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Bermuda Update

Danielle passing Bermuda

Published: Sat, Aug 28 14:41 EDT
By Keith / bdaweather <bdaweather at yahoo.com>

Hello once again, yes Hurricane Danielle did cooperate with the forecasters both human and machine as the previous writer eluded to, and finally started her northerly turn late last night she appears to be moving now direct north or even north north east. I think the closest point has passed and she is hopefully gone. Thats two down and looks like two more on the radar one this coming week with Earl projected to come close later on in the week and maybe Fiona in the neighborhood the week after. Amazing I have never seen so many storms at one time all heading for 32/64 on the map. We welcome visitors from afar but not these thank you.  Earl may just go up what we call Hurricane Alley the imaginative route between Bermuda and the east coast, well I hope so. This is the route that most of these storms take but its usually later in the season in late September. Off course the exception was the direct hit from Emily in late September 87 I think she has the fastest speed on record for a direct hit on land she came through here moving at 40 mph the wind went from 25 mph to 90 mph within 30 minutes and by 90 minutes the weather was back to normal but not Bermuda. Most people were not prepared and not prepared lots of damage occurred mostly from falling trees especially to the power system.
So whats going on this year is incredible I think someone of a higher power must be trying to tell us something.
Its a marvelous day here today in Bermuda lovely blue sky and an ocean color to match there are a few swimmers in the ocean on the North Shore but the warning flags are up on the South coast warning of rip currents etc. standard procedure for this type of weather.
So its good bye Danielle and Colin two weeks ago and now another nail biting week ahead with Earl turning north.
Take care everyone I guess we will be back next week with another chapter in the book Hurricanes 2010. Attached a few pictures taken just this morning on the north and the south coasts of Bermuda.

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