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- Government Advises Mariners as Hurricane Joyce Lesser Antilles Island Chain
  • From: "Roddy Heyliger" <heylrody AT sintmaarten.net>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 11:48:16 -0400

THE BOTTOM, - Boat Owners Advised to Consider Other Options for Removal of
Vessels from Fort Bay Harbour in the Event Hurricane Joyce

Commissioner responsible for Fisheries Lisa Hassell, on Thursday told the
Saba Government Information Service (SGIS), that boat owners are being
advised once again to consider other options in relation to removing their
vessel from the Fort Bay Harbour in the event Hurricane Joyce was to pass
to the South of Saba.

"The path of Hurricane Joyce is unpredictable at this point in time and we
will be monitoring the situation very closely over the weekend to see what
will happen.  Mariners should could to monitor the situation and if the
need arises to seek safe shelter," Hassell pointed out.

Hassell pointed out that the boat ramp is presently inaccessible.  The ramp
is used by the dive operators and the fishermen to remove their vessels
with the use of a trailer out of the water and to secure them properly on
land in the event of bad weather.

With the beautification project presently in full swing, the road in front
of the ramp is inaccessible as it is being paved.  This process in relation
to each strip that is poured takes three weeks to cure.

Lt. Governor Antoine Solagnier informed the SGIS that the ramp could remain
inaccessible up until the end of the hurricane season and is advising the
boating community to make alternative arrangement for the mid-term.

In the meantime the Island Government will discuss with the Planning
Department about an alternative solution.

The project for the beautification and upgrading of the Fort Bay Harbour
had to start during the season, otherwise, part of the minimum upgrading
being done in this project would not be completed on time for the new
tourism season.

Conditions at the port facility has deteriorated due to the recent
hurricane activity during the pasts two years that an immediate face lift
was needed as more than the majority of visitors to the island arrive by

The main reconstruction and development of the port still has to start.

Marine Helicopter Surveys Island

On Friday morning the Royal Dutch Marine Helicopter did a photographic
survey of the island.  This is in relation to disaster management.  The
information will be compiled for future use by other marines who come to
Saba in relation to disaster management.

Lt. Governor Antoine Solagnier told the SGIS that military officers met
with him on Wednesday morning to discuss disaster management and what the
Governments expectations would be from the military.  The visit to Saba was
also to get acquainted with the environment and surroundings.

Solagnier added that during the meeting the military officials were updated
on the changes that have taken place in relation to the new Emergency
Operations Center (EOC) which has been completed and can be used in a time
of disaster.

The group of marines are from Aruba and Curacao. 

Roddy Heyliger
Communications Consultant - Caribbean Information Provider

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- Hurricane Debby Moves On
  • From: "Roddy Heyliger" <heylrody AT sintmaarten.net>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 20:34:29 -0400
For Immediate Release: Tuesday August 22 2000

Saba Reports No Damages, but Governor Concerned About Harbour

Lt. Governor Antoine Solagnier on Tuesday afternoon reported to the
Government Information Service that the island did not sustain any damages
during the passing of Hurricane Debby, only a few tree branches and leaves
could be seen scattered on the road.  This was based on a damage assessment
conducted on Tuesday morning by his team.

The island received some rainfall and gusty winds.  There were also some
small rock falls on the main road network at certain places.  Solagnier is
urging motorists to exercise some caution while driving in the coming days.

Schools will be open on Wednesday.  Some businesses were already open on
Tuesday afternoon.  Lt. Governor Solagnier pointed out that Saba was
prepared for the worse.  On Tuesday morning the Emergency Hurricane
Shelters were closed and no one made any use of the four shelters that were
manned by 10 marines along with a medical staff member.

Cooperation with the Dutch military was great according to the Governor. 
The 12-member team will leave Saba on Wednesday morning.  Besides manning
the shelters as well as the command center at the Sunny Valley Youth
Center, two members stayed at the top of Mount Scenery in order to ensure

The Utility Company GEBE on Monday evening shut off the electricity as a
precautionary measure.  The electricity was put back on early Tuesday
morning.  Telecommunications was not a problem as no outages were reported.

The Juancho Yrausquin Airport will be open for air traffic on Wednesday. 
Personnel from Government were busy on Tuesday setting up the
telecommunications equipment.

Of concern to the Lt. Governor and the Head of the Planning Department
Robert Zagers, is the Capt. L.A.I. Chance Pier.  Solagnier pointed out that
the heavy seas has probably further undermined the foundation of the pier.

Secondly, the filling in of the harbour basin with the southerly winds may
result in the harbour having to be dredged.  Solagnier stressed that the
Island Government doesn't have the funds in order to carry out such an
operation.  The Lt. Governor added that the reconstruction project for the
harbour needs to be executed as soon as possible.

The Lt. Governor on behalf of the Executive Council would like to thank all
government personnel and others who assisted with the preparations that had
to be made prior to the approach of Hurricane Debby.  Particular mention
was made of Russel Thielman and Robert Zagers.

Solagnier would also like to thank the residents for taking the necessary
precautions and to always be prepared as we are still in the hurricane

Roddy Heyliger
Communications Consultant - Caribbean Information Provider

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- Saba Awaits Tropical Storm Debby
  • From: "Roddy Heyliger" <heylrody AT sintmaarten.net>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 00:30:30 -0400
For Immediate Release: Monday August 21 2000/10.30pm

Saba is Prepared for the Passing of Tropical Storm Debby

THE BOTTOM, SABA - Lt. Governor Antoine Solagnier informed the Government
Information Service that all the necessary preparations have been taken by
the residents of the island in relation to Tropical Storm Debby.

The Lt. Governor is advising all residents to remain indoors on Tuesday and
to stay tuned to the radio for further information if this is warranted.  A
damage assessment will have to be done.

All public buildings were boarded up on Monday.  Heavy equipment has been
moved to the village of Windwardside as a precautionary measure. 
Communications equipment from the Airport has been stored in a secure

Emergency Hurricane Shelters will be manned by the Marines and a  nurse. 
The shelters will be open as of 11.00pm. 

Prepared by Roddy Heyliger  
On behalf of Lt. Governor Mr. Antoine Solagnier
Island Territory of Saba 

Roddy Heyliger
Communications Consultant - Caribbean Information Provider

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- Saba Government Urges Preliminary Tropical Storm Debby Preparations
  • From: "Roddy Heyliger" <heylrody AT sintmaarten.net>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 17:03:53 -0400
For Immediate Release: Sunday August 20 2000/4.30pm

Island Government Takes Preliminary Precautions As Tropical Storm Debby
Approaches Leeward Island Chain

THE BOTTOM, SABA - Acting Lt. Governor Will Johnson on Sunday morning at
10.00AM, met with members of the The National Hurricane Committee (NHC) to
assess the approaching weather system now known as Tropical Storm Debby.

Attending the meeting were officials from the various government
departments and organizations namely, GEBE, Police, Airport, Harbour,
Public Works and the Hospital.  Members of the Village Hurricane Committees
were also present.

It was decided during the meeting that preparations to close non-essential
public buildings would start as soon as possible.  This message would also
be passed on to residents who have apartments and other buildings.  Acting
Lt. Governor Johnson stated that it would be wise for residents to start
closing up part of their homes, instead of leaving the majority of the work
for Monday where they would then have to rush preparations.

Johnson added that he has already spoken with the Governor General who
called him on Sunday morning in relation to the pending situation.  The
military has been placed on standby, and if the need arises, a detachment
of about 12 officers will be flown in on Monday from the Dutch military
base Savaneta, Aruba.

On Monday August 21 additional measures will be taken by the Island
Government once an assessment has been conducted of the progress of
Tropical Storm Debby.  

Prepared by Roddy Heyliger  
On behalf of the Acting Lt. Governor Mr. Will Johnson
Island Territory of Saba 

Roddy Heyliger
Communications Consultant - Caribbean Information Provider

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- Acting Governor Advises to Monitor Situation Over the Weekend
  • From: "Roddy Heyliger" <heylrody AT sintmaarten.net>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 21:07:36 -0400
For Immediate Release: Friday August 04 2000

Acting Lt. Governor Advises to Monitor Alberto Closely

THE BOTTOM, Saba - Acting Lt. Governor Will Johnson on Friday is advising
residents of Saba to monitor the progress of the seasons first Tropical
Storm namely Alberto over the weekend.  Johnson said the Island Government
and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) personnel will pay close attention to
the progress being made by Alberto and assess the situation as warranted.

All residents should have taken certain measures before the hurricane
season started.  He pointed out that it would be wise for families just to
review their plans of actions that they would take before a hurricane

Johnson added that the Island Government of Saba has been taking a
pro-active approach in relation to hurricane preparation for government
buildings.  "The personnel of the Department of Public Works (DOW) has been
working since before the hurricane season making sure that all public
buildings would be secure before the height of the 2000 hurricane season.

"Saba is very much prepared when it comes to the public buildings.  Our
insurance policies are up to date, but it is very expensive to keep public
buildings insured.

"The EOC Center in The Bottom is almost ready and if need be will be put to
use within 24 hours notice.  If we have to take the necessary preparations,
we will do so 24-36 hours before a hurricane strikes the area," Johnson
stated on Friday afternoon.

Members of the Fire Department were busy on Friday mounting the satellite
telecommunications as well as the base station.  This measure was already
planned in advance before Alberto.

The National Hurricane Committee met almost two weeks ago to assess the
state of affairs of the Island Territory.  A majority of the EOC members
were present to discuss various issues.  

Roddy Heyliger
Saba Government Information Service
Communications Consultant - Caribbean Information Provider

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- Saba Hurricane Committee Has First Meeting
  • From: "Roddy Heyliger" <heylrody AT sintmaarten.net>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 09:14:20 -0400
For Immediate Release: Friday July 21 2000

Hurricane Committee Has First Meeting

SABA - The National Hurricane Committee of the Island Territory of Saba met
on Wednesday for the first time since the 2000 hurricane season opened on
June 1st.

The members present under the chairmanship of Lt. Governor Antoine
Solagnier who is responsible for Disaster Management, discussed the present
state of affairs in relation to preparedness.

A breakdown was given on what actions the Island Government Department of
Public Works has been doing during the pasts months.  The main priority was
to make sure that all government buildings were properly secured in
relation to hurricane shutters, and any repairs that were necessary would
be repaired.

With the most active months of the hurricane season approaching, all
present were advised to check their supplies and resources and to take an
inventory of what they still needed or what still has to be done.

The Executive Council is calling on the entire community to make sure that
they have take all the necessary pre-hurricane precautions such as a supply
of non-perishable foods; a review of insurance policies to make sure they
are adequately covered; an overview of their home and/or business; and to
make sure that their yards are cleaned of all debris that may become a
threat to human life and property during the passing of a hurricane.

The hurricane committee was also informed that the Emergency Operations
Center (EOC) near the Telecommunications Building in The Bottom should be
ready by mid-August and would be used as the main coordination and command

Another meeting of the national hurricane committee will be held in order
to re-evaluate the state of affairs.  The chairmen of the village hurricane
committees also still have to get together and present their report on the
state of affairs in relation to each village.

Those present at the meeting were: Head Nurse Naomi Wilson from the A.M.
Edward's Medical Center; Harbour Master Alva Hassell; Head of Public Works
Hendrick Hassell; Head of the Planning Department Robert Zagers; Police
Major W. Victoria; Fire Chief Arthur Hassell; GEBE Manager Dexter Johnson;
and a representative of the Saba University School of Medicine.

EOC Center nearing completion.
Photo by Roddy Heyliger 

Roddy Heyliger
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  • - Governor Concerned About Airport/Harbour Facilities
    • From: "Roddy Heyliger" <heylrody AT sintmaarten.net>
    • Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 18:57:46 -0400
    Governor Concerned About Airport and Harbour Facilities in the event of a
    Hurricane Strike 
    THE BOTTOM, Saba - Lt. Governor Antoine Solagnier stated that his greatest
    source of concern is the Fort Bay Harbour and in particular the Capt.
    L.A.I. Chance Pier.  The Chance Pier suffered serious damage last November
    from Hurricane Lenny storm surge.  There is a large gap measuring 65 meters
    in the breakwater.  "The pier has very little protection, and it won't
    require a big hurricane to cause further damage, only a Tropical Storm,"
    Solagnier stated.
    The Capt. L.A.I. Chance Pier provides berthing space for cargo vessels,
    dive boats, fishing vessels, inter-island ferries as well as other pleasure
    craft.  A study was done about the damage and the funds for the
    reconstruction was approved by the Federal Government to the tune of an
    estimated Naf.6 million.  However, six months after Lenny and now into a
    new hurricane season, the funds still have not been released, and the Dutch
    Government has to review the plans for the reconstruction of the harbour.
    Solagnier stated that the Island Government and the National Hurricane
    Committee will study alternatives in relation to the Juancho Yrausquin
    Airport and the Capt. L.A.I. Chance Pier.  "I don't expect the prefab
    building at the airport to withstand hurricane force winds eventhough quiet
    some effort has gone into making the building as strong as possible.
    "Preparations will be taken to secure the equipment.  Its regrettable to
    think what after, but last year people had to work out of cars and this
    could only be done for a very short time.  There are no easy answers.  We
    can replace the building with another temporary one which is a costly
    measure, but will have to be done.
    "The harbour is much more difficult to plan for.  You can't import a
    temporary harbour.  What we will have to look into is how to land
    equipment, materials and other items in the event the big pier what is left
    of it is seriously damaged and made un-useable.  Its better to be prepared
    and know what can be done," Solagnier wanted to assure the people of Saba.
    The Governor also plans on informing the Federal and Kingdom Governments
    about Saba's needs and vulnerabilities.  The Antillean Disaster
    Coordinating Organization Stirana, as well as international organizations,
    will also be informed about the extent of the situation.
    Solagnier pointed our that Stirana suffers from a cash flow shortage and is
    not able to properly carry out its responsibilities.  He feels that the
    Federal Government should reserve additional funds for the organization
    which would allow it to deploy equipment and resources immediately after a
    The utility company GEBE as well as the Saba Telephone Company, will be
    asked to have essential equipment and resources on hand which would allow
    for the quick restoration of electricity and telecommunications, in the
    event the networks were knocked out.
    In conclusion Solagnier stated that Saba was better prepared with Lenny
    than with Hurricane Georges.  "We recently reviewed the steps taken and in
    hindsight, we were better prepared this time.  We had materials on hand and
    people knew what had to be done.  Most buildings rebuilt after Georges
    withstood Lenny better," Solagnier pointed out. 
    Capt. L.A.I. Chance Pier: 65 meter gash in the breakwater protection,
    leaving the pier exposed to possible storm surge which could render the
    port facility un-useable, affecting the dive tourism, the fishing sector as
    well as the tourism sector in relation to tourists who visit the island by
    Photo by Roddy Heyliger
    Roddy Heyliger
    Communications Consultant - Caribbean Information Provider
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  • - Saba Prepares for Hurricane Season 2000
    • From: "Roddy Heyliger" <heylrody AT sintmaarten.net>
    • Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 01:11:23 -0400
    Series of Meetings to be Held in Relation to Hurricane Preparations 
    THE BOTTOM, Saba - According to Lt. Governor Antoine Solagnier who is
    responsible for Disaster Management, a series of meetings will be held
    during the months of June and July in relation to hurricane preparations
    for the Island Territory of Saba.
    The Governor stated that not much has been done leading up to the beginning
    of the hurricane season.  This he stated is due to the fact that the island
    was still re-cooperating from Hurricane Lenny.  However, personnel from the
    Department of Public Works (DOW) have been busy checking hurricane shutters
    on government buildings and also replacing these where necessary.
    Members of DOW were also busy building retaining walls in areas that were
    affected by hurricane Lenny flooding such as the Chalk Hole which is a
    section of road between the villages of St. John's and The Bottom, and the
    road leading to the Fort Bay Harbour.
    The National Hurricane Committee will be meeting within the next two weeks
    to review the last hurricane season, and to take stock in relation to the
    2000 Hurricane Season. Village Hurricane Committee meetings will follow
    once the National Hurricane Committee has had its first meeting.
    Another meeting is scheduled with the Royal Dutch Marines in relation to
    cooperation and coordination as well as with the Red Cross.  The Red Cross
    building at the Cove Bay has been completed and a vehicle will also be
    brought in to be used in the event of a disaster.  Solagnier would like to
    review the situation and coordinate a plan of action with the latter
    organization in relation to responsibilities, resources and manpower.
    The loose galvanize at the landfill also has the attention of the Executive
    Council.  Solagnier pointed out that the Council has been discussing the
    matter and a proposal to have the galvanize buried in a similar fashion as
    was done after Hurricane Georges. 
    On Tuesday June 6 government officials started with an assessment of areas
    where debris is located.  These areas are being identified in relation to a
    clean-up campaign that is to be started.  Solagnier is urging all residents
    to also make it a priority with the cleaning up of items around their
    Roddy Heyliger
    Saba Government Information Service (SabaGIS)

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