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  • From: "N Sethia" <barebum AT caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 06:59:13 -0500

This is Mary from Barefoot Yacht Charters.
Well for the last 2 days we have been preparing as if expecting a category 3
Hurricane. We have 23 yachts and no easy task  to prepare when we have the
time much less in a hurry.
So we have put bridles on all as re-enforcement to their mooring lines.
All are on storm moorings (Helix anchors, screwed 16' into the sea bed).,
All sails and Biminis have been removed and stowed, all dinghies stored.
The mood has been quite relaxed with a feeling that this could and would
never happen to us.
This morning I don't know, but have a feeling this may be our turn.
So once again we will prepare for that.
We will secure the premises, re-check all yachts- bring in the three that
are still
on charter but close by in Mustique and let the staff go to make their own
We are in Blue Lagoon and normally when we have had 60-70 knots of wind have
survived OK.
The problem arises when the Schooners and small freighters start arriving.
They are the ones that cause most damage. Not enough room !
Will keep in touch,
Good luck to everyone,

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