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- - St.Kitts, Nevis & Montserrat - -

- Oh What a Season - Oh What a Show
  • From: Crane Peter <pcrane AT media1.caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 11:37:46 -0400
With apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber …

As far as I - on Nevis - am concerned it has been a HORRIBLE hurricane season!

Statisticians may prove otherwise but …

It seemed to start with Dennis.  Dennis should have been a tropical wave 
but it developed into a Tropical depression RIGHT OVER OUR HOUSE and 
dumped 10 inches of water on us.  It moved North and became a Hurricane.

Then Floyd said "hello, would you like some rain?" and dumped another 
10 inches on us.  
I had forgotten to close our Landrover sun roof and door!  
What a mistake to make!  We were flooded downstairs as well.

I thought that Jose was not too bad until the rain that it trailed got 
dumped on us!

Lenny was just AWFUL.  I know that we were lucky and we didn’t get the 
damage of St. Martin and St. Croix but we were ‘under the cosh’ for 
three long days.  
It wasn’t just the damage.  In all honesty we only lost a few shingles 
and a few fruit trees and had minimal water damage so I shouldn’t 
complain but my wife and I suffered awfully from the stress of uncertainty.

Last Sunday we had a deluge that seemed to come from NOWHERE!  
A flash flood washed a couple, in their car, down a ghaut.  
The girl (only 25 years old!) lost her life and the boy is in hospital.

I don’t know if I’ll be reporting next year but I’m praying that the 
2000 Season will be less severe for everybody.

Goodbye for now
Prof. Peter ‘Tropically Depressed’ Crane (Nevis)

- Row, row, row your boat …
  • From: Crane Peter <pcrane AT media1.caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 16:38:58 -0400
Today we went shopping in Charlestown.
The damage, there, is quite awful.  The shore-front is extremely badly
damaged and you can see damage on most stores, too.
One store was still being pumped out by a fire-engine.

I heard (but please don't take MY word for it) that some shop workers were
evacuated from their shop premises by boat!!

The roads that I used were not too bad.  
A few pot-holes but they had pot-holes BEFORE the Hurricane.

Business is, pretty much, back to normal.  

Prof. Peter 'Sunny' Crane (Nevis)

- Re: [HURR] - Lenny What a Hurrican!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • From: icilma king <icilma_k AT yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 09:49:53 -0800 (PST)

Hi Gert,

Hurricane Lenny!!!!!!!

Well what a Storm, I dont even know how to begin,or
what to say.

St.Kitts recieved hurricane watch on Tue, Nov, 16,
citizens of the Island got their emergency surplies
and begin to board up their houses and business. 
Supermarkets were open late as customers crowded them
storing up on extra food, batteries, candles,ect.. 

On Wednesday, 17th November,1999 St.Kitts started to 
experiance rain and high surge along the sea shore and

small gust of winds now and then.  Because of the sea
surges our coastline was badly damage in some areas
more than some, for example Old Road, Sandy Point,
Half Way Tree,ect were badly damaged, the roads were
so bad vehicles can not pass at all, they would have
to take the longer rute around the island on the
eastern side.  Houses near the beaches were wash up on
the island main road, and others were wash away by the
high seas.  Water also came up into peoples home and
wash away their furnitures ect, luckyly no life was
loss during that time. 

One man was noted to have broken his leg when the
water came up and wash through his home. 

 A cargo boat known as Lady D was washed ashore and
some cars was washed over board.  Some of the cargo
was saved but the rest was lost at sea and a crew man
was reported missing.

Other parts of the Island has suffered land slides,
soil errosions and  all of our country ghauts were
running some fuller than others. Some of the Ghauts
that run heavyly cause flooding in the town area of
Basseterre leaving it all muddy, slippery just plain

All and in all the contry can give God thanks that the
Hurrican did not hit us but if it did what would of
happen to all of us?  Anyway God has been good to us
but to all my neighbouring islands may god keep you
all in this time of grief and loss weather life or
property ect you all have my prayers always.

Yours truly,
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- The Lenny Experience!
  • From: Crane Peter <pcrane AT media1.caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 21:43:23 -0400
If anyone is interested I've written an account of our experience during
Hurricane Lenny.
It is too big (and probably too boring) to put on the notice-board but if 
anyone is foolish enough to want it I'll mail it to them.

WARNING - it really is long and boring!  Reading it can damage your health!

Prof. Peter 'Pulitzer Prize' Crane (Nevis)

It is now available for download from our website as a text-file:
- pcrane.txt

Enjoy, Gert

- Lousy Lenny!
  • From: Crane Peter <pcrane AT media1.caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 12:09:13 -0400
I've just received some pictures, sent to me, by John Sullivan,
(<jsulliva AT freepress.mb.ca>).
Thanks, John.

They show the devastation at St Croix and St Martin.

Houses tossed around as though they were childrens' toys.
Boulders in the road.
Boats smashed on the shore.

People, I know that we have ALL gone through a lot but spare a prayer 
for the people of St Croix and St Martins, please.

Oh, by the way, I saw an Osprey (fish eagle) today.  
It flew right over our house.

Prof. Peter Crane (Nevis)

- Aftermath
  • From: "St. Kitts-Nevis Finance Co. Ltd." <finco AT caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 00:23:26 -0400
Hi Folks,
It was gratifying to recieve so many emails from you all to say thanks. I therefore feel obligated to fill you in on my findings in the aftermath of the storm.
Friars Bay South has been severely eroded, most of the sand is gone. As for Frigate Bay South, there is sand in the Timothy Beach/Monkey Bar area, but the middle portion and western portion has been unbelievably stripped of every grain of sand!! The beach is devastated. Many coconut trees simply toppled as the sand was stipped cleanly from between and under their roots.
As I mentioned in an earlier update Port Zante is a mess. I could not believe that water could pulverize reinforced concrete and steel the way it has there!!
Old Road Bay is a mess. Traffic from Old Road and all towns/villages west of Old Road has to go west through Dieppe Bay to get to Basseterre, and this will probably be for quite a while, as the road is so badly damaged, it will take a major project to repair and make reusable. Some are speculating that it should be abandoned, but I think a new road would take considerably longer than to repair and restore the road.
Spratt Net got a good lashing from the waves, but the owners are busy putting it back together and hope to be serving up those tasty barbecued ribs, chicken and fish very soon.
Of major concern is the coastal damage in Half-Way-Tree/New Guinea areas. In the western portion of Half Way Tree, the sea ripped through homes on the shore side, plunged accross the main road, flattened the cane fields on the other side, dumping salt water and numerous boulders on that side. Of course the cane in those fields, apart from being knocked flat, will die as the soil is now saturated with salt water. It may also take awhile before it is ready for replanting.
Further on, in the New Guinea area, the cliffs there were eroded several feet, to the point where the main road is now threatened as the cliffs now drop off directly from the road!! Some parts of the road are actually undermined. Some years ago the road just below Brimstone Hill was rerouted further inland because of similar coastal erosion. That road is now under serious threat once again!!
It appears that every ghaut in the island ran and deposited tons of sand and debri in the low lying areas, especially in towns and villages. New ghauts seemed to have also appeared!! Even in Sandy Point, there are a few areas where severe soil erosion took place, a repeat of what happened a few weeks ago when Jose hit. Backhoes were busy today clearing the main road for traffic, which has been diverted through some back roads in the meantime.
A few areas report being without electricity or water, but most areas have already been restored. We had good sunshine this morning, but by mid-day the rain came again.
The airport opened today and several flights operated, including American Eagle, LIAT and Caledonian (to London).
You should see the ocean today, so calm and serene, it is unbelievable that just hours ago it was a raging tempest!! Today it looks inviting once more.
That's it for now folks!

- Report on St Kitts direct from PJ's owner Jude Dolmer
  • From: Anne Bennett <annebenn AT mail.hurontel.on.ca>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 08:53:12 -0500
Hello Everyone;
We're all alive and well in SKB.  A tad bit wet.  Finally looks like
Lenny the" four day hurricane" is thinking about leaving us.  Man what a
pain in the butt.  Hours and hours of wind and rain.  Has destroyed
every harbour in the Carribbean, from St Croix to Grenada.  On the home
front our Caribbean shores took a beating. Island Paradise is A OK.  Not
even a drop of water in PJ's so of course we opened last night for a
brief happy hour just to relieve the cabin feaver for a bit. Frier's Bay
is gone even the big rock broke up and went out to sea.  The Monkey Bar
is still there including a nice sand beach surrounding the salt pond. 
Crickets is flooded but the beach bar still stands.  Port Zante is
trashed.  Bobbie and Kathies boat was out of the water and is fine. The
Bay road at the entry at Port Zante is undermined but fixable.  The
College St ghaut is full of sand, silt etc. and is even with the rest of
the roads. The road at Old Road bay is gone and will take alot of work
to rebuild. Spratt Net is trashed but, knowing the Spratt Brats they'll
have it rebuilt in a month. The North end of the island took the brunt
of the storm but is fine.  Boats at Dieppe Bay were fine.  Unfortunately
Pete and Marion anchored their boat at Majors Bay and it ran aground. 
It's on the beach and looks like there's some damage to the keel. Golden
Lemon lost a few trees and a wee bit of damage but not much, Rawlins the
same.  Not much at all happened at Ottley's.  Downtown is OK just a bit
mucky.  So far no land slides but we fear that could still come as we're
still getting wind and rain from the feeder bands of Lenny. Water is
back on.  That's always the worst part not being able to shower
properly.  Electric is on in town and should be restored almost every
where else by the end of today.  Gotta go and get some things done just
thought you'd all be wondering how we made out.
Love to ALL

- Gone?
  • From: "St. Kitts-Nevis Finance Co. Ltd." <finco AT caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 10:05:16 -0400
We awoke this morning to less windy conditions and the news that Lenny has moved, though slowly, further out into the Atlantic. It is still a tropical storm, but forecast to weaken further. Businesses have opened, the airport is open and everyone is trying to get things back to normal. The heavy equipment operators are out in full force, moving tons of sand and debri. I understand that Nevis Port also got a serious hit. There are also reports that Old Road was also very badly damaged - I will go into that area later to check it out and let you all know.
The sun is out people. Time to shine again!!

- Saturday - 2am
  • From: "St. Kitts-Nevis Finance Co. Ltd." <finco AT caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 02:42:43 -0400
Relentless Lenny is still making its presence felt in St.Kitts-Nevis and the Leewards. It has virtually made a semi-circle around St.Kitts-Nevis and its center is approx 35 miles east of Antigua at this time. Though downgraded to a tropical storm, with max. sustained winds of 60mph, with higher gusts, we are still experiencing winds which picked up once again during the evening and through the night. Good news is that we had no rain all yesterday (except for an occasional drizzle) and so far no rain during the night. Winds however are blowing at about 30-40mph consistently with gusts in the region of about 50mph. Just a nuisance at this point - can't complain for tropical breeze!!!
Seems the eye may have passed over or very near to Antigua during the night. Prior to that I heard reports of severe flooding in Antigua with landslides reported in some areas. Needless to say no airtraffic has been in our area since Wednesday!! I just heard a bulletin on ZIZ radio (which is now back on) that RLB Int'l Airport (St.Kitts) will open in the morning from 6am. However I am not so sure what traffic they will be opened to receive because they certainly will not get any traffic from Antigua or the islands south and I doubt if any traffic will come from P.Rico or any where for that matter, but we will wait and see.
Many of the businesses are sending out notices that they will be opening in the morning. I think that was based on yesterdays calmer weather, but with the return of winds that may change, will not want to have too many people out in such windy consitions - will wait and see.
That's it for now, we just have to wait for Relentless lenny to go away - it is now heading east in the open Atlantic, which for me personally is a concern. Why, because that, to me, gives it a chance to get into open warm ocean (where it should have started in the first place) which could cause it to strengthen once again, and God forbid, turn around and take a second shot - but let's hope it just continues to weaken and die - SOON!

- Thank You, Scotty!
  • From: Crane Peter <pcrane AT media1.caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 21:58:32 -0400
At last!

At 8pm the hurricane warning was discontinued for St Kitts/Nevis.
Our dogs have had enough.

Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow and we will say "Lenny, who dat?".

Prof. Peter 'What's the Problem' Crane (Nevis)

- Beam Me Up, Scotty!
  • From: Crane Peter <pcrane AT media1.caribsurf.com>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 16:48:19 -0400
The storm started on Wednesday and it is now Friday and it seems to be
getting worse.
As far as I can tell the centre is closer now to us than it has ever been.

Reports are that:-
Homes have been destroyed.
The dredging barge at the new port has been washed up on to the beach.
The barge used by Delta (a local refinery) has been washed up on to the beach.
The Four Seasons Resort has been EXTENSIVELY damaged and one report that I
have heard is that it will take months before it can be re-opened.
Apparently, there are about 130 guests there and they are bearing up very
well to the necessary restrictions.
Other hotels have been badly damaged.
The shore-line is VERY badly hit.
Yachts have been destroyed.

As far as I am concerned this is a REALLY nasty hurricane because of the
length of time it is taking to move away.  Although we were fairly well
prepared our resources are being whittled away, the roof is losing shingles
one by one, etc.


Prof. Peter 'Crying into My Beer' Crane (Nevis)

- Lenny update from Nevis via USA
  • From: "Gordon Hubbard" <hubbard AT citnet.com>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 14:39:22 -0500
    Well, after several tries I got through by telephone to one of neighbors at Jones estate.  The other neighbor is not answering phone so it may be out.  Today their phone went out about 10AM and were surprised when the phone rang and it was me.They told me:
The barometric pressure is really dropping.  I gave them to most recent coordinates and they then understood.  The center of the storm appears to just off StKitts(Atlantic side). 
Today they have had more wind and alot less rain.  They reported that Oualie has guests and are running on generator.  The major problem there is that the toilets won't flush.  Sheila's and The Inn at Cades Bay are OK but the restaurant has sand in it.  The airport tends to be in the lee of the storm so the seas are calmer on that side(this may include Nesbit Plantain).  Four Seasons has taken quite a hit but their pier is still standing even though it is now in the sea.
I hope this answers some questions that people with friends and families at some of Nevis' hotels/inns.
We are going away this weekend on business so I doubt that I will be sending any more information until Monday(if it's still appropriate).
Lynne Hubbard
hubbard AT citnet.com

Older reports can be found on another page.

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