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St.Croix Update

Is the "M" Storm Forming ??

Published: Sun, Nov 3 2013 06:12 EST
From: isabelcerni at gmail.com

Good Morning, Caribbean and beyond!

By the looks of it, and from what I heard this morning,  I would say "yes"! 
There is a 10% chance of this system, which has been dumping flooding rains on 
us and surrounding islands, to become the next name storm as it moves sloooowly 
to the Western Caribbean.  Unfortunately our friends who are traveling to 
Guatemala this coming week will probably have to deal with it. Not too long ago 
the correspondent from Belize wrote that a storm was predicted to go into that 
area sometime this coming week. We have been having heavy rain again since 
before dawn and a new Flood Alert has been issued until 9:15 a.m. These 
conditions will remain through Tuesday and probably longer. I shall update 
later, if possible. Have a wonderful day and may God bless us all.


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