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- All is Quiet here in St. Croix
  • From: "Linda Baxter" <lawvi AT attglobal.net>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 17:19:09 -0400

Hello!   All is calm and quiet here.  We didn’t have anything but wind on the East End.  To the west the island had rain I am told.   Jerry and Sherry’s had everything that was outside get blown down the hill.  They were chasing chairs and tables across their deck trying to stop them from blowing off.   Jerry said they it was really windy up there.   The power was going on and off and that got our office staff and me a little stressed.  Thank goodness for the UPS serge protector with battery back up.  Saves you from losing your work on the computer and having your computer zapped. 


It is overcast, some wind and no rain.  Rain would be well appreciated, for sure.  So send some our way on the East End and end this 2 month drought.  We ran out of water in our cistern when a pipe broke and the pump emptied the cistern.  My husband, the engineer, fixed it quickly.  It is so nice to have a man that can fix things.  He has started a Fiber Optic and Communication Company that specializes in training, installation, troubleshooting and design.  He just left his job at Hovensa as head of the Electrical Dept.  and yesterday was his first official day to devote full time to the company.  So what happens, he ends up doing work for the fiber optic company, fixing a pump and wondering if he should start boarding up houses.  Happy to say, we did not have to board up anything or chase furniture.          My prayers are out to everyone who has been adversely affected by the Storms and Hurricanes.  Keep safe and well.    Linda Baxter, Attorney at Law, 5041 Cotton Valley, Christiansted, VI  00820 T: (340) 773-9168

- Watching Weather at 5:00 a.m.
  • From: "Linda Baxter" <lawvi AT attglobal.net>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 06:10:07 -0400

Hi!    As for St. Croix, we just have some wind and no rain.  We could use some rain.  Lilli doesn’t appear to be a threat to us.  My family is very thankful to escape a hurricane.  We pray for all of those who have been affected by Isadore and Lilli.   The sunrise was beautiful this morning.   Linda Baxter

- Update at 4:30 p.m. on 9/23/02
  • From: "Linda Baxter" <lawvi AT attglobal.net>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 16:48:28 -0400

Hello!   I just want to let you know that we are just doing fine here.  Not much of anything happening except we did have a couple hours with gray clouds.   I heard from friends in Barbados and they said that the plants blew over on patio as the winds picked up but they weren’t boarding up because it wasn’t that bad.        I also heard from a former Cruzan who now lives in the Caymans.  It was great to have this form of open communication between the islands.  She said it has rained a lot in Caymans but they are okay.  I applaud stormcarib.com for allowing us this voice.   Thanks Gert! 


Linda Baxter

- Checking in from St. Croix
  • From: "Linda Baxter" <lawvi AT attglobal.net>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 09:39:49 -0400



Everyone here in St. Croix sends their prayers for those that have been affected by Hurricane Isadore in Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico. 


After a wonderful day sailing to Buck Island on Sunday, September 23, 2002, we came back to the dock at the Marina and the buzz was that there is a Tropical Depression that may affect St. Croix but not hit us.  Well, I can tell you that it felt like a big blow to the solar plexus.  My husband and I have been following it on Intellicast and the storm tracking doesn’t look like it will come near us.  You never know-- Hurricanes are so unpredictable. 


So now we have to make a decision—what preparations need to be done today.  We are going to prepare the boat for a storm.  Our other house takes a whole day to secure and this one less than that.  It only takes about hour here to close up the accordion shutters but a whole bunch of time to put all patio, pool and lawn stuff away.  We need propane gas for our grill as we ran out.   We also had to buy water because it has been so dry. 


I hope that this depression doesn’t turn into anything much.   Living here is truly paradise but every once in the while a serpent rears it’s ugly head.  I have been in an Earthquake in California and that has been the scariest thing I have even felt.  I have been through a tornado in Michigan.  Both of those weather patterns gave me no warning and were incredibly destructive.  With a hurricane, even though they are also so very destructive, at least we have warnings being issued to allow us to prepare. 



Linda M. Baxter

Attorney at Law

5041 Cotton Valley

Christiansted, VI  00820

(340) 773-9168

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