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Belize Update

How much rain?

Published: Tue, Oct 20 2015 17:39 EDT
By Diane Campbell <dcampbellbz at gmail.com>

The rains seem to have gone for now.  The clearing began this morning.   
Breezes are gentle and  everything is very soggy.
There is standing water in some areas on Ambergris Caye as photos below 
illustrate.   Reports on rainfall vary by area, but we seem to have had over a 
foot in this neighborhood.   The water taxis from the mainland ceased 
operations for a day, airlines were having a challenging time.  
Belize City flooded worst of all.  Some areas chest high in water, others not 
flooded at all.  Waters are draining off fairly quickly now.  Lots of property 
loss, but no loss of life.   Schools were closed yesterday.  Most re-opened 
today.  I understand that a transformer was blown in the Tres Cocos area during 
the Sunday night electrical storm.  Some trees and larger ornamental plants 
tipped over due to hyper saturated ground.   Buildings that "never leak", 
The Mexican state of Quintana Roo declared at state of emergency on Sunday.  
Guatemala lost a bridge or two.   I understand that northern Honduras and 
Nicaragua were also affected and there my have been loss of life there. 
Rivers in the Cayo District are rising to flood stage now but most residents 
are capable of working with those circumstances.   
We have General Elections in about two weeks and this emergency could be quite 
an opportunity for some political grandstanding ..... but to the credit of our 
good people there is little or none of that going on.    
On a somewhat lighter note, a 9-foot saltwater crocodile took refuge from the 
storm inside the grounds of a hospital in Belize City.   A group of wild and 
crazy guys tried to net it ( failed) and eventually roped it(successfully).  
They duct-taped his jaws shut and handed him over to officials who thence 
transported it to a crocodile education center.     Note to self: Never, ever 
run out of duct tape!

A very wet back yard .....

JPEG image

This is a pedestrian lane leading from a residential road down to the beach.  
Now you don't have to carry your kayak.  Just hop in and paddle to the sea.

JPEG image

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