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Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update

Polish Regatta at Trellis

Published: Sun, Jan 22 2012 06:51 EST
By mermaid gardener <mermaidgardener at gmail.com>

Good Morning,

Yesterday morning was hit and miss on the weather.  We had spotty showers but nothing that put any amount of water in my cistern.  At the time of the misty rain I had my electrician over installing a new outdoor patio light that I brought down from the states.

I know you are asking, do you not have hardware stores on island that would have lights?  Yes, however the selection is limited and there are times that they have no inventory, as the locals say "All finish" meaning that they are out of stock, or the cargo ship has not arrived with their shipment, or they are no longer going to carry it.  I usually will look over at Clarence Thomas hardware store, but if they do not have something that I like I then decide to purchase it in the states and bring it down.  I'm sure TSA thought it quite weird to see inside my carry on an outside light fixture!!!

Once the rain stopped my electrician was able to finish the job.  Afterward I met up with a friend and we went to Trellis Bay for lunch.  We could not believe how crowded the mooring field was.  Unbeknown to us there was a Polish Regatta and memorial plaque service being held over on Bellamy Island for Wladek Wagner, who circumnavigated the world from 1932 and completed it in 1939. He died in 1992 and would never see this day but so many others are commemorating his circumnavigation. This marks the 100 anniversary of his birth and 80th anniversary of his circumnavigation.   I'm sure that there were at least 30 boats flying the Polish flag in the mooring field.  Quite the sight.  Wlakek Wagner and his wife lived on Bellamy Island until Tony Snell bought out Wagner back in the 70's and created the Last Resort restaurant. There is so much history of this island that unless you seek it out or hear it from locals you will never know some of the interesting and very historic events that happened on the island.   It was a good afternoon at Trellis. 

Cheers to Wladek Wagner and his life's adventures and to those that are keeping the island history alive! 

the Mermaid Gardener

Polish Regatta 1.jpg

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