed the shutters. We had been able to spend the morning out on our west facing terrace, but when the gusts hit, even on the west side of the house it wasn't safe anymore. Fortunately, I had parked my car close to the house, because the dish landed in the spot where I usually park. The next few hours we spent waiting for the worst to pass. The local radio station was out, so it was difficult to get updates and to find out what was going on. I don't have much of a view, so as soon as the storm calmed down, we took the car and went for a short ride. Clean-up crews were already at work to clear the roads from fallen trees and branches, and other debris. At Toiny, one boat was beached (what a crazy idea it was of the owner to leave the boat there during a storm). Other than fallen trees, we didn't see much damage. Some lower roads were flooded, but nothing impassable. Nature took a hit, and since we had a lot of rain this summer, the island was lush and green. After Earl, it looks more like we're in the middle of a drought. Gustavia took some flooding damage, and a lot of trees were downed. The ferry port was flooded and damaged, as well as the town hall. I know at least one catamaran sank during the morning at Corrossol, but the owner was able to make it to the shore alive. There has been a lot of beach erosion, and this while a few beaches were just receiving new sand. As far as I know there is some damage to the stadium. The airport was reopened at noon yesterday.

In the pictures the view from my house. The first pic was taken early in the morning, the others as the day progressed. The last is of the stranded boat at Toiny.

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  • By babath fwi <fanzy_431 at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 20:07:36 +0100
 At this time of the day, 3pm, with all the messages on facebook, it seems that ST BARTHS suffured a lot from the west side to the south side with the swell and the wind blowing from these directions. Many places on the island don't have power. Here in Flamands we have power and we had a lot of wind from 9.30 10 am to 1 or 2pm south winds. Right now we are on the confinment alert ( nobody have to be out and must stay at home). And it should be the same until late tonight, it's a good thing.
It seems that the future tropical storm FIONA is on the way to the Northern Leeward Islands again.
That's all what we can say for now on the situation here until we allow to go out and verify everythings
Be safe and take care behind EARL

- Update
  • By babath fwi <fanzy_431 at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 21:48:38 +0100
Hello everyone.
We should be in alert later in the week with the new tropical depression forming at this time in the far eastern atlantic. The first projections say that it will pass on top or close enought to us to have bad weather. But it's too far to say exactly where it will go.

A this time just wait and see what is going on with this one.

Today we have nice conditions around the island.

Be safe

- Hello to everybody, Long time i did not write h...
  • By babath fwi <fanzy_431 at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 22:49:43 +0100
Hello to everybody,

Long time i did not write here. As everyone knows hurricane season is back. We 
hope here that we will be missed by any bad system which supposed to pass 
Since last year we experienced good conditions only a few days with wind and 
swell but most of time it was very nice.
Cross fingers for the next few months
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