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Updates from the Islands

- - Jamaica - -

  • From: jamcord AT cwjamaica.com (jamaica cordage co ltd)
  • Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 16:57:56 -0500
Southern Jamaica woke this morning to a nice, cool, dry, if overcast day.
Lenny had tipped Southwards and was due South of us, just out of range.  So
it seems that we escaped by an uncomfortably narrow margin.

It sure is taking a strange line. Hope it frazzes out before hitting anybody

- Hurricane update from Southern Jamaica
  • From: jamcord AT cwjamaica.com (jamaica cordage co ltd)
  • Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 20:38:41 -0500
I note that the Caribbean Hurricane Page reports no current activity, but
" LENNY " has progressed fron Depression to Tropical Storm to Hurricane all
within the last twelve hours, now packing winds over 80 mph, with the 4:00
PM EST location given as 16.4 N and 78.9 W; travelling East  AT  6 mph.

Actually, the track has some distinct Northing in it (despite the consistent
East reports) and it looks like it may slide under (but not quite clear of)
Jamaica during the coming 24 hours, as it heads for Haiti.

However, we expect some heavy rains along our South Coast from the system,
though thankfully the major activity is shown on the Southeast side, away
from us.

Having had persistent rain for the best part of two months, we are very
soggy and water-logged in Jamaica generally. Thus any significant rain from
LENNY is going to put us in trouble, as there will be little absorbtion and
plenty of run-off. This has been evident today, as we experience some heavy
downpours with steady light rain inbetween.  Already our infrastructure is
suffering more than usual, with many roads in poor shape. Keep fingers
crossed that it doesn't swing North.

Will update tomorrow if things develop.

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