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- Funny weather!
  • By "Sally Stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 18:16:35 -0400
I see poor Hogan is the only correspondent left on the Grenada site so I
have taken up my quill to add my pathetic bit. 


Honestly, I thought it was Passover yesterday!   The sun grew dimmer the day
grew darker and by five o'clock it was really weird.  I had a quick shuffle
through my e-mails; no, Hogan hadn't sent me a warning nor anyone else and
it definitely wasn't Passover according to my calendar.  Was it the Sahara
dust again?  My eyes itched, my windows were smoky and Carriacou had
disappeared into some other world.  The moon was almost obliterated and the
mossies came out to torment us.  Well that was normal at least.  To top it
all a pack of dogs started to chase down a young bullock on the pasture way
below my house.  This is the third time this week I have driven down to
rescue the animal!!  N, Husband no.1 sighs resignedly but is at least
grateful I haven't brought it home.  Well, what would you do?  Let them eat
the poor beast!   Have now notified our local JP who knows everyone and he
believes the cows belong to "Donkey man".  So, Donkey man, if you read

It rained for twenty seconds today!


<<attachment: winmail.dat>>

- Heavy shower over night.
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 10:09:00 -0400
Hi Grenada,

We had a fairly heavy shower during the night. It only lasted about 10 minutes, but was welcome. One of my rain tanks rose by about 2 inches and the soil is still dry 1 inch down. But every little helps.

Today is still hazy with greatly reduce visibility.

The Radar showed some reasonable showers just south of Barbados, these were heading west, but seem to be diminishing as the morning goes on. But the satellite images are showing slightly more little cloud blobs to our east than I have seen for a while, so hopefully we may get more showers over the next few days.

The Sahara air layer is still over the south Caribbean, but appears to be hidden from the satellite image by higher cloud moving east in our area.

The best evening view of the International Space Station was seen, through the haze, by those who remembered to look for it (I forgot!). Thanks Denis for telling me how impressive it was.

For those that are interested, tomorrow night at exactly 19:12:51 (7.12 pm and 51 seconds) there will be an 'Iridium Flare'. To view it look due SE and look very high in the sky. What you will see, if the skies are clear, is a small dot moving from North to South. It will rapidly become very bright then fade rapidly. Make sure you have the time exactly right. This will be visible from all over Grenada, but much brighter down the West coast to Westerhall area. Iridium flares are caused by the sun reflecting off of highly reflective panels on an Iridium satellite orbiting about 500 miles above the earth.

Hogan of Grenada

- Haze - vis 4 miles.
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 15:43:54 -0400
Not a drop of rain visible on radar anywhere from here to St Kitts. The only satellite image of interest shows us in the midst of Sahara air flow, I guess what we are seeing is Sahara dust.

We have had a couple of small showers over the last couple of nights. They were tease showers, just long enough for me to get out of bed to close the windows, then stop. Not even enough to run off the roof!

All the best


- What a lovely afternoon.
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 19:39:40 -0400
The only weather related part of this post is the wonderful sunset!

As I said in the previous post, we went to see the cricket in the National Stadium. West Indies V Zimbabwe. We invited an American friend along who had never watched a cricket match in his life. He was on his feet shouting and cheering (a bit embarassing sometimes!!). He also won a prize in the end of match draw .The match ended in a nail biting finish with WI needing 7 runs to win in the last over! Well done WI they did it! It would have been nice to have seen more spectators, but the ones there were fantastic. A real value for EC$20. Maybe this post may get a few more North Americans to come along to cricket, you might actually enjoy it!? Come on Grenadians, it is a fantastic stadium, be proud of it. Much better value than when the ICC had their claws in it. Oh and it was nice to hear the conch shells!

Thank you to all the people that came up to me at the match saying they enjoyed these posts, it really is appreciated. By the way, the tropical ripple is still there, but does not stretch high enough north. I will keep an eye on it.

As we left the stadium there was a fantastic sunset (but no camera)!! We stopped on the sea wall and watch it for about 20 minutes, talking to a young chap named Devon (not Smith). Thanks for talking to us, this is what Grenada is about. Look forward to seeing more of you at the next match.


- (no subject)
  • By Chris Bolt <gommier at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 12:30:36 -0400
Hi all,

Another hot dry day here in Grenada. The sun is now North of us for the next 4 months. We are off to see the cricket at the National Stadium. The shade in the stands will be welcome.

Do I see a very small tropical ripple coming across the Atlantic, probably my imagination. It is currently between 35-40 Degs W and appears to be creeping up to about 12 N. Hopefully this could bring a shower or two in the a couple of days. But knowing my record, I doubt it.

Must start the rain dance again! I though I had brought some rain when we returned from the UK. It seems to have stopped raining there, but didn't reach here.

Lets hope we get some rain  soon, but not too much wind!!!!

Hogan of Grenada

- A bit of useless information - Thanks Mike for reminding me.
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 12:31:22 -0400
For those in Grenada, if you stand outside at about 12:10 each day for the next few days, you will find that you have virtually no shadow! The reason is that at this time of the year the sun passes over the 12degs North Latitude. Happy viewing.

We have just found another baby tortoise in our enclosure, weighs 28 Grams, that makes 13 tortoises now!


- It's raining in Westerhall - yippee!
  • By Chris Bolt <gommier at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 06:23:31 -0400
At last some rain is hitting us in the south! Enough to run off the roof. More please more.


- Our First Wave
  • By storm tracker <grenadatracker at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 11:11:04 -0400
Happy 2010 Everybody....

The weather in the last 24 has been so humid, sticky and hot without a breath of wind, I thought I'd log into Stormcarib and see whether we had an early tropical wave passing by...and lo and behold...there it is...a 1009 wave spanning a good portion of the Windward Islands. Which I guess means Grenada isn't the only place that's got this grey, sticky weather.

We're happy for it though - after that mean drought! While it's tempting to look at this weather and hope that an early rainy season is upon us; I fear weather just can't be counted on like that. There's no question that the rain we have got in the last 2 weeks has put a breath of life back into our wilting trees though! Thank goodness! We were only days away from a water emergency when the rains came!

So at least while the early season SST's are still low...God bless the rain AND the tropical waves!

- Hogan back in Grenada
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 13:17:11 +0100
Hi all, sorry I haven't been posting for the last couple of months. Not there has been much to talk about other than drought.

We have come back to a very dry looking island, although we have been told that it looks better than it did a week ago when there was some rain.

The worrying news now, following on from a drought, is the Atlantic sea temperatures (in the area where hurricanes develop) show the highest March temperatures on record. As high as they were last June! (information from Dr Jeff Masters). Still there are people that deny that the human race has anything to do with climate change. What has to happen before the world bites the bullet and really does something about it? Warmer Atlantic means a good possibility of more hurricanes this year, that we don't need.

Yesterday Antigua had some very heavy rain, enough to divert the arriving British Airways plane to Barbados! Here in the South of the Caribbean there is no sign (on the radar) of rain near Grenada. But hopefully that will change soon. The satellite images are showing more heavy cloud (probably rain) over Venezuela & Guyana. It does indicate a moving north of the weather systems. So maybe some rain soon!

Thanks to all of you that had asked me if I would be doing any more weather reports. All the best for the year ahead.

Hogan of Grenada

- A few showers off shore!
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 07:32:47 -0400
Hi from Hogan,

This morning I can see a string of showers a few miles off shore (South East). Looking at the satellite images, is it possible we may get a shower or two today? The showers are too small to show on the radar. Behind them, many hours, there appears to be some more cloud heading this way. The trouble is that whenever I suggest that there could be rain it has a tendency to disappear, so I won't mention it!!!

All the best

Hogan of Grenada

- Montserrat Volcano ash
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 08:05:51 -0400
Hi all,

Yesterday afternoon the Volcano dome on Montserrat partially collapsed, causing Ash to billow up to about 50,000 feet. This Ash was swept towards the East (due to high altitude Westerly winds). The ash is slowly spreading out, including some of it moving south - in our direction. I have heard that many, if not all, flights from London (probably elsewhere) are severely disrupted due to the ash cloud. I have looked at the BA Departures from Gatwick to Antigua & Grenada and the flight has at least a 3 hour delay.

So now we just wait to see if we get any ash from Montserrat to add to the ash from other sources!

Other than that - it is DRY. The fire trucks keep going past us on the road below, and smoke is often seen rising from various places in the hills. It is crazy lighting fires when the conditions are like this.

Hogan of Grenada

- Dry
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 14:28:43 -0400
Plants are drooping, the water in the streams is dropping and many lawns are brown. Up in the forests it still looks green, but for how long? Here in the South we haven't seen any rain for about 3 weeks, and very little then. We are hearing of water shortages in Guyana and Jamaica. There is talk here of drought conditions in Grenada if this keeps up. But I have heard that there are restrictions on chopping trees down unnecessarily. Trees give shade and cool the air. They absorb Carbon Dioxide. So why do people clear the whole plot before starting to build? We asked our builder to leave any trees that were not in the way of the construction. This didn't stop him destroying half the garden by throwing rocks and spoil down the plot. It is now very difficult to get anything to grow there Although many of the trees have lost most of their leaves, the first good rains and most will burst into leaf and we will get the shade back - if you have kept the trees!

The weather radar shows no rain anywhere from above Antigua to South of Grenada. The satellite images show dry air far into the Atlantic. Meanwhile the US and Europe are getting much colder than normal conditions. Global Warming - more accurately Climate change. I for one believe it.

Lets hope some rain comes soon, for the plants sake.

All the best to you and hope you are enjoying the Independence weekend.

Hogan of Grenada

- Is it possible we may get some rain?
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 06:58:50 -0400
Hi all in these dry islands. I have been following a band of rain over the last few days. It has moved slowly down through the islands. It has now brought some rain as far south as St Vincent. The MSN weather for St Georges is showing over 80% chance of rain all day today. The band of clouds bringing the rain just appears as if it could come further South - PLEASE!

As I look out (06:55) I see a shower a few miles to the ESE and a slight shower due South, both out at sea. But this is a change from the last few days.

So hopefully we may get some rain today. I hope if we do it is enough to top up the tanks.

Hogan of Grenada

- A bit about Haiti and a bit about the weather.
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 06:51:26 -0400
Haiti - We are now hearing of looting in Haiti, please do not take this as a reason to stop donating. When Ivan hit Grenada, I was in the UK, I was collecting donations myself, purchasing what was really required. I then was taking it to British Airways direct who shipped it via the BA manager (Lions Club) and I know it got to where it was needed. But during this process the press said that there was looting in Grenada. As soon as this happened the donations stopped, I even received phone calls asking if they could have their donation back.

Yes there was looting in Grenada, we are all aware of that, and this was evidence that the looters did a huge amount of damage to aid coming in, for their selfish desires. But please remember that among the minority of bad people there are thousands, if not millions (in Haiti), in need of the aid. Please do not stop giving, think of the vast majority that need the help, they are hungry, thirsty and probably injured. We are hearing also of the backlog of aid, this will also start to get through as the aid agencies sort themselves out. Again, the backlog is not a reason for us to stop helping. What has happened in Haiti is on a much bigger scale than Ivan, but basic supplies got through, in Grenada (although it did not seem quick enough for many). Haiti is a much bigger problem, don't knock the aid agencies, the UN or what is left of tha Haitian government, or any other country that is trying to help.

Already many of the figures of deaths in Haiti are larger than the population of Grenada - just think about that.

No apologies for the above statement.

Now for the weather in Grenada:-

We have too many dry days now, the rain last week came, gave us a rest bite, then went. The ground is dry again (at least here in the south). I have been following a band of light rain showers heading south through the island chain. Ny fear is like the last one I mentioned, it will fizzle out before reaching us. Currently the showers are in a band stretching from South of Barbados westwards to about St Vincent. There are signs of it moving in our direction. Lets hope, but don't expect much.

Hogan of Grenada

- Eureka!!
  • By jacqueline dowden <jacquiedowden at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 12:34:01 +0000

It looks as though Hogan has perfected the rain dance at last, at least for this morning anyway.  Mt. Moritz looks as though it is in the middle of one huge bush fire; the sky is so dark, the clouds / mist so low and the rain falling.   Well done Hogan, give that man a round of applause.


The US, Europe and even Cuba are suffering cold to freezing to below freezing temperatures, Australia is in the middle of a heat wave ‘suffering’ the hottest night in Melbourne since 1902.  Here in Grenada we are praying and dancing for rain (but not too much at the end of March beginning April because I have visitors).  Climate change?  Bah! Humbug!!!  It was hot in 1902 wasn’t it?  It’s been freezing before hasn’t it?  Well, yes it has but something is definitely happening with the weather; as Bob Dylan so rightly and eloquently said “The times they are a changing”.



Keep safe (and warm or cool depending where you are.)



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- Rain, but not enough - yet.
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 06:51:29 -0400
For some of the night we have heard gentle rain on the roof. I have just looked at my newly installed water tank and the amount of water it has collected is the same as I used yesterday to try to keep my fruit trees alive. And now the sky is brightening and clearing from the east. Have to get out and do my rain dance again!

A cool 23C during the rain a few minutes ago.

Hogan of Grenada

- 100% failure rate, but here goes.
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2010 07:29:19 -0400
Hi all,

As you are aware my predictions of rain (more like wishful thinking) have shown a 100% failure rate over the last couple of weeks. But the small shower that we had overnight has made me hope that some of the small blotchy puffs of cloud heading in our direction may, just may, bring some light rain over the next few hours, and there are many more following. The radar is showing small showers further north (closer to the radar in Martinique, so possibly more sensitive). Even if we do get rain, I am not expecting any more than the small sprinkle we had last night, but every little helps.

Hogan of Grenada

- Rain so near yet so far.
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2010 15:19:05 -0400
Well yet again Grenada was so near, yet so far, from having some rain. For a short time the weather system managed to come to the south of Grenada. But the blue sky was never far away to our south. There was a brief shower up in the hills. A report from the north of Grenada said the rain could be seen in the Carriacou direction. But now the system is beginning to creep back north. The Blue sky out to our south is moving nearer. So the best we had was an overcast day to keep the temperature down. The highest temperature reported on Welles weather station on Westerhall Point is only 27.9C (82.2F), The airport managed to hit 30C (86F).

Yet again no rain to speak of.

Does anyone know of a good rain dance?

Hogan of Grenada

- The weather system continues to move South.
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2010 07:43:01 -0400
Very Very slowly the rain belt is moving south. The radar at 07:30 this morning is showing showers passing just North of Carriacou. How much further south an it come?


- Rain creeping down, but will it reach us?
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2010 06:43:47 -0400
Happy New Year to all in Storm Carib. We stayed at home for the celebrations but enjoyed watching the fireworks from our vantage point.

The rain that I hoped for yesterday ended up being a few spots on the car windscreen and some dark clouds. As usual the sea, just South of us, seemed to get most of the brief showers.

Over the last few days a band of rainy weather has been slowly creeping down the island chain, with Antigua getting some really heavy rain yesterday. The showers are now showing, on the radar,from Guadeloupe down to St Vincent. But the system causing the rain is weakening as it drifts slowly South. It would be nice if the first day of the year brought us the odd heavy shower.

Again, can I wish you the best for 2010.

Hogan of Grenada

- A few showers showing up between us and Barbados!
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 10:02:36 -0400
10:00 - I have noticed some small showers on the radar, between Barbados and us and they appear to be heading roughly in our direction. Let's hope they don't fizzle out before reaching us. IF they continue I estimate showers early this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hogan of Grenada

- Martinique radar not quite accurate!
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 10:26:24 -0400
Hi all,

I just watched the radar show a nice bit of rain approaching the South of the island. I followed it as it showed it passing directly over us. But from our vantage point it was clear the rain was about 5 miles out to sea, to our south. The verdict is that Grenada as marked on the Martinique radar is slightly too far to the North.

So still no rain here. I guess we are not the only people on the island wanting plenty of rain. The fruit trees look very sad.

I hope you all have a great 2010.

Hogan of Grenada

- Re: Sorry for the long delay
  • By Clare Lee <clarrielee at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 09:28:08 +0000
Chris, these drying 'wet seasons' seem to be increasing and I can only think that this is yet another effect of climate change and fear for the dry season tourists.  From chatting to some Grenadian locals it seems that the wet season is moving later in the year.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this? 

2009/12/28 Wildingrenada (chris) <chris at wildingrenada.com>
Hello and seasons greetings to all in or connected with Grenada,

We have just spent some time in the UK, and returned a month ago to the first real rain Grenada had had for some time. We managed to get in the terminal before the heavens opened. I don't think all the passengers were so lucky. We have left behind some very cold weather in the UK.

Since then, apart from a few showers in the first week, it has been very dry at least here in the South of Grenada. The plants are really struggling. I have been looking at the Martinique weather radar for 3 weeks, but haven't seen any sign of showers. Tonight I have noticed a few blips heading our way and noticed that we seem to be in slightly different weather pattern. So, if we are lucky, we may get the odd passing shower over the next day or two. I have plumbed in a 250 gallon tank to water the plants and I am desperate for some heavy showers.

Hope you all had a great Christmas (we spent on a beach with many friends - it was good fun).  Lets hope we all have a good 2010 and that it is another quiet year for the 'H' things/

Happy New Year

Hogan of Grenada

- Sorry for the long delay
  • By "Wildingrenada (chris)" <chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 19:13:54 -0400
Hello and seasons greetings to all in or connected with Grenada,

We have just spent some time in the UK, and returned a month ago to the first real rain Grenada had had for some time. We managed to get in the terminal before the heavens opened. I don't think all the passengers were so lucky. We have left behind some very cold weather in the UK.

Since then, apart from a few showers in the first week, it has been very dry at least here in the South of Grenada. The plants are really struggling. I have been looking at the Martinique weather radar for 3 weeks, but haven't seen any sign of showers. Tonight I have noticed a few blips heading our way and noticed that we seem to be in slightly different weather pattern. So, if we are lucky, we may get the odd passing shower over the next day or two. I have plumbed in a 250 gallon tank to water the plants and I am desperate for some heavy showers.

Hope you all had a great Christmas (we spent on a beach with many friends - it was good fun). Lets hope we all have a good 2010 and that it is another quiet year for the 'H' things/

Happy New Year

Hogan of Grenada

- Very quiet down here........
  • By "Sally Stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 22:36:29 -0400

Well, has anyone noticed how quiet Grenada is just now?    I think Hogan’s  on a cruise in the Greek Isles...... just kidding!    Up this end of Paradise, it continues hot and dry but the humidity is down and some days the clarity is wonderful.  I can almost see them eating breakfast in Carriacou!  The mornings are stunning.  I sneak out of bed at six and take a peek at the lovely sunrise.  Himself and Marie leave at five thirty for their daily swim at Levera.  I know it is a wonderful experience but I can’t be enthusiastic.  After I have acknowledged that I have made it to another day, I go back to bed much to the relief of the dogs who have remained curled into the pillows.  Strictly not allowed by himself but they wait until he has gone. 

More and more people are moving up into the Bathway area.  When we first came here nine years ago the hillside was green and house free.  Now it is beginning to look like a little village.  We even have our own restaurant on the beach and a rather swish hotel in Mt Rodney.  Our little Utopia is fast disappearing!  Soon the snowbirds will arrive and the party season will begin.....George’s pig roasts are fabulous.  His Cuban friends show us how it is done!  The first pig roast we were invited to George announced the pig would arrive that day and would be slaughtered on the premises.  Now George doesn’t live too far away and I know from my Irish upbringing that pigs don’t like being butchered one bit and they make a lot of very high pitched squealing noises.  I couldn’t bear the thought so I bullied, threatened and cajoled George into acquiring a dead pig as opposed to a live one.  I think I ruined everyone’s fun!

It is Wednesday 14th and we crawl nearer to safety and the date Hurricane Hattie hit Belize...31st October.  So I ain’t tempting fate!

Tootle pip


- calm restored.....
  • By "Sally Stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 23:21:32 -0400

I have to clear myself here, I meant was that the outer  band  or effect of Henri, not actually the passing of Henri?  I can’t have Hogan believing I’m  totally do lally!!  The sudden onslaught was interesting as usually we sit and watch the weather approaching and have the departure to shelter timed to a t.  This time the stormy wet weather arrived sneaking in over the trees and I was caught...guess where!  Watering my garden!  Oops!


I am awaiting the next band of rain promised by Hogan but so far all is quiet on the Eastern front,  I have just planted eight new trees so I need that rain. 


I regret to have to announce that Mr Rat has met a sticky end and is haunting us.  None of us could eat supper to night, the eau de rat passé, was overpowering.  We are a bunch of wimps, not one of us wanted the task of tearing the house apart to find the body.  So I rang Kelly....”er, Kelly  you know that rat I was telling you about.........”  He sighed.  To morrow he prepares for the Sabbath but I know he’ll come.   He once persuaded me to buy those sticky rat thingummys where the rat walks on to the mat and is trapped.  It was on a weekend when everyone goes home.  Himself was in South America so there was just me.  I awoke on Saturday to the sight of three rats stuck to the mats.  I was distraught!  I spent the whole week end giving them water I felt so sorry for them.  On Monday I fled as soon as everyone arrived.  Terrible loss of face! 

Well I have wittered on again.

Have a safe weekend with some rain, some breeze and a few drinky poos watching the sunset across the Caribbean.

Tootle Pip


- Henri and the blob.
  • By "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 09:30:46 +0100
Good morning Grenada,
No, Stalker, that was not Henri, that is way up north, scraping past above Antigua and has eased off a bit.  But as Stormtracker says, there is a Tropical Wave off to our East that may bring some weather, probably tonight (ish).  It appears to be braking, but may give some rain and wind. NHC have it as less than 30% chance of developing in the next 48 hours.  I have limited access to the Internet but I am sure Stormtracker will keep you all informed, on Stormcarib.
Keep safe.
Hogan of Grenada

- Interesting weather at 10 & 50
  • By storm tracker <grenadatracker at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 21:42:26 -0400
I've been quiet for awhile, but then, so has the weather. For us at least.

There's an interesting tropical wave at 10 and 50 that has peaked my interest. There's visible spin in it, but the last few hours of satellite imagery show convection decreasing. It's not officially an "Invest" yet, so I don't have access to all the tracking features I'd like to have to analyse the system properly. That said - the NHC has it classified as a low chance of developing in the next 24 hours....but because of it's ESE position we in Grenada should keep our eyes on it until it's spun out or fizzled out.

- Wow!
  • By "stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 20:16:35 +0000
Well that was a stormy day and night!  Leaves all over my patio windows!  Dogs 
under the desk ( with me! I hate electric storms.) Rain, rain and yet more 
rain. Sheet over head and three small bodies snuggled into mine.  Himself 
making the best of what's left of the bed!   
So today we are back to hot and dry!  Was that Henri?  
Well the garden is happy as is Mushy.  He has less to do!!
Off to Petite Anse Hotel for a bit of R&R and p&q!  ( That includes theraputic 
rose wine and camembert salad!  Yummy!).iPod doin' its stuff!  Hey! Can't call 
Obama my uncle!
Tootle pip
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- 91L now Henri.
  • By "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 11:43:35 +0100
Good Morning Grenada,
UK dull & overcast and colder.
Looks like you had some thunder & rain last night.  91L is now Tropical Storm Henri and looks as if it will scrape just North of the Leewards.  There is another wave about 1000 miles out that is producing heavy precipitation. Although not shown as anything on the NHC website it does look quite strong at the moment. Worth watching.
I have just been looking at the Dive Grenada webcam and I am homesick!
Hogan of Grenada

- 91L - moving North.
  • By "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 06:58:53 +0100
Good morning Grenada.
91L has broken free of the ITCZ and appears to be moving NNW. Grenada should be safe from it. The NHC have increased it's likelihood of becoming a storm over the next couple of days to between 30-50%. Hopefully we will get some rain from the remnants of the wave as it passes through.
Grace, or what is left of it, is heading NNE towards the West of Ireland. But still has gusts of wind reaching 55 mph. On it's present course it could hit west of Ireland and maybe affect Scotland.
We are off visiting for the next few days, so I am not sure how much I will be able to monitor, or email these posts.
Hope the weather cools soon. I see it was still pretty warm at 2am.
All the best
Hogan of Grenada.

- Wow!
  • By "Sally Stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 21:48:18 -0400

One night I’m sitting on my balcony moon gazing and the next I’m battening down.  Where did all this rain and wind come from Chris?  It started at 3.OC this afternoon just as Mushy and Kelly were due to arrive to start digging out my new pond area.  (Terribly ambitious project.  Think I’v done it this time! ).  The wind and rain roared around for twenty minutes destroying whatever it could and then vanished.   Kelly turned up Mushy didn’t so I rang him and gently reminded him  that his presence was required .  He pointed out that we had agreed three thirty and I gently and in a sainted way pointed out that it was now three forty five.  Mushy informed me that at Madey’s where he lives, not a drop of water had fallen!!   Astonishing!   Madey’s is ten minutes away.  Both chaps were rather irritable so I kept away until phase one had been completed and good humour had been restored.  I digress as usual.  About twenty minutes after their departure  wind and rain  returned from wherever they had gone and it has been very Decemberish ever since.  Very cool too which is rather a bonus.  I wonder if anyone else has had strong wind and rain?   Maybe it’s my reward for spending three hours in Church yesterday!

Tootle pip


- Grace - but not where you would expect it!
  • By "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 19:21:52 +0100
Hi all in Grenada and anyone reading these in UK.
Tropical Storm Grace has appeared from Depression 8. Not that I had been looking for it. No need to worry in Grenada from Grace, but us in the UK might expect some nasty weather from it in a couple of days time. And we don't have any hurricane supplies here! 
There is a tropical wave 91L is about 600 miles off the East of Windwards, the wind sheer is having a good go at breaking it up, but there could be some rain in the next few days. This needs watching. 
Currently the radar is showing some rain about 100 miles to the East of Barbados.
Tomorrow will show what both Grace and 91L have in store.
Hogan of Grenada.

- Dear Delia........
  • By "Sally Stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2009 20:30:06 -0400

Dear Delia.  That all in one cake recipe on page 541 of Delia’s Complete Cookery Course  does not work!  Well, I didn’t have self-raising but neither does anyone else and my Magic Chef has lost its magic but so what!! Even when Jammed (strawberry) together the cake just about made an inch.   To top it all I’v just seen a Huge, well , big , rat scuttle out from underneath the cooker.  There goes the thermal stuffing again.  Oh....  Pity I can’t curse on line!  And why do I keep two terriers, even if one IS smaller than the rat!


But wait for it!  We have had rain two nights running and although it continues hot during the day there is the slightest whiff of a breeze wafting in from..... well, somewhere.  How about Barbados?  Julian and Himself have promised me a weather Vane.  I am not saying a word but the first onslaught of the Trades and the weather vane and part of the roof will be in River Sallee!  Watch this space! 

The moon rose in glory to night and the path  of light across the ocean was  stunning.  What a wonderful full moon so with Delia in the dustbin, a cooling drink in hand I will settle back and remember just how lucky we are.

Who needs cake anyway.

Tootle pip


- Too Hot?
  • By "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 07:46:35 +0100
Well Hi from across the pond!
First I will respond to Stalker, So you think we are getting rain here in the UK?  You are so wrong. We have been here for over 3 weeks and not seen a drop! It must have been the warmest September on record (easily). October has started out lovely. I am talking about Cambridgeshire area, before I get people telling me their relatives are cold and wet! Mrs Hogan (alias Mrs Crumble) is pleased not to be in Grenada, at the moment, if it is as hot as you are saying.
Well I have Vista running on a new machine. I have managed to 'repair' my original disk as well as I have been using a backup hard drive. So now I have 3 hard drives all out of sync! Still better than having none.
Now the weather:
Just over 600 miles away, to the East (and I am talking Grenada) there is a blob that NHC has as less than 30% chance of developing in the next couple of days. The satellite images show a turning motion. This will need monitoring though. Hopefully it will bring some rain - in about 3 days time.
The radar shows a few blobs of rain have just passed the North of Grenada - did you get any Sally?
All the best to all of you in Grenada.
Hogan of Grenada 

- I mean this is seriously dry and hot......
  • By "Sally Stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 18:17:43 -0400

I am sure I am going to burn the house down with my non-stop fans!   There must be rain out there somewhere.  I blame it on Hogan!  He’s supposed to be telling me what’s happening but he’s gone to ground or maybe Vista is too much for him?  He’s getting all the rain HE wants over there!   The days are beautiful but there is little breeze and it is way beyond me to suggest where it is coming from.  By the time I have rushed out with my hankie...it has passed. We can leave “Tiger” happily on the balcony without fear of him being whipped over the side!   Energy levels are low!  “Walkies” generates a slide into a dark corner even at four o’clock and I am not just thinking of the dogs!    There’s a yacht moored over in the lee of Sandy Island;  I believe it is waiting for a good wind.  Usually the little yachts zip past with all hands on deck doing clever things to catch a hearty blow.  Well best not complain too much, it seems selfish when one sees what is happening elsewhere .  May the gods continue to smile on us.... I can say that sitting on my balcony looking nervously at Kick ‘em Jenny!   I asked Himself “how high are Tsunami waves, realistically speaking....”  he gave me a withering look!

Ah well,  drinky poos time again, and this glass won’t be water!

Tootle pip


- FW: Wow! Rain!
  • By "Sally Stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 20:19:56 -0400

I think it got lost in translation!!


Sally Stalker

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From: Sally Stalker [mailto:stalker at spiceisle.com]
Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2009 12:04 PM
Subject: Wow! Rain!


We watched the rain sweeping in across the sea from Barbados and had time to close the windows.  Marie was unfazed, “naw it won’t come in, there’s no wind”.  Close the windows I said in my best “jump to it” voice.   Mrs “Vastly experienced” here knows that a big sheet of water rushing across the sea is not doing it under its own steam.  Oh those lovely big ploppy rain drops!  And the cool of the following wind! The garden loved it.  We had a few rumbles of thunder as the rain swept past and now we are back to dead calm, sticky and hopeful!  But it does look as if more is on the way.  The bowl of the sky is white and the sea is grey.  Strangely the sun is shining on the white strip of sand on Sandy Island.

Last night we all went off to Cabier in Crochu ,St David.  It is a Boutique Hotel on a glorious site.  It is away from it all so it is a bit like a safari to get there.  The hotel has been around for awhile but is under new management now and this was the launch.   The small chop was cuisine minceur......rather new to Grenada where we love luverly great plates full ham and such like.  Himself who has fingers like bananas,  was all over the place with tiny dishes of, well I guess the green stuff was avocado but it’s anyone’s guess what the red stuff was.   Whatever it was I wolfed it down having missed lunch and wandered around with fists full of tiny glasses full of  dessert .   Someone must have spent HOURS putting all those little things in those tiny dishes and glasses.  Oh and there was a chocolate fountain with tiny marshmallows to swirl around.  Need  I say how much of that went down the front of my best tank top.  The delicate Punch (non-alcoholic) and the fruit filled wine cup  soon had the hardies among us groping our way  to the bar for Caribs and wine without fruit.  I think himself has to return to pay his bar bill!  Oops!

Ah!  The sun is belting down.  Obviously had our lot for to-day.

Tootle pip


- The Rain in Spain......
  • By jacqueline dowden <jacquiedowden at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 13:29:51 +0000
Hi Folks,
The subject title almost applies due to the fact that a suprising amount of people (who have obviously never been here) still think Grenada is in Spain.  There again some few people believe it to be the TV studios where Coronation Street is made... (Granada TV) but apart from the geography and the spelling lessons the rain was indeed here in Grenada this weekend.  Saturday evening it came hard, with loud thunder and lots of lightening which of course meant I was surrounded by dogs the entire evening!!!!  Sunday it came more in showers but still very hard and quite a bit of it.... no thunder but we had some lightening last evening along with the rain.
Hogan your garden here will be flourishing for a while, well at least the bush will be growing!!!
It was much needed and we are most grateful it came with enough breeze to cool us down a bit.... luckily it did not spoil the Mt. Moritz Breakfast Sunday.... the ground was muddy but we stayed dry under the tents and the football game continued through the showers.
Stay safe.

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- Maybe a change in the weather.
  • By "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 08:04:35 +0100
Hi all,

Sorry about the lack of posts. Mainly due to there not being much to say about the weather. There is a blob over just West of the Cape Verdes, already seems to be moving North, but will watch it. But there is a weak wave only a day away, the trouble is it does appear to be weakening, so not sure how much it will affect Grenada. Hopefully we may get some rain from it.

Apart from that, the UK (or at least the part where we are) still has not seen rain for ages. The weather here is fantastic this morning. Blue skies, no breeze, The Horse Chestnuts are dropping conkers all over the place and their leaves are beginning to turn brown and drop. In my youth we never saw conkers dropping off trees unless you had hit them with a stick. Now they fall and kids just walk pass them. I don't see anyone playing 'Conkers'. I think Health and Safety has put pay to it!

Hope you see some rain over the next 24-48 hours Sally.

Hogan of Grenada

- The melting pot......
  • By "Sally Stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 22:41:50 -0400

Wow, it’s hot!   The days continue dry and beautiful but don’t get too excited about anything or you will melt.  There is a light , really light south easterly breeze drifting in and you can tell by the congestion, which part of our balcony it cools.  Remove yourself from the adirondack for one second and a dog moves in.  The wonderful green of the slopes around Bathway is giving way to a less verdant shade.  My water bill is climbing and still the plants droop.  Anyone see rain anywhere?   Hogan where are you, haven’t you mastered Vista yet?

Hard to believe that in two or three months the Trades will roar in and blow the pictures off the walls.  That’s when we have to tie Tiger down;  right now it’s the chicken hawks we have to watch.

Tootle pip


- To Grenada from the UK
  • By "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 15:33:14 +0100
Hi all you lucky people.

Thanks to Jacquie and Sally for the nice words in my absence. My technical stuff, actually is a piece of worn out seaweed. Surely you have learnt by now that I am wrong more than I am right! Still, again, thanks for the compliments.

As for the weather, what I like to see is the current map from NHC, see attached. The radar image has virtually no rain showing in the Eastern Caribbean at all.

We have been in the UK for 2 weeks and haven't seen any rain! The plants here are struggling. A very nice day here in East Anglia, with temperature just touching the twenties. Nice for Autumn Equinox.

I am still trying to bring pc's up to date. So hope to monitor what is going on.

All the best to you all.

Hogan of Grenada.

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- Absent without Leave
  • By jacqueline dowden <jacquiedowden at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 12:20:34 +0000
Good morning folks,
Well done Sally for nicely filling in for Hogan, I too have been absent without leave lately and have a similar excuse, ermmm sorry, reason, as him.  In my case it is no computer at home at all.... I am typing this courtesy of my work computer so will be brief. 
Last week we at last had some welcome rain and about a 5 minute shower at the weekend for which the weeds in my garden will forever be truly grateful.  My dogs however, now seem to associate rain with thunder because every time it rains they bolt for the shelter of my lap.  Maybe they hear thunder in the distance but as I don't possess the power of doggy hearing it is most unwelcome to have 6 large dogs leaping at you every time it rains!!!
So, now we have glorious sunshine and as that tiresome man on the weather channel says..... it's hot, hot, hot!!!!
By the way Sally, as you can see, I too do not do technical stuff..... but I know when it's cloudy or wet or sunny.. or w.... no shan't say it.
Take care and keep safe.

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- luvly sunny days.....
  • By "Sally Stalker" <stalker at spiceisle.com>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 23:19:22 -0400

With Hogan tucked up under his duvet in blighty I seem to be the only one left to comment. Bit scary as I know absolutely nothing about weather patterns, can’t even go around a roundabout without ending up where I started from.  But I have to say the last two days the weather has been truly lovely...hot but it’s that time of year; the breeze has been a lovely gentle cooling breath  The visibility has been very good and we can see the islands of the Grenadines stretching into the distance.  The sea is calm and a lovely shade of blue.  Not the fabulous blue of the Pacific but a very good second.  Himself says the swimming is lovely at Levera and the water temp is cool.  Not a soul on the beach....amazing in this day and age. What wasn’t so  delightful was the bunch of Crochu boys who started to party at 11.30pm on Saturday and continued to thump out the music until six am Sunday!!  Sauteurs police hadn’t read the law on Noise Abatement and decided not to wake the Sergeant but he got an earful next day from all the sleep deprived residents and there will be a line from here to next week outside the Commissioner’s office soon.......sounded like a good party ‘though !!

Having had no sleep Saturday I was anticipating a lovely long sleep Sunday night but Tiger messed that thought up!  Tiger is the four pound sois –disant Yorkie who trips us up.  He decided I had been mean to him so he pushed off into the dry forest at 11 pm and  reappeared two hours later when I was run ragged and torn to shreds looking for him.  It took all my strength of character not to drop a brick on him.

Well what a lot of chat !!  Sorry but Hogan will be back soon hopefully and at least I am not commenting on strong winds etc etc.   But I had better not put a hex on things..

Tootle Pip


PS  I didn’t call him Tiger, he came with it!

- Grace? Not yet....
  • By "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 07:42:24 +0100
Good Morning Grenada.

I am still struggling with computers. The one I am doing this on has an old hard drive, slow and still somewhat out of date. I have lost many of the web sites I used to look at. The other one is new and runs Vista - trying to get to grips with that!

Sorry I have been  while sending a post.

Still, very little has happened. Grenada did get a bit of a long needed drenching (although I hear less in the North). And we had the threat of 'Grace', but it looks as if she has not developed over night and never received her name. What there is of it has been down graded to less than 50% chance of developing and is moving to the North, as predicted

The radar shows few showers anywhere in this part of the Caribbean.

I will continue to update my PC's. Keep safe.

All the best

Hogan of Grenada

- PC keeps crashing!
  • From: "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 08:54:03 +0100
Any one of my posts could be the last for a while. So if it goes quiet from me then I am out buying a new computer!!!! This one is fading rapidly. I am getting the 'Blue screen of death' many times, it seems to be recovering, at the moment.
So a wet day yesterday caused by a somewhat weak wave which is diminishing rapidly. It could still cause some rain today though.
The only blob of concern is a remnant low, the remains of Fred. This should be of no concern to Grenada though.
I will keep this short as the PC seems to die in the middle of typing an email and I lose it!
All the best
Hogan of Grenada

- Watching from a far!
  • From: "Wild in Grenada" <Chris at wildingrenada.com>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 18:33:39 +0100
Hi all,
Well at long last we have had some good rain in the South. The radar for the area shows a most is now to the West, but there is a large area to the East and some to the South. Who knows how much more you will get over the next 24 hours or so?
Spice weather is still showing that Lance-aux-Epines has only had 3mm this month. Did this last lot miss there?  I hear the North didn't get too much.
Couple of blobs off Africa worth watching.
All the best.
Hogan of Grenada

- soggy day
  • From: storm tracker <grenadatracker at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 08:32:27 -0400
Well we are having a very soggy morning here in Grenada. It doesn't look like much on the satellite, but experience has shown me that when the horizon dissapears in the rain, the people down in River road will be bailing out their porches again.

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