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- Delinquent
  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 04:54:48 -0500
morning to all - very early morning it is as well.
this is what happens when you fall asleep at 7pm, wide awake at 3 in the morning.
The rains have arrived in Jamaica, torrential at times, seems to me that March was wetter than normal and this is just continuing, the nights are still cool and wonderful for sleeping. We had 2 cruise ships attempt to dock in Ochi on Monday, but both turned back out to sea and went on their merry way, much to the dismay of the merchants. The sea was rough, particularly by the piers
Busy has been the word of the past few months, what with the cricket, end of the tourist season, business expanding, annual inspections,  and new grand baby, by the time the end of the day comes, the battery is flat. I am getting ready to take a months leave and head to "foreign", this is long overdue, however, the extra work involved in getting ready to go away, making sure that all functions in the absence !! - makes ya wonder if it is all worth it. I am sure glad that I didn't go a couple of weeks ago as planned as I would have arrived in the middle of the big snow storm. Not cool - can't handle that crispy cold weather up north. It is rough arriving in sleeveless shirt, jeans and sandals with 2 feet of snow piled on the ground - the kids just hoot and holler and drag out the winter coat.
It seems the word lately coming out of most of the islands is the current mash up, the phone mash up, the internet - well I'm not sure how they can mash that up any more that it already is. We are supposed to be getting this big fiber-optic system in Jamaica - been hearing about it for ever now. Internet, phone, cable all in one, great idea, but when it mash up, ya lose it all, with hurricane season right around the corner, have to wait and see how it all goes.
The mango tree is loaded with fruit and the dogs are going crazy everytime one drops off the tree on to the roof, they are sure we are under attack from I'm not sure what. Hard to know what goes through their likkle brains - not much at times I think.
There is a lot of fruit on the trees, which is a sign to be careful and watch what lies ahead, the last time I saw the mango tree like this was the year of Ivan, so my supply box is almost ready. it is time to replace the sheets of plywood as well and seal up the leaks in the roof. Lots to do before taking time off - this sounds like a broken record.
Rain the forecast again for today, so got to remember the umbrella, have lost about 3 of them so far, so bought a bunch of them at the market and have them stashed about the place. The chinese laundry is back in business in my house, great topic of conversation for those who come to visit - if ya want to sit down, ya gotta move it out of the way
Sue M

- Nice and Sunny,but Very Windy Corrected
  • From: Blayz Brooks <blayzbrooks at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 13:57:26 -0700 (PDT)
Wonderful Sunday and start to a new month, but very windy
It?s another beautiful Sunday here in Montego Bay. The Sun is out and brightly shining, Barely a cloud in sight. What has been significant for the past two days have been the winds, they have been really strong coming from the ENE at 23mph/37.0km/h/10.3m/s, with gust up to 44k/m/27mph. This dry, pleasant and windy weather can be attributed to a dominating high pressure system anchored over the western Atlantic Ocean will has and will continue to influence our weather over the next couple of days. The satellite picture below show a few high level clouds across the eastern sections of the island, not much in the way of showers though.
source accuweather
Intermittent Clouds
Breezy with times of sun and clouds. Winds from the NE at 28 km/h.
Realfeel®: 32 °C
High: 30 °C
Sunday Night, Apr 1
Mostly Clear
Windy with a moonlit sky. Winds from the ENE at 25 km/h.
Realfeel®: 22 °C
Low: 23 °C
Mostly Sunny
Sunshine and patchy clouds. Winds from the ENE at 24 km/h.
Realfeel®: 30 °C
High: 28 °C
Monday Night, Apr 2
Partly Cloudy
Partly cloudy. Winds from the ENE at 8 km/h.
Realfeel®: 25 °C
Low: 24 °C
Partly Sunny
Partly sunny. Winds from the ENE at 19 km/h.
Realfeel®: 31 °C
High: 29 °C
Intermittent Clouds
Partly cloudy and humid. Winds from the ENE at 4 km/h.
Realfeel®: 26 °C
Low: 23 °C
Intermittent Clouds
Times of clouds and sun. Winds from the NE at 16 km/h.
Realfeel®: 31 °C
High: 29 °C
Intermittent Clouds
Partly cloudy and humid. Winds will be calm
Realfeel®: 27 °C
Low: 23 °C
Intermittent Clouds
Times of clouds and sun with a shower possible. Winds from the ENE at 11 km/h.
Realfeel®: 31 °C
High: 28 °C
Intermittent Clouds
Partly cloudy and humid. Winds will be calm
Realfeel®: 26 °C
Low: 23 °C

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- Nice ,but windy Sunday
  • From: Blayz Brooks <blayzbrooks at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 13:31:19 -0700 (PDT)
Wonderful Sunday and start to a new month, but very windy
It?s another beautiful Sunday here in Montego Bay. The Sun is out and brightly shining, Barely a cloud in sight. What has been significant for the past two days have been the winds, they have been really strong coming from the ENE at 23mph/37.0km/h/10.3m/s, with gust up to 44k/m/27mph. This dry, pleasant and windy weather can be attributed to a dominating high pressure system anchored over the western Atlantic Ocean will has and will continue to influence our weather over the next couple of days.
Forecast for the next 5 days               source Accuweather
 Sunday Night, Apr 1
Windy with a moonlit sky. Winds from the ENE at 16 mph.
Realfeel®: 73 °F
Low: 74 °F
Monday, Apr 2
Sunshine and patchy clouds. Winds from the ENE at 15 mph.
Realfeel®: 86 °F
High: 83 °F
Monday Night, Apr 2
Partly cloudy. Winds from the ENE at 5 mph.
Realfeel®: 77 °F
Low: 76 °F
Tuesday, Apr 3
Partly sunny. Winds from the ENE at 12 mph.
Realfeel®: 88 °F
High: 85 °F
Partly cloudy and humid. Winds will be light and variable
Realfeel®: 79 °F
Low: 74 °F
Wednesday, Apr 4
Times of clouds and sun. Winds from the NE at 10 mph.
Realfeel®: 88 °F
High: 85 °F
Partly cloudy and humid. Winds will be calm
Realfeel®: 81 °F
Low: 74 °F
Thursday, Apr 5
Times of clouds and sun with a shower possible. Winds from the ENE at 7 mph.
Realfeel®: 89 °F
High: 84 °F
Partly cloudy and humid. Winds will be calm
Realfeel®: 80 °F
Low: 75 °F

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- growing season
  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 07:46:09 -0500
We have just had our 10 minute rain shower, they seem to come about this time each morning, tis wonderful for the gardens and lawn.
It must have rained heavily in the night, the window sill and floor were wet this morning - never heard a t'ing. We have been having quick shorts bursts of rain over the last few days and it looks like they will continue for the next week. We end out with beautiful days, slight breeze and sun, cooler temps still, but wonderful for us that live here. Looks like the rainy season has shifted to March - makes ya wonder what is ahead come June. The Islanders are already beginning to speak about the strange weather patterns of late and showing some concern in the upcoming season. The Government now is another story - they are talking about everything BUT the upcoming season. Of course we are in election year, so we all know how that goes.
We are just now beginning to see insurance settlements to some of the farmers from Ivan - better late than never
Got the great news yesterday that long awaited grand-son has finally arrived, so this means a "shopping trip" up north in about 2 weeks. Hope the temps are greatly improved before I arrive, can't handle the cold weather anymore - or "don't want" to is more like it. Have to make my "To Buy" list and figure how I can cram everything in the cases and still stay within the 50 pound limit. Time to toss out the old cases that weigh about 15 pounds empty. Ya got a choice, heavy suitcase and protect what is inside, or lightweight and just hope to hell everyt'ing survives.
Have a feeling that hubby is going to load the cases up with tools anyway - so it may all be a dead issue!!!!
Hard to believe that April arrives on Sunday - not sure where the first 3 months have disappeared to and not really sure what I have achieved during those 3 months.
Ahhhh, life in the islands
Sue M

- Out of the Blue
  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 10:40:58 -0500
Last night about 9:30pm our time, we had the most incredible storm blow in - literally right inside the house.
The winds were ferocious and coming right out of the north. The first indication was the roar and then all the almond leaves that came flying int he windows.
the wind chimes went flying and the hanging chairs were banging against the side of the house. There was very little rain with the winds, thank goodness or my bed would have been soaked - these windows are not the best at keeping out the rain.
The dogs just lifted their sorry lazy heads for a few short seconds and then went back to their normal comatose position of inspecting the glaze on the floor tiles.
Wonder if this was the Irish wind blowing as the West Indies trounced them at cricket yesterday.
this morning started off a likkle overcast, however, the sun is out now, and you guessed it, washing is ready to go out on the line. The wonderful smell of pork & sauerkraut fills my house as it simmers away in the slow cooker.
Life is Good
Sue M

- More Rain
  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 21:18:28 -0500
Rain, rain and more rain
that is the order of the day and off and on for the next few days. The rain is refreshing and the gardens are really green. There has been some flooding and mud slides in some parts of St. Mary. They need to stop cutting the hillsides and amazingly, many of the mud-slides will stop.
The nights are wonderful for sleeping - it is especially great to pull that blanket up on the bed. These are the nights to remember in the hot summer months.
The washing is piling up , so I need the sun to peep out tomorrow, even half a day would be great - maybe I can even order up some breeze. We can dream
Sue M

  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 08:30:30 -0500
"ask and you shall receive"
Well, we asked for rain and rain we have in the St. Ann area. At times torrential which was really not on the plan - but this is out of our control. I was driving from Runaway Bay back to Ochi late yesterday afternoon and had to pull over to where I thought the edge of the road was. Couldn't see a thing, not the road, the lines, the other cars. Fortunately most drivers had slowed right down and many others pulled off the road.
It is still raining off and on and the forecast for the rest of the week calls for showers and thunder showers right through the weekend, so if it is a tan you are looking for - maybe not this week.
We really do need the rain - the drought conditions are fairly severe in certain parts of the island and many crops have been affected.
My house will once again look like a Chinese laundry in my vain attempts to get the washing dry. BUT, new jeep has working windshield wipers, so I am good to go.
There is a large pond formed at the back of the property, so I think I am going to go stock it with fish, it doesn't look like it is going away any time soon. This is the time to forget about shoes, flip-flops are the order of the day, and not the fancy flowery ones, much easier to dry out.
Keep the umbrellas handy
Sue M

- few drops
  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 08:14:47 -0500
The much awaited rains came yesterday - just enough to soak the heavy towels that are still hanging on the line, but not enough to even dampen the top layer of cement we call dirt.
the seas have been a bit rough - great breakers rolling in over the reef, too bad if you are a diver, but great for surfing.
Got an email with pics from my son who lives in  north eastern USA, his only comment was, remember, it was 70 degrees 2 days ago. This has really been a crazy winter season in many parts of the world, makes us wonder what lies ahead for us beginning in June, maybe it is time to get the supplies box ready now.
Sun is back out and not a cloud in the sky - St. Paddy's Day is upon us and wouldn't ya know it, the Irish are playing today at Sabina Park - can you imagine the party tonight.
We have had fabulous weather for the matches played so far in Jamaica - let's hope it continues
Wear the Green
Sue m

- Weather in Trinidad!!!
  • From: "O'Neil Clarke" <hurricane_spotter at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 09:28:32 -0500
As I can see the satellite imagery of sweet, sweet Jamaica, all seems bright and beautiful; something similar to what I was seeing when I was watching the match. Go Windies. The first match in Trinidad should be starting tomorrow and the weather for today is magnificent, hope it will be like this tomorrow.

I do hope that the rains will start when I return, need to get my lawn going again, really costs too much to use the precious water in the taps.

Take care all.

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- Warm and Dry
  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 03:12:00 -0500
Good early morning -or very late evening, whichever way one chooses to look at the clock from sunny and dry Ocho Rios.
Temps have been absolutely wonderful here, warm, breezy and dry. Cool nights and no rain. We are experiencing some drought particularly in this area as it has been some time since we have seen any rain. I am sure that when April/May arrive we will be eating our words.
Jamaica is one of the host countries for World Cup Cricket 2007, so much excitement envelops the island. The opening ceremony was held at the new stadium in Trelawney on Sunday and was indeed a world class spectacle - then to top it off, the West Indies won the first match of the tournament yesterday against Pakistan.
much hooting and hollering and very little work being done, many offices and work places have installed TV's in conspicuous places for all to take a likkle time and watch.
We have the Irish contingent in town, so you can imagine what St. Paddy's Day will be like on Saturday, any excuse for a "big party"
Plenty going on all around the island - party atmosphere for the next 6 weeks in the Caribbean
Sue m

- very hot day high of 32.6 deg C/ 90.6 deg F (average 28.8 c) 9 days before Cricket World Cup
  • From: Blayz Brooks <blayzbrooks at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2007 18:31:27 -0800 (PST)
It's been a very hot day here in  Montego Bay.
Since yesterday the start of March we have been above
average in temperatures.

On days like this it is good to drink plenty of water
and try to keep cool.
With this exception, its  all great weather.

We experienced Partly cloudy to clear skies .We had
the typical,  e-ene at the  15-17mph winds.

Today's Summary

Max Temperature   90 deg F  / 32 deg C   
Min Temperature   70 deg F  / 21 deg C 
Average Humidity  74       

Maximum Humidity  83
Minimum Humidity  52         
Precipitation   0.00 in  / 0.0 cm    

Sea Level Pressure  

1013mb   at  9 a.m.
1010 mb  at  6 p.m.

 Max. Wind Speed   17 mph  / 28 km/h

Monthly Averages for March

Average High...28.8 deg C/83.8 F

Average Low ...22 deg/73 deg c

Average Days of rain ..... 5

Average relative humidity (%)
 at  7a.m...83
 at  1p.m ..68

Sunshine...8.5 hrs


High pressure ridge across the Caribbean Basin
controlling our weather
High pressure situated on top off the Central 
Atlantic   will move east Which would help to maintain
a stronger than normal east to sely flow especially
along the South Coast.Which means strong winds and

Significant Feature Outlook

Cold Front to move out of the Gulf of Mexico into the
NW Caribbean by Monday Morning.
It stalls  near or over Jamaica Tuesday  through
Wednesday after which it will either dissipate or
retreat north.

Break down
Skies will be mostly fair to partly cloudy through the

03 Mar ( Sat )

Mainly sunny low 22 high 32

04 Mar( Sun )

Partly Cloudy low 23 high 31

05 Mar( Mon. )
low 21 high 30 (Cold  Front approaches) Occasional
showers possible

Marine Forecast

South Coast
Winds....E 20kts  seas... 2.5 - 3 metres
Saturday -Saturday night   winds.. E 20-25kts seas..
3-3.5 metres
Sunday- Sunday night       winds...E 15-25kts seas....
2-3 meters

North Coast
winds....E 20kts seas...2.5-3 metres

Saturday -Saturday night
Ese 10-15 kts seas1.5metres

Ese...10-15 kts seas.....1-1.5 metres

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- Almost March
  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 08:12:24 -0500
Not sure where the first almost 60 days of 2007 have gone - that means we are all too busy to "smell the roses"
Weather in Ochi has been wonderful - for the most part, sun, cool breeze, almost no rain and cool nights. The perfect scenario. we are at the point where we need some rain - shhhhh, just a likkle please.
Jamaica is in a frenzy getting ready for World Cup Cricket, we host the opening ceremony on Sunday March 12 - so ya know major clean up going on, t'ings get painted up, flowers get planted, roads get a quick patch up.
We need to keep this going way past cricket and make it the norm
Ya got to wonder where the heads are at though - at 5pm last evening, when everyone and all the dogs, cows, chickens and pigs are on the by-pass road heading home - in roll the big dumper trucks, the bulldozers and digging machines and block up the intersection which used to be the round-a-bout.
This intersection is where the main road coming north from Kingston, the main coming east from Mobay and the main road coming west from St. Mary, all come together. Whaah Gwan - we all wonder!!!!
Well dem dig up the road surface starting to get it ready for the repaving. FIVE o'clock in the evening - major traffic on the road, now I ask you. I am not looking forward to trying to go to work this morning - cruise ship in port and I am sure the road is a massive back up of traffic. Course there is only one way to go - no alternate. Gonna make sure I have plenty of coffee, a book to read and some thing to nibble on. What a hoot.
BUT, at the end of it all, we will have a wonderful road that everyone will treat like their own personal race track.
have a wonderful one
Sue M

- glorious
  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 09:47:41 -0500
Morning all on this glorious Ash Wednesday morning.
If there was ever a perfect day, this looks like it. A special hello goes out to our friends in Saudi Arabia, Dominican Republic, Tortola and also Thea in Holland.
We have been having the most wonderful evening weather - coooooool nights that need a blanket. This is a rarity in many parts of the Caribbean, so it wonderful to drag them out of moth-balls, shake off the lizard doo-doo and snuggle up. My dogs take this as an open invitation to think they can sneak up on the bed while we are sleeping. HAH!!!!
If these were little creatures, it probably would go un-noticed, however, they are hulking 90+ pound canines with absolutely no grace or manners about them. Jump and splat is their motto and head for the pile of pillows. I have threatened one of them with "being on the chain" for the rest of his life - makes no difference.
The latest trick is to snuffle their heads under the sheets at the end of the bed and lick your foot - then sit there looking very woeful in the hopes that one will take pity on them. These dogs are treated better than most humans - but there is a limit.
Anyway, back to the weather - glorious, perfect temps both day & night. Small amounts of rain just to water the greenery and keep it looking lovely. The sea has been a little strange over the past few days, small nor-wester, then northerly winds, then winds all over the place. It will settle shortly and we will be back to the mill pond.
I venture out every morning looking for any traces of ice or snow so I can email my family and report. None to be found as of this date, much to the family's disgust. We are waiting for word on the arrival of our latest family member in the north. I have told them in no uncertain terms - that if there is snow or ice on the ground at the time - my visit will come a likkle later.
Hard to believe that it is almost March - that June month will be creeping up on us before we know it. I know I have to find a new hiding place for the supply box this year, so a certain member of my family can't raid it when I am not looking.
Public holiday today in Jamaica to celebrate the beginning of Lent, most business places are closed - except for those of us involved in the tourism industry.
Enjoy the moment
Sue M

- Fair weather now. Two cold fronts heading our way, the first Saturday night and second Sunday night into Monday
  • From: Blayz Brooks <blayzbrooks at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 18:03:43 -0800 (PST)
  Another partly cloudy day in Montego Bay, but
changes are coming this weekend because of cold

Our maximum temperature reached a seasonal... 28 deg
c/83 deg F and the low fell to a also seasonal ...21
deg c/70 deg F.
Weather events this week
Monday...trace of rain

Tuesday... afternoon light rain showers
...3.55mm/0.14in (at my location)

Wednesday ....afternoon light rain


....Cold front to move through Jamaica tomorrow night.
A high pressure heat dome centered in the Eastern
Caribbean is going to give way to not one,but two cold
fronts. The first currently near the Isle of
Youth,will move through Western and Central
Jamaica,Saturday night.

The second will move through Sunday night into Monday.

The cold fronts will bring rainy, cool and breezy
conditions through the weekend.

Precip. Forecast

Saturday night into Sunday
05-10mm anticipated local maxima of 15-30mm possible

Sunday Night into Monday Night 

10-35mm  locally higher amounts possible

Gfs Caribbean computer models link



1st... 24 hr surface forecast

2nd... 48 hr surface forecast

3rd... satellite showing first of two fronts heading
our way

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- Weather events this week
  • From: Blayz Brooks <blayzbrooks at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 18:52:23 -0800 (PST)
  Fair weather here now but this was not the case
48hrs ago.

On Wednesday we experienced 6hrs of almost continuous
rainfall.Which made the evening commute miserable for
many and caused massive traffic backups.

 Weather events this week

  Monday... cold start to the day... 20.7 deg C/69.2
deg F
  Almost Continous rainfall on Wednesday which started
at 4p.m and tapered off sometime after 10p.m 


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- [MAWS General List] Caribbean Quake
  • From: "maws_general_list" <maws_general_list at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 01:29:26 -0000
"Strong Quake Jolts Western Caribbean"
(Source: Associated Press, 2/4/07)

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- A strong earthquake shook parts of Cuba, Jamaica
and the Cayman Islands on Sunday, authorities said. There were no
immediate reports of damage or injuries.

The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.1 and was centered in the
Caribbean Sea about 75 miles northwest of Montego Bay, Jamaica, and
125 miles southwest of Bayamo, Cuba, the U.S. Geological Survey in
Colorado said. It occurred just before 4:00 p.m.

Authorities in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands said no damages or
injuries had been reported.

"We consider it a strong earthquake," said USGS geophysicist Bruce
Presgrave. "It's enough off the coast that I would not expect any
major damage, (though) there's a possibility of some minor damage."

Presgrave said tremors are relatively common in the area, which lies
on the boundary between two tectonic plates.

No tsunami warnings were issued for the Caribbean and no tsunami
activity was observed in the region, said Stuart Weinstein, assistant
director of the Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Margaret Grandison of the University of the West Indies' seismic unit
said the quake was felt the strongest in Jamaica's west end and nearly
all of the country's parishes have reported feeling it.

"My children were upstairs and I thought they were playing," said
Lloyd Hill, who lives in Hanover parish located some 160 miles west of
the Jamaican capital, Kingston. "When we ran outside, we saw some
neighbors and they were obviously shaken."


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- Strong Magnititude 6.1 Earthquake Rocks the Island at 3:56p.m today
  • From: Blayz Brooks <blayzbrooks at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 17:37:47 -0800 (PST)
   A magnitude 6,1 earthquake shook the island
today.The quake also shook parts of Cuba and Cayman.
There  is currently no reports of injuries.The quake
was located 75 miles to our NNW near the Cayman

Earthquake Details
Magnitude 6.1 (Strong)
# Date-Time Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 20:56:58 (UTC)
= Coordinated Universal Time
# Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 3:56:58 PM
= local time at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
Location 19.480°N, 78.303°W
Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program
Distances 120 km (75 miles) NNW of Montego Bay,
200 km (125 miles) WSW of Bayamo, Cuba
230 km (145 miles) NW of KINGSTON, Jamaica
725 km (450 miles) SSE of Miami, Florida
Event ID us2007yjay
 source us geological  survey

My experience

Today we had a few showers(total of 3.8mm/0.1in,)This
was the main topic I intended to discuss today,but
this was shaken this after noon a few minutes before 4

    I was sitting in the sofa with my dog (coco)The
door was open as I wanted some fresh air.

My dog suddenly ran outside, then I felt the house
jerking dashed to the door,(as we are normally told to
get under a desk or stand between a door.)I could see
pictures on the wall moving. The glass door was
violently shaking.Outside the trees were shaking.This
lasted a few frightful seconds,before this were steady
  I looked around house to try to look at the effects
and guess the magnitude of the earthquake guess
somewhere in the 5 range) before the official
magnitude was released,and found no books fell off the
self,but I had two books on the counter that fell
off,and a cup of had juice spilled.
  The quake was felt island-wide,but us in the west
felt the quake strongest.Everyone felt it unless you
were driving well fast.

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- Delinquent!!!
  • From: "Sue Morris" <sue.island at cwjamaica.com>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 22:24:59 -0500
Evening All and greetings from the sunny Isle   
Life has been entirely too busy and the weather nothing short of perfect. When you get those combinations in the middle of the busy season, it means NO time for anything other than work. Plus we have Cricket World Cup 2007 rapidly roaring to our shores. Jamaica has the opening ceremony for this event in March and don't ya know it - mad panic to get the new highway in better shape than it is at the moment.
We will succeed - we always do, but one day it would be nice to do things in a timely fashion instead of the last minute panic which costs a whole lot more $$$$$$
We have been experiencing fabulous weather for those of us who live here on a permanent basis. Warm sunny days with the odd shower and lovely cool nights with some breeze, enough to put the extra blankey on the bed.
I wish you could all see the goings on beside me - hubby got absolutely fed up with his home puter today as it was entirely way too slow. SO, ya guessed it, he called the puter shop and told them he had to have a new one made up TODAY and it must be "blazing fast" - this was about 11am this morning, several phone calls back and forth during the day and puter is being built to his liking.
About 6pm this evening, well I hear all kinds of mumbling coming from under his beard - something about "if the ^&&*(*(*)_ t'ing not ready tonight, they can keep it!!!"
Aha, aha, t'inks me - yeah right. Well about 6:30, just as the evening shower was about to happen - phone rings - puter is ready. Out the door in boxers and tank top he goes - ready for new toy. Well, new toy is in place - right alongside old toy and the 2 have to be linked together to get all information- some cussing and t'ings going on, so I am just minding my business and doing my t'ing
Ahhhhhh, the joys of modern technology - we really have come a long way in the last 10 years, can you imagine what it will be like in 2017
I will make every attempt to be a better correspondent from here on out, maybe I'll even get to use the "blazing fast" one!!!!
Irie Mon
Sue M

- storm
  • From: Thea van der Elst <thea_1012 at hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 04:33:25 +0000
There hasn't been much to report from Negril, the days have been warm, with local showers.
Tonight we are having a storm, some gusts very strong, not sure what's up with that.
I would like to inform all and anyone reading these reports that this may be my last one as for personal reasons I
have decided to go back to live in Holland.
One Love from Negril

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- Stationary front brings 12.7mm of rain today
  • From: Blayz Brooks <blayzbrooks at yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 19:47:25 -0800 (PST)
It was a wet morning in Montego Bay,as a stationary
front  stalled across the island.

  The light-moderate  rainfall started at 7:16 a.m. it
then kick up in intensity at 7:25 a.m. before tapering
off to a light ,but steady drizzle which continued up
to 8:30 a.m.

  The skies continued to  be dark and gloomy until
about midday,When the dark clouds broke up  and
allowed some sunshine to get in.

    Today's high got up to ...27.0 C/80.6 F
    The  low... 22.4 C/72.3 F
    Pressure ...steady (past 12hrs)
    Today's rainfall total... 12.70mm/0.50

We are currently in a wet pattern for widely scattered
 showers to develop anytime tonight through
tommorrow.This is a result of a front which, today has
been moving back and forth over Jamaica.(Over
Jamaica,moved just west of Jamaica and back over us
Computer models gradually dissipate the front over the
next 24hrs,after which we seem to  get into a dry
pattern Thursday through to Sunday with less than a
20% chance of a shower.
  The chance of showers increase early next week as
another front heads our way early next week. 


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