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- Typical and yet not so much
  • By "Mark Turtlegrass" <mark at turtlegrass.net>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 10:29:17 -0600
Weather has certainly been different this year. We have had front after front make it this far down this year and yet we have an almost dry season as well. Strange indeed. Anyway it is nice to have a breeze again after almost a week of feeling like we were in a bakers oven with high humidity and no breeze at all.
Calabash Bight, Roatan, Bay Islands

- Roatan Renegade Rescue Update V
  • By "Penelopes" <penelopesislandemporium at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 19:18:31 -0600
Roatan Renegade Rescue's first Fundraiser on Sunday was a huge success. We made $276.00 with book, drink, wristband sales and cash donations.Our only advertising was on the Roatan yahoo groups and signs in the store windows. It was a great opportunity to meet many animal lovers and hear lots of heartwarming stories. Quetip, Rescue Bunny was a huge hit & enjoyed having his photo taken. Q was found in a Michigan Farmer's Market being sold for meat. Once I saw his photo, one thing led to another and he soon was driven by a volunteer from Michigan to Georgia and then flew first class to Roatan. He is a free roaming house bunny with perfect litter box habits and is a real character. This was his first Public Appearance.
Tamara, who recently lost her cockatiel, donated her birdcage and play station and bought a wristband.

Princessa and husband, soon to build on Roatan, are animal activists and want to be very involved in RRR. They bought books and lots of wristbands to give away.

East End Divers, Larry & Karen Coon from Oakridge bought a boatload of books and solved our biggest stumbling block to date. They live in a house that has built in kennels with concrete slab and bathing area and are willing to do temporary foster care for us. Finding a safe, quiet environment for After Care and Recovery has been the most difficult challenge. What a generous gift.

John & Lin Coyle, Parrot Tree, donated Lps 500 in memory of Sonoma Kintner as well as a box of towels and toys.

Kent Burnes & Lizette, Blue Bahia, Sandy Bay donated $60.00

Serena Evans, AKR dolphin trainer donated and has been added to our list of volunteers.

Rick Mayeux has pledged to bring supplies down in September

Gene Demarco & Leslie, West Bay donated $10.00 on Day One. Come get your wristbands!!

Ron La Barre & Patricia, West Bay Road donated dog medications

Beau Hicks & his wife have returned temporarily to Canada and sent their large dog carrier back on the ferry for us to use the next 5 months.

Joseph & Laura Edge, new residents, Lighthouse, bought wristbands,donated cash & two animal carriers.

James Wilson, Infinity Bay donated a bunch of high quality dog treats.

Joanne Clement, Canada, has wired funds to help with Franky's ongoing cancer treatment in La Ceiba.

RH & Patty Franklin, Keyhole Bay have made another generous contribution, plus have given us several excellent sources and contact groups to whom they also donate. Their 17 lb. rescue kitty, BC, even came to our RRR Fundraiser.

Another anonymous donor (I will refer to all of these kind people as A.D. henceforth) came up with a great idea of crocheting fabric into doggie mats for a soft spot to rest those scrawny bones. She is bringing back two monster crochet hooks from Canada. My partner Waldina & I are saving scrap fabric at That Fabric Place for the beds. Anybody out there have scrap fabric to cut into strips? Anybody like to crochet in front of the TV??

One recent morning, I came to work to find a garbage bag full of large empty ice cream containers hanging on the door. We now can custom make Elizabethan collars. Thanx to Ralph Shotwell, Punta Blanca and the mysterious deliveryman (Mitch?)

Long time animal rescuer and good friend, Francine Dupree has agreed to help us handle our Paypal donations from the states (More details below.)

Veteran Roatan rescuer, Olivia Munteanu , West Bay, a passionate cat lover,has offered us the use of her feral cat traps, most appreciated. We hope to be able to help Olivia with her personal rescues as well. Olivia has shared many contacts and resouces with us....lots of good outreach information out there. Another huge contribution is that an animal lover attorney friend of hers, will help us set up a non-profit charity ONG Foundation for a very reasonable fee. Even though the lion's share of our modest funds will continue to go directly to rescuing our animals, this is something well worth striving towards as we become more established.

Genny Barons, Sandy Bay, has been plugging RRR on her Roatan Vortex Radio Show & has invited us to do a show with her, with call in participation. Should be fun.

Benjamin Roberts, Bay Island Voice Magazine came by and interviewed me for an upcoming article he is writing on the problem of stray animals on Roatan. Should be an interesting piece.

John Morris of Roatan Radio has invited me to host a Roatan Renegade Rescue Show once a week, sharing animal stories worldwide. At this point, time wise, I could only host the midnight to 3 am slot, but would love to do this, once RRR is fully operational.

We have opened an HSBC bank account for RRR with a double signature for withdrawals.

An Excel Database has been established showing all donations, by name where possible and all expenses detailed. Our accounting is open to all who have donated. We want you to know what we are doing with your contributions. Every 50 cent book sale does add up.

Our email address is: Roatan_Renegade_Rescue at yahoo.com

I am having a terrible time trying to set up the website donation page. I finally talked to a "human" at Paypal who told me they will not send funds to Honduras as it is a "blacklisted country." Paypal will accept donations and deposit them in a US bank account. I then have to pay anywhere from $50 to $90 for each wire transfer and they usually turn into a nighmare and frequently are lost at the intermediary bank. We want to make it as easy as possible for our supporters to send in donations, but with the added fees we will soon be in the red! When Joanne wired funds from Canada to cover Franky's chemo, she had to pay an additional $32 in transfer fees and we got hit for $15.00 on our end in the US.

A design client, turned good friend suggested we use www.xoom.com. They will directly send money from the US to Honduras, right into our HSBC account for reasonable fees. The only catch with that is you must only check the box that says it is a "gift" for family or friends. If you check "Goods or Services" it will be denied. We are setting up the website both ways, so everyone feels comfortable. We will offer Francine's Paypal account (mentioned above) & then she will xoom it off to our Honduran bank account. Snail mail takes 2 weeks and then a US check or traveler's check takes 22 business days to clear. We obviously need funds immediately available for all our emergency rescues.So many people have asked what our Paypal account is to send donations, I wanted to make it clear why we are having these difficulties.

We are continuing to sell books at Penelope's Island Emporium, so please stop by anytime to pick up a book and buy a $5.00 wristband.

This Saturday, we will be at the Taste of Roatan, Maypole Event being held at the Bay Islands Beach Resort. Please stop by & purchase a wristband and meet Cassidy, our rare Leonberger Rescue.
I think that is it for now.
Thank you everyone,
Penny, Friends and the Animals

- Invitation to view Penny's Picasa Web Album - Meet Franky
  • By Picasa Web Albums <picasawebalbums-noreply at google.com>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 13:41:25 +0000
You are invited to view Penny's photo album: Meet Franky
Meet Franky
West End, Roatan, Honduras -
Apr 14, 2010
by Penny
Roatan Renegade Rescue comes to help get Franky much needed medical attention.
To share your photos or receive notification when your friends share photos, get your own free Picasa Web Albums account.

- Roatan Renegade Rescue Update III
  • By "Penelopes" <penelopesislandemporium at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 07:35:27 -0600
Subject: Roatan Renegade Rescue Update III

Franky's Story

This morning, arrangements had been made with Ron Ryan and Mandy to round up Franky & take her into the vet's. Our hope was that she would be stitched up and spayed. We had no idea what was to unfold.

Arriving early, locating the Wet Spot, friends pointed out little Franky, darting under and around the parked cars,not much more than a puppy herself. She did not like the looks of my gloves and took off running up and down West End Road. When Franky spotted Mandy, her only trusted caregiver, she jumped for joy with lots of licks and kisses. I had hoped to sedate her as she was so fearful, but she refused the medicated water. We used a little raw meat with a few drops of sedative to take the edge off, but it had no affect on her. Mandy was able to put the rope leash on her and lure her to the back of the RRR van, but she could not jump up. Jackie from Waves of Art quickly lent a hand and helped me pop her up into the van with a sheet stretcher. Off we went to French Harbour, Mandy and Franky in the back.

Franky ( so nicknamed for her sponsors, RH & Patty Franklin, Key Hole Bay) has so far survived the sad life of a street dog. She has had multiple pregnancies, giving birth to stillborn pups or ones that died shortly thereafter. It appeared that her vagina was ripped and protruding. Mandy noticed Franky, obviously pregnant one day outside of her West End apartment. Franky went under the house to give birth and was crying out in total agony. Mandy began feeding her. Franky eventually left and went into the bush. For 3 days Mandy listened to the puppies crying under the house. There was no way to get to them. It became quiet. Franky returned and somehow knew she had one puppy needing her. She ripped out all the insulation in an effort to get to the puppy who was wedged far under the foundation. Franky began running back and forth between where Mandy worked and the house, barking and yelping for help to get to her baby. Ron crawled under the house to help find the puppy. Crawling on hands and knees, in a canine posture, Ron had entered her lair, her babie's territory. Maternal instinct took over and terrified, in a frenzy, Franky bit Ron. The next day while Franky was gone foraging for garbage to eat, Mandy did what any good samaritan must do. She crawled under the house moving lumber and insulation and located the puppy, still alive. Mandy wrapped it up in a towel and immediately took it to Franky. Franky was overjoyed and immediately laid down to nurse. The puppy soon bled to death from flea infestation. Again Franky's baby was taken from her. Now she was known as a fear biter. Terrified, confused, people started throwing stones at her and kicking her.

RRR got the call.

Once we arrived at Dr. Caderone's, he quickly used an animal control stick on her and injected an enormous shot of tranquilizer. Maybe panic, fear or adrenaline, it did not have much affect on her as she fought to be free. We waited.

Franky has cancer of the vagina. She is filled with tumors, why she ripped so badly in giving birth. The vet said he couldn't believe she could even urinate. We had a tough decision to make. Mandy was calling all her friends to locate somewhere we could keep her for a month of cancer treatment, no guarantees. No correct environment could be found for such a difficult situation. The least expensive option and quickest relief from the pain and suffering would be to send Franky over the Rainbow Bridge. No matter what, Franky could never return to the terrors of West End. I met Sandy Byrd and another wonderful island woman, Aida with her son, all from Oakridge, at the vet's, who were extremely helpful, especially with translations. After much negotiation, we had a plan.

Dr. Calderone agreed to take Franky over to his La Ceba facility on the mainland. He feels hopeful he can cure her cancer. She will have a Chemo injection, kept in a safe environment, fed and cared for. After two weeks, if the tumors begin to shrink, she will have a second chemo treatment. If all goes well, she will then be strong enough to be spayed and repaired. By that time, we feel she should have begun to overcome some of her fears and have the ability to begin to trust again.
We have a month to find Franky her special human.

Franky needs to be the only pet in the household, loved by a single person in a quiet environment. This person need only to be calm and patient and will surely win Franky over quickly. In return, Franky will give undivided loyalty and pure adoration. She will also be one mighty watchdog to reckon with. Even during her fearful rescue today, Franky looked at Mandy with pure affection. She is so lonely and longs for love that has been denied her, her whole short, miserable life.

We took Franky to the Galaxy Ferry with a brand new stuffed teddy bear from RRR and Mandy's pretty new collar. Even right now, she is better off than ever before.

My next stop was to open an RRR Savings Account for donations. After all was said and done, with Mandy's generous donation, I had one Lempira left. We are $150.00 short, but, this after all, is what we set out to do; save the life of a homeless animal, one at a time.

I will post updates regarding Franky's progress. Thank you to everyone for helping her get the help she needs.Please say a prayer for Franky.

"Saving the life of one animal will not change the world, but it will change the entire world for that one animal."

- Roatan Renegade Rescue Update II
  • By "Penelopes" <penelopesislandemporium at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 12:16:25 -0600
It has been another really busy week for RRR. Before I list our week's activities, a rescue is happening as I write.

I received an emergency email last night from Missionary Doug out in Polytilly. Someone had tied up a family island dog with a thin wire, cutting through his skin, 6 inches around his neck. It is bleeding and badly infected. RRR arranged to have the dog brought into Coxen Hole in the back of a pickup truck. Dr. Soto will debride the wound and stitch his neck, injecting with antibiotics. The dog will be sent home with antibiotics to be administered by the family. Fellow rescuer, Kathy Shupe will return the dog to his home later today. This is all possible because of your donations and our wonderful team of volunteers. Thank you Missionary Doug for contacting RRR. Without your intervention this dog would have suffered a terrible death.

We have another urgent situation in West End. RRR was contacted by two concerned friends regarding an approximately 2 year old female dog that is repeatedly giving birth to stillborn puppies. Thursday we are going to attempt to rescue her, using raw meat and a strong sedative. She will then be taken to Dr. Soto to be spayed and medically checked out. We have supplied food for her in the meantime. Her after care is very important as she is very sad, lonely and starved for love, living on her own in the street, surviving on garbage. This little girl deserves a wonderful home. Thanx Kristin & Ron.

This week we are working hard on our website. Blake, back in the states has donated his talents for this and we are pretty excited. The website will have a Paypal button for donations and an Adoption Page with photos.

Perp, our very first rescue is still looking for a home. He really needs attention and human interaction. A volunteer picked up bedding and toys for him this morning. Two volunteers are caring for him daily and apparently Perp was crazed with joy to have toys for the first time and someone to play with. This little fellow would be great with children as he loves to play, run, romp and go for walks.

Our generous new supporters:
Alan & Patricial Bathgate donated a much needed cage, leashes & collars.
John & Barb Chaney, Utila pledged a donation
Wenda Sage, Sandy Bay will purchase a dog biscuit cookbook while back in Canada & promises to bake nutritious goodies for our needy dogs. How cool is that?!
Jim Guffey, Palmetto pledged a donation
Larry & Ginger, Key Hole Bay donation
Ken Schadegg, US pledged a donation
French Harbour lady paid for a $5.00 wristband and they haven't even arrived yet! RH & Patty Franklin, Key Hole Bay, extremely generous donation. Their funds will sponsor "Franky" our Thursday West End rescue
Anonymous donor, West Bay,  just brought in bedding
Lance & Rachel Gartner have asked what they can bring down from the states. Since the website is not up yet, I have posted our Wish List here.


Pet Carriers, all sizes
Bird Cages & Bird Stands, all sizes
Large plastic crates/bins with lids to hold food, meds, equipment in back of RRR van
Dog & cat cookies & treats
Pet food
Pet beds
Blankets, pillows
Stuffed animals
Toys, balls
Catnip mice
Rags, towels
Paper towels
Food & Water Bowls
First Aid kit for animals & volunteers
Leather gloves
Grooming items
Icy Hot & Vick's Vapor Rub (deterrent for licking, chewing at wounds)
Pet vitamins with iron
Heart Guard
Aadvantage Flea & Tick treatments
Flea & Tick spray for bedding
Disinfectant cleansers
Shampoo, Cream Rinse
Stalking the Dollar Stores is a great source of inexpensive items.

If you are about to discard any animal related item, we can probably find a good use for it. With each rescue we get adopted, we would like to send them to their new home with a Goody Bag to start them off right.

Getting my van (Vanna White) all set up for Thursday's West End rescue, I checked to see if I had blankets, sheets, rope leash, restraints, muzzle, choke chain, knock out drops and that the fencing was secure, I suddenly realized the back of my van looks like a custom set-up for a Serial Killer!
Hope I don't get stopped by the police!!!
Holy Katz!!!
The adventure has begun.

- My Mango Story
  • By "Penelopes" <penelopesislandemporium at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 20:39:29 -0600

----- Original Message ----- From: genevieve at roatanvortex.com
To: Genny Ross-Barons
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 7:44 PM
Subject: New Posting at Life & Writing, on Roatan blog!

Click the link below to go right to the story by guest blogger, Penny Leigh!


Wednesday March 31, Roatan Vortex Radio show - "Mangoes & Other Tropical Fruit Adventures on Roatan."


- Cool and rainy day
  • By edwin leo <the_main_event71 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 17:26:35 -0700 (PDT)
Today was a very overcast,cool and rainy day in Roatan,wind coming in from the north-west.Suft is up on the west coast,lets hope it clears up for tomorrow so the many tourist that are here can get a tan(although they are very happy drinking in one of the bars)
Eddie love

- mark's post
  • By Helen Murphy <hmurphy2005 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 07:46:40 -0800 (PST)
Mark.  where Ida is passing over Nica and Honduras there are no mountains.  it is a marshy swampy area with lots of rivers.  not much to stop a hurricane.  just passing over land will knock it back a little but not like the very high mountains west of there.  helen

- roatan
  • By Helen Murphy <hmurphy2005 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 07:43:18 -0800 (PST)

Currently we are in between bands of rain.  Not raining and no wind at the moment.  I’m on the south shore of Roatan so the heavier winds will affect the north shore much more.  Will stay in touch as Hurricane Ida makes her move nnw.  Helen

- Calabash Bight, Roatan, IDA being felt as rain only
  • By "Mark" <mark at turtlegrass.net>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 06:28:28 -0600
Here in the South Side hurricane hole of the island we see many clouds forming and have light rain passing. It appears that IDA may well be torn apart by the mountains in Nicaragua and Honduras mainland and will exit just East of us. Lets hope that is stays that way or disspates completely.

- TD11 headed to Honduras
  • By Ralph Shotswell <rgshotswell at msn.com>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 20:05:29 +0000
Welcome to the northeast side of the island of Roatan. This is the first report of foul weather that yours truly has made from this location this Hurricane season. We all felt like we had dodged the bullet, but mother nature has other thoughts. We also have had very little inclimate weather this Fall, but apparently that is fixin' to change abruptly. (Fixn', a word used in Texas and surrounding area, it means you or whatever is going to DO SOMETHING). I lived in Texas for over thirty years, so picked up some of the slang.
Now the storm:
The area of low pressure (97L) in the southwest Caribbean is now called TD11.  The Hurricane Tracking airplanes are investigating the system this afternoon. If they find The conditions are favorable than it will probably be upgraded to a tropical storm named IDA. There is anticipation that the system will track slowly northwestward and come ashore on the coast of Nicaragua tonight and continue up the coast of Honduras tomorrow and this weekend continuing northeast on thru to the east of Belize on Monday.
Heavy rain is the main threat and will impact Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica. The heaviest amounts of 10 to 20 inches are expected in eastern portions of Honduras and Nicaragua. Flooding and mudslides will be likely as a result. The winds were clocked at 35 mph with higher gusts earlier today. The center of TD11 was located near latitude 11.8 n...82.3 west. TD11 has been moving west/northwest at 7mph.TD11 should reach the coast of Nicaragua this evening, early Thursday AM.



Ralph and Gerry Shotswell
La Casa Verde en Punta Blanca,

 Roatan, Honduras
Honduran Cells: (R) 3359-4197, (G) 3357-3110

Emails: (R) rgshotswell at msn.com ---(G) gshotswell at hotmail.com

We use the MagicJack: Portland, Oregon: 503-895-5089



Our USA MAILING ADDRESS: 444 Brickell Ave. Suite 51, (RO657), Miami, Florida 33131

- Please Help us on Roatan!!!
  • From: "Penelopes" <penelopesislandemporium at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 16:38:06 -0600

Dear Family & Friends,
we are having a terrible time here on Roatan (Ghost Island). Please consider helping us by writing to Trip Advisor. The postings on this site have a huge impact on our tourism business. Visitors are wary now due to the Travel Advisary not to visit Honduras. We have had no problems here on Roatan at all....nothing. Due to all the untruths re: a military coup, riots & unrest, businesses here are failing. We have all cut back our help and tightened our belts, which further hurts the islanders. I have to be very careful about what I buy for food and am rationing gasoline. It is quite grim and all because of the horrible lies in the media.
Please help us. It won't take more than a few minutes. I have written my letter below as an example. If you could write of your positive "visit," etc., it could very well save a business from closing its doors. We have so many islanders on half pay or deferred pay, that can not feed their families, it is truly getting scary.
You can write it in your own words, just asking them to PLEASE exclude Roatan from the Travel Advisory posting on their site.
Just double click on:


And fill in your comments. Thanx so much for your most needed help!!


Dear Sir;

We have read the warning from the U.S. State Department posted on the Trip Advisor “Roatan Tourism” page with great concern.  While this is the formal U.S. stance on the current situation, it must be noted that Roatan is an island over 30 miles from the mainland of Honduras. Roatan is technically a part of Honduras, but they are worlds apart in culture and geograpical location.The political unrest occurred only on mainland Honduras.  On the island of Roatan, we have had no incidents of any kind. It remains peaceful, tranquil and beautiful. Since the removal of president Mel Zelaya on June 28th, Roatan has remained a safe, quiet haven for its residents and visitors.  We’ve had many customers come in our store who feel the stance the US has taken is terrible and that it hurts the innocent people of the Bay Islands for no reason whatsoever. Direct flights to Roatan from Houston, Atlanta and Miami have continued as scheduled and cruise ship port calls have not changed.  In the Trip Advisor forums, there are multiple postings from travelers relating their positive vacation experiences in Roatan. If you feel it is your responsibility to post any travel advisories in effect, we believe there is a responsibility to present the complete picture so that travelers can make there own informed decision.  There are over 1000 US citizens residing in Roatan, many of whom have  contacted the Ambassador of the United States in Honduras to request that the advisory be amended to exclude the Bay Islands.This change has not yet been made, so we sincerely request  Trip Advisor add a sentence to the posting of the State Department warning as follows:

“Roatan is a safe island 30 miles from mainland Honduras and has not experienced any disruption.  To see postings with information from travelers that have recently vacationed in Roatan, please visit the ‘Roatan forums’ section of TripAdvisor”

We business owners are watching our employees suffer from the lack of tourism dollars to support their families, while we struggle to keep our doors open.

Please help us get the true facts out there.

Thank You,


Penelope Leigh








- Northeast Roatan Reporting In For Duty
  • From: Ralph Shotswell <rgshotswell at msn.com>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 15:58:25 +0000

Good Morning from NE Roatan, Honduras.
A tropical wave has been located about 550 miles east of the Leeward and Windward Islands. This tropical wave should reach the Leewards and Windwards by late Wednesday night at the earliest.  Chances of being a tropical depression are not substantiated at this time. Another disturbance to keep and eye on is Invest 99L, which is located a couple hundred miles west of the Cape Verde Islands.  This disturbance has intensified and may already be a tropical depression.  This development has been given the designation of Tropical Storm 02 by the NWS. At this time the wave is moving westerly towards the Leewards and Windwards. Its arrival should be sometime this weekend or early week. It should be a weak tropical storm in the next couple days, but not expected to be anything other then that. It needs to be watched carefully
Cheers, Ralph G. Shotswell, Northeast side of Roatan, Honduras.


- Earthquake Honduras
  • From: Jean Greatorex <jeang at vena.com>
  • Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 08:40:34 -0700
Made contact with folks on Guanaja and was told everyone is OK

- Earthquake off Roatan Island
  • From: Helen Murphy <hmurphy2005 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 08:17:49 -0700 (PDT)
Report from Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras  first of all Im fine.  my pets are fine.  what a ride.  i live in a house up on stilts - very high and it rocked back and forth so violently stuff started breaking, doors slammed and instantly the lights went out so it was absolutely frightening.  and it lasted over 20 seconds which is long.
 my tv flew off the dresser so did the comp monitor.  all my glasses, ceramics are broken and some paintings came off the walls and broke.  my 2 parrots started yelling and all my neighbors were out of their homes crying and screaming but no one here was injured.  some casualities on the mainland.  a few bridges destroyed.
 we were very close to this quake so we really got a shaking.  within about an hour my neighbors (island people) were running with flashlights with their kids in their arms for the high ground behind my house because someone came around in a van and told them to get away from the sea because of a threat of a tsunami. my house is about 200 ft from the ocean.    it was still pitch black and they were running and crying.  i finally got outside and told them to stop panicking that if there was going to be a tsunami it would have already come.  i got on my laptop and the earthquake center was already saying the threat of a big wave was over. 
when i moved to honduras years ago i knew i was signing up for adventure....  this was a little more than i was expecting.  we've had a rumble or two in the years i've lived here but never anything like this.
lots of clean up to do today.   in between the aftershocks......   Helen Murphy 

- 7.1 magnitude Earthquake
  • From: "Mark" <mark at turtlegrass.net>
  • Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 09:14:26 -0600
Roatan experienced a 7.1 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter app.. 27 miles north of us in an underwater trench. We experience normal activity from that region but in lesser magnitudes of 2 to 4 but has been a while so this was overdue. No structural damage for most of us except the occasional concrete cistern crack. Items fell off of shelves and everything shook pretty good and it was 2:30 AM to boot so you can imagine what we woke up too!
Mark & Lori
Calabash Bight, Roatan, HN

- Earthquake in Honduras and the Bay Islands
  • From: Ralph Shotswell <rgshotswell at msn.com>
  • Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 15:14:14 +0000
We all were abruptly shaken out of our beds early this morning. A 7.1 earthquake disturbed our sleep. We have had a few aftershocks also, but not of the magitude of the first one. The Bay Islands have what we can tell survived without much damage, of course not all reports are in. The power company RECO has many lines down, so power is not available to most of the island. RECO is on the job and repairing the down lines as fast as they can. The epicenter of the quakes were about 30 miles NE of the Bay Islands. It was very shallow, about 6 miles deep. What I can ascertain is a lot of damage was done on the Mainland of Honduras and also Belize. Several individuals lost their lives, 4 at the last count. I grew up on the West Coast of the USA, so am somewhat a veteran of earthquakes. You know, you just can not get use to them. I hope that we have a safe hurricane season, and that you all will be blessed.
Ralph G. Shotswell
Northeast coast reporter of Roatan.




Ralph and Gerry Shotswell
La Casa Verde en Punta Blanca,

Municipality of Jose Santos Guardiola
Isla de la Bahia, Roatan, Honduras

USA Toll Free: 866-712-6532, Dallas: 214-329-4933 
Honduran Cells: (R) 3359-4197, (G) 3357-3110

- earthquake
  • From: "Jerry & Mildred Petersen" <petersen at biblebasics.org>
  • Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 09:13:49 -0600
If you've ever ridden a train or a tram as it traveled crooked tracks, you have an idea what this quake felt like. It was a side to side motion that knocked a bunch of stuff off the shelves here. Some pictures hit the floor too, but no damage worth mentioning. My printer was buried in books, but appears unbroken. It was a pretty rugged ride, but not quite what I would call violent. But it was by far the strongest quake I have ever experienced. I went outside and it looked like everyone was outdoors.

So fa there are no reports of serious damage ot injury on the island. But the news reported on death on the mainland. On friend called from Coxen Hole to see how we were. She said there is a new crack in the pavement downtown.

Power was off for a few hours, but is back on now. (It goes off all the time even without quakes or storms.)

Hope everyone else around here is OK.

Jerry & Mildred Petersen
Twitter: gravelbay
Skype: jerry.petersen

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