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- None
  • By Lou vin hassell <vin_lou at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 20:58:07 +0100
Greetings all from the BES Island of Saba still affectionately known as the Unspoiled Queen. (it's on the License plates)
Saba had a brief shower around 11:30 pm last night.
Winds today are ESE at about 6 MPH, Vis is + 15 KM, although all islands in the immediate vicinity are crystal clear.
Fort Bay Harbor area has started to go through some changes offices are being installed and the work on the immediate Harbor should start on the 1st of Nov.
Best regards
Hey Roger send me an E Mail some time

- rain +
  • By Vincent Hassell <vincent_hassell at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 09:15:29 -0700 (PDT)
Good day all from the Unspoiled Queen.
Saba has not experienced a rain event such as this one for a number of years.
Since the first of October I have accumalated 11 inches of rain and it is still falling.
Took a spin down to the Harbor area and the Seas look a little better than yesterday but still very dangerous.
I understand from the local Grape Vine ( not Will Johnsons grape Tree LOL) that the various boat owners have ventured out to their boats to check on them and charge up their batteries. I guess this has took some doing as the Seas are still quit rough for big boats much less the small Dinghies.
There is some debris on the Fort Bay road and some rocks had to be cleared by my Son for us to proceed further, on the way up a large Boulder had fallen against the retaining wall above the S Curve and has done some damage to that wall.
Rain fall so far for this month stands at 11 1/2 inches and still counting.
Best regards

- rough seas at the harbour
  • By Lou vin hassell <vin_lou at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 19:32:04 +0100
Greetings all from Saba BES (soon)
Attached are some photos of the harbor at Fort Bay one Dive Boat has already sunk which is very unfortunate. Some of the other vessels are being hit by drift wood which the tides and winds have brought in to their mooring areas.
Many of the Boat owners ( Fisherman and Dive operators) are watching what is going on but there is not much they can do at this time.
Rains are pouring at this time and no relief is in sight.
The water in front of my home is the width of the road and has been attracting my neighbors with strange ideas.(they are actually looking for an inner tube to float down to the airport  LOL.
I emptied the rain Gauge at 6 inches this morning and it now has another 2 inches.
Best regards

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- rain +
  • By Lou vin hassell <vin_lou at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 21:10:54 +0100
Just as I was about to say we havn't had any Thunder yet there it was booom.
raining very moderately at this time and has been that way for the past hour or so,
rain gauge is showing 4 inches so far.
Attached below are photos of the waves crashing along the Fishermans Warf and of the Boats in the immediate area of Fort Bay Harbor
Boats are going through a rough time at the moment and according to wind guru the winds are supposed to increase tommorow.
The roads are reportedly clear of any major debris but if the rains continue we all know what will happen later on so drive with caution.
Best regards

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- Fw: Rain.
  • By Vincent Hassell <vincent_hassell at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 03:24:44 -0700 (PDT)
Good wet Tuesday all,
a constant light to  moderate rain has been falling since late yesterday afternoon so far winds are out of the SSW at about 15 mph with higher gusts, visibility looks about 5 miles, from my location (810 feet above sea level) ceiling 1500 + feet.
Have not been out on the roads as of this time.
Rain fall so far stands at 2 3/4 inches at my location from 15:00 pm yesterday afternoon until 6:30 am this morning.

Thats about it folks
I will update the situation later this afternoon.


- P R Radar
  • By Lou vin hassell <vin_lou at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2010 00:35:59 +0100
Good day all from the Unspoiled Queen,
WX today very pleasant nothing much to report.
The radar on P. R is down as far as I understand from Dave 
Maybe try the one from St Maarten at meteo.an this may help.
Rainfall for the month of September stands at 3 1/4 inches at my location this may be more as I am sure some one emptied my rain gauge by mistake.
Winds today variable ESE ENE 12 mph although after 12 Noon it has been minus 6 mph.
Some distant lightning can be seen this evening.
Stay cool


- Saba
  • By Lou vin hassell <vin_lou at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 16:31:31 +0100
Good day to you,
Saba is experiencing WSW, SSW winds at this time from 10 to 25 knot gusts.
A few rain showers have passed through but were short and brief.
Winds are also causing flight cancellations at the Juancho E Yrausquin Airport this morning.(check with your Travel agent for more info)
Fort Bay Harbor is also being affected by swells due to wind direction and and swell from the passing of Igor.
Congrats to Alex.

Best regards


- Frigate Birds
  • By Lou vin hassell <vin_lou at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 18:18:21 +0100
Good day all 
There have been sightings of Frigate Birds with yellow tags attached to their wings in the vicinity of Saba Bank and around the island.
Just in case studies are being done on them there's your proof on how far they have flown.


- igor
  • By Lou vin hassell <vin_lou at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 20:44:09 +0100
hello all
I gor has now intensified to a cat 4 Hurricane
if he keeps on his present path it will pass very close to the Northern Islands, but is predicted to pass well north of the islands.(time will tell)
Igor at this time is not a threat to us, our island is very small and I am sure seas will be of most concern as he approaches and passes.
saba is blossoming back to her old self and there are Mango blossoms on some of the fruit trees in our area.
Fort Bay Harbor is under repairs and is coming along good.

Best regards from the Unspoiled Queen,


- loop
  • By Lou vin hassell <vin_lou at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 16:36:05 +0100
Greetings all from The Unspoiled Queen,
lovely breeze this am and we now have a swell coming in from the North.
The RGB loop on Storm Carib is the place to see what Gall stone(Gaston) is trying to do and it looks as if he is trying to fire up again.
Saba received a lot of Tree damage in certain areas and in some places NADA
Fisher-mans Pier is once again cluttered with rocks and other Debris.
All houses held well and no significant damage can be seen.
one weather watcher reported a wind gust of 130 mph during the passing of Earl
Rainfall amount at my location during Earl was 4 3/4 inches.

Best regards


- Update
  • By Fort Bay Harbor Saba <fortbayharbor at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 04:08:45 +0100
Sorry It took so long to update you but been so busy cleaning up. Got power back this afternoon around 1ish, after about 36 hours. some places still don't have but should not be long. Damage here was not all that bad, majority being the trees (they are BARE). Hopefully Fiona will just bring some rain to help get them springing back out. Attached is a link for a Video I took yesterday at the Harbor around 3 pm. It was too big so I up loaded it on you tube.

Travis Johnson

1st Act. Head Harbor Master


- Info from Saba
  • By Fort Bay Harbor Saba <fortbayharbor at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 17:32:22 +0100

Currently Saba is experiencing a lot of rain and very strong winds, power has been off from around 1am and the rain has been constant I think every body is doing fairly good no serious damage in the Windwardside, word from the Level, also very strong winds. I managed to go to the harbor this morning, so far it was doing quite well, as soon as I get a chance I will go back down to check again. Attached is a video clip of my back yard.



Travis Johnson

1st Act. Head Harbor Master


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- Bonaire Weather Spotter on Saba
  • By "Ann Phelan" <ann at bonairecaribbean.com>
  • Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2010 15:04:57 -0400

I am continuing my holiday having left sunny Anguilla, ferrying to SXM and then Winair to Saba. This is my first time in Saba and so far I am feeling the island vibe. It’s quite chill here very relaxing. I am shooting a lot of photos of the flora and fauna and the lovely homes. I had a walk about and lunch and tomorrow hope to try a hike up Mt. Scenery.  A few folks told me not to go alone as it’s very muddy and slippery but I will give it a go. I was quite sick in Ecuador next week so am very winded easily. More later. My friend in Anguilla reports it is raining there. Last night we had a good rain in Stony Ground as I was leaving Cote Mer in Island Harbour.


I hear lovely frogs chirping in the garden behind my room. The wind is whistling thru the power lines. Clouds have moved in since my arrival at 12.


Ann Phelan "Creating Dream Vacations Since 1987"






Twitter: bonairebliss and anguillabliss

Skype: Caribchakita

Blackberry Pin: 31C465A3


- WX
  • By Lou vin hassell <vin_lou at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 11:35:08 +0100
Good day all,
Wx these days is very hot, hazy and humid, Saba is very dry and rainfall is needed to fill the cisterns and bring the rock back to her normal color.
There is a new project in the making to up grade the Fort Bay Harbor once again in the coming months ( hmmmm Hurricane season ).
Well thats about it be alert, it's going to be a busy 6 months or beyond according to the forecasters.
Hello to all the folks tuned in.
Best regards,

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