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- The Rains Came
  • From: Sandy & Roger Garside <intheislands2000 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 18:38:34 -0700 (PDT)
Greetings from Jost Van Dyke,  Miss Mermaid may have been lacking in rain on Tortola  but it finally came to us over the past 24 hours. In the early hours of Saturday morning we had a very heavy Rainstorm accompanied by Thunder and much lightening which gave us nearly 2 inches. Today, at approximately 5pm the heavens opened and we had torrential rain for over two hours, must have had at least 3 to 4 inches this evening. A very very welcome downpour, and according to the forecast we could get more tomorrow - bring it on, we need it. The island will now be bright green again and the cisterns will be filled and the froggies tonight are singing their heads off.

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- Greetings from Jost Van Dyke
  • From: Sandy Garside <intheislands2000 at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 17:16:29 -0800 (PST)
Greetings to all,
I have been the Jost Van Dyke correspondent for a few months now but have not bothered to post anything because (a) the weather has been wonderful, especially this past month and (b) Miss Mermaid covers everything I could say and some. (Miss Mermaid , thanks for your tip on the Chefs Thermometers, I purchased two there)
In October we did have one weekend when we received about 10 inches of rain, since then we have had the odd heavy shower, just about enough to sustain the greenery, but I was passing the cliffs between Little Harbour and Great Harbour yesterday and they are showing a lot of brown already.  So let?s hope for some rain soon otherwise it would seem we are in for a long dry season. Maybe a Cold Front will make it this far this year with a bit of luck.
                   Life in the Islons:    On October 19th a mysterious arsonist or a lightening bolt put paid to our telephones on the island, in the meantime Cable and Wireless otherwise known as Careless & Worthless are erecting a huge new Microwave Tower above Little Harbour. ( Lot of good that does without working phone lines)  The local Police force were called in by C & W to investigate, however they didn?t show much interest so we figure it was lightening.
                  So here I am with 6 Phone lines and Two DSL lines paying a fortune a month for rental,  two and a half weeks later we actually get one line to work, then another and then mysteriously the Credit Card line starts working and one internet line.  On the 4th week anniversary, our main number, publicized world wide ? is still not working nor is another number to our apartment and the DSL line.
                  To get our e-mail for the first 3 weeks we were sending a lap top to Tortola by ferry, it went to Road Town where Coconut Graphix downloaded them and sent the darn lap top back again, we would then reply and send it back to Road Town ? this has to be the most traveled lap top on a Ferry ever.
                  Exasparated, I contacted the Chamber of Commerce, who came back and told me that Careless & Worthless were waiting for parts ? after 4 weeks.  Yesterday morning, a Saturday of all days ( C & W  normally goes into hibernation over the weekend)  two very  hot looking guys appear at our door saying they are here to fix our phones ? okay, go for it I said.
                  They left telling us our main number was working but the other lines need further repairs !  So I tested the line and Yes it is working ? HOWEVER  we then find out it is working for calls outward but does not ring in>
                   So here we are in our fifth week and still we don?t have our main phone working, and the apartment phone and DSL.
                   But I am beating BVI Electricity now, yes finally done it,  for months and months we suffered with an old Generator which finally gave up life and collapsed in a heap of rust etc.,  We had to wait a long time for the new one ? not a Miss Mermaid  Kipper but a huge great Perkins, and does that sucker  purr nicely, I now have 65 Kw to play with and the great thing is it only burns a Gallon of Diesel an hour.   Now I figure I can produce half the Islands power for less than BVI Electricity can. Maybe I can sell some to them.
But it is so nice to now have a Power cut and that sweet noise start up in the back of the property, two minutes later and we have full power and some.  No more candles and flashlights and groping in the darkness for ages.
                   The water situation here on Jost is also a wonder.  Last week some bright spark in the Government announced that there was now a stand pipe at the Ferry dock in Great Harbour where CRUISE SHIPS, Mega Yachts and other boats  could buy 1000 Gallons of Water for $25.    (1) I defy you to find a Water & Sewage person to turn the Tap on and monitor it.  No,.2 the very next day all our water disappeared and hasn?t come back on since. .  As for the Government it should be made aware that Cruise Ships cannot enter Great Harbour as there is not enough water, as so very few Mega Yachts. Wonder where they got their facts from to make that announcement. It makes you wonder.
                   So Miss Mermaid, when your Kipper is purring , my Perkins will also be purring, when your fin is totally better maybe we can meet for lunch at Pussers Landing, we should be able to tell each other some great tales.
                   Miss Mermaid, some drunk from the Cyber Café in Trellis Bay ripped off your Pumpkin Pie recipe and posted it on Traveltalkonline.
Jost Van Dyke.

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