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- Friday the 30th in the British Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 09:54:20 EDT
Dat Wayward Sailor is soooooooo  POPULAR!  Last night Dear Miss Mermaid got a Skype.com phone call all the way from England from folks wanting to know where dat Wayward Sailor was and why wasn't he writing HERE about it! 
To keep everyone confused, Dear Miss Mermaid has also gone on walk-about and as we say in the islands, go to come back!  Now that can mean I be gone a few hours, several days, many weeks or some months, maybe a year or so. So go to come back, fits all time frames, in da islands.
You can't keep a Mermaid in one place too long. Dear Miss Mermaid has spent much of her life traveling the high seas and low lands with shady friends in sunny places. So it seemed only natural that Dear Miss Mermaid swim to other ports, traverse different waters and continue to shock the lucky few, who spotted a mermaid!  Note, they have to look quick, cause once a mermaid is out of water too long, her tail vanishes and she sprouts temporary legs. (But her long, long hair, remains unchanged. )
And NOW (drum roll PLEASE!)  Here is the Wayward Sailor!
Can we say HAZZZZZZZZZZZe.  For past several days we have had a heavy haze all around the Virgin Islands.  Visibility under 6 miles and from where I am on a boat, you can not make out features of islands more than a mile or so away... just a gray/green glob with few structures hinting at existing. 
Sun has been bright.... almost like a fluorescent bulb through the haze... really have to keep those sun glasses on or you can get a good eye strain.
Nights have been very nice with soft winds and seas.  As day comes we get increasing winds and heaver seas, much of the sea state is due to ferry traffic well off shore but the big wakes do sometimes roll in.  Temps in low 80's with a small chance of rain but winds are suppose to pick up to about 18 knots over the weekend with some wind shifts... even some Western winds are possible as a front moves through according to the weather service.
I'm back in one of "MY" bays for my volunteer service but had a good sail and checked out a few more bays along St. John and did get the chance to pop in to the Market Place in Cruz Bay for some fresh fruit and meats.  Great but $$$ place to get Good Eats.
Have several sets of friends leaving the islands over the next 10 days and it is sad but great for them to take a break and return "home" to the states and England for a few months before they return to da islands.  The Great think is (thing is?) I do have a friend that is coming back to da islands for a while and look forward spending some time together chatting and eating and what ever appears to be a good idea in this layed back  Lim'in place we love so much.
This will be my first full summer here.  I've been down for a few weeks before even in September but never planned to spend the entire year and looking forward to it and hoping no big storms make it uncomfortable for any of us!
da Wayward Sailor
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- Wednesday in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 12:38:46 EDT
Argh mateys!  Another fine day in paradise.
Oh my godda, Anegada is so beautiful...
Ya'll come on out and help raise some fund for Haiti. The suffering there is just incredible. 

Dear Miss Mermaid says:
"I believe we should all pay our taxes with a smile.
I tried that too!

- Sunny Monday in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 11:27:16 EDT
Nice night after several heavy rains yesterday that probable helped lots of people's cistern levels.  Today has started out Mostly Sunny but again with some large clouds hanging around which may develop into more showers as the day goes on.  Now 82 with SouthEast winds at about 12 knots. 
Think I'll go sailing about for the next few days for some changes of view and pick up a few fresh provisions along the way.  May get a good "bath" if one of the showers overtakes me... but that isn't all bad.  Actually feels good and gives the boat a nice wash down if the seas don't kick up too much.
da Wayward Sailor

- MONDAY in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 11:55:36 EDT
Start of day was mostly sunny but clouds do appear to be building and will probably have a repeat of mixed sun and clouds again today.  Didn't have as much as needed for da old solar panels but what we did get helped.
Temp is 81 and we have variable winds generally from the East at about 8 knots but will probably build as the day goes on.  Should have some quick showers as the afternoon approaches and the Full Moon parties, in a few days, may have a bit less moon visible if the clouds hang around as the forecast predicted... still the moon is just one part of most of these events and generally Not the Major one.
Think a nice swim and walk are in order.... or maybe a nap..MMmmmm  something to think about.. all these Hard decisions a Wayward Sailor has to make.... think I'll finish off the coffee first!
da Wayward Sailor

- Sunny Day on Sunday in the British Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 09:42:30 EDT
Sunny Sunday?  Well the night was very cloudy but with a glow from an unseen Moon which lit up the bay nicely.  Temps and light breeze made for a nice night.
Today started out with few clouds and lots of Sun.  Looks to be a great beach and sailing day as the winds appear to be freshening to acceptable sailing range later today at 12 to 15 knots.  Presently at 7:30 about 81 with some lower humidity but a few clouds are about that could change things.
Lots of boats in the bays and a few already out on the waterways.  Guess they are not having a kicked back slow breakfast and coffee on this Sunday AM.  Think I'll do an omelet and coffee and re-read a week old news paper.  Great think about being OLD... as I read some of it... it looks new!  Actually I only get one newspaper every couple of weeks.  I get most of my news from the internet but lots of the local stuff is only found in the printed editions and it is often very entertaining to read.
Well off to the Galley to cook up some goodies!
da Wayward Sailor
Does life in paradise ever get any better?
Dear Miss Mermaid is LUCKY to have helper friends who write the weather reports some days, most days, some of the time *giggle*.  After 10-11-12 years of writing here (DMM forgets HOW long it's been now!) almost every single morning, a mermaid sometimes needs a little break.   I thank my lucky stars for all the wonderful readers who visit here and the fabulous friends and wonderful angels who help contribute here with weather reports, island info and foolishness!
Dear Miss Mermaid is one VERY lucky mermaid!!!
And now for a funny mermaid joke...
A man is dining in a fancy restaurant and there is a gorgeous mermaid sitting at the next table. He has been checking her out since he sat down, but lacks the nerve to talk with her.
Suddenly she sneezes, and her glass eye comes flying out of its socket toward the man.
He reflexively reaches out, grabs it out of the air, and hands it back.
"Oh my, I am so sorry," the mermaid says as she pops her eye back in place.
"I'm sure that must have embarrassed you so let me pay for your dinner to make it up to you," she says.
They enjoy a wonderful dinner together, and afterwards they go to the theatre followed by drinks. They talk, they laugh, she shares her deepest dreams and he listens, he shares his and she listens.
After paying for everything, the mermaid asks him if he would like to come to her place for a nightcap and stay for breakfast.
They have a wonderful, wonderful time.
The next morning, she cooks a gourmet breakfast with all the trimmings. The guy is amazed and totally impressed. Everything had been SO incredible!
"You know," he said, "you are the perfect mermaid! Are you this nice to every guy you meet? "
"No," the mermaid replies. . . . ..
"You just happened to catch my eye."

- Saturday the 24th April in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2010 12:30:06 EDT
Very smooth night in the bay.  Light winds near glass like seas and just a passing shower early in the evening.  One large Trimaran across the bay had a group of guests and someone was singing old sea shanties and was good.  Had a few New lines to What shall we do with a Drunken Sailor Early in the morning that were catchie.
This AM  we do not note many drunken sailors floating about ... most seem to be having huge breakfast of bacon and eggs from the smell of it.  Coffee and possibly an egg for me. 
Looks overcast and we do have a good chance of more short showers.  Hope to get some soap out on a few spots if they last long enough.  Temp is 82 and humidity about the same.  Winds light and variable but should turn North East at under 10 knots as the sun warms things up and the day winds pick up.  Most boats out in the Virgin Islands still appear to be more of the owner type than bareboat charter at this time of year.  Met more interesting people from my Birth State late last evening and the large group on the Trimaran would be a good group to set in with for a while. 
NOTE:  A bareboat Charter does not Actually mean all people aboard are nude... but occasionally it does.  It actually means a person is charting only the boat, no crew and will arrange provisioning themselves.
Well back to planning on what to work on next then figuring out a reason to put it off a few more days!
da Wayward Sailor
Dear Miss Mermaid has received some confusing emails and wishes to set the record straight...
Da Wayward Sailor and the EEC (East End Correspondent) and Dear Miss Mermaid are THREE        different people, all contributing to the BVI reports here.
We may add some more islanders, just to keep you even more confused!

- Friday in the Eye Lons (British Virgin Islands)
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 09:18:40 EDT
Looks as though most of Tortola got some rain yesterday afternoon, probably less in the Western End but the area did get some.  Got to clean down the boat again!  Overnight was hazy until very late.  About 2 when I spent some time in the cockpit I could see the just over half moon and some stars directly overhead but none on the horizon.  Sky was not its normal black but more of a blue-gray color.  Winds were very light and variable. 
This AM winds are light at about 7 knots and under from the Northeast but occasionally swing Southeast.  Seas are Flat... only ripples were from occasional passing boat or fish jumping around.  At 8:30 this AM it is 82 with a RH of 82%.... can we say More Rain Showers.... mixed with some Sun.  Sun is now out and bright but a few large clouds loom in the back ground..... think the dress of the day will be a swim suite as it should be; on and off wet.
More boats seem to be making it out this weekend.  Appears most are Privately owned operated rather than charter which makes for generally a more interesting group.   One sailor came into the bay last evening that looked and sounded very much like Darren McGavin.... A Christmas Story, Night Stalker.... and lots of other movies and TV shows.  Seems he may have had similar reactions from people as his crew was all smiles and agreeing with head shakes.  All in all it was a nice meeting but this AM I checked on the internet and Darren passed away in 2006.  He was a good actor and this sailor could be his look alike stand in any time.  Another Night Stalker Movie would be great!
Well on to more "projects".... actually got 2.5 done yesterday!!!!!!  Will do some power sanding of the companion way doors and the folding table in the cockpit as the sun takes a break from working with my solar panels and I'll kick in the Honda 2000i for double action... charging house bank and allowing me to use some power tools like my small sander.
da Wayward Sailor
U.S. Consular Officer to hold office hours for American Citizens ...
Bridgetown, Barbados, Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - A Consular Officer from the United States Embassy in Barbados will visit Tortola May 4-5, 2010. ...
New hospital project assessment may take months – project manager
BVI News Online
... months to thoroughly assess the mechanical, electrical and plumbing aspects of the new Peebles Hospital, project manager Bennet Smith has told BVI News. ...
Dear Miss Mermaid wrote a hospital blog in July-August 2009, while she was an impromptu guest there in the old section. They certainly need to shake a leg and get  move on with the new hospital, which has been promised for decades.

- Thursday in the Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 14:04:42 EDT
Has some moderate rains over night.  Wish I had a good rain water collection system for da boat!  Bit overcast this AM with what is called a stalled system in the area... we are expecting short showers and partly cloudy conditions for the next few days.
Bit warm at 87 with minimal winds which are variable.  Boats pointing in all directions at the moorings.  Humidity seems to be increasing so frequent swims seem to be in order for the day.  I'm actually getting down to doing some of the "To Do" list I've had since December!  Charging batteries and tools with the Honda which also allows me to get this report out.
da Wayward Sailor
I (Dear Miss Mermaid) designed a super simple rain-catcher for my boat, back in the dark ages. It covered the forepeak area, giving shade over the padded cell...um foreward bunk. I had  a big generous bunk in the forepeak, so big, I had to buy beautiful King sized reef sheets with fishes and such painted on them, to compliment a mermaid lounging in them....
I just love pillows, so I had loads of them in the forepeak and had bought extra matching pillow cases to accommodate them all. When I made up the bunk in the morning, I lined up all the pillows, and they fit rather neatly against the bulkheads, and down the sides of the bunk and a few at the foot of the bed which is the bow of the boat.  There were exactly enough to encircle the entire bunk. For good measure, I had a few seashell shaped toss pillows, I thew in as a whimsical touch.
One day another couple who knew me, but had never seen my boat before came over. I had by then redone the entire interior, so they wanted to go below and poke around.  I sat in the cockpit and the couple went down the companionway and politely oohed and aahed at my new cushions, new upholstery (in Caribbean pastels of course!) varnished  teak, mirrored bulkead and so on. I was sitting in the cockpit, swelling with pride at a chance to show off my years of hard work.
Then my ego shattered.  My friends began laughing hysterically.  From the cockpit, I glanced below and they were standing at the forepeak, giggling with wild abandon.  I was a tad puzzled at WHAT was so comical about my gorgeous bed sheets, and pillows. 
Finally, they turned around with huge grins on their faces and explained. "We always SUSPECTED you were crazy, and seeing your "padded cell"  in the forepeak, well that just confirms our suspicions!"
So, there after, my bunk was referred to as the Padded Cell.
But I digress (so that's not exactly new, the way my addled brain wanders in this daze...)  anyhow, back to the rain-catcher. It covered the foredeck and shaded the padded cell below, with plenty of room for my hatch to open.  I had the rain catcher tied to the bow pulpit and the forward shrouds on either side. In the middle of the rain-catcher, was a thru-hull fitting and flexible tubing which led to the boat's water fill. Two bits of twine were tied to the underside of the thru-hull fitting, and then attached to the lower stanchion supports on both sides of the boat. This caused the rain-catcher to be shaped like a bowl. 
The prevailing winds dictated that I move the aft part of the rain-catcher up higher than the forward part.  I loved that little rain-catcher, it was super simple to set up, made of canvas, and it clipped or tied down in a matter of a few short minutes, after anchoring. It would stay up until I sailed again. If any quick Caribbean rain showers came by, they always stopped by to deposit a few gallons in my water tanks. The heavens delivered so much water to me on such a regular basis, that I never once bought water for the boat again. This is amazing, as I was living aboard, and showering every day and washing my long hair as needed, as well as cooking, and cleaning.  I also used a Brita filter jug and filtered my rain water for cooking and drinking.
Those were the days...  Free water from heaven.

- Tortola BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 12:33:19 EDT
Sun is shining but been really overcast for 2 days   Mo' later!
BVI Airways will entertain local shareholders in the future; inaugural flight ...
BVI News Online
By ANEKA EDWARDS, Staff Reporter BVI Airways will unveil their 19-seater aircraft on April 27, 2010 at the Terrance B Lettsome Airport as preparations are ...
Government becoming more assertive or more aggressive?
BVI News Online
... or perhaps playing a more aggressive role when it comes to governing the country, according to talk show host Douglas Wheatley of 'Speak Out BVI'. ...

- Loverly days in the Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 15:54:04 EDT
Nice overnight.  Had friends drop by for a nice chat.  They will be putting their boat "On the Hard" at end of month and going back to Montana to do some RVing...I wish them well but remember the Auto Pilot on the RV isn't the same as on the Boat!!!!! 
Early this AM we had a short rain shower and now at 8:45 we have another and expect the same light showers for the next few days with a few pop outs of Sun.  I'll be heading to Cruz Bay in St. John for some fuel and supplies in a bit... probably in the rain and..... at best a bit of motor sailing but possibly just a motor trip of a bit over an hour.  Now the decision... put on the rain slicker or a layer of bath soap????  For you Non Sailors... fresh water is expensive and sometimes difficult to haul to the boat so a nice rain shower that isn't too cold from blowing wind is a nice chance for a free fresh water shower.
Temp now is 82 and wind is almost dead.  boats are drifting about the mooring balls pointing in all directions and I can smell bacon cooking up on several boats nearby.  Think my coffee, banana and cookies provided by last nights guest will be my morning meal... Maybe have a nice sea food lunch in Cruz Bay..... then back to Tortola for a bit.
da Wayward Sailor

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 09:28:32 EDT
Can we say SEEEEE GULLS.. GeeZZzz
After not having any sea gulls for months... it was nice... they are now all over the place.  Didn't know until Sunday that they come from South America each year about this time and their arrival is known almost to the date.  Loud and obnoxious.  First thing in the AM is a dozen or so on the dink screaming for breakfast to be served... to lazy to get a fish?  The biggest problem is all the Poop... how can a bird produce so much poop?  All dinks are spotted with it and in some areas you need a rain coat to walk through a flock of them.  Hopefully they will spread out and learn how to fish rather than beg and expect hand outs.
Really funny thing is when some of the Charter Boat people start to feed them.... they get dozens and dozens all over the place like in the movie Birds.... they usually hide for a bit in the boat then come out when it is clear and find the boat deck is NOT clear by any means.  After a hours clean up... no more feeding the birds!
Winds easing off a bit, partly cloudy but enough sun is getting through to make it a nice day.  Humidity seems lower but still at 75% with temp at 82.  Weather man says we will have several days of increasing clouds with some rain.  Good thing about rain around here is that it is a few minutes to an hour or so and never all day.  Sun generally pops out to give everything the just washed clean look we all love!  AND with these Darn Birds we need all the fresh washed clean look we can get!
I'll try to get you some photos when I think they will not attempt to eat my camera!
da Wayward Sailor

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- da Wayward Sailor in da Eye Lons
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 10:02:59 EDT
Great start of a day so far.  Mostly sunny with a nice breeze and temp is 81.  Weather reports indicate we will have increasing clouds with increasing chances of rain over the next 7 days.  Area does need a good rain, I just hope the sun pops out enough to keep everyone (and my solar panels) happy.
Already had a nice walk and swim this AM and plan on just another kicked back day.... it is Sunday after all.  Saw several interesting birds feeding young and the gray donkeys are out for their Sunday AM walk down the beach.  Bay starting to fill up with people wanting to catch a bit of sun before the new work week.  Had a great sunset last night and winds died down to a very comfortable level and are now about 12 knots and should go up a bit as the sun heats things up.  Hope everyone has had a great weekend!
da Wayward Sailor
This is a truly stunning picture of the Virgin Islands. To see the FULL size, see this link (Dear Miss Mermaid's other blog).

- Sunday in the Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 09:06:56 EDT
a few clouds, 81 degrees, another fun Sunday in paradise!

- Saturday the 17th April in BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 18:07:30 EDT
Yesterday was windy and it should be similar but maybe a little lighter today.  Did get some Afternoon Sun.  Today started off very cloudy but a few breakouts of Sunshine are showing their effects on the mountains... hope they find my solar panels! 
Winds now from the East and NorthEast at about 12 Knots and I see some small white caps in the Sir Francis Drake Channel and a bit more between Tortola and Jost Van Dyke.  Seems most sail boats are motoring in the Channel with the exception of a very few sailors beating up wind... the down wind guys just don't seem to want to sail with the clouds out.  More sailors with both sails up between Tortola and Jost.... maybe a bit more sun.  82 and a bit of a cool wind.  Still a great day in Paradise! Glad I'm here!
Low activity rate for a weekend here in Waterlemon Cay on St. John.  Normally the place is packed with sailboats and a lot of small daytripper power boats in for snorkeling... not much today at least yet.
BTW  the misspelled words are intentional.  I feel I need to give something to all readers to have fun with.... that and sometimes I'm only on my first cup of coffee in the AM when I get on line!
da Wayward Sailor

- Saturday in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 08:26:13 EDT
Eighty something degrees with breezy winds and sunshine in most places.
So that's what da Wayward Sailor saw! Round Tortola Race! DMM should have know better!
Formula 40, Soma, breaks round Tortola record in Nanny Cay challenge
BVI News Online
Nanny Cay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, April 16, 2010 – Soma, a St John-based Formula 40 catamaran and frequent BVI visitor, smashed the Round Tortola ...
On my first visit to St Thomas, back in the dark ages... I arrived coincidentally at Carnival Time!  I partied all night and spent the day tanning downtown while the parade went by. I even did the tramp at 4am while swilling endless rum punches. It was fun and mayhem, a great introduction to the Virgin Islands.
One day, after a long night of partying,  I woke up on a charter yacht that was off duty, and I was astounded to find out people got paid to work on sailboats in paradise. I thought to myself, hmm, I don't remember that option being offered on career day at school.
At the time, I had a fantastic career, as a landlocked executive, back in the days when you had offices and not cubicles, and secretaries and not laptops. Little did I know, that years later, I would end up in the Virgin Islands, working as professional crew on large yachts.
And it all started with Carnival in St Thomas!

- Friday already? in the BVI? Dear Miss Mermaid Gone Crazy!
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 10:56:21 EDT
Can we say Breezy?  That is the forecast for today... up to 25 knots North East in direction.  Temps still moderate and at near 9AM stand at 84 with approximately 12 knot wind from NE.  Humidity is around 68% and it is partly cloudy but love the Sun when it breaks through, kissing my solar panels.  Seas in and around the Sir Francis Drake Channel are 2 to 3 feet with an occasional wind blown swell from the East.
Seem to be fewer boats about.  Many of the charter boats are tending to hang around the "tourist" spots and not that many actually doing much sailing.  I've also noted fewer Ferry Boats... which means if you are coming down and plan on using one, you need to check the actual schedules by calling.... if you can get them to answer.... rather than depend on the schedules that are printed up or are on the Web.  Those Schedules are subject to frequent changes and are almost never reflected on the web.
Up wind a Dutch boat seem to be cooking something that smelled like a Kraut based dinner.... made me hungry for something like that and since I didn't get invited over I fixed myself some Smoked Sausage with Sour Kraut and some of my version of a German Hot Potato Salad..... OMG... had toOooo much.  Think the one Red Stripe I had didn't help.  Don't think I would have drown if I had fallen overboard in the night.... if you get the drift....  LOL  Tonight.... maybe Corned Beef Hash..... makes for a good morning after breakfast with eggs if you have left overs which I always set aside BEFORE I have my meal.  I often become a SEEFOOD lover on the boat.... if I see food I eat it..... then I have to walk a few miles up mountains in penitents for the "sin".
da Wayward Saillor (um...Dear Miss Mermaid notes that da Wayward Sailor MIGHT have been through a rum squall again, cause he can't spell Sailor today...tee hee hee, ha ha ha!)
Tax day, April 15th, was yesterday for the Americans. Luckily, the BV Islanders don't have to file tax returns. YIPPEE!  Taxes (after earning the first $10,000 tax free) are withheld from your pay at a flat rate, and that's IT, you're done!  No deductions, no exemptions, no credits, pay as you go and at the end of the year you don't have to pony up this huge box of paper and receipts for a lengthy tax return. How cool is that?  WAY COOL!
Designed for boaters, fishermen and divers. Because these British Virgin Islands Waterproof Charts use only high quality synthetic paper and inks, they look great and really last - Use them on deck in any weather rain or spray! Even resists rum squalls!  Both the Coast Guard and Navy rely on these charts for accuracy, yet they are designed for simple use with GPS by the average boater. The durable charts are foldable and easy to hold and store. Plus, these Waterproof Charts are so tear resistant you simply cannot ruin them! Get your set today.
Festival Theme & Slogan Competition
Bulletin Expires: Fri Apr 30
The Virgin Islands Festivals and Fairs Committee is inviting the public to participate in the theme and slogan competition for Festival 2010. The theme must focus on the Virgin Islands historical and/or cultural heritage; and the slogan must...
New look for taxi drivers
BVI News Online
Photo credit: BVI News By ANEKA EDWARDS, Staff Reporter By week-end locals and tourists are in for a treat as licensed taxi drivers will be sporting new ...
Reef Check Internationl director visits territory
BVI News Online
“It is my immediate goal to enhance local coral reef monitoring through improving the effectiveness of Reef Check-BVI.” Dr. Hodgson told the Department of ...

 By the way, Dear Miss Mermaid gone crazy AGAIN!  (Nothing new there...some of you say!)  Anyhow, DMM is SO crazy, she is giving out Coupon Code PH9DYCEL for $4.00 off her book at this mailorder link.  You can order as many books as you want and the coupon is good for all!  So make a list of all those friends, that like to laugh, and buy them discounted copies too.  The coupon is good through April 30th (maybe longer, if DMM still crazy!)
Actually, DMM is sick (sick in da head!) ha ha ha!  But she gonna be all better again, and WATCH OUT, cause she gonna bounce back and be kicking tail, taking names and getting back to wrapping up her next book!  Volume 2?  Or a name yet to be released?  Keep guessing! Time will tell!

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Thursday...Friday...in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 23:38:23 EDT
 Sunny, breezy, summery... just the usual in paradise!
Internet was up and down and gone bye bye, so this didn't get out on time, oh well!
And you think the ash fall-out from Montserrat is a problem................
'Luv  Frenchie
A wise man once said  "Look on life as an apple; the more you eat the less you have,but if you don't eat it, then it will spoil, so you have to throw it away, so make sure you enjoy your life to the fullest. "

- British Virgin Islands weatherwise
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 10:43:11 EDT
Was a wet upwind motor to Tortola Yesterday.  Overcast with multiple but short rain showers, not enough to help with the dry conditions on land.  Not much sun all day and today starts out overcast but I do see a few locations over Sir Francis Drake Channel where the sun is shining.... just not on my boat!  Probably will kick in the Honda 2000i Generator tonight for battery charge and maybe a movie or two with popcorn.
82F degrees at 8:30 with Humidity up to 78%.  Winds should decrease today... should be under 15 but is probably about that now.  Think it was the Spring Regatta out of Nanny Cay that filled much of the Channel about noon yesterday.... I was too far away for photos or to see much of it.  Looked like a moderate turn out and lots of boats where bunched together with a Helicopter overhead.  Was wet but a nice sail day for them.... for me... banging directly into wind and waves was the fair of the day.
Going to do some shopping today and see if the phone company and I can learn to speak the same language.
da Wayward Sailor
Dear Miss Mermaid notes da Wayward Sailor is about a week behind on the regatta...  No idea what the race or flotilla was that he saw. Maybe it was a rum squall!  *tee hee hee* 
U.S. Consular Officer to hold office hours for American Citizens ...
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Bridgetown, Barbados, Tuesday, April 13, 2010 – A Consular Officer from the United States Embassy in Barbados will visit Tortola May 4-5, 2010. The Consular Officer will be providing American Citizen Services, accepting applications for ...
BVI News - http://bvinews.com/

- Twos Day in Tortola BVI
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 11:33:33 EDT
Da Wayward Sailor has gone wayward again...
Dear Miss Mermaid is slippery as an eel...
The East End Correspondent has gone to come back...
Heat index of 87 degrees with delightful winds.
Suzanne, a local artist on Tortola, sent me this computer painting she did for my birthday!
At last a book for us Mermaids!
BIG INTERNATIONAL NEWS!!!  You can now buy mail-order copies of the book "Hurricanes and Hangovers(and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph) by Dear Miss Mermaid"  in France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom ,and  the USA.
I'm still working on the Canadian angle, though currently you can get my book shipped to Canada and most anywhere in the world from this author's website.
If you have read the book and want to post a review on Amazon, it sure does help others determine whether to buy it or not and Dear Miss Mermaid thanks you one and all!  There is no requirement that you bought it from Amazon, just that you have read it and will type out a review. Amazon let's you even choose a nickname, so you don't have to publish your full name if you prefer more privacy.

- Monday in the Virgin Islands
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  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 11:35:54 EDT
WoW!!  Some action on da old bay yesterday!
A sailboat race was underway, no idea which it was..... several tacked deep into the bay in their Eastward run then tacked out toward Thatch Island.  They often came uncomfortably close to the Moored boats including mine and the Boating Exclusion Zone BEZ (Swimming and snorkeling area) around Waterlemon Cay.
One about 40' did same and as it was abreast Waterlemon Cay on its starboard, a big gust of wind over powered it and it swung toward the BEZ, helmsman attempted to correct only to break the steering cable!  Boat crossed into the BEZ forcing a number of swimmers/ snorkelers to clear the area in a rush to keep from being run down.
Winds allowed the boat to come into the lea of the island and they were able to push to bow on one of the few sandy spots on the Cay.  Quickly getting the Emergency T-Bar Tiller in place they were able to withdraw, avoiding the moorings and BEZ markers and swimmers.  They retired from the race and returned Westward with the wind at a much slower speed to make repairs and probably change a few pairs of shorts.
It was more calm over night but this AM the winds and gusts have returned.  We do have more sun... most of Sunday was overcast.  It is 84 at 10AM and Humidity is 67% winds from East at 15 knots with gust above 20.  Hope I can get enough sun today to top off the House Battery bank.
Wish I were having the breakfast Dear Miss Mermaid fixed her friends yesterday!  For me it was a Grapefruit and coffee... OK... but rather have the realllly good stuff!!
Fair Winds and Following Seas....
da Wayward Sailor.
Dear Miss Mermaid had a blast on her birthday yesterday.  After making brunch for friends, they later treated her to  live entertainment and a few shady friends in a sunny location.   Chocolate was seriously  injured in the making of the party...  Shrimp, shrimp, and more shrimp.... Dear Miss Mermaid's favorite for the birthday dinner.
Stay tuned for worldly news about Dear Miss Mermaid, coming soon...

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Four Eleven Club in the BVI!
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  • Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 11:13:31 EDT
Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to all 4/11ers, Happy Birthday to US!!!
(sung to the tune of Happy Birthday with an island beat as best I can carry a tune in a broken plastic bucket)
Day started with light sprinkles and increasing winds from the reasonably calm night.  81 with winds 10 to 15 but they are to increase to 15 to 20 by the afternoon with higher gust near rain showers.  These winds are a surprise to me as this time of year has typically always been less gusty when I've been down.  Noticed lots of boats getting over powered as they attempt to move East in 25 knot winds.... carring too much sail for the point of sail they are attempting.
Met interesting friends from The Netherlands and some place called Tennessee..... sailing boats in Tennessee? (da Wayward Sailor is a Bama fan)  Fact is that most of the charter boats in the area have NEVER been to their registered Port of Call/ Home Port and Never will.
Wow, just had a big gust of wind that swung the boat about 120 degrees!  Think I'll secure things, grab a book and settle in for a rocking of my cradle.... maybe a nap is in order?
da Wayward Sailor
Yes, Happy Birthday to YOU ad Me and the Doc and the artist!
I am so GRATEFUL and THANKFUL to be ALIVE and WELL (and causing trouble!)
Today I am with friends I have known many decades and I am torturing them by making my favorite breakfast for us all!  Lox and bagels with all the trimmings!
I am waiting on the oven to heat up for toasting the bagels now.   Serving whole wheat bagels with whipped cream cheese, smoked salmon, thinly sliced tomatoes and onions plus capers, garnished with fresh rosemary from the garden, and the cream cheese is garnished with a bright yellow with red center hibiscus flower, it looks so pretty. I feel so blessed!
Life is GOOD!
Dear Miss Mermaid

- saturday in the british virgin islands
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  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 10:11:35 EDT
Winds died down early this AM but by 8 are giving indications they may pick up again.  Now getting gust of about 12 knots but seas still calm from over night conditions.  Partly cloudy with a little haze, humidity is up to about 70% and temp is now 82.  Lots of boats are leaving moorings early but most seem to be motoring even going down wind toward St Thomas or even a nice beam reach to Jost Van Dyke.... guess they don't know what those big white things are for folded neatly in the sail stack sacks or how to release the jibs.
Well time for another cup of coffee and maybe a nice omelet or maybe a bowl of cereal and fruit.  Ahhhh such is the life of a sailor... decisions decisions decisions.........
da Wayward Sailor
       I won’t be near a computer on April 11 so let me be among the first to wish you Happy Birthday (and the wayward sailor)!   Mine was March 31 so we are close in that regard.  The snow has finally melted off “da boat”, so I will work on her this week.  Once she is launched I will have a beer in your honor and the wayward sailor too!   Stay well, Mitch.
AWW!  We both thanks you!

- Friday in the Islands Mon (Virgin Islands!)
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  • Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 12:18:12 EDT
April 9, 2010
Mostly Sunny and still windy.  Wind has subsided a bit but is now gusting more which is a problem for many sailors who find themselves overpowered as they run the Sir Francis Drake Channel and adjacent waters.  Low chance of rain but a few sprinkles were noted last night.  We also see wind spirits... wind blown sea spray about 3 feet high racing across the waters occasionally. 
Fun to watch while on a mooring but not as much when they hit ya boat while sailing.... can we say WET!!!
84 with Humidity at about 68 winds now about 15 knots with gust to 23.  Overall just another great day to be in the islands.
da Wayward Sailor
April 8, 2010 (better late than never, and we often late here in the BVI!)
Can we say BREEZZZZZYYyyy?  Have had about 18 to 20 knot winds since Tuesday mid AM and expect them to continue until the late weekend.  Seas as choppy but not large... still makes for wet passages.  Took me two hours to motor sail from Red Hook St. Thomas to the Tortola area, and I got wet.  It is a bit difficult to pick up a mooring when single handing when the winds are up and making little moves.... blows the boat away just as you grab for the line.  Took me 3 tries and that is the first time in a long time it has taken more than one!  Temps are mild around 85 or so and it still gets cool at night.  Nice for sleeping or kicking back and reading a great book.
Fewer Charter boaters but still a good number of cruisers and locals out sailing.  Lots of activity at the Marinas that have haul out and storage.  Yards are about full and if you do not already have a reservation... well you are out of luck.
Only 3 more days until a certain Mermaid has another birthday!  Is she 33 or 43 or 148?  It is hard to tell with Mermaids.  Her birth day is easy to recall as it is the same month and date as mine and another friend of the Mermaid.  I'll be doing me "THING" on da boat just off St. John but I'll bet 11 April will be a good day all over for all the birthday people.
Question.... are Mermaids born or hatched or what ever?  Do they just appear?  Well enough deep thoughts for the day!
da Wayward Sailor
Yes, It's TRUE!  Dear Miss Mermaid celebrates her birthday on April 11, as does the Wayward Sailor!  Apparently no one had THE TALK with the Wayward Sailor to tell him where little Mermaids come from...
What do you think grows under those seashells in the sea and delivered by the storkles?  Why it's little Mermaids! 
Rather than give up my timeless age... I've decided this year for my birthday, it's better to GIVE than to receive...  (I know, I pirated that from SOMEWHERE...)
So I am giving away $4.00 OFF coupons for buying Dear Miss Mermaid's Book "Hurricanes and Hangovers (and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph " mail-order.   I wanted to call it "Dear Miss Mermaid Gone Crazy Coupon!"  but alas, the coupon guru named it PH9DYCEL. (What language is that?  DMM has no idea!)
Here's how it works, go to this link, order as many copies of the book you desire (they make great gifts for anyone who loves to laugh!)  enter coupon code PH9DYCEL for $4.00 and you get $4.00 off per book, so if you order 3 books, you get $12.00 off and so on.
Coupon code is good through the end of April and maybe longer (Dear Miss Mermaid might be crazy in May, who knows?)
Dear Miss Mermaid swims in the ocean...
PEACE and LOVE!  We shall miss you dearly Sydney. Most everyone who has ever sailed the BVI has probably stopped in Sydney's Peace and Love on Jost Van Dyke for drinking, limin', entertaining and dining. Sadly lovely Sydney has passed on in peace, but his legend (and his bar) are still alive. See more at BVI Pioneer Remembered.
THE BVI Music Fest is  "ON" again! 
BVI Music Festival Official Launch Set For April 16
Platinum News Online
This year´s festival is scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 28th, 29th & 30th, Cane Garden Bay, Tortola BVI. This year, the festival comes alive ...
EXCLUSIVE: Fantasia & Gyptian Among Artistes For BVI Music Fest
Platinum News Online
This year´s BVI Music Festival will be a blast and indeed the event to look forward to as several international and local artistes will emerge on the stage ...
BVI still in the closet... (It's only 2010...) 
Youth TV show cancelled after lesbian interview recording; cast not pleased
BVI News Online
A reliable source close to the group told BVI News in an exclusive interview that the show was suspended about three months ago by the Ministry of Education ...

- Thursday Thirst Day in the beautiful Virgin Islands
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 07:28:08 EDT
77 degrees with a heat index of 79...  is there a glacier in the neighborhood?
Sandy Spit BVI
I totally missed April Fools Day, and am so sorry about that because I had some pretty good pranks planned.  I was going to make up stories like "BVI Government Slashed by Half, Businesses forced to close early as the public turns out in mass to celebrate!"
I was going to followup with an article "Government decides to Utilize Their Computers" and do the whole article how with half the dead weight gone, the other half decided to wake up and work, so that  Work Permits would be issued in under 2 days (instead of 6-9-12+ months).  How instead of turning in your forms hand written in triplicate, accompanied by photo copies of other government paperwork, the government was now going to use their own computers to actually look this information up, and save thousands of trees each year (in wasted paper costs).
I guess it wasn't going to be much of an April Fool's joke, as everyone knows the BVI government would NEVER be accused of  being efficient. LOL!!!
Or I liked this one, it was fun to contemplate, Dear Miss Mermaid won the Mega-Lottery and is sending everyone who bought her book, $10,000 to thank them for their prior support!  (And I would be thrilled to do this when I win the Mega Lottery!)
However, Jeff Masters had some fun with his weather blog April 1st and went all out:
Posted by: JeffMasters, 12:49 PM GMT on April 01, 2010
Global warming has unthawed an entire race of warrior mermen and mermaids in the Arctic, scientists revealed today. At a packed press conference in Boulder, Colorado, Dr. Mark Xyzzy of the National Institute for Cryosphere Exploration and Tertiary Research on Yetis (NICETRY) revealed the details of the discovery: "We've been operating robot research submarines under the sea ice in the Chukchi Sea north of Barrow, Alaska this winter, as part of International Geophysical Year studies on the dynamics of arctic sea ice loss," commented Dr. Xyzzy. "Last week, one of our submersibles caught a remarkable video of a warrior mermaid, armed with a trident, riding past the submarine on the back of a narwhal. We were able to track the mermaid to her home--an underwater merfolk city at the bottom of the Chukchi Sea. The city had been thawed out in 2005 by warm water currents invading the Arctic due to global warming. These mermaids and mermen had been frozen into the underwater permafrost since the onset of the last ice age, 115,000 years ago. We undertook immediate efforts to establish communications with the merfolk, by sending in divers with underwater writing boards who were able to work out a simple symbol-based language. We learned that the Chukchi Sea merfolk are at war with a tribe of rival merfolk in the Greenland Sea. The two tribes have been fighting a heated underwater battle for dominance of the Arctic Ocean ever since global warming thawed out both tribes in 2005. It is the explosions from their undersea battles that have been the dominant cause of arctic sea ice loss since 2005, not global warming, as had been previously assumed. A team of experienced United Nations negotiators is now in the Arctic, attempting to broker a truce between the rivals and save the arctic sea ice from further destruction."

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Winds on Wednesday in the BVI
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  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 11:34:17 EDT
Good afternoon from Roadtown. Tradewinds are wonderful up in East End, 
Roadtown was a bit hot with not much breezes.  (All that government hot air!)
By the way, Dear Miss Mermaid reports the tooth fairy won round one *ding ding!*

Embattled Guyanese businessman fights deportation from BVI
Stabroek News
However, according to the BVI Platinum News the man's lawyer has since filed an appeal against the deportation order. Lawyer, Stephen Daniels of Vernon E. ...
Sad but true, the BVI is notorious for being late to promote anything. You would think that once MusicFest was over in 2009, they would have IMMEDIATELY started on planning 2010, but good heavens, they wait until 6 weeks before the event to try to pull it together?  What a shame, it was a great festival. But Foxys Wooden Boat Regatta will be in full swing the same weekend, and it's a great party with loads of entertainment and shore activities.
BVI News Online
Cancel Music Fest – promoter urges
BVI News Online
BVI News understands that the BVI Music Fest Cane Garden Bay committee will have an official launch party to announce the line-up on April 16, ...

Sail-World.com : From the Cold to the BVI Spring Regatta Day 1 ...
'On the Way to Tortola, Paige discovers Canadaian Yachting - BVI Spring Regatta' John Morris Click Here to view large photo ...
VG parade – “80 percent better than last year” (PHOTOS BEING UPLOADED)
BVI News Online
And while BVI News could not get in contact with any of the committee members many spectators were in awe with the tantalizing costumes on display. ...

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Tuesday in the BVI already, back to work, play time over for some...
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  • Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 11:58:02 EDT
Easter Monday the biggest decision we had to make was where do we go 
for lunch?  The holiday made it harder since most restaurants are 
closed so that they don't have to pay double time . Islands restaurant 
at the Sugar Mill was open and we had a wonderful lunch plus it always 
feels like you are on vacation when you go there.  Seems funny to say 
that but having spent more time on south side of the island a trek 
over the hill to the north side is always a fun adventure.

83 air temp, 82 water temp, now THAT is life in Paradise!

- Hoppy Easter Monday Holiday in the British Virgin Islands
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  • Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 10:26:31 EDT
DateLine Virgin Islands:  Last night 4/4/10 at 8;30pm da Wayward Sailor was "attacked" by flying Squid while watching an old B/W TV show Adventures In Paradise with Gardner McKay as Adam Troy skipper of the Tiki.  In the Dark of Night the Squid attacked with out provocation jumping into the boat at a height of over 5 feet hitting da Wayward Sailor in the chest just a few inches from his mouth which was in the process of processing a bottle of Red Stripe.  At this time it is not clear if the Flying Squid was actually attacking da Wayward Sailor or was possibly an underwater film critic or fan of the fabulous Show from the early 60's.  No injuries were reported as after da Wayward Sailor got a light and identified his attacker he released the Squid back to the sea while saying  " it is darn good for you Squid... that I do not know how to cook you".  Squid was estimated to be about 7 to 8 inches and carried no weapons but did leave a very messy black ink on the deck.
Other News...  After the reported Squid attack we had a rain shower at 3AM that cooled things off a bit.  Winds clocked from North to South West over night but were back to the North by daybreak.  Light winds under 7 knots with minimal seas early in the AM.  Early AM temps were in the mid 70's but warming up quickly to 81 at 8AM.  Partly cloudy but sun is presently pouring through and making friends with my solar panels... Whoopieeee.  Most of the Power boats seem to have departed back to PR and bay is mostly sailboats for first time in several days.  I'll be heading to Cruz Bay, St. John then Red Hook, St Thomas on Tuesday to get re provisioned and pick up a book on the cooking of Squid.....
da Wayward Sailor
It's true when picturing something you want  to size up later, (and don't have a ruler handy to put in the picture) then substitute something else,  next to it, for comparison, such as a dollar bill. In this case a shoe was used, (but is it a kid's shoe or a jumbo giant's shoe?)  *giggle*
By the way, those Croc Shoes are famous with sailors and not likely to go out of style anytime soon with the liveaboard crowd. When we find something nifty we stick with it, whether it's trendy or not, and these are the best traveling shoes for sailors.
Now I've heard some fish stories, but this takes the cake; a squid story!   However, there is a flying squid (Dosidicus gigas) or Humboldt squid, but it's typically found wandering from Peru north to Baja California. Oddly, Humboldt County California (famous for its penchant for growing controversial herbs aka marijuana) is in northern California, the namesake may be conicidental, then again, flying high herbs, flying high squid... who knows?)
Squid aka Calamari is easy to cook...  once he is cleaned. He cooks so quick that heating the fry pan takes longer than the actual cooking. If you overcook squid, you have something akin to rubber.
   1. Holding the body firmly, grasp the head and pull gently, twisting if necessary, to pull the head away from the body without breaking the ink sac. The internal body and tentacles will come with it.
   2. Cut the tentacles from the head just below the eyes. At the center of the tentacles is a small beak. Squeeze to remove and discard.
   3. Set aside the  tentacles to use (they're edible and tasty). If the recipe calls for ink, reserve it, otherwise discard the head and ink sac.
   4. At the top of the body, there is a clear piece of cartilage. Pull it out and discard.
   5. If the squid has an outer spotted membrane-type skin, pull it off and discard.
   6. Under cold running water, wash the tube carefully, inside and out, to get rid of any sand or other remaining tissues, and wash the tentacles carefully as well.
   7. If you're going to stuff them, you're finished. Set them aside to drain.
   8. If you're going to fry them, remove the side fins and keep with the tentacles for cooking since they're edible. Let the squid drain.  NOTE: If the ink sac breaks, just rinse the squid under cold running water to clear away.
Air temp is 81, water is 83, no wonder it feels so wonderful!  Wind speed 3-9 knots, from the NNE.
It's Easter Monday in the BVI's and therefore a HOLIDAY!  Hoppy Easter Monday Holiday! 

- HOPPY Easter!
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 11:13:37 EDT
Great start to Easter!  Northern swells subsiding and winds mild and cool.  82 in the West End Tortola/ East End St. John area with humidity about 60% and a small chance of showers later today.  Should have plenty of time to collect those floating Easter eggs I see a few boaters tossing in the water for the kids to collect.  Never thought of that myself!
Should be a great day all around the islands and for the MASSIVE number of Power Boats that have flooded the area!  Locally known as the PR Navy.  My bay has 80% power boats which normally is down to less than 20% on non-holidays.  Wonder where all the sailboats went?  It will probably take a day or so for all the diesel fumes to die down, guess solar and wind power are not considered useful on large power boats... yet.... with the price of fuel going up... think that will change and will be glad when more solar and wind power finally find the way to power boats.
later da Wayward Sailor
The Puerto Ricans love the Virgin Islands for all American holidays. Puerto Rico is part of America, but with a distinct culture and Latino flavor all their own, including a love for boating and partying with a tendency to often overload the boat with extra relatives and friends. Puerto Ricans seem to be perpetually happy, but heck, when messing about boats and partying, who isn't? 
From our EEC (East End Correspondent)
Happy Easter!  Went for sea shells this morning but found I was 
picking Easter eggs by the sea shore instead! Stunning Easter morning, 
no rain, no hurricanes, just a lovely day in paradise.
Looks like some of those Easter Eggs mentioned above, have washed up ashore!  How beautiful! 

Spring Regatta Website
Tonight is the BIG party at Nanny Cay!  But if you want to see the sailors, get there early, some have to leave after the awards which are late afternoon.

- Oh My Gadda its the Spring Regatta!
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  • Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 10:41:02 EDT
Rainy regatta day on Good Friday, caught this amazing photo early this morning before  the regatta stared. Beautiful sight! Come rain or shine the Regatta 
boats will be out in force.
EEC (East End Correspondent)

Looks more like the dark and stormy race!
Regatta Village with loads of ice brought in extra for the racers to sail with daily, some boat adorn their vessel with flags and sponsorship logos.

Regatta Village behind Peg Legs on Nanny Cay. Actually the 2nd cay behind Nanny Cay is named Peg Legs, but many folks don't realize there are two cays located there. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE are good words to hit the BVI finally. That t-shirt reads (I think) "He who is drowned is not troubled by the rain".  In other words, stop whining, shut up and enjoy your fresh waster rinse!
Another old proverb:  "He who wears socks in sunshine, gets funny tan lines!"

- Better late than never...
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  • Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 11:35:01 EDT
This pic is from March 31. Dear Miss Mermaid was fighting with the tooth fairy and missed a few days! 
Had to cruise ships in today, Roadtown busy with tourists.

- Regatta off to the start!
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  • Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 11:29:05 EDT

- Winds Day on Wednesday on Tortola in the BVI
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  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 10:01:59 EDT
85 degrees and 13mph winds.
Toll the bells 8 times...
Downright sad news. We shall miss this old salt, a familiar face around racing and Nanny Cay in the BVI.  
Lord be good to us, for the sea is so wide and our ship is so small.
We Will Miss You Artful Boater
Sadness lies over the BVI boating community like a dense fog as we come to grips with the loss of Artful Boater, Guy Eldridge. Guy passed away on Friday, ...
Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands Newspaper, A Pulitzer Prize Winning ...
Popular BVI sailor dies aboard vessel at Rolex By SEAN McCOY ... He served as Captain of Sailors at the Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club. ...
Let the Games Begin at the BVI Sailing Festival
All At Sea
Registration is officially closed for the BVI Sailing Festival, the three day low-pressure pre-cursor to the BVI Spring Regatta. ...
The 2010 Highland Spring HIHO returns to the British Virgin Islands
Starting at the Moorings resort property on Tortola, the Highland Spring HIHO fleet sprints up to the top of the BVI's, then spends the week coming back ...
Today's Funny Quote:
If you haven't got a smile on your face
And laughter in your heart,

Then you're just a sour old fart!


- Tortola Tuesday in the BVI
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  • Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 10:59:28 EDT
Today it is summery in the BVI, spring lasted all of ten seconds, then straight into summer.
Um, just when I advertised yesterday, no snow in the Caribbean this year...  Here came this amazing picture!
How to warm up on a snowy day:
Read a sunny book!
AND she is reading my book "Hurricanes and Hangovers". 
If you have a picture of you or someone reading my book, please send it on over! And be sure to wear your sun shades!
And 200 miles south...
Mary Jo Penkala took this picture of a volcanic eruption as she flew near the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean in February 2010. AMAZING!  She was on a Boeing 737 from Toronto to St Lucia when the pilot alerted passengers to the eruption.
Stellar performances cap three days of island racing | BVI News
By Admin
“We feel so happy,” said Lugo on behalf of his Orion team, which wound up with 59 points to beat out Colin Rathbun's (Road Town, Tortola, BVI) Lime, with 76 points. “After the first three races today (with finish positions of 2-2-1), ...
David Morris appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police
Road Town, Tortola - The Governor is pleased to announce the appointment of the new Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. David Morris. ...
Fighting over nothing...
For nearly 30 years, India and Bangladesh have argued over control of a tiny rock island in the Bay of Bengal. Now rising sea levels have resolved the dispute for them: the island's gone.

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Monday madness
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  • Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 10:36:30 EDT
I guess it's finally safe to say, NO SNOW this year in the BVI! Just warm balmy weather with breezy tradewinds.
 Here's a poem Jeremy wrote about Tony Snell's birthday!  Rumor is Tony turned 88 (see past posting)

There was a time when boats had anchors that were used,
now they glint in the sun like rusted barracudas.
Not long ago, seems like yesterday, roast beef was an island.
Yorkshire pudding and Chocolate got all mixed up.
Then it was Vanilla who was a teetolian.
Then suddenly it was a Chinese take out who could not sell fish
bad idea of any kind of hole in one, yet they did the wok out.
Seemingly not much has changed, just the tempo
the music still rocks, if not a little louder,
the flags still fly
and another birthday
of Tony we celebrate.
Congratulations Tony,
you're one of the greatest.

From Jeremy your udder sun
ANOTHER Message in a Bottle:
Good find !
long time reader, love the blog, write more books !
my main nav aid since 1972 has been Virgin Anchorages tee hee
I like the pics, but best,
it works at home all year long too.
Keep up the giggles...
Rgds, Kevin
YES, Kevin, I am working on writing more books!

- Palm Sunday on Tortola
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  • Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 13:16:43 EDT
Palm Sunday, what a difference a day makes. Gorgeous light tradewinds 
wonderful sailing!  Drove to the Loose Mongoose for breakfast, saw 
friends and met new ones, grabbed the mongoose breakfast muffin 
sandwich (yummy) headed off to Whale Bay on Beef Island.  Took in a 
lovely swim, ate my mongoose muffin sandwich and read under the 
palms.  A great way to start the week out!

And One for Palm Sunday!

Moon was about Full last night and made for a nice dink ride back to boat just after sundown.  Had a great dinner with friend of a mermaid we all know and the chef was fantastic even if I do say so myself!!!!  MMmmmm well it was me doing the cooking which I do love to do for people who enjoy it.  Loved talking while cooking and even got a few words in between mouth fulls... think both of us enjoyed the Greek Grouper and fixi'ns.... I know I did.  Feel a bit bad about not doing the clean up but it was getting dark and I had a dink ride back to the boat.
Night was great for sleep, nice fresh breeze and free of bugs and not much wave action just a slow rocking of the boat.  Tried to read but soon fell asleep.
This AM was a bit less cloudy and rain chance below 20% with nice breeze for the sailing events around the island.  Think I'll set back and watch from a distance as they pass by and get the boat ready to sail again.  Bit of clean up and maybe one more trip to store for food and pick up some gas for dink... then off to Sopers Hole West End to check out of BVI then over to St. John where I have a few things I need to do then hang out and rest up a bit.  Still getting over the spider attack!  but feeling lots better after finishing the 10 days of meds I was on.  Not yet ready to jump into a 5 mile hike but may consider a short one if it has a lot of shade... still a bit sun sensitive.
da wayward sailor

- Saturday in March in the BVI
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  • Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 11:36:50 EDT
This morning we have disturbed weather, more clouds than sun, but you 
can still get a sunburn, lather up! Over night the winds have picked 
up and are a bit fresh.  The sailors are out enjoying a nice downwind 
sail to Roadtown, gearing up for the Regatta!

- Thursday on Friday...
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  • Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 22:16:46 EDT
If you've read here much, you know how confused Dear Miss Mermaid can get...
Our east end correspondent sent this gorgeous pic and note for Thursday and I found it in Friday's email
East end correspondent, beautiful day here in BVI. No storms, no rain 
light tradewinds couldn't be prettier.  A few sailboats out preparing 
for Regatta.

- Saturday-Friday makes one weak...
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  • Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 15:43:44 EDT

Back in the BVI now!  Great visit to Culebra and spend time on St John and a week anchored in St James Christmas Cove.... had to!  Seems I got a spider bite....and it turned into a problem and a visit to the clinic was required and a few painful procedures then the drugs to kill either you or the infection you have..... think they figure on a 50/50 outcome?
Zapped of energy I swung at anchor, sleeping, reading, watching a few DVD's and drinking gallons of liquid of all types EXCEPT for the type I wanted... RUM  well I did take a couple of Red Stripe's when no one was looking.... on a boat alone that was not hard!... just turn the mirrors over!
With renewed energy but more sun sensitive than I'm normally from the meds... made my way back to BVI and East End's Penns Landing Marina for some company and great showers!
Weather has been great but a bit dry.  Just a few sprinkles in the late evening or early AM and good breezes in the 16 knots area with seas under 4 feet in the Sir Francis Drake Channel.... all were dead on the nose as I motor sailed in.... NORMAL.
Looking forward to meeting with friends over the next few days and getting re-stocked on the boat.  Will be heading back to USVI early next week for a bit then who knows.  Some one here at the Red Rock Restaurant and Bar said when he was asked when he would be leaving... his reply was " about a minute after the anchor is off the bottom".  I like that... no schedule no hard plans.
Fair Winds.... da Wayward Sailor

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Hump Day in the BVI
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  • Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 09:58:13 EDT
Life is gorgeous, I mean the weather is!   89 emails piled up, so hold on, I am going to reply to them all SOON!
These are some really cool charts of the British Virgin Islands. They don't rip, and they are waterproof, so they can basically withstand Rum Punches, Rain, Ocean, Winds, drunks... What a concept! 

- Tuesday already!
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  • Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 08:16:38 EDT
The internet comes, it goes, here today, gone tomorrow, maybe it's up, maybe it's down...  Well, Spring has sprung, what that means in the BVI is that the temperature went up one degree. Time for the beach!
My crystal ball says no storms or hurricanes until August...  let's hope it's right again.
I pirated this picture of Cane Garden Bay  from "Raising Beach Beauties" which had awesome pics and a really cute blog of one family's visit to Tortola.
Another interesting blog:
Hurricane Harbor: Let's Keep Hurricane Forecasting at the National ...
By BobbiStorm
Every time a tropical met reads a story about a volcano erupting in Iceland they think, I wonder if we were to have a big eruption at Soufriere Hills how it might effect a strong, westbound Cape Verde Hurricane. ...
Hurricane Harbor - http://hurricaneharbor.blogspot.com/
And a round of applause!
Volunteers of old Government House Museum recognised
Road Town, Tortola – His Excellency the Governor David Pearey recognised the invaluable contribution of the volunteers of the Old Government House Museum at ...
 QUOTE Of the Day...
"We know that communication is a problem, but management is not going to discuss it with the employees." 

- summery!
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  • Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 11:51:56 EDT
Haze not as bad today, nice and summery in the BVI.
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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Happy birthday today to TONY SNELL of the Last Resort, BVI
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 10:10:24 EDT
The Last Resort at Trellis Bay
Owner, Tony Snell
Happy Birthday today to  TONY SNELLhttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3297/3663094408_a7d41ef0d9_t.jpg owner and long time entertainer at The Last Resort, in Trellis Bay, (though recently he did make an appearance there to a packed house, and I wrote about it in an older post.) I do believe he is past 80 now and still going strong!  He is an important icon in BVI entertainment history. Back in the early 80's on my first visit to the BVI, I of course went to the Last Resort where Tony was singing hilarious songs about bareboaters who were friends before they bareboated together and were now ready to kill each other after a few days of vacation...
He had a singing dog, who later retired and went to live with  a friend of mine at Smugglers Cove, but true to his retirement, the dog never sang another note. There were donkeys, Chocolate and Vanilla, one who loved to muzzle guzzle beer. I think there were also sheep, goats, chickens and cats plus the ubiquitous lizards (and lounge lizards too!)  It was hands down the BEST entertainment because Tony is crazy and his performance was outrageously funny.
Years later when I ended up crewing on charter yachts, we stopped by there almost every week so our guests could enjoy his show. Why the Queen hasn't Knighted him yet, is still a mystery, (I'll ask her about that again...)  If you haven't seen Tony perform, then you've missed one of the BVI's greatest legendary entertainers.
Tony also has a new book out:  Spitfire Troubadour  and here is a link to his blog.
He watched the 'Battle of Britain' from the tennis court at home, and when he turned eighteen he volunteered for the RAF.

He learned to fly in the USA and was posted to a Spitfire squadron. Some of the story depicts the wild life enjoyed by the young fighter pilots between sorties, as each day could always have been their last one on earth.

The squadron was in Malta covering the invasion of Sicily when he was shot down. He crash-landed in a tiny field and set off to get back to the beach to try and get a lift back to Malta. After two skirmishes with the enemy he was finally captured and because of mistaken identity was shot as a spy. Seeing what was about to happen he made a run for it and although hit five times lived to tell the tale.

He finally escaped by jumping from a moving prison train in Italy and joined the partisans to make maps for the dropping of arms. He took them over the mountains to Switzerland. He was awarded the D.S.O.

He returned to England and joined a jet fighter squadron. After the war he became an actor, doing plays, TV, music hall, cabaret and a few films.

He toured Africa and America doing a one man show on piano and guitar, and has been performing at his own restaurant (THE LAST RESORT) on a tiny island in the Caribbean for 37 years. His inspiring wife produced wonderful meals.
Today in the BVI, still hazy with scattered clouds, chance of sprinkles for 1-3 minutes now and then.
Several readers sent Dear Miss Mermaid interesting pictures and you can see these here at my Other Blog.
 Just an FYI although I am sure you are more than prepared.  We had a mini hurricane in NY the other day with winds over 70 KTS in some places.  Thousands of trees were knocked down because the ground was saturated with heavy rains for 3 days.  My boat club  on the North shore of Long Island was flooded from the tidal surge.  Stay safe out there!  Mitch
Oh my gosh Mitch!  You might as well live in the Caribbean if you are suffering this fate in NY, this is just incredible!  Many folks find out too late: that the fine print in their insurance doesn't cover floods. I hope your boat club was able to bail out!
Also Mitch shared a reprint from Boat US: (Dear Miss Mermaid was a member for many decades, my gosh that makes me sound older than I really am...) 
First Hurricane Season Forecasts Rattle Boaters, Marina Operators

BoatU.S. Can Help You Prepare

ALEXANDRIA, VA, March 17, 2010 - With the release of several early seasonal hurricane forecasts for this year, boaters and marina operators are finding out they could face a much different scenario than last year's relatively mild storm season.

Accuweather, a nationwide weather service, recently reported it expects 2010 to be an "extreme season" with as many as 18 named storms, a 100% increase over 2009. BoatU.S., a national boat owners group with experience in hurricane preparation and post-hurricane recovery efforts says that most boaters and marinas can survive by being better prepared. To help with this task, the Association has some free online "tools" available at the BoatU.S. "Hurricane Resource Center" at http://www.BoatUS.com/Hurricanes .

The Web site offers easily downloadable storm planning materials including a hurricane preparation worksheet, an in-depth Guide to Preparing Boats and Marinas for Hurricanes, and checklists for what to do before and after a hurricane strikes. Sample hurricane plans for boat and yacht clubs as well as up-to-the-minute storm tracking tools with live satellite images are also online in one convenient Web site.

While the safest location for a boat during a storm is on land, boaters may also want to ask their insurer now if their policy helps pay some of the costs of a storm-related haul-out. Boat owners seeking the services of a professional delivery captain to move a vessel to a safe "hurricane hole" can go to the BoatU.S. Captains Locator at http://www.BoatUS.com/procaptains/ . If moving the boat is not possible, BoatU.S. suggests owners contact their marina now to enroll in hurricane "clubs" and coordinate storm preparations.

Help for Boat Clubs, Yards and Marinas

The free 24-page What Works, A Guide to Preparing Marinas, Yacht Clubs, and Boats for Hurricanes shares success stories as well as failures of dozens of marinas and clubs that have experienced a hurricane over last two decades. The guide covers floating docks with tall pilings, strapping down boats ashore, developing hurricane clubs for customers, dealing with boats at fixed docks, moving boats to hurricane holes, and how to install better moorings.

A special legal section, "Protecting Yourself from the Storm," offers information equally important to any marina owner or yacht club leadership -- how to protect themselves from vessel owners seeking compensation for hurricane-related damage.

Also included is a sample Marina Hurricane Preparation Plan that can be customized for any boating facility, as well as a Hurricane Preparation Worksheet that can be copied and given to individual boat owners.

To download a copy of the guide, go to www.BoatUS.com/hurricanes . To get a paper copy, call 703-823-9550 ext. 3525.


About BoatU.S.:
BoatU.S. - Boat Owners Association of The United States - is the nation's leading advocate for recreational boaters providing over half a million members with government representation, programs and money saving services. For membership information visit www.BoatUS.com or call 800-395-2628.

- Thursday in the Caribbean
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 11:47:07 EDT
I hope you all survived St Patricks Day *hiccup*.   Some of you around here are still looking pretty green!
Still kind of hazy here in the BVI, could be volcano dust, could be Sahara dust, it's always somebody else's dust!  
Then there is the jack-hammering concrete dust. Many folks here build without plans or inspections. They throw up a concrete wall, then draw out the windows and jack-hammer them back out. Seems to me that would weaken the wall overall, but they don't seem to care. I think they just have fun playing with the jack hammer!  Between the local propensity for loud music and the jack hammers, small wonder so many folks around here are seemingly deaf and talk SUPER LOUD to compensate for it.
I was sitting in a nice quiet open air bar in the middle of the day, waiting on a friend to get off the ferry and meet up with them. Besides the bartender and some bored staff on cell phones, nobody else was around.
Then this guy walks in and sits right beside me.  The whole place is empty and he has to sit right next to me. OK, I don't mind, I am friendly. I worked in hospitality for umpteen years, I can chat up a stranger if he sat here to talk.
But instead, he pulls out a cell phone, and I guess he was deaf, cause he begins talking at the top of his lungs, shouting into the cell phone, as if the people are on the next island instead of on the phone with him, and I tell you, he was so loud, it made my ears hurt!
To make matters worse, something awful was decaying in his mouth, like maybe he lost his toothbrush at the beginning of the millennium and hasn't found it since. So every time he screeched in the phone, I was assaulted with this halitosis of the worst form. I nearly passed right out from the odor.
Talk about peace in paradise...SHATTERED!
Somehow I managed to leave my money, pour my drink into a to-go cup and exit the place, while he continued to yell at his cell phone.  As I walked towards the ferry dock, I could still hear every word he was saying, and so could everybody else.

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Bikini Weather!
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 09:42:59 EDT
Some days the weather in the British Virgin Islands, can best be described with a picture worth a 1,000 words...  and a two word description:
    It's never too early to prepare for Hurricane Season!

 Discuss the type of hazards that could affect your family. Know your home's vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind.
Locate a safe room or the safest areas in your home for each hurricane hazard. In certain circumstances the safest areas may not be your home but within your community.
Determine escape routes from your home and places to meet. These should be measured in tens of miles rather than hundreds of miles.
Have an out-of-state friend as a family contact, so all your family members have a single point of contact.
Make a plan now for what to do with your pets if you need to evacuate.
Post emergency telephone numbers by your phones and make sure your children know how and when to call 911.
Check your insurance coverage - flood damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance.
Stock non-perishable emergency supplies and a Disaster Supply Kit.
Use a NOAA weather radio. Remember to replace its battery every 6 months, as you do with your smoke detectors.
Take First Aid, CPR and disaster preparedness classes.
Other islands are finding ways to compete with Natures Little Secrets (the former motto of the BVI tourist board). 
GRENADA: World sculptors to bid for a place in underwater park ...
By admin
ST GEORGE'S, Grenada, CMC – Sculptors from around the world are to compete for a place in Grenada's underwater sculpture park, which has become a major tourist attraction. A newly formed action group says the competition scheduled for ...
Territory shares perspective at regional sea turtle meeting
Road Town, Tortola - The status of the Virgin Islands Sea Turtle Conservation programme was the essence of a presentation made by Mr. Joel Dore of ...
Construction of Culinary Arts centre expected to start by mid-year
Road Town, Tortola - Construction of the Culinary Arts Centre is expected to get underway by mid-year. Assistant Secretary in the Premier's Office with ...

- What a Great Monday!
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  • Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 12:00:06 EDT
As you can see from the porthole, it's sun shiny with crystal clear waters from White Bay Jost Van Dyke in the BVI today!
Now the Wayward Sailor has wandered up to Culebra:
Nice Weekend but I over walked in too new of sandals on Sunday... suffering the consequences now!  Wind died last night and boat set on anchor chain at any direction a birds wings made the wind appear to be coming from... even had a few bloodsuckers hop aboard... time for the netting!
Friends sailed out this AM for PR and I may take a day trip on Ferry Tuesday to do some shopping myself.  Will hang in Culebra a few more days then start looking for a nice weather window later next week.  Most likely will have minimal WIFI as I'll be moving out to the reef for most of that time.
Culebra is a nice little town and really not a hard trip from USVI or the BVI.  Just watch the weather as it is considered Blue Water and has many reefs near the larger islands and some rocks, like Sail Rock that just sticks up out of the water a hundred feet or so.
Having a nice Club Sandwich *munch munch munch* at the internet Cafe "Pandeli"  Great food and free internet!
da Wayward Sailor 
Now here's a mermaid for ya!  At first I thought she was very pregnant, but alas, mermaids can't reproduce.  A second glance, and she is sitting with tail folded!

- Times are changing
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  • Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 09:44:32 EDT
The times have changed again in the US and other parts of the world. Clocks were set ahead one hour, so those hapless souls lost an hour.  Dear Miss Mermaid thiks this a ridiculous idea all around, (but nobody asked her opinion)...
My laptop has a sticky "N" which sometimes types and other times doesn't.  I kee my spell heckler busy, I wish I could program him to look for words that might be missing an "N". 
I wear out laptops really fast. I remember when my "B" broke and I had to write an article a_out the _ritish Virgin Islands and explain my "_" was  _roken. In case you didn't get that, what rhymes with sea but flies around and might sting you and also makes honey?  Why it's a _ee and that is what is _roken!   Do you know how hard it is to describe _oats and _eaches without a "_"?  It was a real _itch! 
Here in the BVI, we never change the time. If you look around, watches are not in vogue and clocks are rarely set to the correct time anyhow. Showing up anywhere within an hour of your scheduled appointment is more or less on time. If it's raining everyone knows you will be late or a no  show, if it doesn't stop raining.
Rain coats in the BVI consist of foul weather gear, typically found on boats and in marine stores. The rest use umbrellas or put a bag over their head. I was trying to drive out of tow in the rain one day, in my heap of a jeep, and I saw this tall woman in a short skirt, wearing very high heals, trying to walk with her toddler and carry her lunch. She had put a bag over his head and he couldn't see, so he kept falling down. She was trying to carry her take-away lunch on her head so her hair wouldn't get wet. Islanders would rather do ANYTHING than to get their hair wet.
Every time the kid fell over, she was trying to upright him, without bending over, because her skirt was so short, and keep her lunch on her head to keep her hair dry and keep the bag on his head lest his little bits of hair get wet. It was comedy in motion to watch her try to stoop in her stiletto heels, get the child off the sidewalk, and keep her lunch held over her head. The tot would try to pull the bag off his head, and she would shove it back down, they would go about 3 steps and he would fall down again.
They were going the opposite direction, or I would have offered them a ride. But in the interim, it was great entertainment.
On another note...this washed up on the Sea Shore, Message in a Bottle:
     Hurricane season opens June 1st, though mother nature doesn't pay much attention to dates, history reports...  However, Dodger, sent me this message in a bottle:
QUoTE:  "We foresee an above-average Atlantic basin tropical cyclone season in 2010 and anticipate an above-average probability of U.S. and Caribbean major hurricane landfall. Although these early December forecasts have not shown recent-year real-time forecast skill, we believe our new early December forecast scheme will begin to demonstrate forecast skill in the coming years."
As for Dear Miss Memaid...  I still rely on my trusty crystal ball
Woman Jailed For Driving With "Chip" On Shoulder - pirates of the ...
By Margaret
The owner of "Chip," the parrot from Pirates of the Caribbean, was stopped in England for driving with the three-foot bird on her shoulder. As she was arrested for a previous violation, Chip pecked at the police officer. [Daily Mail]
Jezebel - http://jezebel.com/
View from the Porthole today in the British Virgin Islands
Life is grand!

- Ahoy mateys!
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  • Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 12:58:22 EST
Had a nice afternoon just North of the Airport Runway Extension on St. Thomas, after a real rough night attempting to rest at Caneel Bay.  Way too much Ferry Traffic and other speed boats running all over.  Sail over was nice except for a few occasions when winds and seas went well above the forecast.  As I made my Turn near Sail Rock the wind and sea direction was on my aft and surfing up and down the swells made it difficult to keep on track. 
I'll probably have a stiffness in the shoulder's and back tonight but I have a cure for some of that.  I did run across friends who had made the trip a couple of days before and after I anchored they came by and said HI and filled me in on where what was and what they found was good and not.
Setting in an Internet Cafe and Bakery having a Cuban sandwich which is really great.  The place is also under AC and has power for computers,,,, may sleep on the nice cool floor here if allowed!  Actually I have a dinner date with my friends tonight on their boat.  Sunday should be a nice rest date for me.  Have some mess to clean up after the jossling they had on the trip over then mabe some naps and reading.... sounds like a plan to me!
Da Wayward Sailor

- What a Great Weekend!
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  • Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 12:56:16 EST
Today in the BVI it is picture perfect for sailing.
It's not far down to paradise
At least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away
And find tranquility
The canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me
It's not far to never never land
No reason to pretend
And if the wind is right you can find the joy
Of innocence again
The canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me

Takes me away
To where I've always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

It gets the best of me
When I'm sailing
All caught up in the reverie
Every word is a symphony
Won't you believe me

It's not far back to sanity
At least it's not for me
And when the wind is right you can sail away
And find serenity
The canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me
Lyrics from SAILING

- dark thirty
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 18:46:23 EST
Dark thirty in the BVI and the internet comes and it goes...lately to just goes.
What a Mermaid Sees... Dinner!!!

- Sunshine!
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  • Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 12:43:43 EST
This AM was nice and sunny, just a few scattered clouds.  79 at 8AM with winds from ENE at about 16 kts, seas in the Sir Francis Drake Channel appear to be under 3 feet and West Bound!  Should be a really nice sail down to West End and one of life's true adventures...... doing laundry, getting block ice and checking out of the BVI.  All have been know to be trying at times!
I'll probably spend a day in St. John
Will attempt to keep all posted on travels but lacking internet in many places and being WIFI only when I can get it... reports may be a bit slow and few... but hopefully I'll find some way to get my internet fix often enough to know what is going on, and be reminded why I'm down Here and Not at home working.
Well off to find the LP gas bottle that has been 7 days waiting to be filled and a few gallons of gas for the Dink and Generator in case the front does move back over us bringing more rain and clouds blocking my solar panels from the love provided by the sun.  Think I have lost two shades of tan over the past week... Today may start the correction on that issue.
Da Wayward (pale) Sailor
Sir Francis Drake Channel in the BVI looking at Tortola

- Tuesday in theBritish Virgin Islands
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  • Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 13:07:28 EST
Sun attempting to find a way around large clouds but not having much or very long success.  More overcast this AM and 50% chance of rain for next few days.  Did get a bit of sun at mid day yesterday and hoping for same today.  Funny thing is the internet seems to follow the same spotty pattern as the sun is... sometime it is here other times it is not... seems recently it is not,  more than is!
Winds are back to the East North East and now light with temps in the lower 80"s.  More sun is expected by mid week but that will cause more and probably stronger rain showers as they heat up this damp weather mass.
Not in any major rush to make any long trips but will probably move West to Sopers Hole in next day or so then on to USVI for a few days then hopefully over to the Spanish Virgin Islands for a while.  My LP tanks should be ready by mid afternoon and maybe a quick trip into Road Town later today for a couple of items.
da Waward Sailor
Peek-a-boo clouds and sunshine
Hello Dear Miss Mermaid from Dear Miss Lissy. Ha. Really appreciated your recent blog about the slow destruction of the coral reefs due to hapless sailors and etc.. Please keep up the good work. I don't know if you have already addressed the issue of plastics and ocean trash in general, but I would like to invite you and your readers  to walk with me to the north side of Trellis Bay (facing Marina Cay) to see the MOUNDS of TRASH piled on the beach. Mostly plastic. I do believe that if more people saw this they would be less likely to take ANYthing on board their boat that is not in some way bio-degradable. 
Sorry to blow off steam but it's really just awful.
Dear Miss Lissy,
I know the area you are talking about, and one wonders how so much could pile up so fast!  Not all beach garbage comes from boat polluters. During a sudden flash flood in Tortola, years ago, I happened to be near a dry ghut. Of course the sudden constant downpour of flooding rains turned it into a raging river in short order.  I was both horrified and mortified that it became a river of garbage!  All manner of things turned up in the ghut, a great deal of it take-away restaurant garbage.  It seems some folks seem to think when they are done with their lunch it's OK to toss it "into the bush".
Another time, I was sailing the British Virgin Islands, back in the early 80's.  We stopped at a certain beach.  Some of us decided to go hiking and horrors upon horrors, we came across a mountain of cruise ship garbage!  It had clearly washed up from the sea. The cruise ship had thoughtfully plastered their logo on every bar cup,  so we knew exactly who the culprit was. I surely can't print their name here now, (lawsuits and stuff) though their logo is burnished in my brain forever, and they use the same logo now. It really turned my stomach and the term  "polluting for pleasure" comes to mind. Well, things have changed now, and supposedly they don't dump at sea anymore. I know the new cruise ships have their own recycling and incinerators now, but the old one don't.
Paradise is beautiful, but only if we all work very VERY hard to keep it clean. Nature is beautiful, then the humans come along and bring in the garbage...
Live simply.
I for one, have rarely ever bought bottled water, as I think it is an absurd way to do things. I buy water filters and a pitcher to hold them, and filter my own water. I fill up traveling bottles when I go out and about so I have plenty of water with me and I reuse the jugs or bottles. I find it so disgusting to see water bottles tossed out everywhere. When I lived on my boat, I filtered my own water and again on land, I filter water.
When I couldn't find  water filters locally, a dear friend flew them in his luggage for me, on many visits.
There are so many endless ways to recycle and reuse. Those endless tiny plastic grocery bags fit most buckets perfectly and then you have free garbage bags and a use for those grocery bags.  The store gives me so many, I have enough to double and triple bag the garbage if one bag is too flimsy. At least I don't throw them away empty.
I know once a year, the BVI has a massive beach cleanup, but we need a weekly cleanup. Some of it comes from the land and some from the sea, it seems endless at times. Give a hoot, don't pollute. Protect our beauty for all to enjoy.
If everyone, every day, picked up some anonymous garbage, stuff you didn't toss out, but some other idiot did, then everyone becomes a part of the solution. 
Can you imagine if everyone raved "I went to the BVI and it was the cleanest place I ever saw on earth!" 

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Coral Reefs Are Precious and Delicate
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 13:54:21 EST
Message in a Bottle found on the Sea Shore:
Dear Miss Mermaid:
Ever wonder what happened to the fish & reef at Benares Bay?  Between 
the fishermen like this one and their nets and the catamaran that 
threw their anchor right into the coral today I finally understand the 
true meaning of the words "decimation of the reef".  I am saddened for 
the entire population of the BVI as most fish are gone from here and 
loads of damaged coral is all that remains of this once beautiful 
underwater world!
N & R
Dear N&R,
It's TRUE!  Too many people do not understand just how fragile coral reefs are and that they are NOT an anchoring ground. 
Below is information supplied from the Association of Reefkeepers in the BVI:

The coral reefs are precious and delicate.  
Their future depends on you.
Worldwide coral reefs are suffering degradation from various factors - pollution, overfishing, excess nutrients
... and tourist activity.


The slightest touch with hands, fins or equipment can irreparably damage coral polyps, the tiny animals that build the coral reefs. Remember, most corals only grow a half inch per year. 

Remain horizontal in the water and snorkel in water over your depth. Snorkeling on shallow reefs can easily inflict damage to the coral and cause personal injury. In a vertical position, your flapping fins are killers! They break coral and stir up sediment that can smother the coral polyps. For equipment adjustment, swim out and away from the coral into deep water. 

Wear a float vest, and practice your skills off a sandy beach. 

Take nothing dead or alive from the reef. 

Use mooring buoys where available or anchor on a sandy bottom. Anchors, chain and line should not touch coral (dinghy anchors included). If there is no sandy bottom, don't anchor, but leave an attendant in the dinghy while the rest of the party snorkels or dives. 

Caution, you may be injured! Feeding can make fish aggressive and dangerous. It also upsets species distribution and may introduce disease. 

Avoid cumbersome rigs. Don't brace yourself on the coral to take a photo. Damaging the reef even inadvertently for the sake of a photo is not worth it. 

Adjust buoyancy. Secure all dangling gauges, consoles, and octopus regulators. Know where your fins are. Air bubbles trapped in caves will destroy marine growth. Bubbles rising on a vertical rock face can scour; don't get too close. 



  PS:  In a previous post, I forgot the SofaBoat link .

Warm and Sunny Regards,

Author of Hurricanes and Hangovers
(and other tall tales and loose lies from the Coconut Telegraph)

- Sofa Boat!
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 08:30:58 EST
Rain and more Rain.  Cold Front moved thru over night with Rain and even a bit of Thunder.  Rain not generally heavy but constant almost all night.  Front will stall between Virgin Islands and Leewards then move back over us as a Warm Front bringing more Rain and clouds.  Does not appear to be much chance of a lot of Sun for next few days so the little Honda Generator is on,  feeding the batteries and charging up all the "toys", radio's, camera, DVD, Computer, and powering assorted items to off set the wet overcast gloom.  Now 75 F degrees here with winds NE and about 10 knots but off shore the seas are 7 to 9 feet and winds are 17 to 23 knots from the NE.  My trip to Isla De Culebra is pushed back a few days.... may hang around St John or St James for a day or so to allow the seas to calm down.  I'm in no rush and rather pick fair weather than fight the seas and get wet and cold!  75 is cold to me!  Brrrrrrrrr...
da Wayward Sailor
Dear Miss Mermaid wants a new tender!  This should fit the bill perfectly, an electric, silent boat with a joystick for navigating and built in fenders for approaching  other yachts. The sofa looks like it could accommodate a mermaid quite well. More info  at this resource.
Sofa Boat Yacht Show

- Greek Style Grouper not Grouper Green
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010 13:23:04 EST
Dark and Stormy 6 March... well it is very overcast with rain but not much wind!  Wind did swing to due North early this AM.  It is the Cold Front that was in the US last Week.  NOAA says it will stall over the area just South of the Virgin Islands resulting in a Flash Flood Warning for the inland portions of the islands due to rains and a High Surf Advisory for the Northern shores from PR to the Virgin Islands.  Should make the surfers happy but the Dark and Stormy Sailboat racers.... Not So Much.... going to be a wet trip for most, hope they have a dry out for the BBQ tonight in Anegada... Note: When they say BBQ they really mean anything cooked on a BBQ Grill not that they are just doing the ribs and chicken thing!  They do Lobster and baste them in a garlic butter sauce  OMG my mouth is dripping at the thought.
Looks like the weather is going to me a bit wet for next 36 hours with winds from NNE at up to 23 knots this weekend. After that it all depends on what occurs with the stalled front.  I suspect it may make a return visit by mid week but the good thing is... if it does I should have nice East winds possibly East South East, and my trip to Spanish Virgin Islands will be smooth.... I hope!
Well now I go out and wash down the boat between rain showers... great to have free fresh water!  Need to keep the Volcano dust on the decks under control or they then to turn the white decks a bit of a rose color.  Not that I have anything against pink but I do draw the line at a PINK Boat!
da Wayward Sailor
PS...  It was Greek Style Grouper not Grouper Green!!!    (pass de rum!)

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Oh-my-gadda, it's a regadda to Anegada
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  • Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 11:45:22 EST
Dark and Stormy 5th of March...
Well Not the Weather just the sailing oh-my-gadda, it's a regadda to Anegada that starts today at Trellis Bay. Which by the way, you can now *toot toot* buy the book  "Hurricanes and Hangovers(and other tall tales and loose lies from the Coconut Telegraph) by Dear Miss Mermaid" at the Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe and Boardsailing BVI on Beef Island. As many of you may know, it's the BEST airport departure lounge in the Caribbean!
Though they aren't located in the airport, it's a short walk and a stumble back, to catch your plane and miles more fun to spend time at the beach than at the security lounge.
Today it is partly sunny with light winds from due South.  Guess the boats that can do well with winds on the beam will shine in the race to Anegada.  Temps are about normal at 85 this AM and seas are pleasant with no white caps just a bit of a roll... (or maybe I'm just hung over) should be a fun regatta, but maybe slower race than some would hope for! 
Monday is another holiday in the BVI, YIPPEE!!
I'm still waiting for the winds to clock more to the East for my trip to the SVI's but in no rush as Monday is a BVI Holiday and the cost of checking in or out of Customs and Immigrations are at premiums for holidays I'll just wait for the standard fair to resume!
For those of you visiting Tortola, at East End a fish shop called Sailors Ketch is located between Penn's Landing Marina and Loranzo's Gas Station where you can also get your LP tanks filled by dropping them off.  Anyway... Sailors Ketch has a wide selection of seafood to buy.  I've been going by about every couple of days for different types myself.  Last night I did up a Grouper Green  and made sides where I did a garlic buttered rice and sauteed French Cut Green Beans.  OMG I ate the whole thing so fast it was toooooOooOO Good.  Guess today I'll have to walk a few extra miles, but it was worth it!
Fresh Air with just a bit of Volcano dust, *cough cough cough* light breeze, sun for the solar panels and good food and drink in a boat that rocks you to sleep each night... what more can a Wayward Sailor ask for? ............................ Well besides THAT!
Wayward Sailor & DMM

- Let's Go to the beach!
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  • Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 08:34:46 EST
Weather is perfect for beach limin'.
The BVI internet has been up and down and out to lunch or out to sea. Miracle to get anything done. Even the credit card machines in the BVI are cantankerous as of late, stores losing sales left and right cause they can't or won't write the card down manually for processing later.
That one teeny tiny cord from the BVI correcting us the rest of the world, must have frayed again, or the rats got to it or the pirates fighting over it, sliced it up again.
My Bajan friend wrote DMM and says yesterday's bird (picture) is called Yellow Breasts or Yellow Bird on Barbados. I wonder why they don't call them Bananakeets?  SPeaking of Bananakeet, here is a sunset picture from the Bananakeet Bar on the cliffs, on the north shore of Tortola.
Ain't that purdy!
Rolled up in a Rum Bottle on the Sea Shore
Aye Me Hearty... 
Pirate talk from Capt. Richard...
I'm just touching base to let you know that I will be chartering in the Virgin Islands this winter.
Na zdrowie kolego...
Capt. Richard
I got more stuff to tell you, but my paws are tired, so I got to give them a rest!
If we do half of what we talk about doing,
we will have accomplished twice what we thought we could do.

- Thirst Day, Dark and Stormy Coming up!
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 12:16:45 EST
Bananakeet *tweet tweet*
Hazy day with overcast sky at the start of day.  Only a few break outs of sun so far but hoping the sun will get "friendly" with my solar panels before too much longer. 
Winds still out of the South and West but down to about 8 knots presently.  I see Boats heading over to Trellis Bay for the Dark and Stormy Regatta on Friday thru Saturday..... I'll just keep them in mind with a few Dark and Stormy's of my own.
What is a Dark and Stormy?  Well many people have different ideas but the most common is Rum and the strongest Ginger Beer you can find mixed somewhere between 25:75 and 50:50.  Some add bitters some add a lime.
Formulated differently from ginger ale, ginger beer has a more robust taste and may include fermentation as part of the brewing process. The defining ingredient in ginger  beer is the fresh ginger juice that helps to give the carbonated drink a unique flavor and bouquet.
Often, the basic recipe for ginger beer will include the use of barley or other grains that are allowed to age in liquid over a period of time, employing a process that is very much like the production of any type of beer. Some recipes call for the addition of the concentrated ginger  juice early in the process, while other manufacturers  prefer to add the ingredient just before fermentation begins to take place.
Ginger beer is generally available in both fermented and non-fermented versions. Most versions of ginger beer will have a darker color than is found with most soft-drink style ginger ale, as well as a more pronounced taste and scent of ginger root in the concoction. Ginger ale is a carbonated soft drink flavored primarily with the essence of ginger and perhaps a citrus oil to balance out the natural peppery tartness.
All in all, a Dark and Stormy drink it is a Great Sundowner while in the cockpit looking at a colorful sunset... or a few have been know to even stretch it to a sun rise!  But not *hiccup*  me *hiccup*.
I'm still waiting for a wind shift back to the East/ South East as I'm a Fair Weather Sailor when ever I have the option. Looks to be good just past this weekend and by then I'll have all my provisions laid in (read that a few cases of Red Stripe in bottles with a some food thrown in for good measure)  and will perhaps be making my first solo visit to the Spanish Virgin Islands for probably a few weeks.... may meet up with some other StormCarib correspondents and readers, given the chance.
da Wayward Sailor
See Dear Miss Mermaid's Six Degrees of Separation 

- Wednesday
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 13:22:47 EST
March winds came in like a lion over night.    After a nice steak cooked on the grill in very light winds and a couple of sundowners followed by the start of a new "read" went to the bunk with only a small rocking and went to sleep fast.  Even at my 3AM "see what is going on" wake up all was calm. 
At 7 this AM, jolted awake with heavy swings about the mooring and 20 knot winds!  Rigging nearby was starting to whistle but sky was partly sunny with lots of haze.  As I write it seems to be easing off but the big voice of NOAA says we will have SouthEast winds at 16 to 20 knots with 6 foot seas (on the open waters only) and no chance for rain until closer to the weekend when the US Cold front is expected to be across the US Virgin Islands.... FIGURES!
THAT is when I was going to head West which should have given me beam winds and seas.... now if I go, I'll have them on the nose!   Wonder if the weather gods read Dear Miss Mermaid?.... and are playing with me?
Well sailing/ cruising in the lime'n way allows you to adjust for this type event... since I have no hard schedules I don't have to fight the winds and seas unless necessary and now I'll just stay put for another couple of days and see when the next better weather window opens.  May even have a chance to get a few more walks in and around East End and Road Town.
Now fix another pot of coffee, do some French Toast, work a word search puzzle, pick up the book I started last night, pop over to Penn's Landing Marina for a nice fresh water shower or maybe just take a short nap after all this work?  
Well,..... such is the life of a cruising sailor.... someone has to do it!
Glad it is ME!
Wayward Sailor

- Red Moon
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 10:52:11 EST
After a bit of a cloudy sunset a Red Moon came up over Beef Island.  Not sure if it was due to the Amazon Smoke people are talking about or the same ole Volcano dust OR does it mean I need a big thick Steak?  Think I'll test that idea after a trip to town later today.
Almost calm winds over night, just a very light breeze that did not seem to know from which way to blow.  Sun is up this AM 84 degrees with fewer clouds present and minor improvement in winds... it could be a nice day for a slow sail or just a beach day or better yet a nice day under a palm in a hammock with a cool drink and good book. 
Will soon be dropping the mooring lines and heading back out and spending a bit of time at another island here in the BVI, the USVI and probably the Spanish Virgin Islandsby the middle of the month if plans stay the same..... but we know how plans go in da islands!
Wayward Sailor
Red Moons by Fraser Cain
There are few situations that can cause a red moon. The most common way to see the Moon turn red is when the Moon is low in the sky, just after moonrise or before it's about to set below the horizon. Just like the Sun, light from the Moon has to pass through a larger amount of atmosphere when it's down near the horizon, compared to when it's overhead. The Earth's atmosphere can scatter sunlight, and since moonlight is just scattered sunlight, it can scatter that too. Red light can pass through the atmosphere and not get scattered much, while light at the blue end of the spectrum is more easily scattered. When you see a red moon, you're seeing the red light that wasn't scattered, but the blue and green light have been scattered away. That's why the Moon looks red.
The second reason for a red moon is if there's some kind of particle in the air. A forest fire or volcanic eruption can fill the air with tiny particles that partially obscure light from the Sun and Moon. Once again, these particles tend to scatter blue and green light away, while permitting red light to pass through more easily. When you see a red moon, high up in the sky, it's probably because there's a large amount of dust in the air.
A third – and dramatic – way to get a red moon is during a lunar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes behind the Earth's shadow, which darkens it. If you could take a look at the Earth from inside its shadow, you would see that the atmosphere around the edge of the entire planet glows red. Once again, this is because large amounts of atmosphere will scatter away the blue/green light and let the red light go straight through. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes fully into the shadow of the Earth and it's no longer being illuminated by the Sun; however, this red light passing through the Earth's atmosphere does reach the Moon, and shines on it.
SMILE!    You're on Candid Camera!
CCTV Security Cameras for Tortola Nears
Platinum News Online
The long awaited installation of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras throughout Tortola, with the aim of reducing crime will come to fruition this year ...
The Moorings Founders, Charlie & Ginny Cary, Named "SAIL's Top 40 Sailors Who ...
SYS-CON Media (press release)
As the magazine describes, "Charlie and Ginny's Tortola-based bareboat company was not the first of its type, however, The Moorings took bareboat chartering ...
Iyaz & Warner Brothers in the BVI to Shoot 'Solo' Music Video
Platinum News Online
The artist who was born in USVI and raised in the BVI, made this disclosure to BVI Platinum News as he prepared to visit Tortola. "The label said they want ...
Good PR!
Police Force On Top Of Crime - Says Governor
Platinum News Online
Some countries are barely grappling with it, but we in the BVI are lucky to say that we are on top of it and will remain on top of it. ...

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- The Morning After... The Fool Moon in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 17:32:54 EST
Last nights Full (FOOL) Moon Party at Trellis Bay was great!  Da Loose Mongoose had a Fund Raiser for Haiti and the normal Full Moon Foolishness up and down the beach was fun as always to watch... even had my hat snatched by the  Moko Jumbie dancers as I was watching the fireballs... he walked right over me about 6 feet higher than my head!
Winds continue to clock about 360 every couple of days with very calm winds at night.  Love being out in the bay where the biting bugs don't seem to bother to look for fresh meat.... or maybe I'm not all that fresh????
Today it is once again partly cloudy but mostly sunny in the AM. 
Now time for a nap, or maybe a cool rum drink?
da Wayward Sailor
Clear message sent to would-be-criminals and offenders
BVI News Online
Photo credit: BVI News Forceful, catchy anti-crime calypsos and colorful placards with messages that discourage crimes were brandished as the Royal Virgin ...
A REMARKABLE DAY: Cane Garden Police Station opens
BVI News Online
BVI News spoke with Inspector Irena Rivera, who said it was a remarkable day for her and the three officers that man the station. ...
Kite The BVI, Daily Photo Essay Kite Jam 2010 | Just Kite It
By Carl Giordano
From the BVI Kite Jam 2010 hosted by the BVI Tourist Board with Sir Richard Branson.

- Sundays were made for limin at the beach
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 12:36:24 EST
Another rough day in paradise. Snow skiing has been permanently canceled this year, it's just not going to snow in the Virgin Islands.  
More funny stuff...
Back in 2002 a reader wrote to say they were visiting Tortola and had not been here in 9 years and they wanted to know what had changed. At that time in 2002,  I told them:
Tortola has changed in 9 years. 
       Some of the roads are now paved.
       Bomba shack has a new collection of underwear hanging from the rafters.
       Some folks have phones in their homes now.
       Others are even driving cars.  
       The air strip is now an airport. 
       Quito has several albums out and a cover charge at his bar.
       Some things haven't changed. 
       Life is still slow. 
       Long distance calls remain cumbersome & expensive.
       Rum continues to out sell milk.
Now, 8 years later,  IN 2010, WHAT has changed?
    Most of the roads are now paved, but full of pot holes
    Bomba shack has a new collection of underwear hanging from the rafters.
     Most folks don't have phones in their homes, they  walk with cell phones
     We have so many cars, we have traffic jams
    Some things haven't changed. 
       Life is still slow. 
       Long distance calls remain cumbersome & expensive.
       Rum continues to out sell milk.
       The airstrip is now an airport.
       Quito has several albums out and a cover charge at his bar.

Did you know that the smallest lizard in the world lives in the BVI?  Well I guess he has to live SOMEWHERE and why not pick the wonderful BVI to call home.
The BVI Spring Regatta is another widely popular event, held in Tortola, BVI, and in conjunction with the International Rolex Regatta, beginning just one day after the St. Thomas event on March 29th and continuing until April 4th. ...
Queen´s Baton Relay 2010 Delhi on its Way to the BVI!
Platinum News Online
At a press briefing held Monday, the BVIOC outlined the public events and relays planned for Tortola and Virgin Gorda on March 23 and 24. ...
VG Airport Closure: $$ Spent to Accommodate 940 Displaced Visitors
Platinum News Online
"In addition, the BVI Tourist Board has had to hire a temporary worker to assist the island´s tourism development office on VG to assist with the additional ...

- No Snow in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 09:11:36 EST
Cloudy but sunny and warm, no snow on the horizon.
Lunch and Lessons at the Lounge with Jeremy Wright of Trellis Bay
All At Sea
The word on the tarmac is that Tortola's Trellis Bay Kitchen is the unofficial but best departure lounge in the Caribbean. Situated on the beach, ...
Behold The Canoe Made From Chopsticks : Fishing Fury
By Clive Mathias
Big barracuda are few and far between on the island of Tortola, but in Anegada, located north east of Tortola, large cudas can often be seen while taking long walks on the beach. My girlfriend Gillian and I decided to spent four days in ...
Calming Caribbean Volcano Allows Homecomings
Earthweek - A Diary of the Planet
Pyroclastic cloud searing the landscape during the January 11, 2010, partial dome collapse at Montserrat's Soufriere Hills Volcano. ...
SatNews Publishers
Here's Looking at Earth — Molten Montserrat (NASA)
SatNews Publishers
A massive eruption of Montserrat's Soufrière Hills Volcano covered large portions of the island in debris. The eruption was triggered by a collapse of ...

- Friday in Paradise
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 09:39:05 EST
Mostly cloudy, high surf warning for the North shore, the surfers might be able to have a swell time  for a few days.

- Almost a fool moon in the Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 08:53:37 EST
Over the past few days, if you wanted the winds to come from a certain location, all you had to do was wait.  Winds have gone the full 360 in direction but by late evening the mixed up seas, caused by the wind shifts had calmed down and we had a great night in Fat Hog Bay, East End Tortola.  At 9 this AM it was 81 with light winds from the East.  Getting the yacht in ship shape for a broad reach down to Treasure Island in search of Gold again.... but expect to only find sunburns and a few golden tans which are often things of beauty in themselves and a true treasure!  Overall weather looking good but light winds and moderate chances for a few sprinkles of showers.  Wish they could be scheduled for about bath time!  On a lime'n cruising boat you Have to think about water supplies as much as you do the Rum supply! 
Plan on a bit of island exploring searching for gold  AKA I'm going for a walk about and will send more of those photos that make those people who are walking around in Snow... ask themselves a few questions and think of us poor souls having to live in Paradise full time.... well someone has to do it... and I volunteered! and I ain't even from Tin-a-see.
Wayward Sailor
Time for the full moon again! 
A Blast From the Past...  from Dear Miss Mermaid
    After hurricane Hugo had hit St Thomas in 1989, I found myself in a small plane, flying low over the island, a few weeks later.  Winds of 200 miles per hour had devastated the island.  Blue roof tarps dotted the barren landscape.  The beauty seemed inexplicably gone.  Not a green leaf was left.
       Incredibly, it looked like a huge giant of immense weight had angrily stomped across the island.  Some neighborhoods were wiped out, others totally intact.  It scared me, to see my once beautiful island, transformed into this wreck and I cried on the plane. 
       After the hurricane, I took refuge in the strangest places, including a shipping container I slept in one night with my then boyfriend.   Our floating home, a boat, had vanished with the storm, and no one ever found a stick or piece of it anywhere.  Like so many others, we had become homeless.  By day we worked, by night we searched.
       One night it was raining.  The island had a curfew after the hurricane. Police were on the patrol to pick up curfew breakers.  We ducked into the shipping container to hide from them and we slept there all night, nice and dry.
       Funny how we were so humble, so grateful for an old rusty container to call our home, for a night. 
       The next day, we were invited to Hassle Island for complimentary showers. Our only possession at this point, was a dinghy and a few clothes. We kept out clothes wadded up in a garbage bag in the dinghy and nobody bothered them, they thought it was a bag of refuse. We were pretty smelly by now and this offer of a shower, sounded like a splendid idea.  Someone had discovered an old cistern full of water and hooked up an old garden hose.  We stood under the garden hose, naked, and were so grateful to get a fresh water bath in the heat of the day, when the cold water seemed less than cold.
       Ker-plap!  Ker-splash!  The water hose begin acting erratically first squirting water, then stopping and that's when we noticed that tadpoles or some such similar creature, were coming through the hose and hitting us, then landing on the ground and wiggling.  It was incredible.  There were hundreds of them.  We laughed and took turns aiming the water hose at each other and getting slapped with these tadpoles.
    I remember, that glorious day, as if it were yesterday ad how happy we were. The sun was shining and we were enjoying the cool fresh water and laughing.
    The tadpoles delighted us, rather than disgusted us. I think it was, after a disaster, you come to appreciate every little t'ing. And the tadpoles were the start of life.  A reminder, that life goes on, no matter what.
       Some folks say this story sounds fishy, but I was there and it really happened.

- Another lovely day in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 14:16:38 EST
Another beautiful day in paradise.   Surf's up!  Great day for beginners to try their luck.
A new author on the horizon!
Rolled up on the seashore in a beer bottle was this message:
Good Morning,
I'm hoping it's a beautiful island morning where you are.
My wife found your site and said, "You've got to see this! She will like you book!" After reviewing your site(s), I do believe she is right, because I liked your site very much.
I had a novel come out a few weeks ago entitled "The Conch Killers." It a romp up and down the Florida Keys and over to Bimini with sailboats, guns and alcohol. It won' t change your life, but it will make you laugh.
Anyway, hope to hear from you. You have an awesome site and I'll probably end up buying your book. I'm a sucker for funny, tropical books. Take care.
Chip Giles
The fun is back in summer reading!
Yo Chip!  Thanks for writing!  Pun intended!  Your book sounds like a hoot and I look forward to reading it.  I've romped around the Florida Keys and the Bahamas and of course we all know how much I love to mess about on boats, and enjoy my share of libations.   My only use of guns, was when I shot my house window out around 3am, to scare a burglar trying to get into my back door.  The neighbors called the police and said I had gone crazy and was shooting up the place. They surrounded my house and told me to come out with my arms up! I was holding my puppy who was plenty  scared, and when I held him over my head, it didn't calm him down much.  It was all pretty funny, apparently I lived in the city limits of the SC town I was in at the time, and it's illegal to shoot a gun in the city, but they declined to arrest me, in view of things. When they caught the burglar, I understand he was in need of clean undies.    I don't think I've shot  a gun since, especially since they are illegal to possess in the BVI except under very special circumstances.
Good luck with your book and I hope you keep writing!
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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Another beautiful day in the Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 10:38:21 EST
Beautiful sunny and breezy!
Sugar Mill Ruins St John

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Monday in the Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 12:35:15 EST
Sugar Mill Ruins on St John
From the Wayward Sailor *hiccup*:
Cool night with just a few sprinkles and just enough wind to make it a great night for sleep aboard a good ship!  This AM it has started out as a really fine day... another wonderful day in Paradise!  Sun is feeding the Solar Panels and the strong coffee and Dirty Eggs I had for breakfast make me want (need) to take a hike to burn some off!  Mooring field at Waterlemon in St. John cleared out most boats before 9 and another overnight batch will probably be in later today.  National Parks Rangers chased off a couple of illegally anchored boats so take a mooring ball when available or know the rules for anchoring in this National Park which are very restrictive to save the bay floors and coral reefs.
Probably heading back to British Virgin Islands later today.  Hope to catch some nice shots going up the Sir Francis Drake Channel.  Temps now 82 and may reach a bit higher by mid day and the winds are to be under 14knots with moderate to low seas in the channel.  Northern swells are probably going to drop down quickly and not be a factor which is good news for sailors on the North Side and Atlantic but not so good news for the Surfers.  Only a 20% chance of rain but when you are in the spot that has the 20% coming down it is still wet!  I will not get any rain because I have some shirts and shorts hanging on life lines that could use a good fresh rain water rinse to help get the salt out.... so no rain for me!
About time to set sails and figure out which way I'm going to point the pointy end of da Boat... nice to have no hard schedule and fixed plans.... well you know someone has to live this way so I guess I'll just volunteer... again!
Wayward Sailor between USVI and BVI
Washed up in an Old Bottle on the Seashore was this Message:
Hi there.  Been reading your blog, and thinking you seem to be recovering well. Glad to see it.  Some time ago I sent this, but it was at a time when things were pretty hectic and bleak in your life and you may have missed it.  So here it is again, along with another piece I just finished about Coral Bay.  Hope you enjoy these.

Dear John,
    They are terrific!  Thanks!  Every day is the dawn of new excitement as I battle for the next adventure, fighting mightily to live to tell another tale. Loved the part "stripped of her wealth" you got that right, stripped of health and wealth, but I am bouncing back, never thought it would take so long, I guess mermaids heal differently. Thanks for the ballad and poem, love them both!

Ballad of Himmacane Bill

The Sahara sand swirls
in planetary curls
far over the south Atlantee.
Though light as a feather,
it stirs up the weather
to a truly unpleasant degree.
It's the sea-lane where forms
that most frightful of storms--
the tropical pinwheel of death.

One August was born
from a convection of foam
and a depressively sweltering breath
A massive cloud bank
shot with lightning and dank
hefting roiling curtains of rain.
It showed first as a wave,
then a low, then it gave
notice as westward it came.
"I won't be denied.
I've got panic inside.
I demand that you give me a name!"

To a storm did it grow
as o'er seascape it flowed
and at bars folks were drinking their fill.
The weathermen plotted
with data besotted
And pronounced it hurricane "Bill".
Square in its sights
the Caribs took fright
as inexorably onward it whirled

Alone in its path
not afraid of its wrath
lay a bed-ridden Tortolan girl.
She battled for health
and was stripped of her wealth
by hospital expenses extreme.
But night after night
through her terrible blight
her mind flashed like a bright hopeful gleam.
She stared down that storm.
It shuddered and turned
til it swung over to North by Northwest.
On the radar it crawled,
over ocean it sprawled,
to the watchers it offered no rest.

Then the peril was past.
The sun shone out at last.
The islanders came out to play.
And Miss Mermaid went home,
her dark labor was done,
to relish her life one more day.


In Coral Bay

In Coral Bay, in Coral Bay,
where refugees from urban hives 
come seeking solace in their lives
hoping to afford the price
of moments lived in paradise
embracing Coral Bay. 

In Coral Bay, in Coral Bay,
where continentals come and go, 
like tidal waters' ebb and flow
acting out vacation dreams
enhancing island income schemes
throughout Coral Bay.

In Coral Bay, in Coral Bay,
where roosters crow and donkeys bray
and goats and sheep on hillsides stray.
where frigate birds in graceful curves
inscribe the sky with secret words
over Coral Bay.

In Coral Bay, in Coral Bay,
the tropic dusk is filled with voices--
treefrogs making mating choices,
the chant of wind in tamarind,
the chug of engines homing in
to Coral Bay

In Coral Bay, in Coral Bay,
enchantment sparks from Island Blues
where locals flock to find their muse
and at the bar lists Pirate Bill
an ancient egret with his kill
transfixing Coral Bay.

In Coral Bay, in Coral Bay,
ruthless time has lost it's bearing
set adrift with no one caring 
rootless hours roam in wonder
luring souls like hidden plunder
marked in Coral Bay. 

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Hurricanes & Hangovers by Dear Miss Mermaid 
Warm and Sunny Regards,

- Almost gorgeous
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 09:03:26 EST
Drizzly rain all night long, but the sun has finally poked through!  But it looks like a partly cloudy day in the islands. Winds are fickle 5-10 knots. Volcano ash still falls everywhere and dusting everything is a must, plus washing the heap of a jeep and anything else made of metal is important, that ash is rather corrosive.
Just another rough day in paradise...

This is last Tuesday in New York, North shore of Long Island



Launch that boat and head southeast, quick!  I love the flower boxes growing snow on the right...  I see the chairs on the deck, please tell me you don't actually SIT out there in this kind of weather?  What if your rear end sticks to the chair?  Do you have to wait until spring to thaw out?  Here are some Virgin Island Charts.


Warm and Sunny Regards,

Author of Hurricanes and Hangovers
(and other tall tales and loose lies from the Coconut Telegraph)


- I got the crabs in the BVI!
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 20:19:41 EST
Another sunny day in paradise!
Hermit crabs, as shown above are nicknamed that because they pick out second hand seashells to live in, to protect their soft under bellies. Since they move into these homes alone, and hermits live alone, well there you have it, hermit crabs!
Years ago, I was living in a house in St Kitts, working on a big catamaran that was being built there. Someone had lined the garden beds very neatly with assorted conch shells, and assorted snail shells.
I noticed that some days when I came home, it was apparent someone had stolen a seashell.  Who would steal a seashell?  After all, they had to open the gate and walk in, to steal it. That kind of made me wonder. Other days, I found odd shells in the yard, that weren't part of the neatly lined seashell borders. I felt compelled to find a place for the shell and wondered where it came from.
I often sat on the balcony steps, studying the sea at a distance and admiring the multitude of hibiscus flowers planted in the garden. We had every color imaginable!  Apparently, the owner's goal was to own every hibiscus color available. From the brilliant pinks to vibrant yellows to deep purples and flashy oranges, our garden was a riot of hues and I admired it daily, at breakfast over coffee and in the afternoon over a cocktail.
Well, one day, I was sitting out there, sipping a tall cool drink, cooling my heals after a long day at the boat yard. I noticed a crab come slowly and methodically into the garden and lumber around. Suddenly, he exited his shell, looking quite naked, then crawled into another shell and walked away.
My mouth fell open, I had never seen this done before!  Now he had messed up the neat order of the seashell lined garden beds and he unwittingly offered up an explanation for the stolen seashells and the spare ones I sometimes found. Apparently, we were running the equivalent of a used car lot for crabs. Amazing.
One day, I came home alone, and left the front door open while I went to make a drink. I heard someone holler "Inside!  Inside!"  and at that time, I didn't realize this was common in the islands, instead of knocking.
I walked into the living room, and there stood a stout woman, much heftier than my then petite frame (ah I miss those days!) and she was not only holding  a huge well sharpened machete, but she was swinging it  back and forth by her side.
I turned quite pale and prayed a thousand silent prayers that please God, it wasn't my turn to be murdered. I knew that nearby was a very heavy transformer that was used to power a TV we never watched. I had tripped over the transformer one day while barefoot, and discovered it was pretty heavy. I was thinking to myself, how fast can I grab that transformer and knock her brains out before she slits my throat?
Meanwhile, I had given her a cheery "Good afternoon" in hopes to diffuse her murderous urge. I couldn't imagine why I was being chosen for this murder, but at that time in St Kitts, I was one of very, very few pale faces in a sea of dark faces. I stood out in my neighborhood like a peacock in a hen house. I thought it was a friendly place. Many times when I had attempted to walk home, a neighbor would offer me a ride and when I tried to tell them where I lived, they always said "I knows who you are, I knows where ya live." 
So why me?  Why now?  I think my mouth was going dry and I knew I was grinning like an idiot, while sweating buckets of human dew.  Finally her words, penetrated my teeny tiny brain. 
She wanted to know if I wanted the lawn mowed.
I think I managed to squeak out "The lawn mowed?" 
She explained she would trim it with her cutlass, which she brandished as if I was a true dunce and had failed to notice she was carrying it.
I was so relieved not to have my silly throat slit, I almost jumped for joy and told her "Yes! Yes! Yes!" over and over.
She gave me a strange look, and announced she would be back the next day to do it. 
The next day, on her hands and knees, she went over the entire grassy portion of the garden and neatly trimmed the lawn. When she was done, it  looked just as neat and orderly, as if a machine had done it. And, she left my throat in tact...

- P.S.
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 10:30:13 EST

- Fried Day in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 09:48:01 EST
Path to paradise!
NE winds at 12mph, 82 degrees, scattered rains and a lovely day.
It's a great day to go fishing. Yum!  Love dem fish!
But, every morning is the dawn of a new error!

       I was at a dock party in Venezuela.  The languages being spoken were many and English was not the dominant one. 
       It was a bit chaotic as I tried my rusty Spanish on an Italian who was getting a translation from a Peruvian.  Two Frenchmen were hosting the party and I tried to thank them in French, much to their amusement. 
       The Germans were alternately crunching out Dutch and offering interpretations in English and Russian.
       My Czechoslovakian captain was flirting with a young lady of striking beauty  who arrived. 
       Her beauty became the instant focus of attention and the party kind of quieted down, as we listened to the Czech interview her in English, which was not her native language.
       He asked her what she liked to do in her spare time.  She replied to the hushed crowd,  "My family and I love to go pissing!  Every chance we get, we go out and piss.  I like to piss every day, or every night, though sometimes we don't get to.  But, to me, being able to piss every chance I get,  just makes life worth living. I just got back from pissing, that is why I was late to the party. I think tomorrow, I will go out and piss some more.  I just can't get enough of pissing. If you like, I can bring you fresh piss tomorrow!"
       This was met by quiet astonishment then laughter from the English speaking contingent, then it had to be translated into many other languages so everyone could appreciate her odd activities.
       The poor girl looked aghast and after several attempts, somebody finally got it all translated back to her, and of course she turned beet red while the laughter died down around her.
       Finally, a young Venezuelan, who was still learning the English language, figured it all out and with great glee, he grabbed the hapless beauty,  taking her near the water's edge, he pointed to his head and said "Remember!"
       Then he pointed at the water and said "Piss, IN!"  and made all the motions of pretending to unzip his pants and relieve himself in the water. Then while pointing upwards he yelled "Fish OUT!"  and mimicked fishing with a rod and reel. He announced:
       "You and your  family love to go FISHING  not pissing!"
    Needless to say, by now we were all roaring with laughter and sure broke the ice, as the various translations spread around the party and new pockets of giggles erupted.
    My Czech captain did manage to get a date out of the beauty. The next night before leaving the boat, he raided the fridge and freezer for some bait, then  turned to me and announced "I have a date and we are going out pissing tonight!"

- Sailing and Motoring and oh wait, the motor died!
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 12:27:01 EST
Recent fallout from the Volcano ash paints a beautiful picture at suset.
From Dem Wayward Sailors...
On the South East side of St. John, It was a bit rough.... lots of swells coming in from the South due to the winds making a clock to the South South East.  Dry with no rain for several days but minimal chances are increasing thru the weekend, me thinks.
Lots of volcano dust in the air and being deposited on every surface *cough cough* but it makes for some great sun sets and sun rises.
Have been doing a lot of hiking and snorkeling and redid the hike to the Petroglyphs and Sugar Mill at Reef Bay.  Great hike that will let you know if you are in shape or not. 
Now at Crown Bay Marina in St. Thomas with a huge Cruise Ship in the berth at the end of this marina.  Have some business at the airport and some shopping for boat "stuff" to do.... both Expensive!  Can't wait to get back out and sail. 
Did have an adventure yesterday on my motor sail here.... engine died!  Just stopped running and would not restart.  No major problem sailing to near here but it would be impossible to sail into the slip in the marina.... and lethal to do so.  Too much danger to other boats so closely packed like sardines.  I sailed over to a shallow spot and dropped anchor and checked the engine out and found what I expected... a clogged fuel filter.  Changed it out and after some problems repriming the flow got her running nicely and all went well.  Problem with fuel here is that is often has some water or fungus in it which isn't filtered out when you put it into the tanks and since a sail boat sails and we do not use the engines much... it just sets and starts growing "stuff".  Even with the additive I put into the tank with each fill up a fuel filter change is needed a couple of times a year... generally at a least opportune time... wonder how it knows when that is???

- Fantbulous day in the BVI
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 13:50:13 EST
 Another gorgeous wonderful fantabulous day in paradise!  A GREAT day to go snorkeling with CaptainRoyBVI.com and see these wonderful treats beneath the sea.
Prayers for those lost at sea:
USVI police: Body of missing Polish engineer found
eTaiwan News
The megayacht's captain and crew have remained in Tortola, the British Virgin Islands' capital, voluntarily while authorities there continue investigating ...

- Hope you survived Monday!
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 11:07:32 EST
The Last Phone Booth in the British Virgin Islands
And it still works... most days...
Balmy weather, gentle trades.

- Postcard Picture Perfect in the Virgin Islands
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 12:46:14 EST
Weather is here, wish you were gorgeous!
I went to a Valentine's Dinner with a very berry special friend and 2 other couples. One wife said she got a real interesting card from her husband. On the outside it showed a cartoon of a very old couple. On the inside it read "To the man in my life..."
She sat there thinking "Maybe I wear too many jeans and Tshirts, maybe I should dress more feminine, but still, why a card like this?"
Her husband kept asking her if she liked the card and she said "Well, yes, I guess so, but did you read it before you bought it?"
"Of course I read it!" he snapped, "I picked it out for you!"
So she asked "Why does it read 'to the man in my life?"
Oh boy was he mortified.  He claimed he bought it on the "For your Wife" rack and that he did read it, just that maybe he read it a bit too fast. She pondered out loud "I wonder what the cashier thought of you buying a card for another man for Valentine's Day?  And you know, if you look at this cartoon on the front of the card, it really looks more like 2 men than a woman and a man!"
By now he was trying to snatch the card back from her but she said "Oh no, I am KEEPING this. I just love it that my husband thinks of me as the "man in his life!"
From the Wayward Pirates

- Bubbly Pool Jost Van Dyke, Turtles & Turkeys
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 10:07:15 EST
Today is a  great morning at the Bubbly Pool at Little Jost Van Dyke for the Wayward Pirates (not to be confused with the Wayward Sailors!) 
Blast from the past!  An old story from Dear Miss Mermaid:
I was working on a charter boat with a Swedish Captain who spoke very good English, but confused Turkey and Turtle.  This had some comical consequences with passengers who were not aware of this problem.
We are out sailing one fine day and he yells "Look!  A Turkey!"  and the passengers are straining to see a turkey on the water...
Another day I had sent lunch up to the cockpit for the passengers and captain.  We had just spent the morning at the Bubbly Pool on Jost.  I went back down below to clean up the dishes.  When I went to check on the guests again, I saw that their sandwiches were all untouched, they  were munching on the Calypso Coleslaw and the Papaya Pineapple Salad yet inexplicably, no one had touched their sandwiches.
I looked at the captain, with that question in my eye of "What gives?"  His sandwich only had one bite left, which he chomped on it  happily.  Then he announced "She makes the BEST TURTLE sandwiches!  Eat up!"
After I assured the guests they had TURKEY and not TURTLE sandwiches, they seemed to enjoy them too.  But to this day, I wonder what they thought when the Swede first told them I had made them delicious TURTLE sandwiches.
With so many in the islands juggling more than just one lover, Valentine's Day must be especially confusing (if not dangerous!)
That reminds me of a Wayward Pirate story about Valentine's Day... 
A friend who always kept  her life rather private, was found in a pool of blood and rushed to the hospital, close to Valentine's Day.
They say gossip spreads faster than wild fire...
Imagine the fun at the  hospital,  when hours later, while the patient was undergoing emergency surgery,  not one, not two, but THREE lovers turned up at the hospital within minutes of each other, inquiring after the patient!
And you wonder why they keep security guards at the receptionist's station...

- Loo or Lou or Who
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 19:25:22 EST
Ferry passing by Jolly Roger in West End Tortola BVI
Rolled up on the Sea Shore in a French Wine Bottle:
Simply to let you know that I sent a copy of your book to my eldest who lives in California, and he messaged me to say that it's one of the funniest books he's ever read. However, it may surprise you to know that when he'd finished it, he placed in his guest loo for all his visitors to see and possibly read while doing their naturals.  I'm sure I could get a few pictures if I asked him kindly!!
'Luv  Frenchie
***For those of you from elsewhere, a Loo is also a bathroom or restroom or water closet. It's where the toilet is kept *tee hee hee*  Not to be confused with Lou, who owns the Jolly Roger...
We look forward to these pictures...

- The Volcano Blew!
  • By DearMissMermaid at aol.com
  • Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 19:30:45 EST
Thar she blows!  Ash shot up 9 miles into the sky! 
Partial dome collapse Montserrat
Caribbean Hurricane Network
Today a partial dome collapse event occurred at the Soufriere Hills volcano. This was a pretty big event with ash rising to at least 50000ft! ...
LIAT suspends flights due to airborne volcano ash clouds ...
By admin
JOHN'S, Antigua, February 11, 2010 – LIAT wishes to advise that it has been forced to suspend flights into and out of Antigua because of airborne ash clouds from the Soufriere Hills Volcano in Montserrat. LIAT continues to assess the ...
See ya on the water!

Older reports from the BVI have been moved to another page.

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