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- Cheers heroes.
  • From: Robert & Colleen Krucia <krucia AT wow.net>
  • Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2001 23:29:31 -0400
Hi everyone,
                 Cheers to our heroic correspondents in Cayman, Cuba and
The Bahamas  and all the rest who have had and will have to brave
Michelle. Last looks taken here at 9.24 DST seem to have Michelle
"following Cuba eastwards in the last few frames of the sat loop. Can't
be too good for them. Our prayers are for the mercy of God toward the
good people of Cuba.

                 It would be ironic if devastation from this hurricane
would be enough to finish Fidel's regime after all these years, but oh
the price the people will and have had to pay. You know.....I say......
to God be the Glory.

                  In our free society, official help is not much better
organized. In an effort to try to understand our setup if there is one,
and see if there was anything I could do after our last threat with
Jerry, I called the National Emergency Management Authority the
following week to get some "perspective" on the situation and if
possible volunteer any assistance I could. Well......!!!  The dose of
self-righteouness I received was enough to send me packing. The
telephone was answered by a young lady whose name I did not get,
partially because of the shock and partially because I just plain did
not remember to ask. She was "ready" to deal with all comers, "had all
the answers" and start an argument, which soon frustrated me as this was
not why I called. She made sure and got MY name.

                   The impression I got was pretty much "who do you
think you are". My mentioning the internet and "live sat pics" took her
to another level. She stopped short of saying they were inaccurate and
would not qualify her comment on them as "very colourful and highly
compressed", whatever that (she) meant. I gathered I just should not
believe what I saw both on the internet and on the horizon outside my
window when they are congruent. "Forget it, it's not there." You know?
Sorta like Pearl Harbour and the morning report of the radar officer,
sorry, no comparison in magnitude there really, but same attitude.

                    This makes me really upset. She further advised what
I see and read out of the Miami Hurricane center is not the full true
picture because our meteorologists here have information they in Miami
do not have. Now I am confused because, when giving warnings/bulletins
in actual past situations, I have actually heard them say... "reports
from the Hurricane Center In Miami state so and so ..." etc. and nothing
else they have supersedes that. So WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TALKING
ABOUT!??? My final comment before I begged to leave the "argument she
was having" was the unfortunate but realistic prognosis in the event of
a real "situation" and the cost in lives. Who will have all the answers
then? That was greeted by a long silence............ I hung up.

                    So much for that. Being who I am, I know if I pass
that office anytime, with a moment to spare I will be stopping in, with
a different approach. I might be emailing my next reports from
"goldengrove.net" if our prison has a server LOL ........I changed my
mind.. I'd rather not go to Golden Grove for other reasons.

                    It is really sad. The politicians are too busy
fighting each other for power to bother about us lesser mortals whom
they are charged with serving, leading and laying down policy for in the
event of the inevitable. They have other priorities. You know, one day,
each and everyone of us will have to give account to the one who gave us
authority for our stewardship. I would not like to have been a
politician then.

                     Hey Gert is all this allowed on your site? I dunno
but I am posting it anyway... heck this is a long one. Good readers and
fellow correspondents, heroes, may God and His love be with you and keep
you. Unless there is something significant, I may have one more closing
post for the season.

Chins up!
Robert Krucia.

- Missed again.
  • From: Robert & Colleen Krucia <krucia AT wow.net>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 00:08:50 -0400

               Well, it's not like all is well and the sun sets on the
western horizon, but at the very last minute, even after our east coast
was being affected, Jerry turned or more like popped or jumped north. He
was one place one frame of the sat. loop and the next he was way north.
Yet another near miss, Bret (1995 was it?) ,Joyce (last year) and now
Jerry. It never rained in Port Of Spain even though I could see rain to
the East about three miles away.

               Someone reminded me this evening that God is a Trini and
as long as He resides here we'll be safe, but that's hoping He does not
decide to migrate.

               I wonder how many people realize what we have been
spared, yet again. Maybe I might/should try to do something about this,
but what? It's just is not right. People need to know what's happening.
A surprise on top of everything else here in a real emergency will
heighten the degree of destruction, people just won't be prepared.

                I hope you guys up north don't get hit too badly. I see
50 mph winds have already been detected in Jerry  and strengthening is
possible in the next twenty-four hours. God be with you, yeah we'll
share Him, there's more than enough to go round don't worry :-)

Robert Krucia.

- Jerry
  • From: "Dolores Leeloo" <leeloo AT wow.net>
  • Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 17:06:02 -0400
Hello There,
Totally agreed with Robert, we are very complacement in Trinidad.
Hardly any reports one radio and television.
As I said before, Trinidadians believe God is a Trinidadian, but He might just migrate.
At present it is overcast and still, maybe calm before storm.
New developments,you will hear from me.
Derry Leeloo.

- Reports.
  • From: Robert & Colleen Krucia <krucia AT wow.net>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 13:46:25 -0400
            Just spoke with people in the south and the east of the
island. Reports indicate heavy rain and lightning/thunder in the south.

            In the east (Arima) the same, they said the rain is blowing
out of the west and power is out. No really significant wind but it
might have been an isolated gust or totally coincidental and unrelated.
Just don't know at this point. It will be times like this that the weak
links will show up pronto

            I wrote this already in years gone by and I have to say it
again. When (not if) we get a real hurricane there will be a tremendous
amount of destruction. We have not had one for a long time and
structures are not up to required specs for the most part. We have
become falsely secure and this generation does not know the danger these
things pose.
            It is now totally overcast and although the rain has not
reached us on this NW part of the island, it will only be a matter of

Bye for now.

- You know?
  • From: Robert & Colleen Krucia <krucia AT wow.net>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 13:10:32 -0400
           Hmmm... I just found this... I'd say we're having a brush
with Jerry..... look at this... please tell me I am wrong.


           No warnings here in Trinidad, not even flood.... as a matter
of fact the info on the radio was very casual and no one except those
who are looking online like myself know what's happening. I tell you,
these people are jokers. The skies to the East have become a dark gray
and I expect it will continue to deteriorate rapidly. The system seems
to be moving westward very rapidly and that may be our only saving
grace. Tobago is directly in the cross hairs. All I can say is that it
is a good thing Jerry is not really "jammin" yet. This is all happening
very quickly. Yup I can see the rain in the distance, the sun has peeped
out again for what may be the last time before this deluge hits. We're
in for some serious rain. No wind at the moment. I'm gonna go off-line
and call San Fernando. I think they got the rain first. Back in a while.

Robert Krucia.

- Atlantic image.
  • From: Robert & Colleen Krucia <krucia AT wow.net>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 12:31:02 -0400
             A cat.5 hello  ~~~(waving)~~~ to fellow correspondents and our readers. This has been a relatively "quiet" year so far but things may be about to change, a la Iris with Jerry close on her heels and right behind him is another wave...... this reminds me of a coupla years ago when we had a string of systems (4 or 5 was it) from inside the Caribbean Sea all the way across the Atlantic back to the African continent. The sat. pics. made the cloud formations look like the dabbings of a mad artist. I think out of that lot we had one biggie, Mitch was it? Think so. I sure hope we're not going back there again in a hurry.

Jamaicans could sing Irie Iris at this point..... not a direct hit. Jerry as a storm is significantly bigger than Iris as a hurricane and I believe shows more "promise" of developing into something more significant. I hope the song would not go from "Irie Iris" to "Jammin' Jerry".

             This morning here has been finniky but no rain. The sun's been in and out a lot. Cloud cover about five eights but mostly medium altitude. (have to relearn my cloud types I guess), it's been a while so forgive me. Temp is 91 F & rising, half hour ago it was 89, humidity 62% and atmos. press. 1023 mb. Winds had also been  mostly easterly at ground level but at the moment they have shifted to southerly. Living under the lee of the Northern Range I suspected we we're in an eddy,  the high level winds are out of the north. As they come over the hills they generate an eddy and we're in the low counter flow that goes back toward the north, rising as it reaches the hills, completing the cycle. Clouds are "racing" south over the northern range. Not likely to get any rain out of that at this stage.

            It is more than likely we will have some rain later, it certainly feels very hot. As to how much Jerry will affect us rainwise remains to be seen, remember this country floods easily, especially in the central and southern areas, also downtown Port of Spain, Wrightson Road and lower Woodbrook more recently. There has been an increase in squatting activity north of these areas in the hills, the flora and fauna fast disappearing. With the lessons on the hills of Caracas next door to learn from, we are learning nothing, it's only a matter of time before it happens here.

              You guys up North keep your heads down and God be with you. Will post again later if there is anything to report.

Bye for now people.

- TD 12
  • From: "Dolores Leeloo" <leeloo AT wow.net>
  • Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 16:00:23 -0400
Well Folks,
I think that TD 12 will touch some parts of Trinidad and Tobago.
In the past we have been very complacent about storms and their warnings, we keep saying God is a Trinidadian, but remember he could migrate and take up permanent residence elsewhere!
Be prepared please.
Obsever Derry Leeloo.

- Chantal
  • From: Keith Ferreira <keithf5438 AT yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 08:19:31 -0700 (PDT)
Hi people,after reading a few updates about what was
supposed to be our first hurricane for the season, and
found only good news, I thought I would give you all
some bad news so that you do not become complacent,
but remember you do not have to be in the heart of it
to be affected badly by it.
We in Trinidad experience very bad weather all over
the island, especially in the southern section of the
island, where two brothers lost their lives when they
were working outside and were struck by lightening.
Till next big breeze.

Keith Ferreira
keithf AT geocities.com
keithferreira AT hotmail.com

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