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- The Muddy Layou River
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2009 06:55:54 -0500
The weather has settled over the last three days after Erika.  It has
been very hot and humid of course after all that rain with the
moisture in the air!

On Friday morning we had a great deal of rain.  I went to go to town
the usual way down the Layou Valley when lo! and behold the river was
nearly over the Glo-show bridge, unbelievable, I have never seen
anything like it, it was a swirling morass of brown dirty water
ploughing down to the sea at the rate of knots!  I had to turn back
and go the Warner-Jimmit way to Roseau.

There were a lot of mud slides islandwide but I think as far as we can
tell everyone is OK.

We had a real upset as our beautiful Nellis birds who have made their
nest right by the house lost all three of their babies, the nest broke
in the storm and all three babies died. It was really upsetting
watching Mum and Dad mourn the loss of probably their first babies.
We hope that they will now make a nest somewhere a little more

I have taken some photo's of the Layou river in full spate.

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- Lashings of Rain
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 16:06:40 -0500
Dominica is fine we have had lots of rain thunder and lightning,  Today everyone was told to stay at home and be safe as some areas have had mud slides.  We think everyone here in Dominica was taken by surprise by Erika.  I left Roseau around 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon it was starting to get dark and the rain was lashing down.  I stopped in Mahuat by the fishing boats on the way home and suggested to the fishermen that they took their boats out of the water.  They were all sitting around not knowing what to do I think they were glad that I warned them about the pending ERIKA!  Hopefully, no damaged fishing boats in Mahaut.

We have been home all day as it has been raining continuously!  Hopefully we can go about our day normally tomorrow.

- Stormy Weather?
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 08:52:24 -0500
The weather has been incredible over the past three days, we have had
the most wonderful time in the river and ocean!

We are watching the weather out there hanging around it could still be
a threat to the islands, we are keeping an eye on this one, fingers
crossed it passes us by!


Dominica has many things to offer one of which is 'River Rush' which
is situated on the most amazing site.  Yes, you have guessed it - the
property is right on the river; infact it is unique as the main
building is on an island in the middle of the river!

Moe the owner is a talented saxaphone player and has started a Sunday
Brunch with jam music sessions.  Moe invites friends who play or like
to play music to join her  and her pianist who accompanies her, to
play away the day.

Laurie - my husband - and I went on Sunday to enjoy the most delicious
breakfast Eggs Benedict and mimosas of course!  We listened to a
mixture of music delivered with style that was really lovely and very

Moe also has a hot tub strategically placed at the end of the building
in the open air so we took advantage of this.  The ultimate pampering
being brought drinks from the bar.  If we got too hot we just had to
climb down some steps into the cool of the river.

We highly recommend anyone to enjoy this on Sundays, really, really
away from the madding crowd.

River Rush is open for tourists or locals.  There are four open plan
luxury cabins to stay in.  Beside the soothing sax and piano, the only
thing one has to listen to is pure nature and the rush of the river as
it tumbles over the rocks on it's hectic way to the ocean.


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- Loads of Lightning
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 06:44:18 -0500
Yesterday was gorgeous and today promises to be the same.  I am taking some quiet time out today to catch up with office work on the computer at home.  We might nip out to the beach later this afternoon though for a swim.and a lime. 

Last night I woke up many times with lightning flashing all over the place, very weird no thunder to accompany it and no rain either, it was rather like an electric light show.

So far so good for the hurricane season, we are glad Bermuda only got a kiss.

- Thunder, Lightening, Rain.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 22:48:27 -0400
Good evening everyone,
           We have had another lovely day here at our little bit of the west coast.
Brilliant blue sky, flat, calm sea, not much in the way of breeze. A friend
called in this afternoon, and left around 3pm. We went out to wave him off
and it was a skin burner out there. Retreated very quickly back inside, once
he had left.
        A little different this evening.  Flashes of lightening started around 6 30pm.
We now have a heavy rain going over us has I write. Thunder and lightening.
Still not much in the way of breeze. Plenty of mozzie activity though.
     The son managed to get away from Newfoundland before Big Bill cruised
on bye. So that was a relief.
     Well I'm off to finish whats left in the glass. All take care. Have a great day
tomorrow.  Watch out for those boulders.
       Thunder rolling in closer.
 P S. Nice to see Miss Mermaid back with us.   Hope your feeling lots better.

- Water.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 10:07:18 -0400
Good morning everyone,
           Nice to read Bermuda not hit to badly, and that everyone appears to be safe.
Plenty of heavy rain throughout the night.  This morning the sun is making a bold
attempt. Still lots of rain, but now more showery than heavy. Sky, well that's a bit of
a mix again. Bits of blue here and there, but mostly grey.  Sea, looks rough, but still
a nice shade of blue. A good strong breeze this morning, with the occasional gust
thrown in for good measure.  No complaints, helps keep them pesky mozzies at bay.
Not opened the house up yet so it feels very hot and humid. 
           No water again from the taps.  What are the water company doing ???
All we keep getting told is they are doing repairs.  What repairs, what pipes, and
where is the damage exactly. ???  No one can tell us. Water, water everywhere
and not a drop to drink.  O well.  I'm off to enjoy that view. You all take care. Have a
great day. Watch out for the boulders.
Anyone going out to sea today  go with care.

  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 11:06:37 -0500
We are so grateful here in the valley and for the rest of the Eastern Caribbean that we are not at present expecting Bill or similar; we however, feel very sorry for everyone in Bermuda especially our friends who have a home there.

Yesterday we managed to get a couple of hours at Mero beach it was just wonderful as the weather has been so hot and humid, (Bill taking everything airy with him}!  Mero though offered fantastic breeze coming off the ocean and some great waves to float in to shore on really pleasant and unusual.

We will be thinking of you all in Bermuda and are wishing you the best of luck.

- Phew, A Relief.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 08:44:24 -0400
Good morning everyone,
           Like everyone else a huge sigh of relief that both Ana and Bill went
elsewhere.  We do have a surf advisory for the East coast. The waters on
that side of the island are rough and dangerous anyway, with out adding
to them. So anyone thinking of going out there, please do go with care.
        The sky is a sort of mix. Not quite blue, not grey. Few odd patches
of bright blue.  Plenty of cloud. Again some very white, others grey. Sea
looks rougher that normal. Can see waves and a few white tops from our
back balcony, which faces west. No breeze. Humidity, not so high this
morning. A heavy downpour of rain in the early hours.
        Back to Bill.  From what we are seeing on the sat pic site's it looks
very much like he is going to end up visiting our son before he dies out.
Oooops, looks like your going to get wet boy.  So take good care, and 
that goes for anyone else who maybe in his path. He sure is a big fella.
         I'm off to finish my coffee, then a quick trip to a neighbour. No sitting
around looking at the view this morning.
      You all take care. Have a great day. Be careful of that sea.

- Just Waiting.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 20:40:50 -0400
Good evening everyone,
           Not being an expert on the weather, thought I would just watch, wait, and see.
Took our local met office all day to put out a storm warning. So glad to have Storm
Carib.  Knew days ago Ana was coming at us, thanks to everyone. Funny little Ana.
Yes she is, no she's not.  She just cannot seem to make up her mind, what she wants
to do, and where. (Sounds very female to me - Tommieboy)  All she seems intent on
doing is heading for us.  Sooo, it looks like we are in for a deluge of water. Not that
 Dominica needs it like some of the islands.
             The garden is already at saturation point.
            Today has been  grey and dull.  Grey sky, grey sea.  Light showers.  No breeze
at all. Humidity up. Mozzies and noseeums out partying.  It was so quiet and still this
afternoon, the lull before the storm. Like the saying goes. 
           All stocked up, odds and ends tidied away. Last time we were in England we
bought a wind up radio and torch. Works a treat. Will try to buy another torch when next
in England. Just sitting here waiting now, to see whats thrown at us.
           Will be watching and reading the reports on Bill carefully. Once again, thank you
all for the info that you all put out.
           With the promise of plenty of water to come, watch for those landslides and boulders.
I'm off to check out the ice. Have a great evening, a good day tomorrow and stay safe.
  Hey, Al & Chris, you take care up there. You gonna get an extra 6 inches. L O L.

- Stormy Weather tra la la.....What's in a name?
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 17:46:49 -0400
As usual, in Dominica before any topical mayhem the weather is tranquil, cloudless and perfect for trampolening - or jumping on a trampolene, whatever

Ana and Bill...somewhat strange bedfellows to say the least..albeit in one another's slipstream...should one catch up with the other will it be Annabille? Thank god it wasn't Ana and Dean....Anadean would be an interesting pill to swallow.
Clawdebt (Claudette) is the price one pays for when messing with big cats or catamarans...the permutations are endless...unless the likes of us good people who are already programmed into storm mode with regular imbibing just can't be bothered.

I talked to a local farmer today, jousting with his thoughts about the impending weather - he said 'Hurricane, Sugar cane -it's all the same to me..do I know you?'

So from this little part of the planet 'Sweet Dominica' the message is clear...'.Lord if you have to bring it on, don't make it too strong and make sure it's over before sundowners'

Jaco Ladd with his head under the covers.

- A waiting game
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 08:04:13 -0400
Yesterday was showery all day here in the valley, I took the day at
home to work on the computer; the temperature was very pleasant and
very refreshing.

The night before last we had a thunderstorm for an hour between 1 and
2 in the morning.  It was not overhead just rolling thunder - in the
distance a  few flashes of lightning.  Is this preparing us for the
main action in the Atlantic basin? I really, really hope not.

As one does with a storm or two pending, a trip to town is on the
cards today so will restock the necessary provisons, plus making sure
we have plenty of gas for the generator - water we are definitely not
short of.  Hurricane Dean came to Dominica two years ago - 16th August
- 2007 our first year here, we were cut off for a couple of days so
need to make sure we have everything at hand.

We have three dogs who live on our deck and are ordinary Dominica
Heinz 57 variety.  I worry about them when there is a hurricane,
however there are plenty of good places for them to be, numero uno
spot is under our 20ft container.  We will grease our shutters and
check our hurricane supplies are all in place.  We will just keep
watching like everyone else.

The photographs I have included today are of the donkeys in Capuchin.
This is a most beautiful Dominican community, it is on the northern
tip of the island tagged nicely after Portsmouth.  You literally step
back in time here, it is a charming place to visit.

Attachment: donkey 001.jpg
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- Lightening.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 20:48:08 -0400
Good evening everyone,
           Getting some real strong flashes of lightening, they appear to be coming from the south
of us. No thunder to go with it yet.  Had a couple of good downpours of rain this evening. Almost
heard the sigh from the plants, when the rains came.  No breeze, all very still and calm out there.
           Day was one of those beautiful Caribbean days. Hot, Blue sky, Gentle breeze, Light rain.
Now we just got to wait and see whats possibly coming at us. Stuff rolling off the African coast
like bowling balls.
           The Stormsurf site from John is scary, but very interesting. Thought it an excellent site and
have now added it to my list. Thank you for the site and info John.
            Had a nice sunset this evening, best for some time.  Lots of Ice Blue, Silver greys to black,
Terracotta to Creole orange. Real pretty. When you see these evenings, even with the lightening,
which I personally think adds to it, you know why your here.
            Well I'm now off to check the ice situation.  You all take care. Have a great day tomorrow.
Remember those boulders.
P. S.       All the very best to  Miss Mermaid, don't let em grind you down.

- Mermaids and Hot, hot, hot.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 18:47:48 -0400
Good evening everyone,
           First would like to wish Miss Mermaid well soon.  I'm not a doctor,
but I reckon a trip out to sea on a luxury yacht, dip that tail of hers in the
wide blue yonder, repeat daily for a month and she will be well in no time.
After all she is a Mermaid. Repeat prescription, should she not feel well
          It's been hot today, went into town early, and almost melted away.
Not much of a breeze. A couple of very light showers of rain this evening.
Have some big dark clouds looming over the ridge to our east. Hopefully
they will bring some rain, enough to help cool it a little. Humidity high.
Plenty of mozzies and noseeums about.Toes being munched on while I'm
writing. Checked the local meteorological site and we a have wave coming
at us from the south. Thick dust again today, making everything look a bit
hazy. No clear defined horizon.
         I'm off to check the breadfruit that's cooking. Best chips in the world.
Yum,yum.  Once again, all the best to Miss Mermaid.
        You all take care. Have a great evening. Watch for those boulders, if
we get rain.

- Sahara dust
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 17:48:36 -0400
We are under the influence of Sarah dust, very dreary and difficult to see too far!  Things are quiet in Dominica which is absolutely fine for this time of the year.  It continues though to be very hot in Roseau so we try to avoid this trip!

We are extremely concerned about Miss Mermaid.  We feel all the contibuters  to stormcarib feel the same.  It would be immensely helpful if Miss Mermaid could be flown off Tortola to another island if America is too far.  Martinique has the second best hospital in France it is the French University hospital I am sure Miss Mermaid would be better off there!  Is there anyway anyone can help if she would like to be moved, or if she can be moved.  I have the contact numbers if needed.  We just feel helpless and concerned Miss Mermaid keeps us all happy with her wonderful tales and sense of humour.

We feel we are in a big stormcarib family. 

Keep safe and well Dear Miss Mermaid.

- Noisy and Cats.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 09:06:52 -0400
Good morning everyone,
           Dull, this morning where we are on the west coast. Sun making vain
attempts to get through and brighten the sky.  Quite a lot of cloud build up.
They look heavy with rain. There is one really large cloud creeping it's way
across the Morne Anglais mountain towards us, and it doesn't look nice.
Not much breeze, little puffs of it every now and again. Sea, a sort of mid
grey colour. Looks fairly calm out there. Not to humid, but I'm sure that will
change. Horizon a bit hazy, dust I expect.
          Yesterday we had a bank holiday, and it was just so quiet here. Today
everyone is up and about getting ready for work etc. The garbage guys have
just called. This morning sounds so noisy to yesterday.
          One of my neighbours cats thought I was some tasty Bird yesterday.
He must have been hiding in the water gully outside the house. There I was
happily pruning away at the bushes, when this ginger fur ball attacked. Not
sure who was more shocked. Me or him. I never even saw him coming, I'm
just so grateful he is not as big as a lion, though he looks like one. Claws
hooked into my thumb, when he realized he had caught something a way
lot bigger than him. Last  I saw of him, he was dashing madly back across
the road to the safety of his own house, giving me looks of disgust that I had
tricked him. I was left nursing an injured thumb.
         A very light shower, and the sun is really trying hard to break through.
I'm off to have my other coffee, check out the view.
     You all take care. Have a great day. Enjoy it.  Watch for the boulders.

- Hot and Guest.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 19:54:20 -0400
Good evening to all,
           Wow what a beautiful day we have had today.  Hot, hot, hot.
Just a very  light couple of showers.  Helped to refill the rain barrel
anyway. Sky, that fantastic blue. Sea,  wow what can you say. Blue,
blue and sparkling with zillions of diamonds in the sun.  Very light
breeze.  Humidity quiet high.  Plenty of noseeums about, but a
really stunning day. Days like this are to remind us why we are here.
           Our guest has arrived. A late booking for our small apt.
So a mad rush to clean it out, and make sure everything in it's place.
I like having guests from time to time. Get to meet new people from
around the world. Made some friends this way. People who we would
never have met. It's hard work but good fun.
          This evening is very humid, with lots of noseeums and mozzies.
Not much breeze now, which makes it feel even hotter. Ahh well,
that's the price for days like today.  I'm off to enjoy the evening. Find a
tall glass and fill it with something, that likes to go with ice.
         You all take care. Have a great evening and a really good day
tomorrow.  Don't forget them there boulders.

- Sunshine days Halcyon Nights
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2009 07:27:16 -0500
It is 1st August today and so far we have not had too bad weather for
this hurricane season.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for the
rest of the .

We have had great weather this week, the days with plenty of sunshine
and the nights are starry and very cool, we sit out on the deck each
night watching the stars and eating dinner by candlelight what could
be better than that.

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day today.  We have a Bank
holiday weekend and in Antigua they are having their Carnival which is
always colourful so lets hope the sunshines for them.

We also hope that Miss Mermaid makes a quick recovery and is able to
return to her home it must be so miserable for her in hospital; her
furry friends must be missing her and their paws must be getting tired
doing all the typing for the storm reports.

Acrylics still flying from brush to canvas - this latest of Bob Marley
was commissioned by a recent visitor to Dom.  The visitor was staying
at Red Rock Haven where my paintings are on show.

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- Two Relaxing Days.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 10:21:04 -0400
Good morning all,
          A beautiful morning so far, here on the west coast.  Sky, blue with those little
white puffy clouds, just floating on bye. Nice gentle breeze, enough to make the
palms shiver. Sea, back to that lovely shade of blue. Looking calm and inviting.
No rain, not even a light shower.  All is well in this little corner of paradise.
           Spent two relaxing, laid back, no rush days with friends up at Pond Casse.
Pond Casse is in the middle of the island and surrounded by rain forest and the
national park. It's cool, very cool, had to keep putting a woollie on, clean, fresh, and
very, very green. On Wednesday we went to Calibishie, they wanted to show us a
really nice little hotel they had found. Red Rock. It is on one of our few golden sand
beaches, the owners and staff were friendly, inviting people. The beach is lovely.
Being on the Atlantic side it's all very dramatic. Huge waves rolling in,  O my, stunning.
Could sit and watch that sea all day. Not so good for swimming though. Need to go
with real care. Strong undercurrents. Watched some of the local children playing in a
fairly safe spot, and they were trying to swim against the current for fun, and they just
stayed in the same place. Would most certainly go back there.  Thursday, we went to
Rosalie, check out another friends place, while they are off island. Then onto the Taberi
River, to a small place called Citrus Creek. The Riverside Cafe  This is run part owned
by a charming French couple. Again nice friendly people, who made us feel relaxed
and welcome. A lovely place by the river ( hence the name ).  Cool , clean and fresh.
We then went onto Rosalie Bay, another dramatic seascape. We all went rummaging
for strange and odd shaped pieces of driftwood, which tends to get washed into the
bay by the ton. Then back to Pond Casse for bacon and eggs. Another great day had
by all.  Thanks for the relaxing fun two days you two. have to do it again.
           Now back to everyday living, fun over.  Sky and sea still blue. Keep watching.
Stuff still rolling off Africa. Expecting another wave to come through in a few days time.
Becoming a bit humid now.
         You all take care. Off to have my coffee, check out that view. Have a great day.
Don't forget them there boulders.

- Windy & Cricket
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 09:52:59 -0400
Good morning to everyone,
           A nice bright and very breezy morning it is.  Sun shining. Sky a
nice pale blue, with little white fluffy clouds. Sea, looks  just a bit
to grey for my liking, but hey who's complaining, looks a good deal
better than it has done for the last few days. Petty windy, the haunted
house sound this morning. Have had some heavy rain through the night,
but now down to the odd light shower. Some dust, the horizon looks a
bit hazy this morning.
          The country hosted it's first international cricket match yesterday,
between the West Indies and Bangladesh. Bangladesh won by 52 runs.
The rain held off all day, and everyone sounded like they were having
fun. We had to listen in on the radio, couldn't go due to both of us feeling
poorly. Due to a dodgy burger. Won't be eating burgers there again. We
have another cricket match tomorrow ( Tues).  Same teams.  Hopefully
it will be the Indies turn to win. So here's wishing them all the best and have
a great game. Listening to the commentators talking about Dominica, they
all seemed quite impressed with our lush green little island.
           Still interesting things coming off Africa, Lets all hope that's all they
stay. Interesting. See we have another wave due to come through. Hopefully
it will be small and we won't even notice it passing. Have had enough of the
rain now. Don't think the ground can take much more.
         Well I'm off to have another coffee, check out the hazy horizon.
 You all take care. Drive safe. Watch for those boulders.

- Water, Water Everywhere.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 00:09:21 -0400
Good evening to everyone,
        If anyone is looking at the sat pic's, we are somewhere under that mess.
What an interesting day it's been.  Extremely windy.  Torrential rain.  Total
whiteout at times.  Thick heavy dark clouds. Local meteorological site says
no severe weather at this time.  Swells only being reported up to 7ft. Hmm,
I'll pass on that, I sure wouldn't want to be out there.
     Local news report says, some mud slides and local flooding. Not sure
which areas because they have not reported on that.  So if your in one of the
affected areas, hope your all safe and well. Please stay that way.
      Poor birds have been struggling with the wind.  The heavy rain kept the next
tide of flying ants at bay. Guess their coming within the next day or two though.
      The only good thing about the wind, is it's shown me where the cobwebs
are on the ceiling.  Job for tomorrow. 
      This evening the wind is gusting strongly. Keeping the mozzies and noseeums
at bay. Had one very fat, firefly blown in.  He looked distinctly dishevelled when
he landed upside down on the laptop. Rain now coming in short sharp heavy showers.
Quite warm tonight.
       Considering we have an abundance of water on this island at any given time,
even without the lot that came down on us today, and we have so much of it that
there are plans afoot to sell it abroad. We are being told by the local water company
there is a shortage and to conserve it. Make sense of that.
        O well, life in the islands.  It sure is fun. 
   I'm off, gonna finish whats left in the glass.  You all take care. Have a great day tomorrow.
   Watch for those slides and boulders bouncing along the road.

- Wet and Cool.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 18:58:41 -0400
Good evening everyone,
          Well the rain and wind arrived.  Having some pretty strong gusts. Things
being moved along the balcony.  The whole day spent in a kinda of twilight.
The type that makes you squint.  We have had the rain going in two different
directions, bit like being in the eye. We could clearly see it going east, back up
the ridge at the front of the house. Then it came back at us.  Sea, been real
mean today. Glad I'm not out there on a boat of any size.  Some thunder and
lightening. Hub's reckoned most of the thunder was female, seemed to grumble
on forever.  Yep, I've given him a dig for that comment.  Very cool this evening.
Think I'll be putting on a cardie and some socks.
        Hope all are safe, take care. Remember those land slides and boulders.

- Rain on the way.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 10:09:11 -0400
Good morning to everyone,
           Looks like the rain will be with us any minute now.  Earlier this morning
it was beautiful. Now the rain clouds have moved in. Sky is very dark. Almost
like it is early evening.  Not much in the way of breeze, but I'm sure that will
come at some point.  Can see the horizon clearly this morning, so the dust has
moved on.  The sea is reflecting the sky, and is a horrible dark shade of grey.
Any of you guys going out fishing today, go with care.  It really does not look
nice at all. Quick peek at the sat pic's show most of the islands about to get
a nice drink of water, if you haven't already.
            I'm off to have a coffee, watch those clouds rolling in.
     You all take care. Have a great day, even if it does get waterlogged. Watch
out for those landslides and bouncy boulders.

  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 08:31:02 -0500
Jaco Ladd has gone to Roseau and I am tucked up cozy in the cottage.
The dogs are curled up fast asleep at my fee as I am writing this
report.  I am about to go bake some bread for lunch.  It is pouring
with rain, visibility nil!  It looks like we have a tropical
depression over most of the islands at the moment.  I hope this does
not mean lots of lighning my least favourite thing!

I have to report that it is a sad sight we have across the road from
us.  The farmer who was growing bananas has decided that the industry
is no longer viable.  The once thriving banana fields 28 acres in all
are overgrown and forlorn.  This must be devastating for the owner and
the workers who made a living for several years producing bananas.
The recession is certainly taking it's toll.

One benefit for us is that are no weed killers and pesticides to worry
about, however, this will undoubtedly lead to many more wild creatures
and critters being about in our area.  The snake patrol had better
begin!  Just joking.

Thought I would put in this photograph, I love these particular trees
that grow into the river, they are prevalant along the Indian river by

Attachment: P1050039.JPG
Description: JPEG image

- Encounter with a snake!
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 07:42:31 -0500
The weather over the past few days has been a lot more settled than we thought.  Wednesday was a beautiful day with a fabulous breeze really great temperature, yesterday was very hot and today looks like it will be the same as yesterday.  It looks like we could be getting some bad weather on Sunday.  So far though things have been pretty good weather wise for the hurricane season.

We have to relate a tale from our neighbours who live in a tree house approximately a quarter of a mile from us. Recently, a few acres of land close by them have been vacated by a banana farmer who has seen better times - read on..... 
They were woken up by a funny noise in the tree, they half went back to sleep but heard another loud rustling.  Fully awake they looked out from the window and could not focus on anything; at the next instant there was a loud thud and something was trying to come into the bedroom, luckily they have galvanize separating them from the tree!  The next thing they saw was a very large boa constrictor on the ground!!  Well, (gulp!) my friend is literally terrified of snakes and had a fit!  The snake far from slinking off stood it's ground and started rearing up at our friend's husband and their dogs, it apparently was totally amazing!  The snake attacked the dog and bit it - my friend's husband had to attack the snake and in the end the snake received a mortal blow.

The next morning the couple got hold of a expert on Boas who came to look at the snake; it measured 6' long and about 10" around!  The friend pointed out that in the tail of the snake there is a bone with a hook on it, this is used by the snake to get an anchorage in solid ground enabling it to lunge effectively at it's prey! 

Our friend's pet cat had been extremely nervous of going out for a few days, the cat sleeps in the bedroom at night and our friends are now certain that the snake was after their cat!

Jaco Ladd and I don't mind snakes but certainly would not wanted to have encountered this fearsome male snake! 

This occurence is a very rare one and possibly occurred because of the empty land next door.  I think our friends will be ultra vigilant, you betcha! 

When we first moved here we had a female snake that used to come and sunbathe in our drive.  We named the snake Carla - she was really gorgeous to look at in the sunshine with all her mottled purple and copper sheen; she was fine when she sunbathed with her mouth closed but she had a habit of having her mouth wide open which was not a pretty sight at all as her teeth were like needles, very long and inverted!  Carla only stayed around for a couple of weeks and then she slipped off to some other dreamy location.

The snakes are really good at keeping the rat population down and other creepy crawlies so are important to the countryside.  Luckily we do not have any poisinous snakes then I would be a tad more nervous!!

It is definitely an adventure living in the country. 

Tommy Girl - I love Turners paintings, gorgeous, just wish I had his talent - one thing I would not be doing is painting any snakes!!

- Not Much Rain, and No Hummers.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 23:41:53 -0400
Good evening to all,
           Not a lot of rain, was expecting a bit more than what we actually got
here today.  Had a couple of heavy, but very brief showers and now we are
covered in dust again.  The mountains and the sea that surround us have a
sort of misty look to them. Makes me think of Turners paintings Lisette.
          Feels a little cooler this evening. Not a lot, but every little helps.  Not so
many mozzies and noseeums either this evening.  Also noticed that the
Humming  birds seemed to have moved on. Normally we have them all over
the garden, but we have not had one in the garden for the last two days. Do
they know something we don't  ???  Find it very strange not to see them
flitting around, or being buzzed by them for being to close to them while they
are feeding.  Not much breeze either, what little we have been getting is 
lovely and cooling though. 
          So we shall have to wait and see what the next wave brings us in a few
days time. In the meantime I think I am going to have to water the garden. That's
sure to bring on a deluge of water. So I apologise now if we get a lot of rain
in the next day or two.
          Hmmm,  quick peek at the sat pic's show some interesting stuff coming 
off the coast of Africa. Keep watching, and be ready,  there is always one who
will try to sneak past, if it thinks we have taken our eyes off the ball.
          All you guys going out to sea, take care out there.
       I'm off to get some sleep. Hopefully.  You all take care.  Have a really great day tomorrow.

- Rainy and windy
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 09:07:06 -0500
Today the weather has changed considerably we are getting lots of rain
and gusts of wind, the temperature is much cooler and the garden is
lapping it all up!  It looks though like we are going to get some
tropical disturbance over the next couple of days.

Jaco Ladd and I love to take river baths most days when it is so hot,
however, when it has been raining the river roars down the valley into
the sea, a filthy muddy colour.  When swimming in the river we have to
constantly be attentive to the current; be watchful for twigs and
leaves cascading down because if it has been raining in the mountains
the river can suddenly come upon you and people have lost their lives
through not paying attention.  The leaves and the twigs alert one to
the fact that the water is going to be in flash flood mode, so exit
the river.

On a happier note here are two photographs of this beautiful flower.

Attachment: P1050062.JPG
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Attachment: P1050063.JPG
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- Great weather
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 06:30:50 -0500
The weather this weekend has been absolutely gorgeous, it looks like
today is going to beautiful as well.  There is a tropical wave that
looks like it might be here in the next couple of days so we will have
to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Living in the country brings with it some unwanted visitors!  Our dogs
have been infested with the dreaded tick!  We have not encountered
this before and it is truly a nasty experience.   We as a rule make
sure the dogs are frontlined - we must have been a little late because
all three dogs have had ticks which we have treated them for
vigourously!  Jaco Ladd and I had no idea that these particularly
repugnant insects are not fussy where they go or whose blood they
suck!  It has been a lesson learned, we had to have the whole place
sprayed by the terminators and now hope this occurence will not happen
again as it is preventable!

Here are some photo's taken by Castle Bruce.

Attachment: P1040684.JPG
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Attachment: P1040687.JPG
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Attachment: P1040691.JPG
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Attachment: P1040694.JPG
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Attachment: P1040697.JPG
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- Wow What a Night.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 10:53:21 -0400
Good morning to all,
           An interesting night here, last night.  Huge flashes of lightening,which
lit the whole house up. Extremely loud thunder rolling a few inches  from the
top of the roof.  Plenty of rain.  Windy. We got the lot.
           This morning is pretty windy. Sky grey, but the sun is doing its best to
break through.  Sea, that delightful grey. Looks a bit rough, so anyone going
out, take care. Temp, from Canefield is 86f. Feels fairly humid, but the breeze
will help with the mozzies and noseeums. Which my hub will be pleased about.
For some reason they find his ankles really tasty. Drives him cwazy.
          Good day for gardening, if the rain holds off.  So I'm off to take 5, have
my other coffee, think about going in to weed my neighbours garden for her.
          You all take care, watch for land slides and boulders bouncing along
the road.  Have a great day.

- Another Good Day.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 23:53:55 -0400
Good evening to everyone,
          Well another beautiful day,  not really much else to say when you get these
kind of days.  Sun, blue blue sky, sea sparkling, light breeze.  Just living the dream.
          Friends called in for a couple of hours, which is always nice. Shame they had
to leave so early. 
          Pottered around in the garden for a bit. Have this huge hole I managed to dig
out now waiting to be refilled.  I also really must make the time to go do my neighbours
garden while she is off island.  Being kept busy, busy, busy.
         No water from the taps again. Every night this week, our local water company
have left us without  water. No one seems to be sure why. 
        This evening is hot and very humid.  No breeze to help cool it down.  Mozzies
zinging past your ear.  Ahhh  Caribbean nights. 
          You all take care, and have a great day tomorrow.

- Humid day
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 07:21:38 -0500
Yesterday was a very unpleasant, hot humid day especially in Roseau
where I spent most of the day.  I suppose this was inevitable after
Sunday which was a very rainy, stormy, dull day!  We just stayed at
home through Sunday, reading, eating home made soup which evolved from
produce in our garden; pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots plus
copious garlic and soaked up with home made bread - delicious!

This morning has started with sunshine; hopefully, this will stay with
us all day. As far as the sat awareness goes, it does not look like
there is any tropical disturbance for the next few days -let's hear it
for settled weather.

I am posting some photo's that I took while visiting a friend's home
in Laudat.  We love the large ferns which grow in profusion over the
island.  I call them umbrella plants because that is exactly what they
look like.  The views are spectacular from this vantage point,
overlooking Eggleston, Giraudel, Shawford valley and way out to sea.
The air is clean and fresh high up in the mountains - just lubbly!

Attachment: P1050002.JPG
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Attachment: P1050005.JPG
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Attachment: P1050009.JPG
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Attachment: P1050012.JPG
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- King Bird & Sun.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 23:39:16 -0400
Good evening to all,
           What a beautiful stunning day we woke to this morning.  Sun shining.
Sky that fantastic baby boy blue.  Little white cotton ball clouds.  Light breeze.
Sea, sparkling in the sun, looking very inviting.  A totally gorgeous day.
           Just pottered round in the garden, the weeds tend to grow much faster
than the flowers and bushes. All very quiet, only the sound of the birds singing.
Bliss.  Had a scary moment while doing some badly needed pruning. A king
bird came within inches of my head, while chasing after a huge bug. For all
those who don't know, a king bird has a long pointed and very sharp beak. The
mental vision I had has he skimmed past doesn't bear thinking about.  Hmmm
doctor, I seem to have a bird stuck in my head came to mind first.  The rest I'll
leave to you. Unprintable.
            This evening is very humid. No breeze.  Moon large and bright, making
that frosty look on everything. Real pretty out there tonight.  Couple of big dark
clouds rolled across, but they have just floated on past and out to sea.
           You all take care.  Have a great day tomorrow.

- Lot of Water
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 00:08:34 -0400
Good evening everyone,
           Temp an hour ago was 81f. Humidity really high. Very uncomfortable for
sleeping. The vampires are out in full force. 
           Been raining all day here.  Grey sky, grey sea, not much breeze. A couple
of rolls of thunder earlier, but nothing since. Just rain and more rain. Not even a
good light show to go watch. 
            The plants have been well and truly watered today. 
          Plenty of water from the sky, shame there was nothing coming out of the
taps again this weekend.  Our local water company seem to turn off the water
supply almost every weekend now.  Thank goodness for 2 Lt bottles.
           Quick peek at the sat pic's shows the dust is almost back with us, and a
lot of it there is.
            I'm off to try get some sleep.  You all take care. Have a great day.
  PS.    You back home yet Mr & Mrs C.  ?

- Thunder Lightning what a Show
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 07:27:47 -0500
What a night!  We were tucked up fast asleep when suddenly we awoke
with a huge clap of thunder followed by the brightest ligtning we have
seen in a long time.  Impulisvely we jumping out of bed running around
taking plugs and routers out of the wall and switching off the
current! Didn't see this one coming. The storm was for me extremely
scary; we both felt the house whacked twice and I was glad I was
safely under the bedclothes, even with my eyes closed and my hand
across my eyes I could still see the flash of light - really horrid -
I absolutely hate lightning, hopefully we will not have so many storms
this year!

It looks like we are going to have a rough day today as will most of
the eastern island chain.  Let's hope it clears up for tomorrow.

I think I shall paint the obligatory Michael Jackson portraits today,
giving him a melancholy, stormy look!

On a more tranquil note - here is a photograph I took a couple of
weeks ago of the most beautiful sunset.

Attachment: P1040942.JPG
Description: JPEG image

- Light Show.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 23:20:32 -0400
Good evening all,
           The morning started out beautiful. Hot, hot, hot, all day.
We now have a nice brisk wind, thunder, lightening, and
torrential rain, coming at us. Haven't had a really good light
show like this for some time. Will be going out onto the back
balcony and watch this one has it passes over us and heads
out to sea. Could be in for a spectacular performance.
           Have left the main door to the house open and a nice
cooling breeze is whipping through the house.  Bliss.
       Think this calls for another glass with some fresh ice,
and  whatever may be with it and go watch the show.
        Do hope all you Americans out there had a good day.
 You all take care, stay safe, and have a great day tomorrow.

- Beautiful Morning.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 09:40:25 -0400
Good morning all,
           After a fitful night, with rain pounding on the roof,  we have woken to a beautiful
morning. Sun shining, light breeze, sea blue. Plenty of fresh water run off from the rivers
by the look of the colour that is spreading out to sea. A stunning turquoise.  What I can
see from the view from the balcony is a haze hanging over the sea. It looks like low lying
rain cloud, but it is not moving.Visibility not so good, because we can normally see for
miles. The horizon looks to be in a whiteout.  Humidity feels high.  Feeling hot and sticky
already.  To much info hub says.
          Quick peek at the sat pic's seem to show a nice clear patch over us. Hot, hot, hot
for the weekend   ? ?.
          I'm going to repeat myself, and tell you guy's going out to sea to go with care.
Not sure how I manage to do it, but I always seem to lose a couple of days every now and
again. Lost Thursday this week, totally convinced it was Thursday today. O well,  Thursday
couldn't have been an important day.
            I'm off to have another coffee, which hub' is making for me. Check out that haze see
if its moved at all.
         You all take care and have a fantastic day. 

- Really Weird!
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 08:30:29 -0500
We had quite a lot of rain yesterday and looking out there to the Atlantic it looks like we could be getting a lot more agua next week.  I just hope it stays bright for the weekend as we are planning a barbecue of sorts on Sunday night!

Thanks for the comments on the painting, and yes, Mrs Jno Baptiste, your son's photo of you is very impressive - I shall enjoy the challenge.
.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It is somewhat ironic that I should have painted Elvis the icon and now yesterday we lost Michael Jackson, that is so spooky.  We both loved Michael Jackson's music and Elvis' as well.  What a shock.  So many talented musicians die young, mainly from drug overdoses it seems. Down to the the life style I guess..  One of my favourite artists was Janis Joplin; what a sad life she had but what an awesome voice.

Jaco Ladd was a professional cabaret artist/,singer/,guitarist and played and sang many different songs from hundreds of artists, we grew up in the 60's listening to those amazing musicians, just fantastic.

I had better paint Michael Jackson in a while - I will think of something appropriate.  We feel sad for Michael's children and family.

- Raining.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 01:10:01 -0400
Good morning all,
           Time is 1. 06 am.  Wide awake.
         It's windy out there, and the rain is coming down, heavy, and a lot of it.
Fairly humid. Unable to say what the sea looks like, it's too dark to see it.
A small craft advisory is on the Dominican meteorological site, warning of
swells up to 10ft and hazy visibility. So any of you guys going out to sea, go
with care.
         Those of us staying on land, watch out for those land slippages and the
bouncing boulders.
          You all take care, stay safe, and have a great day.

- Two's company (Elvis and Marilyn Monroe in the 50's)
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 09:32:09 -0500
We are having really clement weather at the moment, it is especially
cool in the valley today, we have hazy sunshine.

Yesterday we were both in town; it was hot and sticky, coming home, so
we went for a swim in the river - as you do - which refreshed us and
made us appreciate so much our mountainous surroundings, the cliffs
overlooking the river are amazing, full of different colours and
contours.  We have an abundance of herons and bird life by the
riverbank - I forgot to take the camera but will be armed next time.

Here is my latest painting.  I think these two would have made an
amazing couple!  If anybody out there is interested in buying a
painting of mine or having their portrait painted for that matter
please let me know.

Attachment: P1040951.JPG
Description: JPEG image

- Wet and Warm.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 08:32:00 -0400
Good morning all.
           Yesterday was a bit of a wash out.  Planned to go help out over at Rosalie, but the
rains came and just kept on coming. Our friends who live in the Pond Casse area have
what is normally a nice pretty little gurgling stream running through their property. Yesterday
it turned into a raging torrent.  Nothing else for it, but to turn round and come on back home.
We bought friends back to the house with us, and had bacon butties and lime cake, with a
few Kubilis to help wash it down. So all was not lost.
          This morning the temp one hour ago was 79f. Still nice and warm.  A bit on the breezy
side, which is a nice cooler. Sky, overcast, and grey, sun trying to push it's way through. Sea,
a kind of middle of the range blue, better that than battleship grey. Looks choppy from our
view point. Birds singing. Mozzies biting. 
         I'm off for my coffee, hopefully watch the sea turn into that lovely sparkly blue.
You all take care, watch for the land slides and bouncing boulders.  Have a great day.

- Rain & Guests
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 09:19:39 -0400
Good morning all,
           Hope all fathers had a nice relaxing and peaceful day yesterday.  LOL. 
The past week here, on our part of the west coast has been glorious. Bright
blue sky, lots of sun, well up into the 80f and the occasional 90f. Odd little
shower, to help cool things down and give the plants a drink every now and
again. That was till Saturday morning, when I wanted to go into town for the
market. Then the rain came down in torrents. O Hum, never mind, we will
survive with whats in store, but come rain or shine next Saturday we will have
to go. Light breeze. Only a couple of strong gusts, which were more in the
evenings. So I can live with that.
          This morning we were planning to go into town. Guess what. Yep, the
rain is coming down heavy, enough to give a white out. Water barrel is now
refilled. The rain has eased slightly while writing, but I can see more coming
over my neighbours roof, and should be with me any minuet now.  Temp at
8am was 77f so warming up nicely again. 
          We have two new house guests, but we have to be careful in the mornings
where we walk. A couple of very small lizards have moved in with us. They are
funny, and brave for such small things. Especially when they stand their ground
and puff out at me to try and scare me away.
         Still raining, no breeze, everything perfectly still.  I'm off for my other coffee,
watch the rain. Hopefully it will stop soon and the sun will come out.
    You all take care and have a good day.
p.s.    Hope your both having a good time Mr & Mrs C on the Dominican.

- Photos
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 07:18:42 -0500
Fathers day turned out to be a glorious sunny day here, there were many parties on the river and the beach.  We ended up watching the 20/20 cricket from the UK with some friends as we are too remote for cable TV in the valley but satellite sevice is in the offing. This was good fun - Pakistan were worthy winners and the cricket was of very high standard.  We of course wish that the West Indies had made it to the finals.

Jaco Ladd came with me on Friday to Portsmouth, specifically the Tane Tane area. This is a very attractive part of Dominica, having a beautiful harbour where the yachts catch a mooring and anchor when visiting the island.  The anchorage is very sheltered and overlooked by Fort Shirley. This certainly looks stunning due to Lennox Honeychurch and his crew renovating more and more of this historic site.
Yes thank you Conan -oops! I think you are absolutely right, the photo looked to me like the Emerald Pool; my friend sent me the photo's and the captions, sorry.

The weather is cool and cloudy at the moment but it feels like it will be hot and sunny later.

- Correction to Photo
  • From: Conan Shillingford <nichs at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 02:03:15 +0000
Greetings to All!
                        Its been a while since posting... The weather in Dominica is really fabulous with lots of showers mixed with golden sunshine which is normally the case year round except for the odd pesky storm or Hurricane which may chance upon us. My Congrats to Lisette on the photos taken of Dominica -our Nature Island of the Caribbean, however she was a bit mistaken with photo number three. I do believe that the correct title of photo # 3 is the all famous Emerald Pool of Dominica with its lush rain forest landscape and Not the Spanny's falls.
May all of our visitors and locals be ever thankful to God for this gem of the all isles, truly the Cinderella of the Caribbean. Our prayers for this year's hurricane season are as strong as ever, we hope that the mercy of our Lord Jesus will be extended to all of our islands. May God bless us all!

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- Photo's
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 07:28:51 -0500
We are getting lots of rain at night and plenty of sunshine in the day time; this is perfect for the garden and of course anyone enjoying a holiday in Dominica.  One of the great things about this island is the many different things to do while on a holiday here.  There are beaches which are not crowded in any way, beautiful rivers which have plenty of pools to swim in - alternatively, tubing and canoeing down the streams to the open sea which has plenty of thrills and spills and beautiful scenery to look out at. There are trails opened up to trek on for miles, not forgetting the waterfalls and hot sulphur pools to relax in.

People who love to scuba dive or snorkel in Dominica are spoilt for choice as it has arguably the most beautiful dive sites anywhere in the world, plus of course there are whales living/migrating around the island and well booked up boats can take you out a mile or so to see these magnificent mammals. The zing of deep sea fishing -  and if you're in to ornithology, coastal and forest birds abound. Boredom on vacation is not an option here in Wai'tukubuli..

I have included some photographs taken by a friend of some of the lovely scenery here.  We have had some people writing to us asking us to take photo's so we are going out now armed with the camera and will try to post more material..

Attachment: Cabrits National Park.jpg
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Attachment: Kachibona Lake.jpg
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Attachment: Spanny's Falls.jpg
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Attachment: Hampstead Beach.jpg
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- Wood Ants
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 08:47:58 -0500
We had our first real thunder and lightning storm yesterday for the season, the weather was really heavy and bleak all day with claps of thunder and nasty forked thingamees.  I was in town, it was very oppressively hot and muggy.

Once or twice a year the wood ants after the first heavy storm decide to become lemmings; they take flight and fly to the nearest light which in our case was our cottage!  Luckily I was on the deck and saw the onslaught, rushed inside pulled all the screens over the open windows and shut the double doors.  Even taking these precautions I had masses of dead bodies to vacuum and sweep up this morning.  Jacko Ladd went out at about 2.30 a.m. to see what the dogs were barking about and was amazed to see wondrous electric storm show that must have been occurring over the ocean in the far distance - quite stunning he proferred.

Today, it looks like the depression has nearly passed us by and hopefully the sun should be popping out sooner rather than later.

- Thunder and Wet.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 08:48:07 -0400
Good morning all,
          Well it's wet, wet, wet.  Been raining hard most of the night.  The garden water barrel is
now overflowing.  The sound of the rain, woke me at about 6. 15 am.  Some thunder and
lightening thrown in for good measure.   The sky is just grey. Thick heavy cloud.  The cloud is
so low it is now rolling across the top of my neighbours roof. Cloud is so thick, unable to see
the mountain, which is at the front of the house slightly to the sth/ east.  I'm sure if I was to go
look properly, think I might see the clouds rolling down the road. We have had that on occasion.
Great fun, being able to walk through the clouds. Although not so much fun when you come out
the other side, cold and wet.
        Sea, well that's reflecting the sky. Just grey.  No breeze at all. Everything is perfectly still.
Its still raining heavy, and we are still getting some thunder.Haven't seen any lightening for awhile .
The rivers are probably high,  can see the change of colour in the sea where the mud is being
washed down.  When we get heavy, continuous rain like this its time to watch out for landslides,
falling rocks and boulders. Can be quite scary going along some of our roads where the cliff
face overhangs the roads.  It's fairly humid, that will bring out the little vampires. So if anyone
spots a woman walking around with a spray can of deet, don't worry, it's only me.
         Just had a very loud roll of thunder, sounded like a giant walking across the roof, and it's
getting darker.  I'm off for another coffee, work out a change of plan.  Was supposed to be the
garden today, still trying to get a veggie patch going, but it looks like it might be the dusting
instead. O hum, very exciting.
         Take care out there today,  no rush,    it is only a small island,  at the most it will take an
hour, and it will probably still be there tomorrow, you might not be.
          You all take care and enjoy your day.

- First clap of thunder
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 06:57:41 -0500
I decided to take an early morning walk this morning with the three dogs.  It was good to be out at dawnlight; as I got half way down the road a huge clap of thunder gave me a scary fright.  I am really afeared of lightning so I swiftly turned around and walked back the way I came! Pronto! We had torrential rain for a good 15 minutes - to my delight no more thunder and absolutely no lightning!

We have already mentioned that our dogs are fantastic hunting dogs. As if on cue yesterday evening, we were about to turn in for the night, when lo! and behold lying across the deck was very dead Manicou placed neatly across the mat .  Mindy, the mother dog had been out on her own and caught the creature and decided that it was a gift from her to us humans -  the other dogs sat around giving us the paws up that it was ours!

- Bit Wet Tonight.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 23:07:45 -0400
Good evening all,
                  Not such a good evening here on the west coast.  Rained most of the
day here on and off. Bit different to yesterday, when the temperature went up to 90f.
In the shade.   It is still raining. Coming down heavy and loud.  Had to turn the volume
up on the tv at one point, due to the noise of the rain on the galvanized roof. Good
strong gusts of wind every now and again. We seem to be getting the gusts just
before another downpour.  Plenty of mozzies and no-seeums out and about partying.
Aah well that's the price.  Had a quick peek at the sat pic's and there appears to be
nothing over us, except clear skies.  Hmmm.
                 Expect tomorrow will be different again. All part of the fun.
  Well I'm off to start the refreshed glass. You all take care and have a good day tomorrow.

- Hunting
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 08:03:09 -0500
The weather has gone back to being hot, hot, hot!  This is OK as the
river is handy for getting cool, cool, cool!

Well, it is that time of year again when the hunting season is upon
us. We have a really weird patch annually through the summer months -
storms notwithstanding - as we have some very strange visitors, in odd
attire who try to buy, cajole or take away our dogs!!  Yes, they come
up the drive very dramatically waving leads and cash and asking if
they can take the dogs, indeed, once some shady characters tried to
catch our canine bodyguards and cart them off with them! Hunting dogs
have a natural instinct to track the local vermin, singularly or
within the pack

In the country we have Agouti which look like an over sized guinea pig
and Manicou who are really ugly looking creatures, almost
opossumlike,( sorry Possums) - very weird, they have a pointed face
with huge eyes but the rest of their body is chunky with a long boney
tail like a rattle snake, they are our biggest rodent, we also have
wild pig. Many Dominicans like to eat these animals.  We don't mind a
little wild boar pate on the side but draw the line at the other two.

Our two adult dogs lived in the wild before we took them in and are
both amazing at hunting so would warrant a high price from any avid
huntsman.  The dogs though are family so no takers there.

On a more colourful note, here is my latest attempt at art, the
amazing Bob Marley, good to put in the cottage gallery!

Attachment: P1040926.JPG
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- Hot and Humid
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 22:52:28 -0400
Good evening all,
         Another beautiful day here on the west coast.  First thought we might
be in for a wet day, but no , the sun came through and stayed.  Just checked
the temperature, and it is still reading 80f. Very humid though, with plenty of
vampires about. Breeze has dropped to almost non existent.  Some large
dark clouds  earlier, which just floated right on past.
         All seems to be well in our little piece of paradise. 
         I'm off to finish whats in the glass before it all turns to water.
You all take care and have a good day tomorrow.

- Fresh and Cool.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 09:38:41 -0400
Good morning all,
           We have had some totally glorious days here on the west coast, Hot hot, hot,
and been kept busy, busy, busy.
            The rains came last night.  Loud and heavy.  So this morning is slightly
cooler and fresher.   The sun is playing peek a boo with the clouds this morning. No
breeze at all. Everything is perfectly still.  The sea looks blue and calm. Can see the
run off from the rivers, stretching out to sea. It is a pretty shade of turquoise, so I
guess a lot of fresh water is running down from the mountains. Usually we see a
horrible shade of brown, where the mud is being washed down.
            The only noise is the birds singing and twittering, so all is well.
             Looks to be a good day for the garden, the heat has kept me inside. The
weeds are making a takeover bid. I also need to go and check out the neighbours
garden, while she is off island. 
            I'm off to have another coffee before I start. Check out that view.
     You all take care and have a great day.

- Cooler Weather
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 08:05:17 -0500
It is the beginning of June and the weather is definitely a little
cooler which is a welcome change.  No thunder and lightning yet but
all in good time no doubt.

It was a bank holiday here yesterday; there were many parties all over
the island, we went to the beach in the afternoon.  What a colourful
scene with so many families having picinics and cook ups.  Lots of
different aromas on the air mixed with the salt of the ocean very

I have to report that our baby Nellis bird has finally managed to fly
back to it's home high up in the bamboo, so all is well for another
year we hope.

I decided to paint Captain Jack Sparrow for our home; we hear there is
to be another movie -' Pirates of the Caribbean 4' - we do hope that
Disney decide to come back to Dominica for the film.  I have added a
photo of my painting, I am having lots of fun with my new hobby!

Attachment: P1040863.JPG
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- Baby sitting
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 10:12:07 -0500
The weather is just amazing, hot, hot, hot with the odd shower through the night to keep the water tank topped up and the flowers and vegetables in the garden growing nicely/

We went to Fort Shirley, Portsmouth last night for the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Cocktail party.  The night was fantastic, it is the first time we have visited the fort and were very impressed by the work Lennox Honeychurch has achieved with his Dominican crew to restore the fort back to it's former glory.  The view from the battlements amid the pristine cannons - as you can imagine - is quite stunning; we were so lucky to see some wonderful rainbows but no rain. 

The evening was tailor made for the social mix. Many local businesses were represented giving us a wide variety of tastes; such wonderful food and drinks including some very nice light sparkling wine.  We have to thank all the hard working folk who put this party together, it was a great success.

This morning over coffee we were watching with interest our family of Nellis birds.  The baby still has not been able to fly back to the nest which is at the very top of our bamboo - so the baby is on a half way house tree which is across the lawn from us!  The baby seems to be really doing very well with no effects from it's stay overnight with us in our home.  The parents keep tempting the baby to fly back to the nest but this dear little feathered baby just can't pluck up the courage yet.  So we are on dog watch to save the bird - we do not want the baby in Tippy's mouth again.

A trip to the river is in the offing llater on - only  two secs from our home, just another day in Paradise.  Let's hope that it is going to stay calm in the Caribbean; it is the 1st June tomorrow and the official start day of our hurricane season.  Good luck to all our dedicated posters keeping us up to speed on the weather throughout our Caribbean Islands.  We toast all of you.

- Fledgling time!
  • From: Lisette Stevens <jaco.lass at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 07:07:08 -0500
It is a while since we have been posting on Stormcarib.  Jaco Ladd and I have been very busy.  The weather is incredibly hot at the moment, but we still exercise by walking and running early in the morning, actually at first light; it is usually a lovely cool time for this, but at the moment we come back  a lot more hot and sticky than usuall!

The 1st June is nearly upon us and the time for watching those hurricanes crossing the ocean towards us is back; hopefully, there will not be very many and those that we have we hope will not be serious ones.  It does feel very heavy today as if the thunderstorms are coming very soon, I really hate thunder and lightning.

We have had another incident with the puppy and a baby bird, the same thing happened this time last year!  We have these amazing black birds with long tails and a hook beak I think they are called Doctor Nellis birds, (I don't have the bird book available) -  the birds are a relative of the cuckoo family but they bring up their young themselves and live in a family unit.  The birds were teaching the baby to fly when it fell to the ground and before we could get the baby the puppy had it in it's mouth, luckily she did not harm it.  We rescued the baby and had it spend the night with us as dusk was fast approaching.  In the morning I climbed up the ladder and put it in the bamboo where the parents have their nest.  The baby fell out of the bamboo onto the ground then disappeared into the leaves and twigs below never to be seen again until - thank goodness - this morning,  There the baby was in the tree across the lawn with mum and dad, we are so relieved as we had no idea whether it would survive or not.

It amazes us that all the birds who live with us in the forest take geat interest in what is going on around them, they actually seem to interact and show their displeasure with the dogs, dive bombing the puppy carrying the baby, etc.  What drama we have here!  All's well we feel, fingers crossed another life saved for another year!

- Hot, & Sulphur Pools.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 20:27:40 -0400
Good evening everyone,
           Another hot, hot day.  Humidity high. Did think we were in for some rain. Sky early
this morning was grey and overcast, but no it just floated on past us. The sun came out
and stayed with us all day. Sea did not look too inviting. Grey and choppy.  Plenty of the
little blood suckers about.
          Had an excellent day yesterday. Friends birthday, so we all headed for the hot
sulphur pools at Wotten Waven for a nice relaxing time. One of the group managed to find
some sulphur mud. So we all had a good scrub, even though its a bit smelly.
 The good thing is that it makes your skin feel so soft and clean.  The bad, is the smell
 tends to linger a bit on your skin and beach towels.
         We then all headed for a little road side cafe, The River Rock Cafe, where the lady there
makes the most delicious sandwiches. Although the cafe looks small, you need to go in and
through to the back, where one of the most beautiful views on the island is to be found.
           So a good day had by all, with lots of laughter.
  I'm off to enjoy the evening, refill the glass.  You all take care and have a great day tomorrow.

- Sunny Days.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 23:04:06 -0400
Good evening everyone,
           Two near perfect days.  Hot, hot, hot.    Having a light shower of rain while
writing.   Very humid this evening, so plenty of vampire activity. No breeze to
help keep the little blighters away.  Are they actually any good for anything ? Apart
from feeding the bats and black swifts.  Both need to eat faster.   Frogs in full  voice
            After all the rain we have had, if it is this hot tomorrow and taking a peek at
the sat pic's it is going to be, the garden is going to need a drink.  I was so pleased
when I found 3 lettuce's had sprung up from lettuce that I left to run to seed. Now
shriveled and gone to the great lettuce in the sky.  Ah well that's the price we pay
for living  in paradise.
          I'm off to finish whats left in the glass. Enjoy the rest of the evening.
          You all take care and have a great day tomorrow.
   P S.    The rain is getting heavier, perhaps it will help clear some of the humidity.

- Chris's Canyon.
  • From: Tom Fullbrook <fullbrookt at gmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 22:36:09 -0400
Good evening everyone,
           Over on the east coast again today, and a lovely day it was. Sunshine all day.
Very light breeze every now and again.  Sky that beautiful baby blue.  River fast and
deep flowing.  Light shower late afternoon. 
        The river is right next to our friends plot, and it has crystal clear water, a deep
area for swimming , but I haven't been brave enough to try it yet.  With all the rain we
have had over the last few weeks the river over flowed the banks, washed through a
neighbouring property and appears to have caused a good deal of damage. It has
also washed part of the bridge away. Unless you have 4 wheel drive, you now have
to walk across. All part of the fun.
         A group of us went to help our friends move a 1000 galleon water barrel up a
small hill today. Thank goodness without the water in it.  Great fun and a lot of
laughing, But it is now at the top ready to go onto it's base. A few mishaps, like one of
the group falling into a ditch, although she must have crossed it a 100 times before now,
and being told at least 4 times, ditch coming up.  Unfortunately she had to lay there while
photos were taken and everyone had stopped laughing. So the ditch has now been
named after her and will be forever known has Chris's Canyon. Arrived back home
tired and covered in cement, but a good day had by all. A couple of  fruit rum punches
and a shower works wonders.
         This evening is warm, sky is clear, there are a zillion stars out. A nice gusty
breeze blowing, helping to cool it down and keep the little vampires away.
        I'm off to finish my drink and have a well earned early night.
        You all take care and have a great day tomorrow.

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