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St.Lucia Update

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Published: Fri, Mar 19 08:27 EDT
By SWhite3726 at aol.com

Morning to all
Well another hot, dusty and dry day in St. Lucia.  We have a strong wind blowing today which has just helped kick start yet another bush fire.  From our house because we have such uninterrupted views we see bush fires most days, but - this one is bigger than most I have watched for a while.  See the photo for a ringside seat.
A local lady asked me the other day how we could be having so many bush fires here, because, as she put it, 'we have had droughts before & I never saw so many bushfires then'.  I pointed out that maybe then there weren't so many bottles being thrown out of drivers windows rather than take them home, and we all know what happens when the sun shines directly on glass.  Her face illuminated and she proudly boasted how she did that at school!  She then went around announcing to everyone that this is why we are having so many bushfires and they must all stop throwing their bottles on the ground and take them home - Aaaaahh well, one step at a time after all, every little helps!
Be safe out there 

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