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- Cleanup Photos
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 14:37:56 -0800
Hi..Today, Tuesday, is a beautiful "sunny" day here, so thankful for the sun to shine on us.
I have attached photos of cleanup in the works. For all who have emailed, again, thanks. These photos are of Westin Casurina Resort, Burger King, and view down both directions of Seven Mile Beach.
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0004.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0019.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0006.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0007.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0008.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0009.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0010.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0011.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0012.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0014.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0015.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0016.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0017.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0018.jpg

Cleanup Aftr Michelle_0005.jpg

- Cayman Islands Press Release
  • From: "CITA" <cita AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 11:24:59 -0500
Good morning,

we would appreciate if you could post the attached message on your website.

thanks you!

Nicole La Valette
Acting General Manager
Cayman Islands Tourism Association

Media Contacts:
Alicia Selzer, alicias AT spring-obrien.com
Jennifer Baker, jenniferb AT spring-obrien.com
Spring O'Brien, 973.267.8800

Hurricane Michelle passes the Cayman Islands.

Grand Cayman, B.W.I. - November 6, 2001 --After a stormy weekend, the Cayman Islands awoke to beautiful blue skies, balmy breezes, and a temperature of 80 degrees. The Cayman Islands National Hurricane Committee has issued the "All Clear" for the Cayman Islands following the passage of the Hurricane Michelle effective 11:00am, November 5, 2001.

Throughout the last few days the three-island destination monitored and tracked Hurricane Michelle in anticipation and preparation for what the weather system might deliver. With high seas, rain and winds, the residents and businesses prepared for Michelle even though it was only predicted to pass by to the west of Grand Cayman. Early on Sunday morning, the weather system passed some 140 miles to the west of Grand Cayman.

The hurricane did not approach the Cayman Islands directly and the conditions were not severe enough to delay or cause the cancellation of any scheduled air service to the country during the time that it passed the Cayman Islands. All international flights to and from Grand Cayman's Owen Robert's International Airport operated as scheduled during the weekend.

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and its private sector partners have begun the process of evaluating and assessing the damage caused by the storm surge and wave action as this Hurricane passed through the northwest Caribbean. Marine conditions throughout the weekend caused coastal damage on the northwest coasts of Grand Cayman and throughout the harbor in the capital of George Town. Some properties and buildings along the Seven Mile Beach area and in the vicinity of Northwest Point, West Bay sustained waterfront damage.

The Cayman Turtle Farm, located in Northwest Point has suffered significant damage and is closed to the public at this time to facilitate the clean up and recovery efforts. Throughout Sunday, November 4, 2001, island residents and volunteers relocated many of the farm's turtles to a safer habitat. In addition a number of properties along North Church Street, Harbour Drive and South Church Street experienced varying levels of damage. As a result, some of these streets are impassable in a number of areas due to debris and the clean-up effort.

All other attractions including the Botanic Park and Pedro St. James were not affected and continue to be open for business as usual. Most hotels, restaurants, watersport operations, condos, airlines and car rental agencies are open and are serving the visitors on Islands, as well as encouraging visitors to the Islands.

The Department of Tourism is asking persons with travel plans to the Cayman Islands to contact their intended property for up-to-date information on specific conditions or by calling the Cayman Islands Tourism Association at 345-949-8522 or the Sister Islands Tourism Association at 345-948-2266. Persons who wish further information in regards to the conditions within the Cayman Islands should visit www.caymanislands.ky.

Located 480 miles south of Miami in the quiet western Caribbean, this trio of tiny islands is a premier destination for discriminating travelers, honeymooners and families. World renowned for its beaches and diving sites, and ranked as the world's fifth largest financial center, the Cayman Islands offer exciting recreational opportunities along with friendly, high quality, modern service. To learn more about the Cayman Islands, visit www.caymanislands.ky or call your local travel agent or the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism at 1-800-346-3313.

# # #

FINAL US RElease Nov 6.doc

- Michelle Update
  • From: Tim Dailey <tdailey AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 09:24:55 -0500
What a difference a quiet(er) night makes.  Obviously crews from the 
Public Works Departments and also the private utilities labored 
throughout.  Progress is astounding in some areas.

Roads that were seemingly impassable only 24 hours ago are now open.

I am not sure how repairs are going in West Bay and in the vicinity of 
the Turtle Farm, however, I can say that the progress in George Town has 
been amazing.

Harbour Drive and North and South Church Streets, all of which were 
either damaged or covered in waste yesterday, are flowing well with 
traffic today.  Asphalt has been patched in the two worst hit areas and 
you would not believe that it was the same road in some of the pics I 
posted yesterday.

Kudos to the crews for their hard work and amazing progress.

At the same time, private homes, bars, restaurants and hotels all toil 
away.  Piles of waste and rubble have been building outside of the 
hardest hit areas awaiting collection or removal.  

As progress is made and clean up continues, the awesome power of the 
wave impact becomes more apparent.  And so too does the respect for 

As work continues, I will try and post more reports and pictures.

- Looking brighter!
  • From: "Barbara Currie Dailey" <bcurrie AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 21:36:26 -0500
What a difference a mostly sunny day makes.
Here are answers to more questions I received by e-mail today. Rather than reply to the senders directly, I'm posting them here to share with other concerned friends of Cayman overseas.
Atlantis Submarines had some damage to their shoreside facility, but the submarines and boats are fine. In fact, they expect to be up and operating for tours later this week, when sea conditions permit.
Cobalt Coast the Divetech dive shop on the property were OK and cleaning up storm surge debris, but were NOT destroyed ---there was damage to the dock. Unfortunately, the Divetech/Turtle Reef Divers shop beneath the Cracked Conch was demolished.
Ocean Frontiers and Tortuga Divers at East End were out diving today---no damage and resorts at East End were untouched.
All of the resorts along Seven Mile Beach are open for business. Damage to ground floor oceanfront rooms occurred at Seven Mile Beach Resort, Treasure Island condos, Grandview, Beach Club and several others...but none have had to close.
Grand Old House was NOT destroyed! They did suffer some damage but Martin reported they were having a scheduled wedding there tonight. How's that for resilient spirit!
All south coast resorts in Little Cayman were open and undamaged. Pirates Point guests were out diving this morning.
Michelle seems to have rearranged not only the west coast of Grand Cayman, but the interior of the Glass House--i.e. our government, in a startling announcement late today. See http://www.caypolitics.com for details on the proposed new Executive Council ministers.

- Fwd: Hurricane Photos from Matthew Redican
  • From: "Michelle M. Miller" <mmmiller AT well.com>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 20:24:27 -0500
Matthew Redican e-mailed that he has photos on his web page ...


- More pics and Update
  • From: Tim Dailey <tdailey AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 15:41:47 -0500
Cayman has enjoyed the fisrt full day of sun today, a welcome change 
from the rains of the last ten days.

Crews from various government departments have been working hard to 
clean up downtown.  

Several businesses remain closed along the waterfront as access is 
limited and there is still danger from occasional waves and the rubble 
littering the streets.

I did wander along the north side of town and up North Church Street a 
couple of hours ago.  Damage there is along the same lines as on the 
southern end of town.

Burger King has had its car park rearranged courtesy of the wave action. 
 Much of the asphalt has been lifted and parking bumbers and sidewalks 
littler the area.

At Bob Sotos the doch is but a splinter.  The dive shop appears OK 
however the tank filling station and some storage areas appeared damaged.  

The public launch adjacent to the shop survived for the most part, 
having suffered only minimal surface damage to the asphalt.  However, 
the dock is gone and thus utilization of the ramp will be a lot harder.

Further up West Bay Road several condo complexes report damage to ocean 
front and ground floor units.  I have not had time to venture onto the 
beach, however those I have spoken to say that there has been 
significant changes in the form of the shoreline.  Some report massive 
sand deposits whilst others say that erosion has been terrible.

Since I posted earlier I have had the chance to have additional photos 
developed (the earlier ones were digital).  I have attached a few, 
including some showing damage to areas referenced earlier such as 
Windsor Village, Grand Old House, Smith's Cove, West Wind Building and 
the harbour front.

Many thanks to all who wrote after my last report.  We all appreciate 
the concern, support and well-wishes.


- Clean Up
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 12:19:46 -0800
12 Noon Report
First, to everyone who has sent an email concerned for all of us here in Grand Cayman, we are all well, yes we got alot of damage, however, we sustained no loss of life. All areas of the island in my drive about this a.m. are in high gear as far as clean up goes and we do have our utilities working and intact. There are areas such as South Sound, GeorgeTown, and West Bay not leaving out 7Mile too that are working briskly to get things back to normalcy as quickly as possible. We should be up and running well before the end of the week and those areas i.e. south sound and west bay will take alittle longer because of structural damage but they too are working very hard to regain their homes and apartments. I walked the beach on 7mile as far as Lacovia and yes they have some water damage some of them minimal and Lacovia in particular is up and running with tourists at the poolside, the maitenance people are busy raking the beach so we are all strong, we will regain our beauty and be ready for high season! It is important to remember that yes all these storms should be taken  seriously, none of them should be overlooked in any way, they can do very very serious damage in a short span of  time.
But we have been blessed not to have any loss of life, our shores will be just a beautiful as all of you remember them very very shortly.
I will post some AFTER pictures soon.
I'll update again later.
Lisa, Ocean Club
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

- Reality check
  • From: Tim Dailey <tdailey AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 08:09:22 -0500
Having read the reports from others and spent the better part of Sunday 
on bike and foot traversing the western end of Grand Cayman, I can 
confirm there is extensive damage from South Sound to Northwest Point.

Yesterday started with assisting with turtle rescues.  Although I did 
not venture out to the Turtle Farm due to the congestion and other 
people's feedback, we did spend time a few miles around the coast.  I am 
not sure how things fared as the day went on, however, at 10am Cobalt 
Coast was losing the planks on its dock and further around there were 
waves coming into aparments at the neighbouring complex.

We rescued a number of smaller turtles in the 10 pound range and saw 
several that others had collected, battered and bruised, but alive.  One 
full-sized adult was tossed close, however not close enough to save.  He 
did get sucked back by another wave, only to be tossed back to the 
shoreline.  Despite our efforts, we couldn't get close enough to pull it 
to safety, however, it did appear to be very much alive, and the right 
wave may have pulled him back to sea, with luck.

Venturing south, there are several areas the water crossed the road 

As the day went on, and the weather worsened, we resorted to bike 
travel.  Starting at Windsor Village and working north...

Windsor Village had several units gutted.  There is furnature scattered 
throughout the complex, a couple of large TV sets on the lawn and in the 
pool, and the dock is totally gone.  Waves contined to batter front 
units leaving water over a foot deep in some.

Mercury Crescent was extensively damaged.  I didn't venture onto the 
complex as there was just too much water, however, items scattered 
around the property had obviously originated inside some of the units.

Smith Cove is unrecognizable.  The beach has been thrown up towards the 
road and all that remains is rocky outcrops.

The Grand Old House was also seriously damaged.  The dock is all gone as 
is most of the patio.  Again, water damage extended into the building.

The adjacent apartment complex, having recently been completely 
renovated, also suffered a lot.  As we watched waves lifting up the 
parking lot, another wave lifted a rental car and carried it a full 20 
feet up the road.

At Portugese Point, homes on the waterfront side were extensively 
damaged.  Flood water ran through the ocean front units smashing doors 
and windows and ripping apart large sections of the buildings.  Most are 
totally uninhabitable.

The Blue Parrot lost the entire patio and most of the bar.  The roof 
collapsed on what remained of the bar area and much of the surroundings 
were destroyed.

The adjacent fuel terminals, earlier the focus of a suspected fuel leak, 
were flooded.  Water over 3 foot deep sat in and around the fuel containers.

Sunset House lost the entire bar and patio.  The pool area has lost all 
the railings and several hotel rooms were flooed through.  The 
Seaharvest restaurant was flooed.  Even hurricane shutters couldn't hold 
back the force of the waves which smashed through the main door entrance.

Houses all along the South Church Street waterfront were damaged to a 
greater or lesser extent.  Water traversed the road in several areas 
making cyclers and walkers the only moveable traffic.

At Seaview there was extensive damage to the bar and dive shop.  A large 
pickup truck was lifted out of the parking lot and onto the wall by the bar.

Parrots Landing, Edens Rock and Paradise Dive Shops were all washed 
through.  At Eden Rock dive tanks littered the waterfront, several of 
them hissing from apparent ruptures.  The road by Paradise was ripped up 
and large chunks of road and wall were transported several feet into 
neighbouring property.  More tanks were scattered through town as far 
north as the old bakery - over half a mile away!

At Queensgate House the parking lot basement was over a foot deep in 
water.  Cars down there were waterlogged and a minivan had apparently 
been lifted by the rising waters and floated into a support post and 
neighbouring car.

Throughout town there was damage to property, roads and more.  This 
morning the Public Works Department was out working at cleaning up as I 
came through at 7am.  Some areas would be passable now, however, as a 
precaution, barracades remain in many areas.

I have posted a selection of photos of damage.  In general they follow 
the order of my text above.

All in all, the damage is widespread and extensive.  Wave action was the 
worst I have seen in my 30 years in Cayman and I found noone who could 
remember damage of this level, with the exception of the 1932 hurricane.

This morning is going to be the start of a long day for many, and for 
others, the start of a very long recovery process.  But for the first 
time in 10 days, the process will be by the light of the sun in clear 
blue skies!!!

- A few reassuring words
  • From: "Barbara Currie Dailey" <bcurrie AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 07:54:01 -0500
Thank God for a sunny morning, the first in over a week. Our back yard is already drying out and the herons and other water fowl are moving on and the Anis and quits are back feeding on flotsam.
I just wanted to send a brief reassuring message for the many friends of Cayman reading this site overseas. Somehow video footage of George Town and the "awesome" wave action over the weekend was picked up by network TV in Miami, showing Cayman out of overall context--i.e. mass destruction. This is NOT the case! Mayhbe this was file footage--I don't know. But please, let's not make matters worse by sending out video right now!
As Lisa posted earlier, we were very lucky (no, make that blessed!) that this storm passed us by 130 miles NW. I want to reassure everyone out there that in spite of the damage along the coast, on Grand Cayman our airport, phones, utilities, water and other amenities on Grand Cayman are intact. Government is already tackling road repair and cleanup in George Town as of 6 am this morning. This is not meant to downplay the hardships the we and other of friends with businesses are facing now. But there was no loss of life or more serious aftermath.
At times like this, it's important that we keep things in context visually for the rest of the world. So I also urge that anyone posting digital photos anywhere include some kind of explanation or brief captions and post "after" shots later this week if possible. We don't want to scare away what few visitors might have come for the Christmas holidays! News media are famous for making storm aftermaths worse. I remember vividly what CNN did in 1988 when a rogue crew came down, filmed the burned down Royal Palms hotel site (that happened in May, not September!) and the still-unfinished Treasure Island hotel site and reported is as storm damage---and people thought Cayman was devastated.
Good luck to all down here this week.
Barb Dailey

- Sunny Skies
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 07:05:09 -0800
Good Moring this is the 7am Report for Monday
While our island was hit very hard by Michelle, today, Monday you would never know looking out to the sea from Ocean Club. Everything is calm, the sun is finally coming out the sky is beautifully blue and the winds have calmed to just a very slight breeze which is normal for us. We do have utilities all working on this side of the island, i will have to report later, the curfew (sp?) that the government had set for certain areas which received most of the damages has now this morning been lifted. Schools are closed both government and private due to the extensive damage to roads and some of the areas where water has been cut of like south sound and beach properties. have not been to the beach this a.m. as there are some reports they are still experiencing high waves. things are going to be closed today due to damage relief efforts........thankfully God spared any lives lost properties can always be prepared and people here will get things back to normallcy quickly i am sure.
Be sure to scroll down and check out the pictures of the storm i posted.........they show some of the damages to South Sound, GeorgeTown, 7 Mile, and West Bay.
Thanks to all of you who have sent emails sending your prayers and thoughts..............We will be up and running on this island quickly and back to business and usual here on our Beautiful Island!
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

- Northside was spared
  • From: "Michelle M. Miller" <mmmiller AT well.com>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 22:59:17 -0500
Today, we had wind and high tides, but we were spared in this storm.  
There is a small amount of debris in the street, but it is from plants 
and the sea not from houses.  

I haven't checked Rum Point and Cayman Kai since this afternoon; but as 
of this afternoon, there was no damage there either (other than a small 
amount of pier damage at Rum Point).  

We went in town today and saw the damage.  A cabana on Public Beach had 
collapsed.  The pools in the hotels were full of sand.  The Marriott lost 
its beach again.  It is sad.

- storm
  • From: Donna <cireba AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 01 20:07:36 -0500
Sunday 7:45 pm
This afternoon we had a drive to West Bay. Going thru town was not a 
choice as it is completely blocked off. I do not know what they are going 
to do about businesses opening or people traveling to work tomorrow. You 
have heard the report. They have announced that some schools will be 
closed. Also the fuel leak from the gas terminals are under control. The 
7 Mile Beach road was passable all the way almost to the Turtle Farm 
area, where the police had the road blocked. We were able to walk into 
this area. And what a mess. The homes that have been damaged or destroyed 
is terrible and of course the Cracked Conch Rest. - water went thru the 
building. The Tortuga Rum Cake Factory also had water through it. But the 
Turtle Farm, you could not even tell it was a turtle farm unless you read 
the sign. Looks to me to be totally destroyed. Many people were, I was 
told, helping to pick up the turtles to put them in pens away from the 
farm. It took, they told me, 4 to 5 men to pick up the big ones. Many 
turtles were found about 1/2 mile up the coast line. Many I was told were 
killed by the force of the seas, as well as all the eggs. The Turtle Farm 
Road was covered with sand and debrie from the houses there and of course 
stuff that came in from the sea.These hurricanes and the sea are 
dangerous elements not to be taken for granted!!! We were wondering why 
we had not heard from Frank. Well he was busy this morning. I saw him 
this evening at his house there by the Turtle  Farm. His house was also 
damaged. He said it could have been worse. The sea is calming down now 
and it seems we will be FINALLY coming out from under this cloud of rain! 
Thank God no lives have been lost. Thanks to all of you who have e-mailed 
your support and concern over the pass week. Caymanians are strong people 
and will have all repaired quickly!
You folks north of us - good luck and hope you keep safe.

- 5.30 pm update, Sunday 4 Nov
  • From: "James Woollard" <woollard AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 17:48:10 -0500
I have just returned from a 3-hour visit to various locations on the west of the island. I started by visiting George Town itself. The whole of GT from Pure Art on South Church Street up to North Church Street is closed and cordoned off by police. I was able to gain access on foot to the Harbour area where the waves are enormous, with huge amounts of debris, including protective railings, thrown up on to the roads as far back as 25 metres. It looked like a scene from the 'Perfect Storm'.  When a British person starts using the word 'awesome' to describe wave action, you know the situation is getting serious...
At the old Fort site, opposite Cayman National Bank, the road itself has been ripped up and all sorts of flotsam and jetsam is littering the road, including large amounts of wood and rocks.
I then drove up to SMB and  walked from Beach Club Resort up to the new Holiday Inn. The waves are very big and powerful and significant amounts of beach erosion has occurred and a few coconut trees have been dislodged, although the properties along SMB seem to have survived fairly well. The Ritz Carlton building site is now a lagoon. At Public Beach, one of the cabanas has been destroyed and several more badly damaged. Sand and debris still cover the road, but its is passable.
I have heard that North West Point Road is closed and significant damage had been done to both the Turtle Farm and the Cracked Conch restaurant and Dive Tech outlet. A friend told me that a divemaster was swept out to sea whilst trying to take photos and was rescued, as he clung on to a buoy, by an off-duty policeman with a jetski. Some MAD people have been swimming in the sea along SMB and there have been lots of reports of 'children' having to go to the hospital, with cuts and bruises caused by wave action.
South of George Town, I have heard from a policeman that  Sea View, Sunset and Blue Parrot bars have all been partially, if not fully, destroyed. Texaco has an oil leak also, but access to that area is restricted to residents only (if any still remain in their homes). Smith's Cove has completely changed its appearance due to erosion by enormous waves, which are regularly hitting the car park.
I received the following report from a friend who lives at the Windsor Village apartment complex, south of Smith's Cove: "A storm surge has just burst into our apartment. The front properties at Windsor Village are devastated and dock and cabana gone never mind TV and furniture in pool and water everywhere. I guess others will be even worse. Heard of 3 foot flooding in Mercury Crescent and a gas leak at Texaco dock. Hoping the worst is over and only the clean up remains."
There is a general feeling amongst people I have spoken to that the authorities, including government and the media , have done a poor job in preparing/warning the people about this storm which, in terms of damage, is far worse than Mitch 3 years ago, especially for residents and businesses on the western side of the island. The cleanup will take a long time and no doubt cost a lot of money

- Update from West Bay
  • From: Andrew Budd <andrew_budd AT yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 13:14:54 -0800 (PST)
3:30 4 November (Frank Banks)

Sorry you haven't heard from me but I have been very
busy. Sending in a report while the ocean was surging
through the building one floor below me just didn't
quite happen, although I started to do so once or
twice. Thanks for the kind emails received.

The Turtle Farm area has been bashed very hard,
including my place, with the apartments below me
completely gutted. As of about 2:30 my building
(Westwood Villas) still appeared structurally sound,
but part of my balcony is gone and the sea was still
pounding unabated. Downstairs, the walls are stripped
down to bare block and completely trashed. The house
next to the boat launch  has been completely
demolished, and the all oceanfront properties from
Dolphin point to the Turtle Farm have been badly
damaged or in some cases destroyed. The sea came up
with a vengeance at about 7:30 am as it swept through
my yard. It wasn't too bad for a couple of hours, but
around 9 it got bigger, the hurricane shutters
downstairs finally caved in as the sea started
sweeping all the way across the road. To give you an
idea of what we were looking at (and still are)at one
point a wave came in that chased us up the ridge to
Connie Edwards' house, with the water coming up about
two thirds of the way up the driveway. What happened
today was far worse than the 1989 Northwester, and
based on what the older folks are saying is the
highest the sea has been since the 1944 Hurricane.
Thank God that the winds were not a factor and that it
didn't happen at night. Michelle missed us, and I
shudder to think what would have happened if she had
come any closed, never mind given us a direct hit.
Most people had no clue what was about to happen, and
it gives me no comfort to say "I told you so".

 Let's pray for the people of Cuba and the Bahamas who
are now facing a direct hit from Michelle.
I am going back to my place now to see how things are
going. Keep your fingers crossed. I have attached a
picture showing Turtle Farm Road road around 11:00
this morning.
Frank Banks

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- Michelle's Damage Photos
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 15:29:54 -0800
Hi Guys
Here are some damage shots as unfortunate as it is, we did get some pretty bad damage, these are from town and other areas.
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky




- More bad news from Cayman
  • From: "Barbara Currie Dailey" <bcurrie AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 15:29:51 -0500
I had to add to Donna's grim news...but here goes.
My stepson Timothy and his wife live near Coconut Harbor off South Church Street on Grand Cayman and went out and reported major damage from Sand Cay on the southwest tip north to Sunset House. The luxury oceanfront Windsor Park condos took a major hit, with furniture and appliances washed into the road. Grand Old House deck and gazebo are gone,  Sunset House bar destroyed. They also confirmed what Donna said about downtown George Town. Eden Rock and Paradise Bar and Grille have suffered major damage.On foot, they were able to get a little further into town as said they saw huge waves actually washing over the top of the Port Authority building early this afternoon. The asphalt surface of Harbour Drive near the Westwind Building has been torn up and is impassable. Debris, including scuba tanks from, apparently, Eden Rock dive Center or Paradise Bar are as far north as the Tower building parking lot and there is a lot of other debris.
The construction site on the beach at the Ritz Carlton site "looks like a giant swimming pool, filled with sea water." No word about the condos or hotels along the beach.
Again, this is second hand reporting, but I consider it reliable, unfortunately.
First hand, I can tell you that Owen Roberts airport never closed, there is only minor flooding on the airport road, and flights seem to be running close to schedule, although I have not seen American in here yet. Could be just my timing. Cayman Airways is operating.
If anyone from Northwest Point (Cobalt Coast) and other areas of West Bay is reading, please share your information with us...we're anxious to know. And Cayman Brac and Little Cayman...?
Barb Dailey

- photos
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 15:02:37 -0800
Storm Photos from South Sound, Eden Rock in town, GeorgeTown Harbour. South Sound is taking a hard beating with Sunset House hit hard, and Eden Rock also hit hard. GeorgeTown is also being hit hard as well as Seven Mile Beach. The are reports of a Fuel leak at the Texaco large Tanks and you can smell its thickness in the air. All probabilities of some closures along that area tommorrow and very probable.
Weather is better now, no rains, still gusting winds howling at times and high seas.
more later.
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

Hurricane Michelle_0019.jpg

Hurricane Michelle_0022.jpg

Hurricane Michelle_0023.jpg

Hurricane Michelle_0030.jpg

Hurricane Michelle_0032.jpg

Hurricane Michelle_0033.jpg

- storm
  • From: Donna <cireba AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 01 14:04:15 -0500
Sunday 2 pm
Since that last mid morning squall we have been rain free - but the wind 
was still blowing. But recently the wind has died down - but coming from 
the SW moving slow to the West.
Unfortunately I do have some bad news about distruction. Last nite we 
were in the Harbour and were in awe of the waves. Well... just returned 
from there and there is much distruction. Water has come up each of the 
roads that lead to the harbour for about a 1/2 block. There is much 
debrie in these waves now and I am sure the shops along the waterfront 
had to have some water damage. The harbour waves are just really STRONG 
and large. Police have the whole harbour blocked off you can not get 
within at least a 1/2 block for safety. THe railing around Hog Sty Bay is 
gone. I was told, now remember this was what I was told, Sunset House Bar 
has been moved to the parking lot - putting it nicely. Cracked Conch and 
Dive Tech have major damage. Like I said last nite it was fun and 
awesome, but now it is not funny. There is to much damage and we have not 
heard anything about the condos and hotels on 7 Mile Beach or what the 
wave action is there. Also Texaco has a leak into the sea so the diesel 
fumes are all over George Town and south to the teminal. I just hope 
there is no more damage or that the sea does not get any larger. We need 
some reports from the West Bay area. Road are passable other wise except 
for these areas of damage.
If I hear any more, I will let you know. But as far as the weather it is 
still over cast, no rain in a while and the wind has died down a bit.

- Wind and Rain on the Northside
  • From: "Michelle M. Miller" <mmmiller AT well.com>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 10:52:24 -0500
About 45 minutes ago, we started getting wind and rain. 

We took a drive around.  Rum Point is different from the rest of the 

While the sea water on North side was (and is) still fairly calm, the 
water on North Sound was rough.  There were waves and very high tides at 
Rum Point. The water came up to the pier at Rum Point and the pier itself 
was damaged.

So far, there isn't much other damage.  There is standing water in a few 
spots between Rum Point and Kaibo.  A few coconuts leaves fell down..

The rain is picking up.  Being outside wouldn't be much fun.

- Michelle
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 10:31:47 -0800
10:30 Update
Well drove around from about 8:30 until now, took me  30 minutes easy to get home from Seven Mile Beach, perhaps longer. There are some whiteout simalar conditions driving around the airport, i was never more eager to get home than now, traffice is crawling on Crewe Road there is a tree down in the road just ahead of Ocean Club heading toward it, the police are using a machete to chop it up until reinforcements from i gather CUC arrive, it is not completely blocking the road but is across half. South Sound, i advise people to use EXTREME CAUTION South Sound is getting hit hard, alot of flooding, alot of depris in the road, my van got hit by a flying baby coconut and it sounded like a bullet when it hit my windshield, i drove as far up as Eden Rock, the flooding is really bad. Eden Rock is under water, with large amounts of large rocks and other debris in the street. I witnessed a women who was sight seeing get comletely knocked over by a wave and that was standing in the street closed to the Maples and Calder Building.. I quickly moved my van to another parking area. If you are an adventures seeker.......TAKE CAUTION THERE IN SOUTH SOUND, the conditions are horrible and there are alot of things flying in mid air. I drove to Holiday Inn, that is a sight, the sand from the beach side is completely over the street, alot of debris, wood, rocks, coconuts and a collection of plastic containers of all sorts, including garbage cans. EXERCISE CAUTION there too. Driving is horrible, with much of the traffice having to wait for one side or the other to pass before they can move along. i have taken some pictures and will be posting them to the site soon. Just need to transfer them to Jpegs. GeorgeTown is also under seige...CAUTION there, there are alot of sightseers there, be careful some people dont realize that about every 7th wave  comes completely over the street up to the museum and people are getting knocked over, someone on a bike got alilttle to close and he ended up in the aftermath of the wave hitting the street, soaked, but not hurt. The rain squawls around the airport are causing great difficulty as far as visability goes, with some motorists stopping cuz ya just plain ole cant see. Its like FOG be careful. Its raining here at Ocean Club, with the sea still churring it up, its like someone put the blender on!
Hold on for dear life
ps. I feel very much like the powers that be let us down as far as properly preparing us.........
Lisa, Ocean Club
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

- storm
  • From: Donna <cireba AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 01 09:09:30 -0500
Sunday 9am
Well we survived the nite. The winds this morning are out of the SW - as 
my weather monitor says and probably at least 20 mph winds or more and 
more in the gusts. I just heard a plane leave so planes are flying out. 
They say we will get better today - we will see. It  is overcast - no 
rain yet - and very very breezy. I have heard that George Town Harbour is 
worse than last nite. Tide is now rising. Haven't heard any other 
reports. I know that I do not have any damage from the winds last nite - 
other than my tomato plants are leaning over and need propped up - but 
all other trees still standing!!!! We had some brownouts in the 
electricity last nite - about three that I counted - just a flicker and 
back on - just enought to flip off the A/C and only thing I see that 
probably was affected was my coffee pot - but luckly I have another one  
Hope Cuba and tha Bahamas are ready for this one!  Good Luck
Until Later

- Only a gentle breeze on the Northside
  • From: "Michelle M. Miller" <mmmiller AT well.com>
  • Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2001 09:04:28 -0500
Reading the reports from the other parts of the island makes me feel like
we're in a different part of the world.  We got some lightening around 1am
and thought it was going to start.  It stopped after 5 minutes and that was

The water is still calm.  There is only a gentle breeze.  The empty glass
that we forgot to bring in didn't even fall over.

I don't know if we'll get the storm as it moves Northeast.

- Michelle
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 07:48:36 -0800
8:00 am
Hope to hear from the correspondents on other parts of the island. Frank how's the weather on your side? Did I see you at Ocean Club on the Boardwalk at 7:50 am this am.  It is now raining here at Ocean Club. Give us an update from your side Frank.Wonder how the Pirates Week Triathalon went if it was on?
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

  • From: "Carol G. Busby" <cbusby AT hauntruck.com>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 07:55:35 -0500
NOVEMBER 4, 2001  6 A.M.



- Michelle
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 07:43:10 -0800
One Last Thought
I just wanted to mention to the many people who have emailed to ask me about flooding at Ocean Club. We have no flooding, thankfully, here at Ocean Club. The lack of rain during the night helped a great deal with that situation and at the moment our grounds are dry, a very unusal feeling for us because of all the rain we have had this past week & days. The waves however are a beautiful site, immense, the wind as i mentioned earlier is incredible!
more later  :*)
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

- Michelle
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 07:30:21 -0800
7:30 am Report
Good Morning. What a noisy evening we had.. The winds are just amazing to me, howling away as they still are this a.m. No rains...a new one for us, the waves are incredible.......they have changed direction thou and are not coming over the seawall, they are huge but crashing at a different direction. The harbour in Georgetown is closed the a.m. due to the excessively large waves which are crashing on the street and in some instances hitting cars while they are at it!
more reporting later
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

- Nasty surprise this morning
  • From: "Barbara Currie Dailey" <bcurrie AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 06:34:13 -0500
Looks like my friend Donna down the road has been up all night too. This tropical storm-like weather is a very nasty surprise.
There was a complete silence about worsening conditions last night as the winds increased to obvious near-tropical storm force. At 11:30 p.m. I called Radio Cayman, the only news source for many residents during storm season, and begged for an update. They simply read the same NHC report we already saw online. Then at 2 am I heard the Hurricane Committee had upgraded Grand Cayman to a Tropical Storm Warning. It was logical to many of us that when Michelle turned NE the storm would pass much closer than going due north. Now it is abot 138 miles away and tropical storm conditions extend 160 miles. We have been having power brownouts and surges for the last four hours, but still have power at the moment. Only about 1/2 inch of rain overnight, Thank God, but the winds are fierce here by the airport. Nothing on Radio Cayman about airport closing yet...
I don't even want to think what's happening on the west side this morning. I'm definitely not going out on the roads to see. Hope everyone reading this is safe out there and checks in with reports from other GCM areas and the Sister Islands.

- storm
  • From: Donna <cireba AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 01 04:37:20 -0500
Sunday  4:30 am
I am up because the wind is really blowing and it is raining,thunder and 
lightening. The wind is out of the S and occasionally SW. Which means it 
is shifting around toward the west which is bad for our west coast. I 
hope it holds off until daybreak. The sat. pix looks very different, 
there does not seems to be an eye. I hope this is good news! Until later.

- Update
  • From: "Bev Banks" <bevbanks AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 01:42:39 -0500
1:30am 4 November.
The Cayman NHC just upgraded us to a TS Warning which is a day late and a dollar short in my opinion.  Not many people are up at 1am to hear about it. Just hope the wind doesn't swing to the W before day break because when it does, I am afraid there is going to be some serious flooding on 7 Mile Beach, and I'd hate to be sleeping on the ground floor at the Westin right now. The sea has damaged a number of properties so far here in West Bay, in particular Dolphin Point is getting hit. Not as bad as with Mitch yet, but it depends upon how hard the W wind gets.  The satellite picture shows that Michelle is definitely changing, and I hope it is a weakening trend. Right now, it looks like she's trying to form a larger eyewall. I guess the next recon mission will tell.  Based on the actual track over the last 6 hours, if maintained, she will pass about 100 mile N of Cayman. Hopefully she will weaken dramatically and spare the people of Cuba a direct hit by a major hurricane .
Frank Banks

- storm
  • From: Donna <cireba AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 01 23:41:08 -0500
Saturday 11 pm
early this evening we went to George Town Harbour - what an AWESOME site. 
The waves were breaking over the harbour road and over the cars that were 
still driving past. The waves are rolling in in great speed and make a 
wonderful site. The only thing that bothers me is that the wind has not 
come from the west yet and when and if it does, does that mean the waves 
will get bigger??? It was high tide when we were there - so thus the 
height of the waves. They were crashing and spraying in the air higher 
than the telephone poles. The visitors gazebo on the North terminal is 
getting a beating. Looks like the roof tiles are ripping off so there has 
to be other damage being done that we can not see yet. I took video of it 
until my battery went dead. I am anxious to view it. We had a pretty good 
squall an hour or so ago and the wind in my area is really whipping from 
the south it seems. I can just imagine it is very rough at Ocean Club. 
With the storm now turning to the east, a little to soon for us, means we 
will probably get into the tropical storm force winds, where if it had 
stayed more north maybe we would have gotten out of this mess! This is 
the most wind this evening that we have gotten in the past many days. We 
will see what the morning brings. Will report later or in the morning. 
Batten down the hatches!!!

- Update
  • From: "Bev Banks" <bevbanks AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 22:43:30 -0500
10:30pm 3 November West Bay
West Bay Road near the Holiday Inn has started to flood over with seawater. At 10pm it was still passible, but it was considerably worse than when I went through it at 8pm. The wind has picked up a bit and is a steady 25-30 mph out of the SSE on the ocean in West Bay (NW Point Dock). Seawater is coming over the seawall and onto the lawn at Dolphin Point. Seawater has also come up to the foundation of my building at least once in the past hour.
I have not had a look at the mysat 1k yet as I just got back, but from catching the Weather Channel at my neighbours apartment downstairs, I gather that Michelle has moved .3 to the E and .2 to the N and it looks like we are starting to go under that lovely ball of bright orange for the first time. I do not know whether the Cayman National Hurricane Committee has upgrade us to a TS Warning rather than a Watch, but based on what I saw a few minutes ago, the steady windspeed (without rain) seems to be increasing, presumably in response to Michelle tracking more to the E.
Frank Banks

- michelle
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 22:07:31 -0800
10pm Update
Michelle just wont quit! The winds and rains are due to intensify although they are already gusting from earlier today they are due to intensify here at Ocean Club within the hour.  I think the boardwalk is going to continue getting its beating..........the waves are just nipping the seawall so i'm sure their will be waters over it during the night.
stay tuned
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch AT Ocean Club
blmgrn AT candw.ky

- Update
  • From: "Bev Banks" <bevbanks AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 20:02:07 -0500
7:30 pm 3 November, West Bay
Just a quick hello to say that no serious flooding has occured in West Bay so far from what I can see. The sea has come up into the yard and driveway at Clan Creek, and Bonnie's Arch has closed off their driveway, but I don't believe either have suffered any serious damage so far. The overwash near the Holiday in is  not as bad as Mitch (so far) and I drove through it about an hour ago without any problem. In fact, at the moment I was driving past the worst area, there wasn't any water flowing in at all, but that was just timing, as I could see that fresh seawater had come over the sand ridge just a few minutes before.
The latest position shows that Michelle has taken a course E of NE over the past few hours, and it remains to be seen if that is just a wobble or whether she has started the predicted turn. I am going out for a recon mission (and dinner) and will report back later tonight.
P.S. The Pirates week Triathlon start time has been moved to  1pm. 
Frank Banks 

- Hurricane Update 7:15
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 19:30:50 -0800
Well it is now  7:15 pm and we are still experiencing gale like winds.......the wind is really incredible still blowing strong. Donna has just left from visiting to check out our waves not to long ago..she and i took a stroll out to the boardwalk to check out the waves...they are still crashing away. We are still under showers on this side of the island i drove up to northward and well....would not want to be driving up that direction again. Flooding, and heavy rain in some areas hard to see while your driving and the flooding is bad. Well the flooding around the island is bad....tried to get on the bypass and unless your heading into town you have no choice but to go in town the Thomas Russell portion is totally flooded like a huge swimming pool at one of the condo complexes. Wondering how our friends over on the northwest point side are..
will write more later.
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

- still calm on the Northside
  • From: "Michelle M. Miller" <mmmiller AT well.com>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 19:06:52 -0500
We drove around and it was a normal Northside day, aside from the 
flooding at Cayman Kai.  The police station didn't have any storm flags 

The water remained very calm all day.  It rained a little off and on, but 
nothing serious.  Judging from the other reports, the weather seems like 
a totally different island.

At Rum Point, they were busy setting up for the triathelon tomorrow.  The 
swim should be really nice : the water is clear.  The bike course has a 
few flooded spots. The run has four flooded spots at the beginning.  Near 
Kaiku, there are hidden potholes under the water, so runners should watch 
their footing.

I'm glad the others reported.  We would have gone in town, but changed 
our minds after reading the reports.

- storm
  • From: Donna <cireba AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 01 18:31:31 -0500
Saturday 6:15 pm

About 5 pm I ventured into GeorgeTown to see if the Harbour was rough. 
Boy was I surprised. The waves were so big and crashing on to the Harbour 
road with cars still traveling along the road and unaware that every 
other wave was crashed onto the road. Then the police arrived to stop 
traffic. Further up at the port entrance by the church the water was 
running across the road. This is as bad as I have seen in a good 
Norwester! High tide is soon and the waves should be even larger or at 
least coming onto shore. 
I then traveled to Ocean Club on the South coast. I was most amazed at 
the sea. It was very rough with large waves. But these waves at that time 
were not coming onto the property of Ocean Club. The wind was very strong 
- an umbrella would have be torn or blown inside out and apart. In the 
last couple of hours it has started to rain as well. Upon leaving Ocean 
Club and returning home (inland near Harbour House Marina) I was 
surprised that the wind was not as strong at all. We may venture down to 
the harbour here shortly. I have only heard stories of water over the 
road at Holiday Inn and waves crashing at Dolphin Point. So we will have 
to let others in that area give a true report. 
Most of this afternoon while I was at work, we did not get any rain and I 
was surprised on my way home how much of the water from this morning had 
gone down on some of the roads, don't misunderstand, some roads are still 
very flooded!!!
More later.

- Hurricane Michelle
  • From: James Woollard <jflwoollard AT yahoo.co.uk>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 19:51:53 +0000 (GMT)
Hurricane Michelle is passing about 180 miles to our
west as I write (2.30pm Sat 3 November). I took some
time out today, to go up the west side of the island
to inspect the damage. Here's my brief report:

The waves are similar in size to Hurricane Mitch in
Oct 1998 and similar damage seems to be occurring.  At
Smith's Cove, I witnessed wave swash reaching nearly
to the road, whilst in George Town, the waves were
crashing on to the road in the Harbour area, creating
something of a spectacle for tourists and locals
alike. Debris, including sand, rocks and flotsam and
jetsam, had been washed on to the road.Further north,
Burger King car park was once again being pounded by
very large waves. 

Along the West Bay road (Seven Mile Beach) there is
much evidence of road flooding (mainly from rain, but
some sea flooding) especially at the new Holiday Inn
location where the road was partially blocked and
covered in sand.

Meanwhile, at North West Point, home of the Turtle
farm and the Cracked Conch restaurant/DiveTech, I
witnessed the most spectacular waves crashing on to
the ironshore and beyond. DiveTech's cabana and
boardwalk had both suffered extensive damage, with
boards ripped up and washed away.

On the island as a whole, the main problem is the high
amount of precipitation, which has been falling
non-stop since last Sunday 28 October. This has
created problems of flooding in low-lying areas,
making transportation difficult, especially on foot,
by bicycle or non-4WD vehicles. Fortunately, the
Caymans id not very elevated , so relief rainfall has
been minimal.

Winds are not very strong and there is little or no
damage from gusts at this point.

James Woollard

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- Michelle
  • From: "Lisa Blomgren" <blmgrn AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 13:23:33 -0800
1:30 pm Report
Hi Guys.....Ocean Club well...........thank God the worst is over. We have lost a couple boards from the boardwalk nothing like Chantel thou. The surge is incredible...water came up over the steps leading to the board walk during the night.. our email was out for several hours so couldnt report action as it was happening but the rain was coming down in sheets........and the winds were very intense, shaking those sliding doors for sure. The seas were sporting 7 to 9' waves. Took a couple walks out toward the boardwalk in the evening with flashlight in hand and the waves were just rolling.....the water came up over the boardwalk but not completely over the sea wall. we are still experiencing rains..............shut that faucet off already. Hope Cuba weathers her well...............135 mph winds is not fun by any means.
thanks for your great reporting Frank and others.........should things change will report it!
Lisa, Ocean Club
Lisa & The Blomgren Bunch
blmgrn AT candw.ky

- storm
  • From: Donna <cireba AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 01 11:46:36 -0700
Friday  6:30 pm
I guess it is here as I am sitting in my office unable to get to my car 
without getting totally soaked. It is RAINING - and from what I can tell 
blowing as well since the rain is coming down sideways!! Can't really 
tell you to much more until I get out of here and maybe I will just have 
to brave it and get soaked. Hope the road are not to flooded on the way 
Will report more later.

- Flooding getting worse
  • From: "Barbara Currie Dailey" <bcurrie AT candw.ky>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 11:35:28 -0500
Well, this is NOT funny!
It's 11:30 a.m. and in the past 3 hours the road flooding has gotten substantially worse around George Town. By phone, I hear, residential areas around Randyke Gardens, Tropical Gardens and areas of South Sound are also badly flooded with concerns about water coming into apartments and homes.Rain has been relentless since 9 a.m. over here by the airport. I did stop by the MET office but no one is willing to comment on how much more rain we are likely to get. We've had another 1.5 inches since 8 a.m. here. And one look at any of the satellite pictures combined with the fact that Michelle is barely moving makes us out here very worried about conditions worsening during the next 24 hours.
If there is a nice dry area of Grand Cayman, please advise and reserve me a room!
Again, any Cayman residents should be aware of the amount of road flooding around George Town---and Crewe Road's potholes are getting worse and worse.
Maybe those frantic calls from family in the US about reports of 10-20 inches here today are reliable!

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