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- Scarry looking morning!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 13:38:46 -0700 (PDT)

Here's picture from this morning.  Didn't have time earlier to load it up onto my computer.  Rather scary looking clouds!
All is well here, not much rain came out of these clouds.  Hoping for more rain tomorrow.
the Mermaid GardenerUmbrella emoticon


- No see um my Rum! Update!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 06:00:41 -0700 (PDT)
Good Morning

It's starting out to be a bit cloudy, more wind today than in previous days with light sprinkles.  Not bad but have to admit that I was more than willing to roll over in bed at 8am when it looked like night time here with clouds rolling over.

Here's my update on those pesky no-see-um bites and the miracle drug Rum!  Last night after I tried the remedy and having sampled the rum via a dark and stormy, I found that they were not itching quite so bad and frankly after the second application along with...for medicinal purposes only.....another dark and stormy...they really started to not bother me!!  Even started to dance around the pool listening to rock and roll!    Singing "Rum" praises!  Sorry to say no pirate carried me off to his dingy or pirate ship but did wave to a few folks coming into Hodges Creek! 

Today my problem is that I ran out of rum last night and those pesky bites are probably going to act up again later on this afternoon right around sunset!!!  I think a rum run might be in order just for medicinal purposes only!! 

I've now found that I have a one eyed calico cat hanging around my house. I saw him last night.   It's right eye is like a lazy sleepy eye.  I can see the thing twitch, the lazy eye, or maybe that was the rum, but it's been hanging around looking for handouts!!  Wish it would do some work around here for me like keep those roof rats away from my house.  I know it's a feral cat so I don't want to get to close to it, just don't know what diseases and bugs the poor kitty is carrying around with him/or her!  Need to figure out a name for this one eyed calico cat.  Maybe scurvy! 

Got to dash off and do my art thing today!   Gee are those bites itching....uh oh!!!

More later......

the Mermaid Gardener

- Rum relief on this holiday!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 13:30:49 -0700 (PDT)
Good afternoon!!
Yep low and behold we have another holiday.  Today everything is closed except the gas stations and grocery stores.  I also believe that we are going to have a holiday on the day of the big wedding!!! 
A gentle reader has recommended a very good soothing option for those pesky no-see-um bites that I have......he suggested Rum....so let me run down to my kitchen and find the chilled Pusser's rum and dap some on......I'll be right back!
Okay I'm back from the kitchen.  Decided that I would definatly use Pusser's since I don't have any Gosling Black Seal.  I applied the near frozen rum liberally to my bites ahh the chill of the cool rum on those bites seemed to work there not as itchy.  You know how it goes you lick your fingers after application and well a sundowner pops into your head....well at least it did mine!  So while I was there in the kitchen made a very nice Dark and Stormy sundowner.  Now I suspect that if run down to Trellis Bay or Penn's landing I'm likely to have a pirate or two smell my rather light scent of rum perfume and ask me if I'd like to take a dingy ride!!!  Arg!!!
I'll have to see how this method of easing the bites goes I may end up singing pirates songs later tonight after having applied it 5 times, of course it's for medicinal use only......it's a miracle drug!!!    I suspect I'll have to have another Sundownnnerrrr!!!  I might have to after each application!! Oh boy!!!
Cheers and more Rum Cheers!!
the less itchy Mermaid Gardener....hey please pass that rum I have bites to attend to!!!!

- Happy Easter!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 05:06:03 -0700 (PDT)

Good Happy Easter to everyone!  Rainbow emoticon
Great news Invest 91 is no more as of right now!

Last night noticed that winds have picked up a little and are out of east at around 8 mph. Now that's not much but it will keep those no-see-ums away.  Late afternoon yesterday out at my pool was bitten up, so am dabbing on Anthisan cream hoping that it will help the itch and red bite spots.  We have puffy clouds passing by this morning with some haze that has rolled in as well.  Over the last 5 days the island have been extremely clear because of no haze. Island with palm tree emoticon  Almost could see St. Croix from my vantage point.
Yesterday spent the afternoon with a friend here at my house and enjoyed my pool.  I had worked on maintaining the pool temperature at 92 degrees.  Now this person said "OMG of all the pools I've swam in on the island this is the warmest!!"  Thanks to my solar blanket and those wonderful solar panels I have.  We sat out having a mid afternoon BBQ tuna lunch with a spinach and strawberry salad.  I have to say I was thankful for the lovely day until those no-see-ums saw me!  Maybe ocean water will help them out.  I think a trip to the beach might be in order later today after brunch.
I'm heading out for Easter brunch this afternoon and meeting up with an artist friend of mine.  Making the journey to West End. Should be a lovely afternoon! 
The picture I'm attaching is one that I thought was well suited for today.  Now when I took this I wasn't sure but I think it's the Easter Bunny trying to catch a few sunrays!!!  Hot smile emoticon
Happy Easter!
the Mermaid Gardener
Yes it must be that Easter Bunny! Or a mongoose with pink ears!
Just a baby hanging out on Easter!

- Update on invest 91
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 04:48:10 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning,
This was the update from yesterday on Invest 91.  We will see what they predict today.
Hurricane season is more than a month away, but we have a tropical disturbance (91L) typical of what one might see in June or November. 91L is spinning over the waters a few hundred miles south of Bermuda, and has improved considerably in organization since yesterday, thanks to a drop in wind shear. The latest SHIPS model output is showing shear of 40 - 55 knots over 91L, but shear analyses from the University of Wisconsin CIMSS group is showing lower shear values of 20 - 30 knots over the main circulation center and to 91L's north, where the heaviest thunderstorms are. The system has a warm core at low levels, but a trough of low pressure lies over the storm at upper levels, and this trough is pumping cold, dry air into 91L, making it not completely tropical. One characteristic of subtropical systems like 91L is the presence of the main band of heavy thunderstorms removed several hundred miles from the circulation center, and 91L fits that description. 91L has two centers of circulation competing to be dominant, and this competition is slowing the storm's development. The storm was headed north at 5 - 10 mph early this morning, but that motion has halted, and 91L appears to be moving more south-southwesterly now, away from Bermuda. Sea surface temperatures are 23°C, which are very cold for a tropical storm to form in, but could support development of a subtropical storm.

As 91L moves south today, shear will steadily rise, and the storm likely has only until Friday night before shear grows too high to permit development. NHC is giving 91L a 20% chance of developing into a subtropical or tropical depression, which is a reasonable forecast. There has been only been one named April storm in the Atlantic since 1851, Tropical Storm Ana of 2003. The formation of a tropical disturbance at this location this time of year is unusual, but is not a harbinger of a active season ahead. Had this been going on in the Caribbean, that would be a different story.
For now it's not a threat to us so maybe a good beach day is on the agenda!!
the Mermaid Gardener


- Sleepy morning
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 06:30:07 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning,
Again seas are flat, winds light and not much sailing going on.  Caught this picture around 730am, it's a holiday here, Good Friday and everything is closed but gas stations and supermarkets.  Main street quiet and sleepy. 
the Mermaid Gardener


- update on invest 91
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 09:50:45 -0700 (PDT)

Here's what Jeff Master's said this afternoon about Invest 91.
A tropical disturbance (91L) near 24N, 63W, midway between the Virgin Islands and Bermuda, is moving north-northwest at about 8 mph. The system's heavy thunderstorm activity has increased since yesterday, but 91L has an elongated and poorly-organized circulation, thanks to a hefty 80 knots of wind shear. The storm is over waters of 25°C, and these waters will cool to 24°C by Friday as the storm continues to the north-northwest. Before 91L reaches Bermuda, steering currents will reverse and force 91L to the south-southwest on Saturday, into a region of higher wind shear. The latest SHIPS model forecast predicts wind shear will drop to 50 knots over 91L by Friday, then increase again to 70 knots by Sunday. The high shear and relatively cool water temperatures will make it difficult for 91L to organize into a subtropical depression. I give 91L a 10% of becoming a subtropical depression. Climatology argues against 91L becoming the first named storm of the year; there has only been once named April storm in the Atlantic since 1851, Tropical Storm Ana of 2003. The formation of a tropical disturbance at this location this time of year is unusual, but is not necessarily a harbinger of a active season ahead.


- Pinky sunset
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 03:51:38 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning,
Last night had a stunning pink sunset here at my house.  Really pretty.  Things are quiet weather wise here in Tortola.  Seas are again flat and winds are very light.  Bright sunny blue skies. 77 degrees as I type winds are 5 mph out of the northeast.
From the looks of it we may have something to watch on the horizon to watch.  Checked out weather underground and there is an invest out there.  Pretty early to have an Invest but I've included the map and will keep watch over it in the next few days.  No real predications and it may fizzle out but it's never to early to start thinking of hurricane season again.  Need to pull out my hurricane list and start to check where I may have stuffed some of my things.  There's a very good chance that my flashlights all 8 of them are probably dead.....it's looking like a Clarence Thomas run for batteries.  Will keep a watch on this Invest over the next few days.
the Mermaid Gardener


- Call me a killer!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 13:22:14 -0700 (PDT)
Good afternoon,

So just call me a killer!  Yep a killer...not that I wanted to be one but yesterday morning I awoke to seeing a roof rat on the stairs in my garden going down towards the main house.  Quickly I swore........ and then I grabbed a rock hurdling it toward my unsuspecting victim.....whack I got part of him and injured him....he ran across to some plants and my roof rat bate box.  There  I planned on......okay if kids are around you may want to have them go in the other room.....I planned on squishing him between the wall of the house and the bait box.....yep I did squeeze that box several times up against the wall.  Eewwww! He was squished and dead. I saw it and knew that he was dead.

 I had ran out to Road Town right after this and decided to take care of the body later yesterday afternoon.  Forgot about it and so the funny part of the story is that this morning while my house keeper was here cleaning up dead leaves and picking them up in the courtyard.  I cautioned her and said "Hey there is a dead roof rat behind the bait box lets make sure we get it in the trash and I'll dispose of the critter."

Well she moved the box back and the roof rat was gone....poof it was gone.  So we started talking about it and both of us decided that this time of year with Easter coming around maybe the poor roof rat was resurrected? She then told me that maybe it was so...that he was raised from the dead......I said "I would love to think that and lets hope that's what happened!"  Under my breath I said to myself that probably another critter came up and grabbed the body and hauled it away.  In any case I was feeling better about my horrible deed that I committed yesterday. 

So no roof rat right now is in my house and that's a good thing!!  Hate being on the most wanted list in the roof rat post office but hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do.....

the Mermaid Gardener

- Pull out the laundry!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 04:26:30 -0700 (PDT)
Good Morning,

Another flat day out on the Sir Francis Drake channel!!  There will not be much spirited sailing today sailors will need to pull out their laundry to catch any wind this morning.

I've been seeing many of those large go fast fishing boats from San Juan.  They must be down for the Easter weekend, that's generally the only time that we see them down here.  Roaring up and down the channel and around the island.  I don't see much fishing going on with those boats but maybe they go fast find a spot then fish.  I'm sure this weekend we will have all the local go fast boats out running around like bee's as well.  There will be this hum in the air!  And it won't be bee's!

Skies are bright blue and very few clouds in the sky.  We are looking at nice temperatures again today and not much a chance for any rain. 

Yesterday felt out of sorts and the locals always say that when your body or soul is not feeling good that a good soak in the ocean will help.  Even my chiropractor here tells me after an adjustment.  No painting, no working on the computer, go soak in the ocean and commune with nature.

I did that over at Josiah's Bay and found that the beach is improving over time after the huge swells as few years ago that pushed all the sand back up on the beach.  The beach is starting to flatten out but will take probably a few more years to shift that sand back down to where it had been originally.  The bottom is rocky and not great for just floating around trying to commune with nature.  Decided to pick up my stuff and then ran over to a small beach over by the airport.  There I was able to lay in the water and float away any of my stress.  It worked I was feeling refreshed and relaxed.
The ocean water temperature is starting to be warm up and it felt great to just float around.

Had a great dinner again over at Charlie "T"s.....that surf and turf is amazing. Consistently wonderful especially for the price.  $19.95!! you can't beat that deal here on Tortola.  I did find out that the price is only going to be around until July then it will be taken off the menu!!  Get it will it's hot folks!!!

Got to run and do my artsy thing today......then maybe a pool afternoon, or god forbid I need to do some chores around here.....hum let's see what can I do to distract me from doing those chores.....beach?...meeting friends....reading a good book?....coloring Easter eggs.....now that's a bit of stretch this early....won't be doing that until later this week! 

Will keep you posted on just how long the list got of ways to distract me from doing my chores!!

the Mermaid Gardener

- End of a nice weekend
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 07:06:07 -0700 (PDT)
Yesterday had a very nice day with a friend who came over and spent the afternoon with me pool side.  Made a very nice afternoon lunch with puff pastry pizza style and some really wonderful grilled asparagus with a caper vinaigrette.  She brought over some Prosecco that we mixed with limoncello.  Wow was that ever a great sunday afternoon beverage.  The afternoon just flew by and we could not believe that it was 5:00pm when we first looked at the clock!  It was a lovely finish to a very pretty weekend.

Last night we had a spritz of a shower that did not add up to much.  Today is much like yesterday bright blue skies with puffy clouds.  The channel is still quite flat but there are sailboats out in force!  I'm even seeing the boats from San Juan down here for this week...it must be spring break in San Juan!!  Lots of larger fishing boats racing around.  The temperature is again right around 84 degrees with light breezes. 

Going to head into Road Town to do some errands.  Have a great day!

the Mermaid Gardener

- Monday in the Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 09:46:51 EDT
Another picture postcard beautiful day in the Virgin Islands. Weather is perfect for sailing or swimming or beaching.
Leverick Bay, BVI
Soper's Hole, Frenchmans's Cay and Tortola, British Virgin Islands

- Update on da Wayward Sailor
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 14:52:27 -0700 (PDT)
Good Evening

Date line St. Maartin via the BVI:

Have heard word from da Wayward Sailor that he has arrived safely in St. Maartin after a long and tiring journey. 

Glad to hear that he's made it to St. Maartin though it sounded like the trip was a bit tough.  Maybe he needs a good sun downer drink or Red Strip to pick him up a bit after the long trek!  Whether or not he will read this blog and my recommendation of a congratulatory beverage in the cockpit....  I will send a big "Cheers to da Wayward Sailor" this evening as I'm sitting out on my deck watching the sunset! Here's to ya!!  Congrats on arriving safely and let the next part of your journey be awesome!!

the Mermaid Gardener

- Brighter skies this morning
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 07:48:00 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning!
After having a rather gloomy off and on rain filled day on Friday it feels great to have a brighter day.  Yesterdays rain didn't amount to much other than maybe 1/2" in my rain gauge.  I'm great-full for that amount.  My plants seem to be happier even though they have been burned and are dried out.  The hillsides are still brown but the rain yesterday will help the south and east end of the island.  That area seems to be the hardest hit with the lack of water. 
Did chat with a friend last night after making dinner for myself.  Had a lovely rib eye steak with seasoned potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and onions.  Quite nice.  Getting back to my friend, she told me that yesterday afternoon when she was in Road Town they received quite a bit more rain then we did.  I guess it poured! 
There are a couple of things going on over the next week. First there is horse racing at the track on Sunday. 
The BVI Owner's association will host six races on Sunday at the Ellis Thomas Downs in Sea Cows Bay.  The races will included horses from both the USVI and Tortola.  Post time is scheduled for 2pm.
I've never been and maybe I'll see if anyone wants to try going with me.
Second on April 23 it is the Green Glass Studio Grand opening for Earth day over at Cane Garden Bay.   
Still plenty of things to do here on the island even after Regatta is over.
Weather wise we have partly cloudy skies, temperature is 84 degrees!  The winds are out of the North at 8mph.  10% chance of rain.  So it will be a pool or beach day!
Have a great Saturday!
the Mermaid Gardener

This is looking down my hill towards Hodges Creek...very dry
all of this is normally green. You can really see the dry areas.

- Flat seas out on the Channel
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 06:53:36 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning,
At dawn this morning it looked as if it would be another gloomy cloudy potentially rainy day, however, the clouds have dissipated and we are left with our usual puffy clouds.  The seas are flat...it looks as if someone has sucked all the waves out of them.  Everyone who is out sailing this morning is actually not sailing much more like motor sailing or plain motoring.  You can really see the wake trails from the ferry's and working boats.   
The weather web site is still indicating a 50% chance of rain today...hum we shall see.  The winds are 12 miles an hour out of the east right now but it's predicted that they will be northeast later today.  Temperature today is looking like it could get up to 84 degrees.  Could be a great day to hang out at the pool this afternoon.  I do have some errands to run this morning but will plan on the afternoon off and maybe get that pool time in.  Errands here as you may have read about from either myself or Dear Miss Mermaid, it can be an adventure or a horror story just going to a couple of things. 
Yesterday I had a lovely lunch at the Sports Club in Road Town, they have excellent chicken curry on Thursdays but to our dismay they did not have any papadum to serve with the Curry.  What a disappointment that really makes the Curry dish yummy.  We teased the waitress, quizzing her on how many places did they run to trying to find papadum!  She said we looked everywhere no one has any on the island.  My friend who has been here for 30 years told me that the grocery store buyers at times do not have a good handle on ordering consecutively items.  They would rather not lay out the cash with overlapping orders.   Seems a bit crazy to me when everyone on the island would continue to purchase those items and be much happier!  Oh well life in the Caribbean...it is one of the reasons that I fell in love with this place. 
More later.....
the Mermaid Gardener

P.S. Had to update this blog  Da Mermaid Gardener is no weather forecaster....we have had rain for the last 30 minutes!  So much for a pool day but that's okay with this gardener, since I love the rain!  I was feeling so good about the rain I was out dancing in it!  Guess what song I was dancing to?


- The Journey continues!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 14:00:33 -0700 (PDT)

Good Afternoon!
For those of you who have been following da Wayward Sailor you will be both sad and happy that da Wayward Sailor has started on the first leg of his journey down island.  This journey I know will be one of the most exciting parts of his trek so far.  I understand that he was suppose to be off the dock mid afternoon but I caught him late this afternoon heading out over to Virgin Gorda.  He was delayed I'm sure due to probably trying to batten down everything possible that could shift on his journey down island.  My understanding is that he will be potentially heading out from Virgin Gorda possibly tomorrow morning if weather permits.    We will miss you and your wonderful postings!  Bon voyage and happy sailing down island!!!
Never fear though the Mermaid Gardener is still on Tortola and will continue to report the weather plus interesting aspects of island life!!  Plus whatever happened to that lime tree that was not looking so good?
Happy sails!
the Mermaid Gardener
The sailboat without the sail up is da Wayward Sailor right behind him is a power boat.

- A bit of rock n roll!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 04:38:13 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning,
We had a bit of an earthquake April  13th around 1230am, I did not feel it but was fast asleep.  Several of my friends said that they could feel the shaking. 
This was posted on the Department of Disaster Managements web site:

Wednesday 13th April 2011 -   An earthquake measuring a magnitude of 5.14 on the Richter Scale was felt throughout the Virgin Islands at approximately 12:28am this morning.  The report indicated that the epicenter was located near 18.96N and 64.26 West or 26.23km NNE of Anegada, 54.78Km NNE of Virgin Gorda or 54.23Km NE of Road Town, Virgin Islands at a depth of 25 miles.

 Preliminary reports, upon speaking with the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, have not revealed any damage pertaining to the earthquake or the need for a tsunami bulletin.


The Department of Disaster Management reminds us to be prepared for such an event.  I've made sure that I keep about 10-15 gallons of water on hand. I have plenty of canned goods and generally try to keep at least 1/2 a tank of gas in my car.  The list for earthquakes are very similar to the list for hurricanes.  One item that I need to really check out is my first aid kit, plus I need to pick up an "am" radio.  My laptop won't be of much use if we have no power.  I think that I will add to my to do list a stop in the Marina Store for the first aid kit and look around Road Town for an "am" radio.  Just in case!!

We have had some rain.  Yippee! Both last night and early this morning measuring  about 1/2 an inch.  I could hear the water running from my rain gutters into my cisterns!  Life is good and my plants love the TLC of the rain.   Woke this morning to disturbed skies, so we may have another round of rain today. 

Last night had a couple of friends over for dinner.  It was an easy light dinner.  The gal that came over had just flown in to Tortola and was suffering from long journey....she was tired....so had a light BBQ'd shrimp and salad dinner.  Used this amazing sauce called "Sauza Tequila Marinade"  I had purchased the Tequila Sunrise flavor, from over at Scrub Island grocery store when I was over there a week or so ago.  This sauce is tangy with a Mexican flavor to it.  Needless to say my guests really enjoyed the shrimp.

I did work all afternoon on the dessert......not really....I stopped by La Dolce Vita and picked up some ice cream.  That was a huge hit.  Enough of food I'm needing to head down and get some breakfast for I'm getting hungry writing about food.



the Mermaid Gardener


Peter Island at Sunrise this morning.



- Rain on the horizon?
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 06:24:11 -0700 (PDT)

Good dreary Tuesday Morning,
Looks like we might be getting some weather coming in today, probably later this afternoon.  We have cloudy skies that are darkening and thickening.  I'm going to head into Riteway this morning to do some grocery shopping and then spend the afternoon at home.  I have a dinner engagement tonight but that may become a wash out if we have a lot of rain.  So will plan accordingly and make sure that I have enough provisions in the house as well as water incase the rain is heavy.  You may be wondering why I'm hesitant to head out in rain.  With the ground being so dry right now I believe that it will soak up any rain we are given but if we have quite a bit of rain there is always the hazard of rock slides and the guts flooding out into the roads. I'm not going to complain about getting rain because we need it desperately but I'll be careful for my own well being.  Will keep you posted on the chance of rain.Stormy emoticon
Had a wonderful day yesterday, went out to the beach for the day, down at Smugglers.  The day was stellar!! Plus it was my friends birthday and so with a picnic basket in hand, a good book and sunscreen we both enjoyed a great day at the beach!Island with palm tree emoticon
Will write later and let you know how the weather is here.
Have a nice Tuesday!
the Mermaid Gardener


- da island guy
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 04:05:50 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning!
Seas are flat right now at this time of the morning, it was sunrise just a few minutes ago.  Winds look like they are North, North East and temperatures are still on the coolish side right now but will warm up to our usual 80 something!!  Sunrise was spectacular just a few clouds off on the horizon and it was very pretty rising up over Beef island and Virgin Gorda. 
Had a fun weekend, the island is pretty quiet after the Regatta but yesterday there seemed to be quite a few sailboats out near Norman.  I suspect that rates will be changing over to low season pretty quickly.  Those of you how are looking for a sailing deal may want to continue to check with the charter companies to see when they are going to lower rates.
Saturday, was a beach day just like Friday went to Long Bay Beach at Beef island and had a lazy wonderful afternoon.  Got a bit sunburned just a little bit.  Had lunch and sat under what little shade there was.  We are in such a drought here that even the sea grape plants have lost much of their leaves and those that are left the edges are brittle dry. 
Yesterday, I was lucky to be invited to a birthday party for one of my friends down past Road Town.  For food we had several different kinds of Chili, salad, appetizers, and then Rum cake!!! The rum cake was great!  Smile emoticon  The party was great fun!
Today I have another couple of very special friends who are celebrating their birthdays but in two different parts of the world.  I wish both of them a Happy Birthday and don't forget to pass the Rum errr...Rum Cake!!!  Enjoy! Party smile emoticon
Some of you were wondering who is this handsome guy that the Mermaid Gardener was walking the beach with.  To describe him is easy....he's sort of the quiet type, but worried about my footing on the beach....he had a playful side, but did keep a watch out for pirates who would sweep up this Mermaid Gardener and take me to their pirate boat. We found a beautiful star fish in the sea grass.  Note: if you see star fish, I've heard that you are not suppose to take them out of the water.  Here I was able to gently pull the star fish up to the surface but then put him back down into the sea grass to continue to have an afternoon snack. 

Getting back to my beach date, he was a gentleman and when it came time to part our ways he gave me this look with a twinkle in his eye that said to me "come back and we may meet again!"
the Mermaid Gardener
What a find right along the shore!
My island guy looking out for pirates!
You have to love this island guy!

- Sunrise Saturday..time to hit the beach!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 17:44:01 -0700 (PDT)

Good Afternoon!
This morning we had another wonderful sunrise that always takes my breath away.  The colors were stunning and shadows awesome.  We did end up with a small shower around 8am and I thanked the weather gods for giving me a sprinkle that helps the plants.  Didn't fill up my cistern much but I'll continue to ration my water. 
It's such a pretty day a friend and I are going to hit the beach for some liming!  Bringing lunch with me and we will spend the afternoon there!  Yesterday went on a hike over by Trellis Bay.  The journey was up the beach keep going.....keep going......look for shells....look for abandoned rope.....look for whirlpools and get a bit of sunshine doing it.  Saw all sorts of critters that live either in the sea or on the beach will post later my handsome companion that went with me. 
Enjoy the day wherever you may be!
the Mermaid Gardener


- Did I hear rain last night?
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 04:59:16 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning!
Early this morning in the wee hours I thought I heard rain....yes in fact I heard rain hitting my windows and then could make out that glorious sound of rain falling into my cisterns!  Hurray!!! Stormy emoticon  Don't have any idea how much we received however it lasted more than just a few minutes so that is GREAT!  This is after I had to order two 3,000 gallon tankers to come up to my house this week.  No worries, it's like insurance.  Once you purchase say a generator you never need to use it.....but that's more up in the states than here.  Of all the things that we buy here for insurance sake we tend to use them.
It's still quite gloomy out and that's okay with me.  An inside day would be fine.  Looking over towards Peter on the horizon I can see the rain squalls are still happening.  There are just a couple of sailboats out in the  channel probably heading back to Sunsail, Moorings or one of the other charter companies.  It's always a sad last sail at the end of a vacation sailing trip down here, unless you have had the crew from hell.....I've heard some stories about that situation.  I would not want to have that experience.  I've been lucky that the sailing vacations that I've had with friends, family and friends of friends have all been pretty good.  No crew from hell have I sailed with.    Living in such tight quarters on a sailboat, you really need to set aside your own personal agenda's and work together as a team.  Smile emoticon
The weather here is as follows:
disturbed weather..........cloudiness
large amount of dew......scattered showers
temperature on the chilly side......77 degrees (no complaints there)
my hair is completely in my face.....winds are up 14-19 knots out of the Northeast
I suspect that my solar heating pool panels won't be doing much heating today.  Best to keep the solar blanket on and keep the heat in the pool.  Last week I had a couple of days that the pool was at 90 degrees!  Wow!  Was that ever nice....a bit chilly climbing out but nice non the less.
Looking at the Soggy Dollar bar web cam you can see that we do have disturbed weather this morning.  Keep my fingers crossed and maybe it will improve over the morning hours.
Cheers! From a rain happy
Mermaid Gardener


- Thursday morning
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 05:40:59 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning,
Nope I didn't go AWOL!  Open-mouthed smile emoticon I'm sure you readers are wondering what is that Mermaid Gardener up to.....too much gardening or too much frolicking in the sea as a good Mermaid needs to do every once in a while.  Island with palm tree emoticon I was not doing much gardening since here at East End we are still dry dry dry.  Not even the weeds are growing.  Wilted rose emoticon I have to say that my plants are wilting and turning brown, however, I chose plants that are extremely drought resistant and I'm hoping that they will survive. 
I had my art friends over yesterday for an art day at the Mermaid Gardener's house.  It was really fun to have artsy creative people over.  Plus everyone brought something to eat.  I made a large pan of paella, one friend brought star anise BBQ ribs,  others brought appetizers, and 2 rum desserts!  A feast!! Rainbow emoticon
We painted for 3 hours, critiqued our art work and finally had a superb lunch!
Several of the ladies said that they too did not have much rain, however there were others that said they had a lot of rain over on the north side of the island.  That does not surprise me, the rain squalls will come my way but the minute they go over Buck island the clouds dry up and then reform going over the hill top on the back side.  This Mermaid will just have to cut back on her water usage.
Regatta finished up on Sunday with exciting races. Rain squalls made for sporting races and cold sailors.  A friend of mine came over, we had popcorn as we watched through binoculars and my zoom lens the races out in the Sir Frances Drake Channel.  We each were making play by play commentary, or should I say tack by tack commentary.  What fun!   The pictures that I've attached they may look dark but it was mid afternoon the racers were fighting with rain squalls and drizzle.   Stormy emoticonNot a stellar sailing day but on the other hand it was fun to watch them dealing with squalls and dramatic wind changes.
Have a great day!  Will try not to go AWOL but that can be sometimes hard here in paradise.  Limin is a wonderful past time!!
the Mermaid Gardener



- Regatta pictures
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 05:46:10 -0700 (PDT)

Sunday Morning
Today is the last 2011 Regatta race day here in the BVI for this year.  I was able to visit the Regatta Web page and attached a couple of their photo's.
These pictures were captured on March 31st.  Looks like everyone was pretty serious not much Rum drinking going on!!!

Events for today are last of the races, the Regatta Village will be full of fun and fireworks later on tonight.  Winds were down last night but are picking up just a little.  We have spotty clouds but no wash out for today.  Temperature is about the same as the past few days.  Mid 80's...very nice! 
the Mermaid Gardener


- Regatta pictures from Fridays race
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 02:56:46 -0700 (PDT)

Good Saturday morning!
Up the channel around Salt, shoot for the mark and go around again!  That is what I was able to see Friday from my deck.  How thrilling!  They were a bit far in the distance so I had to use my zoom lens to catch these photo's.  Have to admit that it was exciting to see all the sailboats vying for the wins.  This group of sail boats had three races yesterday they will continue that again today. 
We did find ourselves down at Regatta Village and listened to Erick Stone! It was sensational to sit out on the beach with sailors laughing, chatting, and some were crying in there beer! Sad smile emoticon
Overall it was a fun afternoon and there is more to tell but I will try to post more later.
the Mermaid Gardener


- Fresh Breeze and Wavy
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2011 11:27:29 -0400 (EDT)
Winds are East Southeast at between 11 and 16 knots, and seas are 3 to 6 feet....Just about prefect for the Regatta people:-) 
Temps continue to be between the lower to mid 80's in the day and mid 70's at night.  We are getting a bit of a rocky ride here at the mooring in Fat Hog Bay.  Great for sleeping:-) but more of a problem in doing any deck work such as cleaning or transferring fuel and water:-(.  Some time it is just better to grab a cold beer and wait for a bit more calm.;-)
Still lots of boat out and with the Southern component of the wind, I don't see lots of Spinnakers out, most seem closehauled and sometimes on a beam reach going East and a Run going West in the Sir Francis Drake Channel.  Lots of sailors out working HARD.... I use to do a bit of racing but it is WORK and that is a 4 Letter Word I try to avoid these days.  I prefer a nice pace to my sailing with no time table and often no specific plan.
I'm hoping these South winds ease up in time for me to make the run to St. Maarten about mid month:-\  Not looking forward to a bashing trip....  Lots of "stuff" in play from fronts moving out of the Gulf into our area over the next 10 days or so and we will be looking for some smooth sailing windows for our trip.  Thanks to several of you readers for inputs and suggestions regarding the St. Maarten trip.  Have received lots of really good information and very much appreciate it:-)  If we can access internet effectively, Gert has indicated we can continue to post info about our trip here on the BVI site.  Not sure if we will post directly to the location we will be in but will attempt to keep all informed not only of what we are doing but any Caribbean Weather Info we come across that would be helpful.  I'll still have regular contacts with BVI and USVI people and will report anything of interest that comes to our attention.

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Winds up and so are the sails...let the races begin!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2011 08:52:01 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning to all you Regatta sailors!
Marine forecast is as follows:

Here's the schedule for today!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (April 1–3)
BVI Spring Regatta | 40th Anniversary!
hree days of world-class racing action and sand-between-the toes partying under the stars at the Regatta Village on the beach at Nanny Cay Marina. Nightly footage from the day’s event will be broadcast in the village. While the competitors are battling it out on the water, friends and family and watch all the action live at the village and online.

BVI Spring Regatta | Party Central
The Regatta Village will be in full swing with 6 international food vendors, stalls with regatta merchandise, or a place to buy those needed gloves or sunglasses that fell overboard. Afternoon and nightly entertainment will keep everybody upbeat and in the mood to party until the next day of racing.

Regatta Village Bar Hours
16.00 - Midnight
Saturday 16.00 - Midnight
Same schedule for the food booths.
Music from 16.00 - midnight


BVISR • COURSES | Norman Island Course Area
Winding through our scenic islands, Bare Boats, Multihulls, Cruisers and Classics sail one to two races per day.

BVISR • COURSES | LIME One-Design Course Area
Hosts’ Lasers, Beach Cats, Windsurfers and IC24’s with competitive sailing close to shore. (Boats available for charter.)

Windward/leeward’s and around rocks and islands courses are set for Racing and Racer/Cruiser divisions. It’s a “Sailors Workout” with up to five races a day.

BVISR • COURSES | GILL BVI National Match Racing Championship
Two days, eight teams on matched IC24’s. Application for Grade 3 March 30-31st.

BVISR • COURSES | Classics Division
Race special courses built for vintage sloops, ketches, schooners and yawls.
Showcase your classics on our special “Classics Dock”.

My friend and I will be chillin out at the Regatta Village later this afternoon.  We are interested in seeing the large sailboats!  Then finding some great food but we won't be out too late since my friend is leaving on a jet plane......first thing in the morning heading back to the states.  Good luck to all the yachts, their crews.  Again Sail Fast or even faster!! Live Slow later at Regatta Village!



the Mermaid Gardener


- OMG what a nice day
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 19:59:12 -0400 (EDT)
Today was a wonderful and beautiful day!!!!
Sun was out with nice breezes all day.  Lots of boats out sailing in the Regatta and I was in Town:-\  Well, sometimes you have Stuff to do!
Winds were 10 to 16 knots from the East Southeast which actually made the up and down trip of the Regatta people easier:-)  Seas were 3 to 6 feet and only a little chop.  Temps were mid 80's in the day to mid 70's at night.  I'll sleep like a log again tonight!!!:-) We have very little chance of Rain for a few days, maybe better over the weekend... we NEED IT!
Yesterday was also nice but not much sun.  Which was actually great since I was taking a guest of da Mermaid Gardner to the Botanical Gardens in Road Town.  It was a nice day for taking a few photos and walking through the gardens.  While even the Botanical Gardens is having a hard time keeping things green or even alive, it is still a great place to visit..... Note to guys... more girls than guys in da place;-)
Here are a few photos I shot and I'll add in a few as time go by when we have space.
jackfruit.jpg This is Jack Fruit
Lobster Claw.jpgI always seem to want to eat Lobster Claws after I see these:-\

Later  Wayward
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Yesterdays forgotten picture oopps!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 03:36:27 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning on this Thursday,
Still some haze out there on the horizon, winds are up a little bit so that our Regatta sailors will have a freshened wind for heading back to Nanny Cay.
Temperature today will be close to yesterday 82 degrees but I believe that it will probably feel warmer with the Sahara dust not quite so thick.  We have had not much rain at all, yesterday just a spit, and that was it.
To all our sailing buddies, go get them you guys and sail fast but live slow!
the Mermaid Gardener


- Thick as sahara dust!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 15:08:15 -0700 (PDT)

Good Afternoon,
Had a very fun day in Road Town.  Hot smile emoticon My sailor friend helped me out this afternoon by taking the gal that is staying with me into Road Town showing her all the sights while I was painting with my art group.  They went to the Botanical Gardens which they told me looked good but due to our very dry weather that we have been having some plants were under a bit of drought stress.  The three of us had a lovely Italian lunch at Capriccio's and then of course a tour of Road town is not complete without going to La Dolce Vita gelato store.  Yummy!!!  I want to thank that fun sailor who helped give me a little time for myself today allowing me to continue my art craft while he played tour guide.  Smile emoticon
After walking around town this afternoon we noticed that the sky was really clouding up...or we thought it was clouds!  Once I arrived home I fired up my computer and checked out the Sahara dust map.  Sure enough there is a small blob of Sahara dust right over us.  I think that with this east south east wind it may clear out over night...I'm hoping because my friend and I have our next excursion over to the Baths on Virgin Gorda tomorrow.  We are going to be picking up the 10am ferry and then catching a taxi up to the "top of the baths", hike and then finish our stay with a lovely lunch overlooking the Sir Frances Drake Channel.  A fun filled day is planned.  Need to make myself a note to bring some water bottles, sunscreen, a hat, and maybe some cool Oshibori! Island with palm tree emoticon
The official kick off this years Regatta will be under way tomorrow.   I know that those boats who sailed up to the Bitter End are probably going to make their way back down to Nanny Cay tomorrow and get ready for the big show!!

Whoa I think I just heard some BVI cows or sheep up on my hill towards the East.  They must really be hungry for fresh grass with this dry spell we are having.  I never hear them up this high.   Moo or Baa! Da livestock be limin mon!
I'm off now to take some fish out of my freezer and let it thaw for dinner.  Plus I need to get on a long sleeve t-shirt, I'm a bit chilled after getting out of my 90 degree pool.  Dat wind is cold compared to the nice water I have in da pool!
Cheers from hazy Sahara dust skies!
the Mermaid Gardener


- Wednesday lay day for Regatta sailors
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 03:22:01 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning,
It's early here, just before dawn.  I've had a couple of fun days. A friend of mine from Florida is down here with me it's her first time in Tortola and so I've put on my tour guide hat.  It's been quite fun showing her all the wonderful things here as well as the many beaches that are on the island.

 Yesterday morning we were able to catch the Regatta warm up race that starts from Nanny Cay and ends at the Bitter End right from my deck.  Wow!  It was pretty exciting to see all the sailboats sail past my house and then tack on a dime towards Cooper.  Every single one of the sailboats were trimmed and screaming over the water.  What a great sight!!!  Some lucky sailor took home "The Bitter End Cup"!!! 

Today is a lay day up at the Bitter End and then they will head back to Nanny Cay.  Should be an exciting sight to watch some of the races from my balcony and deck later in the week.
Here's the event schedule for Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday and Thursday, March 30–31st
NEW!!! | GILL BVI National Match Racing Championships!

Two days, eight teams will race on matched IC24’s for this new addition to our racing program. The race committee has applied to ISAF for Grade 3 status for challengers from around the world to earn points towards the ISAF World Match Race ranking list.

Wednesday, March 30
BVI Sailing Festival | Lay Day and the Nation’s Challenge Cup

Represent your country competing on Hobie Wave and Getaways, using a round robin format, team members have some light fun, but serious competition!

Need a day off the water? There is plenty of entertainment dockside at the Bitter End’s Pub where sailing videos and peer stories accompany copious quantities of food and drink. Or to “Laze the Lay day”, the pool and the spa can beckon you to relax. Additional watersports activities include snorkel trips, a windsurfing rally, and an excursion to Anegada.

Awards for dinghy regattas and Nations’ Challenge Cup will be presented in the evening with a cookout and party at the Quarterdeck Club & Pub.


Thursday, March 31
BVI Spring Regatta| Nanny Cay Cup and Welcome Party
Race back down the Channel to Nanny Cay Marina for the Awards from the day’s racing which complete the Sailing Festival. The celebration gets started and registration in the Regatta Village kickoff the 40th BVI Spring Regatta.



the Mermaid Gardener


- Great Days in da BVI
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 13:11:56 -0400 (EDT)
It has been ReaLLlllllLLyYYyyy nice here in the BVI for the past few days.... well... like Normal:-)  Is a bit Dry with only an occasional mist lasting maybe 40 seconds then gone:-\ Forecast is for 60% chance of getting some of these today.
Winds are East by a tad Southeast and will probably move a bit more Southeast for the next day or so.  Lots of sunshine and a few clouds moving by fast.   Lot of boats out sailing..... now almost half of them do not have dinks behind them as they are in the regatta or just want to look like they are:-) Seas are running between 3 and 6 feet and the temps 84 in the day to 75 at night.
Last night I had the opportunity to have snacks and drinks at a friends house with a group of other people, most were sailors, well I think all but one was at least semi active here sailing.  Had great time then we moved to the "new" Charlie T's for dinner at about 7.  Wow it is almost not dark at 7PM now!!  All of us had the Special ... $19.95 Lobster and Steak.  Lot of other realLLLLy good sounding items on the menu but at $19.95 who could go wrong with Steak and Lobster.   This also included a mixed veggies and baked potato with all the fixin's, a nice salad to start with and a great desert that was something like a mix of coconut and key lime pie....  The portions are not huge but I could not finish my plate off after having drinks and snacks much of the afternoon;-).  Atmosphere at Charlie T's was great and reminded me of the ol Fat Hog Bobs when the Sunsail people were near by.  Staff was very friendly and helpful and that is not always true with some establishments around the islands.  Nope, I didn't get a free dinner for saying this.... heck they didn't know I was THE Wayward Sailor:-X... I just want others to know where good food and fun is available that I have checked out myself.  Everyone had a great time although most of us did a bit of Over eating.  It is the old Sea Food Problem..... When I see good Food.... I eat it!:-)
later Wayward

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Regatta week is upon us
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 04:02:55 -0700 (PDT)

Good Monday morning!
Regatta week is upon us!  This year is the 40th Anniversary of the BVI spring Regatta and sailing festival.  It starts March 28th, and runs until April 3rd.
Here is just the start of the weeks events:


Caribbean Perfection | The BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival
The BVI Spring Regatta is the one Caribbean Regatta that has something for everyone who attends. Whether you race, cruise, practice or just come to party, we have it all! Race & Cruise your way through the BVI The weeklong BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival takes you throughout the beautiful British Virgin Islands. Starting at Nanny Cay the Sailing Festival races up the Sir Frances Drake Channel to the renown Bitter End Yacht Club. After the warm up, the BVI Spring Regatta kicks off three days of some of the best racing in the Caribbean. Only the best survive to take home the Gold and the Glory, along with great stories and experiences that keeps sailors coming back year after year. You can participate in the entire seven day BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival, just the four-day Festival, or the three-day Regatta. With a huge choice of shore side accommodation and activities there’s no need to leave your loved ones at home.

Let’s Get This Party Started!
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (March 28 – 30)

Monday, March 28
BVI Sailing Festival
The BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival kicks off on Monday evening with the registration and welcome party for the Sailing Festival at Nanny Cay Marina.


Over the weekend I watched quite a few boats in the Sir Francis Drake channel honing their sailing skills and learning the lay of the sea.  It was easy to spot the racers testing the waters since there were no trailing dinghy's following the boats.   Many of them kept tacking back and forth almost head to wind but catching the wind just off the bow.  Pinching it ever so close while they gained speed.  I saw many sailboats with spinnakers ballooned out practicing down wind tacks.  I'm sure that through out the week I'll be able to see the racers sailing.  It's quite exciting to see the race from my deck.  I have to use binoculars to really see the action since in the past the course is more over towards Peter island but still quite exciting as they make their way to the closest mark near me at Maya Cove. 

Regatta Cheers!

the Mermaid Gardener   


- Easing into the weekend
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 07:54:46 -0700 (PDT)

Good Morning on this Saturday!
Have started out this weekend by easing into it. Looks like we have a few more clouds out there today and the wind seems to have picked up a bit.  I can hear it whistling through my sliding screens.  Winds are 13 -17 knots out of the east.   It is currently 80 degrees. 
This week I did have my gardener prune my poor little lime tree.  It still needs a bit more pruning but for now I'll keep my eye on it and continue more water.

As you can see there is still some dead wood on the lime tree, but areas are still living....green.  I'm not ready yet to do the one cut prune.  The other picture that I've added shows some of my gardens.  I have local rocks that were used to make all my retaining walls.  Someone has told me that it is quite a knack to build these walls and there are very few masons here on the island still doing this kind of work.  Let's hope that they somehow continue to pass on this rare talent to some of the younger people here and continue this island tradition.  The walls are quite stunning and they withstand all the brutal elements here.
I'm sure sailors will be out in force today with this nice steady east wind.  They are probably getting ready for Regatta.  More on that later!
Happy sailing!
the Mermaid Gardener


As requested by a gentle reader here is a picture of some of my gardens.  Pretty but so dry.


- Snails and critters!!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 12:08:29 -0700 (PDT)

Good Afternoon!!
Ahhh to be back here in the BVI is wonderful!!  I just need to try to chill out!! Or lim a little bit!  And that's exactly what I did yesterday.  A good friend and I drove down to Frenchman's Cay in West End.  They now have a great happy hour including either fish tacos or beef tacos at $2.00 and Mojito  specials.  Spent a quiet afternoon at Frenchman's Cay walking the beach and finding cute tiny creatures along the shoreline.  There were little crabs moving in and out of new homes (shells) and other critters feeding.   My friend who loves nature as much as I do spotted the snails and showed me these cute little creatures.  Then after having snacks on the beach we went up to the bar met more friends and all of us had tacos and Mojito's.  The fish taco's were really yummy.  We sat and chatted about sailing, bazooka's, friends arriving, friends leaving the island, crazy movies, the Japan disaster, world peace and the like.  It was great to get out and see friends and laugh!
Think that everyone needs laughter in their life. Laughter always helps me get through stressful days and times.  Problems just don't seem to quite so large when you have a moment to laugh. 
I've attached the picture of the tiny creatures from the deep!  Enjoy!  I did as we knelt down looking at the cute critters!!
the Mermaid Gardener


- Partly Cloudy
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 07:52:14 -0400 (EDT)
Partly Cloudy start of the day but with hopes of nice sun by afternoon.   Winds are to be 12 to 17 but should diminish later today and about 9 to 12 are expected for Friday.  These winds are mainly from the East.  Seas are 4 to 6 feet and an increase over the weekend to 5 to 6 is anticipated.  Temps should run between daytime highs of 84 to lows at night of 74 with little chance of rain.
24 mar.jpg

A mix of low and upper clouds but we should have enough sun to feed all these solar panels on da boats:-)  Winds will probably be a bit low for most wind generators some boats use for electric power.  Still doing a few "things" about the boat but will be going for a bit of time on da beach in early afternoon....MMmmm wonder what temp the water is??? most reports say 78 or so and THAT IS TOOOOOoooooOOO Cold for me:-!
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Front moving passes us
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 09:25:13 -0400 (EDT)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through this evening

Cold front moved through Tuesday and over the night last night.  Had lots of misty showers but not much water with them just a fine mist and increased winds.  The winds are East Northeast at 12 to 16 knots and the seas are up to 6 to 8 feet.  This seems to have driven a few more visiting boat to anchor in Fat Hogs Bay... unfortunately most seem to prefer the center of the channel:-\.  Several were a bit close to the two large commercial boats often in the bay and I know one was a bit shocked to see one pull up from his aft to along side about 15 feet off and then have the bow of the big commercial boat pass him as it pulled in its anchor.  Would have been a problem if the winds were a bit more North, as it was the big boat appears to not have overrun the sailboat to the point of contact.
rain and rainbows.jpg
You and just make out the rainbow through the light mist of rain when this photo was taken Tuesday afternoon.  Air was very cool but temps were actually about 80.... felt to me to be about 50:-!. High for today and the next few, should be about 82 to 84 and lows around 75.  Sky is partly cloudy and we do still have a chance of rain today and night, but the amounts will again be low.  I saw only about a half gallon of rain water in my dink this AM and this is not much!  May expect about the same over the next 24 hours then it looks to be REAL DRY.
I've been working installing Hard Points on my boat for safety harness connections and Zip lines.  Yea, probably an over reaction but that is da kinda sailor I am8-).  Rather have them and use them than wish I had them if I need them. Still have a few more projects before I head out for St. Maarten but have time to get them done if I keep at it.
Later  wayward

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Rain rain come here today!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 10:16:32 -0700 (PDT)

Good afternoon,
This morning I took a tour of my gardens.  Everything is dry dry dry!!!  We need rain desperately.  I have instructed my gardener to be very stingy on my water.  Had to order a tanker truck to come up to my house 2 weeks ago.  I inspected the water level in that cistern it is wayyyyy low and I've already ordered another tanker to come up to the house tomorrow.  The friends that stayed here must have really flushed the toilets a lot!!   You may be asking yourself why would you need to order water....don't you have city water?  Well I've got city water that comes onto the property but the head pressure is so low it dribbles out and can't make it the last 50 feet up to my cistern.  So hence, I buy a tanker of water when I need water.  I may be doing a rain dance here shortly in the hopes that we will have some rain that will have a lasting effect on my plants as well as fill up my cisterns.
I've attached a picture of my unhappy lime tree.  You can see the brown branches......brown equals dead.  It's time to do some pruning of the dead wood.  Dead wood attracts termites just another pest that we have to be diligent about living in the sub tropics.  If this poor lime tree becomes infested with termites it will be it's demise.  I'll get out my pruners and do some major cutting back.  Then I'll kick up the water each day for that particular tree.  My papaya seems to be needing water as well so I'll spot water those too.

I have to admit that  last night we did receive a bit of rain.  I could hear it dribbling into my cistern but not enough to make a difference.  Please send more rain.
Cheers with pruners in my hands..
the Mermaid Gardener


- I must be in the land of Oz?
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 05:59:20 -0700 (PDT)

OMG!  Ahhhh!
Where am I??? I must be in the land of Oz! Maybe heaven?  Nope back in the BVI!
Oh, what a great feeling it was to step off the Cape Air flight that I took from San Juan. 
Each time I come here I try to mark my senses with a memory of what each of these feels, smells and looks like.  First thing I always do is let the warmth of Caribbean wash over my face, that rush of warmth and I can feel my body relax from the tension of a long days journey.  Second, I breathe in deeply.... nope not the jet exhaust but the smell of the ocean and feel the tropical breezes on my face.  Third, I let my eyes pan over to Trellis Bay and catch the tops of masts gently swaying as I look out into the Caribbean blue water.
Ahh to be back home!  All those days of winter, snow, slush, and gloomy weather are all forgotten for the moment.  In this brief moment life is good here in the BVI.
This morning I woke up to skies dotted with puffy clouds and there is a bit of haze out on the horizon.  No rain clouds that I can see off in the distance but that wouldn't be so bad.  Drove up last night and could tell that my small lime tree is under stress......how about brown leaves....now that's not a good sign.  So my goal is to start to nurse that back to health again.  We do need rain, I can see that the mountains are browning up and we have lost much of the foliage that we had when I here in February.
I'll try to take a picture of the lime tree and post it....she's not pretty, but this Mermaid Gardener will work on reviving her.....hum have to have a chat with my gardener and remind him that the baby lime tree is out there and needs to be watered.
Cheers from a very happy..
Mermaid Gardener


- SuperMoon Last Night
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 09:42:37 -0400 (EDT)
Last Nights SuperMoon appeared the Largest as it has been in 18 years!  Effect was caused by being nearer Earth than we typically see it.  Best observed at horizons, both on rise and set.  Below photo was Moon Rise over Beef Island.
b Super moon.jpg
Glad we still had clear sky at that time!:-)  Later in the evening the clouds moved in and blanked the Moon much of the night.  By early AM we had a series of rain showers which were the best we've had in a month.  We needed it.... and more but at least it seems to have been enough to wash things down a bit.  Still have chances of more rain for next 36 hours but amounts will probably be on the light side.
Winds picked up this AM and are running 12 to 15 knots from North Northeast.  These winds will increase a bit for Monday to 14 to 19 Knots from the Northeast.  Seas are running 4 to 6 feet and will also increase a bit to 5 to 7 early in the week.  Temps should run between highs of 84 and lows at night of about 74.
By mid AM we are mostly cloudy but a few light blue areas are noted.  Hope a few pass over as da solar panels need the help:-).
I understand da islands will be welcoming da Mermaid Gardner later today or Monday if her connections from the cold North fail her.  I'm sure she will be glad to be back in the warmth of the islands:-)
later  wayward

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Saturday Huge Moon tonight
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 10:22:38 -0400 (EDT)
Winds are from the North and Northeast at 8 to 12 knots ( but I'm getting about 5 knots in the bay) today and slowly building to 12 to 15 by Early next week.   Seas are 3 to 5, in the Sir Francis Drake Channel probably a bit less.  Almost calm seas in the bays and protected areas.  These will build to 6 to 8 feet off shore by early next week.
Temps are nice and are running from daytime highs of 83 to 73 at night.  Only a few clouds this AM and looks to be another great day.  For some reason my post did not go through Friday but it was a wonderful day.  Looks like Sunday and Monday we may have more clouds and a greater chance of rain but not much accumulation is expected.. but we need some:-\
sun over beef.jpgSun rise over Beef Island.
Da ol Moon should put on a big show for the next few days.  It is passing very close, closer than typical during this cycle and should appear larger in most areas.  I know last night was an almost full moon and I could almost read by it in the cockpit.
Did a trial fit for attaching my Dink to the Stern  of the boat Friday.  Worked out well.
dink on stern.jpg

My boat is small and the dink is 10 feet and the boat would not handle the added weight of other hoist equipment like in a larger boat.  While in the BVI, I normally tow my dink like almost everyone does.... even those with davits:-\  Since I'm heading to St. Maarten in mid April I wanted an alternative to pulling the dink up on the bow of the boat.  It is difficult to do single handed and it can interfere with the sheets (d'im ropes to the sail).  The photo is not the final set up just the "as hoisted" stage.  I'll tie off to the aft and mid cleats on both sides and have two of the bright yellow safety webbings to add a bit more stability and the normal dink bow line will also be attached to a Port side cleat.  Had a person, whose guidance I trust, look it over and pronounced it good to go.... that made my day!:-) as I was happy to have developed a hosting system that only used a few parts I had picked up for a good price.  This will make longer passages much safer and quicker than dragging a dink behind me in open seas.
Only problem is the outboard motor on the dink..... they are all HEAVY.... actually mine is one of the lower weight because it is a 2 cycle....  Am I glad:-).  But, even with its lower weight I can still feel a bit of tightness in the lower back after removing it and reinstalling it in the same day singlehanded.  Have a few ideas on a rig that may help that some but that is for another day.
later  Wayward
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- Happy St Pattie day....
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 07:57:38 -0400 (EDT)
Only advisory for today is to exercise Caution with Green Beer

At sun up it was mostly cloudy in the BVI.
17mar sunrise.jpg
Rain Showers over Sir Francis Drake ChannelRain shower over SFDC.jpg
Winds will run between 12 and 17 knots from the Northeast with seas running  3 to 5 feet now but building to 4 to 7 over weekend.  Appears we are chasing the rain probabilities.... like normal... they seem to move out in the forecast a day each day we move along.  Now the highest probability is for Sunday / Monday.  Reminds me of the ad saying that everything is on sale "Tomorrow" and that is not one of the days of the week.:-\
Think I'll check to see if Red Rock has any Irish dinner specials tonight... feel like come Corned Beef and Cabbage or something like that.... think I'll skip any Green Beer:-! and stick with Red Stripe;-).
Plans for lots of Fun Today8-).  Going to pull the dink around to the bow and drop da anchor in her and re-mark my anchor chain so I can better tell what I'm using.  For those who don't do much anchoring, it is important to have a specific amount of scope in chain to make anchoring more secure and deduce the chance of the anchor pulling out when you are asleep:-!.  Since I moor a lot here in the BVI the old markings on the chain are difficult or impossible to see anymore as the chain tends to scale and paint flakes off and the ties only last so many time through the gypsy in the windless.  I'll be adding more tie markings and paint so I can detect when I have 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 175 feet of chain out.  I don't have to mark much more because that leaves only 25 feet of chain and 150 feet of rope in the locker.  It is always my intent never to use that amount on purpose except in dire emergencies:-!.  Most of the anchoring I do is in the 12 to 25 foot range or take a mooring ball;-).
Well now for another cup of Coffee and then Work....:-\
later Wayward
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Sunny mid-week
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 09:48:00 -0400 (EDT)
Small craft should exercise caution
Looks to be a Mostly Clear and Sunny day in da Islands for a while.  Winds 13 to 18 knots from the Northeast and seas 3 to 6 feet in North Northeast Swells.  Temps will be in the range of 83 in day to 73 at night with our typical 20 to 30% chance of rain mostly at night.  The weekend seems to indicate a higher chance of rain with Saturday night and Sunday AM being about 50% but amounts are forecast to be small.
clear day.jpg
Few clouds as we look North into Fat Hogs Bay.  Seem to be seeing the 2nd season getting underway. Reduced Prices for charters and some peoples preferred vacation times start after the Mid March, this 2nd season often peaks about Mid April and early May.
Had a nice day in Road Town Tuesday, getting several things done including over eating at The French Deli.  Great Cubanos and other things such as cold beer.  Picked up new charts for several Leeward Islands locations in planning for my mid April trip down to St. Maarten.  Have a Crewmate set up for the trip and getting ready with the necessary little jobs on da boat.  Going to have her bottom cleaned just before I head out to gain a half knot or so... I hope but for my boat it still will be a 17 to 20 hour sail / motorsail.  Normally lots faster on the return side as I will not be so much into the wind.  It is lots of fun doing the planning for such a trip, getting info on different places to see and places to hang out and even to hike and the best beaches to see.  Seems Orient Beach get high marks=-O... of course it may be the textile free zones that attract the attention.  Guess we need to protect da fish from those nasty textile fragments that could get into the water.O:-)
Well off to the cleaning and pre prep work
later wayward

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Tuesday Sunshine
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 09:10:17 -0400 (EDT)
Small craft should exercise caution

Monday, Commonwealth Day ended up being a nice and sunny day for us here in da islands of the BVI.  Today we have brighter sky's than yesterday AM and it looks to be another great day in paradise.
15 march PENN'S LANDING.jpg
some haze.jpg
You can see the haze between us and Peter Island, just past Red Rock and Buck Island.
Winds will be between 15 and 20 knots for the remainder of the week and seas will run 4 to 6 feet with a Northern Swell.  Chance of rain is our standard 20 to 30% and we can use what ever we get.  Looking a bit dry around here even after the nice shower we had in the AM Monday.
Took the walk to Trellis Bay Monday but several of the places were closed including da Loose Mongoose, but the Market was open so I had an English Cider in memory of the Commonwealth and took a slow nice walk back to Penn's, pausing at the bridge to watch a few boats pass under and out via the narrow channel to the bays on the opposite side.  Errrr didn't think to photo them!!! Sorry, Forgot I had the camera in my backpack.:-\
When I got back to Penn's Landing I met a friend of mine and we went for a walk together..... well he more of less crawled......
(NOTE TO ELLISA: Honest, He told me You had these planted these flowers for him to snack on..... Honest!!!!!O:-))
And I'm not about to tell a big iguana, who can swim out to my boat, that he can Not have them... what if some night I wake up what a big iguana on my chest looking at my sun burnt nose thinking it my make a nice snack since Red is his fav color!
MMMmmmmm better find those maraschino cherries just in case.  Heck I make make a Pussers Cherry Bomb for my self!
later Wayward
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Holiday in BVI
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 11:14:05 -0400 (EDT)
Today is a Public Holiday, Commonwealth Day.  Most people I've talked with have No Idea what holiday it is but most know it is a day off for Banks and Government Offices.... Same as Last Weeks Monday Holiday which was someone's Birthday....
Day started off with a good rain and lots of clouds.
 By 11AM we had partly cloudy sky with areas of nice sunshine and others under what appears to be thinning clouds and overcast.  May have a great looking afternoon:-)
Temps are running between highs of near 85 in the day and lows near 72 at night.  Great sleeping weather.  Daytime breezes are between 11 and 15 knots and mostly from the East.  We do seem to get an occasional gust from Northeast.  Early this AM about sun up we were near calm and boat were pointed in all directions.  We did appear to have a really low tide about sundowner time, Red Rock Reef looked like you could plant several acres of corn on its sandy surface which is normally under a couple of inches of water at low tide.  (Note: Corn is a reference to the product know as Maze and not da herb that is smoked;-))  Not sure which lead to a big draft boat going a bit aground near me but we did get them off with out much difficulty and settled them in a deeper area to accommodate a 7 foot draft.  Most boats in the BVI are 6 foot max draft but many "blue water" boats are 7 and over and can not always use all the facilities other similar sized boats, but with less draft use successfully.
Some will note I've been MIA for about 2 weeks or so.  My last post were related to taking some time sailing in the USVI but good ol AOL had problems with photos for a few days most likely due to low bandwidth of ISPs in area then I developed a head cold that took a while to kick.  Now back to normal and will attempt to locate and post some of the photos taken while in St. John in the USVI.
later wayward

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Sunset in the BVI
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 15:51:27 -0700 (PDT)
Good evening,
Here's to a nice night in the BVI.   All is quiet.

the mermaid gardener 

- Our hearts go out to Japan
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 09:52:15 -0800 (PST)

Good morning,
Woke this morning to the news that Japan had a huge 8.9 Earthquake along with a massive Tsunami.  The Tsunami then hit Hawaii as well as the west coast. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who are effected by this disaster.

Even we in the BVI are not immune from Tsunami's and I found that after looking at the Disaster Management web page that the BVI government does take both Earthquakes and Tsunami's seriously.  This is a reminder to all of us who live on or near an earthquake prone area to be diligent about our earthquake supplies just as we are with our hurricane supplies.

The Mermaid Gardener


Friday, March 4 - Principals and school administrators from public and private schools throughout the Territory gathered at the DDM on 2nd March, 2011 to discuss preparations for the upcoming National Earthquake and Tsunami Full Scale Simulation Exercise scheduled for this month.

This year’s event will focus on assisting schools and emergency responders in earthquake and tsunami preparedness efforts.  The exercise will provide simulated tsunami warning, watch and advisory messages from the Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre (ATWC) and the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN) based on a hypothetical magnitude 7.6 earthquake located near the Virgin Islands. 

Schools will be expected to respond to the local early warning signals to be activated by the DDM and to fully implement their disaster management plans.  Evaluators will be positioned at schools to assess the actions of principals, school administrators and students and to determine the effectiveness of school plans.

 Planning and Preparedness Manager, Sheniah Armstrong in her presentation to the gathering said, “It is important for every institution to have a plan and for opportunities to be made available for testing these plans. There is also a legal requirement for Government departments, agencies and educational institutions to have these plans approved by the DDM in accordance with the Disaster Management Act, 2003.” She further said, “Regular exercising of plans is critical to maintaining the desired level of readiness for an emergency especially in considering preparations for earthquakes and tsunamis which are infrequent but high impact events.”

On the day of the exercise students will be evacuated from their school compound and are expected to be taken to designated safe locations outlined in the institution’s disaster management plans.  In addition, the National Tsunami Warning Protocols will be utilized to fully evaluate the actions of the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) and to determine how effectively the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force handles messages once received.

In explaining why a full scale format for the exercise was chosen Training Officer Ms. Carishma Hicks said, “The Full Scale exercise format will allow for an actual deployment and mobilization of appropriate personnel and resources needed to demonstrate operational capabilities.  The NEOC will undergo a full activation and emergency responders are expected to fully participate and to use the opportunity to test their plans as well.”  She further said, “It is not the intention of the DDM to announce the date or time of the exercise because we want to have some level of realism built into the actions taking place to determine whether or not plans and procedures will actually work when a real event occurs.”

The exercise will be conducted in other counties including those in the Western Atlantic, Caribbean and adjacent regions.  It is being designed and coordinated by the Inter-governmental Coordination Group for Tsunami and other Coastal Hazards Warning Systems for the Caribbean and adjacent regions.

Attachment: Educators_tour_DDM_radio_room.jpg
Description: Binary data

- Tsunami Hits Hawaii then West Coast of USA
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 12:29:47 EST
Lucky to be in the Caribbean, because an earthquake in Japan, of 8.9 triggered a tsunami that hit Hawaii this morning, then hit the west coast of USA.
You can also google for more news.

- Hello is anyone home?
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 12:59:29 -0800 (PST)

Hey Good Afternoon,
Ring Ring.....is there anyone home?  I'm not sure if the phone works, but there is a receiver hung up.  Next time I'm on Marina Cay I'll have to give that phone a try!!

From the looks of it everyone is out sailing or at the beach.

This is a nice web shot from over at Marina Cay.  It appears to be a really pretty day in the BVI.  Off in the distance you can see Scrub island.  Looking closely there seems to be several mega yachts docked.  Last time I was at Marina Cay, a friend drove me over by dingy for the day.  Had quite a lot of fun hanging out around the pool and then lunch.  It's a fun day stop if you are moored at Marina Cay. 

The temperature currently is 81 degrees with light winds at 9 mph ENE.  Tonight there is a slight chance of rain at 20%.  Not too bad!
The Mermaid Gardener

- BVI Spring Regatta
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 20:16:12 EST
Weather is perfect for sailing, get ready to party at the BVI Spring Regatta.
40th BVI Spring Regatta only a month away
Nanny Cay is proud to host the annual BVI Spring Regatta that runs from Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April 2011. This year marks the 40th Anniversary of this great event, which we have hosted for the past eight years. We are looking forward to welcoming an even larger number of people than usual to enjoy the racing, fireworks and onshore festivities.
A new addition to this year’s sailing program is the Gill BVI National Match Racing Championship. Eight teams will race on Wednesday and Thursday on matched IC24s in the waters just off Nanny Cay providing high-class racing and an exciting spectacle for those onshore. The Regatta Village will be open from 16.00 on Thursday with the usual wide array of food vendors, stalls, live bands, video of the day's racing and of course plenty of beer! 
For more information on the BVI Spring Regatta click here

- Beachy Blue skies!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 11:04:11 -0800 (PST)

Good afternoon!
Wow, check out the sky from Anegada!  Isn't that wonderful!  If you have not been out to Anegada, that is one stop that is well worth the time and little money to be in a flotilla for the first time out there.  There are plenty of nasty reefs that you will want to make sure that you do not go and sail to Anegada without help from an experienced local sailor.  I used Moorings when my party and I went to Anegada for the first time.  It's nice because you receive a boat briefing, which is important and extremely informative.  Then we all heading off in our individual sailboats and followed the lead flotilla boat like little baby ducks! 
The other option for those who are land locked you can take the ferry over to Anegada and rent a car for the day.  That too is really fun!!  No where on the planet, in my book, can you have  wonderful caught that morning lobster on the beach. Where the trade winds gently blow and the sun kisses your cheek!
"Neptune's Treasure" restaurant, a place that I've been several times, is just one of the many restaurants that are on the island that serve yummy fresh lobster!!  Check out the web if you are planning on coming down to the BVI!!
a now hungry for Anegada lobster
Mermaid Gardener

- Lazy lane we be Limin on the island mon!!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 10:25:26 -0800 (PST)

Good afternoon,
I've heard from several friends in Tortola that it's been windy and very dry.  Let's hope that we get some rain soon.  I'm sure that the mountain terrain is starting to turn a bit brown.  From the web cams I can see that the island is experiencing some scattered cloudiness so let's just keep our fingers crossed that we may get a tropical shower to help the plants and wildlife.  A little drink of water is a good thing....now I'm sure there are plenty of sailing pirates out there who feel the same way about a little grog or RUMMMM!!! 
This is a shot from St. John at Cruz bay.  Check out the writing in the sand....Lazy Lane I bet there are many folks enjoying the island Limin and walking Lazy Lane. 
Cheers!  Pass the water Errr Rummm!
the Mermaid Gardener

- Tortola afternoon
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011 11:10:35 -0800 (PST)

Good afternoon!
I'm still up here in snow country wishing for a huge thaw!!  Until then, here's a snap shot from the Cooper Web cam this afternoon.  Looks like most of the mooring balls have been taken I suspect folks are getting ready for a sundowner in their boats then onshore for a nice dinner.  I've been to Cooper many times and it's a nice anchorage.  The snorkeling is great, especially on a sunny day, I've seen turtles there and many varieties of fish. The restaurant is good and there is a cute little shop there that offers all sorts of goodies one can purchase and bring home as a keep sake!!!
Enjoy!  Wish I was there....soon!!
the Mermaid Gardener

- Friday 4 March
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 10:50:58 -0500 (EST)
I'm BACK........
Some of you have noticed I was away sailing... well motor sailing and motoring most of the time due to the direction I was going and that of da wind.  Spent some time in USVI then popped back in to BIV to grab a couple of friends for a few more days cruising St. John and St. James in the USVI.  We had a blast even though we did get a bit of rain and had a rather gray day Wed of this week.  Some of our photos will be attached below.
Small craft should exercise caution

Tonight we will get an upgrade to an Advisory due to North swells and gowning seas from the Atlantic and thru all the passages.  When going through the Pillsberry Sound between St. Thomas/ St. James and St. John we had both North Swells and Caribbean Southerly Swells and lots of ferry boat wakes and a contra running current through the Rock Channel passage.  Pillsberry is a good name as it was like a mix master for a bit.
Winds should be between 7 and 12 knots... last night at Soper's Hole in West End it was almost dead calm... OK for this time of year but would have been uncomfortable in the Summer:-!
Seas are running 4 to 6 feet with some Northern Swell but those Northern Swells will be building up over the next day or so to 5 to 7.  In the Sir Francis Drake Channel they were under 4 most of the morning as I motored up to Maya Cove were I'll probably stay the night and check out the night live at Pusser's revamped East End location now called Charlie T's and is a Lobster House.  They were doing a $19.95 Surf and Turf..... YEP!!!!  $19.95 but it is probably over by now as I'm sure it was just a Grand Opening price..... Boy.... that is one time I wish I had wheels or had moved da boat closer for a shot!
As I indicated we had lots of rain Wed of this week which BVI also got a bit of.  Our chance of rain are increasing over the next day or so to 40 to 50% SOooooo, I figure we will not get a drop:-\  and I need some tank water!!!
The forecast for temps seem to be highs of 82 one day followed by 86 the next and so forth????  Some days Clear and some with high rain Chances.....  Me thinks dis is gona be a mixed bay kinda week;-)  Heck if we knew when it was going to rain we would take the rain gear and what fun would it be then running between rain showers?  I could use a nice fresh water shower and rinse rather than the salt water bath and fresh water rinses I've been doing a couple of times a day for the past couple of weeks!  Sometime this weekend I'll pop back home to Penn's landing and stand in the shower with my shorts and T shirt on and just soap it all up;-).  That warm fresh water is going to feel SOOooOOOo Good:-)
Now for those with Island Photo Hunger here we go...
ORrrrrr Maybe NOT:-[  Seems da ol BVI internet link has too low of a bandwidth now or AOL is once again messing with me:-(
Will try to post photos later

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Fun in the sun
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 14:17:43 -0800 (PST)
Good afternoon

Winds are up and sailboats are catching the breezes.

Checked out the weather maps and it looks like much of the same weather fir the next few days. That wayward sailor is out there sailing around finding new adventures!

It's always great to get out and so new pit stops. So many places to go and fun things to do.

When hiking make sure you pack sunscreen and water!

Enjoy the day and catch some breezes!

The Mermaid Gardener

- A lovely day trip guess the location
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 14:10:09 -0800 (PST)
Good afternoon
Have had several inquiries about day trip while in the British Virgin islands. 
The picture that is below is one of the many day trips that you can take. Guess my location!
Here's a hint you can take a ferry or for others you can take a car to this location.

Another hint at the end of the trail the view is spectacular.

Well guess your best!

The Mermaid Gardener

From: To: <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>;
Subject: The Baths
Sent: Mon, Feb 21, 2011 11:46:21 PM

Picture of the grotto area at the baths.

- Monday AM
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 06:39:33 -0500 (EST)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through this evening

Looks to be a mostly cloudy day today, actually that is the forecast for the remainder of the week.  That does not mean we will not have any sun break outs as we do generally get them on and off most of the day.  We just will not be feeding da ol solar panels at a very effective rate:-\
Winds are forecast to be East Northeast 18 to 21 knots but here in Leinster Bay USVI, just across from West End Tortola BVI, we are near calm at this time and what little their is comes from due East.  Sir Francis Drake Channel looks to be running about 3 to 5 feet but we are getting several larger cruise ships passing up the Narrows toward Road Town, which is a bit usual as they normally approach from the Caribbean Passages.
I'm getting ready to head out to West End but will be checking in and back out within a few hours then heading toward Cruz Bay on St. John's Western end, vs the Eastern end we are now on.  Why am I doing that???  Picking up a couple of friends to sail with for a few days.  Looking forward to that:-)
I'll post with a collection of photos when I next can but it will probably be a day or so before I get internet again.
Will keep you posted via da mermaids if I see anything interesting and needs to be posted.
Later,  Wayward

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Not a lot of Sun Day
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 18:31:08 -0500 (EST)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through Monday evening

It was mostly cloudy today but a few times the ol Sun did pop out to say hello for a bit.  It remained a bit gusty with winds from the East Northeast between 15 and 21 knots.  Seas are 5 to 7 feet but should drop to 4 to 6 over the next day or so.  Isolated showers but they are really just a heavy mist them gone... the winds dry everything out quickly.  I'm noticing more and more brown on the face of the islands.
27 feb sat.jpg
Temps will be about 82 with mostly to partly cloudy days and lows about 73.  Not going to be a lot of sun for the next few days.  This Sat Photo shows the blob of clouds to our East, moving toward us and that will be a mix of high overcast and low clouds at times.  Wish a bit of rain would fall but again, I have a big week planned and rain would not be a great thing personally.
We still have a lot of Saharan Dust in the area and I have a bit of a tickle in my through probably caused by it...MMmmm I'm told RUM is a quick cure for it.... May try the theory out later:-D  I'm drinking cool tea with lots of lemon and a bit of honey now.
27 sah.jpg
I'm heading back into West End Tortola Monday AM but just to pick up friends and we will be heading back out to USVI for their first time visit by private boat.  Hope to do some looking around, hiking and snorkeling and lots of just kicked back talking with guest aboard. 
I may not get a chance to post on Monday and I think the mermaids are all moving about in different directions.  I'll see if I can contact one of them if anything comes up interesting but I'll be shooting photos for use later in the week for those of you who ask about them so often.
Hope all had a nice quite weekend like I did and maybe also got the chance to do some reading and hiking and a few short swims in rather cool water.... about 79 under da boat.
Later.... wayward

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- Mixed Day
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 18:22:49 -0500 (EST)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through Tuesday evening

Mix of Sun and clouds, strong winds from Northeast then Southeast then calm and start all over a gain.  Winds did a lot of swings all night and most of today.  Typically they were between 10 and 17 knots here but they were 17 to 21 in unprotected areas but with fewer gust than we had Friday.  Seas are running 5 to 7 feet with Northeast Swells but from I could see, the Sir Francis Drake Channel was probably more like 4 to 6 except in the Narrows.  No real chance for rain but a few showers are always possible.
Speaking of da Narrows....  here is a shot of a USCG boat patrolling the Narrows that Separate the BVI from the USVI.. no, we are not expecting an attack from BVI:-!  The USCG works with the BVI on maritime activities, the BVI has only a very limited marine fleet most in Customs and Immigration service and a few Police Boats, nothing this big or powerful... those big tubes on the bow are not pipes:-)
USCG boat in The Narrows.jpg
Did make a couple of trips off da boat today, both were nice.... Well one was to take the Garbage to the Dumpster but it was a really nice walk down the Old Danish HiWay..
Old Danish Hiway Leinster Bay.jpgAlmost makes taking garbage out OK.... well at least the walk is nice.
Here is another walk I took..... well only the shorter one today.  I have made the entire walk to Coral Bay and it is Up hill BOTH ways;-)
Johnny Hor n Trail St. John.jpg
Here is a view from the old Danish Gun emplacement overlooking WaterLemon Cay.
Danish Gun Site Ruins.jpg
I saw several Mongoose running around on my way to these Ruins.  A bit more of a walk up to Windy Hill is a Do Not Miss opportunity but about 97% +of the people do.  I saw a dozen black Hummingbirds along the way and a couple of wild Ram Goats but not fast enough to get close enough to get a photo.  I'm better at sneaking up on Old Ruins like these;-)
Windy Hill Ruins.jpg

When you get here... well you see This...... Tortola BVI from Windy Hill USVI
Tortoal from Windy Hill St. John.jpg
And this....
A view of Leinster Bay with Waterlemon Cay and the Narrows and off in the Distance on the Left is St. Thomas
Waterlemon Cay.jpg
 About the only thing that can spoil something as nice as this is Irresponsible boaters such as this one inside a Boating Exclusion Zone marked with No Boats Allowed Buoys...about 30 of them!  This boater went into waters where swimmers, snorkelers and Scuba divers are and some of them are Working on Park projects including a group of college kids doing volunteer Marine Science work over their Spring Break.  More than 4  boats clamored at them for the violations but they not only did not care... they went back and forth 4 times!!!  More informative photos have been submitted to the National Parks Law Enforcement Rangers.  Also a video from one complaining boat full of lawyers...MMmmm me thinks/ hopes this Irresponsible boater will have to answer for his flagrant violations of Safety Rules that are well marked around the entire area.  No Bay Host was on Duty at this time which was unfortunate... However since I was formally the National Parks Service Bay Host in this Area, I did notify the Law Enforcement Rangers just because it needed to be done.
Well time for a Sundowner and try to forget about these nuts.... and be happy no one was killed by their stupidity and arrogance..... not that I'm annoyed at them..... well YES it does annoy ME!!:-X
later wayward
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- Gusty Friday
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 18:25:24 -0500 (EST)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through late Monday night
Boy was it Gusty today!  Winds were forecast for between 15 and 20 knots but we had many gust will above 23 Knots from off directions, causing the boats with high windages to swing severally in the mooring field here at Leinster Bay in USVI.  Looking out over the Narrows that separate USVI from BVI I saw several sail boats with foresail only up and getting hammered with these gust came from an off direction, several rounded out in an out of control fashion.  Seas were also up a bit and white caps in this area of the Sir Francis Drake Channel were common most of the day.  By night fall things appear to be more calm which promises a nice night.
It was partly cloudy much of the day but I still got lots of sun for the solar panels and too much on the top of my head,,, at least it feels like I got too much up their:-\  No idea why that seems to occur more now than it did when I was younger;-)
Looks like the remainder of the Weekend will be about the same.  I hope to go ashore in the AM and do some hiking and a bit of photo work.  If I get that done I'll post later in the day if anything is interesting.
Actually had two questions on the same subject today.  "How much of a problem is it to sail over to St. John from the BVI"
Well the answer is not exactly simple as it depends on what nationality the people aboard are and what nation the boat is registered.  If all are US including the boat you don't have much of a problem and a one time registration and interview can set it up where you can do it on line and phone.  See following link for US Citizens only.
With this you would go on line and fill the form out that you will be making a trip to USVI from BVI and provide your (the masters) ID number and the ID number of all the crew aboard.  This puts you into the "system" then after you check out of BVI you just call in the the US Customs office and advise them you have arrived and where.  They will ask a few questions and then if all is well your good.  US Citizens do not have to check out of the US so when your ready to return to the BVI you just check in as you enter the BVI  
Non US Citizens will check out and back into the BVI when returning.  Depending on your Nationality you may need a visa.  This is very important if on a private boat more so than a commercial carrier.  Many nations can not enter the US on a private boat with out extensive Visa clearances.  You need to see what your specific requirements are but if your charting a boat the company you are using will probably have the information, but I would check it out before depending on it.
Depending on how long your going to be in the islands and how much you want to see will govern if it is something you want to spend the time doing.  I personally love it and do it often.

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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  • Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 14:14:19 -0500 (EST)
Small craft should exercise caution the rest of today
Small Craft Advisory in effect from Friday evening through late Sunday night

Sailed from West End Tortola to Leinster Bay USVI this afternoon in what was initially a brisk wind of about 17 knots which died to about 7 knots then.... as normal started picking back up ..JUST as I was picking up a mooring ball singlehanded.  Was Luck again and had no problem but it always makes you wonder how the wind knows when to "play" with you and your boat:-\  Going to hang in here for a few days just to kick back and do a bit of reading  and still having the internet connection.  I'll pop back over to West End on Monday to pick up a couple of friends for a sail and visit to some of St. Johns and St. James' boating and snorkeling sites.  Their first visit... should be fun.
Forecast winds are 13 to 18 knots today and night them moving up just a bit to 15 to 20.  Seas are now 3 to 5 feet but should be moving up a bit to 6 to 8 with Northeast Swells for much of the weekend.  That could put them right down the Sir Francis Drake Channel.
Temps will be in the mid to low 80's and down to the lower 70 at night for a while more.  With the cloud cover the water temps have not warmed up any and we are still about 79 to 80 in open areas and a tad warmer in some bays.... Here is hoping Waterlemon Cay is one of them:-\  Going for a swim later and do not like cool water and 84 is cool to me!  Did have the opportunity to visit the beach at Frenchman's Cay and some people were out in it and said it was Nice.... Well I said  Yea... If you are use to swimming in the North Sea.... which they were:-!  I'm was more of a summer time swimmer in my youth and still like the waters to be warm so I'm not shaking when I climb out into a breeze of 15 knots!=-O
Waterlemon.jpgLeinster Bay USVI
I'll climb up to some of the high points and points of interest over the weekend and bring back some great views.  If they are like many I have from this same location... it will make you want to jump the next car, bus, boat or aircraft down.
Later Wayward

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- BVI Weather
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 09:31:05 EST
Just another gorgeous day in paradise! 
Mosquitos?  Get a bat house so they roost nearby. Bats can eat one third to half their weight in mosquitos each day, that's 600 mosquitos per hour or about 3,000 mosquitos per night! Their droppings from the bat house can be used as fertilizer in the garden.
Maybe Dear Miss Mermaid will go into the bat house business in the islands!
My cats brought home a bat one day. I posted a picture of it here, in 2005, but I have to do some serious searching to find it again.
I found the bat picture!  My cats placed it in my shower stall. Maybe they wanted to bathe it? 
Today is the final blast off for the space shuttle Discovery.  You can watch NASA live on your computer, if you are unable to watch it on TV.

- 23 Feb Nice Day
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 18:49:52 -0500 (EST)
Partly Cloudy today with hit and miss winds. Temps in mid 80's and tonight is should get down to mid 70's
Early this AM I set sail from Fat Hogs Bay at East End and headed to West End.... about half way there the wind died down and I motored the remainder.  Was not much in the way of sea conditions. under 3 foot seas where I was and all in all a nice day. Here are a few Photos I shot along the way.
Tortola's Maya Cove.jpg

Maya Cove area, a know mermaid frequented area.
Road Town.jpg
Road Town, note the haze kicking in by 8 AM.  I'm just under 2 miles off shore in the Sir Francis Drake Channel.
Ship closing on Dead Man's Chest.jpg
Ship closing on Dead Man's Chest just East of Peter Island.  Mermaids like Peter Island but not Dead Man's Chest.
I arrived in West End about 10'ish and called a friend of the Mermaids and was invited for a hike to a beach on Frenchman's Cay I didn't even know about.MMMMmmmmm  Do a post on StormCarib or take a hike to a new beach.... well.....
Beach at the Club House Frenchman's Cay.  Just a nice walk from Sopers Hole and they have great Fish Taco's for $2 each at Happy Hour.
Guess by this late post you can see which I did!!
Beach at Club House Frenchman's Cay.jpg
Hiked back to Sopers Hole and got this shot just prior to sundown.
West End 23 Feb.jpg
Fixed a Sundowner then this occurred
Sunset 23 Feb West End.jpg
I know you can not have everything you want in life.... but this is close.  If only that special person were by my side.
What a nice Day
Later, Wayward
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- A peek at Cooper
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 08:30:38 -0800 (PST)

Good Morning,
Here's a look from Cooper Island.  Looks to be a bright day with lots of action over at Cooper.  Note the palm tree at the bottom, the trade winds are up!!!  Happy sailing!!!
the Mermaid Gardener

- Another Partly Cloudy Day
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 18:11:27 -0500 (EST)
I left Trellis Bay this AM about 7:15 and motored over to Penn's Landing.... If only I would have been allowed to use the runway I would have made the trip much faster.... if I could make the about 100 foot hop into the bay.  As it was I motored around Beef Island to Penn's Landing.  Sky was basically Gray and a tad cool for me:-\  Seas were about 3 to 4 in the Sir Francis Drake Channel except around the tip of Beef Island where they are always a bit larger and with the directions you have to take them on the beam for a while before you can turn your stern to them and have them work by pushing you ahead.  Was not a bad trip and I was able to pick up my mooring in Penn's with no problem just an hour or so later.
Had an meeting in town I needed to make and it resolved a problem that had been bugging me for a while.  Paperwork over issues with the break in of my boat back in December.  Took the opportunity to have a nice lunch at Caparricio's and later a Bounty Ice Cream at my fave Ice Cream shop in Road Town...... LOL  I think it is the ONLY one:-D
Small Craft Advisory in effect through Wednesday morning
Today and the next few days will be partly cloudy with highs around 82 and nighttime lows of 72 with a chance of rain with little accumulations.  Winds continue to be Northeast at 10 to 14 Knots and seas 6 to 8 feet in Northern Swells in the unprotected areas.  We do get short exposures of good sun but overall it has been rather subdued.
In the AM, if all is well, I'll head down to West End and visit with friends and possibly a Pizza at Jolly Rogers:-D
I'll be heading to St. John for a few days and will try to report back when I have the opportunity .... such as finding a WIFI Hotspot that does not charge an arm and leg:-!
Understand da Mermaid Gardner had near 12 inches of SNOW in her area!!!!  That is too much snow for snow cones.... hard to find that much cherry syrup to pour over it.
Later  Wayward
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- Update
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 07:21:05 -0500 (EST)
Small craft should exercise caution through this evening
Small Craft Advisory in effect from this evening through Wednesday morning
Yesterday's photos got lots of inputs particularly on the Si-Fi Bug like "snail".  Most reply's were that it was a Limpet.... Which was exactly what I then recalled them as..... but it appears I was Wrong!!  One bright reader said they were Chitons
looks prehistoric.jpg
I never knew of Chitons so I looked them up.....  Well I'll have to admit it IS A LINED CHITON.... but think the majority of us have called them Limpets.  The main diff is Limpets have a single one piece shell and the Chiton's have an 8 section shell as seen in my photo above.  They actually bend.   I notice with interest they DO NOT eat or infest People unless you are DEAD.... I'm Happy:-D Feel better about my "private bath".
Fun Stuff 
Talk to us 
From ThinkQuest.org

Lined Chiton
Gumboot Chiton
Chitons have an eight-piece shell. The hard pieces are called valves. The leathery flesh is called the girdle and the girdle holds the valves together. There are about eight hundred kinds of chitons in the world. They cling to rocks. Their foot is a wide muscular organ that helps them hold on to rocks. They are very sluggish. They eat algae. They eat with their radula. Radula is a ribbon of hard teeth. The chitons grow 1/3 to 12 inches.
 Diet algae, seaweed debris and dead animals, small worms and crustaceans
 Size 2 centimeters to 33 centimeters
 Color black, greenish, green and gray with brown lines, red, white, blue, brown with white spines and brick-red, pink to lavender
 Life Cycle eggs
 Predators crabs, fish, anemones,  
 Neat Facts may live up to 25 years
 Types black, mossy, woody, lined, rough, gumboot, carnivorous, troglodyte
 Relatives abalone, nudibranchs, sea hares, octopi, squid, scallops, mussels, oysters, clams, snails, limpets
100_2170.jpgMore of our friends da Chitons
Had a few short Showers Sunday afternoon but it looks like East End received a nice washing mid afternoon.  If I had been at Penn's Landing, I may have had my water tanks topped off:-\ but just a bit of a mist here at Trellis.

Rain over East End.jpg

Winds off shore will run 15 to 20 knots with 7 to 9 foot seas with a Northern Swell but winds and seas should top out by Monday early and move back down to between 11 and 17 knots with seas back to 5 to 7 feet and maybe lower for coming weekend.
21 feb.jpg
The Blob North of us is moving in a clockwise direction and looks like it may bring us some more unsettled weather but some forecast indicate it will dissipate before it gets to us.  I does look like we may get better / unfiltered sun with fewer high altitude clouds by mid week.
700 Monday AM.jpg
Sunrise today was obscured by clouds.  This shot is at 7AM and soon after we had rain from the Northeast... just to the left of this Photo.
It looks to be clearing up a bit now and I'm getting bright sun and the local forecast is for a Sunny Day..... may go awalking along da beach again later.  Lots of people seem to like the photos of my beachcoming.  You never know what washes ashore around here.
Pussers Ferry.jpg
One of you wanted the Ferry Schedule between Trellis Bay and Pusser's Marina Cay.... well here it is!  and Eeerrrr to Cindy.......... sorry I don't send Those Photos out!O:-)
I'll be heading out of Trellis Bay probably in the AM Tuesday and not sure where I'll tie up next.  May spend a day at Penn's Landing to restock on a few veggies and get a Jerry Can or two of water if I don't get more rain.... then I'll head to West End for a day then pop over to St. John for a bit.  Gotta pick up some US Mail and get a hair cut and maybe do a walk through Mongoose Junction and have lunch:-D.  While in the Western portions of St. John, I'll not have internet but will try to call in any important events and observations to da Mermaids.
I'll share any photos I have the opportunity to take.... at least those permitted to be posted here;-).
Later, Wayward
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Another UFO
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 16:34:35 EST
WASHED ashore in a Wine Bottle:
When I was a boy and lived in Barbados we used to use these for bait, they caught some big fish. As like you I do not know the names of them
Dear Patrick,
    I don't know what those little buggers are either...  Hmm... Must look into this or wait for another bottle to wash up on the seashore, with more answers...  For now it's a UFO (Unidentified Fishing Object)
Dear Miss Mermaid
Today it's sunny but not windy in West End, winds were high during the week, with Cane Garden Bay posting red flags of warning.  Scattered showers around the islands.  The cycle race on Tortola must be finished by now.

- Sun Day ?
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 07:53:54 -0500 (EST)
Small craft should exercise caution
sundowner at Trellis.jpg
Sundowners at Trellis Bay 19 Feb

Winds early this AM were almost calm, but what we had was coming from the Southwest.... seemed almost to be a land  breeze but this area is almost too small to effect one.  Just about sunrise we had a very light wind shift that swung us to a South then East then East Northeast.  By the time we were East Northeast the wind was about 10 knots and shortly after we did have a rain shower from the large clouds that were building in the Northeast.  After they passed we are back to light East to Northeast winds of under 8 knots here at Trellis Bay.
Winds should be from the Northeast today and even more North Northeast tonight and possibly Monday between 13 and 23 knots in open areas.  After Monday they should drop a bit.  Seas are 4 to 5 feet but should build to 7 to 9 feet by late Monday thru Tuesday of this next week.  A Northern Swell will also be at hand and should make the North Shore surfers happy but for the sailors.... not so much.
Temps will run in Mid 80's and nights will be in Mid to lower 70's Wonderful Sleeping weather even if I do have to pull a sheet up over myself in the AM.  Last Night was really nice.
night at Trellis.jpg
Some have asked where we look for weather inputs while sailing.... well the sky in most cases!!  ;-) Actually I have a battery of weather sites I check when ever I have a need for forecast specific for an area.  One type of site I look at has this type of data and I can normally get forecast of the next 10 days from their computer models.
Some have asked what do at places like Trellis when I stay more than a few days.... well about the same as I do when I hang around for only a couple.  Here is one of the hikes I love to take around the Eastern side of Beef Island.
rock climb.jpg
Some areas have very nice sandy beaches that I've previously shown, others have coral rubble which I've also show often.  Here is an example of some of the rock outcroppings on the Eastern side of Beef Mountain, great to "scramble" over if you have good shoes and are careful of slippery areas.

If you are willing to do the work to get to these out of the way places, you can find very private baths of your own.
Private Baths.jpg
Great private spots for a good soak and sunning as well as lunch spots.... always bring water!
clean up crew.jpg
House Keeping staff at work
living fossles.jpg
looks prehistoric.jpg
I've forgotten the names of these things but they always interest me as they look prehistoric. 
These are at the water line and seem to keep the granite boulders clean.  When you see them moving it is really kewl:-)
They are very difficult to dislodge and I'm sure it isn't good for them so I do not try.
They do make me thing of some Si-Fi movies of alien monsters who will attach themselves to you and take over your mind and body:-!
About time for another cup of Coffee!
later, Wayward
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- TWO full Moons????
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 08:36:59 -0500 (EST)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through late tonight
sunset trellis.jpgSunset at Trellis Bay 18 Feb
2nd full moon.jpg
Looks like we have two full moons.... well not in the sky at the same time but it appears the Formal Full Moon Party was last night, Friday night rather than Thursday night..... agreed, probably more money on a Weekend Night than on a mid week day.... sSSSssooOOo I found myself in the mist of they typical mass of boaters who were incoming for the events of the night.... Me Not being one of those... seen toOoooo many to get excited about them anymore.  The thing that gets me is how it becomes as excuse for some boaters to anchor in a mooring field with out regard to the other boats around them. 
Hoping the bay will clear of today's zombies and what ever boat has that kid who screams ever two minutes... well they could leave or just toss her overboard and teach her when screaming is proper:-X  Kids should have fun but parents should parent... even aboard a boat and on vacation.
Winds were mercifully calm last night.  If know we would have had BIG problems as most of the boats anchored within the mooring field had scopes of under 2.  How dumb can one get?
Winds are 10 to 15 knots in the open here in the bay they are about 6 knots at best.  Winds are Northeast and should increase to 15 to 20 tonight and 19 to 24 on Monday.  Seas are now 5 to 7 with some North Swell.
Temps will be in the mid to low 80's and lows will be around the mid 70's and we have a chance of showers but lower chance of accumulations. 
We did have a short shower earlier this AM but it was more of a hatch closing and opening drill than rain amount type event.  It did give me the opportunity to see one dink floating around the bay some distance from me which was heading back up to the dink docks all by itself...MMmmm wonder if it will tie it   self up???? Wish I could see the _expression_ of the "owners" faces when they get up to make a run in for a quick breakface to find they have no dink and are able to see it at the dock!!!!  Well that is not too unusual for a Full Moon Party here at Trellis, often people wonder how they got back to the boat.
later Wayward

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Full Moon and Trellis Bay after
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 10:29:46 -0500 (EST)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through late Saturday night

Full moon came up with clouds last night but often broke out for a stunning show.
17 feb full moon.jpg
These shots were from Penns' Landing in East End Tortola last nigh and it was a great night for sleep or reading and such.  Much better place for it that normally is Trellis Bay on a Full Moon Party night:-D
Doing a bit of cruising for the next week or so.  Was going to head out Thursday but was a bit layed back and really did not want to put up with the activity at Trellis on a Full Moon Party night so I motored over this AM and took my time as I knew, after a Full Moon night, the folks at the party are a bit slow in getting up and underway in the AM.  Timed my arrival for a bit after 10.  MMmmm was almost too early!  I did get a mooring but not the ones I wanted but picked it up for a bit until one that I wanted came open about 45 min later.  The bay was full.  More boats coming in than were leaving so several were playing ring around the mooring waiting for a shot at a mooring ball with about the same effect as the kids game with several boat going full speed in an attempt to catch the ball first:-!
trellis bay.jpg
 It Must have been a great Full Moon party as few boats were on their way by 10AM and even 11AM and I was unfortunate to observe two occasions where "boaters" felt the need to "chum" the waters.... several times.  Though one guy was going to turn himself inside out with the violent heaves!!!:-! Place looks like a zombie anchorage;-)
Going to spend a couple of days here and possibly have a Red Stripe or two with friends and if I get energetic I'll even consider doing some work on the dink which has a small but precisian leak.  Also working a way I can pull her out of the water with out putting her on the foredeck which makes it more difficult and time consuming to get her off again when I need her.  This is for the trip to St. Martin in a few weeks if all goes well.
Winds are near calm here in Trellis Bay but outside it should be between 11 and 21 knots for several days with seas running 5 to 7 thru Sunday then increasing to 7 to 9 feet late Sunday and Monday/ Tuesday.  Some Northern Swells are noted but were not flagged in most marine reports.
Temps will be in the mid to lower 80's and lows of mid to lower 70's with a 50% chance for rain tonight and 20 to 30% for the following days and nights.  We did get a couple of short showers Thursday but they did not amount to much, hopefully tonight will bring some water to the islands.
Yes, I'm still working on my News Scoop!  I'm interviewing some interesting suspects later today!  Since Beef Island seem to be the initial point of interest in this story, I'm going to go up to da Loose Mongoose and follow da trail to where ever it leads.
Later, Wayward
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Island beauty
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 06:29:51 -0800 (PST)

Good Morning,
Just love the eye candy that you can see around the island.  Here's a picture of my courtyard steps.  After hurricane Earl last year, everything was cut to shreds and within six months its beautiful again.  That blooming bougainvillea was just a mere stick after I had to prune is way back.  Amazing what mother nature can to for us!!
the Mermaid Gardener

- Sunny then RAIN
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 07:49:46 -0500 (EST)
Small craft should exercise caution
Small Craft Advisory in effect from late tonight through Sunday morning
Sunny start to today but then increasing chance of showers.  Winds are now Northeast about 7 knots here in the protection of the bay with only a small soft roll.  Outside Seas are 3 to 5 near shore and running 4 to 6 feet Offshore, but should grow to 5 to 7 feet for the next several days WITH a growing Northern Swell.  Winds will continue to be Northeast and in unprotected waters will reach 19 to 24 knots.  These winds should keep the Northern Swell building for several days.  Probably not a good time for anchoring / mooring in North facing areas such as Cane Garden Bay.  Better to take a bus or taxi. Cloud cover will be a mixed bag.  At times we will have near clear sky's over head but mostly cloudy periods will also roll over us on an increasing frequency until Sunday when we have the best chance for Sun.  Best chance of Rain is Friday.  The amounts of rain forecast have significantly changed.  We had been expecting a 60% chance during the day and 30 at night with a total accumulation of about a half inch... but now these estimates have dropped to far less.  Seems some dry air moved in faster than anticipated!  Hopefully we will still get enough rain to help the plants and refresh if not refill the cisterns.

That front above us is moving Southeast.... the winds here are now from the Northeast.... this will cause increased chances of disturbed weather for us but probably drier than what we were anticipating and actually hoping for.
While in Road Town yesterday I noted this single Cruise ship in port.  My interest was more in the 3 mast schooner berthed next to her on the wharf.  No doubt on which I would prefer to be Master of..... which one for you???
I'm working on a Breaking News story but not yet completed..... it is probably due to my having completed the Millennium Series of "The Girl....." books where most of the key characters were news reporters.  But, I'm willing to give you a hint of what I'm working on.  See the Photo below......
Tortola Cows.jpg
Ever wonder what they are actually doing?????  Breaking News to follow.... but since I'm more of an islands "snooze Man" than News Man.... it may be a while....
later Wayward
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Pomegrate kissed by the Caribbean sun!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 07:15:45 -0800 (PST)

Good Morning,
I have been asked by many friends if the island produces any of it's own fruit and vegetables.  The answer is yes!  If you go into Riteway,  Bobby's, One Mart and the others you will see many locally grown products.  From tomato's, cucumbers, squash, star fruit, pomegranates, and many other items like herbs.  All of these are tended carefully by local farmers who enjoy their passion for growing local produce.  I know that there is a big push on the island to have more farmers and more produce being grown.  They are wanting the island to be more self sustaining and I think it's a great idea for the whole area to try to be self sustaining.  Less dependence on imported fruits and vegetables is a good thing.  If you find yourself down at Trellis Bay Aragon's has many locally grown items as well.  Check the stores out for these wonderful products.
Cheers from this green thumb,
the Mermaid Gardener

- Great looking AM
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 07:47:04 -0500 (EST)
After a good nights sleep due to great food and a small portion of drink;-) I now find the seas have calmed a good deal and only a soft roll and light to moderate winds.  Today our winds should be between 8 and 15 knots with mostly sunny sky.  We do have a chance for a fast rain shower or two but no real accumulation is expected....:-(  Yep I had to haul out water to da boat Monday.... and just to give my back reason to bother if it so chose to, I also hauled out diesel fuel and a small tank of gas.  Temps in low 80 with lows in mid 70's.  The actual forecast is 82 high and 73 low but it is now 82 and the sun is not full yet!!! AND IF IT GETS DOWN TO 73 tonight.... Geeezzzeee  75 is chilly to me and 73 is darn cold!:-! May have to go into town and get some of those long PJ's with feet built in and a hood for my head??????? 
Looks like we will have some decrease in the Saharan dust as shown it the shot below
sah 15.jpg
and the high level cloud cover has also decreased as shown below
15 Feb.jpg
15 fed noaa.jpg

So, why do we still have a haze?  Think we still have to consider the water temp and its effect when it is warmer than the night time temps.  Da ol solar panels should be doing well today with out regard to the light haze we have about.
Here is some info requested by a reader regarding ships coming in today:  No idea why a sailor would get on one of those things!!!!
BVI Cruise Schedule
Today Port ETA ETD
Wednesday, February 16
 Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Pretty sights from BVI
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 03:45:21 -0800 (PST)

Another day in paradise,
This time of year there are several variety's of butterflies that find food on the island.  Here's but one of them. I thought that this might be a Gulf Fritillary, but believe it looks more like a Monarch to me.  I believe it is a female monarch.  Even they winter in a nice warm place.  I took this picture up at Mt. Healthy National Park.  She is feeding on a Pride of Barbados flower. 
There are plenty of fun places to go and see unusual things around the island.
Enjoy!  Let's hope that spring will be coming shortly for all of us!
The Mermaid Gardener 

- Message found in a french wine bottle
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 13:33:42 -0800 (PST)

Washed up on a Tortola beach in a French Wine bottle the following message:  
Happy Valentines Day from the frozen Tundra!
Here's a little something for this day filled with love and gratitude.
Tortola Valentine Love Affair
Here I sit looking out my window at white, more white and even more white. 
No longer do I have flip flops on and sand in between my toes. 
I have sand all over my boots, my car, my driveway, my foyer and my doggy's paw's!! 
I'm unable to feel the soft touch of the trade winds on my skin.
I miss the sun kissing my face, giving me a fresh blush.
My eyes long for the blue of the Caribbean and her being dotted with white sails catching the wind.
Gratitude is what I feel knowing that I'm able to be in Tortola off and on.
When I'm away I miss this island paradise.
And may I return soon to Tortola and start my love affair all over again.
My Valentine wish to all our readers is "Happy Sand in between your toes Valentines Day" wherever your piece of paradise may be.
Cheers and Happy Valentines Day!
the Mermaid Gardener

- Happy Valentines Day
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 08:03:10 -0500 (EST)
Small craft should exercise caution
Had Odd winds from the South early today.  Running about 7 knots and under here in Fat Hogs Bay Tortola.  Forecast are for 10 to 17 knots from the Southeast today and changing to the Northeast for the next few days.  Seas 4 to 7 feet but looks like it is lower to me in the Sir Francis Drake Channel at this time.  Temps will run between a high of about 82 and lows of 74 over the next 5 days.  Mostly cloudy now but getting just enough Sun to do a little good with the solar panels.... I HOPE!!! Lots of haze about, the areas where the sun shines looks more like a fluoresces bulb:-\
14 Feb.jpg

While the large front is moving Southeast, our weather is coming from almost due East.  No indications that this will result in much in the way of rain for us although we need it.... I need it or it is back to hauling those heavy blue Jerry Cans:-[

saharan 14feb.jpg
The Saharan Dust is still over us but some of the haze we have is probably due to warmer water than air temp over night.  It would be nice if the front moving down did push the dust away for a few days.:-)
Not much in the way of rain being forecast for the next few days, only about 20% chance with only trace amounts.  Marginally better on Tuesday and Friday but then only 30% with amounts under .02 inches anticipated..... gona be a lot of people on da island calling for da big water tankers to top off da cisterns if we don't get rain.   MMmmmmMMmmmm wonder if I could call one of those big water tankers.... Mmmm if they placed a lot of plastic bottles and intertubes they may be able to make her float?????  Well probably not.  Would be nice if "Deliverance" had a big tank to top people off but it would really take up about all their space and allow no room for the Ice, Limes and Rum they normally bring out to da boaters who are running low.
Well gona take a nap... was up half the night with the audiobook Capt. Blood.
BTW someone RRREEEAly needs to tell dat Mermaid Gardner I do not "park" da boat.....  Me Knows she knows,.... but just want to jab at me a bit since she is SSSOOooooo Far away, in an ice box....... and I'm still here in "warm" Tortola.
later Wayward
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Red Rock Grows Mast and Sails????? 11 Feb & 12 Feb post
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 15:20:51 -0500 (EST)
Looks like the Internet ATE my 11 Feb report so I'm attaching it below.
Today we have had a rather nice sunny day, but when I look over to the North East I see some clouds growing rather large.... I think we are going to have some rain sooner then originally though..... OR Is the BVI Sky crying because one of our mermaids just left the island???  Not really sure Why anyone, particularly a mermaid would go to a place with below freezing temps???:-\  I'm sure she will keep in contact with her many friends here and spill da beans on anything she hears while away.... but me may see a shiver or shudder to her typing....:-!
Highs should be about 85 with lows about 75 and around a 30% chance of rain according to da local weather people.... with all the growing clouds, I think the 40% chance of yesterday would be more likely.  Winds are 15 to 20 knots and seas 5 to 7 feet.  We should expect at least a Partly Cloudy day for the next few days but still far better that most area!   
later  da Wayward Sailor

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

-----Original Message-----
Small Craft Advisory in effect through Sunday evening
Very sunny AM:-)  Got up for a quick look earlier and saw what I thought was a boat leaving the bay and just beyond Red Rock Reef.  Didn't think much of it at the time.  Hours later I noticed it was in same place.  SSSssssssOOOooo, Did Red Rock Reef grow a couple of mast and some sails????;-) 
Red Rock grows mast and sails.jpg
Well possibly..... but more probable is we have a larger ketch with some good draft setting just outside the reef this AM.  Sailor sure trust his anchor as we had some strong gust from the Southeast about the same time I was originally looking which lasted over an hour.  The bay is shallow and anything over about 7 feet could have a problem in several areas if they were not familiar with the bay or were not looking sharply at their charts.  Bet they had a good ride this AM... I did for a while but on a mooring I trust it was not worry for me and I just checked the sounds and they were normal so I went back to sleep.  Probably would have made a few more checks if at anchor.
We have 16 to 20 knot winds with higher gust and seas of 5 to 7 feet and since they are more Southerly actually Southeast as I type, we are getting more wave action than normal but our seas in the bay are under 3 feet except when those darn POWER boats fly by ignoring all seamanship rules and curticies.  OK  OK I know I should not want an RPG to lob their way!!!!  But sometimes........:-X
radar feb 11.gif
Partly Sunny but with a good chance of increasing clouds and rain over the weekend. Sunday has a 40% chance of rain  with a weekend rain accumulation probability of about a half an inch:-)  Da will be GOOD NEWS for lots of us.  I'll sure try to collect as much of it as my tanks can hold as long as it falls..... MUCH easier on da ol back!:-!
sat 11 feb.jpg

That is "Another" Cold front moving down from the US over the Gulf of Mexico.  Our part of it will more likely be that part from the Eastern US that goes out then is pushed back and South toward us by the strong trades we now have.  Probably were some of our rain is going to flow in from as the result of the interactions of the trades with the cold front.  Going to be hit and miss for a few days on da Sunshine and Rain.. but we love them both in proper amountsO:-)
I'll be out an about until later in the day Saturday so my post will be a bit later than typical if their is a typical!!!!
BTW, for you book people and I know lots of you are from the messages I get8-).  I have discovered a great location for Audio Books you may be interested in.  http://librivox.org/  This is a FREE Audio Book site.... all a public domain books  ie: more in the way of Classics than new stuff but it is FREE:-)  another is http://www.booksshouldbefree.com/Top_100
and you MAY guess by the name ;-) these are also FREE.  These are also public domain books with volunteer "READERS"... some are better at it than other but they are FREE.  Love these for when my eyes are a bit tired and it feels good to close them and use your brain to build your vision of the story.  I use iTunes to store my downloads but you can use any file.  I'm looking at putting them on an external hard drive but have not tried how it works yet.  You can down load form both sites as an MP3 or Podcast.  I've been using Podcast although I do not have an Ipod on da boat....yet.... another of those "wish I had things vs what I Must have"  like a new windless for da anchor>:Ohttp://o.aolcdn.com/cdn.webmail.aol.com/resources/core/images/yell.png" width="25" height="25" and food and RUM!;-)
Later, Wayward
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Red Rock Grows Mast and Sails?????
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 09:14:50 -0500 (EST)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through Sunday evening
Very sunny AM:-)  Got up for a quick look earlier and saw what I thought was a boat leaving the bay and just beyond Red Rock Reef.  Didn't think much of it at the time.  Hours later I noticed it was in same place.  SSSssssssOOOooo, Did Red Rock Reef grow a couple of mast and some sails????;-) 
Red Rock grows mast and sails.jpg
Well possibly..... but more probable is we have a larger ketch with some good draft setting just outside the reef this AM.  Sailor sure trust his anchor as we had some strong gust from the Southeast about the same time I was originally looking which lasted over an hour.  The bay is shallow and anything over about 7 feet could have a problem in several areas if they were not familiar with the bay or were not looking sharply at their charts.  Bet they had a good ride this AM... I did for a while but on a mooring I trust it was not worry for me and I just checked the sounds and they were normal so I went back to sleep.  Probably would have made a few more checks if at anchor.
We have 16 to 20 knot winds with higher gust and seas of 5 to 7 feet and since they are more Southerly actually Southeast as I type, we are getting more wave action than normal but our seas in the bay are under 3 feet except when those darn POWER boats fly by ignoring all seamanship rules and curticies.  OK  OK I know I should not want an RPG to lob their way!!!!  But sometimes........:-X
radar feb 11.gif
Partly Sunny but with a good chance of increasing clouds and rain over the weekend. Sunday has a 40% chance of rain  with a weekend rain accumulation probability of about a half an inch:-)  Da will be GOOD NEWS for lots of us.  I'll sure try to collect as much of it as my tanks can hold as long as it falls..... MUCH easier on da ol back!:-!
sat 11 feb.jpg

That is "Another" Cold front moving down from the US over the Gulf of Mexico.  Our part of it will more likely be that part from the Eastern US that goes out then is pushed back and South toward us by the strong trades we now have.  Probably were some of our rain is going to flow in from as the result of the interactions of the trades with the cold front.  Going to be hit and miss for a few days on da Sunshine and Rain.. but we love them both in proper amountsO:-)
I'll be out an about until later in the day Saturday so my post will be a bit later than typical if their is a typical!!!!
BTW, for you book people and I know lots of you are from the messages I get8-).  I have discovered a great location for Audio Books you may be interested in.  http://librivox.org/  This is a FREE Audio Book site.... all a public domain books  ie: more in the way of Classics than new stuff but it is FREE:-)  another is http://www.booksshouldbefree.com/Top_100
and you MAY guess by the name ;-) these are also FREE.  These are also public domain books with volunteer "READERS"... some are better at it than other but they are FREE.  Love these for when my eyes are a bit tired and it feels good to close them and use your brain to build your vision of the story.  I use iTunes to store my downloads but you can use any file.  I'm looking at putting them on an external hard drive but have not tried how it works yet.  You can down load form both sites as an MP3 or Podcast.  I've been using Podcast although I do not have an Ipod on da boat....yet.... another of those "wish I had things vs what I Must have"  like a new windless for da anchor>:O and food and RUM!;-)
Later, Wayward
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Beautiful BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 11:09:52 EST
Very windy but sunny. A fabulous day for sailing, beach bumming, swimming, snorkeling.

- Partly cloudy Sunday
  • By daWayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 11:58:37 -0400
We seem to be having a problem on the normal AOL account in getting our post out so I’ll temporally use this older one but hopefully we will be able to get the problem fixed soon so we can do some photos of interest.
Had several rain showers over nigh and early this AM.  Mostly cloudy to partly Cloudy sky so far today.  Winds are up to 18 knots but we are seeing some periods of winds under 10 Knots, typically after a cell passes us.  Seas are running 4 to 7 feet with not much in the way of white caps at this time.  Temps should run a bit lower with highs of about 82 and lows down around 75.  Lack of that high quality sun will cause a need for something other than solar panels for the next couple of daysSad smile.
Would not be suppressed if sever of my post from prior days all of a sudden pop up so they may be out of sequence.
more later

- Saying good bye to da island
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 10:34:34 -0800 (PST)
Good afternoon,

Just caught my Cape Air flight back up to San Juan heading north to the cold tundra....but for only a short time will I be off island.

In the meantime da wayward sailor will be at the helm parking his boat somewhere in the BVI and keeping us all posted on the island happenings.

I will be parked in snow country lathering on the moisture lotion trying not to shed my nice tan that I have.

To all my dear friends I say "keep on limin! I luv ya & will miss Tortola"

A sad tearie eyed island gal,
The Mermaid Gardener

- Friday just before the weekend
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 05:16:20 -0800 (PST)

Good Morning
Early this morning we had a gale come through but with no wind...oops I meant rain.  All show and no go!  Blew over one of my palm trees and I thought the wind felt like 40 mph wind gusts! Decided to leave the palm tree down and roll over in bed and listen to my curtains wildly flapping around.
After that mini rainless gale the wind quieted down and we have our typical trade winds.  Seas look to be flatter out on the channel as I look out today, we still have the haze around but the islands are still quite beautiful through the haze.
A couple of days ago we has a new restaurant go into Pusser's East....it is now called Charlie T's.  They are serving Monday through Thursday local lobster and have a great Surf and Turf for only $19.95.  Mine was excellent.  My lobster was wonderful, large and moist not dried out and my filet minion was tender and tasty.  I heard rumor that the Lobster Mac and Cheese is to die for...that will be my next dinner. If you find yourself down by Hodges Creek you need to stop on by at Charlie T's for this great deal.   I believe that Friday Sat. and Sun will be the Pusser's menu on those days....  So call ahead and make a reservation.  Don't know how long they are going to have this Surf and Turf for that low of a price so pull into Hodges Creek Marina or anchor out by Buck island.  But don't miss out on this great deal when you are down here.
Warm and sunny regards,
the Mermaid Gardener


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- Appears we will have SUN today
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 08:49:02 -0500 (EST)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through Sunday morning
We have what feels like increased winds here in Fat Hogs Bay.  Overall forecast is for 13 to 18 knot winds today with 4 to 7 feet seas in the open waters and probably about 3 to 5 in the channel now... much less here in the bay but still getting a rock and roll occasionally but the worst is from the occasional POWER Boat .....
East End.jpg
 East End Tortola
red rock.jpg
Red Rock and Buck Island
Beef Island and Sir Francis Drake Channel.jpgSir Francis Drake Channel and Beef Island

boat wake.jpg
EerRRrrr would you believe the earth moved????  Maybe it was the effects of Apophis???  Apophis is the asteroid that is about 2 football fields large and will pass VERY close to earth later this year.... then even closer in 2026 and 2036 seems to be a bigger problem.  Maybe it moved closer through one of those Earth Magnetic Keyholes????  Well, hope NASA has a nice pool shot rocket launch ready in time!!!! (You know they do have contingency plans to do such a thing... for those of you with good brain cells, we did a similar shot in 2004.  The 2026 and 2036 are considered potential EOE events but the Russians and NASA seem to have different opinions on what will actually happen.... if it does this shot would be considered typical and mild!!!!!  Well enough of the techno babble...
Winds and seas should pick up to 17 to 20 knots and 5 to 7 foot seas Friday.  Still a good chance for isolated showers but still minimal accumulations.  Temps will run between  highs of 84 and lows of about 77... not bad for a Winter!!!! But as I have said, 75 is darn cold to me!
Going to have to refill those Blue tanks on the Starboard side if this keeps up:-(  I typically have to pick up 15 gallons if we don't get much rain for my aft water tank... this always gives me a bit of a back problem those 5 gallon Jerry cans filled with H2O are HEAVY and getting them into the dink then on the boat can be a problem when the boats are dancing with each other!  I just do not like going in to a slip when I don't have to but I may look to doing this more often as I move around and use up the fresh water aboard.
The photos also show the Sahara Dust is still with us.  We also have a very high cloud level that filters the Sun abit as show in this Sat Photo
sat 10 Feb.jpg
This overcast should break occasionally and very little of what you see to our East is bringing much chance of Rain.
One sad note, As I was doing this blog I was advised that a friend of the site, the Mermaids and my self has passed away unexpectedly.  We all need to make sure we realize this time on Earth is  short and a one way trip and you do not often get the chance for a re-do.  This person loved the islands and I think for the most part understood that Now was the time to live.... we all need to try to do a better job at that, and not putting things off to Someday.  If you check your calendar... you will notice that Someday is never seen.
da Wayward Sailor.
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- I have to livin in Mayberry
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 12:33:07 -0800 (PST)

Good Afternoon,
Now I knew this island was a small one, just like Mayberry where every where you go you know someone.  This is very true here, after reading da Wayward Sailor blog he was at the same Red Carpet Rat acoustic gig at Penn's landing in the Red Rock Bar!! Now it's a small island and everyone pretty much knows what goes on with everyone else...so unlike what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas not here the word spreads like wild fire.....but don't ya know that's one of the very reasons I love living here on this small island is the people you know.  They always will come to your rescue if you are stranded and need help.
Now getting back to the acoustic concert last night....not sure if I spotted a way ward sailor there, but then again how could I not, we have many way ward sailors....it's a sailing Mecca here!!  LOL!!!  The concert was really good, everyone was dancing and cheering the band on.  It was quite a lot of fun!!
Even got myself a t-shirt!Smile emoticon
Now the Wayward sailor was teasing me on his blog about being artsy fartsy since today is my art Wednesday but I find that I love the serenity of painting with friends and also enjoying lunch afterwards.  Today we had a surprise birthday celebration for one of our artists down at Trellis Bay. Birthday cake emoticon  So, a big happy artsy fartsy birthday to my art friend!!!

The winds are up so much here and it's quite gusty that our art work was being sand blasted periodically!!  LOL  We all survived as well as our art work but what a windy day.  Lunch was great at the Loose Mongoose...surf burger & fries and the birthday cake was yummy!
Here's a few pictures from my artsy fartsy morning!!!Rainbow emoticon
Cheers from your watercolor stained but destressed...
mermaid gardener
Red Carpet Rats jammin Island tour!  You need to catch them if you are here!
Cat races!
Funky Cat!
Loose Mongoose bar!
Artsy looking shells!

- Rocking at Red Rock with Red Carpet Rats
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 10:12:13 -0500 (EST)
Tuesday night at Red Rock was another special event with the appearance of the group Red Carpet Rats.  The group operates from Nashville but the music is not your fathers country and that is good for me!  The did a one nighter at Red Rock and tonight they will be over at Foxies on Jost Van Dyke.  the will be in the area until end of Feb and here is a link to their schedule.  http://www.myspace.com/redcarpetrats/shows  Lots of shows in BVI and some in USVI.  Great show as they play to the audience and do exhibit their skills with songs you may not think they would be playing.  EVERYONE had a great night at the Red Rock at Penn's Landing last night and I'm going to make a point of catching up with them again as often as I can.
Red Carpet Rats.jpg
They have a new album "the year of the rat" on sale which I'm getting familiar with now.  It is a Virgin Islands Limited Edition with some interesting original songs.  I'm placing it in my Rock collection more than Country but that is just me. 
The Islands have great access to very talented people but our problem is that often we don't know who is going to be where until they have gone.
While I'm no longer the club jumping kinda guy, I do enjoy a great night out with music like this and enjoying it with friends, so grab a few and meet up with the Red Carpet Rug Rats while they are here in the BVI.  Note they have several dates not only on Tortola but Virgin Gorda and Yost Van Dyke.  Cane Garden Bay is well represented and if the swells are not too bad I just may tie up and go ashore for a nice dinner and great music by these guys.  Hope to see ya!
Red Carpet Rats e.jpg
dinner e.jpg
After the great set the Red Carpet Rats put on for us at Red Rock, and a really great steak dinner a friend brought over for a "special dinner" aboard, the night was a bit more calm than the past few.  We did get a bit of a mini gale pass through in the early AM hours which bounced da boat around a bit and wet the decks but not much in accumulations.  Island is getting some spot rains which help but we do need a good rain but not so much as would cause the localized flooding that is so often accompanied by a moderate rain storm.
Small Craft Advisory in effect through Saturday morning
Winds are 14 to 20 knots with higher gust, seas are 4 to 7 feet and a bit of a chop remains.  Still great sailing weather with a nice bright sun with a partly cloudy sky but the clouds are rather small so it should be no problem getting a great tan or burn like a lobster;-)  Highs should run about 85 and lows of about 75 and these conditions should last for the next 5 days or so.
Radar show fewer but somewhat larger rain showers in the area.  Those area who do get some will be fewer but the lucky ones should get more accumulation.
A couple of the guy's in the Red Carpet Rats did have what they though were strange allergies and were not familiar with out Saharan Dust "problem".  I guess it can be tuff on a group new to the area and having to sing each night.  Glad I can just set back and allow any "attack" just to pass! 
saharan 9 feb.jpg
 Here is what the layer looks like this AM.  Little wonder why it could cause a problem for someone not use to it.
Well back to my book I've had to set aside for a couple of days!  The "final" in the trilogy of Millennium series, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest.  This series has taken this area by storm.  A couple of sets of books have been exchanged by many sailors and getting them all is often a problem.  I was luck and was able to read them in order although book 2 was the first I acquired.  A friend saw it and gave me book one to read first.  About 3/4 finished with the 3rd book.  Will hate to end it.  All these books are rather long and when you finish, it is too much like having to say Good By to old friends.  One unfinished book exist by the same author but he passed away.  I understand its ownership is a court question and no one is clear if the book is another "The Girl....." book.  Guess at some point if it were, someone will be charged with finishing it and I would still look forward to reading it even if parts were not the original writers work. After all, most books are heavily Edited anyway and the jest of the story is probably clear enough to have someone complete it...... I hope!
I know da Mermaid Gardner is over at Trellis Bay today doing her artsie fartsie thing;-)  Hope she can send in some nice shots later today in her free time!
Later Da Wayward Sailor

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- brisk winds in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 13:12:13 EST
Windy and breezy in the BVI, just a great day for sailing.
Can you identify this place in the sunny islands?

- Farmers week on da island
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 05:22:26 -0800 (PST)

Good Morning!
Winds are really up high and stayed up high overnight.  Lots of white caps out on the channel and the haze is thick.  Temps are still on the cooler side especially with the high winds.  I have kept my Solar Blanket on my pool for days.  Just as da Wayward sailor conserves water we too here on land do the same.  My solar blanket works really well and with no surface wind hitting the water I put less water in each week.  Open-mouthed smile emoticon
Yesterday went to  "Farmers week "that is going on over at the college.  It's always fun to go and enjoy local food, see the animals and watching the little kids holding their noses and saying it's stinky around the pigs. Disappointed smile emoticon   Farmers week goes on until Feb. 11th.  For local farmers it's very prized to receive a blue ribbon for their livestock or produce.   Enjoy the pictures!
Cheers from a wind blown
Mermaid Gardener


- Island News
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 04:43:06 -0800 (PST)

Good Sunday Morning,
Winds are still up quite high, had a small spit of a shower last night but nothing to really put into the cistern and write home about.  We have quite a bit of haze/Sahara dust in the air.  My living room glass table is coated with Sahara dust, I should have stock in Windex and paper towel companies.  You can never get ahead of the Sahara dust. 
Temperatures are still cool but can't complain since most the the U.S. is in a frigid state.  I think that even though yesterday was a fun day at the beach I think I'll take another day off and chill out by the pool or head to another beach for the afternoon.  Yesterday a friend and I ran the beach for the day, enroute we came upon BVI Electricity doing their thing.  Putting in a new telephone/electricity pole.  The road was down to one lane which does not bother the drivers here they just go along the ditch side and squeeze two cars through.  This time however there were BVI Electicity workers were directing the traffic a bit while others where watching the pole being raised up by a crane.  Glad I was up the line from this event I'm sure that those folks did not have any power for quite some time. 
The day at da beach was really fun.  The spotty shower weather did not take and hinder us enjoying the sea.  Had a great hot dog at the beach and then I broke into the goodies that I had brought.  Crackers with smoked salmon,  olive tapenade, Melon, brie cheese, and chocolate covered blueberries!  Yum!!!  My friend was in love with those chocolate covered blueberries!
We chilled out in the water chatting with visitors to our island and we had a large dark cloud rain on us.  The funny part was that we stayed in the water enjoying the rain shower, because it was colder out of the water.  I kept thinking of the song raindrops keep falling on my head. 
It was just simple a wonderful afternoon! 
Now for the other not so newsy Island news....just call me the "Red Baron wielding a green and yellow thong (flip Flop) roof rat killer".  Yes, I with my flip flop in hand killed a roof rat after not being so successful at throwing 2 rocks at it in rapid succession.  I threw two girly curve balls instead of a strike!!

I quickly took off my flip flop and "Whap..whap whap....one more whap for good luck!"  Hate to do that sort of thing, however, if they get into your house they cause so much destruction.  Last year I had one that actually sucked the juice out of my hummingbird feeder! Now that down right not right!  So, I'm now going to have to take care of the mortuary and cremation of the critter.  Into the trash and off to the island incinerator.
Sunday Cheers!
the "Red Baron"  oops I mean Mermaid Gardener
Pole brigade!
The Flip Flop Red Barron strikes again!!

- Update
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 06:57:40 -0500 (EST)
Small Craft Advisory in effect through late Wednesday night
Today we had a bit less cloud cover on the horizon for the Sun to fight through.
sunrise 6feb.jpg
sunrise Penn's Landing.jpg
Expect Fresh to Strong Trade winds over the entire area for the next 5 days.  Locally running between 14 and 21 knots with higher gust. High Temps between 86 and down to 77 at night.  Continued chances of rain over the next 5 days with only very localized accumulation chances.  About the same as yesterday when we seem to have had more rain on the East and South side than on the North and West.
Went with friend(s) to Smugglers Cove on the West / North end of Tortola yesterday and we had good sun and warmer water with only a short shower while we were in the water.  Only problem was it tended to splash into the wine glasses:-(
On the way I got this shot of a Square Rigged boat just off St. John, USVI.  Really classic lines but sure would require more than a singlehander.
sq rigged.jpg

Doing a bit of engine time to top up the battery banks this AM.  Hoping the Sun can chase away the clouds like it did Saturday!
Hope all have a great day like we will here in da islands.
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Sun / Rain / Winds / Cooler Temps
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 06:54:33 -0500 (EST)
Small craft should exercise caution until late tonight
Small Craft Advisory in effect from late tonight through Tuesday afternoon
sunrise 5feb.jpg
Sun had to fight its way through the clouds again this AM.  While the ol' saying is Red Sky in Morning, Sailors take warning.... it really can't always apply here in the Carib due to the Sahara dust which almost always gives us red AM's and PM's.
Forecast calls for a high today of 79, and a low of 72....which I do not believe.  This report comes from a weather station on Tortola about 900 feet up and it is typically cooler than down here at sea level.  Water temps are 79 to 80 and chance of rain is up to 30% today.  As I type we are having a nice rain mist and this it my "back yard" view....
rainbow am 5feb.jpgand I do not have to cut grass or plow snow
Winds will be increasing through the weekend and should run between about 14 knots now and up to 22 by Sunday with higher gust.  Seas will run 4 to 7 feet and be a bit choppy with some spray that will make sailing occasionally a tad wet and cool.... still for da Snow Birds it is great weather!!!
5feb sat.jpg

All that "stuff" coming off the East Coast of US is turning down toward us and the pressure gradients are getting closer meaning we get more wind and more gust rather than the trade winds we generally prefer in sailing.... and setting on da boat reading a book... cooking up something to eat or drink....
The "stuff" off to our West.... da clouds over the Gulf of Mexico is a cold front that will probably go stationary soon and back up as a warm front.  Most of our winds are East with just a bit of North in them and they are slamming into the front causing it to stall and eventually back up.  Radar shows small clusters of rain to our East which build to larger ones as they near PR's high mountains.  We will probably have intermittent rain but probably not much in the way of accumulations but our chance could increase if the "stuff" in the North move faster.
Just a note on proper way to eat Bounty Ice Cream.  da MermaidGardner last sent a photo of a small cup of Bounty and a tiniest spoon to eat it with.  I know from long observation and personal experience that the following shown how you are SUPPOSE TO EAT any ice cream particularly a BOUNTY.
bounty how to eat.jpg      
How good can it get???????
You would think a Mermaid would know that you have to eat it fast or it would melt as they swam away in 79 degree water!!!
Well, what to do today??????  MMmmm more coffee and a cookie for sure..... check for rain and rainbows then go with da flow...... as more rain comes down on the deck.... and gusts of wind... with lots of Sun????  LOL well why not all at once?  Maybe a nap?
Later da Wayward Sailor
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Ice cream saga
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 14:16:13 -0800 (PST)

Hi again!!!
Friday is winding down and I'm settling in for the evening.
In reading the previous blogs from the Wayward sailor he went in for "Bounty Bar Ice cream"the other day... hum well this afternoon while I was in town doing some errands I too got overly hot and decided to have the "Bounty Bar ice cream along with White Chocolate"   I have to say that the combination was outstanding.  I have went on jags before with La Dolce Vita ice cream, like the pink grapefruit and chocolate ice cream but this combination will be my next obsession. Enjoy your evening where ever you may be.
The Mermaid Gardener


- Rainy start of the day
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 05:35:48 -0800 (PST)

Friday  714am 
Murky start to the day but even with rain clouds or disturbed weather sunrise can be so stunning here.  Since I live on the south side of the island I'm so fortunate to be able to see the sunrise in all it's glory.  Earlier this morning I was just starting to stir in bed and we had a nice misty shower that lasted for quite a while.  Not just a spit of rain, I could hear fresh rain water running into my cistern below me.  That sound at this time of year is a really good sound.  The island has been getting dry and turning brown at the top of the Mountains but even with just a small shower it seems like the plants love it, everything smells fresh and clean.  Right now we are having another misty shower, just a small one since it just quit.   The radar does show some rain clouds dotting the horizon but they are predicting a 20% chance of rain today.  The temp is a cool 69 degrees and I've been under the covers most nights lately. No need for a fan other than to keep the mosquitoes away.  Not sure what my day will bring but I don't feel this will be a wash out by any means.
Check out the pictures  below they were all taken this morning at different stages of sunrise.  The last picture is stunning...this is why I love the south side of the island amongst other reasons.
Sunrise smiling...Mermaid Gardener
Darkness before the sunrise
A little peek of pink sunrise
Is the horizon on fire?
Finally sunrise in all it's glory!

- Wet early AM, with hopes of Sunshine
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 08:17:49 -0500 (EST)
Had a good but still short rain shower just before dawn today.  Did a good job in washing da boat down as it was rather hard at times.  Winds did pick up several times over night but generally calmed after about an hour or so.  Weather seems disturbed and rather fickle.  More gust than we have had in a while which may make sailing a bit more work today if it keeps up.  We do have a notice tha Small Craft should Exercise Caution which is just below an Official Advisory.  Winds for the next few days will be between 14 and 21 knots with higher gust.  Seas offshore are running 4 to 6 feet building to 5 to 7 by Sunday. Cloud cover should be highest about noon at 73% forecast then reduce.  Rain Chance is still fixed at 20 % days and about 30% nights. 
 sorry still no AOL photo ability... no idea if it is AOL or new computer..GRRrrrrr
The Airport at Beef Island is now reporting 72 degrees..... I'm about 2 miles away and it is 74 in da boat so it is COLD!!!!!!:-! 
 same problem....:-(
 Water temps in the area are between 80 and 79 and should stay in that general area for a while depending on how many cold fronts we get exported to us from da Northwest..... where is it COLD.  I know that 74 is not cold to some polar bears who live in cold places like Florida and Texas and even the deep frozen types who "say" they live in such places as Chicago and even Minneapolis..... MMmmm makes one wonder why they make such claims???;-)
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- North Shore art day
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 05:44:50 -0800 (PST)

Good Morning
Had a fabulous day yesterday, it was my art day.  Which means about 8-12 of us go to a location and do art work.  My forte is watercolor and botanical art, but we have many members who use acrylic or even oils to paint.  We feasted as well, everyone brings something to eat and it is a artistic spread.
The day was stunning and temps were in the low 80's but it felt warmer.  The trade winds have picked up but that keeps those pesky biting bugs from nibbling on me. 
Last night was invited out for a lovely shrimp pasta dinner on a friends boat, had summer squash that was really yummy as well.
There seems so be a few of the larger private yachts out but not too many sailboats.  It's perfect weather for those of you who are sick an tired of the snow.  Come down and unthaw!!  We would love to have you enjoy our beautiful waters!
Happy Artsy cheers!
the Mermaid Gardener


- Thursday looks a bit windy
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 07:35:18 -0500 (EST)
Winds picked up a bit before daybreak and have come and gone in gust since.  Forecast is for 14 to 19 knots with gust at 23.  Good chance the winds will pick up a bit by the weekend but still stay under 24 except for the occasional gust.  Temps remain at about 82 to 85 with 20% chance of a short rain shower with trace amounts.  Does not appear that we will be filling any water tanks any time soon expect by hand from the marina and that is hard on da back:-(.  At sunrise we still had a blanket of clouds on the horizon but it popped out and we should have a good chance of mostly good solar panel weather.  Bet lots of people in the States could use a bit of a soul charge with a bit of sunshine! 
Seems AOL is not uploading photos at this time but I'll try to insert the Sat image of the Groundhog's Day Blizzard of 2011. 
It shows an impressive cloud cover over most of the Mid West and Eastern portions of the US.  This will be heading down this way and we will start feeling some in the Eastern Carib by the weekend.... No I do not think we will have any snow.... but we already have a sky lift in St. Thomas incase it does!!

 Later....maybe when AOL does!!!

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

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- Another Great Day in the Virgins
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 14:32:23 -0500 (EST)
0202211 sunrise.jpg
First, to answer a question on why the Sun is coming up in a different spot on my recent photos...... No da Sun has not made a big jump North East...me and da Boat did!!!!  Well actually only a few moorings up which gives a different prospective.  Gee, some readers are really taking note of small changes!!!  Good on dem!8-)  Still had clouds on the horizon this AM but the Sun punched through and we have had nice bright Sun feeding those hungry Solar Panels.  Did have a nice shower about 8:30 down town in Road Town when I was having my rather normal Wed AM Coffee and roll at the Tortola Bakery on Main Street.  Only made the Rosters Crow more.......
Temps are to be in mid 80's and lows around 78 with water temps about 80.  Chance of rain is also da standard 20% day and a bit higher at night.  We typically get a short.... very short rain mist some time at night.... just so I can get up to close and immediately re open the hatches.
2 feb.jpg
Not much in the way of any Major weather systems in play at this time.  The Cold Front moving down from the US could give us some wind direction changes and possibly a bit of more chance for a rain shower over the week end... if it makes it this far.  US seems to need to export more of their cold winter weather.... MMmm  think we will settle just for the cool people with green dollars in pocket!
Sunday we did have a bit of rain that seem to have cleared out the Sahara Dust.... but by Monday it was obvious it was coming back and I notices a lot on the drive into Road Town when I had the opportunity to look out from a significantly higher level.  Didn't need the following Sat Photo to tell me what was going on!!
2 feb sah dust.jpg
Would rather see this during Hurricane Season and have cleaner air now!
Had some business in Road Town this AM with a Government agency.... 3rd time I've gone into the office to get a report I had requested.  The person who does it works full time 5 days a week but I've never been able to arrive on a day she is in the office>:O Well today she was in but I did not get to see her because they had lost my request so I had to do another..... should be ready in two weeks..... same as I was told a month ago.:-XmmmMmMmm  Maybe I should ge me one of dos' jobs!!!!
As I walked back into town, I was thinking about how many of the locals build here.  Many start a project and end when the money is out and then allow the property to set until they have the money and time to work on it again.... often months or years.  Many Buildings are not fully completed before they are put into use either by occupancy or use as a shop.  They continue work as funds and materials become available.  Here is a photo of one building that "appears" to be one example.  I actually asked one fellow the reason for the rather odd colors.

He told me that he was told by someone who told them they knew someone that said the owner worked in construction and when ever they painted a property and had a part of a can of paint for cement left over, he would bring it home and use it up that evening.... possibly after / while having a drink or two.  MMmmmMMmm sounds a bit fishy but then again.....
Not everything in Road Town looks like that... or even most.  Here is a shot in front of the Immigrations Building I took this AM.
stop and smell da flower.jpg
Some times you just need to stop and smell the flowers.... or at least look at them.  (even better when you have a cone of Bounty Ice Cream in your hand)  Nanner Nanner Nanner!!!!!!!
NOTE:  Will give update on what jobs got done today.... maybe in a day or two..... some of you who sent in your guesses were close others missed by a mile!!
Later Da Wayward Sailor
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- lip smacking ribs
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 14:19:20 -0800 (PST)

Good Afternoon,
Had a hectic morning but decided to make a run in to Road Town for some groceries and had the brilliant idea of calling a friend up to join me for lunch.Smile emoticon
My ex-pat friend said "Yes!" and "where do you want to go for lunch?"  Smile with tongue out emoticon I said the best place in Road Town for a lip smacking rib lunch.  Picked up my friend both of us were starting to drool in anticipation of these fantastic ribs. 
This lunch mobile is in Road Town right near Bobby's grocery store in the neighboring parking lot.  I call the place "Famous Dave's" in reference to a BBQ joint up in the tundra Midwest that has really great BBQ.   Now I'm a sucker for a great tasting BBQ anything and this place has some of the best BBQ going for lunch.  The name which is hard to figure out but it's called "Bang Good at Phat" .  There is always a line up for lunch at 12noon.  The side items are great, and they cook the meat on the BBQ right there in the parking lot.  Eye-rolling smile emoticon
After we gorged ourselves on the ribs and sides (never fails I never have leftovers with this meal), we ran over to La Dolce Vita ice cream parlor.  OMG they now have an Italian ice cream that tastes like a "Bounty Bar"!!  I have now just found another piece of paradise that I can't stop loving.  I usually get the Dolce Biscotti and chocolate chip ice cream.  Now my ice cream world has been flipped upside down and I'll be ordering "Bounty Bar" ice cream!!
Oh to the good life............
Lip smacking BBQ cheers!  Red heart emoticon
the Mermaid Gardener
Standing in line waiting and drooling!
Ribs, Chicken, sauce and other goodies on the grill
OMG I'm in BBQ heaven!!!

- Slow Sun Rise today
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 07:34:31 -0500 (EST)
clouds on Horiz.jpg
Sun took its time to pop out from behind the clouds this AM.  Clouds on the horizon do not look very threatening but we may have some very localized sprinkles around the territory.  Highs are expected to be about 82 but the Heat Index is 87..... so not much feels different in the day time.  Lows about 77 with higher chances of rain in the evening/ night  ... 30 vs 20%.  Winds are from East Northeast and are to be between about 12 to 17.  We are only getting about 8 knots this AM here in Fat Hogs Bay. 
Looks to be a great day for sailing or just about anything else...  Maybe even a boat project or two:-!???  replace a flag halyard? Replace the Dink tether line?  (got replacements but have not put them on yet) Wash up this AM's dishes... a mug for tea and a plate and pan for the egg scrambler I had  MMmmMmmm that was good!... maybe clean the waterline on the Starboard side of da boat?..... Sort out the storage locker behind the cabin settee:?  Lay out the new rugs I have for the cabin???:-)
new rugs.jpgPicked up a couple of these for my main cabin and another with a different pattern but same colors for the Companion Way area.  More of a homie feel but I know it will mean more and more difficult cleaning!  da wood "like" floor boards are very easy to clean!  I also have a couple of projects involving mosquito netting for later this year, some cushion covers for the cockpit and seat covers for the cabin.... then the 500 songs I just uploaded on my replacement computer that I have to sort and grade to get the iTune to figure out what I want to hear the most.... several computer projects I need to do but don't want to:-!, a couple of books I have started but have not read a page in a week!...... clean the cockpit area ( a non boater would never believe how much dirt blows in and get trapped at the head of the cockpit.... I think someone comes on at night and sprinkles dust near the companion way just to make a mess!  Actually it back winds and traps anything in that area and you have to wash it down almost every day or it goes into the boat on your feet.
MMmmmm well the sun is out but still cool..... should hit the deck jobs first.... I could go in to the marina and watch a generator being replaced in a boat or the guys doing other work on the boats....Work interest me... I could sit and watch it all day......think I'll fix a cup of the new tea I have (normally I just do coffee) and think about it then put on some tunes and see what happens.  Wonder what will get done today...... any bets???  Remember this IS DA ISLANDS:-D
later da Wayward Sailor

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Update
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 10:09:46 -0500 (EST)
Made my trip to St. Thomas and St. John with the night sail on Thursday AM at O'Dark 30.  Great sail and the first nigh sail for my guest crew.  Moon was just over half and the sky was clear with the full array of stars.  Winds were about 12 to 15 knots from just off the Port side down Sir Francis Drake Channel to the Narrows.  Had seas of 4 to 6 feet with good long duration and not much of a chop at all.  We stayed dry with no problem.  We had the Jenny up and motor just above idle just to get the batteries charged and a bit of forward movement in up swells.  Ran between 4 and 6 knots depending on what side of swells we were moving on.  An occasional larger swell would tickle the aft of da boat and she would wiggle and shoot ahead a knot or two faster in a sprint.  By the time we reached the end of the Narrows the winds were blanked by St. John and we were a bit ahead of time so we dropped the sail and took a slow motor run through the passes at Halknest to Red Hook on St Thomas.  We arrived early and hung off Red Hook until about 8 AM and when I called American Yacht Harbour my reserves slip was available and we zoomed in and started our shopping almost immediately going to Budget Marine, then Home Depot and back to da boat due to the massive amount of "stuff" only to pack it away and head back to Tu Tu Mall. 
We have a saying among the ex Pats (of all countries)... You are NOT a real islander until a trip to K-Mart on St. Thomas is a Real Adventure......:-)  Got more Stuff .... actually got rugs for da boat.  Seems ladies like having something more homie than just the standard plastic and wood the boat came from Charter with.  I've only done a few upgrades myself... most just to make things easier for me on da boat.  Solar Panels and a Honda 2000i generator and a few (very few) wall hangings.  My large selection of Sailing Books and paper backs line the shelves and the head is full of equipment and a sink full up plastic bottles of about anything from shampoo to Clorox.  No idea why women seem to think that taking a head break in what they describe as a storage locker is a problem????O:-)  Well changes are underway.... but on Island time:-D  Did not eat on da boat except for a take out coffee and stuffed breakfast roll.  Did hit most of the places in the marina and several such as Duffies Love Bar and Bamboozle and of course the ACE Hardware store.  All in all we had a great trip, meeting new people and some old friends.  Only problem the internet was down every time I attempted to use it.  Well it was "Free":-!, but not worth the price.
Each day was really nice with lots of sun... a bit too much at times.... my nose is red and a few spots on my neck are a bit red.... glad I had on a Hat! 
Today looks just as good with highs in mid 80's and lows around 80.  Winds 10 to 15 knots but I think we are having 9 to 12 here in Fat Hog Bay at Penn's Landing.  Great cooling winds for a sleep last night with just a little rock and roll.  Actuall all the next week looks to be about the same with hi temps in mid 80's and lows.   Water temps are about 80 as shown on the world map below.
31 water temp
31 Jan.jpgNot much in the way of any Major weather systems in Play, just the remainder of the Christmas winds and high overcast.  The very nice rain mist which lasted 15 to 20 min over da boat on Sunday AM seems to have cleared out the Sahara Dust in the immediate area and the haze was cut down significantly but I can tell it is creeping back in density.  We needed the rain.  Lots of brownish coloration to the vegetation when observed from off shore.
Hope to make a run up to North Sound on Virgin Gorda to another show in the next week if it can be fit into the various schedules.  Also, plan on going back to see and hear Eric Stone at Marina Cay.... heck... may be back to back?
It is great sailing weather and I have the itch to sail and go places and meet people but all at island speed...... slow...;-)
Here are a few shots from St. John.....
100_2022.jpg This place is Loaded with great shopping and eating places...... BRING $$$$$ for the Bling shops!!!!! OR KEEP da Women OUT!! 
Later     da Wayward Sailor

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- What a beautiful sight!!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 03:10:55 -0800 (PST)

Good Monday Morning!
Had a great weekend, I put up my feet and let them rest after doing some shopping earlier in the weekend.  Got to kick back and meet up with friends over at Little Harbor on Peter Island.  It was really fun joining them for dinner.  We ate wonderful Italian Spaghetti along with a antipasti salad, a little wine and yummy chocolate for dessert.  Hot smile emoticon
The bay was quite calm and we didn't bounce around much at all. There were quite a few boats in that harbor the most that several of my friends had ever seen in there before.  Yesterday morning we had quite the rain shower, which is what the islands really need since they are starting to brown up a bit on the tops of the mountains. Stormy emoticon I took these pictures of a stunning rainbow!!!  The colors don't do the rainbow justice.Rainbow emoticon
This morning is starting out to be clear over head however I see our typical puffy clouds on the horizon. The temperature is 71 and we are heading up to lower 80's, only a 20% chance of rain, winds are light around 8 mph and seas are 3-5.  Should be another wonderful day here in Tortola.....try to come visit till then enjoy a bit of BVI beauty.
Cheers from a Rainbow stunned.....
Mermaid Gardener


- Gorgeous Day in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 11:44:33 EST
Sunday at the beach. Just a great place to go limin' mon, relax yourself.
Life is Good!
Weather is perfect, what more could you ever want?  Come on down...  Even if you can't get away, there is always the armchair vacation...

- tee hee hee
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 14:27:11 EST
Have had to do some shopping yesterday and so today I'm just letting my feet have fun! Great day here sunny blue skies, puffy clouds, and Caribbean blue ocean.

Cheers! The Mermaid Gardener


- Thursday in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 09:51:45 EST
This picture was shot yesterday at Tobacco Wharf on Tortola.
It's a lovely 79F degrees in the BVI.  No snow is expected in the next month. Yippie!
The weather looks terrific!  Come on down and hop aboard a sailboat.
We have a waning crescent moon and nearly 11 hours of pure sunshine each day, with it increasing every day until summer solstice.
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- Bright Sunrise and bright Half Moon!
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 07:40:09 -0500 (EST)
Sunrise over da bow.jpg
Bright Half Moon.jpg
 Well, This AM the wind direction was easy to determine even for da non-sailors!  It came up right on da bow!  Winds died down over night but are once again picking up but should be dropping off again and run about 12 to 15 knots for the next few days.  Seas off shore are 5 to 7 but in the coastal waters it is under 6, and should subside a bit over the next week as the front stalls out to our West.
Chance of rain is only about 20% for the next week.  That still allows for the small pop up showers like we had yesterday.  I counted 4 showers that lasted about a minute each with no accumulation on the boat.  I was going to take the opportunity to clean the decks when it rained but by the time I get forward with da boat soap and scrubber... the decks have blown dry!
Overall we should have some clear sky at night so we can see da stars and may be a shooting star!  Hope today is a better Solar day, by early afternoon, it seems I had a cloud of some type, between me and da Sun most of the time while I could see bright sun on the islands.
Looks like great sailing weather for a bit but with lesser winds than we have been having, but still great enough to have a fantastic sail or just set about and enjoy a cool breeze in your face while having some tea....erRrerr or a fruit punch.... Right!!

I've had a couple of questions on the Eric Stone post.  He will be around for a while but I would recommend you go soon because you will probably want to grab a group and head back like I plan to do.  He is at Marina Cay, Monday thru Thursday.  Check the link out in the prior post for more detailed info and it has a link to some of his music you can hear on-line.... if you have a reasonable fast connection.  Mine is very slow and I get several Spooling halts in the songs, but they are still good if you love
da islands.... we do everything slow here!  Heck, sometimes we just plan to do it and never get around to actually doing it!  I have a list of things to do on da boat, but I put the list in a Safe Place and have not found it in a while...errrr well I give up on some things faster than others!  It is the Pleasure vs Hassle ratio thing and if it is worth doing today, it will be worth doing tomorrow... right????
Well, I'm off to Road Town to get a few things done, then a lot of work on da boat to prep her for sail Thursday AM when I'll be heading for the BIG K-Mart in da West..... maybe a Home Depot stop.... maybe some good Irish food in Red Hook or over to Buffy's Love shack for an "Attitude Adjuster"... then to ACE hardware and Budget Marine.... then maybe to the Sky Life for some snow cones and photos then.......
Da Wayward Sailor
Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- WoW!!!! Up date on last photos
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 09:34:49 -0500 (EST)
GeZZzzzz!  I just sent the posting in and already have questions!  Think some people at "work" are taking the coffee break this AM a bit early!
First, Yep we do have a haze as shown in the photo of my last report.  Some observant fan asked why Salt Island was hazy.... well the scientific reason is because it is in da Haze!  I got that learnin' from my college Physics class or was it Static's and Dynamics or maybe Appreciation of Music.... Mmmm they are all about the same....
da real reason is..... drum roll Please.................................
m8g10split 25jan.jpg It is da old Saharan Air Level thing doing its thing.  While it "looks" like it is coming from Central America..... it is not.... because then it would not be a Saharan Air Level it would be a.......... well it would not be called Saharan!!!!!!  Actually this stuff just floats in the various air levels after coming off Africa and then just circle a bit in the Atlantic and sometimes all over the globe until they fall to lower levels and settle on my white boat turning it pink:.  For a long time I was certain that it was only settling on my personal boat but I've been told by others they have the same problem but heck..... can you believe friends of a wayward sailor?  While this can cause local air quality problems.... I often have irritated eyes when it is bad and some time sneeze a lot.... it also makes a mess of about any surface you wish to have clean... as with most things it does have a GOOD side..... it helps cut down on Hurricane activity and power.  This Dry dusty air can really slow down Hurricanes.  So I try not to dislike it so much.  NOTE: I have still not found any good reason for Mosquitoes or NoSeeUms!
And EeerrRrrr the lower photo of the accidental shot when I had the camera pointed the wrong way.... Some suggest that a bottle of Pussers Rum was note and may have contributed to da photo errors.....  Would you believe that eeeRrrrr I put my coffee in a Pussers Rum bottle each AM so it will not spill??????  And Now we know which of you can tell what Rum is in what bottle...MMMmmmm just how did you come to know such things????MMMmmmmMMmm
PS seems to have a few more clouds moving in....... May need to kick on the gen set later this evening!  Gona have to look for some money for gas.... or Rum.  If only batteries could charge and run on Rum.... or even better if I could just blow them a Rum air kiss???   Well maybe not.... Any MORE Questions before you go back to WORK???????? ;-)

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book

Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Tuesday 25 Jan Bright and Sunny!!
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 08:56:24 -0500 (EST)
After a hit and miss sun Monday, which didn't get the solar cells doing their thing, today looks better.  Still having to run the boat engine an hour or so to kick up the house and starter batteries.  Going to do a night sail from East End Tortola to St. Thomas about 3AM Thursday AM...... Why?????  Well because the guest crew has never sailed at night.  True, we will only have a very few hours in the dark and it is just over that to St. Thomas the way we plan to go, but it will be a first and this crew member often has this problem about fear of firsts, but after the first is over and does not kill her (so far:-!) she feels much better at accomplishing something new and beating a fear.  Heck, I guess even if we do die or are lost on some small uninhabited island like Tobago for years that should be one fear gone..... or maybe not!  We will try for some night time shots but don't expect much if anything.  We are only taking the standard snap shot type cameras and they are not very good in the dark.  Shooting a photo of a night time sea monster will be difficult but we will try.
Water temp is just about 80 degrees and the seas in coastal areas are running 4 to 6 feet and off shore 5 to 7.  After tonight things should calm a bit as the approaching front stalls out.  Highs today should be about 82 with lows about 75.... actually for the next 7 days not much changes, highs of 84 and lows of 75....  Yep!!! it is our COLD season!!!!!  I had some nice warm oatmeal this AM along with a pot of hot coffee... it is down to 82 in the cabin and I'm actually thinking about putting something on to warm up!
In the past few days the winds have tracked anywhere from Due South to North Northeast!  Well a front is involved but when I'm setting in the cockpit reading my latest book, Stieg Larsson's last book "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" and then look up over the aft of the boat and see an entirely different view of Tortola...... it sometimes make be think I have loss my mooring and am adrift!  In Fat Hog Bay, it has been a bit rocky at times but that is not a problem for me unless I'm attempting to take a photo!  Almost dropped my camera in the bay a few days ago when a wave or more probably a wake caught me by surprise.  That is not hard to do when I do these early AM photos as I'm generally still about half asleep and often my photos turn out to be of my mouth because I have the camera turned the wrong way!  Think I'm kidding????? Just take a look below!
Important note:  Please note I have "again" changed my e-mail address.  Looks like I'll have to stick with AOL, although I have some real issues with them from the past.
They seem to be the only present source I have access to that will allow photo's within the e-mail.  Since I do not have a POP connection, only WIFI
 and a slow dial up, and neither will allow use of Outlook Express in its full up state, and recently HotMail had "upgraded" to 2011 Microsoft Live which deleted the ability... well it is now AOL that the ol sailor has to once again use..... but it is like taking a bad tasting medication.... BUT Rum helps!!!!
pussers AM.jpgNote: photo was taken by accident when attempting to get a shot of a boat full deck candy in small bikinis!

Da Wayward Sailor recommends that everyone who love da islands pick up a copy of Dear Miss Mermaids book
Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 

- Cruisin on in!
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 05:24:49 -0800 (PST)

Good Morning,
Woke up early this morning got to see 3 large cruise ships coming slowly in.  I'm sure Cane Garden Bay is going to be packed with folks on da beach.   It looks to be a start of a great day here but I think I'll avoid Cane Garden Bay. I much prefer a quiet serene beach and a good book. Hum maybe Long Bay Beach by Beef Island might be on my agenda for today.

Winds are again steady 6 mph out of the east, temperature is currently 75 degrees and seas are not up too high 4 to 6 feet.Open-mouthed smile emoticon  There are quite a few sailboats out right now Cooper was packed last night and the night before. 
the Mermaid GardenerIsland with palm tree emoticon


- Monday another great day
  • By The Mermaid Gardener <mermaidgardener at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 07:02:59 -0800 (PST)

Good Morning,
We are having another great day here in the BVI.   Winds are 8 mph out of the east and the seas are 3-5 feet.   It's been dry here and we do need some rain to help with watering the plants. The islands are still quite green but I can tell walking by my bougainvillea and other plants that they are dry.  Our chance of rain is only 20% so that's not much.  Temperature is in the 80's and feels great!

I need to say that It's nice to see that da wayward sailor is back online.  I'm sure he has plenty of stories to tell.  Welcome back!!!
Yesterday was a pool day for me and hang out by the pool. My solar blanket on the pool along with my solar heat made the pool temperature very pleasant.   I Had a lovely dinner with friends last night and it was so much fun.  We chatted away the evening while being served a fantastic soup and salad. Yummy stuff! 
Below is just another one of the beautiful sites around the island.


- Great Show at Marina Cay.... Eric Stone
  • By Da Wayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at aol.com>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 18:39:38 -0500 (EST)
Last Week I had the opportunity to sail over to Pussers Marina Cay http://www.bareboatsbvi.com/marina_cay.html.  This is a very small island that was the key point in a book and a movie about the book.  Today it is a resort ran by the Pussers Rum Organization and is a "must see" for many charter boat vacationers.
The REASON I went over with a great friend was to see the performance of Eric Stone http://www.boatsongs.com/.  I've had the opportunity to see Eric on several occasions as he is a standard at boat shows with the Lats and Atts Magazine crew.  His performances were always great.  He now performs Monday thru Thursday at the bar at the top of the Island.  This is also the actual location of the Home the book and movie were based on. 
On Thursday night we came for Eric Stone's Show and were NOT disappointed!  Eric is a great showman and he feeds off the interest of the audience.  The more lively they are the more he enjoys his "work" and we had a lively group including the majority of a wedding party who joined us about mid way through the set.  Eric is on between 5 and 8 and last Thursday, he actually played for an additional hour with only one very small beak..... like the rest of us... he does take on a drink or two but I'm sure it is just Fruit Juice.......O:-)   Righttttty. 
We had some really cute dancing girls/ ladies and they seem to help boost Eric's interest in singing hard and we loved it.  He dose request within the frame of his interest.  I made a request for his Reggae Guy off his Songs for Sail CD.  Others I love are So He Sails and The Same Boat off the same CD.  I did pick up another new CD and it has some interesting songs ranging from experiences he had in Trinidad thru Tortola and Jost Van Dyke.  If you love this area his songs will bring memories back of good times and nice views and weather.
Check out his site if you have a good speed IPS and you can hear many of his songs.  All are available at the shows and he will autograph them on request.  Many people consider him to be like Jimmy Buffett but he just wants to be himself.  Lots of similarities exist but you will not hear him doing many of Jimmy songs.  On the Albums I have, I have found many I prefer to many of the "standards" that we know as Buffett.  Eric is also a very approachable guy... We had the opportunity to chat during his only break and I found him to be a real person... not all stuck up on himself and not above his fans... a real person with talent for what I call Island Rock. 
Everyone in the area Should take the opportunity to drop over to Marina Cay and see Eric's show.... it is free.... but the drinks are not:-)  well I did notice when people made request of his songs they got a free shot of Rum!  I did like that.  I'm willing to bet that once you have seen him you will make return trips as each show ends up being different due to the requests being made.  I'm heading  back with a group in the near future and hope to see ya there!  ;-) See if you can find me!  You may also see a mermaid if your reallLLllly lucky!

- Hello Again!!!!!
  • By daWayward Sailor <dawaywardsailor at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 13:34:56 +0000
First Thanks to those of you who have wondered if I fell off the face of the Earth or possibly Sank into the Caribbean!  I did more or less fall off the face of the internet since Dec 7 when my computer was stolen.... hope Santa put a few rocks of coal in the bums Christmas Stocking.  We are reasonably sure it was kids from the small foot prints on the boat but as is the case anywhere the chance of recovery is nil.  Police did a good forensics job, finger prints and DNA swabs but with young kids they don't have much of a file on them..... yet!
Thanks to a great and special friend who once again brough me down a replacement computer, I'm back on line.... more or less.  I bought the exact same computer type and model as I had stolen but it does not work the same.  HotMail also seems to have deleted the ability to post single photos.... as an "improvement"...GRRrrrrrrrr  Well it is free and I guess they can get away with these "Improvements".  I'll try to post the photo as best as possible and will try to remember to post as a file those that some may want to download to keep.
It is now 81 deg at 9:30 am with mostly Southerly winds between 10 and 15 Knots.  Mostly Sunny today with high of about 84 and low tonight of about 77..... yep it is COLD.....errrr well it seems to be to me!
Seas are 3 to 5 feet and should stay like that til Tuesday when they may go up a bit with 15 to 20 knot winds. On the attached Carib Sat photo you can see the front moving down off the US coast and that should be on us by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Water temp is about 80 deg ......  MMmmm I've had beer that coldSarcastic smile  Monday night and Tuesday are now showing as our only real chance of a shower with any accumulations and they are under .02 inch.  Not much chance of topping up cisterns this week, but as always in da islands... what happens one place is not always a good indication of what happens a mountain/ island away!
At Sunrise the moon was still high in the Western sky.  Wish this new improved Hotmail would allow me to do what I did last year and post where I wanted it!  but I'll just put it in the so called album for those who wish to take a look.
Well off to find a better way to post photos..... AGAINAnnoyed
da Wayward Sailor
This online album has 3 photos and will be available on SkyDrive until 04/23/2011.

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