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Anguilla Update

Life on the sea in Anguilla

Published: Fri, Feb 9 2018 19:30 EST
By Joanie Howard <joanie.howard1 at gmail.com>

i apologize beforehand. Tonights report is not about weather in Anguilla, though I will touch on that later, it is about life on a small island between the Caribbean and the Atlantic and the sea and ocean that it lies therein.  
In the last week, I have witnessed two rescues. Last Saturday we were diving with Dougie at Anguillita ( a tiny island to the west end of Anguilla). It is a lovely dive but the best bit was a large school of Tarpon, that game fishermen love to catch, huge beautiful silver bone fish.. On our way home we came around a point and Dougie said 'whats going on here' in front of us was a sunken small dinghy, 4 empty gas tanks floating as well as a cool box, one life jacket and one flip-flop. We retrieved them all, minus the flip-flop, and towed them and the distressed owner back to Sandy Ground. 
Then this evening when I finally sat down with a glass, I watched one fishing boat come in over the Atlantic horizon, watched it coast into Island Harbour, then saw another following , about a couple of miles out, it suddenly stopped, so I picked up the binns  and thought they may have been trolling and had caught something, a wahoo perhaps, so went and watered my trees and basil etc., thinking that I will ke ep an eye in case they need help, it was getting dusk and the clouds were turning from pink and gold to grey.  When I came back they had drifted maybe a mile west with the current, but there was a smaller boat helping who eventually got a tow rope on and with effort and in rough seas towed them into Island Harbour. 
The seas are still rough, strong winds and the temp at present is 78F.
My best to you all for a good night,

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